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【视频欣赏】How To Survive a Job You Hate on Howcast(视频受网速和浏览器影响,如果暂时没看到,请亲们耐心等待或换个浏览器(最好换成IE)试试哦!)【听力文本】There could be any number of reasons you can’t leave a job you loathe. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make the best of the time you’re stuck there.You Will NeedSelf-awareness Behavioral changes On-the-job training Positive attitude Alternate career options Night classes or internships Nest egg Step 1: Analyze why you hate your job(找出自己厌倦的原因)Figure out why you hate your job. Do you dislike the work itself, or are your coworkers or boss the problem? Are you bored? Over-qualified? Underappreciated? You can’t begin to survive a job you hate until you’ve identified the problems.Step 2: Consider solutions(考虑一下自己的解决方法)Consider solutions. Personality clashes can sometimes be solved by taking a new approach. If a long commute is getting you down, ask if you can work from home a few days a week.Step 3: Get on-the-job training(接受岗位培训)Find a way to use your current job to get free on-the-job training for your next one. Maybe there’s a skill you don’t have that you can learn? Would your employer be willing to pay for job-related classes that in turn might make you more marketable?Step 4: Quit whining(停止抱怨)Quit whining. The coworkers you’re complaining to could one day be in a position to recommend you elsewhere — but they’ll think twice about it if you come across as a malcontent.Be especially nice to interns and entry-level employees; you just may be applying for a job with them someday.Step 5: Consider other careers(想想其他的工作)Consider if you’d be happier in another profession altogether. Test the waters with a few night classes or even an off-hours internship. You may discover that you’d rather thrive in a new career than survive a profession you hate.Step 6: Save money(存钱)Sock away some money. It will help you survive lean times if you decide to start at the bottom in a new field that will make you happier.A study showed job satisfaction in the ed States hit an all-time low in 2009, with 55 percent of Americans expressing unhappiness with their position. Article/201005/103355乐高积木不仅是让儿童在游戏时间忙碌不已的保,也让很多成年人着魔!Hillel Cooperman向我们展示了一个乐高之旅:由这个招人喜爱的积木引领的丰富多的,也有点怪怪的成人世界中的小空气,电脑辅助设计的,应用开放源代码的机器人科学,加上一点点的成人世界特有的乐高效应。 Article/201206/185120

A dislocated shoulder needs to be tended to quickly to alleviate as much pain as possible. With the help of this guide from first aid trainer Clive James from St John Ambulance, you will learn how to manage a dislocated shoulder.肩膀脱臼需要尽快缓解疼痛。在圣约翰救护中心急救训练员Clive James的帮助下,学习一下怎样处理肩膀脱臼的情况。Top Tips建议A dislocated shoulder can be incredibly painful. If the person is not able to move their arm, you should advise them to hold their arm in whatever position they feel the least pain. If the person is able to bend their arm you can apply a sling for support until they get to a hospital for treatment.肩膀脱臼会造成难以忍受的疼痛。如果伤者不能移动手臂,你应该建议他们保持在疼痛最小的姿势。如果伤者能够弯曲手臂,可以挂一条绷带起撑作用,直到他们到达医院进行治疗。Make sure not to tie the sling too tightly as this may cause the person more discomfort.确保绷带不要太紧,否则会导致更多不适。Ensure that the hand is fully supported by the sling and that you tie it at the back of the elbow to prevent the arm slipping out from this side.确保绷带完全撑住手掌,在肘部后面打结,防止手臂从旁边滑出。Thanks for watching How To Manage A Dislocated Shoulder.感谢收看“怎样处理肩膀脱臼的情况”视频节目。 /201302/227287

One day he rang on my door, and first I thought I had kicked the bucket, but then it turned out he was just looking for a part-time job, and he#39;s really cheap... the best gardener I#39;ve ever had!有一天他造访了我家,起先我想我翘辫子了,但结果是他只是想找份兼职而已。雇他真划得来啊……他是我雇过的最好的园艺师 /201705/511351

It#39;s 1872 and Andrew Carnegie,a 5-foot-3 Scottish immigrant iron millionaire, is in Sheffield, England.1872年,安德鲁·卡内基,5英尺3英寸高的苏格兰移民,钢铁大王正在英国谢菲尔德He#39;s looking at the future.他看到了未来A revolutionary way to make steel.一种革命性的炼钢方式Steel has been around for thousands of years,but so expensive to produce, it#39;s always been a luxury item.钢已有几千年的历史,但制造成本高昂,所以钢通常是一种奢侈品2,000 years ago it#39;s used in Oriental swords.2000年前,东方用钢来铸剑It is even used in designer jewelry.甚至用于珠宝设计But America stands at the brink of a new age.但是美国人正处于新时代的开端To build it, they need steel-- and lots of it.为了大兴土木,他们需要大量的钢It#39;s the only material strong enough for the towers that will touch the sky.钢是唯一一种够坚固,足以撑起天大楼的材料An English bullet maker is showing Carnegie a new but simple method of producing steel.一家英国的子弹制造厂向卡内基,展示了一种新颖而简单的炼钢方式He#39;s stunned.他大为震惊Blast hot air through molten iron.用热空气猛吹融化了的铁Carbon impurities burn off.使碳之类的杂质烧尽You get the wonder material. Steel.便可得到这一非凡之物,钢For the first time, it can be produced quickly and inexpensively.有史以来第一次,使得快速和低成本炼钢成为现实If Carnegie can use this Bessemer process to mass-produce it...he#39;ll own the future.如果卡内基能够把贝塞麦炼钢法用于大规模生产,他将掌握未来Carnegie returns to the States, to Pittsburgh,to start building the biggest steel plant in the world.卡内基回到美国匹兹堡着手筹建世界上最大的炼钢厂It#39;ll be larger than 80 football fields.比80个足球场还要大It#39;s a massive gamble.这是一场豪赌Carneg risks everything he#39;s got on the new plant.卡内基把全副身家都押在这个新炼钢厂上But only months into construction...disaster.但才建了几个月,灾难降临A catastrophic stock-market collapse.股市全面崩溃The economy is in free fall.经济大幅衰退He has to borrow even more money and barely scrapes through.他不得不借更多的钱勉强度过难关August 1875.Against all odds, Carnegie#39;s giant furnaces are y to test.1875年8月,历经千辛万苦卡内基的巨型炼钢熔炉准备进行测试Steel production is phenomenally dangerous.炼钢的危险性极高Inside, 5 tons of molten metal.3,000 degrees.Hot enough to vaporize a man in seconds.熔炉里是5吨融化的金属,温度高达3000华氏度,足以把一个人在数秒内化为蒸汽If it works,it will make Carnegie one of the richest men in the world.如果能成功炼钢,卡内基将成为世界首富But there#39;s a lot more at stake.但此事意义重大,远不止于此Skyscrapers, cars, washing machines, airplanes, even space travel.天大楼、汽车、洗衣机、飞机甚至太空旅行None of it can happen if steel can#39;t be mass-produced.如果不能实现钢的大规模生产,这一切都无从谈起 /201212/212711

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