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Bird: And the winner of the “Bird of The Year” award is...Bird: Stan the Sparrow!Garfield: I'll be accepting on Stan's (burp) behalf.内容来自: /201103/128017听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Resse did not eat _____ when growing up.a) meatb) vegetables2) What does Tlotlo hate most?a) Getting sore feetb) Deciding what to buy3) What shopping does Resse hate most?a) Shopping for clothesb) Shopping for groceries本期话题Topic:What do you shopping for?Tlotlo: Hi, my name is Tlotlo and I#39;m from Botswana.Reese: I#39;m Reese from Botswana too.Tlotlo: Our question is what do you hate shopping for?Reese: I hate shopping for groceries, vegetables especially. That#39;s the worst shopping ever.Tlotlo: You seem to hate healthy stuff right there, because vegetables are really good for you.Reese: I#39;m not much of a health freak. I never ate my veggies when I was growing up. Clearly, as you can see.Tlotlo: Well give me any other day to go shopping, I could go shopping every day actually but what I hate most about it is that my feet are always sore at the end of it. I don#39;t mind doing the actual shopping but after...Reese: That#39;s because you shop too much. Girls always shop too much.Tlotlo: Well we girls always have to look good. So it#39;s very imperative that we do shop.Reese: I don#39;t think I#39;ll ever go shopping again. Shopping with my mom is too much.Tlotlo: Shopping with any lady is a very difficult task I know. Choosing and deciding what to get but yes what I hate most about it is just the sore feet at the end of it basically, but I love shopping, the actual shopping itself.Reese: I think it#39;s one of the things I hate the most.Tlotlo: Shopping itself?Reese: Yep.Tlotlo: My God, what planet are you from?听力b a b /201402/276166

Background: 英国最受推崇的由两组大学代表队抢答电视知识竞赛节目University Challenge 因陷入丑闻而引起轰动。原来跻身于决赛中的优胜队被发现有违规之嫌,因为其中的一名决赛者根本不是大学生。 【文本】Student Quiz Scandal It's one of Britain's longest-running TV quiz shows, where the best and brightest from universities all over the country, compete to show off their knowledge on a myriad of topics. University Challenge first went to air nearly fifty years ago, and over the decades it's been a showcase for students facing quick-fire questions on literature, physics, geography and philosophy, and everything in between. This year's final was one of the most keenly watched with students from Corpus Christi College at Oxford University, taking on a team from Manchester University. All eyes were on Corpus Christi's captain, Gail Trimble, who had been dubbed "the greatest contestant ever", as she almost single-handedly won their place in the final, earning two-thirds of her team's points. But in what turned out to be a tightly-fought match, other team members, including chemist Sam Kay, scored some vital points. At the gong, Corpus Christi were victorious but the trophy wasn't theirs for long. It emerged that by the time of the final Sam Kay was no longer a student; he had graduated and started work as an accountant, but hadn't realised he couldn't compete. On Monday the B announced the team was being disqualified, and the trophy handed to Manchester, who paid tribute to their opponents, saying they were sad to have won in such circumstances. But the dramatic highs and lows of Corpus Christi's game, seem certain to make them one of the most memorable teams not to have won University Challenge. /201008/111667

