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淮安中山妇女医院淮安妇幼保健院治疗大便出血多少钱糟糕的一天(A terrible day) --7 :33:18 来源: 糟糕的一天(A terrible day)It'scloudy today.There was much black cloud on the sky this afternoon.The sky looked very dark.I walked home from school.While I nearly arrived home,I felt few rain on my head.I looked up but couldn't see anything unusual.Then heavyrain rained on my body .It's raining. so I have to run home in the rain! What a terrible day!今天是阴天下午的时候空中不满了乌云,天空看起来很暗我从学校走路回家当我快到家的时候,我感觉头上有雨,我抬头看了看,没看到什么异样紧接着,大雨打在了我身上,下雨了!于是我不得不冒着雨跑回家!多么糟糕的一天啊!淮安中山医院妇科医生怎么样 我们的新教室(our new classroom) --1 :59: 来源: 我们的新教室(our new classroom)  today,we have a new classroom.  it's very big. in the new classroom there have one computer, two boards two fans ,twenty-six desks, fifty-one chairs and fourty-nine students.it's a fun class.春天 Spring -- :: 来源: Spring is the first season in the year. In our country, it lasts from March to May. In spring, the weather is comtable, but it changes a lot. It rains sometimes. Many things come into life in spring. The trees turn green. People like to go outdoors to have fun. Besides, farmers are busy in spring, because it’s time them to plant crops. All people are preparing the whole year.春天是一年中的第一个季节在我国,春天从三月持续到五月春天,天气很舒适,但是变化无常有时候会下雨春天是万物复苏的季节,树木也变绿了,人们喜欢外出游玩除此之外,春天也是农民忙碌的季节,因为是时候种植庄稼了所有人都在为全年做准备淮安开发区私密整形哪家医院最好的

淮安市中医院前列腺炎多少钱:除夕 -01- 18:6:6 来源: New Year’s Eve5人剧本除夕的传说,一个很优秀的剧本,讲述了除夕的传说,就是有一个怪物叫“夕",每到腊月的最后一天会出来害人...CharactersMonster who likes to eat people, especially on Chinese New Year’s Eve ( )Old lady A whose husband and children were eaten by the monster ( )Old lady B who comes to help old lady A to fight with the monster ( )Neighbors C ( )Neighbors D ( )Neighbors E ( )Scene ISETTING: C、D、E and old lady A are in the village.AT RISE: C、D、E are talking to one another.C: Tomorrow is Chinese New Year’s Eve.D: Oh, my god! It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve again.E: We must run away today or we will be eaten by the terrible monster.C: Yes, I remember it comes to the village every year.D: And eat all the people.E: That’s terrible!Old lady A’s husband and children were eaten by the monster last year.C: Oh, that poor lady who lost her family. She must be very sad.D: We must tell her to run away with us.E: Yes, don’t let the tragedy happen again.CDE: (Run to the old lady A’s home) Old lady, Old lady, you must run away with us now.C: Yes, take your baggage and go with us. D: Hurry up, we have no time to waste.A: No, I want to stay here.E: Why?A: I want to fight with the monster!It killed my family. I need to take revenge on it.C: No, No, No, it’s not safe.D: You won’t win by yourself!E: And you will be eaten, too.CDE: You must go with us!!A: I’m too old, and I don’t want to keep living without my family. I must kill it bee I die.CDE: You are a crazy woman. Just suit yourself. (C, D, E run away) Scene IISETTING: old lady B is at Old lady A’s homeAT RISE: Old lady A is cooking dumplings. Old lady B is knocking at the door.B: Anyone home?A: (Opens the door) What are you doing here?You must run away with the other neighbors or you will be eaten by the monster.B: I’m too hungry to run. Can you please give me something to eat?A: All right, all right.B: (Eating dumplings) Why don’t you run away like everyone else?A: I want to kill the monster because it ate my husband and children.B: But it is too difficult.A: I don’t care.B: Do you have any method to deal with it?A: Um, I don’t know.B: In order to thank you giving me this food, I can teach you how to kill the monster.A: Really?How?B: Well, I know the monster is afraid of the color red and loud noise. So we can stick some red papers on the door and make loud noise to frighten it away.A: So what are we waiting ?Let’s do it now.B: You are right!It’s getting darker and darker outside. :除夕淮安中医院流产多少钱 如何保持健康 How to Keep Healthy -- :: 来源: Here are my advices about how to keep healthy.Firstly, build normal daily routine and eat regularly. You should go to bed and get up early. Make sure you can have a good rest. Pay attention to your diets. Don’t eat too much meat and sugar. Eat more vegetables. Secondly, have a good mood towards life. A good mood will bring you a healthy body, too. Last, do some exercises. Exercises help you build a strong and healthy body.以下是我关于怎样保持健康的建议首先,建立正常的作息,饮食规律你应该早睡早起,确保你能够有良好的睡眠注意你的 饮食,不要吃太多肉和糖,多吃蔬菜其次,对生活抱有好心境一个好的心情也会给你带来一个健康的身体最后,要多锻炼锻炼能够帮助 你建立强壮健康的身体涟水县人民医院治疗腋臭狐臭多少钱

