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滨海市中医院做产检多少钱盐城协和医院做宫颈糜烂手术要多少钱Do the bands cut the gums or the cheeks?带环会不会损伤牙龈或者脸颊?Sometimes they do, but it not a big problem if youre careful.有时会,但是若是小心的话就不是个大问题How long will it take to finish his treatment?做完治疗需要多长时间?In his case, two or three years. After the bands are removed, Taro will wear a retainer to be sure that the teeth stay where they should.他的情况需要两、三年,等到带环取下来后,太郎还得需要戴上个固位体以确保其牙齿固定在合适的位置上How many months will he wear a retainer?固位体要戴多久?About six months. I got to mention that Taro would have to wear headgear.大约六个月,我忘了说太郎还要安上联转装置What that?那是什么?A headgear is a very good way to apply pressure to move a tooth. It will be used to move the maxillary first molar in a backward direction. A headgear uses the back of the head and neck as a resistance area. The elastic in the headgear pulls the tooth toward the back of the head and neck.探用联转装置是用来增加压力使得牙齿移动的一种好办法,它有助于将上颌第一颗磨牙后面的方向移动,联转装置利用头的后部和颈部作为抗力区,联转装置的弹力将牙齿往头的后部和颈部后面的方位移Will he wear the headgear every day?他要不要每天都戴上它?Yes, at least hours each day, especially when he sleeps. Please pay attention to the left and right sides of the headgear,是的每天至少戴上个小时,特别是当他睡觉时Taro. If you wear it upside down it will cause trouble, so be careful to wear it correctly.太郎,要注意运输装置的左侧和右侧,假如你装反了,就会出问题,,装上时要小心Will it cause any difficulty sleeping, Doctor?医生,对睡眠会造成什么困难吗?I hope that you dont have too much trouble sleeping with the headgear. It might be difficult to sleep the first couple of days.我希望你装上运输装置后对睡眠不会有太多的不便,开头几天睡觉可能有些困难Dont worry, youll get used to it.不用担心,你是会习惯的When I put bands on the teeth you must be very careful to brush your teeth thoroughly.当我给你的牙齿装上带环之后,你刷牙时必须刷得彻底If you dont, youll have halitosis (bad breath) and a lot of cavities.否则就会有口臭和龋齿Brush your teeth very thoroughly bee every dental appointment. OK?每次来看病时先把牙齿刷得干干净净,好吗? 0盐城国家高新经济技术开发区无痛人流哪家医院最好的 6.Id like to return the car at the airport.6.我想在机场换车7.May I see the car first?7.我可以先看车吗?.Id like to try the car bee I rent it..我想先试车再租9.I dont think this car is in very good condition. Can I see another?9.我觉得这辆车不太好,我可以看另一辆吗?30.I want to return this car. Here the rental agreement.30.我要换车,这是租车合约31.There is a scrape on the door.31.车上有一道刮痕3.It was there when I rented this car.3.我租车的时候就有了33.Is there a parking lot nearby?33.附近有停车场?.Can I park here?.我可以把车停在这里吗?35.Well have to keep to the right.35.我们必须靠右行驶36.What the speed limit in the city?36.市区限速是多少?37.Are you sure were on the right route?37.你确定我们没有走错路38.Can we take any other route?38.还有别的路吗?39.This is one-way traftic.39.这是单行道0.What bad luck!0.真倒霉!1.What wrong with the car?1.车子怎么了?.The car makes strange noises..车子发出奇怪的声音3.The brakes can not hold well.3.刹车不灵.There is something wrong with the brakes..刹车有点问题5.Ive got a flat tire.5.轮胎没气了6.The battery is dead.6.电瓶没电了7.The car is hard to start.7.车子不好发动8.It might be the engine.8.可能是引擎(出问题)9.My car is broken down.9.我的车抛锚了?50.Can you send somebody to tow it away?50.请派人来拖车好吗? 3996盐城协和女子医院检验科

