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听力参考文本:A Washington Post-A News poll shows the majority of Americans think race relations are getting worse. Concern about race relations spiked shortly after the reports of white police officers killing black men. Since the poll, two black men have targeted and killed police.If youre white, you might be surprised by increased racial tensions. If youre black, you know theres been tension all along.;Prior to the phones and taping of police murder, it had been happening continuously from one generation to the next,; noted Kwasi Akwamu, a small business owner in Detroit.He says the only difference is technology and the internet.;There has never been a period when weve never been lynched, weve never been slain in the streets for the suspicion of an act. I mean, those things—its part of our history. It hasnt changed. Its just changed form,; Akwamu said.Police data bear that out. Police are not killing any more or any fewer black people than they have in the past. Cell phone and the internet have just made us all more aware with sometimes-gruesome scenes.;For people of color, we always knew that happened,; said Lauren Hood of Detroit. Companies hire her for diversity training.;Ive been stopped by the police for no reason. My mom referred to it as Driving While Black, DWB. The media attention to those stories just brought it out to everyone who wasnt a person of color. Like, welcome to our world. Weve always known that that was a problem. Now, everybody else knows,; Hood said.She says that for many white people, race is a very difficult thing to discuss. Thats true even if you think of yourself as enlightened, progressive, or liberal.;Its a place most people arent willing to go, particularly people that are liberal and think theyre doing the right thing all the time. So, if you think youve aly arrived at some point of consciousness and someone tells you youre not quite there yet, youre not y for it. You get defensive,; she explained. One of the tools to avoid that defensiveness is an online test. The Harvard implicit bias test takes about ten minutes and helps determine if you are subconsciously biased.;When you present the data to people that way, it absolves them from responsibility. So, you say, Ah, see what the data have shown: that you have an unconscious bias. Its not you; youre not choosing this way of thinking. Its something unconscious that existed, operating in the background, that you might not be paying attention to when youre making decisions. And it shapes how you see the world, but youre not conscious of it all the time,; Hood said. But, only a fraction of the population is going to take that test. Others hold racial animosity and are not going to change. But for those interested in improving relationships between whites and people of color, a key is getting white people to better understand the plight of others.;Especially right now with so much national news and conversation happening around these topics too, youd think more people would be plugged in. But personally, my experience is that some of my closest friends, who I think are progressive, dont necessarily spend a lot of time thinking about these issues,; said Claire Nelson. Nelson runs an organization called Urban Consulate. Its housed in a historic house in Midtown Detroit, and brings together economic developers and investors with people who want to start new small businesses in Detroit.Recently, it also began to invite the people who live in those neighborhoods to sit down and talk. Nelson calls the discussions ;parlors.;;Often times when youre talking about development and investment, the people speaking about that are the people who are representing the banks or commercial interests,; Nelson explained.Most of those voices are white.;And so, were trying to flip that a little bit and