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  • Archaeologists in France have unearthed the extraordinarily well-preserved corpse of a 17th-century noblewoman -- still dressed in her dress, bonnet and shoes。法国考[微]古学家发掘一具17世界贵妇遗骸,遗体上依旧穿着长袍以及鞋帽,保存完好。A team from the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research discovered the body when they pried open her lead coffin during a rescue excavation on the construction site of a new conference center in Rennes in northwestern France。在法国西北城市雷恩的新会议中心建筑工地上,法国国家考古人员研究所的一组人员在抢救性挖掘时发现了这具遗体,并撬开了这座铅质棺椁。;When we opened the coffin (we) saw a body, a lot of volume of fabric, the shoes,; said anthropologist Rozenn Colleter, who is part of the team. ;We didn’t know how well-preserved she was until we scanned her.;“打开棺椁,我们看到了遗骸,里面还有大量织物和鞋子,”小组成员考古学家罗森·柯莱特说道,“我们并不知道她到底保存的怎样,只有等到扫面之后。”Colleter describes her as a ;natural mummy -- particularly well preserved.;柯莱特描述到“自然木乃伊——保存十分完好”。Inscriptions allowed the archaeologists to identify the nearly intact body as belonging to Louise de Quengo, Lady of Brefeillac, who died in 1656.考古学家根据碑文基本上可以确定这具遗体的主人很可能是露易·迪昂古(Louise de Quengo),死于1656年。Louise was buried in a cape, serge wool dress and plain shirt and leather mules with cork soles. Her face was covered with a shroud, two bonnets and a hood。迪昂古的遗体上穿着披肩,粗缝毛衣,粗布衬衫,软木底皮革穆勒鞋。她的头上戴着帽子,脸上蒙着面纱。Her lead coffin was first opened in March 2014. It was -- among approximately 800 graves -- found at the site, which has housed the Convent of the Jacobins since the 12th century。她的棺椁于2014年3月首次打开。自12世纪起,这里是雅各宾派的修道院,在大约800多坟墓中,发现了她的墓地。A lead reliquary containing the heart of her husband, Toussaint de Perrien, who died in 1649 was also discovered nearby。在一个铅质圣骨匣里,发现了她丈夫特桑·佩雷(Toussaint Perrien)的心脏,他死于1649年,就在她的旁边。Once the coffin was open, the team had to rush to preserve her body。一旦打开棺椁,工作人员需要立刻保护遗体。A unique set of circumstances had preserved the corpse for hundreds of years, but it was not embalmed so they knew decomposition would start rapidly。独特的环境使遗体存放了几百年,但并不防腐,所以他们遗体会马上腐烂。;We had only a few days to work,; said Colleter。“我们只有几天时间。”柯莱特说。They collaborated with scientists from the Molecular Anthropology and Synthetic Imaging Laboratory at the University of Toulouse to scan the entire body。他们和图卢兹大学分子人类学和合成成像实验室的科学家合作扫描整具遗体。They also collected samples of uncontaminated human tissue and DNA and pathogens including tuberculosis. Samples could help researchers looking for a cure of tuberculosis, said Colleter。他们还收集了未被污染的人体组织,DNA以及病原体,包括肺结核。柯莱特表示,样本可以帮助研究人员找出肺结核治愈方法。From analysis, the scientists concluded that Louise de Quengo died from an infection。通过分析,科学家得出结论露易·迪昂古死于传染病。;It’s extraordinary,; said Colleter of finding such a well-preserved corpse. ;You have to have a lead coffin, but it has to be (hermetically sealed), without insects and the humidity has to be low. ;The doctors said the body was like (one) that has been buried for two weeks, but she is 350.;“太赞了,”发现这样保存完好的遗骸,柯莱特说,“必须要用铅质棺椁,但要密封,不能有虫子,保持很低的湿度。”医生说这具遗体就像是刚下葬两周,但实际上已经350年了。”Louise de Quengo will be reburied once all the scientific tests are completed。当所有检测完成后,露易·迪昂古将会入土长眠。 /201506/379196
