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-Lf1,|tJ,QE^E09vEcCJ842AmD6pu#6C-1~a*ek(|dN#mF!In this Videojug film, fashion writer and personal stylist Rowan McKinnon explains some of the most common design flaws of fake designer sunglasses.N^7OIh8Hg4eUn(aWg在这个视频中,时尚作家和私人设计师罗文#8226;麦金农将向你展现一些太阳镜最常见的设计缺陷及如何辨识假名牌uN*w9_Z_j#3NYh。AK@ZiW4yKR7xlBQ07g,hb.Tor3D,[^jk-S[rai Article/201205/182062Break the silence, rekindle the relationship, and apologize to your wife.打破沉默,重新点燃爱火,向妻子道歉。Step 1 Take responsibility1.承担责任Take full responsibility for your actions and admit fault. Be sincere.为自己的行为承担全部责任,承认错误。一定要真诚。Step 2 Express yourself2.表达自己的感受Express your feelings to her in a calm and caring manner.平静,体贴地表达自己的感受。Step 3 Give time3.耐心Be patient and give her time to respond to your efforts.耐心一点,给她一点时间来对自己的努力做出回应。Step 4 Listen4.倾听Listen to her and be empathetic to her feelings.听她诉说,对她的感受表示理解。Step 5 Apologize5.道歉Apologize and say you are sorry.道歉,说对不起。Step 6 Write6.写信Write her a letter reminding her of how much you love her. Write specific reasons why you love her.书写一封道歉信,提醒她你非常爱她。写出自己爱她的具体理由。Step 7 Surprise her7.惊喜Surprise her with flowers, by cleaning the house, filling up the gas tank, or with a date night. Love is the best medicine.送花,打扫房间,加满油箱,或者约会,给她一个惊喜。爱是最好的药物。22 percent of men have cheated on their wives at least once during their marriage.22%的男性在婚姻生活中至少欺骗过一个妻子。 Article/201302/225077

At last, journeys end,旅途的终点a coated niche beyond the reach of even the most enterprising predator.高悬的庇护所使得最激进的捕食者都束手无策But it#39;s not just monkeys that find shelter in caves.并非只有猴子们在洞穴中寻找遮蔽These children are off to school.这些孩子们刚放学In rural China, that may mean a long trek each morning,在中国农村每天早上都意味着一段passing through a cave or two on the way.穿越一两个洞穴的艰苦跋涉But not all pupils have to walk to school.然而并非所有孩子都要徒步上学These children are boarders.这些孩子是寄宿生As the day pupils near journey#39;s end,当孩子们快要到达学校时the boarders are still making breakfast.住宿生还在做早饭In the school yard, someone seems to have switched the lights off.校园内仿若被关掉了灯一般黑暗But this is no ordinary play ground但这里其实并没有正规的操场and no ordinary school.以及正规的学校Its house,只不过是座inside a cave.洞穴中的房屋而已A natural vault of rock keeps out the rain,天然拱顶阻隔了雨水so there is no need for a roof on the classroom.为教室省去了屋顶 /201207/191433

Easy way to tie a bow tie. 这是戴蝴蝶领结的最简便方法,还等什么,赶快拿出你的领结跟着视频学习吧。 Article/201112/166147讲师: 罗恩. 古特曼字幕:中英双文授课语言:英文罗恩;古特曼回顾了一大批关于微笑的研究,并发现了一些惊人的结果。你知道吗,微笑能够预测你的寿命有多长!微微的一笑能对你的幸福生活产生不小影响?请一边放松面部肌肉,一边深入了解这种传染性极高的行为。 Article/201202/170356At 7:50 a.m.,早晨7时50分 the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.日本军队袭击珍珠港Fire!准备反击Most of the marines and sailors were still in their rack.大部分海军和陆战队队员仍在睡梦中They were still asleep.仍在睡觉We had no idea that this was gonna happen.完全没料到会发生这样的事But we all know that it did.但袭击确实发生了The Japanese have prepared this attack for a year.日本人为了这次袭击足足准备了一年They have rehearsed bombing a model of Pearl Harbor in Japan,until they reach an 80% hit rate.他们在日本时就用模型来演练轰炸珍珠港,直到命中率高达80%All eight battleships are put out of action.八艘战列舰全都遭到破坏1,178 Americans are wounded.1178名美国人受伤2,403 are killed.2403人牺牲Private McDonald#39;s report was finally ,士兵麦克唐纳的报告终于引起了注意but by then, it was too late.但为时已晚;A day that will live in infamy.;那一天的恶行将被永载史册We were completely unprepared for that, emotionally,我们在心理上对这次突袭完全没有准备and it turned the country on a dime, overnight.一夜之间 它使这个国家陷入危机Antiwar people were down,反战人士改旗易帜signing up to join the Navy, the Army, or the Marines--whatever was required.纷纷加入海军、陆军或海军陆战队,投身到一切需要的岗位27 hours after the attack, America declares war on Japan.袭击过后27小时 美国对日本宣战Three days later, the US is at war with Germany.三天以后 美国和德国交战 /201302/225061

I will show you how to melt a nail in your hand. Watch. You can melt any kind of nail. It#39;s a magic trick. 我将向你展示如何在手中熔化一颗钉子。你甚至能熔化任何类型的钉子。这是魔术。 Okay, now I#39;m going to reveal the trick for you. It#39;s a very simple trick. It#39;s just an illusion, because from your side right now you see that this nail is straight, but it#39;s not true, because this is the real position of the nail. What I#39;m doing, I#39;m placing the nail in the position where you can see it like it is straight, so all I have to do when I want to ;melt;, let#39;s say, the nail, I move my fingers and change the position of the nail. Simple as that. 好了,现在我要为你揭秘。这是一个非常简单的魔术。那只是一种错觉,因为从你现在看到这钉子是笔直的,但这不是真的,因为这才是钉子的真正位置。我做的是让钉子位置在你看到时候就好像是笔直的,如果我想;熔化;,让我们说,钉子,我只要移动我的手指和指甲位置做出一些改变。钉子就熔化了,就这么简单。你学会了吗? Article/201202/172338Fall Movie Review Article/200909/84090

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