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金湖县人民医院宫颈糜烂多少钱涟水县人民医院男科大夫楚州区中医院治疗子宫肌瘤多少钱 OK.So youre sitting with a question in front of you and youre unsure. You should guess improve.所以当你面前出现了一个问题而你不太确定时 你应该猜进步。Okay? Dont go for the worse.好吗?别选坏的那个。That will help you score better on our tests.这会帮助你在我们的测试中获得更高的分数。That was the first one.这是第一点。There are rich and poor and the gap is increasing.穷人和富人之间的贫富差距正在拉大。Its a terrible inequality.非常的不平等。Yeah, its an unequal world,but when you look at the data, its one hump.是的 这是个不平等的世界,但是当你对照数据时 会发现只有一个驼峰。Okay? If you feel unsure, go for the most people are in the middle.对吗? 所以如果你觉得不确定就选大部分人在中间。Thats going to help you get the answer right.这会帮助你正确的回答问题。Now, the next preconceived idea is first countries and people need to be very, very rich to get the social development like girls in school and be y for natural disasters.现在 下一个先入为主的观点是发达国家和人民需要在非常富裕的情况下社会才能得以发展。例如让女孩子上学或者抵御自然灾害。No, no, no. Thats wrong.不不不 这是错误的。Look: that huge hump in the middle aly have girls in school.看 处于中间的那一大块驼峰已经解决了女孩上学的问题。So if you are unsure, go for the the majority aly have this,like electricity and girls in school, these kinds of things.所以如果你不确定就选大部分已经实现了。例如电力,女性教育这一类的问题。Theyre only rules of thumb,so of course they dont apply to everything,but this is how you can generalize.这些只是指导意见,所以并不适用于所有情况。但这能帮你进行总结概括。Lets look at the last one.我们来看看最后一个。If something, yes, this is a good one,sharks are dangerous.如果有什么 没错 这张照片很赞鲨鱼很危险。No a well, yes, but they are not so important in the global statistics, that is what Im saying.其实不是 话虽不错 但是没那么严重。从全球的数据来看这是我想说的。I actually, Im very afraid of sharks.其实我本人非常害怕鲨鱼。So as soon as I see a question about things Im afraid of, which might be earthquakes, other religions,maybe Im afraid of terrorists or sharks.当我看到那些关于我所害怕的东西的提问时。比如地震,其他宗教。比如我害怕恐怖分子和鲨鱼。Anything that makes me feel,assume youre going to exaggerate the problem.任何让我感到害怕的东西。你很有可能会夸大问题的严重性。Thats a rule of thumb.这是指导意见之一。Of course there are dangerous things that are also great.当然有些危险的事物确实会造成严重的后果。Sharks kill very, very few. Thats how you should think.因鲨鱼致死的人非常少,这才是你应有的思维方式。With these four rules of thumb,you could probably answer better than the chimps,because the chimps cannot do this.有了以上四条技巧你很有可能会取得比黑猩猩更好的成绩,因为黑猩猩无法做到这些。They cannot generalize these kinds of rules.他们无法总结概括这些技巧。And hopefully we can turn your world around and were going to beat the chimps. Okay?希望我们能够改变你的世界。然后我们一起来打败黑猩猩好吗?201501/355798淮阴区治疗妇科炎症哪家医院最好的

淮安区子宫肌瘤多少钱They told me that Im a traitor to my own profession,that I should be fired,have my medical license taken away,that I should go back to my own country. 他们告诉我, 我背叛了自己的职业,我应该被解雇,我的医生执照应该被吊销,我应该回到自己的国家。My email got hacked.我的邮箱被入侵了。In a discussion forum for other doctors,someone took credit for ;Twitter-bombing; my account. 在一个其他医生开设的论坛上有人轰炸我的推特账户, 而且还得到了其他人的赞赏。Now, I didnt know if this was a good or bad thing,but then came the response: 当时, 我不知道是一件好事还是坏事,但是接着有人回复了:;Too bad it wasnt a real bomb.可惜不是真的炸弹。I never thought that I would do something that would provoke this level of anger among other doctors.我从来没有想到过我做的事情能激起其他医生们这种程度的愤怒。Becoming a doctor was my dream.成为一个医生曾是我的梦想。I grew up in China,and my earliest memories are of being rushed to the hospital because I had such bad asthma that I was there nearly every week. 我在中国长大,我最早的记忆是被匆忙送到医院因为我有很严重的哮喘, 以至于当时几乎每周都在那里。I had this one doctor, Dr. Sam, who always took care of me.我有一个总是照顾我的医生, 山姆医生。She was about the same age as my mother.她当时和我的妈妈一个年纪。She had this wild, curly hair,and she always wore these bright yellow flowery dresses. 她有一头狂乱的卷发,而且她总是穿着一条明黄色的花裙子。She was one of those doctors who,if you fell and you broke your arm,she would ask you why you werent laughing because its your humerus. Get it? 