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彬格莱没有回答。不大一会儿工夫,她就站起身来,在房间里踱来踱去,故意在达西面前卖弄她优美的体态和矫健的步伐,只可惜达西只顾在那里一心一意地看书,因此她只落得枉费心机。;By the bye, Charles, are you really serious in meditating a dance at Netherfield? I would advise you, before you determine on it, to consult the wishes of the present party; I am much mistaken if there are not some among us to whom a ball would be rather a punishment than a pleasure. ;;If you mean Darcy, ; cried her brother, ;he may go to bed, if he chooses, before it begins--but as for the ball, it is quite a settled thing; and as soon as Nicholls has made white soup enough, I shall send round my cards. ;;I should like balls infinitely better, ; she replied, ;if they were carried on in a different manner; but there is something insufferably tedious in the usual process of such a meeting. It would surely be much more rational if conversation instead of dancing were made the order of the day. ;;Much more rational, my dear Caroline, I dare say, but it would not be near so much like a ball. ;Miss Bingley made no answer, and soon afterwards she got up and walked about the room. Her figure was elegant, and she walked well; but Darcy, at whom it was all aimed, was still inflexibly studious. In the desperation of her feelings, she resolved on one effort more, and, turning to Elizabeth, said:;Miss Eliza Bennet, let me persuade you to follow my example, and take a turn about the room. I assure you it is very refreshing after sitting so long in one attitude. ;Elizabeth was surprised, but agreed to it immediately. Miss Bingley succeeded no less in the real object of her civility; Mr. Darcy looked up.He was as much awake to the novelty of attention in that quarter as Elizabeth herself could be, and unconsciously closed his book. He was directly invited to join their party, but he declined it, observing that he could imagine but two motives for their choosing to walk up and down the room together, with either of which motives his joining them would interfere. ;What could he mean? She was dying to know what could be his meaning?;--and asked Elizabeth whether she could at all understand him?;Not at all, ; was her answer; ;but depend upon it, he means to be severe on us, and our surest way of disappointing him will be to ask nothing about it. ;Miss Bingley, however, was incapable of disappointing Mr. Darcy in anything, and persevered therefore in requiring an explanation of his two motives.;I have not the smallest objection to explaining them, ; said he, as soon as she allowed him to speak. ;You either choose this method of passing the evening because you are in each other#39;s confidence, and have secret affairs to discuss, or because you are conscious that your figures appear to the greatest advantage in walking; if the first, I would be completely in your way, and if the second, I can admire you much better as I sit by the fire. ;;Oh! shocking!; cried Miss Bingley. ;I never heard anything so abominable. How shall we punish him for such a speech?; Article/201107/143218Chet and Eliot had been running around all day. It had been hot. They were unshaved, and wearing shorts, T-shirts, and flip-flops. At about 6 p.m., they felt like eating something. They were on south Lake, which had several restaurants. Eliot suggested that they go to the Mediterranean