have the voices leading conversations be more community based, or who are creative artists, or whove been around a little longer, can share some history and context,; Nelson said.Nelson says hearing more diverse voices—people of color who live in the neighborhoods, and their concerns about economic development- has been an eye-opener for some people, including her.She says in the past, she saw segregation as a matter of the white suburbs versus the black city.Now she says she can see segregation up close, at the neighborhood level, because of those talks.Supporting new stores and other developments in this fast-changing area of Detroit has been her work for several years. She says shed been blind to some of the issues that could cause the neighborhood problems, such as rising rents.;I think its been a growing awareness and an ongoing conversation thats helped me see things that I didnt see five years ago. Examples, I guess, would be sources for stories or speakers that weve had, whove for whatever reason had a lot of courage in order to call out some stuff...some BS, and some hypocrisy that I think Ive been immune to, perhaps, before this,; Nelson said. Nelson says being closer to people of color, having private conversations about race, and noting their observations have helped her grow.Longtime Detroit residents such as Kwasi Akwamu want to know whether the new white residents and business owners truly are going to be invested in the city.;How many people are living in the neighborhoods where black people are going through it. I mean, are their children going to the schools, the same challenged schools that we are going to? Are they really experiencing what we experience, and y to mobilize for real change because of that experience?; Akwamu asked.He wants the new white population to recognize the struggles of the current residents.;Its a frustration which sees the disparities, but doesnt fully understand them,; he added.Racism is about white attitudes toward people of color. Its about bigotry, and its about unconscious bias.Lauren Hood says the only way to fix any of that is to talk to people who are subject to it:;In order to move forward, we just have to be fearless in having these conversations.;Support for the Detroit Journalism Cooperative on Michigan Radio comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalisms Michigan Reporting Initiative, the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.201607/457127淮安怎样让男人硬起来The 2016 field2016大选阵势Romney returns罗姆尼回归The list of possible Republican candidates grows longer and more familiar共和党竞选人数越来越多,面孔愈发熟悉WHEN a man wishes to run for president, he no longer announces the fact to voters, or chooses an issue on which to take a stand. Instead, he lets a group of donors know that he is “exploring” the possibility of a bid, as if the campaign trail were some inaccessible region inhabited by polar bears. For Mitt Romney, who told donors on January 9th that he might run again, after months of scoffing at the idea, it is hardly unfamiliar terrain. Should he give it a go, 2016 would see the third Romney presidential campaign (not counting his fathers).一个人即使想要竞选总统,对选民他也会绝口不提,也不会就某事踩定立场,而是放出风声给那些捐助人,让他们知道他正在“招标”,貌似竞选遥遥不可及,还缩在北极熊那旮旯里。而对于罗姆尼,这一场景也是似曾相识,他在1月9号告知捐助人,在几个月的深思熟虑后,他可能决定再度参选。若不算他的父亲,这已经是第三个参选的罗姆尼。Why Mr Romney—a decent man who in 2012 was pounded by adverts painting him as a heartless capitalist and careless pet owner, then denounced as useless by fellow Republicans when he lost—should want to make another attempt on the presidency is a puzzle. Perhaps the best explanation was given by another explorer: because it is there. In very early polling, Mr Romney tops a list of possible Republican candidates so long that it is sometimes quicker to mention who is not running. The likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, currently looks a formidable opponent for any of them, but she has hardly been tested yet and, if she runs, will get little campaigning practice in her partys primary.