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93  Send in the Clones, Waiter  It looks life beef. It tastes like beef. In fact, it nothing less than 0 percent pure beef. But a batch of the beef drew nationwide attention in Japan when it went on the market advertised as the beef of a cloned cow. ;It nice and soft,; said an office worker dining on the cloned meat at steakhouse. ;Id buy it again because it tastes good.;  A government announcement that cloned beef had been sold unmarked at least two years resulted in fear across the country. Many retailers stopped selling it because of negative news reports. The Agricultural Ministry insisted that the beef was safe and there was no need to mark its origin. Consumers, however, demanded an inmed choice. There is no decision yet. But in the meantime, the ministry provided one cloned cow to be divided among a Tokyo restaurant and several stores around the country. It asked them to label the beef and see the reaction. PURE, a Korean restaurant in Tokyo busy district, became the ministry exhibition hall.  Inside the packed restaurant, TV crews crowded around the beer-drinking, beef-eating customers, demanding opinions on the taste. ;The word clone has a bad image,; said a happy customer. ;It makes you think of someone creating human beings in a lab.; That didnt stop her and dozens of other diners from wolfing down chopstick-loads of the meat. Te restaurant had inmed regular customers of the experiment, and lower prices the event, which was to continue as long as the meat holds out. Customers got pamphlets explaining the cloning process and that beef from cloned cows is no different from regular beef.  With a domestic cattle industry threatened by imports of cheaper beef, Japanese scientists and agricultural officials see cloning as the way to keep small farms competitive. Cloning, they believe, could make farmers rear genetically superior cattle at a lower cost. Cloned vegetables and fish are widely marketed here, lso unmarked.  PURE diners were asked to complete a questionnaire the ministry on what they thought of the cloned beef. ;I dont trust scientist,; said a diner who works at a company that inspects organic vegetables. ;I dont care what happens to me, but I wouldnt feed it to kids,; he said. ;Who knows what kind of problems this might cause in the future?; 187

地点:亚特兰蒂斯酒店前台人物:莫妮卡,钱德勒,前台务员,一对度蜜月夫妇事件:莫妮卡和钱德勒度蜜月时遇到一对总能得到免费东西的夫妇,两人非常羡慕Monica: I cant believe were here.莫妮卡:我简直不敢相信我们来到这里了Chandler: Oh youve got to be kidding me.钱德勒:哦,开什么玩笑!Monica: What?莫妮卡:怎么了? Front Desk Clerk: As a wedding gift to you, the hotel would like to give you the honeymoon suite.前台务员:为了庆祝你们结婚,我们酒店将送给你们一间蜜月套房Monica: No! You have been screwing us all day!莫妮卡:不,你们已经破坏我们一整天了!Man: Who are you?度蜜月夫妇男方:你们是谁啊?Chandler: Were you just ten seconds later!钱德勒:我们是只迟了秒的你们!Monica: Yeah! You aly got the first class tickets; you got the lounge! I mean we should get free stuff too! I mean youre not the only ones on your honeymoon!莫妮卡:是啊!你们已经抢走一等舱的位置和休息室了!我觉得我们俩也应该得到免费的东西!又不是只有你们两个人在度蜜月!Woman: Well you can have the suite if you want. We dont care about where we stay. Were here to celebrate our love together. We dont have to get free stuff. We just want to be together.度蜜月夫妇女方:如果你们想要的话,我们可以把蜜月套房让给你们我们不在乎住在哪里,我们到这里是一起来庆祝我们的爱的我们不需要免费的东西,我们只需要在一起Chandler: We need the stuff.钱德勒:我们需要免费的东西 57

My Mother我妈妈I was walking through the supermarket to pick up a few things when I noticed an old lady following me around. Thinking nothing of it, I ignored her and continued on.我在超市里转悠着想要买些东西,可我注意到一个老太太总是跟着我不过我觉得这没什么,就不理她,继续转Finally I went to the checkout line, but she got in front of me.最后,我到付款台排队时,她赶到了我前面;Pardon me,; she said, ;Im sorry if my staring at you has made you feel uncomtable. It just that you look just like my son, who just died recently.;“打扰一下,”她说,“我很抱歉,我盯着你看,看得你很不舒我这样做只是因为你长得太像我儿子了,他刚刚去世了”;Im very sorry,; I said to her, ;Is there anything I can do you?;“我很难过,”我说,“我能为你做什么吗?”;Yes,; she said, ;As Im leaving, can you say Goodbye, Mother? It would make me feel so much better.;“是的,”她说,“我走的时候,你能对我说一声‘妈妈,再见’吗?这会使我心里好过些的”;Sure,; I said. An odd request, but no harm would come of it.“当然,”我说这虽然是个奇怪的要求,可对我来说也没什么损失As the old woman was leaving, I called out, ;Goodbye, Mother!;老太太要走的时候,我大声说:“妈妈,再见!”As I stepped up to the checkout counter, I saw that my total was .50.等我到付款台前,我发现我的账单是57.5美元;How can that be?; I asked, ;I only purchased a few things!;“这怎么可能?”我问道,“我没买多少东西呀!”;Your mother said that you would pay her,; said the clerk.“你妈妈说你会为她付账的,”收银员说 6967

8 Warmth Everyone第8单元 温暖满人间Tomorrow is a special day. Each year on December th, our family gathers together the unused blankets and jackets we have in our house.明天是个特殊的日子,每年的十二月二十四日,我们全家会收集家中不用的谈资和外套We then take the pile, put them into our station wagon, and drive around the city giving them to street people.We also bake cookies and hand them out, too. Sometimes my dog, Danny, shares his doggy treats, and I pass them out to the dogs that live on the streets with their owners.然后把这一堆收集品放到旅行车上,开车到市内分送给街头游民,我们也会烤饼干分送出去,有时候我的丹尼会分享它的饼干,我会把这些饼干给街头游民养的Last year, we met a woman who lived on the corner of 6th and knight.When she saw the red ribbon in my hair, she smiled. She said her favorite color was red. I remembered that in the car there was a red blanket with pink flowers. I ran and got it her. She told me she loved it. Sometimes, we see the same people year after year.去年,我们在骑士街六号街角遇到一位女士,当她看到我头上的红色缎带时,她微笑并说她最喜欢的颜色就是红色,我想起车上有条红色毯子,上头绣着粉红色的花朵,我跑去拿给她,她告诉我她很喜欢有时候我们每年会遇到相同的人This year, I saved my allowance and bought the lady on 6th and Knight a red scarf.If I see her tomorrow, I will give it to her. If I dont see her, I guess I will just give it to someone else who likes red.今年我存了零用钱,为骑士街六号的那位女士买了条红围巾,如果明天看到她,我就会送给她,如果没有,我就会送给也喜欢红色的人 1893

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