restaurant. “The food is good and there’s lots of it,” he told Chet. It was refreshingly cool inside the restaurant. They were seated at a table near the front door.Their waitress was a young, pretty blonde. Chet hit on her immediately. “Could I have you for dessert?” he asked, with a big grin on his face. She smiled, but said nothing. Chet told her that he was a famous heart surgeon, and if she didn’t give him her phone number, he would have to operate on his own broken heart. She smiled again. When she asked Chet and Eliot if they wanted appetizers, they both realized that English was her second language.Chet asked her where she was from. She said she was from Russia. Chet told her that her English was very good. She thanked him. They had a delicious meal, and Chet left the waitress a big tip. She thanked him, but she still refused to give him her phone number. “I have husband,” she explained. “Yes, and he’s the luckiest man on Earth,” Chet told her. She smiled.Outside the restaurant, Chet kidded Eliot. “You didn’t say a word in there to her. How do you expect to get anywhere with women if you don’t talk to them?” “I didn’t want to spoil your chances,” Eliot smiled.Two months later, Eliot was substitute teaching for a US Citizenship class. When the class ended, one student lingered. It was the blonde waitress from the restaurant. She talked to him for about five minutes about George Washington. Sensing that she had something else on her mind, Eliot asked her to join him for a cup of coffee. She said she would love to. Article/201104/134121Mr. Gardiner did not write again till he had received an answer from Colonel Forster; and then he had nothing of a pleasant nature to send. It was not known that Wickham had a single relationship with whom he kept up any connection, and it was certain that he had no near one living. His former acquaintances had been numerous; but since he had been in the militia, it did not appear that he was on terms of particular friendship with any of them. There was no one, therefore, who could be pointed out as likely to give any news of him. And in the wretched state of his own finances, there was a very powerful motive for secrecy, in addition to his fear of discovery by Lydia#39;s relations, for it had just transpired that he had left gaming debts behind him to a very considerable amount. Colonel Forster believed that more than a thousand pounds would be necessary to clear his expenses at Brighton. He owed a good deal in town, but his debts of honour were still more formidable. Mr. Gardiner did not attempt to conceal these particulars from the Longbourn family. Jane heard them with horror. ;A gamester!; she cried. ;This is wholly unexpected. I had not an idea of it. ;嘉丁纳先生一直挨到接得弗斯脱上校的回信以后,才写第二封信到浪搏恩来。信上并没有报道一点喜讯。大家都不知道韦翰是否还有什么亲戚跟他来往,不过倒知道他确确实实已经没有一个至亲在世。他以前交游颇广,只是自从进了民兵团以后,看来跟他们都已疏远,因此找不出一个人来可以报道一些有关他的消息。他这次所以要保守秘密,据说是因为他临走时拖欠了一大笔赌债,而他目前手头又非常拮据,无法偿还,再则是因为怕让丽迪雅的亲友发觉。弗斯脱上校认为,要清偿他在白利屯的债务,需要有一千多英镑才够。他在本镇固然欠债很多,但赌债则更可观。嘉丁纳先生并打算把这些事情瞒住浪搏恩这家人家。吉英听得心惊肉跳,不禁叫道:“好一个赌棍!这真是完全出人意料;我想也不曾想到。” Mr. Gardiner added in his letter, that they might expect to see their father at home on the following day, which was Saturday. Rendered spiritless by the ill-success of all their endeavours, he had yielded to his brother-in-law#39;s entreaty that he would return to his family, and leave it to him to do whatever occasion might suggest to be advisable for continuing their pursuit. When Mrs. Bennet was told of this, she did not express so much satisfaction as her children expected, considering what her anxiety for his life had been before.