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13. Do you care for a kung-fu movie?您喜欢功夫片吗?还能这样说:Are you interesting in a kung-fu movie?Do you like a kung-fu movie?应用:take into care (将小孩)送进公立机构照顾;in the care of sb. 由某人负责;由某人掌管;have a care 更当心些;take care of oneself 照看,照料,照顾;family day care 家庭托儿制14. How do you feel after learning TaiChiChuan for so long?你打了这么长时间的太极拳,感觉如何?还能这样说:What is your feeling after learning TaiChiChuan for so long?Do you feel any different after learning TaiChiChuan for a long time?应用:learn of the result 得知结果;learn by heart 记住;learn by 从……学到;learn sb.s name 听说过某人的名字;learn continuously 终生学习;不断学习15. He is a famous at fencing.他善于击倒。还能这样说:He is an old hand at fencing.He is experienced at fencing.16. Taekwondo has roots in ancient Korean martial arts.跆拳道源于韩国古代武术。还能这样说:Taekwondo is based on ancient Korean martial arts.Taekwondo originates from ancient Korean martial arts.应用:put down roots 到一个新地方落地生根;root and branch 完全,彻底地;take root 生根,扎根;get to the roots of sth. 找到某事物的根源并加以解决17. There are different sorts of strength of Sanda.武术散打力量有不同的分类。还能这样说:Strength of Sanda has different sorts.Strength of Sanda can be divided into different sorts.谚语:It takes all sorts to make a world.一种米养百种人。 /201312/2674785. My son likes music; therefore he has an ear for it.我儿子喜欢听音乐,因此他对音乐很有鉴赏力。还能这样说:My son is keen about music, so he has excellent taste in it.My son enjoys listening to music, therefore he has a good taste for it.应用:be in the ear 正在抽穗;come into ears 抽穗;smile from ear to ear 眉开眼笑;with half an ear 不很注意的6. Listening to light music enables me to feel relaxed.听轻音乐能使我放松。还能这样说:I find relief from troubles in listening to light music.I feel relaxed when listening to light music.应用:relax the nuscles 松驰肌肉;relax ones grip 松开手;relax ones attention 放松注意力,疏忽;relax ones pace 放慢步伐7. My daughter loves rock music, but I cannot bear it.我女儿热爱摇滚音乐,可是我忍受不了。还能这样说:I cant stand rock music, but my daughter loves it.My daughter likes rock music which makes me intolerable.应用:bear market 熊市;空头市场;take a bear by the tooth 做不必要的冒险;play the bear with 破坏,损害;as surly as a bear 脾气很坏8. It is very pleasant to stay at home listening to music.待在家里听音乐真是件令人愉快的事。还能这样说:Its a wonderful thing to stay at home listening to music.Listening to music at home is pleasant.谚语:Stay hungry, stay foolish.求知若饥,虚心若愚。 /201309/256352

You are the boss.你是老板,(你说了算)。 /201208/192986

经典句型:May I ask two days off? 我可以请两天假吗?A:May I ask two days off?甲:我可以请两天假吗?B:Whats the matter?乙:怎么了?A:I got very sick.甲:我病了。B:Have a rest.Health is the first thing.乙:休息一下吧。健康是第一位的。A:Thanks a lot.甲:谢谢。经典句型:Id like to ask for a sick leave. 我想请病假。A:Id like to ask for a sick leave.甲:我想请病假。B:Are you ill?乙:你病了?A:Yes.My doctor wants me to rest for a few days.甲:是的。医生让我休息几天。B:All right,Ask Linda to care about your work.乙:好的。让琳达召开一下你的工作。句型讲解:Off和leave都有“离开”的意思,请假时可以说ask a day off或者ask two daysleave等。 /201402/275198