I have to hang up the phone.我得挂电话了。Don#39;t hang up on me. We have to talk.别挂电话。我们需要好好谈一谈。I have to go.I got to to go.I gotta to go.我要挂电话了。 /201412/348716初级口语教程(MP3附字幕) Part12:Boredom厌烦12 Boredom厌烦...really browns me off.真让我讨厌。(较随便)A:All the routine work really browns me off.每天千篇一律的工作真让我讨厌。B:Oh,come on.You#39;ve just started.得了吧,你只不过刚刚开始A:I wish I hadn#39;t chosen this job.我希望我没选过这项工作。Bother........真讨厌!(较随便)A:Bother the flies! B:Where do they come from?苍蝇真讨厌!从哪来的?A:I don#39;t know .Something rotten here? B:I can#39;t see it.不知道,这有什么坏了的东西吗?没发现。I#39;m fed up with..我厌烦......(较随便)A:Do you like our new history teacher?你喜欢新来的历史老师吗?B:I#39;m fed up with his endless talking.他没完没了地讲啊讲,我都听烦了。A:You can#39;t say that !He#39;s a very knowledgeable person.你怎么那么说呢?他很有学识。B:I can#39;t see it.我倒没看出来。I#39;m not at all keen on ...我一点也不喜欢......。(较随便)A:What do you think of being a secretary?当秘书怎么样?B:I#39;m not at all keen on that sort of job.It makes me crazy.我根本不喜欢那种工作,它简直使我发疯。A:How come? B: You have to type all day.怎么会呢?整天打字,没完没了。...is a thorough drag!......真讨厌!(较随便)A:That woman is a thorough drag! B:What is it?那个女的真讨厌。怎么了?A:She keeps spitting on the ground.她总是向地上吐痰。B:Maybe there#39;s something wrong with her.也许是舒吧。...really turns me off!......真叫我讨厌!(较随便)A:That guy#39;s manner really turns me off.那家伙的举止真讨厌。B:Yeah.He never stops asking questions.谁说不是。他的问题没完没了。A:Maybe he#39;s abnormal.可能他不大正常吧。...leaves me cold.......我一点也不感兴趣。(较随便)A:Rock music really leaves me cold. What about you?摇滚乐我一点也不感兴趣。你呢?B:I#39;m crazy about it.It makes me very excited.我喜欢得着迷,它使我兴奋。A:Then tell me what#39;s good about it.那么告诉我怎么个好法?B:It can#39;t be expressed by words.是语言难以表达的。...can be a bit of a bind,......有点讨厌。(较随便)A:Driving during the rush hours can be a bit of a bind.高峰期开车真叫人头疼。B:Yeah.I think so.You have to be patient and careful.是啊,你得耐心、小心。A:So I#39;d rather walk or run to work. B:You must be joking!所以我宁可步行或跑步上班。你一定在开玩笑。What#39;s all this noise about?都吵闹些什么呀?A:What#39;s all this noise about?都吵闹些什么呀?B:They#39;re discussing whether they should replace Miss Smith,the Music teacher.他们在讨论是否换掉音乐老师史密斯。A:Why? A:Because she#39;s not responsible enough.为什么呢?因为她责任心不太强。...bores me to death.烦死我了。(较随便)A:Reciting texts really bores me to death.背诵课文烦死人了。B:Do you have to remember every text ?每篇课文都要记吗?A:Yes,the teacher says recitation is real good.是的,老师说背诵课文真的有好处。I don#39;t find...我觉得......没/不......。(通用)A:Do you lie playing tennis? B:I don#39;t find it very exciting.你喜欢打网球吗?我觉得没什么意思。A:Maybe you haven#39;t found the magic.B:I can#39;t wait!你可能还没发现打网球的妙处。我简直等不及了。I#39;m really sick of...我对......真是太讨厌了。(通用)A:I#39;m really sick of waiting for a bus.等公共汽车真是太讨厌了。B:Yeah.Especially when you have something urgent to do.是啊,尤其是你有急时候。A:But a taxi costs too much. B:That#39;s true.可乘出租车又太贵了。I find(that)...我觉得......。(通用)A:I find Beijing Opera is quite a bore.我觉得听京剧很臭烟味。B:Young people enjoy pop songs more.年轻人更喜欢流行歌曲。A:It#39;s just like listening to a language which you know nothing at all.听京剧就像听一门你不懂的外文一样。B:But you don#39;t have such a problem as to pop songs.但听流行歌曲就不存在这样的问题。I#39;m tired of ...我对......非常厌烦。(通用)A:I#39;m tired of dancing.我讨厌跳舞。B:But to me it#39;s really enjoyable.但对我来说跳舞是一种享受。A:Maybe it#39;s because you always have pretty girls as your partners.B:Maybe so.或许是因为你常和漂亮女孩一起跳吧。也许是吧。What a boring.........真没有意思!(通用)A:What a boring film!这个电影真没意思。B:The acting of the heroine is too artificial.女主角的演技太做作了。A:And the plot is so simple.而且情节也太简单。What a bother...!......真讨厌!(通用)A:What a bother having to climb storeys home every day.每天都得爬好几层楼才能到家,真讨厌!B:But it#39;s also a sort of exercise and it#39;s good to your health.但这也是一种锻炼,对身体有好处。A:I don#39;t care! B:You#39;re complaining again.我才不在乎呢。你又抱怨了不是!I must admit I#39;m not at all interested in ...我承认我对......一点儿也感兴趣。(较正式)A:I must admit I#39;m not at all interested in math.我必须承认我对数学一点也不感兴趣。B:I#39;m sure you#39;ll soon begin to like it.It#39;s such an interesting subject.我肯定你很快会喜欢它的,它是一门非常有趣的学科。A:But I don#39;t think I#39;ll ever show my liking to math.但我觉得我永远也不会喜欢数学的。 /200907/76692

