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The southern Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung has asked a court to freeze LCY Chemical Corp.#39;s assets, while investigating the petrochemical producer#39;s role in the island#39;s deadliest gas explosion.台湾高雄市政府提请法院冻结李长荣化学工业股份有限公司(LCY Chemical Co., 简称:李长荣化工)的资产。当局正在调查李长荣化工在一场气体爆炸事故中的责任,这是台湾伤亡最惨重的一起可燃气体爆炸事故。At least 30 people were killed and 309 injured in the gas explosions that shook the city shortly before midnight on July 31. A series of blasts rocked the bustling Cianjhen District of Kaohsiung, Taiwan#39;s second largest city by population and a major petrochemical hub.事故发生在7月31日临近午夜时分,繁华的高雄市前镇区发生多次爆炸,震动了整座城市,导致至少30人丧生,309人受伤。高雄是台湾人口数量排名第二的城市,也是台湾重要的石化产业中心。According to the city#39;s preliminary investigations, LCY owns the faulty pipe that caused the explosions, which destroyed homes, ripped off manhole covers and tore open several roads.据高雄市初步调查,导致爆炸的破损管道系李长荣化工所有。爆炸造成沿街房屋受损,井盖被炸飞,多条道路塌陷碎裂。At a news conference on Wednesday, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu said the city is seeking to prevent LCY from transferring its assets, should the company be found guilty and liable for compensating the victims. Prosecutors are still investigating the cause of the blast and a final conclusion is awaited.高雄市长陈菊在周三的新闻发布会上称,如果认定李长荣化工有罪并负有赔偿责任,高雄市政府将提请法院阻止李长荣化工转移资产。检方仍在调查爆炸原因,尚未作出最终结论。The company was the only chemical operator transferring propene--the only type of gas detected at the explosion sites--underground in Kaohsiung that night, the city government said.高雄市政府称,李长荣化工是爆炸当晚唯一通过高雄市地下管道输送丙烯的化工运营商。爆炸现场只检测到丙烯这一种气体。#39;We have ruled out the possibility the explosion was caused by another type or a mixture of gas. We also have no evidence that shows the pipe was previously damaged during construction work,#39; the city government#39;s spokesman, Ting Yun-Kung, said.高雄市政府发言人丁允恭表示,已排除另一种气体或混合气体导致爆炸的可能性,目前没有据表明这条管道曾在施工中受损。This isn#39;t the first time that the 49-year-old company has been named in a major environmental disaster. In 1986, LCY#39;s plant in Hsinchu City in central Taiwan was forced to shut down after residents complained the factory was emitting hazardous chemicals into the local water supply.对于有49年历史的李长荣化工来说,这并不是其第一次卷入重大环境污染事件。1986年,李长荣化工在台湾新竹市的工厂被当地居民举报向供水系统排放有害化学物质,该厂被迫关闭。The company said it hasn#39;t received the court#39;s official notice on the city#39;s request to freeze its assets, which totaled 57.7 billion New Taiwan dollars (US.92 billion) by the end of the first quarter. The company said in a separate statement late Wednesday that it will set aside 500 million New Taiwan dollars (US.6 million) to meet potential claims from victims, but didn#39;t elaborate.李长荣化工称,尚未接到法院就高雄市请求冻结公司资产发出的正式通知。截至第一季度末,该公司资产总额达新台币577亿元(约合19.2亿美元)。李长荣化工周三晚间另外发表声明称,将划拨新台币5亿元(约合1,660万美元)用于损害赔偿,但没有透露详情。Despite the weeklong, round-the-clock cleanup efforts, many streets are still littered with debris and thousands of homes remain without water and electricity. The underground pipeline network in the area has been suspended since the explosions. Nearly 200 people are still taking refuge at government shelters, data shows.虽然清理工作已经不间断地持续了一周,许多街道仍布满了残砖断瓦,数以千计的家庭仍断水断电。发生爆炸以来,这一地区的地下管道网络已经停用。数据显示,有将近200人仍留在政府提供的临时住所。Fingers are also being pointed at the city and the central governments for possible regulatory oversight for failing to make sure the companies are performing routine maintenance of pipes.舆论矛头还指向高雄市和台湾中央政府,人们怀疑监管部门督责不力,未能确保企业对管道的例行维护。According to Kaohsiung#39;s initial estimate, it will cost at least 1.9 billion New Taiwan dollars to fix the roads and at least another 10 billion New Taiwan dollars in victim compensation.据高雄市初步估计,修复道路将至少耗资新台币19亿元,另外还需要至少新台币100亿元用于赔偿受害者。Public reaction to the explosion has been overwhelming. Various social sites are teemed with sympathy for the victims and their families. Donations from the business community and individuals have reached over 800 million New Taiwan Dollars so far.公众对这起爆炸反应强烈。各种社交网站充满了对受害者及其家属的同情。截至目前,来自商业协会和个人的捐款已超过新台币8亿元。 /201408/319476

  Australia’s failure to donate money to a UN fund helping poor countries deal with global warming is a problem that could hinder this week’s UN climate meeting, China’s lead negotiator at the talks has warned.联合国气候大会中国首席谈判代表苏伟警告称,澳大利亚拒绝向帮助贫穷国家应对全球变暖的联合国基金中注资,可能会阻碍本周的气候大会进程。“It’s not good news,” said Su Wei, adding he believed all developed countries had a legal obligation to contribute to the UN’s Green Climate Fund.苏伟表示:“这不是个好消息。”他补充说,他认为所有发达国家都有向联合国绿色气候基金(Green Climate Fund)捐资的法定义务。“It also has very important impacts in the negotiating process. It’s a trust-building process,” he said.他说:“这对谈判进程也会产生非常重要的影响。这一谈判是个多方建立信任的过程。”Australia is the main industrialised country to have decided against contributing to the fund, saying it prefers to deliver climate assistance through its own foreign aid programme.澳大利亚是拒绝向该基金捐资的主要发达国家。该国表示,它更倾向于通过本国的对外援助计划向发展中国家提供气候援助。Mr Su repeated comments made last month by China’s chief climate envoy, Xie Zhenhua, that the .7bn wealthy countries have pledged to the Green Climate Fund in recent months is a long way from the 0bn a year poor countries are expecting to see from 2020.苏伟重申了中国气候谈判代表团团长解振华上个月曾发表的言论。当时,解振华曾表示,最近几个月富裕国家承诺向绿色气候基金捐赠的97亿美元,距离2020年起贫穷国家期望收到的1000亿美元的目标还很远。“It’s far from adequate,” Mr Su said.苏伟表示:“这个数字远远不够。”The US is the biggest donor to the fund so far, pledging up to bn, while Japan has offered .5bn and several EU countries have committed bn each.到目前为止,美国是该基金最大的捐助国,已承诺捐资30亿美元。与此同时,日本提供了15亿美元资金,欧盟(European Union)一些国家则分别承诺捐资10亿美元。The fund is expected to channel part of the 0bn a year rich nations have promised to raise from both public and private sources by 2020 for climate change projects such as wind farms or flood defences in poor countries.