嘉丁纳先生的信上又说,她们的父亲明天(星期六)就可以回家来了。原来他们两人再三努力,毫无成绩,情绪十分低落,因此班纳特先生答应了他舅爷的要求,立刻回家,一切事情都留给嘉丁纳相机而行。女儿们本以为母亲既是那样担心父亲会被人打死,听到这个消息,一定会非常得意,谁知并不尽然。;What, is he coming home, and without poor Lydia?; she cried. ;Sure he will not leave London before he has found them. Who is to fight Wickham, and make him marry her, if he comes away?;班纳特太太嚷道:“什么!他没有找到可怜的丽迪雅,就这样一个人回来吗?他既然没有找到他们俩,当然不应该离开伦敦。他一走,还有谁去跟韦翰决斗,逼着他跟丽迪雅结婚?” Article/201204/179624

One night the sweeper was awakened from his dreams by the sound of the parish bells ringing out loudly in the darkness. He leapt to his feet, fearing some emergency, and then realized that his wife and children had not stirred in their beds. Remembering the evil priest's last words, the sweeper felt sure that the mysterious ringing of the bells was for his ears alone, to lead him to the treasure.   Taking his shovel, the sweeper followed the sound of the church bells up into the hills. He was gasping for breath when he reached the source of the sound. He was on a wide ledge overlooking the valley. Two trees guarded the spot, and it was beside these trees that the glowing, ghostly church bells hovered. Taking his shovel, the poor sweeper dug a deep hole among the roots of the trees. After several moments, his shovel hit something hard! Eagerly, he swept the dirt away from the object and found a small chest. He hauled it out of the ditch with trembling hands, placed it on a rock, and broke the lock with the edge of his shovel. when he opened it, piles of yellow gold met his dazzled eyes. He gathered up a handful of coins, reveling in the weight of so much money. The coins were cool to his touch, and he felt the smoothness of the metal as he rubbed the coins between his fingers. And that was when he heard the moaning...   有一天晚上,他被教堂的钟声唤醒,钟声在夜晚时分显得格外洪亮。他恐怕是发生了什么突发事件于是就下了床,但是随即发现妻子和孩子们还都在熟睡中。他想起邪恶神父的临终遗言,此时他确信这神秘的钟声肯定只是给他一个人听的,是在引领着他去找那些黄金。  他拿起铁锨,跟着钟声传来的方向上了山,来到声音发出的地方已经是上气不接下气。这里岩石向外突出形成一片宽阔的平台,站在上面可以俯瞰下面的山谷。有两棵树守护着这里,旁边萦绕着洪亮而又有点阴森恐怖的钟声。可怜的清洁工抡起铁锨,在两棵树中间深深的挖了下去,过了没多久,铁锨碰到了一个硬邦邦的东西。他迫不及待的拂去上面的土,发现那是个小箱子。他颤抖着双手把箱子拽了出来放到一块石头上,用铁锨砸开了锁。当他打开盖子,满满一箱黄澄澄的金子简直让他眼花缭乱。他抓了满满一手金币,见自己有了如此多的钱他此时心花怒放。金币很凉,他用手指挲着它们体会着黄金表面的平滑,这时他听到了呻吟的声音… Article/200809/50562

有声名著之远大前程 Chapter11 远大前程Great Expectations英语原版下载 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑有声名著之歌剧魅影有声名著之了不起的盖茨比 Article/200809/48771PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER SEVENTEENThe Day of the WeddingThen he said,"I must tell the truth, I suppose. There will be no wedding today. God will punish me for this. These men are telling you the truth. I am married, and my wife is alive! I was tricked into marrying her when I was young, in the West Indies. There is much madness in her family, but they did not tell me that. Now it is too late. For many years, [-----1-----]. I keep her hidden in my house, and the servant Grace Poole watches her. Come to my house to see her, and decide whether I had the right to ask this innocent young woman to marry me. Follow me!"He held my hand tightly, without speaking, and we all