Todd: So, Akane, what did you do today?托德:茜,你今天做什么了?Akane: Ah, today I cleaned my apartment.茜:我今天打扫了公寓。Todd: Sounds fun!托德:听起来很有乐趣!Akane: It was actually. I really like cleaning cause I only get one day a week to do it, and my apartment gets clean.茜:是很有趣。我很喜欢打扫,我每周只有一天能做打扫工作,打扫后我的公寓变得很干净。Todd: So when you clean your apartment how long does it take you to clean everything?托德:那你一般打扫一遍公寓要用多长时间呢?Akane: Well, lets see, I started around 7:30 in the morning and then I probably finished around 10:30.茜:嗯,我想想,我是早上7点半开始打扫的,大概是10点半完成的。Todd: 3 hours!托德:3个小时!Akane: Yeah!茜:对!Todd: Thats a long time.托德:时间好长。Akane: Well, I do a lot of cleaning.茜:我做了很多清洁工作。Todd: Man!托德:天哪!Akane: And that includes laundry, actually.茜:实际上还包括洗衣。Todd: So for your laundry, do you use the laundromat down the street?托德:你洗衣会用街上的自助洗衣店吗?Akane: No, I use my own laundry machine, and I hang it up to dry.茜:不会,我用自己的洗衣机洗,我会把衣挂起来晾干。Todd: Wow! But when you do that you cant get that nice soft feel from the clothes.托德:哇!可是那样衣没有柔软感。Akane: Well, no but I save money!茜:嗯,可是这样省钱!Todd: Thats true! I feel bad about using the laundromat cause I guess it wastes energy, but I just love how the dryers make your clothes really soft and warm and theres no wrinkles and its done.托德:那倒是。我不喜欢用自助洗衣店,因为我认为那很浪费能源,可是我喜欢烘干机使衣变得又软又温暖,而且洗完以后也没有褶皱。Akane: I agree. Mm, for sure. I wish I had a dryer.茜:我同意。的确是这样。我希望我也有个烘干机。Todd: So do you iron your clothes for work?托德:那你会熨上班穿的衣吗?Akane: I do, yeah, I always iron my clothes. I do my washing on Saturdays and I do my ironing on Sundays.茜:我会,我一直都有熨衣。我在周六洗衣,周日熨衣。Todd: Oh, man, youre regimented.托德:哦,天哪,你真有组织性。Akane: Yeah, I am.茜:是啊,我是。Todd: You got it down. You know I never iron my shirts.托德:跟你比我差远了,你知道我从来不熨我的衬衫。Akane: You never iron!茜:你从来不熨衣!Todd: No, I just take them out of the dryer, and thats close enough, and then usually when I put them on, they kind of stretch.托德:对,我只是把衣从烘干机里拿出来,基本就是这样,我穿上的时候它们会伸展一些。Akane: Well, I guess so and if youre wearing a jacket over it, then you cant really see.茜:我想也是,如果你外面再穿一件夹克,那完全看不出来。Todd: Yeah, plus Im a teacher and teachers dont have to look sharp.托德:对,而且我是一名老师,老师是不用看上去很帅气。Akane: I guess so. Yeah!茜:我想也是。Todd: Hey, so, what are your plans for tomorrow?托德:那你明天有什么计划?Akane: Tomorrow? Well, my ironing of course, and Im a teacher and I have markings so, Ill do some markings, cause I have to mark some essays.茜:明天?当然我要熨衣,我是老师,所以我有卷子要批改,所以明天我会批改试卷还有作文。Todd: Oh, that sounds awful!托德:哦,听起来真糟糕!Akane: Yeah, but it has to be done.茜:是啊,可是我必须完成这些工作。Todd: Yeah, but on the weekend! I try not to bring work home. I just dont like to do it. On the weekend, I feel you should energize yourself and just rest and relax.托德:可是明天是周末啊!我努力不把工作带回家里,我就是不喜欢这样。我觉得周末你应该让自己充满能量,尽量休息、放松。Akane: I agree, but this week I couldnt help it cause we were so busy.茜:我同意,可是这周我办不到了,因为我太忙了。Todd: So, why were you busy this week?托德:那你周都忙什么了?Akane: Well, we had so much work to do, and I gave them out an essay, and I got those essays back, so I have to mark those.茜:我有很多工作要做,我让学生们写了篇作文,他们把作文交上来后我要进行批改。Todd: Hey, have you been giving your students tests?托德:你有给学生们安排过考试吗?Akane: Uh, just little quizzes once in a while.茜:只是偶尔安排一些小测验。Todd: Yeah, I have to give my students a test but I dont know what to test them on.托德:嗯,我必须要给学生们安排考试,可是我不知道如何测试。Akane: Yeah, that is always a hard part.茜:嗯,那一直是个难点。Todd: Do you give easy tests or hard tests?托德:你是进行简单的考试还是难的考试?Akane: Well, the quizzes are quite easy, but I think they find it to be quite hard.茜:小测验很简单,可是我想他们认为那很难。Todd: Yeah, students always say, ;Its difficult!;托德:是啊,学生们总是说“太难了!”Akane: Yeah!茜:没错!Todd: ;Its difficult!; Well, enjoy your marking tomorrow!托德:“太难了!”希望你明天批改试卷时过得愉快!Akane: Thanks.茜:谢谢你。译文属 /201410/338858

鸟不拉屎的地方——in the middle of nowhere大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。在汉语中,形容一个地方贫瘠、荒凉,我们会用到“鸟不拉屎的地方”。在英语当中,我们可以用in the middle of nowhere来表达这个意思。It describes a place far away from any towns and cities and where few people live.指的是远离城镇和城市、鲜有人居住的地方。我们来看一下例句:He lives in a tiny cottage in the middle of nowhere.他住在一间小屋里,那地方鸟不拉屎。当然,你也可以翻译得文雅点,比如说“那地方颇为偏僻”或者“那地方人迹稀少”之类的。好了,我们今天学习了“鸟不拉屎的地方”——in the middle of nowhere。这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。与小强互动,请上新浪微@小强英语。本栏目由原创,。 /201406/306051

林书豪在你心中是什么样的形象呢?是篮球狂人,还是哈佛牛人?其实,他也是一个普通的大男孩。他喜欢弹钢琴,更爱台湾美食,每次回台湾的时候,必定会去夜市吃小吃。 /201409/324517

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