富裕国家承诺,自2020年起,每年会通过公共和私营部门为该基金筹集1000亿美元。预计其中部分资金会被用于在贫穷国家投资应对气候变化的项目,比如建立风力发电厂和防洪设施。The 0bn figure has become a source of contention at the Lima talks, which are supposed to smooth the way to a global climate deal in Paris at the end of next year.然而,在原本旨在筹备明年年底的巴黎全球气候变化协议的利马(Lima)磋商中,这1000亿美元的数额却成为争论的焦点。Australia’s decision not to contribute to the fund has irritated several developing nations, while some wealthy countries are frustrated by claims there is a bn gap between what has been donated to the fund this year and the 0bn due to flow from 2020.澳大利亚拒绝向基金注资的决定惹恼了一些发展中国家。与此同时,对于基金今年所获捐赠与定于2020年开始供应的1000亿美元尚差900亿美元的说法,部分富裕国家感到十分不满。Wealthy countries are aly channelling billions of dollars for climate change work through regional development banks and export credit agencies, Todd Stern, the chief US climate envoy, told reporters this week.美国气候变化特使托德#8226;斯特恩(Todd Stern)这周向记者表示,富裕国家已经在通过地区发展和出口信贷机构,将数十亿美元资金用于应对气候变化。“Right now we’re not in a bad place,” he said. “We’re certainly on the way to getting to the 0bn.”他说:“目前,我们的情况并不算糟。我们正在朝着1000亿美元的目标前进——这一点是确定无疑的。” /201412/347010

  Amway surpassed Avon Products AVP 3.47% in 2012 to become the world’s largest direct-selling company, thanks to a steady, drama-free international expansion over the years into key markets like China, a bigger focus on nutrition products, which are less prone to sales fluctuations than beauty products, and the ability to attract and keep sales representatives (whom Amway calls ABOs, for ‘Amway Business Owners,’ and who now number 3 million.)安利于2012年超过雅芳,成为全球最大的直销公司,这得益于过去数年间,安利一直在稳步地拓展中国等关键市场;更专注于销售波动比美容产品小的营养产品;以及吸引并留住销售代表的能力(安利称销售代表为“安利事业合作伙伴”,现已达到300万人规模)。In 2013, its sales rose 4.4% to .8 billion, helped by growth in China, its biggest market, and one where Avon’s business has collapsed since a big bribery scandal hit that company a few years ago. (Avon’s business is struggling in almost every key market.)中国是安利最大的市场。2013年,得益于中国市场良好的业绩表现,其销售额增长了4.4%,达到118亿美元(约合728.4亿元人民币)。而雅芳则因几年前的一起闹得沸沸扬扬的贿赂丑闻,业绩大幅下滑。(雅芳的业务几乎在各个关键市场都是步履维艰。)As a privately owned company, Amway has been spared the drama that has slammed some of its other direct-selling peers that faced regulatory and investor scrutiny: personal care products maker Nu Skin EnterprisesNUS -3.63% was fined earlier this year by Chinese authorities over its product claims, while nutrition company Herbalife HLF -0.10% is in the throes of a battle with activist billionaire investor Bill Ackman, who claims it is operating an illegal pyramid scheme.作为一家私有企业,安利得以避免了其他一些直销公司因监管和投资者监督带来的麻烦。例如,今年年初,个人护理产品制造商美国如新集团(Nu Skin Enterprises)因夸大产品功效遭到中国监管当局罚款。营养品公司康宝莱(Herbalife)则深陷与亿万富翁维权投资者比尔o阿克曼的苦战之中;阿克曼声称康宝莱从事非法传销。Amway Chairman Steve Van Andel, the son of one of the company co-founders, recently spoke with Fortune about criticisms of the direct-selling business model, its China success, and the next step in Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Amway’s international expansion. Van Andel, who recently served as the Chairman of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, also addressed the value of “Made in the U.S.A.” and the prospects of more manufacturing coming back to the U.S.安利公司董事长史提夫o温安洛的父亲是安利联合创始人之一。在最近接受《财富》采访时,温安洛谈到了直销商业模式遭受的种种抨击、安利在中国的成功以及安利未来的国际扩张计划。安利总部位于密歇根州大急流城(Grand Rapids)。前不久曾担任过美国商会(U.S. Chamber of Commerce)主席的温安洛先生还就“美国制造”的价值及更多的制造业回归美国的前景发表了看法。What is Amway’s take on some of the attacks on the direct-selling model?面对外界对直销模式的抨击,安利是怎样看待的?“Every industry has its critics, but a lot of the talk that happens today is more of a financial thing. Somebody’s looking more at how to drive a stock price up or down, than it really has to do with the business itself.”“每个行业都会受到批评,但现在人们谈论的更多的是与钱有关的事情。一些人更看重如何把股价抬高或压低,而不是企业经营本身。”“We continue to have thousands and thousands more (sales representatives) come on every day, so there are a lot people who really like the business and the business model for the industry.”“每天仍然有数千名销售代表加入安利,这也明,很多人非常乐意去干这一行,而且也喜欢这种商业模式。”You have begun to do clinical trials on some of your nutrition products (which make up 45% of sales compared to 25% for beauty and 24% for home goods)—in the absence of medical claims, you are not required to, so why do it?安利已开始为一些营养品(营养品的销售占销售总额的45%,美容产品占25%,家居用品占24%)做临床试验。然而,安利并没有称这些营养品有药用功能,因此也就不用做临床试验,那么为什么要做呢?“We’re even starting to do clinicals on a lot of our nutrition products in much the same way that the healthcare industry does clinical trials—to show efficacy, and it’s something that no one’s ever really done before.”“我们准备采用类似于医疗保健行业所采取的方式,来为很多营养品做临床试验,目的是明产品的功效。之前没有人这样做过。”China is your biggest market. Some other direct sellers, notably Avon, have stumbled badly—what did Amway do right?中国是安利最大的市场。一些直销企业,特别是雅芳,在中国栽了大跟头。您认为安利什么地方做的好?“Not only are the employees Chinese, but the face of the business is Chinese too. We always took the approach from the beginning that we need to make to(此处原文可能有笔误)sure that when people look at our business, even though they know it’s a U.S. business, they know it’s been adapted to China.”“在中国,不仅安利的雇员是中国人,企业形象也进行了本土化。我们从一开始就一直在使用这种做法,以确保当人们看安利的时候,即便他们知道这是家美国企业,也清楚它已经适应了中国市场。”You get 90% of your sales abroad—what are some of the still untapped markets for Amway?安利90%的销售额是在美国以外的市场取得的。还存在哪些有待开发的市场?“There are a couple of areas where we could do better—particularly in Latin America. We’re not doing as well as I think we should do. Our focus in the last decade has really been Asia—there continues to be a lot of opportunity in Asia, but at least we are now well grounded there, whereas we may be not as well grounded in Latin America.” (Brazil is now Avon’s largest market and a fast growing one for beauty products in general.)“在一些地区,特别是拉丁美洲,安利其实能做得更好。安利的业绩表现并没有达到我的预期。过去十年我们确实将重心放在了亚洲——现在亚洲仍然存在很多机会,但至少我们已经在那里站稳脚跟,但安利在拉丁美洲的基础可能没有像亚洲那样稳固。”