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A senior U.S. official says the ed States and Cuba have agreed to reopen embassies in each others capitals for the first time in more than 50 years.一名美国高层官员说,美国和古巴已经同意在时0多年后在彼此的首都重设大使馆。The White House says President Barack Obama plans to make a statement on Cuba Wednesday from the Rose Garden, while Secretary of State John Kerry will speak in Vienna, where he is taking part in nuclear talks with Iran.白宫说,奥巴马总统计划星期三在玫瑰园发表一项有关古巴问题的声明,此外克里国务卿将在维也纳发表相关讲话。目前克里在维也纳参加与伊朗的核谈判。Cubas foreign ministry says the chief of the U.S. interests section in Havana, Jeffrey DeLaurentis, will deliver a note Wednesday from Mr. Obama on reopening embassies.古巴外交部说,设在哈瓦那的美国利益办事处负责人戴洛伦提斯星期三将转达奥巴马总统有关重开使馆事宜的信件。Mr. Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced last December the two countries were y to restore normal diplomatic relations that were severed at the height of the Cold War, after a several months of secret talks.奥巴马和古巴主席劳尔·卡斯特罗去年12月宣布,美古两国经过数月秘密会谈后,将恢复在冷战期间中断的外交关系。Since then, delegations from both sides have held several meetings in each others capitals to iron out the details of reopening their embassies. Mr. Obama and Mr. Castro held a historic face-to-face meeting back in April on the sidelines of a regional summit in Panama, followed by Cubas removal from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.此后,美古两国代表团在华盛顿和哈瓦那举行了几次会谈,拟定重开使馆的细节。今月,奥巴马和卡斯特罗在巴拿马举行的一次地区峰会期间进行了具有历史意义的面对面会晤。随后,美国将古巴从持恐怖主义国家名单中去除。Mr. Obamas efforts to end the Cold War-era antagonism faces strong opposition in Congress, with many lawmakers accusing the president of ignoring Cubas poor record on human rights.奥巴马对古巴的态度在国会遭到强烈反对,很多议员指责奥巴马无视古巴恶劣的人权纪录。The Republican-controlled legislature could deny funding for a new embassy in Cuba, and block Mr. Obamas choice of a new ambassador. It is also unlikely to agree to his request to lift the U.S. economic embargo on Cuba.共和党控制的国会可能拒绝为美国在古巴建立新大使馆拨款,并可能阻挠奥巴马提出的驻古巴大使人选获得批准。此外,美国国会不大可能同意奥巴马总统取消对古巴的贸易禁运。来 /201507/383681The bloody assault on the offices of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, can only provoke the most profound revulsion. This was a dful terrorist atrocity that has claimed the lives of at least 12 innocent people.针对法国讽刺杂志《查理周刊Charlie Hebdo)编辑部的血腥攻击,只能招来最深刻的厌恶。这是一起可怕的恐怖主义暴行,造成了至2名无辜者丧生。Our first response must be to mourn the victims, four of whom were the magazine’s well-known cartoonists and two of them police officers. But this was more than a human tragedy. It was a calculated act of intimidation, an attack on the freedom of expression that is the pillar of any democratic society. It was designed to seed an insidious form of self-censorship. It must be roundly and defiantly condemned.我们的第一反应必须是悼念遇难者,其中4人是该刊的著名漫画家,还人是警察。但是,这不止是一起人间悲剧,这是一起经过谋划的恐吓行为,是对任何民主社会赖以生存的言论自由的攻击,其目的是播下某种潜意识中自我审查的种子。这必须受到全面和不屈的谴责。Nearly a decade has passed since a Danish newspaper first attracted the ire of Muslims by publishing cartoons that lampooned the Prophet Mohammed. What started with peaceful protests and consumer boycotts has steadily descended into violence. This is not the first time Charlie Hebdo has been attacked for publishing its own cartoons satirising Islam. Its offices were firebombed three years ago.自丹麦一家报纸首先刊登讽刺先知穆罕默德的漫画、引起穆斯林的愤怒以来,已经过去了近10年。最初的和平抗议和消费者抵制,已逐渐演变为暴力。这已经不是《查理周刊》第一次因为发表了讽刺伊斯兰教的漫画而受到攻击。该刊编辑部曾在3年前遭到燃烧弹袭击。But yesterday’s events mark a new and sinister step in the escalating conflict between faith and free expression. The sight of three masked men wielding AK47s in the middle of a European capital, gunning down policemen and stalking the magazine’s offices in search of their victims, will understandably send a chill throughout the western world.