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2018年01月22日 06:35:10来源:慧聪收藏

The Chinese central bank has made an emergency money injection after a surge in interbank rates, trying to prevent a repeat of the cash crunch that rattled global markets this year.中国央行在中国的间利率飙升后进行了紧急注资操作,试图阻止今年早些时候冲击全球市场的“钱荒”重演。In a highly unusual move, the People’s Bank of China said it had conducted a “short-term liquidity operation” to provide credit to banks in need of money.在一次极不寻常的行动中,中国人民称,它已通过“短期流动性调节工具”(SLO),向亟需资金的提供了信贷。According to the central bank’s own rules, it is only meant to announce SLOs one month after their implementation, but on this occasion it was unwilling to brook such a delay. It used its account on Weibo, China’s Twitter-like platform, yesterday afternoon to tell a jittery market that it had provided banks with the emergency cash.根据中国央行自己的规则,它应当在实施SLO操作的一个月后才予以宣布,但这一次它显然不愿忍耐这种迟延。昨日下午,中国央行利用其新浪微(Weibo,类似于Twitter的微客平台)账户“央行微播”,告诉紧张不安的市场:它已向相关提供了紧急资金。Chinese money market rates had soared earlier in the day to levels last seen in late June when the country was hit by a liquidity squeeze that alarmed investors around the world about the potential for a financial crisis in China. The seven-day bond repurchase rate, an important gauge of short-term liquidity, rose to nearly 10 per cent as banks hoarded cash.昨日早些时候,中国货币市场利率飙升至6月下旬以来未见的高位。中国短期流动性的关键指标——7天期质押式回购利率——升至近10%,纷纷囤积资金。今年6月下旬,中国遭遇一场流动性紧缺,令世界各地投资者震惊,担心中国可能爆发金融危机。The central bank also extended trading in the country’s interbank market by 30 minutes yesterday to give financial institutions additional time to line up funds. The central bank last allowed an extended trading session during the June cash crunch.昨日中国央行还将中国间市场交易延长了30分钟,让金融机构有更多时间获得资金。央行上一次延长交易时间是在6月份“钱荒”期间。“It’s very clear they want to calm market fears,” said Zhou Hao, an analyst with ANZ in Shanghai. “The PBoC does not want to see the cash crunch repeated.”“很显然,他们希望消除市场担心,”澳新(ANZ)常驻上海的分析师周浩表示。“中国人民(PBoC)不想看到钱荒重演。”Yet the immediate cause for the sudden panic gripping the market was the central bank itself. Over five consecutive trading sessions, it had refrained from injecting cash in the financial system through its regular open-market operations.然而,引发突如其来的市场恐慌的直接起因正是中国央行。此前央行连续五个交易日没有通过常态化的公开市场操作向金融体系注入资金。That surprised traders and posed a challenge for banks, which need to refinance a large number of assets before the end of the year.这让交易员们感到意外,并对各构成一个挑战,这些需要在年底前对大量资产进行再融资。During the cash crunch in June, central bank officials explained that they had allowed the money market to tighten as a warning to banks to improve their liquidity management. Several banks had become overly reliant on the interbank market as a cheap source of funds and were using the cash to finance risky off-balance sheet loans.在6月的“钱荒”期间,中国央行官员解释说,他们有意让货币市场收紧,作为对商业的一个警告,要求它们改进流动性管理。此前多家变得过于依赖间市场,将其视为一个廉价资金来源,并利用这些资金为高风险的表外贷款融资。The central bank has since guided money market rates to levels roughly 150 basis points higher than the average before the cash crunch. With China’s stock of credit soaring to about 200 per cent of gross domestic product, from 130 per cent five years ago, analysts believe the government is trying to encourage companies and investors to reduce their debt loads.自那以来,中国央行将货币市场利率引导至高于“钱荒”之前平均值大约150个基点的水平。鉴于中国的信贷存量已从5年前相当于国内生产总值(GDP)的130%升至GDP的大约200%,分析师们相信,政府正试图鼓励企业和投资者降低各自的债务负担。“The PBoC wants money market rates to remain relatively high in order to lower leverage and contain financial risks,” said Duan Jihua, deputy general manager of Guohai Securities. “But they won’t push rates so high that it would actually trigger defaults or bankruptcy.”“中国人民希望货币市场利率保持在相对较高的水平,以便降低杠杆率,遏制金融风险,”国海券(Guohai Securities)副总经理段吉华表示。“但他们不会把利率推高到足以引发违约或破产的水平。” /201312/269606。

  • A supplier to McDonald’s and KFC in China has been accused of supplying rotting meat and falsifying expiry dates, writes Lucy Hornby.麦当劳(McDonald’s)、肯德基(KFC)中国业务的一家供应商被指供应变质肉类和篡改保质期。The Shanghai food safety watchdog said yesterday it had closed a US-owned meat and poultry processor in the outskirts of the city after a television station caught it putting new labels on expired meat.上海市食药监部门昨日表示,已查封市郊一家美资肉类和家禽加工企业,此前该企业被电视台曝光在过期肉类产品上贴新标签。KFC and McDonald’s apologised to customers.肯德基和麦当劳已向顾客致歉。Generally, foreign food companies are seen in a better light than domestic competitors but local media reports have clouded that reputation.民众通常对国外食品企业比国内竞争对手投以更信任的目光,但当地媒体的报道为这一声誉蒙上阴影。