left the church. At the door of Thornfield Hall, all the servants and Adele were waiting for us."Too late!" cried Mr. Rochester. "[-----2-----]!" We went up to the top floor, and entered the room where Mason had been attacked. As I watched, Mr. Rochester opened the secret door and showed us a little room inside. Grace Poole was making soup over a fire, and behind her a woman crawled on the floor. She growled like a wild animal, but wore clothes, and had long, thick, dark hair! This was the woman I had seen! Mr. Rochester's wife!"How are you, Mrs. Poole?" said Mr. Rochester. "And how is your patient today?""Not bad, sir," said Grace, "but be careful. She is upset, so don't let her see you!" Suddenly, the woman turned and attacked Mr. Rochester! I recognized her face. It was pale, and [-----3-----]. With Grace Poole's help, Mr. Rochester was able to tie the woman to a chair. 填空 :1、Bertha has been more like an animal than a human being多年来,伯莎更像只野兽,而不像是个人。2、Your congratulations are fifteen years too late你们的祝贺迟到了15年!3、I thought that once, long ago, it might have been pretty我想这张脸好长时间以前也许曾一度很漂亮。 隐藏Vocabulary Focusgrowl:v.咆哮。英语中有很多关于“叫”地词汇,例如:1、shout:一般指大声叫喊,最普通的词。2、cry:指由于恐惧、疼痛等而发出的叫喊,具有强烈的感情色。3、scream:指尖叫。4、bark:指叫。 Article/200905/71767

Typing 打字Teacher: Your typing is improving, Mary. There are only seventeen mistakes here. Mary: That's great! Teacher: And now I'll look at the second sentence.老师:玛丽,你的打字有进步。这儿只有十七个错。玛丽:那太棒了!老师:现在我再来看看第二句…… Article/200804/36099The subject of today's talk is interviews.The key words here are preparation and confidence, which will carry you far.Do your homework first.Find out all you can about the job you are applying for and the organization you hope to work for.Many of the employers I interviewed made the same criticism of candidates. "They have no idea what the day to day work of the job brings about. They have vague notions of 'furthering the company's prospects' or of 'serving the community', but have never taken the trouble to find out the actual tasks they will be required to do."Do not let this be said of you. It shows an unattractive indifference to your employer and to your job.Take the time to put yourself into the interviewer's place. He wants somebody who is hard-working with a pleasant personality and a real interest in the job.Anything that you find out about the prospective employer can be used to your advantage during the interview to show that you have bothered to master some facts about the people who you hope to work for.Write down (and remember) the questions you want to ask the interviewer(s) so that you are not speechless when they invite your questions. Make sure that holidays and pay are not the first things you ask about. If all your questions have been answered during the interview, replay: "I did have several questions, but you have aly answered them all."Do not be afraid to ask for clarification of something that has been said during the interview if you want to be sure what was implied, but do be polite.Just before you go to the interview, look again at the original advertisement that you answered, any correspondence from your prospective employer, photocopies of your letter of application or application form and your resume.Then you will remember what you said and what they want. This is very important if you