(巴西是雅芳最大的市场,同时,对整个美容产品行业来说,巴西也是一个增长较快的市场。)How about Russia, a notably promising beauty market but a turbulent place for Western companies?俄罗斯怎么样呢?俄罗斯的美容产品市场前景光明,但在西方国家公司的眼中并不是个稳定的市场。“Anybody that’s in Russia or Ukraine right now, it’s always a little bit tenuous—and it’s a little bumpy—that’s part of doing business there, You have to accept that.”“对于目前在俄罗斯和乌克兰做生意的任何人来说,境况总是有点不尽人意,也不是那么一帆风顺。对于在俄罗斯经商来说,这是一种常态。你必须接受这个现实。”Amway is opening four new U.S. manufacturing facilities- why is ‘Made in the USA’ important?安利计划在美国新开4家工厂。为什么“美国制造”意义重大?“We listen to our customers, and when it comes to nutrition products, they like nutrition products that are made in the U.S.”“我们愿意倾听顾客的意见。当谈到营养品时,他们希望是在美国生产的。”“For us, Michigan is just a natural place to go. Sure we can look at different places in the U.S., but nutrition is not an easy thing to manufacture—and we’ve aly got some based there.”“对于安利来说,密歇根州自然是首选之地。当然,我们也可以在美国其他地方建厂,但营养品生产并不是件容易的事情。而且,我们在密歇根已经有一些工厂了。”Put on your U.S. Chamber of Commerce hat for a minute—can U.S. manufacturing come back in a big way?从美国商会主席的角度出发,您认为制造业会大规模回归美国吗?“They’ve lost more manufacturing jobs by becoming more productive. Everybody’s way more productive now in the facilities they have. I’m not sure that that will ever come back- I think people are going to try to be as efficient as they can.”“随着生产率的提高,制造业的工作岗位却更少了。所有工厂的生产力较以往都有大幅提升。至于制造业是否会回归美国,我难以给出——但我认为人们会尽一切努力提高效率。”(财富中文网) /201412/349372。


  Hon Hai Precision, the Apple supplier also known as Foxconn, faces a rare challenge at its M today from a group of global institutional investors over its corporate governance.鸿海精密(Hon Hai Precision)将在今日的年度股东大会上遭遇罕见挑战,全球机构投资者将质问这家又名富士康(Foxconn)的苹果(Apple)供应商的公司治理事务。The intervention from a group including Aviva, Axa and Calstrs is one of the first of its size and scale in Asia, and represents wider hopes for greater engagement between shareholders and executives in the region.这些机构投资者包括英杰华(Aviva)、安盛(Axa)和加州教师养老基金(CalSTRS),它们发起的这种大规模干预是亚洲迄今少见的,并代表着一种广泛的期盼,即亚洲的股东和高管之间能够增加接触。Governments and regulators have begun trying to shake up the often supine relationships between investors and management. Earlier this year, Japan brought in a new stewardship code and yesterday confirmed plans for corporate governance reforms. Malaysia will this week become only the second Asian country to introduce stewardship guidelines.政府和监管机构已开始试图撼动投资者与管理层之间往往偏于懒散的关系。日本在今年早些时候出台了一套新的管理法规,并在昨日实了开展公司治理改革的计划。马来西亚将在本周成为亚洲第二个出台管理指导原则的国家。The investors are expected to challenge Hon Hai over issues including transparency, long-term strategy, board composition and the “key man” risk posed by chairman Terry Gou.预计投资者将在各种问题上向鸿海精密发起质问,包括透明度、长期战略、董事会的组成,以及董事长郭台铭(Terry Gou)构成的“关键人物”风险。Mr Gou founded Hon Hai 40 years ago with a ,500 loan from his mother. Hon Hai is now China’s biggest private employer, with about 1m workers. It also makes the majority of Apple’s iPhones and iPads.郭台铭在40年前用母亲借给他的7500美元创立了鸿海精密。鸿海目前是中国最大的私营部门雇主,有100万左右工人。该公司为苹果代工制造大部分的iPhone和iPad。But the shareholders’ attempt to engage with Hon Hai comes as the world’s largest contract manufacturer faces questions over its future direction as it tries to fend off competitors while coping with rising labour costs in China – still its manufacturing centre.但在股东试图与鸿海接触之际,全球最大的代工制造商正面临有关其未来发展方向的问题。目前该公司正努力抵挡竞争对手,同时应对中国大陆劳动力成本上升问题;中国大陆仍是它的制造基地。Two members of the investor group will attend today’s annual general meeting and plan to ask whether the company can provide more clarity on its long-term business plan, whether its board has the skills to cope and to probe its succession plans for Mr Gou, its founder, chairman, chief executive and largest shareholder.上述投资者群体的两名成员将出席今日的年度股东大会,并计划提出多个问题,包括该公司能否提供更清晰的长期业务计划?其董事会是否有能力应对并考察关于郭台铭退位后的接班计划?郭台铭是该公司的创始人、董事长、首席执行官和最大股东。Hon Hai declined to comment.鸿海精密拒绝发表。Other members of the shareholder group include MN and PGGM, the Dutch pension funds, RailPen, the UK pension fund, Robeco, the Dutch fund manager and the UK Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS).这个股东群体的其它成员包括荷兰养老基金MN和PGGM;英国养老基金RailPen;荷兰基金管理公司荷宝(Robeco);以及英国高校退休基金(USS)。“Not every investor has the resources to engage effectively with companies far away from home,” said Hans-Christoph Hirt, Singapore-based executive director for responsible investment and stewardship at Hermes Equity Ownership Services, and one of the attendees.“不是每个投资者都有充足资源,能与远离本土的公司有效接触,”Hermes Equity Ownership Services负责投资及管理事务的执行总监汉斯-克里斯托夫#8226;希尔特(Hans-Christoph Hirt)表示。他是会议出席者之一。“Companies need to change but so do investors. Effective stewardship requires more people on the ground in Asia to build relationships and engage with companies.”“公司需要改变,但投资者也需要改变。有效管理意味着需要在亚洲的第一线投入更多人力,以构建关系,与企业接触。”This week Hon Hai and Pegatron, a rival Taiwanese assembler of Apple products, both said they were recruiting workers – thought to be related to production of the next round of Apple products.本周鸿海和同样为苹果装配产品的台资竞争对手和硕(Pegatron)均称,他们正在招工。据信此举与生产苹果下一代产品有关。Last year, Hon Hai was one of six bidders to win a 4G telecoms licence in Taiwan in a clear sign of its plans to diversify its business.去年,鸿海成为赢得台湾4G电信运营牌照的六个竞标者之一,这是一个明确迹象,说明该公司计划将业务多元化。 /201406/307952

