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2018年04月21日 23:00:00 | 作者:预约诊疗 | 来源:新华社
Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:In the past month, I have received three e-mails from different people asking me to send a deposit, after which they will forward a winning lottery ticket to me. In exchange for cashing it for them, I will get a portion of the money.在过去的三个月里,我接收到来自三个不同的人发给我的电子邮件,要求我给他们汇款,然后会寄给我的票。我帮他们兑现票,作为交换,他们会给我一部分佣金。I know these are scams, but Im sure there are a few people who might fall for them. What do I do with these e-mails?-Palmdale, Calif.我知道这些都是骗人的把戏,但我相信肯定会有人上当受骗。我应该怎么处理这些邮件呢?——来自加利福利亚,帕姆代尔市。Dear Palmdale:亲爱的帕姆代尔:Most such scams involve people claiming to be Nigerian officials or surviving spouses of former government officials, who very politely offer to give you money if you will help them transfer funds out of the country. You are then asked to provide your bank account number and some money to cover legal and transaction fees. You may even be encouraged to travel to Nigeria or a border country to complete the transaction. Sometimes, the con artists will produce fake money to verify their claims.大多数类似的骗子都自称是尼日尼亚的官员或者是前政府官员的未亡人,他们会非常有礼貌地请你帮忙把钱转出国,并给你钱作为报酬。然后要求你提供你的卡账号和一些钱,以付法律和交易费用。他们还会邀请你去尼日尼亚或是邻国以完成交易。有时候,这些骗子还会印假钞做幌子。People who have responded have been beaten, subjected to threats and extortion, and in some cases, murdered. And, of course, there is a stream of excuses why there was never any transfer of funds to your account. If you receive e-mail from someone claiming to need your help getting money out of another country, do not respond.受骗的人则会被殴打、遭受恐吓,敲诈勒索,甚至被谋杀。当然他们还会编造无数的理由说从来没有向你的账户转过账。如果你接收到请你帮忙把钱转到国外的电子邮件,千万不要理睬。原文译文属!201304/237097

If youve ever seen a bicycle race, you might have noticed the riders lining up behind each other instraight columns.如果你看过自行车比赛,你或许注意到自行车手们都一个跟着一个排成一队。Bicycle racers spend much of their energy overcoming wind resistance, so this lining up makesgood sense.自行车手们耗费了很大的能量来克风的阻力,所以这样的排队方式是很合理的。If you ride directly behind your opponent, shell cut through the air resistance for you, letting you save up energy for the finish line.如果你直接骑在对手的后面。他能够为你阻挡空气的阻力,为你冲刺终点保留体力。Whats true for bicycle racers is true for otherthings too.对于自行车手适用的道理也同样适用于其他方面的事情。Going in straight line formation is the best way to overcome wind resistance.以直线的队列行进是克风阻力的最好办法。Which brings us to those silly geese.这让我们想到了那些愚蠢的大雁!Like bicycle racers, geese fly in formation mainly to saveenergy.就如自行车手们那样,大雁们以节省能量的队形飞行。The formation they prefer however is shaped like the letter “V.”然而它们喜欢的队形却是“V”字形。Whats going on? Aregeese just plain dumb?这是怎么回事?难道大雁是傻瓜?Not at all!不是这样的。Remember, geese dont only need to worry about air resistance—they need to stay aloft as well.记住,大雁不仅需要担心空气阻力-他们同样也需要停留在高空。To do this, goose wings are curved and tapered like those of an aircraft.为了做到这一点,大雁的翅膀如弯曲的锥形的飞机机翼一般,The top surface bulges upward while the bottom stays flatter.表面凸起向上,底部保持平整。Air rushes more quickly over the wingsbulging top, and this creates a kind of upward suction.空气很快从其翅膀顶部凸起的部分掠过,这就造成了一种向上的吸力,This phenomenon is called “lift,” and its agooses secret for staying aloft.此现象就叫做“牵引”,这就是大雁能够停留在高空的秘密。Lift, however, is a peculiar thing.然而“牵引”是一种很特殊的东西。While most of it tugs upward on the goose, some of it spills awayfrom the wing tips as a kind of updraft.大多数的引力牵引着大雁向上,一些引力则以上升气流的形式从翼尖流出。This lingering updraft sps out behind the goose in aV-shape like the wake of a boat.这些残留的上升气流像船的尾迹一样在大雁的身后呈V字形伸展开。If another goose puts its wings inside this updraft wake, it gets anadded upward boost itself.如果另一只大雁也在这样的上升气流中展开翅膀,它会获得额外的升力来助推自己。Whats the best formation to take advantage of this?什么样的队形能够最好地利用这个优势?Its not astraight line, its a “V”!不是直线,而是“V”字形。 201408/324483

Pitched back into the past新电影,回到过去A new film about Jackie Robinson is a surprise hit新版《杰基罗宾逊的故事》强势来袭BRIAN HELGELANDS latest film is steeped in nostalgia without ever being sentimental. Its title, “42”, is the number on the back of the jersey worn by its hero, Jackie Robinson, a gifted player who broke the colour bar in baseball.由布莱恩海尔格兰德导演的最新电影充满了怀旧之情,但又不伤感。电影名称《42号》,正是男主角杰基罗宾逊—一个打破种族歧视的天才棒球运动员球衣的号码。Robinson played himself in “The Jackie Robinson Story”, which was released in 1950 when the violence that led to the civil-rights movement was raging. The fact Mr Helgelands script sticks closely to the narrative of that film means audiences are hearing Robinsons story the way he wanted it told, as a manual of non-violent resistance to injustice.1950年,美国的黑人民权运动日益高涨,由罗宾逊本人主演的《杰基罗宾森的故事》在此时上映。海尔格兰的剧本非常忠于影片(《杰基罗宾森的故事》)的叙述,他希望以自己的方式让观众知道罗宾森的故事,使之成为用非暴力向种族歧视抵抗的典范。Harrison Ford plays Branch Rickey, the major-league baseball executive who recruited Robinson to be the first black player in the league. Mr Ford brings authority as well as a touch of celebrity to the film, and he is rewarded with some of its best lines. “Robinson is a Methodist,” Rickey explains to a worried colleague. “Im a Methodist. God is a Methodist. So were going to do just fine.”哈里森福特饰演布鲁克林道奇队的总经理布兰奇瑞基,他招收了道奇队第一个黑人运动员罗宾逊。福特给影片增添了好名声和权威,他也因为剧中出色的台词而赢得嘉奖。“罗宾逊是卫理公会派教徒,”瑞基向满腹忧虑的同事解释道,“我也是卫理公会派教徒,上帝也是。所以我们这样做很好。”Mr Helgeland mines the imagery of old sports movies to show the way Robinson faced up to a series of ferocious pitchers. And he skilfully uses symbolism from 1940s films to create a national mood that harks back to a gentler time. “42” is a tribute to a post-war America in which sports stars had not yet been corporatised and the victory over fascism abroad was a recent memory. The fact that this weeks Boston bombs were detonated on what has come to be called “Jackie Robinson Day” makes his film seem more poignant.海尔格兰德挖掘出旧版本电影中罗宾森面对一个个实力强大的投球手这些场景的内涵意义,并且他灵活运用了1950年版电影里的经典镜头,营造出回到那个和平年代的民族情绪。《42号》是向体育明星还没被商业化运作的战后美国的致敬,也是对世界反法西斯胜利的一次回忆。 事实上,这周发生波士顿爆炸案的日子,正是“杰基罗宾逊纪念日”,这也使得电影显得更加意味深长。 /201405/298760

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