have applied for many jobs in a short time as it is easy to become confused and give an impression of inefficiency.Make sure you know where and when you have to report for the interview. Go to the building (but not inside the office) a day or two before, if necessary, to find out how long the journey takes and where exactly the place is.Aim to arrive five or ten minutes early for the actual interview, then you will have a little time in hand and you will not panic if you are delayed. You start at a disadvantage if you arrive worried and ten minutes late.Dress in clean, neat, conservative clothes. Now is NOT the time to experiment with the punk look or (girls) to wear low-cut dresses with miniskirts. Make sure that your shoes, hands and hair (and teeth) are clean and neat.Have the letter inviting you for an interview y to show in case there is any difficulty in communication.You may find yourself facing one interviewer or a panel. The latter is far more intimidating, but do not let it worry you too much. The interviewer will probably have a table in front of him/her. Do not put your things or arms on it.If you have a bag or a case, put it on the floor beside your chair. Do not clutch it nervously or, worse still, drop it, spilling everything.Shake hands if the interviewer offers his hand first. There is little likelihood that a panel of five wants to go though the process of all shaking hands with you in turn. So you do not be upset if no one offers.Shake hands firmly - a weak hand suggests a weak personality, and a crushing grip is obviously painful. Do not drop the hand as soon as yours has touched it as this will seem to show you do not like the other person.Speak politely and naturally even if you are feeling shy. Think before you answer any questions.If you cannot understand, ask: "Would you mind rephrasing the question, please?" The question will then be repeated in different words.If you are not definitely accepted or turned down on the spot, ask: "When may I expect to hear the results of this interview?"If you do receive a letter offering you the job, you must reply by letter (keep a photocopy) as soon as possible.Good luck!我们今天的话题是面试。这里送你一句话:有备而往,信心当强。相信这句话会让你受益匪浅。首先要做好面试之外的工作。尽可能地了解你所申请的工作和希望为之工作的机构的情况。我所采访的许多雇主对应聘人做了相同的批评:"他们对这项工作的日常事务会带来什么一无所知。他们对'拓展公司的前景'、'进行社会务'只有模模糊糊的认识,但从不下工夫对他们要做的实际工作作深入的了解。"不要让人这样评价自己;那样的话,说明你对雇主和工作太不在乎,这可不是个好印象。不妨设身处地替雇主和工作太不在乎,他要的是勤奋的、性格让人喜欢的雇员,而且对所做的工作真正感兴趣。对未来的老板所做的任何了解都可以用于面试上,这对你有利。表明你对希望为之效力的雇主的情况曾下过一番功夫了解。把要询问考官的问题写下来或记住,这样当他要你提问时不至于无话可说。不要上去就问假期如何,工资如何。如果你准备的所有问题在面试过程中都已得到了回答,你可以说:"我刚才确实有一些什么问题要问,但您现在已全部解答过了。"如果面试中你想弄明白对方所说的某些话有什么隐含意思,就要请对方说明,不必畏缩,但一定要有礼貌。去面试前,你应把征聘的广告的原件、未来雇主给你的复信、求职书或申请表及个人简历的复印件再看一遍。然后记住你讲过的话和对方要求什么条件。如果你在短时间内应聘好几个工作,这样做就很重要,因为应聘一多就容易搞混,这就给人家留下了工作能力低的印象。一定要弄清楚何时何地前去面试。如有必要,可以面试前一两天去看看办公楼,看看要走多远的路程,详细地址在哪儿。真正面试时,最好提前五至十分钟赶到;这样中间你就有点时间,万一有所耽搁,也不至恐慌,如果慌里慌张地赶去面试,或者迟到了十分钟,那么一开始你就处于不利的境地。着装要整洁、传统一些;面试可不是尝试朋克式打扮的时候,也不是上穿袒胸上衣,下身穿超短裙的时候,另外鞋子和头发一定要干干净净。带上约你去面试的信,以备双方交流方面有问题时用。面试时面前可能是一个雇主或是一个面试小组。几个人一同来考你的确比单独的一个人考试你叫人害怕,但也不过分担心。主考官可能在他的对面放一张桌子,但你可不要把东西或手臂放上去。如果你带有手提包或手提箱,就把它放到桌椅旁的地上,不要紧张得抓着不放,更糟糕的是把包或箱子摔在地上,让东西撒了一地。对方先伸出手可以和他握手。如果有五个考官一起面试你,一般不会逐个跟你握手,所以没人与你握手也不必感到不安。握手时要有力――没有力量的手让人感觉没有个性,但用力太猛让人感到疼痛;也不要一触到对方的手就马下放下,那样的话似乎让人感到你对对方没有好感。就是自己感到不好意思,说话也要礼貌、自然。对任何问题都要先想后答。如果你听不懂对方的提问,就说:"对不起,您刚才的问题能再说一遍吗?"一般对方会换一套说法把问题重复一遍。