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淮安割包皮过长包茎手术的价格淮安肾虚的表现男怎么办Eating unpeeled apples may keep extra pounds and obesity-related diseases at bay, a study in PLoS ONE suggests. 《美国公共科学图书馆-综合》(PLoS ONE)杂志刊载的一项研究结果显示,苹果连皮吃能帮助减肥,使机体远离肥胖相关的疾病。 Ursolic acid is a natural compound found in the waxy coats on apples and other fruits and herbs. Previous research showed that ursolic acid increased the activity of a protein that stimulated muscle growth and glucose metabolism in mice. 熊果酸是一种在苹果及其他水果和草本植物的光滑表皮中发现的天然化合物。以往的研究表明,熊果酸能够增加一种蛋白质的活性,这种蛋白质可以刺激小鼠的肌肉生长及葡萄糖代谢。 In this follow-up study, researchers in Iowa tested ursolic acid on mice with diet-induced obesity. For six weeks, one group of mice had unlimited access to a diet of high-fat food proven to cause obesity, glucose intolerance and fatty liver disease. Two other groups of mice had unlimited access to the same diet, but supplemented with either 0.14 grams or 0.27 grams of ursolic acid per 100 grams of food. For comparison, an apple contains 50 milligrams of ursolic acid, equivalent to about 6% of the lowest dose given to the mice. 在这次的跟进研究中,爱荷华州的研究人员对患有饮食引起的肥胖症的小鼠进行了熊果酸测试。六周内,其中一组小鼠可以无限食用一种高脂肪食物,这种食物会引起肥胖症、葡萄糖不耐受和脂肪肝。其他两组小鼠也可以无限食用这种食物,但每100克食物分别配有0.14克和0.27克的熊果酸。一个苹果含50毫克的熊果酸,相当于给小鼠最低剂量的约6%。 Ursolic-acid mice developed more skeletal muscle but gained less weight than nonsupplemented mice, even though food intake was higher in ursolic-acid mice. Supplemented mice had greater strength and exercise capacity, and higher resting energy expenditure. Ursolic acid triggered an increase in high-energy brown fat associated with reduced obesity, though it isn#39;t known how, researchers said. The results were the same for both ursolic-acid doses. 补充熊果酸的小鼠骨骼肌生长较好,但增加的体重比未补充熊果酸的小鼠少,尽管前者的食物摄入量较高。补充熊果酸小鼠的力量和运动能力更强,休息时消耗的能量更多。研究人员说,熊果酸引起了与减少肥胖有关的高能量褐色脂肪的增加,但尚不清楚是如何引起的。两种熊果酸剂量的结果相同。 Caveat: Humans and mice may have differing capacities for the absorption, distribution and excretion of ursolic acid, researchers said. 注意:研究人员说,人类和小鼠对熊果酸的吸收、分配和排泄能力可能有差异。 Vertigo and gender: Women develop vertigo slightly more often than men. But a study found that men with vertigo, a common balance disorder, suffer more anxiety and depression. The results contrast with earlier studies that reported psychiatric distress is higher in women with vertigo. Vertigo is a spinning sensation that can leave people feeling dizzy or nauseous. About 40% of Americans have at least one episode of vertigo in their lifetimes. 眩晕和性别:女性比男性更容易患眩晕症。但一项研究发现,患眩晕症的男性更容易焦虑和抑郁,这与以往女性眩晕症患者精神压力更大的研究结果相反。眩晕症是一种常见的平衡失调症,会让人感觉头晕或恶心。约40%的美国人在一生中至少都有一次眩晕症发作。 The latest study, published in BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders, assessed emotional response to vertigo in 202 patients treated at a Swiss clinic from 2007 to 2009. Subjects included 124 women and 78 men in their late 40s, of whom more than half had had vertigo symptoms for more than a year. Subjects rated their disability as mild, moderate or severe. Anxiety and depression were assessed on a hospital scale as possible, probable or abnormal. MRI brain scans, neurological assessments and other tests were administered. 这项最新研究刊登在《BMC耳鼻喉疾病》(BMC Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders)杂志上,研究对象为2007年至2009年在一家瑞士诊所治疗过的202位病人,研究人员对这些病人对眩晕症的情绪反应进行了评估。研究对象包括快50岁的124名女性和78名男性,其中半数以上已经有一年多的眩晕症症状。研究对象按照轻微、中等和严重评定眩晕症对自己精神状况的影响。焦虑和抑郁程度按照医院标准划分为可能、很有可能或反常。