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1.Where the taxi stand?出租车停靠站在哪里?.Get a taxi me,will you?帮我叫一辆出租车好吗?3.Is this cab available?这辆是空车吗?.Take me to the airport,please.请开到机场5.Turn left at the corner and go straight on.在转弯处向左转,然后一直往前走6.Please stop bee that intersection.请在那个交叉口前停车7.I want to take a picture of that bridge.Wait here a second,please.我想在那座桥照相,请在此稍等一会儿,好吗?8.What the fare?多少钱?9.Please keep the change.不用找零了.Please take me to Fisherman Wharf?请送我去渔人码头好吗?.Okay,maam.好的,夫人.How much is it?要多少钱?.Three dollars.3美元.Here it is.Keep the change.请收好,不必找了.Thanks.谢谢 185

Your passport will expire 护照将要过期A: Please show me your passport, sir.先生,请出示你的护照B: Yes, here you are.好的,给你A: Are you here on business?你是来办公吗?B: Yes. We are going to London on business.是的,我要去伦敦办公室A: How long will you be staying in UK totally?你一共在英国要待多久啊?B: About two weeks.大约两周吧A: Id like to remind you of one thing, sir. Your passport expires in days.我要提醒你一件事,先生你的护照要在天后过期了B: Goodness, you said it. I never thought of it when I left Tokyo.天啊,真的啊离开东京时,我没有想到这一点啊A: Youll be back in Tokyo then, wont you?那时候你就回东京了,是不是?B: I should be. But it still wouldnt have occurred to me that I need to renew my passport if you hadnt pointed it out to me. I really need a new one.应该是如果不是你提醒的话,我真记不得我需要更新护照了我的确需要一个新的了A: Have a pleasant stay in UK.希望你在英国过得愉快内容来自: 395



  A: I came to this lab to have my blood drawn.B: You are in the right place. Roll up your left sleeve and have a seat.A: What am I being tested ?B: Your doctor wants to know what your white blood cell count is.A: What does my white blood cell count tell him?B: Usually if your white count is off, the doctor suspects an infection.A: How much will it hurt?B: It is only a pin prick. I have to put this tourniquet on your arm to make the vein easier to find.A: Is that my blood going into that tube?B: That blood that just filled the tube is all that I needed. Thanks coming in!

  Seattleis rarely the first US city that comes to Chinese minds. In fact, few people could probably tell Washington state from Washington DC.一提起美国的城市,很少有中国人会首先想到西雅图其实,很多中国人可能根本分不清华盛顿州和华盛顿特区的区别Two romantic comedy films have irrevocably shaped the image of Xiyatu, as the city is known in Mandarin, among the Chinese public, and as a result it would not be a stretch to say Seattle is seen as the American capital of romance, somewhat akin to how the world perceives Paris.两部浪漫喜剧无疑塑造了西雅图在中国公众心里的形象,可以毫不夸张地说,西雅图被国人视为美国浪漫之都,有几分类似世界对巴黎的看法In Sleepless in Seattle, Nora Ephron 1993 runaway hit, Tom Hanks character, Sam, moves with his young son from Chicago to Seattle a fresh start after the death of his wife. The movie portrays the largest city in the Pacific Northwest not as a canyon of high-rises, but as a bohemian enclave of artists and designers, which possibly did not impress Chinese at the time.在诺拉·艾芙伦1993年执导的热门电影《西雅图夜未眠中,山姆(汤姆·汉克斯饰)在妻子离世后带着年幼的儿子从芝加哥搬到西雅图,寻求一个新生活的开始影片将这座美国太平洋西北地区最大的城市塑造成了一个放荡不羁的艺术家和设计师的聚居之处,而非高楼林立之都当时或许并未给中国观众留下什么印象This image may have been altered recently by the screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, which is largely set in the Seattle area and includes frequent aerial shots and the less-than-tasteful flaunting of wealth and kinky sex.