  COPENHEN — The gathering risks of climate change are so profound they could stall or even reverse generations of progress against poverty and hunger if greenhouse emissions continue at a runaway pace, according to a major new ed Nations report.哥本哈根——据联合国新发布的一份重要报告,气候变化汇集的风险如此巨大,如果温室气体继续以失控的速度排放,有可能会让几代人在消除贫困和饥饿上取得的进步停滞甚至逆转。Despite rising efforts in many countries to tackle the problem, the overall global situation is growing more acute as developing countries join the West in burning huge amounts of fossil fuels, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said here on Sunday.政府间气候变化专门委员会周日在这里表示,尽管许多国家为解决这个问题做出了更多的努力,但全球整体形势日益严重,因为发展中国家正加入西方国家的行列来燃烧大量的化石燃料。Failure to reduce emissions, the group of scientists and other experts found, could threaten society with food shortages, refugee crises, the flooding of major cities and entire island nations, mass extinction of plants and animals, and a climate so drastically altered it might become dangerous for people to work or play outside during the hottest times of the year.这个由科学家和其他专家组成的委员会调查发现,不减少温室气体排放会给社会带来各种威胁,包括粮食短缺、难民危机、大城市和整个岛国被洪水淹没、动植物物种大灭绝,以及气候极大幅度的变化、以至于在一年中最热的时候人们外出工作或玩耍可能会有危险。“Continued emission of greenhouse gases will cause further warming and long-lasting changes in all components of the climate system, increasing the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems,” the report declared.报告宣布,“温室气体的继续排放将导致进一步变暖,将让气候系统所有组成部分发生持久性的变化,增加给人类和生态系统制造严重、普遍和不可逆转的影响的可能性。”In the starkest language it has ever used, the expert panel made clear how far society remains from having any serious policy to limit global warming.这个专家委员会用迄今最严厉的措辞明确指出,人类社会距采取任何严肃政策来限制全球变暖方面还差得很远。Doing so would require finding a way to leave the vast majority of the world’s reserves of fossil fuels in the ground, or alternatively, developing methods to capture and bury the emissions resulting from their use, the group said.委员会说,这样做需要找到一种让世界上化石燃料储量的绝大部分留在地下的方法,或者找到捕捉及掩埋使用化石燃料所产生的排放的方法。If governments are to meet their own stated goal of limiting the warming of the planet to no more than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 2 degrees Celsius, above the preindustrial level, they must restrict emissions from additional fossil-fuel burning to about 1 trillion tons of carbon dioxide, the panel said.委员会表示,各国政府要想实现他们自己表述的限制地球温度上升的目标,即温度上升不超过工业化前水平的2摄氏度,就必须把燃烧更多化石燃料的排放总量限制在1万亿吨二氧化碳左右。At current growth rates, that budget is likely to be exhausted in something like 30 years. Yet energy companies have aly booked coal and petroleum reserves equal to several times that amount, and they are spending some 0 billion a year to find more. Utilities and oil companies are still building coal-fired power plants and refineries, and governments are spending another 0 billion directly subsidizing the consumption of fossil fuels.按照目前的增长速度,这个排放总量很可能在大约30年内用完。然而,能源公司已经找到的煤炭和石油储量相当于这个上限的几倍,而且他们每年还在花约6000亿美元(约合3.7万亿元人民币)寻找更多的储量。电力公司和石油企业仍在建设燃煤电厂和炼油厂,政府为化石燃料的消费还另外提供6000亿美元的直接补贴。By contrast, the report found, less than 0 billion a year is being spent around the world to reduce emissions or otherwise cope with climate change. That sum is smaller than the revenue of a single American oil company, ExxonMobil.报告发现,与此相比,全世界每年花在减少排放或用其他方式应对气候变化上的钱不到4000亿美元。这个总数不及一家美国石油公司、埃克森美孚公司一年的营业收入。The new report comes just a month before international delegates convene in Lima, Peru, in an effort to devise a new global treaty or other agreement to limit emissions, and it makes clear the urgency of their task.新报告在世界各国的代表将在秘鲁首都利马集会前的仅仅一个月出台,是为了促成一个限制排放的新全球性条约或其他协议,也明确指明了这项任务的紧迫性。Appearing at a news conference in Copenhagen Sunday morning to unveil the report, the ed Nations secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, issued an urgent appeal for strong action in Lima.在哥本哈根周日上午为公布报告举行的新闻发布会上,联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban Ki-moon)对在利马采取强有力的行动发出紧急呼吁。“Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message,” Mr. Ban declared. “Leaders must act. Time is not on our side.”潘基文说,“科学已经晓谕。其信息毫不含糊。领导者必须采取行动。时间并不对我们有利。”Yet there has been no sign that national leaders are willing to discuss allocating the trillion-ton emissions budget among countries, an approach that would raise political and moral questions of fairness. To the contrary, they are moving toward a relatively weak agreement that would essentially let each country decide for itself how much effort to put into limiting global warming, and even that document would not take effect until 2020.然而,迄今还没有迹象表明各国领导人愿意讨论如何在国家间分配这个1万亿吨的排放总量,这种讨论会引起有关公平的政治和道德问题。与此相反,他们正在采取行动达成一项相对弱的协议,基本上让各国自行决定为限制全球变暖做出多少努力,而且就连这个协议也只是在2020年才会生效。“If they choose not to talk about the carbon budget, they’re choosing not to address the problem of climate change,” said Myles R. Allen, a scientist at Oxford University in Britain who helped write the new report. “They might as well not bother to turn up for these meetings.”“如果他们选择不讨论碳排放总量,他们等于选择不解决气候变化问题,”帮助起草新报告的英国牛津大学科学家迈尔斯·R·艾伦(Myles R. Allen)说。“他们干脆不用去开这些会议。”The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a scientific body appointed by the world’s governments to advise them on the causes and effects of global warming, and potential solutions. The group was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, along with Al Gore, for its efforts to call attention to the climate crisis.政府间气候变化专门委员会是由世界各国政府任命的人组成的科学机构,其作用是给各国政府就全球气候变暖的原因和影响、以及可能的解决方案出主意。2007年的诺贝尔和平奖授予了该机构,奖励其呼吁人们关注气候危机的努力,一起获奖的还有阿尔·戈尔(Al Gore)。The new report is a 175-page synopsis of a much longer series of reports that the panel has issued over the past year, culminating a five-year effort by the body to summarize a vast archive of published climate research.新报告共有175页,是对委员会在过去一年中发布的一系列更长报告的概要,委员会用了五年的时间对已发表的大量气候研究文献作了总结,新报告是这一努力的结果。It is the fifth such report from the group since 1990, each finding greater certainty that the climate is warming and that human activities are the primary cause.这是该机构自1990年以来的第五份报告,每份报告对气候正在变暖、而人类活动是其主要原因的结论都比上一份报告给出更大的确定性。“Human influence has been detected in warming of the atmosphere and the ocean, in changes in the global water cycle, in reductions in snow and ice, and in global mean sea-level rise; and it is extremely likely to have been the dominant cause of the observed warming since the mid-20th century,” the report declared.新报告宣布,“人类的影响已在各个方面被检测出来,在大气和海洋的变暖中,在全球水循环的变化中,在冰雪量的减少中,以及在全球海平面的平均上升中。