但是,昨日的事件标志着,信仰和言论自由之间不断升级的冲突走出了新的、恶毒的一步。三名蒙面男子在一个欧洲国家首都的街上挥舞AK47突击步,射杀警察,在杂志编辑部四处寻找受害者——这一幕会让整个西方世界感受到一股寒意,这是可以理解的。For the security services in France and across Europe, the attack will prompt many questions. It is unclear whether the assailants were on the radar of the French authorities and whether they were assisted by overseas militant groups.对法国乃至整个欧洲的情报机构而言,此次攻击将引发很多问题。目前还不清楚袭击者是否早已进入法国有关部门的视线,以及他们是否得到境外武装组织的协助。Many of the recent jihadist attacks in Sydney and Ottawa have been conducted by “lone wolves The concerted nature of Wednesday’s assault and also the attackersflight from the scene rather than resorting to siege and suicide tactics suggests a less familiar modus operandi.近期的多起圣战者袭击(在悉尼和渥太华)都是由所谓“孤狼恐怖分子”进行的。周三这起攻击的协同特性——以及袭击者从现场逃离、而不是诉诸于劫持人质和自杀战术——似乎指出了一种人们不太熟悉的手法。In the days ahead many will be watching the impact on French society. At a time of deep political and economic malaise, the anti-immigrant National Front led by Marine Le Pen may profit from a new burst of anti-Islamic feeling. The attack is a challenge to the state authorities who must now find the attackers and bring them to justice. But the broader challenge is for politicians and the public to cleave to France’s core secular values and express defiance without stoking the fires of blind revenge.在未来几天里,很多人将关注法国社会受到的影响。在该国深陷政治和经济困境之际,以马#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)为首的反移民政党“国民阵线National Front),可能受益于一股新的反伊斯兰情绪。此次袭击是对政府有关部门发起的挑战,这些部门现在必须追查袭击者,将他们绳之以法。但更为广义的挑战在于,政治人物和公众要坚守法国的核心世俗价值观,在不挑动盲目复仇之火的前提下表达反抗情绪。In any democratic society, there should always be room for a civilised debate about taste and propriety when it comes to the mockery of any religious faith. But what cannot be challenged is the fundamental right of all citizens to express themselves freely within the law. In an age marked by growth in religious belief and the increasing politicisation of faith, all religion must be open to opinion, analysis and lampoonery.在涉及到针对任何宗教信仰的讽刺时,任何一个民主社会都应当有文明辩论的空间,让各方就品味和尺度界限各抒己见。但不容挑战的是,所有公民都有在法律范围内自由表达自己的根本权利。在宗教信仰势力壮大、信仰日益政治化的当今时代,所有宗教都必须对观点、分析和讽刺抱有开放心态。In the past quarter century there have been many attempts to use intimidation to silence satire and dissent. The Iranian regime set the precedent when it issued a fatwa against the author Salman Rushdie in response to his book The Satanic Verses. North Korea used cyber violence to prevent the distribution of an unflattering film about its leader Kim Jong Un.过去四分之一世纪期间,先后有过不少使用恐吓手段压制讽刺和异见的尝试。伊朗政权确立了先例,发出针对作家萨尔曼#8226;拉什Salman Rushdie)的追杀令,就为了他写的小说《撒旦诗篇The Satanic Verses)。朝鲜最近使用网络暴力试图阻止一部嘲讽该国领导人金正Kim Jong Un)的电影发行。Now we have the appalling spectacle in Paris. The response of the free world to this must be unwavering. Charlie Hebdo may be a very different publication to our own, but the courage of its journalists and their right to publish cannot be placed in doubt. A free press is worth nothing if its practitioners do not feel free to speak.现在,我们又见了巴黎街头的骇人景象。自由世界对此的反应必须是坚定不移的。《查理周刊》也许是一份与本报非常不同的出版物,但其采编人员的勇气——以及他们的出版权利——是不容置疑的。如果新闻从业者感觉不到言论自由,新闻自由就没有什么价值了。来 /201501/353349The world has a massive food crisis on its hands. The crisis is so big that organizations like the World Bank and the ed Nations say there won’t be enough food to feed the global population when it jumps from the current seven billion people to nine billion by 2050.全球正面临着一场大规模的粮食危机,世界和联合国等国际组织甚至声称,随着全球人口由当前的70亿人增长050年的90亿人,地球上的粮食将难以满足全球人口的需求。Some research even suggests a food scarcity crunch as early as 2030 just 15 years from now.有些研究甚至认为,全球粮食危机可能最030年就会爆发,也就是说离现在只5年。