  • Yu Lan soup (Bamboo shoots soup) 玉兰片汤 This elegant name comes from a legend.这道汤的雅称来源于一个传说故事。During the reign of Emperor Jia Qing (A.D 1796-1821)in Qing dynasty, there lived a family named Guo in Yi Yang , Hunan Province, who were the descendents of the renowned General Guo Ziyi of the Tang dynasty. Guo Xin, the eldest son of this family, was skilled in martial arts and took service when he was young. He was a courageous warrior and won a lot of credits during campaigns and expeditions. Later, he was promoted to assistant minister of the war department.清仁宗嘉庆(公元1796-1821年在位)年间,湖南益阳住着唐代名将郭子仪的后代郭氏一家。郭氏的长子郭信拥有一身好武艺,年轻力壮时就从军,在随军征战中立下了许多功劳,官升兵部侍郎。Guo Xin was granted by Emperor Jia Qing to pay a home visit after promotion where he met and married a beautiful lady named Yu Lan. They were deeply in love with each other and led a sweet life. After Guo Xin left for office, Yu Lan stayed at home to take care of Guo’s elderly parents. During days of separation Yu Lan often asked people to take native products to Guo to convey her feeling of love.升官后,嘉庆皇帝特许郭信回家探亲,娶了个美丽贤淑的妻子叫玉兰。两人相亲相爱,甜甜蜜蜜。后来郭信离湘,赴京上任,玉兰留在益阳的家中,照顾郭信年迈的双亲。平时夫妻二人虽然不常见面,但玉兰常托人带一些家乡的土产给郭信,所以恩爱之情并不衰减。One winter, Yi Yang celebrated a bump harvest of bamboo sprouts. Yu Lan dried them under the sun and then had them taken to her husband. One day when Guo Xin was cooking bamboo soup at home he is told that the Emperor had arrived.有一年冬天,益阳竹笋大丰收,玉兰就将竹笋晒干,捎往京城。郭信在京城的家中用笋干煮食烧汤,正欲食之,恰逢门外来报:“皇上驾到!”When Emperor Jia Qing stepped into the room he sniffed the fresh smell of the bamboo, then asked: “What great dish are you cooking my dear minister, I’d like some too.” Guo was embarrassed and said: “I was simply cooking soup with the bamboos my wife had sent me. How could it be any better than soups cooked in your majesty’s palace!” However, Emperor Jia Qing insisted and Guo Xin served the Emperor with the soup. His Majesty took a sip and praised very highly of it before discussing state affairs with Guo Xin. Upon leaving, knowing his Majesty was still attached to the soup, Guo Xin asked the emperor if he could have the honor to have the uncooked dried bamboos as tribute to His Majesty.话音刚落,嘉庆已经踏入郭信前屋,只见他鼻子嗅了嗅,便道:“郭爱卿,什么好吃的?别藏着了,也让朕尝一尝吧!” 郭信不好意思地说:“这是微臣家中媳妇玉兰捎来的竹笋,微臣只是草草将其切片,煮成汤喝,哪里能跟皇宫里的汤比呀?” 嘉庆坚持要尝,郭信只好端了上来。嘉庆尝了一口,发现滋味鲜美,海夸了一阵,然后才和郭信谈正事。临走时,嘉庆还对刚才喝的那道汤恋恋不舍,郭信把未煮过的笋干让随行太监带回宫。Emperor Jia Qing nodded and said: “Since the soup is made from the dried bamboo shoots of your wife Yu Lan, then we will name it after her.” Since then, the elegant name “Yu Lan soup” enjoyed an incessant national fame.嘉庆点点头道:“这汤既然是爱卿之妻玉兰的笋干所制,以后就管他叫玉兰片汤吧。”从此,“玉兰片汤”这一雅号就不胫而走,名扬天下。 /201504/372201
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