淮安市妇幼保健医院治疗早孕多少钱旅游英语口语情景对话:旅馆预订(part 3) -- :: 来源: A: Hello. I need to reserve a room.B: Not a problem. May I have your name, please?A: Of course. I'm John Sandals.B: Hi, sir. My name is Michelle. Could you tell me when you need the room?A: Right now. I plan to be there in April from the th to the th. B: Perhaps you didn't know that we have new room rates. Do you find that acceptable, sir?A: Maybe. How much is a room?B: The price per night is .A: That sounds fine to me.B: Fantastic! Would you like a smoking or nonsmoking room?A: I hate cigarettes! Nonsmoking.B: That'll be nonsmoking. Now, do you approve of a single queen-size bed?A: That'll be no problem.B: I'm happy to hear that, sir. Your reservation is all set except your phone number.A: Sure! My number is 66-555-39.B: 66-555-39. Thank you doing business with us, Mr. Sandals.by 58en.com 旅游 英语口语 情景 租车 Renting A Car-- ::59 NICK: I think you made the right choice, coming to us.We have a wide selection of vehicles you can choose from.DAVID: I would like to rent a car with a good stereo.NICK: All our cars have stereos in them.Stereos, air conditioning. It's all standard with us.DAVID: Good. I am here visiting my girlfriend. I want her to have a good time.NICK: Oh, is that so?Well, then. Let me show you something she might like. It's on our back lot.DAVID: This is a Porsche!NICK: Yes. Beautiful, isn't it?DAVID: But I probably can't afd it. It must be really expensive.NICK: Well, sir. You said you were looking at cars at the rental agency at the airport.Now with them you'd spend your money and get nothing it.But you could probably rent this Porsche from us, the same price as one of their standard cars.DAVID: But how can you do that?NICK: It's because our prices are so good.And this car has a lot of miles on it. But it's in nice shape, isn't it?DAVID: Yes, it almost looks new.NICK: Take a seat inside and see what you think.NICK: So you will take the Porsche then, sir?DAVID: Yes, and I want to buy the insurance too. I think it's necessary.NICK: You're smart to buy it. At 5 dollars three days, it is a good deal.DAVID: Can I return the car in San Francisco?NICK: San Francisco? No, sir.We only have this office here. You will have to return it here.DAVID: Really? I heard in America you can return rental cars in different cities.NICK: No, sir. That's only with the very big companies.I'm sorry, but this car must be returned to this lot.DAVID: Well, I guess I will have to drive back down then. Hmm. I didn't think of that.NICK: Do you still want the car, sir?DAVID: Yes. It will be fun. Driving back down the coast. My girlfriend will like it.NICK: It's a beautiful drive.DAVID: Where are the keys?NICK: Just a moment, sir. We have to finish filling out the ms.尼克:你来这里真是找对人了我们这里有很多车供你选择大卫:我想要租一辆音响好的车子尼克:我们所有的车子都有音响音响、空调都是标准配备大卫:那很好我来这里探望我女朋友,我想让她玩得开心尼克:是这样啊?那么我让你看些她可能会喜欢的,在车厂的后面大卫:这是保时捷尼克:是的,很漂亮吧!大卫:但是我可能付担不起,一定很贵吧!尼克:你说你在机场的租车代理商那儿看过车子在那里你可能花了钱,还得不到东西但是在我们这里,你可以租到这辆保时捷以租他们一般车子的价格大卫:你们如何能这样做呢?尼克:因为我们的价格公道而且这辆车跑了很多的里程数,但是外观看起来还是不错吧大卫:没错,看起来几乎像新的尼克:坐进去看看感觉如何尼克:那么你要租这辆保时捷啰?大卫:是的,并且我要买保险,这是需要的尼克:你很聪明保三天,四十五元,蛮合理的大卫:我可以在旧金山还车吗?尼克:旧金山?不行我们只在这里有公司,你必须把车交还到这里大卫:这样啊?我听说在美国你可以把车交还到不同的城市尼克:只有大公司才可以我很抱歉,这辆车只能交还到这个车厂大卫:那么到时我必须把车开下来,我还没想到这点尼克:你还是想租这辆车吗?大卫:是的,沿着海边开下来应该很有意思,我女朋友应该会喜欢的尼克:沿途风景很美的大卫:那钥匙呢?尼克:请稍候,我们必须先填完这些表格淮安中山医院的宫颈糜烂微创手术盱眙县做人流哪家医院最好的




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