研究人员还对他们做了核磁共振脑部扫描、神经检测及其他检查。 Severe disability was reported by 25% of the women compared with 19% of the men. But emotional distress was significantly higher in the men, possibly because dizziness over a long period is more disabling in men and a greater risk factor for anxiety and depression, researchers said. Of men who rated their disability as severe, 60% had abnormal anxiety and 67% had abnormal depression. That compared with 26% and 19% of women, respectively. 25%的女性表示自己有严重的精神障碍,男性的比例为19%。研究人员说,但男性的情绪压力显著高于女性,可能是由于长期眩晕对男性精神状况的影响更大,并且更容易造成焦虑和抑郁。认为自己精神障碍严重的男性中,60%有反常的焦虑情绪,67%有反常的抑郁情绪。女性的比例分别为26%和19%。 Caveat: The Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale used to assess symptoms of anxiety and depression provides only limited information on mental disorders, researchers said. Other risk factors for mental disorders weren#39;t assessed. 注意:研究人员说,用于评定焦虑和抑郁症状的医院焦虑抑郁量表(Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale)只能为精神失常状况提供有限的信息。其他容易造成精神失常的因素未得到评估。 /201207/190112淮安治龟头炎多少钱 淮安一院专家门诊

淮安包皮垢A Canadian photographer has given the term #39;boyfriend jeans#39; a whole new meaning.一位加拿大的摄影师给流行热潮 “男友式牛仔裤” 赋予了全新的含义。Hana Pesut, 30, has been photographing couples, friends and family in their own outfits, and then again in each other#39;s, since 2010 for a book project called Switcheroo.30岁的哈娜·佩舒特从2010年起,就为一个名为“Switcheroo”的研究项目拍摄成组的情侣、朋友或家人照片,他们先是穿着自己的一身衣,然后再互换衣后拍摄。Mixing and matching skirts and jeans; trucker caps and straw hats; parkas and pea coats; pendants and bow ties; and heels and heavy boots, the compelling couples look at once goofy and intimate dressed in each others clothes.混合搭配的裙子和牛仔裤;卡车帽和草帽;风衣和羊毛外套;耳坠和领结;高跟鞋和厚靴子,这一对对互换衣后,立马就变得又傻气又亲密,十分引人注目。Ms Pesut told the Globe and Mail: #39;It’s a nice way to take a portrait and to see the way couples interact with one another. To see how much fun it is for them to see each other in each other’s clothes.佩舒特女士告诉《环球邮报》的记者:“这是一个很好的拍照方式,可以看出两人彼此互动。而且我也会发现,他们看到对方穿着自己的衣是多么有趣。”#39;A couple of guys have not liked it. They act like their girlfriend tricked them into doing it. Others are good sports. They know they look funny. It’s all just for fun.#39;“有些男生不喜欢这种方式,他们表现得就像被女朋友骗过来的一样。其他人表现很好,他们知道自己看起来很有滑稽。一切都是为了好玩。”The idea first came to Ms Pesut, who works as a deejay and handles social media for a company in the entertainment business, while on a camping trip with friends.佩舒特身兼唱片师和业务公司的社媒管理人,是在跟朋友一起露营的时候得到这个想法的。#39;I was camping with some friends and two of them were dressed in very different styles. One was wearing tie dye, sequins, silk scarves and everything was very colorful, whereas the other was wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt, so we thought it would be fun for them to switch outfits and I decided to take before and after photos.“我跟一些朋友去露营,当中有两个打扮的风格非常不同。一个身上元素很多:扎染、亮片、真丝围巾和各种色鲜艳的装饰,而另一个穿着黑牛仔裤和黑T恤,所以我们就想着也许他们互换一下行头会很有趣,然后我就决定在他们换装前后各照一张照片。”#39;After that day, I would see couples walking in the street and I would wonder what they would look like in each others outfits so I thought it would be fun to find out.#39;“从那天以后,我就会看街上的情侣,想象他们互换衣后的样子,我觉得这将是很有趣的发现。”So she began chronicling the images, which she takes at locations that resonate with each couple, on her blog sincerelyhana.com, before she complied them for an up-coming book which she is currently raising funds for via Indiegogo.于是她开始在她的客sincerelyhana.com上记录照片,她会选择能引起每对情侣共鸣的地点拍摄。