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淮安为什么怀孕会出现死胎淮安那家医院治疗不孕不育比较好啊淮安治疗卵巢囊肿不孕医院 A bottled water company in eastern China has begun printing pictures of missing children on its packaging to help parents and authorities find them.我国东部的一家瓶装水公司正在将失踪儿童的照片印在水瓶包装上,以帮助家长和有关部门寻找这些失踪儿童。Qingdao Kingtex International said it has sold 500,000 bottles with information on six children missing since July. The labels also include the child#39;s birth date and a hotline number.青岛清珠国际公司表示,自7月起售出了50万瓶印有6名失踪儿童信息的矿泉水。水瓶标签上还有孩子的生日和热线电话号码。;We just wanted to play our part in helping those parents who might spend their lifetime searching for their missing children,; said a marketing manager at the company该公司一位市场经理表示:“我们只是想尽一份力,来帮助那些可能要花一生的时间去寻找他们失踪的孩子的父母们。”;We#39;re mainly selling the water bottles in Qingdao,; she said. ;Next, we#39;d like to expand the program to Beijing and Shanghai, to sp the information nationwide, so as to raise more awareness of missing children.;她说道:“我们目前主要在青岛销售这些瓶装水。下一步我们希望将项目扩大到北京、上海,让这些信息散播到全国各地,以此让更多人关注失踪儿童。”The project was launched in cooperation with Baobei Huijia (Baby Back Home), a volunteer group that supports parents looking for missing children nationwide.该项目由清珠国际和宝贝回家组织共同发起的,宝贝回家是帮助家长在全国寻找失踪子女的志愿者组织。;It#39;s always a good thing to add another method to help search for lost children. At the very least, these efforts will help to draw people#39;s attention to the problem of child trafficking,; said Zhang Baoyan, who founded the group with her husband, Qin Yanyou.与丈夫秦艳友一起创办这一组织的张宝艳表示:“用另一种方法来帮助寻找丢失的孩子,这总归来说是一件好事。至少这些努力将有助于让人们聚焦到贩卖儿童问题上。” /201611/479587A Chinese tourist has died in Hong Kong a day after being beaten up during a so-called ;forced shopping; tour. Operators of such discounted tours try to recoup costs by pressuring tourists to buy goods at selected stores在“强制购物”旅行期间被毒打后,一名中国游客于次日在香港死于非命。折扣旅行商想要通过强制游客在指定店铺购买产品来收回差价。Police said the victim, 54, intervened when a fellow tourist got into a fight with a tour guide after refusing to buy anything at a jewellery shop. At least four people have been arrested and the Hong Kong Tourist Board (HKTB) expressed regret over the incident. ;The HKTB has zero tolerance for any act that impacts the hospitable image of Hong Kong, particularly acts of violence,; it said in a statement.警方称,这名54岁的受害者的同行伴侣在拒绝购买珠宝店任何产品后与导游展开了争执,受害者企图调停这场纷争。至少已经有四人被捕,香港旅游委员会对事件深表遗憾。在一份声明中,香港旅游委员会称:“香港委员会对任何影响香港好客形象的行为,尤其是暴力行为绝不容忍”。The victim, a male building contractor from north-east China, was found lying unconscious outside the shop in Kowloon on Monday morning. He tried to mediate in a fight between two women - believed to be the tour leader and one of the tourists - before he and the female tourist were attacked by a group of men who dragged them onto the street and beat them, police said本周一早上,这名受害者被发现无意识地躺在九龙的店铺外,它是中国东北的一名男性建筑承包商。警方说,他企图调停两个女人之间的争执,这场争执发生在一名游客和导游之间。在他以前,这名女性游客被一群男性袭击,这些男性将他们拖到街边并且鞭打他们。The two women, aged 32 and 53, have been arrested, along with two men, one a 44-year-old Hong Kong resident and the other a 32-year-old mainlander. Police say they are still searching for two other suspects.两名分别为32岁和53岁的女性已经被逮捕,被逮捕的还有两名男性,一名是44岁的香港居民,另外一名是32岁的大陆人。警方说,他们还在搜索另外两名嫌疑人。 /201510/405402淮安怀孕一个月能不能做人流

淮安无痛人流技术好的医院Most mothers in China feel they are happier after having a second child, according to a survey report released a year after the country relaxed its family planning policy.我国放宽计划生育政策已满一年。近日发布的一项调查报告显示,国内大多数妈妈在生育二孩以后,幸福感有所提升。The report was based on an online survey of about 4,200 mothers with two children.该报告是基于对约4200名有两个孩子的妈妈进行的网络调查得出的。The survey found that about 63% of the respondents said they were happier after the birth of their second child, and 67% said they did not regret having another baby.这项调查发现,约63%的受访者表示,二孩降生后她们感到更加幸福,67%的人表示不后悔要二孩。The major reasons given for the increase in happiness after a second child included seeing their children play together and the fact that some couples now had both a boy and a girl.报告指出,二孩到来使幸福感增加的主因包括看到子女可以一起玩耍、一些夫妇如今儿女双全等。Nearly half of the mothers also said their husbands were more willing to help take care of the children after the second child, according to the report.近半妈妈还表示,二孩出生后,丈夫更愿意帮忙照看孩子了。The survey also found some factors that caused unhappiness after a second child, such as the economic burden and the extra pressure resulting from the need to devote more time and energy.不过,该调查也发现,二孩出生后也带来了一些不好的情况,比如由于需要投入更多的时间和精力而造成的经济负担和额外的压力。 /201703/495287淮安中山医院肛肠科 淮安阴道里痒什么原因

淮安龟头炎症Caracas (AFP) - Crisis-hit Venezuela is willing to restore diplomatic relations with the ed States after a six-year freeze the socialist government said Monday.加拉加斯—危机中的委内瑞拉想要恢复同美国之间冰冻6年外交关系,这个社会主义政府星期一说。The foreign ministry#39;s announcement came two weeks after top US diplomat Thomas Shannon met with Venezuela#39;s President Nicolas Maduro in a bid to help tackle the country#39;s economic and political crisis.外交部发表声明的两周前,美国国务卿Thomas Shannon会见了委内瑞拉总统Nicolas Maduro,试图帮助处理这个国家的经济和政治危机。In a message congratulating the ed States on its Independence Day commemoration the ministry expressed its ;willingness to establish respectful bilateral diplomatic relations.;在祝贺美国独立日的时候,这位部长表达“建立相互尊重的双边外交关系的希望”。The two countries have not exchanged ambassadors since 2010 due to tensions between Washington and the government of Hugo Chavez Maduro#39;s mentor and late predecessor.自从010年华盛顿和乌戈·查韦斯(马杜罗的导师和已故前任领导人)政府之间的的关系紧张开始,这两个国家之间还没有互派外交使节,。 /201607/453657 淮安怎样医治尿道炎淮安喝蚂蚁大麦青汁大便出血怎么回事



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