如果对方当时既没有明确接受你,也没有回绝你,你可以问:"请问我什么时候能知道面试的结果?"如果你真的收到一封信,让你去工作,你应该赶快写封回信。祝你好运! Article/200802/28002The next morning Martha took Baby out with her and the children decided to go back to the gravel-pit to look for the Psammead again. At first they could not find it. #39;Per-haps it wasn#39;t really here,#39;Robert said . But they began to dig into the sand with their hands and suddenly they came to the brown furry body of the Psammead. It sat up and shook the sand out of its fur.第二天早晨,马莎带着小弟弟出去了,孩子们决定回砾石坑那儿再去找赛米德。开头他们没有找到。;也许它不一定真在这里,;罗伯特说。可他们还是开始用手挖沙子,忽然他们触到了赛米德褐色的、毛绒绒的身体。它坐起来抖掉毛上的沙子。#39;How are you today?#39; Anthea asked.;你好吗?;安西娅问。#39;Well,I didn#39;t sleep very well,but thank you for asking,#39; the Psammead answered.;嗯,我没睡好,但谢谢你的问候。;赛米德回答。#39;Can you give wishes today?#39; Robert said. #39;Because we#39;d like to have two,if we can. But one is a very little wish.#39;;今天你能给人实现愿望吗?;罗伯特说,;因为如果可以的话我们想要实现两个愿望。不过有一个是非常小的愿望。;#39;Well, all right,#39; said the Psammead, looking at Robert with its long eyes. lsquo;Let#39;s have the little wish first.#39;;那么,好吧。;赛米德说,用它的柄眼看着罗伯特。;先来实现这个小愿望吧。;#39;Martha mustn#39;t know about the wishes,#39; Robert said. #39;I mean, she mustn#39;t see anything different about us. And can you do that for every wish on every day?#39;;不能让马莎知道愿望的事。;罗伯特说,;我的意思是她不能看出我们有什么变化。你能每天对每个愿望都这样办吗?;The Psammead went a little bigger and then went small again. #39;I#39;ve done that,#39;it said. #39; It was easy. What#39;s the next wish?#39;赛米德变大了一点儿,然后又变小了。;我把那个办好了。;它说,;这容易。下一个愿望是什么?;#39;We wish,#39; said Robert slowly,#39;to be very rich.#39;;我们希望,;罗伯特慢慢地说,;变得非常有钱。;#39;How much money do you want?#39; asked the Psammead. #39;It won#39;t do you much good, of course,#39; it said quietly to itself. #39;Well, how much;;and do you want it in gold or notes?#39;;你们想要多少钱?;赛米德问道。;这当然对你们没什么好处,;它在心里默念着。;好吧,要多少;;还有,想要金子还是钞票?;#39;Gold, please,#39; Robert said. #39;Millions!#39;;请给我们金子,;罗伯特说,;几百万!;#39;A full gravel-pit,all right?#39; said the Psammead,sounding bored. #39; But get out before I begin, or you#39;ll die underneath it. #39;;满满一砾石坑,行了吧?;赛米德说,听起来它不耐烦了。;可在我开始之前先走开,不然你们会被压死的。;Its thin arms got very long and it began to move them about. The children were afraid, and ran as fast as they could up to the road. When they were there, they turned to look back. They had to close their eyes and open them again very slowly. The gravel-pit was full, right up to the top, with new,shining,gold coins!它把细胳膊变得很长并挥动起来。孩子们害怕了,尽快地跑到上边路上去。在那儿时他们扭头看了看。他们不得不闭上眼睛,再慢慢睁开。砾石坑满满的,到顶上都是闪闪发光的、崭新的金币! Article/201203/174864

原来是那只小白兔,又慢慢地回来了,它在刚才走过的路上焦急地到处审视,好像在寻找什么东西... Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis CarrollCHAPTER IV The Rabbit Sends in a Little BillIt was the White Rabbit, trotting slowly back again, and looking anxiously about as it went, as if it had lost something; and she heard it muttering to itself `The Duchess! The Duchess! Oh my dear paws! Oh my fur and whiskers! She'll get me executed, as sure as ferrets are ferrets! Where CAN I have dropped them, I wonder?' Alice guessed in a moment that it was looking for the fan and the pair of white kid gloves, and she very good-naturedly began hunting about for them, but they were nowhere to be seen--everything seemed to have changed since her swim in the pool, and the great hall, with the glass table and the little