她是那些医生中的一个,如果你跌倒并摔伤了胳膊,她会问你是为什么不笑因为那是你的肱骨(与搞笑同音), 明白吗?See, youd groan,but shed always make you feel better after having seen her.你会痛得哇哇叫,但是在见到她之后她总是会让你感觉很好。Well, we all have that childhood hero that we want to grow up to be just like, right?我们所有人都有我们想长大后成为的儿时英雄, 对吗?Well, I wanted to be just like Dr. Sam. 我想成为像山姆的医生。When I was eight, my parents and I moved to the U.S.,and ours became the typical immigrant narrative.当我八岁的时候, 我的父母和我搬到了美国,我们成为了典型的移民家庭。My parents cleaned hotel rooms and washed dishes and pumped gas so that I could pursue my dream.我的父母去清理酒店房间、 洗盘子和给瓦斯充气来让我追逐我的梦想。Well, eventually I learned enough English,and my parents were so happy the day that I got into medical school and took my oath of healing and service.最后, 我学了足够的英语,我的父母很开心对于我进入医学院学习, 并为治疗务宣下了誓言。But then one day, everything changed.但是有一天, 所有的事情都变了。My mother called me to tell me that she wasnt feeling well,she had a cough that wouldnt go away, she was short of breath and tired. 我的妈妈打电话和我说 她感觉不是很好,她得的咳嗽一直没有好 她喘不过气而且一直很疲累。Well, I knew that my mother was someone who never complained about anything.我知道我的妈妈是那种 从来不向他人抱怨的人。For her to tell me that something was the matter,I knew something had to be really wrong.所以当她告诉我她觉得不对劲的时候,我就知道事情不妙了。And it was:结果:We found out that she had stage IV breast cancer,cancer that by then had sp to her lungs, her bones, and her brain.我们发现她已经到了乳腺癌四期,癌细胞当时已经扩散到她的肺,骨头和大脑里。My mother was brave, though, and she had hope.我的妈妈是勇敢的, 她一直抱有希望。She went through surgery and radiation,and was on her third round of chemotherapy when she lost her address book. 她经历了手术和放射治疗,在她在进行第三轮的化疗的时候她弄丢了她的通讯薄。She tried to look up her oncologists phone number on the Internet and she found it, but she found something else too.她想从网上找到她的肿瘤科医生的电话她找到了, 并且也找到了一些其他的东西。On several websites,he was listed as a highly paid speaker to a drug company,and in fact often spoke on behalf of the same chemo regimen that he had prescribed her. 在一些网站上,他是一家药物公司高薪聘请的代言人,而且, 事实上经常为他给我妈定的化疗方案作代表宣传。She called me in a panic,and I didnt know what to believe. 她很慌张的给我打电话,我不知道该相信什么。Maybe this was the right chemo regimen for her,but maybe it wasnt.可能为她做的化疗方案是对的,但是也可能不是,It made her scared and it made her doubt.这使她非常害怕并产生怀疑。When it comes to medicine,having that trust is a must,and when that trust is gone, then all thats left is fear.当我们遇到药物问题时,这种信任非常重要,当信任失去了, 那么剩下的就只有害怕了。Theres another side to this fear.这份恐惧也有着另外一面。As a medical student, I was taking care of this 19-year-old who was biking back to his dorm when he got struck and hit,run over by an SUV.作为一个医学院的学生, 我一直照顾一个19岁的骑自行车回他的宿舍的路上被撞倒, 卡在一辆越野车里的人。He had seven broken ribs,shattered hip bones,and he was bleeding inside his belly and inside his brain.他有七根断掉的肋骨,破裂的臀部骨头,他的腹部和脑袋一直在流血。Now, imagine being his parents who flew in from Seattle, 2,000 miles away,to find their son in a coma. 现在,想象一下他的父母要从2000英里外的西雅图飞过来,为了去见正在昏迷的儿子。I mean, youd want to find out whats going on with him, right?我意思是, 他们真的想找出 到底发生了什么在他的身上?They asked to attend our bedside rounds where we discussed his condition and his plan,which I thought was a reasonable request,and also would give us a chance to show them how much we were trying and how much we cared. 他们要求去参加我们的查房,听取我们的诊疗经过。我认为是个合理的请求。同时也给我们一个机会去向他们展示我们有多努力和关心,The head doctor, though, said no.尽管主治医生说不行。He gave all kinds of reasons.他给了很多方面的原因。Maybe theyll get in the nurses way.可能他们会妨碍护士的工作.Maybe theyll stop students from asking questions.可能他们会阻止学生问问题。 201503/365810盱眙县人民医院流产手术多少钱 America, at its best, is a place where personal responsibility is valued and expected.正处于鼎盛期的美国珍视并期待每个人担负起自己的责任。Encouraging responsibility is not a search for scapegoats, it is a call to conscience. And though it requires sacrifice, it brings a deeper fulfillment. We find the fullness of life not only in options, but in commitments. And we find that children and community are the commitments that set us free.