The reasons? Severe weather events like droughts and floods, economic hardships, and political unrest in underdeveloped countries, as well as agribusiness expansion.造成粮食危机的原因,主要是干旱和洪水等极端气候环境、经济困难、欠发达国家的政治动乱以及农业综合企业的扩张等等。While many experts say that producing more food will make the crisis go away, others contend it’s not that simple.有许多专家认为,只要生产更多的食物,就能解决粮食危机问题,但同时也有一些专家认为,问题并非这么简单。“To address food security, we need a shift in the way we address poverty and inequality in the world,Stephen Scanlan, a professor of sociology at Ohio University. “There should be a reframing of food as a fundamental human right in a way that governments actually stand by.”俄亥俄大学社会学教授史蒂芬o斯坎兰指出:“要解决食品安全问题,我们需要转变我们解决全球贫困和贫富差距问题的方式。食物应该被确定为一项基本人权,得到各国政府的真正持。”But feeding the world is big business. Multinational food companies and retailers are heavily involved in food production. Corporations such as Kraft KRFT 0.21% , ConAgra C 0.77% , Cargill, and PepsiCo PEP 0.08% dominate global food distribution.但喂饱全世界也是一笔大生意。不少跨国食品公司和零售企业都在积极从事食物生产。像卡夫、康尼格拉)、嘉吉和百事可乐)等公司,已经成为全球粮食分配的主宰者。Companies like Monsanto MON 1.28% , the biggest maker of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) seeds, promote their high tech products as a way to increase food production.像全球最大的转基因种子生产商孟山都这样的公司,则主要通过推销其高科技产品来提高粮食产量。And those companies are seeing benefits. Global food prices increased by four percent between January and April of this year, according to the World Bank, stopping a decline in food prices starting in August 2012.这些公司都见到了效益。根据世界的数据,从今年一月到四月,全球食品价格增长了4%,结束了肇始012月的下跌趋势。While those figures may please company shareholders, that kind of consolidation and profit puts too much control over food supplies into too few places, according to critics like Scanlan. Beyond the perceived threats from the business world, global food supplies, one analyst argued, are at the mercy of some nations seeking to feed their own populations at the expense of others.不过斯坎兰等批评人士指出,虽然这些数据或许能够取悦企业的股东,但它也会导致少数几个地方掌握过大的食品控制权。一名分析师还表示,除了来自企业界的威胁以外,全球食品安全还取决于,某些国家是否会以牺牲他国的人口食品安全为代价来喂饱本国国民。“China is the largest purchaser of farmable land in the world,said Usha Haley, a professor of business management at West Virginia University. “They’re doing it to acquire resources as they have a huge gap between what they produce and what they use.”比如,西弗吉尼亚大学工商管理学教授乌沙o哈利指出:“中国是全球可耕种土地的最大买家,他们这样做是为了获得资源。因为在他们的产出和消耗之间存在着巨大的差距。”Food scarcity now粮荒已然发生For many, food scarcity is aly here. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reports that 842 million people in the world remain undernourished. And nearly two thirds of them are living in the Asia-Pacific region. One in four children under the age of five is stunted due to malnutrition.在很多人看来,粮荒已经发生了。联合国粮农组织的报告称,全球有8.42亿人口营养不良,几乎其中的三分之二都集中在亚太地区。在五岁以下儿童中,有四分之一因营养不够而发育不良。Fueling the problem are worldwide diets that rely on an ever smaller group of crops, leaving global food supplies at the mercy of inflation, insects, disease, and bad weather. Also, there’s the increasing creation of inedible products such as fuel from crops that normally get put on the kitchen table.雪上加霜的是,目前全球人口依赖的农作物种类越来越少,使全球粮食产量越来越多地受到通货膨胀、虫灾、疫病和极端天气的影响,另外,现在人们经常使用粮食制造一些不能吃的产品(如能源),这也使它们无法被送上餐桌。“What concerns us is biofuel expansion,said Kristin Sundell, director of policy and campaigns for ActionAid, an international group that focuses on ending poverty.致力于解决贫困问题的国际组织“行动援助”的政策与活动主任克里斯汀o桑德尔表示:“我们很担心生物燃料的扩张。”“We’ve seen a 50 percent expansion in recent years in using crops like sugar, corn and soy to create fuels for gas tanks, and that’s taking away food crops from people and making what there is more expensive,Sundell said.他表示:“近年来,糖、玉米和大豆等粮食作物被用来提炼汽油的数量,已经扩张0%,这一方面从人们那里抢走了农作物,一方面也使粮食变得更贵了。”