door, had vanished completely. Very soon the Rabbit noticed Alice, as she went hunting about, and called out to her in an angry tone, `Why, Mary Ann, what ARE you doing out here? Run home this moment, and fetch me a pair of gloves and a fan! Quick, now!' And Alice was so much frightened that she ran off at once in the direction it pointed to, without trying to explain the mistake it had made. Article/201012/12010510 A night outside the castle10 城堡外的一夜I wanted Duke Michael to think that I was still very ill,so we told the newspapers that the King had had a very serious accident.我想让迈克尔公爵以为我还十分虚弱,所以我们在报纸上说国王出了很严重的意外事故。When Princess Flavia this,she was very worried and she decided to come and see me.当弗蕾维亚公主看到这条消息时,她非常忧虑,决定前来看我。The Marshal could not stop her,and,although I was afraid for her,I was ex cited at the thought of seeing her again.We spent two wonderfully happy days together.元帅阻止不了她。虽然我替她担心,但也很高兴能再见到她。我们在一起过了幸福的两天。We had sent Johann back to the Castle of Zenda and suddenly we had a message from him.The real King was very ill.我们派约翰回曾达的城堡去了。突然,我们得到了他传来的一个消息:真正的国王病得很重。#39;I must save him,#39;I said to myself.#39;I love Flavia more each day.I can#39;t go on like this much longer.#39;“我得救他。”我对自己说,“我对弗蕾维亚的爱每天都在增加,我没法儿再这样继续下去了。”I talked to Sapt.He agreed,so we made our plans.我和萨普特谈了我的想法,他同意了。我们就决定了行动计划。Late the next night,Sapt,Fritz,and I,with six more men,rode out towards the Castle of Zenda.Sapt was carrying a long rope and I had a short,thick stick and a long knife.第二天深夜,萨普特、弗里茨和我,还有另外六个人,骑马向曾达城堡进发。萨普特带着一根长绳,我拿着一根又短又粗的棍子和一把长刀。The night was dark,and it was wet and windy.We stayed away from the town and we met no one.When we came to the moat,we stopped near some trees and the six men hid there with the horses.Then Sapt tied the rope round one of the trees near the water.I pulled off my boots,put the stick between my teeth and gently went down the rope into the water.I was going to take a look at the pipe.夜色很黑,空气潮湿。我们绕开城市前进,没有撞上什么人。我们来到护城河的附近,在树丛里停了下来,那六个人和我们的马藏在里面。然后萨普特把绳子系在水边的树上,我脱下靴子,用牙咬着棍子,轻轻地顺着绳子下到河里,我要去看一下那根排水管。It had been warm and bright that day,and the water was not cold.Slowly and carefully I swam round the dark walls of the castle.那天很暖和,水也不冷。我缓慢而小心地绕着黑暗的城墙游着。There were lights in the new buildings,and from time to time I heard people shouting and laughing.#39;That must be young Rupert and his friends,#39;I thought.城堡的新楼里有灯光,我不时能听见人们的叫声和笑声。“这一定是年轻的鲁帕特和他的同伙们。”我想。Suddenly a dark shape appeared in front of me.It was the pipe!The bottom of it was very wide and came out into the moat.And then I saw something which nearly made my heart stop.突然,一个黑影子出现在我的面前,是那根排水管!它的底部非常宽,伸进护城河里。然后我见到一样东西,我的心脏都几乎停止了跳动。It was a boat, and in the boat there was a man!His gun was beside him,but,luckily,he was asleep.As quietly as I could,I moved closer. The man still slept.是一只船,而且船里有个人!他的就靠在身边。幸运的是,他睡着了。我尽量轻轻地靠近他,他还在睡。What could I do? I had to save the King.I took out my knife and drove it through the sleeping man#39;s heart!On the other side of the castle they were still singing.我能怎么办呢?我得救出国王。我抽出刀,刺进了他的心脏。在城堡的另一边,那些人还在唱歌。I had very little time.Someone could come at any minute.I looked up at where the pipe went through the wall into the prison.我的时间很紧,随时可能有人会来,我看了看排水管穿过城墙进入监狱的地方,There was a thin line of light at the bottom edge.I heard Detchard#39;s voice,and then I heard the King reply.