为何罗姆尼决定再注一掷原因仍然不明,要知道这样一个体面的人在2012年却被媒体渲染成一个没心没肺的资本家,粗心大意的饲养者,铩羽而归之日又被共和党人指责毫无用武之地,也许原因来自一项调查:调查结果显示总统一职几乎手到擒来。早先的投票结果中,罗姆尼位居所有共和党人之首,领先差距之大有时能一眼看出哪些已没希望,而民主党候选人可能是希拉里克林顿,一旦成功几乎是他们所有人最为强劲的对手,但她还没有经过试炼,在初选中获得的经验也是寥寥无几。Also in Mr Romneys favour is his surname. He would begin any campaign with the sort of recognition that costs many millions of dollars. More important, his name is not Bush, which polling suggests is not a popular one among independent voters. Republicans last won the White House without a Bush on the ticket in 1972. But if feelings were to harden against Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida and a fellow 2016 explorer, it would create some space on the business wing of the party, which thought it had found a winner until Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, got into a kerfuffle over a bridge and saw his states bonds downgraded.罗姆尼的姓氏无疑给他赢得了加分,这种认可度作为任何竞选的起点往往会耗资百万,更重要的是它不姓布什,这个姓氏在选民中可不受欢迎,上一次非布什家族的人入主白宫还得追溯到1972年,但如果人们一意抵制杰布布什—佛罗里达前州长及2016参选人,到会给该党经济翼创造更多空间,之前他们也是满心以为胜券在握,但新泽西州州长克里斯克里斯蒂无疑给他们泼了一盆冷水,Were that gap to open, one of Mr Romneys immediate tasks would be to write a campaign book. Even for a life as lively as his, a third autobiography may seem like overkill. Though he is a self-described turnaround specialist, a Romney presidency seems unlikely. But thats what they said about Ronald Reagan, whose first two bids also failed.若差距拉大,那罗姆尼的当务之急便是写一本竞选书籍,但即使他的阅历多姿多,第三本自传也显得叠床架屋,虽然他自称尤擅重张旗鼓,但赢得希望还是十分渺茫。但这也是当年对于里根的主流看法,他前两次竞选均为碰壁。 译文属译生译世 /201501/356221淮安产妇产后两天小腹痛是怎么回事Your selfie shot was the most spectacular,successful thing.你的自拍是上届奥斯卡 最轰动的照片It worked out.- It worked out so well. - It worked out, yeah.效果很好 效果非常好 -是的 是很好And its this horrible dark cloud above my head now.这是密布在我头上的沉沉乌云啊How do you beat the selfie that broke the Internet.你是怎么拍出这张引爆互联网的自拍的Yeah, I dont know. Um, that was so lucky,I mean, that was so..我不知道 运气好吧 我是说 太过Listen.I see that in my nightmares.But heres what you have to know.听这掌声 我做噩梦都梦见这照片 但你要知道Really, you cant plan that.I hoped it would happen.I hoped people would jump in.其实 你没办法事先计划 我希望能这样 我希望大家都被快门记录下来So all you have to do is to have a nugget of a good idea.所以你要做的就是想出一个好点子And if everybody is on board and theyre playing,如果大家觉得这点子不错 愿意参与Whatever your idea is, theyre with you.不管你的点子是什么 他们都会配合你的That was just such a perfect fluke that happened.And I was so lucky.这是个侥幸的成功之作 我太走运了Thats uh... it turned out to be a great thing,And the way, I...Selfies are in my brain.Yeah.这最后成为了经典瞬间 这种方法 我也想用自拍了 挺好的So Im gonna try and do something better I think.You have to. You have to.You do whatever you...也许我得尝试些更棒的点子 你必须这样 必须的 你可以天马行空You can paint them. You can always...You get a...你可以画他们 你可以一直Slowly? -Yeah.Ill slowly paint them.The whole show.The whole show? - Yeah! Everybody together.慢慢画 -是的 整场演出 我就在默默画人 整场 -是的 画个;全家福;Well have to take a break and well play a game after this.Fun.休息一下 广告之后我们来玩个游戏 太好了 /201511/407677淮安哪家人流医院便宜

淮安怎么会怀孕淮安割包皮快吗Britain英国Studying languages学习语言Shout louder再大声一点A woeful approach to language education continues苟延残喘的语言教育THE last time she was recruiting for her export-sales team, Sarah Grain hired a Lithuanian who speaks Russian, Polish and German. Her two previous hires for Eriez Magnetics, which makes industrial equipment in South Wales, were an Italian who also speaks French, and a Venezuelan who speaks Spanish and Portuguese. All of them speak fluent English. “There were no British applicants who had the requisite language skills,” she says.最后一次为自己的海外销售团队招聘,Sarah Grain聘用了一位可讲俄语、波兰语和德语的立陶宛人。她为艺利磁铁—位于南威尔士的一家制造工业设备的公司—先前两次聘用的人分别是会讲法语的意大利人和会讲西班牙语与葡萄牙语的委内瑞拉人。而他们都能说流利的英文。Sarah表示,“没有符合必备语言技能的英国求职者。”