最近上映的小说改编影片《五十度灰可能改变了人们对西雅图的认识这部影片取景地大部分在西雅图,包含很多航拍、低俗的炫富和性虐的元素The narrative setup in Sleepless is almost Chinese to the core: Sam and Annie, played by Meg Ryan, fall in love bee actually meeting each other in the flesh. Imagine all those Chinese couples in arranged marriages who were denied the right to face-to-face encounters bee their wedding night. This story could have been their silver lining and inspiration.《西雅图夜未眠叙事设定很中式:山姆和安妮(梅格·瑞恩饰)在素未谋面的情况下就相爱了试想那些接受包办婚姻的中国夫妇,在新婚之夜前都没有见面的权利这部影片有可能给他们带来了一线希望和鼓舞By contrast, the Chinese movie Finding Mr. Right- the title in Mandarin translates as Beijing Meets Seattle - is very Hollywood in its dramatic arc. The sleeper hit employs the opposites-attract strategy: Boy meets girl and nothing works out, but we know theyll end up together because weve been conditioned by the genre.相较之下,中国影片《北京遇上西雅图则极具好莱坞戏剧的风格这部年的票房黑马采用了异性相吸的故事策略:男主与女主相遇却没有走到一起,但是我们知道他们最终一定会在一起,因为我们早已习惯了这种题材Like with Sleepless, the boy and girl in this story are no youngsters in puppy love. Frank, played by Wu Xiubo, is similar to Sam in that he has a child from a previous marriage, but Tang Wei Jiajia has nothing in common with Annie. She is a gold digger who is in Seattle to give birth to a child by her wealthy, married boyfriend. The father, who remains unseen, is a symbol of the nouveau riche, whose opulent residence stands in sharp contrast to middle-class living in the Emerald City.与《西雅图夜未眠一样,这部影片中的男女主角并非初涉爱情的年轻人吴秀波扮演的弗兰克同山姆一样,带着一个跟前妻生的孩子;不过汤唯饰演的佳佳和安妮的经历完全不同她是个拜金女,来到西雅图是为了给已婚的富豪男友生子孩子的父亲是暴发户的象征,并未在影片中露面他豪华的住宅与西雅图中产阶级的住所形成鲜明的对比 financial reasons, the movie was actually shot in Vancouver, while the generic English title does not even hint at the promotional power of a movie that made 500 million yuan ( million) at the box office in China.由于预算原因,影片实际上是在温哥华拍摄的而这部在中国的票房收入达到5亿元人民币(合7800万美元)的影片的通用英文标题也完全没有显示出这部影片会有何等的广告效应The movie Finding Mr. Right is predominantly set in Seattle and even references Ephron classic when the female protagonist is questioned by a US immigration officer who waves her in as another Sleepless pilgrim.《北京遇上西雅图的故事背景主要设定在西雅图,美国入境处官员向女主角挥手、准许她入境的情节借鉴了艾芙伦执导的影片的经典桥段,也是对《西雅图不眠夜的又一处致敬The movie, also written and directed by a woman, is neither a remake nor a sequel to the 1993 classic, but it pays almost slavish homage by setting the final scene in New York Empire State Building. If I were the mayor of Seattle, I would have persuaded director Xue Xiaolu to change the location to the Space Needle, which would have cemented the city reputation as a magnet true love.这部影片的编剧兼导演薛晓路也是一名女性但该片并非那部1993年经典电影的重制或续集,但是影片将最后一幕场景设在纽约的帝国大厦,几乎是对经典最原汁原味的致敬如果我是西雅图的市长,我一定会说薛晓路将最后的拍摄场地改到太空针塔,那么这座城市的真爱磁铁之名就会更加巩固了It may not have been necessary anyway. There was reportedly a spike in the number of Chinese tourists in Seattle after the movie was released, and that enthusiasm is unlikely to abate anytime soon, with a sequel on the way next year.也许大可不必这样做据报道,影片上映后前往西雅图的中国游客数量激增而明年《北京遇上西雅图即将上映,这股热情近期不太可能减退 065