人类的影响有极大的可能是自20世纪中期以来观测到的变暖趋势的主要原因。”A core finding of the new report is that climate change is no longer a distant, future threat, but is being felt all over the world aly. The group cited mass die-offs of forests, including those in the American West; the melting of land ice virtually everywhere in the world; an accelerating rise of the seas that is leading to increased coastal flooding; and heat waves that have devastated crops and killed tens of thousands of people.新报告的一个核心结论是,气候变化已不再是一个遥远的、未来的威胁,而是已经可以在世界各地感受到。委员会给出了大量的例子:森林的大量死亡,包括美国西部的森林;几乎世界各个地方的陆冰都在融化;海平面的加速上升给沿海地区造成的更多洪灾;以及导致作物毁坏、数万人丧生的热浪天气。The report contained the group’s sharpest warning yet about the food supply, saying that climate change had aly become a small drag on overall global production, and could become a far larger one if emissions continue unchecked. The reported noted that in recent years the world’s food system had shown signs of instability, with sudden price increases leading to riots and, in a few cases, the collapse of governments.报告中还有委员会对粮食供应发出的迄今最严厉的警告,报告说,气候变化已在一个小的程度上拖累全球的整体作物产量,如果继续对排放量听之任之,则可能成为一个大得多的问题。报告指出,近年来全球粮食系统表现出不稳定的迹象,价格的突然增长导致了骚乱,甚至在个别情况下,导致了政府的垮台。Another central finding of the report is that climate change poses serious risks to basic human progress, in areas such as alleviating poverty. Under the worst-case scenarios, factors like high food prices and intensified weather disasters would most likely leave poor people worse off. In fact, the report said, that has aly happened in some places.报告的另一个重要结论是,气候变化给人类本身的进步带来严重威胁,比如在消除贫困等方面。在最坏的情况下,诸如粮价过高和气侯灾害增强等因素,有很大的可能使穷人陷入更糟糕的境地。报告说,事实上,这已经在一些地方发生。In Washington, the Obama administration welcomed the new report, with the president’s science adviser, John P. Holdren, calling it “yet another wake-up call to the global community that we must act together swiftly and aggressively in order to stem climate change and avoid its worst impacts.”奥巴马政府在华盛顿表示欢迎新报告的发布,总统的科学顾问约翰·P·霍尔德伦(John P. Holdren)称报告“又一次给国际社会敲响警钟,我们必须一起采取迅速、积极的行动,以遏制气候变化,避免其最糟糕的后果”。The administration is pushing for new limits on emissions from American power plants, but faces stiff resistance in Congress and some states.奥巴马政府正在推动制定对美国发电厂排放的新限制,但面对来自国会和一些州的巨大阻力。Michael Oppenheimer, a climate scientist at Princeton University and a principal author of the new report, said that a continuation of the political paralysis on emissions would leave society depending largely on luck.普林斯顿大学的气候科学家和新报告的主要作者迈克尔·奥本海默(Michael Oppenheimer)说,在排放问题上的持续政治瘫痪将让社会在很大程度上靠运气。If the level of greenhouse gases were to continue rising at a rapid pace over coming decades, severe effects could be headed off only if the climate turned out to be much less sensitive to those gases than most scientists think is likely, he said.他说,如果温室气体水平在今后几十年中继续以迅猛的速度上升,只有一种可能性能让人们避免其严重的后果,那就是气候对这些气体的敏感度大大低于大多数科学家认为的那样。“We’ve seen many governments delay and delay and delay on implementing comprehensive emissions cuts,” Dr. Oppenheimer said. “So the need for a lot of luck looms larger and larger. Personally, I think it’s a slim reed to lean on for the fate of the planet.”“我们已看到许多国家的政府在实现全面减排措施上一拖、又拖、再拖,”奥本海默说。“所以,需要很大运气的前景日益逼近。在我看来,那是把地球的命运绑在一根很细的救命稻草上。” /201411/340535As China’s equity markets cool and its currency is devalued, attention will return to the question of whether its property market is heading for a fall. In my view the boom days are over, but with buyers required to put at least 30 per cent cash down, the risks of a crisis are low.随着中国股市降温和人民币贬值,人们的注意力将重新回到中国房地产市场是否步入下行通道的问题。在我看来,房地产繁荣期已经结束,但由于房地产买家被要求付至少30%的首付款,发生危机的风险很低。The housing market is one of the most important parts of the economy, and one of the most misunderstood. Important because residential real estate and construction account directly for more than 10 per cent of gross domestic product. Misunderstood because few observers appear to grasp the structure of the residential property market.住房市场是中国经济最重要的领域之一,也是被误解程度最深的领域之一。重要是因为住宅房地产直接占到10%以上的国内生产总值(GDP)。误解是因为似乎很少有观察人士真正理解中国住宅房地产市场的结构。Under the Communist party most workers have been allowed to buy their government housing at a steep discount to market value, with the result that the home ownership rate is among the highest in the world: 89 per cent, compared with about 64 per cent in the US and the UK. But this does not mean the appetite for new homes has been sated. A large share of homes are substandard, so demand for upgrading is significant. Only 55 per cent of the population is urban, a share that will continue to rise, driving demand for housing.在党管一切的时代,大部分工人被允许以大幅低于市场价的价格购买政府住房,结果是中国住房拥有率高达89%,跻身世界最高水平之列,而美国和英国的住房拥有率大约为64%。但这并不意味着中国人购置新房的愿望都得到了满足。相当大一部分住房不合标准,因此升级需求非常可观。只有55%的人口住在城镇,城镇人口比例还会继续上升,推动住房需求。Almost all new homes sold in China are apartments, not single family homes. Some 80 per cent of those apartments are bought one year or more before construction of the building will be finished, known as presale. That is one reason it takes time for new Chinese cities to fill up.在中国销售的几乎所有住房都是公寓,而非单户住宅。约80%的公寓是在建成一年或更早之前卖出的,这被称为预售。这是中国新城市需要一段时间才会人气上升的一个原因。In Zhengzhou, for example, featured on many lists of “ghost cities”, people bought apartments in a new area with the intention of not moving in for several years, based on the view that house prices would be higher after the subway lines were completed. The first line has since opened, and the new area is thriving. This pattern is repeated across the country.例如,在众多“鬼城”榜单上被列入的郑州,人们在新区买房的意图就是要在几年后才住进去,他们的决策依据是房价将会随着地铁线路的开通而上涨。自那之后第一条地铁开通,新城开始繁荣起来。这种格局在全国各地重复出现。One of the biggest misconceptions about China’s property market is that most buyers are speculators. In fact the residential market is driven by owner-occupiers. Data collected from sales managers across the country reveal that during the past three years less than 10 per cent of buyers were investors.