Ms Grains conclusion is not unusual for a British company. In 2012 a European Commission survey tested the foreign-language proficiency of 54,000 students aged 14 and 15, in 14 nations. Sweden came top, with 82% of pupils reaching an “independent” or “advanced independent” standard. The average for all 14 states was 42%. England came bottom, with just 9%.Grain女士对一家英国公司的此般结论已经让人见怪不怪了。早在2012年,欧盟委员会就针对来自14个国家、14到15岁年龄不等的54000名学生进行了外语熟练程度的测试。瑞典学生以其中82%的人可达到“灵活使用”和“驾轻就熟”的程度而位居榜首。所有14个国家的平均人数为42%。英国垫底,仅仅有9%。Part of the explanation is that many peoples second language is English, while many Britons continue to believe that, as native speakers of the lingua mundi, they do not need to bother with foreign languages. They may be right—in terms of communication. But it means that, not only are they missing out on much cultural interaction, they may also be harming their own job prospects.部分原因是许多人的第二外语就是英语,这也是大部分英国人始终坚信的事,而作为以lingua mundi为母语的人,他们着实无需为外语而烦心。他们可能是对的——从沟通方面来说。但这却意味着他们不仅会错失多文化交流机会,也会危及到他们的工作前景。They have not been helped by the educational policies of successive governments. In 2004 Tony Blairs Labour government abolished the requirement to learn a language after the age of 14, causing the numbers taking a language GCSE exam at 16 to fall by half in state schools over the next seven years.历届政府的教育政策并未使他们获益。2004年,托尼布莱尔的工党政府废除了年满14岁就要学习一门语言的要求,此举直接导致之后的七年,公立学校的学生在语言方面GCSE(普通中等教育书)考试的通过率直降一半。Concerned about this rapid decline, the coalition government brought in a new performance indicator called the English Baccalaureate, or EBacc, in 2011. A modern language was one of its five core disciplines. Language teachers—an embattled breed—rejoiced. The number of students entering a GCSE language exam in 2013, the first year the changes took effect, rose by 20% (see chart).考虑到人数骤降,联合政府在2011年颁布了一项名为英国文凭书(EBacc)的技能指标。现代语言是5个核心学科之一。语言老师——随时严阵以待的一群人—都欣喜若狂。新指标颁布后第一年就见成效,2013年参加GCSE语言考试的学生人数增长了20%。Now, however, those gains could be lost, as the government has seemingly loosened the requirement. From 2016, under a new initiative called Progress 8, it has extended the number of core subjects to eight, appearing to make learning a language voluntary. This has pleased some teachers, who felt the EBacc was too narrow, but linguists are aghast.但是现在,随着政府对此项要求的逐渐放松,这些成绩可能会慢慢丢失。自2016年起,在一项名为Progress 8(8步走)的新倡议下,核心学科扩展至8门,这一举措使得语言学习更自主化。这让部分老师十分欣喜,他们认为Ebacc范围狭窄,而语言学家却对此举大为震惊。The decline of languages at GCSE has inevitably had an effect higher up the academic food chain. Though the number of those studying languages to A Level—the exams taken at 18—will increase thanks to the GCSE cohort of 2013-14, it is likely to fall back again. French and German are half as popular as they were 20 years ago. The number of universities offering language degrees has fallen, too: by 50% for German and 40% for French since 1998. The number offering Spanish has also fallen. Degrees in other languages, such as Chinese and Arabic, are becoming more popular, but they are still rare.GCSE中语言的减少,不可避免的会对提高学术竞争有所影响。尽管随着2013-14年GCSE的人气回温,那些语言学习高达A级—18岁方可参与的考试—的人数将会增加,但它仍可能再次降低。相较于20年前,法国和德国的人数已降了一半。提供语言学位的大学数量也已减少:自1998年起,德国减少了50%,法国减少了40%。提供西班牙语学习的学校也已减少。其他语种学位,比如汉语和阿拉伯语,正变得越来越多,但它们依然很稀缺。The economy and the labour market bear the consequences. In 2012 the British Chambers of Commerce found, in a survey of 8,000 British companies, that 96% had no foreign-language speakers. First-time exporters cited language as a barrier to entering international markets.经济和劳工市场直接承担此般后果。在2012年,英国商会发现,在一份涉及8000家英国公司的调查中,有96%的公司都没有会外语的人。首次试水的出口商将外语定为打入国际市场的一大障碍。Though Britain makes up 12% of the population of the EU, less than 5% of EU civil servants in Brussels are British. Not enough Britons can fulfil the language requirement of being able to work in French or German. And even if monoglot Brits can get jobs at multinationals, claims Richard Hardie, non-executive chairman of the British arm of UBS, a bank, “the chances of getting to the top if you only have English are much lower than before”.