  Authorities in Ghana busted a fake US embassy in the capital Accra run by a criminal network that a decade issued illegally obtained authentic visas, the US State Department said.美国国务院表示,加纳当局查封了一家冒牌美国使馆该使馆位于加纳首都阿克拉,由一个犯罪团伙;运营;,发放非法获取的真实签达年之久The crime ring issued fraudulently obtained but legitimate US visas and false identification documents, including birth certificates at a cost of ,000 each, the State Department said in a statement.美国国务院在一份声明中称,该犯罪团伙发放骗取的合法美国签以及假的身份明文件,如出生明,价格是每份6000美元;It was not operated by the ed States government, but by figures from both Ghanaian and Turkish organised crime rings and a Ghanaian attorney practicing immigration and criminal law.;“该冒牌使馆不是由美国政府经营的,而是由来自加纳、土耳其的犯罪组织,还有一名加纳从事移民和刑法业务的法官操纵的”During raids, authorities also seized authentic and counterfeit Indian, South African and Schengen Zone visas and 0 passports from different countries.突击搜查期间,加纳当局还缴获真假混杂的印度、南非和申根区签和0本分属个不同国家的护照The statement did not say how the gang obtained the authentic visas. And the State Department did not say how many people were believed to have illegally entered the ed States and other countries using visas issued by the crime ring.不过该声明并未提到该团伙是如何获得真实签的此外,美国国务院也并未说明有多少人是使用由该犯罪团伙发出的签,非法潜入美国及其他国家的Investigations also uncovered a fake Dutch embassy, the State Department said.美国国务院称,调查人员还发现了一家冒牌荷兰使馆 8789

  5.Amputate Limbs5.断枝的植物们Trees cannot heal a physical wound like a human does. In order to remain healthy and alive, a tree needs to be energy-efficient, and recovery is just an unafdable drain on resources. Instead of applying a Band-Aid and mustering up some healing, the plant blocks off all life to the injured part, effectively abandoning it. The benefits of this are twofold. Not only does this shut the door solidly in the face of nasties that could further infect the entire tree, but it can now spend its valuable energy on new growth somewhere else.树木在受伤以后并没有类似于我们人类的免疫自愈能力所以为了图谋生存,他们除了增强自身免疫别无选择取而代之,与贴个绷带愈合伤口不一样,植物一旦出现伤口,会自动放弃拯救这给它们带来的好处是双倍的,一方面,它可以防止外界尘埃的进入,进而制止其破坏整个植物结构;另一方面,这样有利于将有价值的能量转移到新生长的地方However, amputation is not a fail-safe survival switch. Sometimes, a wound is just too large or infected, and sickness and rot eventually kill off the tree. But when it does work, the damaged cells start the process through leaking their contents which then oxidize and m the lifesaving barrier. As time passes, the wound will eventually close up as every year new growth ms around it.然而,植物截肢并不是一种从死亡向幸存的过渡有时候,伤口过大容易引起感染,病毒不断侵入,直至植物丧命而当真正奏效之时,被破坏的细胞组织耗散那些即将氧化的成分,形成保护生命的物质随着时间的流逝,伤口会最终愈合,植物又会迎来新一年的生长.They Have Audible Angst.可听见的;焦虑;French scientists have recorded a sound trees make when they undergo drought stress. They dont ask a cup of tea in a parched voice—oh, no—trees get weird. They bubble. But by the time theyre bloop-blooping somewhere in the ultrasonic range, a dangerous process is aly occurring that can prove fatal to the unlucky bubbler.