关于中国房地产市场最大的一个误解是,大多数买家是投机者。实际上,住宅市场由自有住房者驱动。从全国各地的销售经理们收集来的数据显示,在过去3年期间,投资买家不足10%。The 9 per cent average annual growth in residential property prices over the past 10 years may appear the hallmark of a bubble, but it was accompanied by 12 per cent average annual nominal urban income growth.过去10年间住房价格年均上涨9%貌似符合泡沫的特征,但与此相伴随的是城镇居民名义收入年均12%的增长。Unprecedented income growth not only supports China’s remarkable consumption story; it also underpins a healthy property market. During the past decade inflation-adjusted urban income rose 7 per cent or more every year, while real rural income increased 7 per cent or more for each of the past nine years. In contrast over the past decade real income rose at an average annual pace of 1 per cent in the US and 0.3 per cent in the UK.史无前例的收入增长不仅持了中国引人瞩目的消费故事,还持了健康的房地产市场。过去10年期间,经通胀调整后的城镇居民收入每年增长7%以上,同时在过去9年间农村居民实际收入每年增长7%。相比之下,过去10年期间美国和英国的实际收入年均增长率分别为1%和0.3%。An important precondition for a bubble in any asset class is a high level of leverage, because in the absence of high leverage the consequences of a sharp price decline are limited. In China there is low leverage among homebuyers because about 15 per cent of buyers in the past three years have paid cash, while for those using mortgages a minimum deposit of 30 per cent is required.任何资产类别出现泡沫的一个重要前提是很高的杠杆水平,这是因为如果没有高的杠杆水平,价格大幅下跌的后果就是有限的。在中国,购房者的杠杆水平较低,因为在过去3年大约15%的买家是全款购房,而贷款购房者被要求最低付30%的首付款。 /201508/393780

  A New Zealand aircraft spotted objects late Friday in a previously ignored section of the southern Indian Ocean, after the hunt for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 shifted hundreds of miles north based on a new review of radar data.一架新西兰飞机周五晚间在南印度洋一片此前被忽视的海域发现了一些物体。此前,根据对雷达数据的最新分析,针对马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines) 370航班的搜寻区域向北调整了数百英里。The air sighting raised hopes that the shift may soon yield a breakthrough--but only one of six ships involved in the search had made it to the new search area by Friday, hampering the confirmation and identification of any debris. It would likely be Saturday before a ship could attempt to recover the objects, Australian authorities said.此次空中搜索发现的物体增加了搜索区域的改变可能很快会给搜索行动带来突破的希望,但到周五,参与搜索的六艘舰船中仅有一艘赶到了新的搜索区域,这导致对任何飞机残骸的确认和识别工作受到妨碍。澳大利亚有关部门称,可能要等到周六才可能会有参与搜索的舰船能够尝试打捞上述最新发现的物体。In abandoning the original search area, authorities effectively reset the clock just days before the plane#39;s black box flight recorders are due to stop emitting signals. They also moved away from where most satellite images had appeared to offer clues to the plane#39;s disappearance on March 8.相关政府部门撤离最初搜索区域的决定实际上意味着搜救又从零开始,但是目前距离失联飞机黑匣子停止发送信号仅剩几天时间。此外,此前多数卫星图片曾显示出失联飞机3月8日可能的消失地点,但新搜索区域也离开了这一区域。The decision to dramatically revise the search zone--based on new calculations of radar data that Malaysian investigators passed to the Australians late Thursday night--also means aircraft are now scouring a vast new search area without the aid of markers laid down by search crews to monitor ocean currents and the movement of possible debris. The new area is roughly four times the size of that being searched a day earlier.大幅调整搜寻海域的决定也意味着现在飞机要彻底搜索一大片新的海域,这片海域没有搜索人员放置的标志来监控洋流以及可能碎片的移动情况。新的搜寻海域大约是一天之前所搜寻面积的四倍,是根据马来西亚调查人员周四晚间交给澳大利亚的雷达数据计算得出的结果。#39;I don#39;t count the original work a waste of time,#39; said John Young, an official at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, which is leading the multinational search. #39;This is the normal business of search-and-rescue operations--that new information comes to light and refined analysis takes you to a different place.#39;牵头多国搜寻行动的澳大利亚海事安全局(Maritime Safety Authority)官员约翰#8226;扬(John Young)表示,他认为最初的工作不是浪费时间。他说,这是搜救行动的正常程序,即新出现的信息和更精确的分析把搜索行动带到不同的地点。A review of data produced by British satellite operator Inmarsat PLC, along with radar signals from the plane and assumptions about aircraft performance, indicated the plane was traveling faster than previously estimated when it vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, Malaysia#39;s Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said in a statement Friday.马来西亚国防部长希沙慕丁(Hishammuddin Hussein)周五在声明中称,根据对英国卫星运营商国际海事卫星组织(Inmarsat)提供的数据进行评估、加上来自失联飞机的雷达信号以及对该飞机性能的假设来看,该航班从吉隆坡至北京的航线上消失后的飞行速度比之前的估计要快。That suggested the plane used up fuel more quickly, reducing the distance the aircraft traveled south into the Indian Ocean. The data was reviewed by an international panel including air crash investigators from the U.S. and U.K. , and representatives from Boeing Co. and Roll Royce Holdings PLC, Mr. Hishammuddin said. The new information was passed on to Australian authorities by the National Transportation Safety Board, underscoring heavy U.S. involvement in the search.这一情况暗示,失联航班燃料耗尽的时间早于原先的推测,向南进入印度洋上空后飞行的距离也短于此前估计。希沙慕丁称,对这些数据进行分析的是一个国际小组,该小组成员来自美国和英国的空难调查人员以及波音公司(Boeing Co.)和罗尔斯#8226;罗伊斯公司(Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC)的代表。这一新信息由美国国家运输安全委员会转交给了澳大利亚有关部门,这也凸显出美国对此次搜寻行动的参与程度之深。#39;Because of ocean drift, this new search area could still be consistent with the potential objects identified by various satellite images over the past week,#39; Mr. Hishammuddin said.希沙慕丁表示,由于洋流移动,这片新搜寻区域仍可能与过去一周中各种卫星图像发现的疑似物体所暗示的可能坠落区域相符。Investigators aren#39;t saying for sure that this will be the final search area. Officials from both Australia and Malaysia said the data may be analyzed again, prompting them to look elsewhere in the southern Indian Ocean.调查人员并不能肯定这将是最终的搜寻区域。澳大利亚和马来西亚的官员都表示,可能会再次对数据进行分析,分析结果可能会导致他们需要在南印度洋的其他区域进行搜寻。#39;It#39;s possible that further analysis may change [the search area] again,#39; said Martin Dolan, chief commissioner of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. #39;At this stage we don#39;t expect significantly, but there are no guarantees in that area.