之后她会把照片编辑到一本即将出版的书里,现在正在通过募资网站Indiegogo筹集资金。#39;I think people find it really intriguing to see someone that they are close with dressed up as them,#39; she said.“我觉得人们看到自己很亲近的人穿上自己的衣,也都会觉得十分有意思。” 她说道。Special spots: Ms Pesut chooses each location based on places that are special or memorable for each couple.特殊地点:佩舒特每次选景都会选在对于这对情侣非常特殊和难忘的地方。Not so sure: The photographer admitted, #39;A couple of guys have not liked it. They act like their girlfriend tricked them into doing it. Others are good sports. They know they look funny. It’s all just for fun#39;.不太确定:摄影师也承认,“有些人不喜欢这种方式。他们表现得就像是他们的女友骗他们来的。其他人表现很好。他们知道自己看起来很有滑稽。一切都是为了好玩”。Boy meets girl: Ms Pesut said, #39;Some of the men are usually a little unsure of what they are getting into but once they are actually in the women#39;s clothing they realize it#39;s not so bad, sometimes they really pull it off!#39;男孩遇见女孩:佩舒特说,“有些男人常常会有一点搞不清楚自己在穿什么,但是一旦真的穿上了女人的衣,他们就发现没那么糟糕,有时他们真的会马上脱掉!”#39;They learn the trick that high heels make your legs look longer!#39;“不过他们了解到了,高跟鞋会让人的腿看起来更长!”Mirror, mirror: The photographer thinks of her portraits as a way to #39;see the way couples interact with one another. To see how much fun it is for them to see each other in each other’s clothes#39;魔镜啊,魔镜:摄影师觉得她的照片能够“看出两人彼此互动的方式。也会发现在他们看到对方穿着自己的衣是多么有趣。”Globe trotter: She has photographed over 200 #39;switcheroos#39; all over the world, including Spain, Japan, France, Austria, Mexico, Canada and America.全球覆盖:她在全球已经拍摄了近200对“换装达人”,包括西班牙、日本、法国、奥地利、墨西哥、加拿大和美国。Final cut: Ms Pesut is publishing a 64-page book of some of her favorite images, which she hopes to have printed in January 2013最后一步:佩舒特将她最喜欢的照片打算出版成一本64页的书籍,希望能在2013年1月出版。 /201211/210435淮安慢性细菌性前列腺囊肿 I#39;ve always known my father was an important man. He is, after all, the president of the ed States. But the other day, as I was running around on the playground, a thought suddenly occurred to me, a horrible realization that stopped me dead in my tracks: There are people out there who want to kill my dad. My dad. The man who is raising me, who asks me how school is every day, who takes me to soccer games and s me stories when I can#39;t fall asleep at night. People want to murder him. They want to murder my father.我知道我爸爸一直是个重要人物。毕竟,他是美国总统。但是,某天我在操场上跑步的时候,一个想法突然掠过我脑海,它是个如此令人恐惧的发现,以至于我当时就停下了脚步,楞站在跑道上:有人想杀我爸爸,我的爸爸。那个抚养我长大,每天问我“今天在学校过得如何”,带我去看足球比赛,以及在我枕边读故事哄我入睡的爸爸。有人想谋杀他。有人想谋杀我的爸爸。Doesn#39;t really get more fucked up than that, now, does it?还有什么能比这更糟糕?When we first moved into the White House I was only 7 years old, too young to know that people wanted my dad dead. And I#39;ll tell you what, I was a lot happier then. Now that I#39;m a little older, though, it#39;s all becoming pretty clear. There aren#39;t just four or five people who want my dad dead. Tons of people want to murder him. Tons. People in this country, people in other countries. The bottom line-and this is the cold, hard reality that I now fully understand-is that every second of every day, people are thinking of ways to kill the person I love and admire more than anyone in the world.当我们一家刚搬进白宫的时候,我才七岁,对有人想谋杀我爸爸这点毫无意识。然而,说实话,那时的我比现在快乐得多。如今我长大了点儿,而现实清楚地摆在眼前。希望我爸爸死的人并不只有4、5个,而有成千上万个!成千上万个在美国的,或是在国外的人,都有。如今我终于明白了这个冰冷又残酷的现实——每一天,每一秒钟,都有人在琢磨着如何将这个全世界我最爱、最崇拜的人杀死。