A probe 18 months ago found excessive antibiotic use by a supplier of poultry to KFC, the fried chicken chain owned by Yum Brands. China accounted for 35 per cent of Yum’s operating profit in 2013.18个月前一项调查发现,百胜(Yum Brands)旗下的肯德基的一家家禽供应商过度使用抗生素。2013年百胜在华营业利润占其总营业利润的35%。“Once the news gets out it is going to be difficult for them to convince Chinese consumers that [KFC] can put the needed checks in place on their suppliers,” said Ben Cavendar, analyst at China Market Research.中国市场研究(China Market Research)的分析师本#8226;凯文德(Ben Cavendar)说:“新闻一旦传出,他们很难再说中国消费者(肯德基)有能力对供应商进行必要检查。”Supply chains have scaled up quickly in China and food safety is a perennial issue. But in the latest case the processor, Shanghai Husi Food, a subsidiary of Illinois-based OSI, has been in operation almost two decades.中国的食品供应链规模扩张迅速,但长期存在食品安全问题。不过在最新这起事故中,涉事加工商上海福喜食品有限公司(Shanghai Husi Food)为总部位于美国伊利诺伊州的OSI集团的子公司,已运营近20年。“We are working with government departments and an investigation is under way,” said an employee at the Husi plant in the Shanghai suburb of Jiading.在位于上海市郊嘉定区的福喜工厂内,一名员工说:“我们正配合政府部门的调查。”OSI began supplying McDonald’s in China in the early 1990s, when the fast food group ventured into the country only to discover that local supply chains did not exist. It operates eight meat or poultry processing plants in mainland China.20世纪90年代初麦当劳进入中国市场,结果发现当地没有任何供应链,OSI便成了这家快餐集团的供应商。该集团在中国内地经营着8家肉类或家禽加工厂。In January Walmart recalled “five spice” donkey meat from stores in China after fox DNA was found.今年1月沃尔玛(Walmart)在华门店所销售“五香驴肉”被检测出狐狸DNA,随后该产品被召回。Yum said on the Weibo instant messaging site it had suspended supply from Husi’s Shanghai plant.百胜发微宣布,已停用上海福喜供应的肉类食品原料。McDonald’s said it had suspended sourcing from the plant, and expected a shortage in some items.麦当劳称,已停用上海福喜供应的所有食品原料,预期会出现某些原料断货的情况。KFC and McDonald’s restaurants in Beijing appeared to be as busy as usual, although some customers said they were sticking with drinks.北京的肯德基和麦当劳餐厅依然如往常一样繁忙 ,尽管有些顾客表示他们只点饮料。“What can you do?” sighed one mother after buying a chicken burger for her son at a McDonald’s in an underground mall in Beijing. “You can only avoid the food for a while.”“你能怎么办?”在北京一家地下商场的麦当劳里,一位母亲给儿子买了个鸡肉汉堡后叹气道,“你只能暂时不吃而已。”Another hamburger muncher snarled: “Can you please not talk about this while I am eating?”另一位正在大嚼汉堡的人咆哮道:“你能别在我吃的时候谈这个吗?” /201407/314560。
  • Now that#39;s vintage! World#39;s oldest cheesediscovered on the chests of 3,500-year-old Chinese MUMMIES.这才叫古老!3500年之久的中国木乃伊身上发现世界上最古老的奶酪。Plenty of cheeses get better with age, butcrumbs discovered on the necks and chests of Chinese mummies are now thought tobe the world’s oldest vintage - although their taste may be questionable.时间越久,奶酪的品质越好,但是中国木乃伊脖子和胸部上发现的奶酪屑被认为是世界上最古老的奶酪——尽管其味道令人怀疑。The cheese dates back to 1,615 and wasessentially vacuum-packed with the bodies of the mysterious Bronze Age peoplewho were buried in the Taklamakan Desert, making it the oldest ever recovered.该奶酪可追溯至公元前1615年,真空包装在神秘的青铜时代的人物身上,被埋葬在塔克拉玛干沙漠中,这是目前为止发现的最古老的奶酪。While the strange discovery was made in the1930s, scientists have only just analysed the proteins and fats in the clumpsof 3,600-year-old food to reveal its age and ascertain that it is not butter ormilk.虽然发现于1930年代,科学家才只分析了这个块状物中的蛋白质和脂肪成分,才查明已有3600年之久,而且不是黄油或者牛奶。Chemists at Germany#39;s Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology andGenetics found that the cheese is a lactose-free variety that was quick tomake.德国普朗克分子细胞生物学与遗传学学院的化学家发现这块奶酪不含乳糖,而这种不含乳糖的奶酪可快速制成。It might have been responsible forsping dairy farming across Asia in the Bronze Age, the said.所以他们认为,青铜器时代的亚洲就是靠这种奶酪而大力发展了乳品业。‘We not only identified the product as theearliest known cheese, but we also have direct evidence of ancient technology,’analytical chemist and study author Andrej Shevchenkotold USA Today.“我们不仅确定了这个奶酪是已知的历史最悠久的奶酪,我们还获得了古老技艺的直接据,”分析化学家和研究作者Andrej Shevchenko对《今日美国》如是说。The method of making the cheese was cheapand would have been used by common people, he said.制作这种奶酪的方法很廉价,普通人可能都会做,他说。The cheese survived because of the unusual conditions of River Cemetery NumberFive in the Takalamn Desert in north western China – the final resting place ofthe mummies.这块奶酪之所以可以保存下来,是由于塔克拉玛干沙漠中五号河墓的特殊条件导致的——也就是这些木乃伊的安息之地。They and the cheese were laid to rest onsand dunes near a river under large wooden boats wrapped so tightly in cow-hidethat the bodies were essentially vacuum-packed.这些木乃伊和奶酪被放置在靠近一处河流的沙区上,被安放在大型的木船下,用牛皮紧紧包裹着,所以基本上尸体是真空包装的。 /201403/278496。
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