法国科学家在树木遭受干旱的时候记录下了它们发出的声音我指的可不是它们因为天气炎热而想要通过发出嘶哑的声音得到杯茶,这样的树会吓死人的它们只是在风的作用下随意发出一些不规则的声音但是,正是在它们发出那些在超声波范围内的噪音时,一些危险且致命的事情也在同时发生在这些不幸的小家伙身上To get water to all of their extremities, trees suck the lifesaving liquid—under the pressure of several atmospheres—through special tubes called xylem. During a drought, the plant must increase this pressure but, in doing so, air bubbles m that can interfere with the water flow, and these are the stress sounds now audible to the right microphone. Scientists call the phenomena ;cavitations; and, since too many cavitations can kill trees—sometimes endangering valuable plantations—it crucial to know when they start. The French scientists are aiming to eventually create a device that can capture this ultrasonic noise in order to alert est managers when a tree needs an emergency watering or even automatically activate a watering device.在许多极端环境下,为了尽它们最大的努力得到水,树木通过叫做木质部(xylem)的特殊导管汲取维持生命的水分尤其在旱季期间,植物汲取水分的压力更加大,但是,与此同时,空气也产生阻碍水流通的气泡正是这些相互影响的气流压力使得我们能通过麦克风听到树的;焦虑;科学家把这种现象称为;气穴现象;(Cavitation)因为经历太多;气穴现象;对许多珍贵植物有害,所以知道这种现象发生前的时间非常重要法国科学家正致力于发明一种能够捕捉到这个超声波噪音的装置,并将其用于敦促森林管理员在树木缺水的时候给予紧急补水他们更想要的是这种装置能够在树木需要时自动启动补水功能3.Molecular Memory3.分子记忆During a study of genetically identical poplar trees, researchers found that the specimens responded to their present environment based on what individuals had gone through in the past, pointing to some sort of memory at a molecular level. Researchers took stem cuttings from poplars and, apart from the fact that the cuttings came from two different nurseries, everything else about the experiment that followed was identical. The genes of the cuttings, species, and environment in which they were raised were all the same to allow researchers to notice any difference in reaction. And they got it.在一项对基因相同的杨树的研究当中,研究者发现这些样本对当下环境的反应跟它们过去遭受过的环境有很大关系,这在一定程度上明了杨树具有分子记忆研究者从这些杨树中抽取枝干作为样本,除了来自两个不同的培养区,来到实验室后它们所有的实验因素都是相同的样本的基因、种类以及培养环境都是一样的,以便于研究者及时发现区别他们得到了结果Simulating drought some while watering the rest, the scientists expected the poplars to all react the same since they were in effect genetic clones. But the trees from Alberta activated a different group of genes in response to the ;drought; than the poplars obtained from Saskatchewan. This pointed to the plants ;remembering; where they came from.通过在实验室内模拟干燥和湿润两种环境情况,研究者期望这些杨树产生的反应都是一样的,因为它们属于同一个基因群但是,取自于亚伯达(Alberta)的柳树枝因对过去干燥环境的;记忆;产生了一组与取自于萨斯喀彻温省(Saskatchewan)的不同的基因这就很好地明了植物能够;记得;它们是从哪来的.Language Of Leaves.树叶的语言Perhaps ;leaves; is the wrong word here. Trees do not use sign language with their foliage to greet each other in the morning—that would just freak everybody out. Communication between trees happens subtly and below ground. Suzanne Simard, a est ecologist, has made the unprecedented discovery that est trees communicate and share resources with each other via their roots. With the help of symbiotic fungi, trees can actually feed seedlings with the nutrients the youngsters need to survive.或许;树叶;在这里是错误的词语在早晨,树不会用手语对它们的叶子打招呼,那只会使叶子极度兴奋树木之间的交流在地下隐隐约约地发生一位名叫苏珊娜·西玛德(Suzanne Simard)的森林生态学家做出了新奇的发现,那就是森林里的树木通过它们的根互相交流和分享资源事实上,在共生真菌的帮助下,树木可以向幼苗提供;年轻人;赖以存活的营养This fungal network also allows bigger trees the opporty to swap necessities like water and carbon with other trees, depending on their needs. Simard also identified the phenomenon of ;mother trees;—the really old and massive trees in a est. Not only are mother trees connected to all the other trees, but they seem to be the heartbeat of the woodland. They control and dispense resources through the massive fungal web and, when such a matriarch is chopped down, younger trees face a reduced survival rate.