虽然英国占欧盟总人口的12%,但在布鲁塞尔担任欧盟公务员的英国人却少于总人数的5%。没有完全合格的英国人能够满足可在法国或德国工作的要求。而且即使只会单一语言的英国人在跨国公司工作,来自瑞银集团—一家—英国分公司的理查德·哈迪表示,“若你只会讲英语,那么你能高升的机会相比于以前已经大大降低了。”This lack of language skills also lowers growth. By exactly how much is hard to say, but one estimate, by James Foreman-Peck of Cardiff University, puts the “gross language effect” (the income foregone because language barriers alter and reduce international trade) in 2012 as high as £59 billion ( billion), or 3.5% of GDP.语言技能的缺乏也降低了增长。很难精确到用多少来说明,但是据卡迪夫大学James Foreman-Peck估计, “恶劣的语言效应”(由于语言障碍改变和减少了国际贸易)给2012年带来高达590亿英镑(合900美元),或是3.5%的国内生产总值的损失。In the linguistic gloom, there are a few bright spots. Some British universities are moving away from literature-based degrees towards joint degrees linked to practical subjects such as law or business studies. Some scientists are learning languages outside their course requirements to make themselves more employable.在幽暗的语言世界,有些许明亮之处。部分英国大学正在从以文学导向的学位转变至与类似法律和商业学习的实践学科关联的联合学位。一些科学家正在学习他们学科需求之外的语言,这会使他们更加称职。Meanwhile, in September 2014 the government mandated that all primary schools must teach a language. Getting children started at a young age is admirable. But, with so few language graduates coming out of universities, who is going to teach them ?与此同时,政府在 2014年9月要求所有的小学都要教授语言。让孩子们在幼龄时期接受语言教育是极好的。但是,从大学走出的语言学毕业生几近为零,谁又能来教他们呢?译者:张娣 校对:石海霞 译文属译生译世 /201503/362466According to the 2015 census, Japans population dropped by nearly a million people in the last five years.根据2015年人口普查,在过去的五年里,日本人口下降了近一百万。Japans population in 2010 stood at 128 million, and has dropped to 127 million people.日本人口在2010年为1亿2800万,目前已减少到1亿2700万。Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is trying to boost birth rates in a country with a slowing economy.日本经济放缓,首相安倍晋三试图提高出生率。But experts say even his target of 1.8 children per woman may not be enough to prevent population from falling under 100 million people.但专家表示,每位妇女生育1.8个孩子的目标可能不足以防止人口下降到1亿以下。Without a substantial increase in the birthrate or looser immigration policies, the population is forecast to fall to about 108 million by 2050 and to 87 million by 2060.没有出生率的大幅增长或宽松的移民政策,人口预计在2050年大约下降至1亿800万,到2060年至8700万。译文属。201602/428366淮安冠状沟有颗粒I just wanted to say I love you and the person writes back,Oh babe, I love you too so much我只想说我爱你 那个人回 哦 宝贝儿 我也爱你If I could, Id buy you a casket then Gah A castle Damn auto correct Way to ruin a moment如果我能 我想给你买口棺材 然后 啊 是城堡 坑爹的联想功能 害死我了I definitely do not want you in a casket.Hello like it just gone.castle not casket我绝不是想送你进棺材 还在么 好像气没影了 是城堡不是棺材啊imagine you are just just gone about your day on this phone and your dad想象一下你今天都要过完了 然后你爸爸you got text from your dad and it says this Your mom and I are going to divorce next month你收到你爸爸的短信 写着 你妈妈和我打算下个月离婚and then the person says what why call me please and then I wrote Disney and this phone changed it那个人回 啊 怎么会 速回电 然后 我写的迪士尼 手机给改了we are going to Disney its not divorce no我们要去的是迪士尼 不是离婚 不是this is from somebody who is texting their aunt and it seems normal at first这条是一个人给阿姨发的短信 一开始很正常hi aunt Liz are you still going to pick us at 6:15 for the movie tonight嗨 Liz阿姨 你六点十五分来接我们去看电影吗Hi Michelle, Yes I will be there in about 45 minutes.Im just heating up some ladybits for your fatherMichelle你好 我四十五分钟后到 我正和你爸爸嘿咻嘿咻热身呢Wow I definitely meant leftovers is what they meant啊呀 我绝对说的是热剩菜 他们这是在搞什么啊my question about this one is why does the phone know the word ladybits.where does that come from我的问题是 手机怎么会知道“Ladybits”这个词的 从哪冒出来的啊I love these if you have any good please sent it to me.sent them to my ladybits if you like or my website我爱这些故事 如果你有比较经典的 就发给我 可以的话 发给我的“ladybits” 或者我的网站when we come back our very first guest of season nine and possibly very naked Ashton Kutcher will be sitting right there等我们回来的时候 第九季的首位嘉宾 很可能全裸出场的Ashton Kutcher将会坐在这里 /201605/443910淮安来月经是血块怎么回事

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