#39;澳大利亚交通安全局(Australian Transport Safety Bureau)局长杜兰(Martin Dolan)表示,进一步的分析有可能会导致搜寻区域再度发生改变,现阶段这种可能性不是很大,但也不能保飞机残骸就在该区域内。The new area is more hospitable than the previous search zone. Air crews will no longer have to battle the #39;Roaring 40s#39;--an area of strong winds and high seas. The likelihood of better weather may mean the search will face fewer stoppages after aircrews were grounded by gale winds twice this week. It is also closer to the Australian mainland, extending the amount of time planes spend in the search area before returning to base to refuel.新搜寻区域的天气条件要好于之前的区域。机上人员不用再与“咆哮西风带”,也就是南纬40度左右地带的恶劣海况作斗争。天气条件可能好转意味着搜寻工作被迫暂停的情况将会减少。狂风导致飞机在本周两次暂停搜寻。新区域也离澳大利亚大陆更近,这就使飞机在返回基地补给燃料前能在搜寻区域进行更长时间的搜索。Authorities calculate that they have nine days or fewer left to find the flight#39;s so-called black box flight recorders before the battery in its underwater locator beacon is expected to expire. After that point, they say, finding the recorders will become immensely more difficult and could mark a turning point in the search effort.相关机构认为,现在寻找MH370航班黑匣子的时间只剩下九天甚至更短,因为黑匣子水下定位信标的电池预计将在九天后耗尽。相关机构称,电池耗尽后,寻找黑匣子的任务将会变得更加困难,可能会标志着搜寻工作转入另一个阶段。#39;Each time the search area changes or moves, it restarts the clock#39; in the hunt for the missing plane, Royal New Zealand Air Force Wing Commander Andy Scott said Friday.新西兰皇家空军中校安迪#8226;斯科特(Andy Scott)周五表示,每次搜索区域改变或者移动后,搜寻失踪飞机的工作就要重新开始。If planes could locate a debris field from the flight, then an underwater search in depths up to 13,000 feet would begin in earnest, experts say. The U.S. Navy has aly sent a black-box locator--a device that is able to detect pings from the flight recorder--to Perth. The device will be towed behind a salvage ship, which itself will take days to reach the search area, meaning it#39;ll have little time to search before the black box#39;s batteries are expected to expire.专家们称,如果搜寻飞机可以在空中定位到残骸区域,那么水下搜寻活动就可以正式开始。美国海军已经给珀斯送去了一个黑匣子定位器,该装置能够检测到来自黑匣子的信号。这个定位器将被拖在救援船的后面,而救援船到达搜索海域还需数日,这就意味着在黑匣子电池耗尽之前寻找它的时间已所剩无几。The locator is able to search only about 150 square miles of ocean a day, according to the Navy--a tiny sliver of the vast area aircrews have been attempting to cover each day. Oceanographers say that if searchers don#39;t find anything that can be conclusively linked to the missing jetliner soon it could take months, or even years, to find the wreckage.美国海军称,定位器每天只能搜索面积约150平方英里(合388平方公里)的海域,只占到各国飞机每天试图搜索海域中的很小一部分。海洋学家说,如果搜寻人员不能很快找到与失联航班有关的确凿碎片据,那么飞机的残骸可能要数月乃至数年才能发现。Investigators for the Air France Airbus A330 that plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009 took almost two years to retrieve the plane#39;s data recorder.2009年,法国航空公司(Air France)一架空中客车(Airbus) A330客机坠入大西洋,调查人员花了近两年时间才找到黑匣子。French authorities launched their fourth undersea search in March 2011 after three previous attempts to pinpoint the plane failed.法国有关部门是在2011年3月进行的第四次海下搜索行动中才找到这架飞机残骸的,前三次行动均无功而返。 /201403/282974

  “Don’t call yourself Chinese if you haven’t tried everything on the periodic table,” goes a saying in China, a reference to a string of food safety scandals in recent years.“如果你还没有把元素周期表上的所有东西都尝过一遍,就不要说自己是中国人,”中国人用这句俗话暗示近年来的一连串食品安全丑闻。In the most recent episode, 100,000 tons of smuggled frozen meat has been seized across China, some of it more than 40 years old, the state news agency Xinhua reported. The chicken wings, beef and pork uncovered in the customs operation in 14 provinces and regions were valued at up to 3 billion renminbi, or 3 million, and 20 people have been arrested, it said.最新的一个丑闻是:据官方通讯社新华社报道,中国查获了10万吨走私冻肉,其中一些是40多年前生产的。海关在14个省和地区开展的行动中,发现了货值超过30亿元人民币的鸡翅、牛肉和猪肉等冻品,已有20人遭到逮捕。The origin of the meat was not clear. According to Xinhua, however, the meat typically was shipped to Hong Kong, then taken to Vietnam, where traders would smuggle it across the border to China without declaring it with customs officials or undergoing the required entry-exit inspection and quarantine. Some of the meat was found stamped with packing dates going back to the 1970s.这些冻肉的来源尚不清楚。但据新华社报道,它们通常被运到香港,再发往越南,然后由商贩偷运入境,既不向海关官员申报,也不进行必要的出入境检验检疫。一些冻肉上的印戳显示加工时间早在20世纪70年代。To hold down costs, the meat would be transported in ordinary, nonrefrigerated trucks, sometimes for more than 12 hours.为了压低成本,这些冻肉会用普通卡车,而不是冷冻卡车运输,有时途中会超过12小时。According to the Changsha Administration of Customs, in Hunan Province, one-third of the meat on offer at the largest wholesale market in the city was found to be illegally imported.湖南省长沙海关总署表示,他们发现在该城市最大的批发市场中,有三分之一的肉类属于非法进口。“It was too smelly! A truck full of it! I almost threw up when the door opened,” Zhang Tao, a Changsha official involved in the crackdown, was ed as saying by Xinhua. “太臭了,整整一车厢,打开门差点吐了,”新华社引述参与这次行动的长沙官员张涛(化名)说。After being refrozen, the meat was distributed to retailers, supermarkets and restaurants in Guangdong, Sichuan and other provinces. China Central Television, the state broadcaster, showed workers in the southern city of Shenzhen repackaging the imported meat with Chinese labels, even though imported products, if legal, tend to be more profitable than local ones.Some of the meat was sold on the Internet. Many meat retailers have set up profiles on Taobao, the online shopping website owned by Alibaba, offering local and imported meat, often promising same-day delivery. Some claim to be selling beef imported from the ed States, even though such beef has been barred from the Chinese mainland since 2003, following outbreaks of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or mad cow disease.这些肉类被重新冷冻后,发往广东、四川等省的零售商、超市和餐馆。在中国官方媒体中央电视台播出的视频中,南部城市深圳的工人用中国的标签对这些进口肉类进行重新包装,虽然出售合法进口的产品往往比本地肉类利润更高。有些冻肉则在网上出售。很多肉类零售商都在阿里巴巴旗下的购物网站淘宝上开设了网店,出售本地和进口肉类,而且往往承诺当天到货。一些网店自称出售美国进口的牛肉,虽然自从牛海绵状脑病即疯牛病爆发之后,中国大陆自2003年以来已经禁止了这些牛肉的销售。