取决于树木的需要,这种由真菌引起的网络关联也允许更大的树和其它树交换水和碳这样的必需品的机会西玛德也发现了一种在森林里又年老又壮大的;母亲树;的现象母亲树不仅与其它树相联系,它们似乎还是森林的脉搏它们通过庞大的真菌联系网控制和分配资源,当这样的女统治者被砍掉,幼树的存活率降低1.Arson As A Competitive Edge1.作为竞争优势的纵火Wryly nicknamed ;gasoline trees,; the popular eucalyptus tree is almost designed to prepare the groundwork a devastating bush fire. Their broad ribbons of dry, peeling bark create tinder all over the place, made even more dangerous by the extremely flammable oil it produces.受欢迎的桉树被嘲讽地称为;汽油树;,它几乎是为了准备毁灭性的丛林大火而设计的它们那宽阔干燥的带状物脱落树皮为各地创造火种,这使得极度易燃的精油生产甚至变得更加危险This combination is what makes this tree the firefighter archenemy because it can turn a manageable ground fire into an uncontrollable firestorm in minutes. In 1991, over 3,000 homes and 5 lives were lost after eucalyptus trees caught fire throughout the Oakland Hills of Calinia. After such sweeping wildfires, eucalyptus babies thrive without a problem. During their first couple of years, the young trees will grow intensively, sometimes at the cost of other species that cant keep up. Despite their arsonist nature, eucalyptus trees remain coveted their strange beauty, fast growth, and prized essential oil.这种组合的树成为消防员的大敌,因为它可以把一个可控制的地面火力在数分钟内转变为无法控制的风暴火1991年,在桉树起火席卷加利福尼亚奥克兰山之后,超过3000个家庭和5条人命没有了在发生这样彻底的野火后,对桉树;婴儿们;的茁壮成长没有影响在它们最初的几年中,年轻的树集中生长,有时以其它物种跟不上生长的步伐为代价尽管它们有纵火犯的本质,桉树因其独特的美,生长快速和珍贵的精油仍然被人觊觎翻译:哈利小王子 前十网 71


  5.Strawberry Poison Dart Frog5.草莓箭毒蛙The Scare Factor: At first glance, these amphibians dont seem dangerous; in fact, you can even call them ;cute.; But if you try to sink your predator teeth into a strawberry poison dart frog… Well, let just say it might be the last thing youll ever do. Also, even if you survive, youll have to deal with paralysis, tissue death and other unpleasant side effects of toxins present in this frog skin.恐怖指数:一眼望去,这些两栖动物似乎无害;事实上,你甚至觉得它们很漂亮但是如果你胆敢去招惹它的话,那好吧,那将会是你在世界上做的最后一件事情当然,假使你侥幸存活,你也要处理麻醉、组织死亡的问题,以及来自箭毒蛙皮肤毒素的负面影响The Care Factor: Granted, females of this species arent very productive, since they can only lay up to five eggs at a time. However, they make up it with parental habits unusual frogs: The mother deposits each egg at a separate location, comes back to them every few days, and feeds them unfertilized food eggs. (To be fair, this is done to prevent the tadpoles from cannibalizing each other, but you still have to give Mom points going through all that trouble.) Once the tadpoles hatch, theyre left on their own to grow and terrorize predators with their brightly-colored skins of death.爱心指数:当然,这类雌性毒箭蛙并不多产,一次仅能产五个卵子然而,它们会弥补自身与其他平常的蛙类的不同:雌性毒箭蛙会将每一个卵子分别放置,过一段时间再来看它们,给它们喂食未受精的卵子(公平地说,这样做是为了蝌蚪互相蚕食但你仍要给雌蛙一点分数,以称赞它们以此度过那样的困境)一旦蝌蚪开始孵化,雌蛙就会离开,让幼蛙独立成长,并用自己色泽光亮、蕴含毒素的皮肤吓退捕食者.Killer Whale.