Meanwhile, no one is plotting the murder of, say, my friend Amanda#39;s dad. He#39;s a computer technician. No one is trying to assassinate a computer technician. At no point in Amanda#39;s day will she experience a rush of crippling panic due to the fact that, at any moment, a psycho wielding a semiautomatic weapon could step out of the shadows and unload an entire clip into her father#39;s chest, killing him right on the spot.与此同时,却没有人策划如何杀死我朋友阿曼达的父亲。他是个电脑技术人员。没人会想杀一个电脑技术人员。在阿曼达的生活里,她永远不会经历那种突如其来的巨大恐惧感,那种“突然间,她的父亲就被暗中埋伏的神经病拿着的半自动武器击穿胸膛,立时毙命”的恐惧。That#39;s just true. You can try to comfort me all you want, but you know damn well that#39;s just a fact.这是实话。无论你如何安慰我,你也很清楚,事情就是这样。Here#39;s another awful thing I#39;ve finally started to understand: The chances of somebody killing my father are so high that there is an entire force of men and women whose singular responsibility is to prevent that from happening. These people are specially trained. They create intricate plans specifically designed to protect my father, because no matter where he goes, somebody in the area probably wants to kill him. And look, I#39;m not some naiuml;ve little girl anymore. I can get on the Internet. I can research American presidents. I know damn well the Secret Service doesn#39;t always succeed. Ronald Reagan almost died, and he had a daughter just like me.我还渐渐明白了另一个令人恐惧的事实:由于我父亲被谋杀的几率实在太高,以至于专门有一由男男女女组成的队伍,他们的使命很简单:防止此类事件发生。这些人员都经过特殊训练。他们设计错综复杂的方案来保护我父亲的人身安全,因为无论他走到哪里,都有被暗处的人谋杀的可能性。我已经不是个幼稚的小姑娘了,我会上网,会搜索“美国历届总统”。我很清楚特勤局并不会永远都成功。里根总统差点被杀死,他和我爸爸一样,有一个像我这个年纪的女儿。Also, I know exactly who John F. Kennedy is now. And I know exactly what happened to him.我还知道约翰-肯尼迪先生是谁,我也知道了发生在他身上的事情。So, as this was all starting to sink in-and I was pretty shocked, as you can probably imagine-it occurred to me that I have my own Secret Service detail, which means there are also people who want me dead. They want me, an 11-year-old little girl, dead. Same goes for my mom and big sister. I mean, shit, they want to kill my whole family.所以,当这些真相慢慢开始充斥我的脑海,我变得非常恐惧。我也有自己的专属特勤局保镖,而这说明了有人想要我的命。对,有人想杀我,杀一个才11岁的小姑娘。我母亲和我也未能幸免于此。他妈的,这些人想要我们全家的命。And you want to know what the worst part is? I have no idea where my dad is right now. I haven#39;t seen him all day. For all I know, he could be waving to a crowd of supporters at this very moment while some guy on a rooftop 2,000 feet away has his head in the scope of a high-powered rifle, just waiting for the perfect moment to splatter his brains all over the stage.你知道最糟糕的是什么吗?最糟糕的是,我连我爸现在在哪里都不知道。我已经一整天没见他了。他很有可能正在跟一大群持者挥手,而这时一个隐匿在2000英尺外屋顶上的家伙,正在用大火力来复对着我爹的脑袋,伺机等待着那个最佳的时刻,来扣动扳机,让我爹的脑浆涂满一地。Put yourself in my shoes for a second. Imagine you#39;re standing next to your dad, holding his hand and smiling, when all of a sudden a bullet pierces through his skull and drenches your sundress in blood.设身处地为我想想。假如你是我,站在自己爸爸的身边,拉着他的手微笑着,而突然间,一颗子弹穿透了他的颅骨,而你的背心裙瞬间被他的鲜血染透。Seriously, do you have any idea how messed up that is?你能想象这是多么令人绝望的场景吗?And I#39;m not operating under the misconception that all these people are going to get caught someday or just eventually give up. The most depressing thing is this will be going on for the rest of my life. Twenty years from now, when I#39;m living far away and have kids of my own, I could get a call from my mom with the news that Dad is dead. That he was blown to bits by a bomb in his car, and that they just barely found enough charred remains to identify the body.我不会自欺欺人地认为这些谋杀者会被抓住,或放弃暗杀我爸的计划。最让人沮丧的是,这样的恐惧将伴随我一生。20年后,当我离家,在遥远的地方安居乐业,生儿育女,我可能会接到妈妈的电话,告诉我爸爸死了。比如,他被暗藏在轿车里的炸弹炸得碎尸万段,而尸检部门仅仅能依据残缺的碎片来实我爸的身份。Well, great. I#39;m glad I finally figured all that out. Here#39;s to a wonderful life, Sasha. I guess I#39;ll just go outside now and play without a goddamn care in the whole fucked-up world.哈,很好,我很高兴现在终于明白了一切。萨沙,举杯赞美这“美好”的人生吧!我打算现在就出门大玩特玩,再也不去理会、不去想这操蛋的世界。 /201207/192572淮安治疗生殖器感染医院