In May, Deputy Trade Representative Robert Holleyman of the ed States said that “huge amounts” of beef were bypassing the ban. American trade officials said that while it was not known how much of this smuggled beef was passing through Hong Kong, a semiautonomous Chinese territory with a separate customs system, the amount of beef entering Hong Kong from the ed States alone was greater than the total consumed in Hong Kong from all sources.今年5月,美国副贸易代表罗伯特·霍利曼(Robert Holleyman)表示,绕过该禁令的牛肉“数量庞大”。美国贸易官员表示,虽然目前还不清楚有多少这种走私牛肉途经了香港,但仅从美国进港的牛肉量,就已经超过了香港消耗的所有来源的牛肉量。香港是中国境内一个半自治的区域,有独立的海关系统。“Theoretically, China has strict food safety regulations, but execution is often the problem,” Peter Cheung, director of the Food and Nutritional Science Program at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said in an interview. “I personally would not buy meat online.”“理论上讲,中国有严格的食品安全法规,但问题往往出在执行上,”香港中文大学食品及营养科学学科主任张志强在接受采访时说。“我自己不会在网上购买肉类。” /201506/383091。


  The grandiose plan to rebuild the Crystal Palace, which housed the Great Exhibition of 1851, launched with great fanfare nearly a year and a half ago by Boris Johnson, the mayor of the Greater London Authority, appears to have stalled.将近一年半以前,大伦敦政府(Greater London Authority)的市长鲍里斯#8226;约翰逊(Boris Johnson)曾大张旗鼓地启动了重建水晶宫(Crystal Palace)的宏伟计划。如今,这一计划似乎已陷入停滞。水晶宫原址位于伦敦东南部,曾主办过1851年的世界览会(Great Exhibition)。On Sunday, the 16-month exclusivity period granted to the China-based Zhongrong Group lapsed without any sign of a planning application or design for the site in southeast London.中国中融集团(Zhongrong Group)被授予的16个月排他期已在周日终止,却没有任何迹象表明该集团提出了对该地段的建筑规划申请或设计方案。The group has proposed building a #163;500m “cultural destination” on the same scale as the original Victorian glass and iron structure which burnt down in 1936.该集团曾提出要斥资5亿英镑,以同等于原水晶宫的规模,打造一个“文化胜地”。维多利亚时代的水晶宫是玻璃和钢铁结构,在1936年被焚毁。Bromley council, which controls the land, said that confidential discussions with the Zhongrong group were continuing but they would now “listen if approached” to any other development proposals for the site.拥有水晶宫原址土地控制权的布罗姆利区地方议会(Bromley Council)表示,仍在继续与中融集团开展保密磋商。不过,如今“如果有人提出”对该地段的任何其他开发方案,他们也会“认真听取”。Council leader Stephen Carr said “These have been and remain complex proposals. The potential to completely restore and improve the park as well as regeneration for the surrounding area is something we cannot ignore. Equally, the council is not going to agree to something without being confident about the proposals, as we are custodians of this fantastic park.”地方议会领导人斯蒂芬#8226;卡尔(Stephen Carr)表示:“那些方案一如既往地复杂。它们是否有潜力将这一公园完全恢复并加以改善、复兴周边地区,是我们着重考虑的因素。同样,地方议会如果对这些方案没有信心,是不会批准它们的,因为我们是这一梦幻公园的监护人。”A spokesperson for the mayor said he remained “fully committed to the regeneration of Crystal Palace Park and continues to support plans being developed with Bromley, the community and interested parties”.市长的一位发言人表示,他依然“在全身心致力于恢复水晶宫公园的面貌,并继续持与布罗姆利区、当地社区及感兴趣的各方一道研究的各项规划”。One of the main sticking points in the negotiations is believed to have been concerns over the loss of green space and what level of control over public land would be granted to the developer.谈判中的主要争论焦点之一,据信是对绿地损失的顾虑、以及开发商对公共土地的控制权应该有多大。A spokesperson for Zhongrong’s Crystal Palace project said that they remained fully committed to investing in the project, adding that it was still under discussion whether there would be a further exclusivity agreement.中融集团水晶宫项目的一位发言人表示,他们依然全心全意地投入该项目的投资。他还补充说,关于是否继续签署一份排他协议,目前仍在磋商之中。“After conclusion of the legal and commercial negotiations, which include complex matters such as the lease options, we would plan to move steadily on to further public consultation on the detailed proposals and design before submitting a planning application,” they said.他们表示:“法律和商业方面的磋商包括租赁选择权之类的复杂事务。这方面磋商达成结论之后,我们打算在提交规划申请之前,针对细节化的方案和设计,稳步开展进一步公共咨询工作。”Under the original timetable an architect should have been appointed and a planning application submitted last year. But despite six of Britain’s most high-profile architects — including Dame Zaha Hadid, designer of the Aquatic Centre in the Olympic Park and Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, responsible for the National Space Centre in Leicester and the Eden Project in Cornwall — being shortlisted a year ago to provide designs for the site, no winner has been named.按照最初的时间表,去年就应该任命设计师,并提交规划申请。然而,尽管英国6位最著名的设计师去年就已进入提供设计方案的终选名单中,但花落谁家目前仍未确定。这6名设计师包括伦敦奥林匹克公园水上运动中心的设计者扎哈#8226;哈迪德女爵士(Dame Zaha Hadid),以及负责设计位于莱斯特市的英国国家航天中心(National Space Centre)和位于康沃尔的伊甸园项目(Eden Project)的尼古拉斯#8226;格雷姆肖爵士(Sir Nicholas Grimshaw)。Residents and local politicians, who have been concerned by the lack of detail in the proposals, are calling for a complete rethink.当地居民和政界人士一直担心相关方案缺乏细节,他们呼吁彻底地重新考虑这个项目。Tom Chance, Green party spokesman and general election candidate for the area, said: “Bromley and the GLA need to stop messing around with fantasy projects and send the Zhongrong Group packing.”该地区大选候选人、绿党(Green party)发言人汤姆#8226;钱斯(Tom Chance)表示:“布罗姆利区和大伦敦政府应该停止折腾千奇百怪的地产项目,让中融集团卷铺盖走人。”Local resident Karl Richter, who organised a well-supported petition calling for greater scrutiny of the deal, said he would be “very concerned” if serious negotiations continued, saying the developer “has not been able to deliver its commitments to prepare a business plan for the project nor made a planning application as it promised”.当地居民卡尔#8226;里克特(Karl Richter)曾组织过一次受到广泛持的请愿活动,呼吁加大对这一项目的审查力度。里克特表示,如果围绕该项目的认真磋商仍在继续,他会感到“非常担心”,并表示该开发商“未能尽责为该项目拟定商业规划书,也未能按照承诺提交规划申请”。He also questioned the company’s suitability as a partner, adding it has “almost no relevant international experience for being granted exclusive access to a prestigious London heritage site”.他还质疑该公司是否适合担任合作方,并补充说该公司“几乎毫无相关国际经验,不应授予其对伦敦著名文化遗址的排他开发权”。 /201502/358196


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