杀人鲸The Scare Factor: ;Killer; sounds about right this powerful marine animal. As predators of whales, seals, and even great white sharks, killer whales managed to propel themselves to the top of the ocean food chain, and stay there. The fact that their intelligence rivals ours is worrisome too; what if they eventually figure out how to use their flippers to walk on land? ( now, let be thankful evolution works really, really slowly.)恐怖指数:对最凶猛的海洋动物来说,;杀手;是它最合适的称谓作为白鲸、海豹、甚至是大白鲨的天敌,杀人鲸努力地挤上海洋食物链的顶端,并稳居不下它们的智力可与人类相竞争,这是一个堪忧的事实最终如果它们想出如何用脚蹼在陆地上行走,将会怎样呢?(那么暂时,让我们感谢进化之缓慢吧!)The Care Factor: Then again, Mother Nature probably wanted to downplay the orcas fearsome reputation, seeing as she made ;Momma BoysGirls; out of killer whale calves. In particular, studies have found that male orcas stay with their mothers well into their 30s to boost their chances of survival. The same goes female orcas, though to a much lesser extent. Makes you wonder whether orca moms grumble about their adult children, too.爱心指数:其次,大自然可能想淡化虎鲸这种吓人的名声,让幼虎鲸成为妈妈疼爱的小宝贝儿特别是,雄虎鲸会在它们的妈妈身边停留30年,以提高它们的生存机率雌虎鲸也同样会这样,即使只有很小一部分会这样这让你想知道这些虎鲸妈妈是否也会对她们的成年孩子发牢骚3.Walrus3.海象The Scare Factor: Seriously, would you want to be anywhere near a walrus? Even if it cant skewer you with its distinct tusks (which, by the way, have been known to kill polar bears), you can still get squished under its ,00 lb frame if youre unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. (Like some of their own calves, instance.)恐怖指数:说真的,你会愿意靠近海象吗?即使它不能用独特的獠牙刺穿你(顺便说一下,它的獠牙是杀死北极熊的利器),但如果你很不幸地在错的时间和地点里出现,仍会被它00磅的体重给压扁(就像一些它们自己的孩子)The Care Factor: tunately, walrus mothers know the extent of their Powers of Squish. They let their calves sit on their backs to protect them from predators, and from other lumbering walruses who dont know any better. Also, they nurse their children til the latter are two years old, while teaching them valuable life skills like hunting food – and maybe being nice to the other walruses.爱心指数:幸运的是,海象妈妈熟知自己能压扁的力量范畴它们让它们的幼儿坐在自己的背上,保护它们免受捕食者的伤害,也保护它们不被那些一无是处的笨重海象压到同时,它们把它们的孩子照料到两岁,教它们一些有价值的生存技巧,比如猎食和更友好地与其他海象相处.Vampire Bat.吸血蝙蝠The Scare Factor: If Dracula had a real-life incarnation other than Vlad Tepes, hed be a vampire bat. As their name implies, vampire bats feed exclusively on blood – which includes that of humans. Even if they dont have the ability to turn victims into soulless, bloodthirsty creatures like themselves, vampire bats are infamous sping rabies wherever they live.恐怖指数:如果德拉库拉除了费德拉·特彼斯之外还有一个真实化身的话,那就是吸血蝙蝠正如它们的名字所暗示的那样,吸血蝙蝠专以血液为食,其中也包括人类的血液尽管它们不能给受害者造成致命的伤害,像吸血蝙蝠这样的嗜血生物却因他们在其生存的地方传播狂犬病而臭名昭著The Care Factor: Because blood is surprisingly scarce as a food source, vampire bat mothers have to make up it by regurgitating congealed blood their hungry, helpless pups. This goes on several months, until the pups become old enough to hunt on their own. If a pup loses his mother too early, he can expect to be well-cared by his mother roostmates, since vampire bats are known to adopt orphans. Who knew these unholy creatures are capable of something so noble?爱心指数:因为血是极其稀有的一种食物种类,雌吸血蝙蝠必须吐出凝结的血液来喂养它们的幼儿,直到幼儿成长到可以自己猎食为止,这样的状况需持续几个月如果一个幼儿过早的丧失了它的母亲,它有望由它母亲的室友所照料,因为吸血蝙蝠向来因收养孤儿而著称谁会知道这些罪恶的生物从事着如此高贵的事呢?1.Earwig1.