鼓励人们勇于承担责任不是寻找替罪羊,而是在呼唤人类的良知。虽然承担责任意味着牺牲,但同时也带来一种更深刻的成就感。我们实现,不能仅仅通过选择还要通过承担义务来充实我们的人生。我们发现,只有对整个社会和我们的孩子们履行我们的义务,我们才能获得自由。Our public interest depends on private character, on civic duty and family bonds and basic fairness, on uncounted, unhonored acts of decency which give direction to our freedom.我们的公共利益依赖于我们独立的个性、公民的义务,家庭的纽带和基本的公正;依赖于无数的、默默无闻的正当的行动,正是这些向我们指明了自由的方向。Sometimes in life we are called to do great things. But as a saint of our times has said, every day we are called to do small things with great love. The most important tasks of a democracy are done by everyone.生活中,我们有时被召唤去做一些伟大的事情。但是,正如我们这个时代的一位圣人所言,每一天我们都被召唤带着伟大的爱去做一些不起眼的小事情。一个民主制度最重要的任务是由大家每一个人来完成的。I will live and lead by these principles: to advance my convictions with civility, to pursue the public interest with courage, to speak for greater justice and compassion, to call for responsibility and try to live it as well.In all these ways, I will bring the values of our history to the care of our times.我对生活和对这个国家的领导遵循着这些原则:谦恭地坚信自己,为公众的利益勇往直前,为更伟大的公正和同情而辩护,呼吁责任并为此努力实践。我要通过所有这一切方式,用我们历史上传统价值观来哺育我们的时代。 /201307/246579淮阴区妇保院男科挂号

淮安市治疗尿道炎多少钱If my Dad was alive today, the thing I think he would be most happy about is that Lucy and I have a baby in the hopper. I think he would been annoyed that I hadnt gotten my Ph. D yet (thanks, Michigan!). Dad was so full of insights, of excitement about new things, that to this day, I often wonder what he would think about some new development. If he were here today--well, it would be one of the best days of his life. Hed be like a kid in a candy store. For a day, hed be young again.如果我的父亲能活到今天,我想他最开心的莫过于看到露西我和即将拥有自己的孩子。我想他会因为我还没能拿到士学位而相当烦恼(谢谢你,密歇根大学)。我的父亲是一位对新事物充满洞悉力和的人,如果他活到今天,他一定会有新的想法。如果他今天也能来到这里——那将会是他人生中最美好的日子之一。他会像个在糖果店里的孩子一样,有一天,又会年轻的。Many of us are fortunate enough to be here with family. Some of us have dear friends and family to go home to. And who knows, perhaps some of you, like Lucy and I, are dreaming of future families of your own. Just like me, your families brought you here, and you brought them here. Please keep them close and remember: they are what really matters in life.我们中很多人都很幸运,能够在这里和家人们一起。我们中的一些还可以和亲友家人一起回家。而谁又知道,也许你们中也有人,像露西和我一样,也梦想着将来有自己的家庭。就像我一样,你们的家人把你们带到这里,而你们又把他们带到这里。请和他们保持亲密,并且记住:他们才是生命中真正至关重要的部分。Thanks, Mom; Thanks, Lucy. And thank you, all, very much.感谢妈妈,感谢露西,感谢你们大家,非常感谢。 /201309/257584 Hello, everybody! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, everybody. All right, everybody go ahead and have a seat. How is everybody doing today? How about Tim Spicer? I am here with students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia. And weve got students tuning in from all across America, from kindergarten through 12th grade. And I am just so glad that all could join us today. And I want to thank Wakefield for being such an outstanding host. Give yourselves a big round of applause.大家好!谢谢你们。谢谢你们。谢谢大家。好,大家请就坐。你们今天都好吗?蒂姆·斯派塞好吗?我现在与弗吉利亚州阿灵顿郡韦克菲尔德高中的学生们在一起。美国各地从学前班到中学12年级的学生正在收听收看。我很高兴大家今天都能参加。我还要感谢韦克菲尔德高中出色的组织安排。请为你们自己热烈鼓掌。I know that for many of you, today is the first day of school. And for those of you in kindergarten, or starting middle or high school, its your first day in a new school, so its understandable if youre a little nervous. I imagine there are some seniors out there who are feeling pretty good right now—with just one more year to go. And no matter what grade youre in, some of you are probably wishing it were still summer and you couldve stayed in bed just a little bit longer this morning.我知道,今天是你们很多人开学的日子。对于进入学前班、初中或高中的学生,今天是你们来到新学校的第一天,心里可能有点紧张,这是可以理解的。我能想象有些毕业班学生现在感觉很不错——只有一年就毕业了。不论在哪个年级,你们有些人可能希望暑假更长一点,今天早上还能多睡一小会儿。 /201304/234325淮安三院妇科疾病多少钱楚州区中医院预约



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