淮安阴道莓菌怎么治? To the dismay of some, Facebook has no ;Dislike; button. But a new application for the social network may prove to be the next-best thing.Facebook没有“不喜欢”这个选项,这真让一些人大失所望。但一款针对社交网站的新应用程序或许会成为退而求其次的不错选择。The app, EnemyGraph, encourages Facebook users to list people or places or things they dislike, then share them with like-minded haters as a way of bonding. (;You think Crocs are hideous? I think Crocs are hideous! Let#39;s be buds!;)安装这款名为EnemyGraph的应用后,Facebook用户就可以列出自己不喜欢的人、地点或者事情,与有同样想法的“憎恶者”共享,并作为一种联系方式。(比如:你认为卡骆驰牌子的鞋难看吗?我觉得很难看。我们做朋友吧!);Most social networks attempt to connect people based on affinities: you like a certain band or film or sports team, I like them, therefore we should be friends,; writes EnemyGraph co-creator Dean Terry in a blog post. ;But people are also connected and motivated by things they dislike. Alliances are created, conversations are generated, friendships are stressed, stretched, and/or enhanced.;这款应用的开发者之一迪恩#8226;特里在客上说:“大多数社交网站试图通过喜好将人们联系起来:你喜欢某个乐队、电影、或者体育团队,我也喜欢他们,因此我们应该成为朋友。但人们也经常通过不喜欢的人或事物联系起来、被激发起积极性。这样也可以创造同盟关系,制造话题,发展、延伸甚至提升友谊。”Among the app#39;s most-mentioned ;enemies; so far are some familiar targets: politicians, teenybopper Justin Bieber, the Internet Explorer browser, pop group Nickelback, social game FarmVille and, yes, Crocs — those odd-looking plastic clogs that fashionistas love to hate.目前为止,这款程序上出现最多的“敌人”大家都很熟悉,包括政客、人气偶像贾斯汀#8226;比伯、IE浏览器、流行乐团 “五分钱乐队”、社交游戏《FarmVille》、还有卡骆驰牌子的鞋,时尚人士最讨厌这种样子很怪异的塑料洞洞鞋。Users of the app appear to largely be left-of-center politically. Near the top of the enemies#39; list are GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, Fox News, conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. President Barack Obama is the sole Democrat on the list.从政治倾向看,该应用程序的使用者大部分是中立偏左派。政治人物的上榜名单包括共和党候选人米特#8226;罗姆尼与里克#8226;桑多伦 、福克斯新闻台、保守派员鲁什#8226;林堡、前阿拉斯加州长莎拉#8226;佩林,而唯一上榜的民主党人士是美国总统奥巴马。The EnemyGraph app, or plug-in, is easily installed through Facebook. The idea behind it, Terry said, was to offset what he sees as Facebook#39;s enforced artificial culture of niceness, which encourages affinities but leaves less room for disagreement.这款应用,或者说插件很容易就能安装在Facebook上。特里认为应用程序的创意之处是抵消Facebook强制实施的“人造善意”文化,鼓励相似性,但让不一致没有生存空间。Say, for example, that you like Kanye West on Facebook but one of your friends lists the hip-hop star as an ;enemy.; EnemyGraph will send you a ;dissonance report,; pointing out the difference and offering it up for conversation.比如,如果你喜欢饶舌歌手坎耶#8226;韦斯特,但你有个朋友将他列为“敌人”,EnemyGraph就会给你发送一条“不一致性报告”,指出这一差异,让你们多一个话题可以聊。;When I saw the first friends list at the beginning of the social media era the first thing I thought was, ;where#39;s the enemies list?; No one ever made one, so we did,; Terry said in his post. He calls EnemyGraph ;a kind of social media blasphemy; and predicts Facebook will try to shut down his subversive project.特里在客中说:“我第一次看到社交网站的好友名单时,首先想到的是,‘为什么没有敌人名单’?没人做过这种应用,因此我们做了。”他戏称 EnemyGraph是“对社交网站的亵渎”,还预测Facebook会关闭他的“破坏性”程序。 /201204/176253淮安中医院肛肠科淮安哪个医院妇科比较好



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