土蚣The Scare Factor: Earwigs get their name from their alleged habit of burrowing into people ears. While ;alleged; is in that previous sentence a reason, there no denying that these insects are unsettling to look at – what with their resemblance to cockroaches wielding ;pincer derrieres; and all.恐怖指数:土蚣这一名称源于传闻中它们钻入人耳的习性虽说是传闻,但当人们看向那些与有着相似的;钳子臀部;的昆虫时,无疑会感到不安The Care Factor: Generally, solitary insects arent skilled in the parenting department. The earwig an exception, though; the mother takes care of her 0 to 5 eggs by warming, protecting, and clearing them of fungi. She also feeds them her own saliva and regurgitated food, until they molt a second time and are y to take off on their own. In case she dies bee her offspring are fully grown, she still ;takes care; of them by letting them feed on her corpse. Now that a hardcore mother!爱心指数:通常来说,独居的昆虫不会在抚育儿女这一环节中死亡,而土蚣却是个例外土蚣妈妈通常用孵化、保护、清理卵上的真菌的方式来照料四十至五十个卵,它也用自己的唾液及嚼碎的食物来喂养幼儿,直到它们第二次蜕皮或可以自己蜕皮为止假使在她的后代完全长大之前土蚣妈妈死了,它仍然会通过它的尸体来喂养幼儿,这是真正的铁杆母亲! 7

  A batch of well-designed cultural calendars were hot sellers at the end of the year and now posting photos of the calendars has become a new fad on social networks.去年年末,一批设计精美的文化日历成为热销品现在,在社交网络上张贴这些日历的照片已经成为了一种新的时尚According to Beijing Evening News, the cultural calendars, with creative designs, inmative content and delicate printing, are mostly priced from 60 to 0 yuan. Though the price is a little higher than most traditional datebooks, these editions are selling quite well this year.据北京晚报报道,这些文艺日历设计别致、内容丰富、印刷精美,价格一般为60至0元虽然价格会比多数传统日历贵一点,但是今年这些款式的销量非常好More than 50,000 volumes of the Palace Museum datebook were sold on the Nov Singles Day last year, and since then it has remained a best-seller among the art books on JD.com, an online marketplace.在去年月日光棍节,《故宫日历()共计卖出至少50000册,从那以后,在网上超市京东网,它一直是最畅销的艺术书籍In addition to the Palace Museum datebook, other cultural calendars, such as Calendar: Beauty of Chinese Characters, the Red Chamber Dream calendar and the Penguins Wall Calendar also have been quite popular on the market. Several cultural calendars are among the Sanlian Taofen Bookstore list of bestsellers. The Red Chamber Dream calendar was voted as one of the top good books of in the Zhonghua Book Company online poll, which surprised the publisher.除了《故宫日历,其他的文化日历,比如《日历:汉字之美、《红楼梦日历、《企鹅新年挂历等也在市面上非常畅销中华书局举行的十佳图书网上评选中,《红楼梦日历也入选十佳,令出版商大感意外Though the cultural calendars are a return to traditions, designers are racking their brains to make the calendars appear more attractive.尽管文化日历是中华传统的回归,设计师们也仍在绞尽脑汁,使日历更能人眼球At the same time, many people are also posting the photos of their cultural calendars on social networks with their comments, which have evoked memories of traditional knowledge.与此同时,网友们在社交网络上所晒的对文化日历照片的相关,也唤起了人们对传统文化的记忆 03

  导购口语:Can I help you?我能帮您什么吗?May I help you?您需要什么?What can I do you?有什么需要的嘛?语句:以上三个句型可以相互替换这三个句子其实表达的是一个意思,多种翻译方法是为了更加丰富地呈现句子所表达的实质内容可以从语言上看出,外国人要表达顾客“想买点什么”的意思,说得更加委婉与得体情景再现:A: May I help you, sir?A:能为您效劳吗,先生?B:Yes. Im looking a T-shirt.B:是的,我想买件T恤衫A: Let me show you some T-shirts. How do you like this one?A:我给您介绍几件T恤,这件怎么样? 183630

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