My name is Marty. I've been in my present company for over three years. I come here straight after finishing university. I am really pleased because I start to earn money. I really enjoy my work. In the future, I'd like to have my own business.我叫马丁,我已经在现在的公司工作3年多了。我大学毕业就来这里了。我很高兴,因为我开始赚钱了。我很喜欢我的工作,将来,我想有份自己的买卖。【part two】I'm a sales manager. My job is to welcom people as they come into the company's building. I've been in this company for 2 yeas. 我是名销售经理。我的工作是接待那些来到我们公司的来宾。我在这个公司已经干了2年了。【part three】A:I need to print this paper, but the printer isn't working. Can you help me?我需要复印这份材料,但是打印机坏了,你能帮我下吗?B:Of course. Let me check,first... It works now.当然可以,我先检查下,现在打印机可以打印了。A:You are really something. By the way,could you make a copy of this paper for me,please?你真有两下子。顺便问下,能否帮我复印下这份文件。B:No problem.没问题。A:Thank you谢谢。【part four】Show him the teethA husband and wife went to see a dentist. The husband said,"I want a tooth pulled.I'm in a terrible hurry.Just do it as quicly as possible." "You're a brave man." said the dentist. "Now,show me which tooth it is." So the husband turned to his wife and said,"Open your mouth and show him the tooth!" 一对夫妻去看牙医。丈夫说“我想拔颗牙,我很着急。请尽快拔。”“你很勇敢。”牙医说道:“现在,让我看下是那颗牙。”于是丈夫转向妻子说道:“张开嘴,给他看下那颗牙。” /201108/147250据《人民日报》报道,自今年1月新修订的《党政领导干部选拔任用工作条例》要求约束“裸官”之后,广东各地开展了一项旨在摸清全省国家工作人员中“裸官”情况的全面调查。目前,广东基本完成对“裸官”任职岗位集中调整工作,其中调整市厅级干部9名。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:After a campaign, luoguan or ;naked officials; in South China#39;s Guangdong province have been reassigned to other posts in sake of tackling and preventing corruption, People#39;s Daily reported on Thursday.据《人民日报》周四报道,为解决并防止腐败问题,中国南部广东省的“裸官”已经调整岗位。【讲解】naked officials是裸官;reassigned to other posts是调整岗位;in sake of是为了;prevent corruption是防止腐败。目前,广东基本完成对“裸官”任职岗位集中调整工作,其中调整市厅级(provincial departments or ran municipal governments)干部(senior posts)9名。“裸官”指那些将配偶(spouse)和子女送去海外生活或留学的官员。根据今年1月中央颁布的新修订的(newly-revised)《党政领导干部选拔任用工作条例(Regulations on the Work of Selecting and Appointing Leading Party and Government Cadres)》,“配偶已移居国(境)外(emigrate);或者没有配偶,子女均已移居国(境)外的”,即人们通常所说的“裸官”,不得列为考察对象(will not be considered for any promotions)。广东要求,“裸官”不但不能提拔,已在重要岗位上的也要调整。广东要求,“裸官”不但不能提拔,已在重要岗位(important posts)上的也要调整(reassigned)。自2013年底开始进行详细调查以来,东莞市共有127名“裸官”的职位需要调整(adjustment)。而典型的侨乡(home base to overseas Chinese)江门此次已有128人被调整岗位。广东省委组织部表示,通过专项治理,广东编实、编密、编牢制度的笼子,建立起对“裸官”的刚性约束(rigid constraint)。对“裸官”从严管理、限制(confine)提拔、调整岗位,不是最终目的,最终是要建立良好的政治生态(build a healthy political eco-system)。 /201405/302447

第一步:原句放送Love is like a rubber band, you and your lover stretch it out, then when someone let go, it hurts the one who still holding on. rubber band 橡皮筋 let go 放开;释放;发射 hold on 不挂断电话,等一下;继续 第二步:译海拾贝爱就像一根橡皮筋,牵拉着你和你爱的人,然而当其中一人放手离去,还握住不放的那个人便会受伤。第三步:天衣无缝Love is like a , you and your lover it out, then when someone let go, it hurts the one who still on.第四步:举一反三Love is like ..., you and your lover ..., then ...第五步:背诵达人 可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201209/198903每日一句口语:Life will inevitably encounter setbacks and failures, and with tears wash regret, as with a smile to meet newchallenges. 人生难免要遭遇挫折与失败,与其用泪水洗刷悔恨,不如用微笑去迎接新的挑战。【知识点讲解】setback n.挫折; 阻碍; 退步; 逆流例句:It is an unexpected setback in her fortunes.这是她好运中的一次意外的挫折。 /201402/273457

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