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11. fantabulous fantastic +fabulous 非常好12. ginormous gigantic + enormous 非常大13. chillax chill + relax 休息 /201202/170191【栏目介绍】:本栏目收集世界各地英语爱好者的录像视频,每期他们会根据某个话题进行口语交流。所以在这里你不仅可以学习到日常的交际口语,还能听到世界各地英语学习爱好者的声音,感受不同的英语口音。听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) The property on Green Lake was owned by _____ .a) his fatherb) his dad#39;s coworker2) He talks about _______ .a) playing sportsb) seeing animals3) He says the place is _______ popular now.a) moreb) less本期话题Topic:Did you have a special place you visited as a child?When I was growing up my favorite place was Green Lake. My dad was encouraged my a coworker to go and buy a small piece of property in the interior of British Columbia where we went every summer, so my memory of Green Lake is one of my favorite places. I could go motorcycling, or water-skiing, or hiking though the woods, so it was one of my favorite places. I think that these days, there are many tourists that go there, so it has become more and more commercial, but when I was younger, it was a very wild place, where I felt like I was really in the middle of nowhere. So that is one my favorite childhood memories.听力a a a /201209/199739英语口语在于一天天地积累,向周围勤奋的同学多加学习,同时一起来和麦力特轻松学练口语吧。 /201203/173733零基础一对一外教口语课程 Lesson41:days of the week星期课程简介:外教老师在零基础的学员家中,真实拍摄全程,重点部分均有英文字幕。共65课,每课10分钟左右,全英文讲解。如果你正要参加零基础外教课,或者刚开始学英文(同样适用于小学生,中学生),此产品绝对让你惊喜,把美国名师外教带回家,你的私人外教!从最基础的打招呼 数字 颜色等入手,真正的零基础! /201402/274921

埃及军警14日开始在开罗对穆尔西持者聚集的两个广场进行清场。埃及卫生部发言人15日说,清场行动和各地冲突已造成525人死亡、3717人受伤。国际社会对埃及政府清场行动导致大量人员伤亡予以强烈谴责,呼吁各方保持克制,停止暴力行为。【新闻】CAIRO - At least 235 people were killed and over 2,000 injured in clashes across Egypt after the police started at dawn to disperse supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi at two major sit-in sites, a Health Ministry official told Xinhua Wednesday evening.开罗消息,周三晚上,埃及卫生部一名官员接受新华社采访时表示,埃及警方从黎明开始驱散聚集在两个主要场所的静坐示威者,这些示威者都是被罢免总统穆罕默德·穆尔西的持者,驱散行动引发埃及全国的冲突,造成至少235人死亡,2000余人受伤。【讲解】disperse是驱散;sit-in是静坐示威;clash是冲突。卫生部发言人穆罕默德·法塔赫表示,全国各地的死亡人数(death toll)上升到(rise to)235,其中包括43名警察。同时,埃及内政部部长穆罕默德·易卜拉欣表示,已经充分给予抗议者(protester)机会采取外交途径(diplomatic solution)解决,但却是徒劳(in vain)。他表示,此次清理(clear up)静坐示威者的行动已经将损失降到最小。埃及安全部队(security force)于周三黎明开始在开罗拉比亚阿达维亚广场(Rabaa al-Adawiya Square)和复兴广场(Nahda Square)展开清场工作(cleaning-up operation),穆尔西的持者已经在这两个地方进行了45天的静坐示威活动。注:清场还可以用to crush the protest camp,或者to crush protesters,以及to clear the protest camp来表达。埃及国家电视台援引总统府声明说,埃及从14日开始进入紧急状态(state of emergency),为期一个月;同时在开罗和其他几个城市实行彻夜宵禁(dusk-to-dawn curfew)。埃及过度政府可能继续采取强硬措施通过进一步的“武力清场(assault on protest camps),彻底结束旷日持久的静坐和对峙(stand-off)。 /201308/252670

白洁最近和朋友们出去玩,总是;落单;!所以我们今天就来看看怎么用美语口语说;落单-,多出我一个;。Third Wheel --- Third Wheel在美语中指那个多出来,碍手碍脚的人,也就是;电灯泡;!I do not like going out with my couple friends. Being the third wheel sucks!我不喜欢和我的情侣朋友出去玩。做电灯泡最讨厌了!But Ted in How I Met Your Mother has been a third wheel for 8 years. He doesn#39;t seem to mind at all!但是老爸老妈浪漫史里的Ted已经做了8年的电灯泡了!他好像从不介意。A: Hey 白洁 wanna go to the movies with me?A: 嘿,白洁,想和我去看电影么?B: Yes! I would love to! I heard the Great Gatsby is really.........A:......and my boyfriend?B: 好啊!我愿意!据说伟大的盖茨比非常。。A: 还有我男朋友?B: I refuse to be the third wheel!!我拒绝当电灯泡!最近还流行一个说法,就是:Fifth Wheel --- 同样是电灯泡的意思,但是和两对情侣在一起的电灯泡Being a third wheel is bad enough. Being a fifth wheel is a total nightmare!做一对情侣的电灯泡就够惨了。做两对情侣的电灯泡那简直就是场恶梦啊!A: Daniel just asked me if he could tag along our double date to the Bruno Mars concert.Daniel刚才竟然问我他能不能跟着我们的四人约会一起去看Bruno Mars的演唱会。B:Can#39;t he take a hint? He#39;s gonna be the fifth wheel and that is just awkward.他真是不动脑子。他去当电灯泡,那多尴尬啊!The Odd One Out --- 落单,剩下一个人A: The cab only fits four people. But we have five. Baijie, you are the odd one out. Maybe you can share a cab with Melissa and Ryan.出租车只坐得下4个人,但是我们有5个。白洁,看来你落单了。要不你跟Melissa-和Ryan打一辆车吧。B: Aww man! I don#39;t wanna be the third wheel! I#39;ll get my own cab.真讨厌,我才不要做电灯泡呢。我自己打一辆车算了。 /201306/244146

Lesson 6(02-1)Mmmm, delicious! 嗯…., 美味啊!一、场景:There’s nothing like fresh mosquitoes!没有比新鲜蚊子更好吃的了!Those mosquitoes really look tasty! 那些蚊子看起来很好吃.They sure are! 没错.You ought to catch some yourself! 但是你得自已抓.There’s plenty! 这儿还有很多!Can you give me a hand? 你能帮助我一下吗?I’d love to.我很乐意.Kit, but I’m kind of busy right now! 小东西,可是我现在没空. /200905/21285

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