在那个地方的底端有一丝光亮透了出来。我听见了戴查德的声音。Just then the light went out,and,in the darkness,I heard the King crying.I did not call to him.然后我听见了国王的回答。就在这时灯光灭了。在黑暗中我听到了国王的哭声。我没叫他。I had to get away safely- and take the body of the dead watchman with me.我必须安全地离开,而且得带上那个死去的哨兵。I climbed into the boat and began to go back to where my friends were.No one could hear me because the wind was strong.我爬进小船,开始往朋友们所在的地方划,没人能听见,因为风很大。But from somewhere behind me,I heard a shout.Someone was calling to the watchman.I reached the side of the moat where Sapt and Fritz were waiting.但从我的背后,我听见一声叫唤,有人正在叫那个哨兵。我到了河边,萨普特和弗里茨正在等我。Quickly,I tied the rope round the man#39;s body and Sapt and Fritz pulled it up.Then I climbed up the rope myself.我很快地把绳子绕在那个哨兵的身上,他们把他拖了上去。然后我也顺着绳子爬了上去。#39;Call our men from the trees,#39;I said quietly.#39;And hurry!#39;“把我们的人叫来,”我悄声说。“要快!”But just then,three men rode round from the front of the castle.Luckily,they did not see us,but they heard our six friends riding out of the trees,and with a shout they galloped towards them.可就在此时,从城堡正面过来了三个骑马的人,很幸运他们没有看见我们,但他们听见了我们的六个朋友骑马从树林里出来,于是叫喊着扑向他们。Seconds later we heard the sound of shots and I ran to help our men.Sapt and Fritz followed.数秒钟后我们听见了声,我冲去帮助我们的人,萨普特和弗里茨紧跟着。#39;Kill them!#39;cried a voice.It was Rupert of Hentzau.“杀死他们!”一个声音叫着,是亨佐的鲁帕特。#39;Too late!They#39;ve got both of us!#39;cried another voice.#39;Save yourself,Rupert!#39;“太迟了,他们把我俩都抓住了,”另一个声音叫道:“快逃吧,鲁帕特!”I ran on,holding my stick in my hand.Suddenly,through the darkness,I saw a horse coming towards me.I jumped at the horse#39;s head,and saw the man#39;s face above me.我跑着,手里拿着棍子。突然,透过黑暗我看见一匹马向我这边冲来,我跳到了马头前,看见了我头顶上方那个人的脸。#39;At last!#39;I shouted.#39;Rupert of Hentzau!#39;“总算见面了!”我叫道:“亨佐的鲁帕特!” /201205/184397PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER EIGHTEENMr. Rochester's Story"Jane, can you imagine my horrible life when you have left me? I will be alone, with no one but that mad woman upstairs. Where will I find friendship, and love, and hope?""Sir, [-----1-----]. Live without doing wrong, and die hoping to go to heaven," I said. I had never said anything harder."But all that is impossible without you! And... and [-----2-----]!" He sounded like a desperate man, and I knew what he said was true. But I also knew that I was right to leave him.He seemed to my thoughts. He grabbed me and stared fiercely into my eyes. He could have broken me in two with one hand, but he could not break my spirit. I stared firmly back at him, even thought I was small and weak."Your eyes, Jane," he said, "are the eyes of a bird. Even if I break your cage, I can't reach you, you beautiful girl! You'll fly away from me. But you could choose to fly to me!" He let me go, and only looked at me. How hard it was to resist that look!"I am going, Mr. Rochester," I said. My heart was breaking."[-----3-----]? Oh Jane, my hope...my love...my life!" And he threw himself into a chair. I had reached the door and was about to leave, but I could not. I walked back, bent over Mr. Rochester, and kissed his cheek. 填空 :1、you can only trust in God你只能相信上帝。2、you have no family that would be angry, if you lived with me你与我生活在一起也不会触怒什么家人。3、Does my love mean nothing to you难道我的爱对你毫无意义吗? 隐藏Vocabulary Focus my thoughts:看出了我的心思。注意不要把翻译成“读”。 Article/200906/72847

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