Sundell added that the large-scale investment by private agriculture businesses to buy up more farm land in poor countries is forcing local growers out of business. Farmers who do have land in areas like East Africa often face a Faustian bargain, said Scott Ickes, a professor of public health and nutrition at the College of William amp; Mary.桑德尔补充道,一些私人农业公司在穷国大规模投资购买土地,迫使当地种植者无法再以农为生。威廉与玛丽学院公共健康与营养教授斯科特o伊克斯指出,东非等地的一些拥有土地的农民经常面临这种“浮士德式的交易”。“Farmers have to choose between growing specialty cash crops like cocoa, tea and coffee or food staples to make a living,Ickes said. “They usually pick the cash crops as it’s a challenge for them to make ends meet.”“农民必须选择是种植可可、茶和咖啡等专门的经济作物,还是选择种植养家糊口的主食作物。由于生活艰难,他们经常会选择种植经济作物。”伊克斯说。Helping those help themselves助人即自助While agricultural innovations like genetic modified organisms (GMOs) hailed by many and condemned by others are often offered up as solutions, one analyst said simple ways to distribute and store food are needed.尽管有人认为,全球粮食危机的解决方案在于转基因技术等农业创新(虽然转基因也受到了很多非议与指责),但也有一名分析人士表示,我们还需要一些简单的分配和储存粮食的方法。“A lot of food rots because of bad storage facilities in poor countries, and bad infrastructure in those areas prevents delivery of food to a lot of the poor,said College of William amp; Mary’s Ickes.威廉与玛丽学院的伊克斯表示:“许多粮食之所以腐烂,是因为一些穷国的储存设备不好。在这些国家,糟糕的基建设施,导致粮食不能分配到很多穷人手里。”A key element in all this is helping those in need learn how to take care of themselves, said Mark Rieger, dean of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware.特拉华大学农业与自然资源学院院长马克o里格尔认为,解决这个问题的重要一环在于教会那些需要帮助的国家如何进行自助。“We have an agricultural program so people can develop their own food,Rieger said. “I just got back from Kenya where we bring students here and then send them back home to help their own countries.”“我们有一个农业项目,让人们可以种植自己的粮食。我刚刚从肯尼亚回来,而且还带回来了一些肯尼亚学生,等他们学成后,我们会让他们回国帮助他们自己的国家。”Wars over food?抢夺粮食的战争?The World Bank reports that to avoid food shortages by 2050, the global community needs to produce at least 50 percent more food than it does today.世界的报告指出,要想避免2050年出现粮食短缺,全球社会需要把粮食产量在今天的基础上至少提0%。Many analysts say they are hopeful the world is waking up to the food scarcity problem, as more governments like the U.S. and those in Europe, ramp up efforts to provide aid to developing countries.许多分析人士认为,全球已经开识意识到粮荒问题,比如美国和欧洲各国政府都加大了对发展中国家的援助力度。But a clear consensus on exactly how to end the growing food shortage remains elusive. And that could lead to even greater disasters, said West Virginia’s Haley.但西弗吉尼亚大学的哈利表示,目前国际社会对如何解决日益显著的粮食紧缺仍缺乏共识。而这甚至可能导致更大的灾难。“The food scarcity problem is serious. I think the next world wars could be fought over resources like food and water,she said.她表示:“粮食短缺问题非常严重,我认为对粮食和水等资源的争夺,有可能引爆下一场世界大战。”(财富中文网) /201412/350918

Russia has rejected Turkeys claims that it did not know the plane it shot down on the Syria border was Russian.俄罗斯反驳了土耳其关于击落飞机的说法,即土耳其不知道在叙利亚边界被击落的飞机属于俄罗斯。President Vladimir Putin said Russian planes were easily identifiable and the jets flight co-ordinates had been passed on to Turkeys ally, the US.俄罗斯总统普京说,俄罗斯飞机很容易辨认,而且俄罗斯喷气飞机的飞行坐标已经给了土耳其的盟友美囀?Turkeys president said earlier if it had known the plane was Russian ;maybe we would have warned it differently;.土耳其总统早些时候说如果土耳其知道飞机是俄罗斯的,“可能我们会以不同方式发出警告”。Mr Putin was speaking after meeting his French counterpart and pledging closer co-operation against Islamic State.IS claimed the 13 November attacks in Paris which killed 130 people.普京在会见了法国总统后作出上述表示。他见法国总统是许诺要请加强合作打击伊斯兰囀?伊斯兰国声称他们发动了113日在巴黎的袭击,130人死于这次袭击。Russia and France have agreed to co-operate more closely in fighting terrorism in Syria. The two countries will exchange intelligence on Islamic State - and co-ordinate air strikes.