盐城协和医院痛经多少钱The vegetables come with the steaks询问牛排的配菜Have you decided on something?你们想好吃什么了吗?Yes. Please bring us two steaks.是的,给我们来两份牛排Sure. Anything else?好的,还要其他的吗?What vegetables come with the steaks?牛排有什么配菜吗?Potato chips and French dressing.薯条和法式沙拉酱 6701盐城市人民医院妇科整形多少钱 盐城治疗包茎最好的

盐城治疗精液异常费用高吗A 100ft circle was captured by crop circle authority Lucy Pringle in a field of oil seed rape near Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, on May 3. The floral creation is comprised of six interlocking "petal" like crescents.2011日,在英国威尔特郡的西尔布利山下,麦田怪圈研究人员Lucy Pringle在一片金黄的油菜籽地中拍摄到一个直径达30.48米的怪圈。据了解,该怪圈图案像一朵花,由六个貌似新月的“花瓣”连接而成。来 /201105/135243 Part Navigation第部分 航行1.You are entering fairway.1.你船正进入航道.We are in sight..我们处于互见状态3.You are passing fishing area.3.你船正通过渔区.You are in middle of fairway..你船在航道中间5.You are approaching starboard limit of fairway.5.你船正接近航道右侧边缘6.you are approaching port limit of fairway.6.你船正接近航道左侧边缘7.Your position is Buoy No.3 distance 3 cables to port side of reference line.7.你船的位置在3号浮,距左侧参照线3链8.your posiion is Buoy No distance cables to starboard of reference line.8.你船的位置在号浮,距右侧参照线链9.Your position is 00 meters from intersection of reference line.9.你船的位置距参照线交点00米.You are getting close to vessel ahead..你船正接近前方船只.Vessel on opposite course is passing your port side..对驶船正从你船左舷驶过.Vessel on opposite course is passing yopur starboard side..对驶船正从你船右舷驶过.MV Tian Jiang is kilometers ahead of us on your port vow..“天河”船在你左舷船头公里处.MV Tian He is kilometers ahead of me on the starboard vow..“天河”船在你右舷船头公里处.MV Tian Huai on ahead of us on opposite course..“天河”船与你船对遇.We are in close quarters situation..我们两船正处于紧迫局面.Vessel is entering fairway at fairway buoy No...船在航道号浮标处进入航道18.Vessel is leaving fairway at Buoy No.6.18.船在6号浮标处进入航道19.Buoy No.3 is 500 meters ahead.19.3号浮标在前方500米.Vessel ahead of you is not under command..你船前方船只失控1.You are not complying with TSS.1.你违反了分道通航制.I am standing on vessel..我船是直航船3.clearance required bee entering the fairway.3.进入航道之前需要清空.Do not enter traffic lane..不要进入航道5.Procced to emergency anchorage.5.驶向应急锚地6.Vessels are advised to keep clear of fishing area.6.船舶被告知远离渔区7.You may enter traffic lane. Trafffic clearance granted.7.你船可以进入航道航道已让清.Tide with you..你船顺流9.Tide against you.9.你船逆流30.It is dangerous to anchor in your present position.30.你现在的位置抛锚是十分危险的31.Large vessel leaving fairway. Keep clear of fairway approach.31.大船离开航道,远离航道入口3.Nets with buoys in this area. Navigate with caution.3.在该地区有带浮标式渔网,谨慎航行33.Collision is in position 0 dgrees 3 miles from green lighthouse.33.碰撞在0度,距绿灯塔3海里处.Keep clear of lane..远离航道35.Your present course is too close to outbound vessel.36.你船现在的航向离出海港太近36.Do not overtake.36.不要追越37.Do not cross fairway.37.不要穿越航道38.You must wait MV to cross ahead of you.38.你船必须等“长生”船从你船首方向横向穿越39.You are proceeding at dangerous speed.39.你船正以危险的速度开航0.Advise you to stop engines.0.建议你船停车1.MV does not agree to be overtaken.1.航船同意被追越.What is your present course?.你现在的航向?3.My present course is 3 degrees.3.航向3度.Advise you to to port side..建议你航向左转向 36500盐城专业治疗不孕不育医院兴化市男科妇科网上预约




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