普京和法国总统奥朗德同意加强协调针对伊斯兰国的空中打击,加大努力避免打击叙利亚其他的原意打击恐怖主义的反叛组织。But differences remain over the fate of the Syrian leader. President Hollande made it clear that Bashar al-Assad could play no role in his countrys future. President Putin said that was up to the Syrian people to decide.叙利亚领导人的命运仍然存在分歧。奥朗德总统明确表示,巴沙尔-阿萨德在他的国家的未来没有发挥作用。普京总统说,这是由叙利亚人民决定的。And there is no sign of the kind of ;grand coalition; against terror that France had been calling for, one that would include America.Speaking at a news conference after the talks, President Putin even suggested that Turkey had shot down the Russian bomber this week after receiving information about its location from the US.没有任何一种“大联盟”的迹象,这一“大联盟”是不可能的,法国一直在呼吁,美国将加入其内。新闻发布会上,普京总统暗示说道,土耳其在接到来自美国称这是俄罗斯战机消息后,仍然将其战机击萀?Two Russian servicemen died after the Russian SU-24 plane crashed into a mountainside on Syrian soil on Tuesday after being hit by a missile from a Turkish F-16 fighter jet.The Turkish military said it sent several warnings to the jet before firing, some 17 seconds after the plane entered Turkish air space.俄罗斯的24战机遭到土耳其F-16战机发射导弹击中坠毁。在坠机和随后的搜救行动中,共有两名俄罗斯军人被打死。土耳其军方说,在飞机飞越土耳其领空17秒后,他们在开火前对飞机发出几次警告。A surviving Russian pilot said he had received no such warning and was adamant they did not stray out of Syrian air space.Turkeys President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has rejected calls by Russia to apologise, saying Turkey does not need to say sorry for the violation of its airspace.一个存活的俄罗斯飞行员说道,他并没有接到这样的警告,并坚定地说道,他们并没有偏离叙利亚领空。土耳其总统Recep Tayyip Erdogan 拒绝接受俄罗斯要求,并没有向俄罗斯道歉,说道土耳其并不需要因侵犯其领空向其致歉。However, he told France 24 television: ;If we had known it was a Russian plane, maybe we would have warned it differently;.然而,他却告诉法国电台说:“如果我们早知道是俄罗斯飞机,我们将会发出不同的警告。”But Mr Putin insisted it was ;impossible; for Turkey not to have known it was shooting at a Russian plane. ;Its got insignia, and you can see that.He went on: ;In advance, in accordance with our agreement with the US, we gave information on where our planes would be working - at what altitude, and in what areas. Turkey is part of that coalition and they had to know it was the Russian airforce working in that area.但是普京坚持说土耳其不可能不知道他们击落的就是俄罗斯战机。“飞机上有指示牌,你们可能很清晰地看到。在飞机起飞之前,我们取得美国方面的同意,告诉他们我们飞机将会在什么领域作业,在什么高度飞行。土耳其是美国的联盟国,他们自然应该知道这是俄罗斯的飞机在飞行。;If it was an American aircraft, would they have struck?;“如果这是美国的飞机,他们会击落吗?”Mr Putin told the news conference he was y to co-operate more closely with the US-led coalition ;but of course incidents like the destruction of our aircraft and the deaths of our servicemen... are absolutely unacceptable;.普京在新闻发布会上称:他愿意和美国联盟进行合作,但是像这样击落飞机并使我们军人死亡的事情是绝不能接受的。Earlier on Thursday, Russias military suspended all communication channels with the Turkish military, including a ;hot line; to help avoid air accidents.周四早些时候,俄罗斯暂停了和土耳其军事方面所有的交流渠道,包括帮助其阻止航空事件的“热线”。Russias prime minister also warned the government was planning wide-ranging economic sanctions against Turkey within the coming days.He warned that food products, Turkish interests in Russia and a number of joint investment projects could be affected.俄罗斯首相发出警告说,政府将会在未来几天扩大对土耳其的经济制裁。并警告称,食物产品以及土耳其在俄罗斯方面的利益和一系列的合资项目都会受到影响。Russia has also advised its nationals against visiting Turkey, and urged those aly there to return home ;due to the terrorist threats that remain on Turkish territory;.俄罗斯还建议本国国民不要去访问土耳其,因为土耳其境内的恐怖主义威胁,并呼吁那些已经在土耳其的国民赶快回归家园。Turkey and Russia have important economic links. Russia is Turkeys second largest trading partner, while Turkey is the biggest foreign destination for Russian tourists.土耳其和俄罗斯有重要的经济联系,俄罗斯是土耳其的第二大贸易合作伙伴,土耳其是俄罗斯最大的出口旅游目的地。来 /201511/412650

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