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淮安卵巢早衰的症状淮安人流安全医院Business.商业。Italian payment practices.意大利的付习惯。Unhealthy delays.有害的延误。Late payments are an Italian speciality-particularly in health care.延迟付是意大利的特色——尤其在医药保健领域。IN MEDICINE speed is of the essence. If the ambulance arrives a minute late, the patient may be dead. Italian paramedics are no doubt as swift as those in other countries. But Italys health-care authorities are shamefully slow when it comes to paying suppliers-making it difficult for them to survive.在医药领域,速度就是核心。如果救护车晚到一分钟,病人就可能死亡了。意大利的护理人员无疑同其他国家一样行动迅速。但谈到向供应商付时,意大利的医疗机构就慢的令人羞耻了——简直让供应商们难以生存。;Were still waiting to be paid for goods sold in ,; says Stefano Rimondi, the managing director of Bellco, a maker of equipment for dialysis with revenues of more than /201209/199730淮安碘油造影后多久可以怀孕 When you getting to the orbit, you can end up mapping the whole planet at fairly high resolution. So well start having a maturing fundamental understanding of Mercury not only at surface but its whole chemistry throughout all planet. From that we can unravel to some degree how it forms.当你到达轨道后,你就可以以相当高的分辨率映射出整个星球。所以我们要开始完善的不仅了解水星的表面,而且要从化学角度了解整个行星。从某种程度上我们可以揭开其形成的原因。What other secrets are etched into Mercurys ancient surface? All y, Messenger has sent back some curious clues.水星古老的表面还刻有其他什么秘密?一切准备就绪,信使送回来的是有些令人好奇的线索。Arriving in Mercury, there is a list of natural wonders to see, and even a dazzling light show.抵达水星,有一个单子上面列着可以观看的自然奇观,甚至还有让人眼花缭乱的亮光表演。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/173689Business Frankfurt Motor Show Autoficial intelligence商业 法兰克福车展 自动的智慧Where does the car end and the phone begin?哪里是手动的终结,自动的开始?SHARON can park herself.SHARON能自己停车。At a signal from a smartphone, a system of tiny computers activates her engine, gearbox and steering—and she reverses smoothly into a parking space. Sensors stop her from bumping into other cars or people.从智能手机发出信号,一个微型电脑的系统会启动她的引擎,变速器和转向系统——她便能安安稳稳地倒到停车位。Pilotless cars, such as the Volkswagen Sharan (nicknamed Sharon), are no distant dream.传感系统能阻止她撞到别的车或行人。像大众Sharan(绰号Sharon)这类无人驾驶汽车,已经不是遥不可及的梦。Many people at this weeks Frankfurt Motor Show were asking not only how the cars of the future will be powered, but who or what will drive them.在这周的Frankfurt Motor展览会上,许多顾客并不仅仅询问未来汽车的动力如何,也开始关心由什么来操纵它们。;Where does the car end and the phone begin?; asked Chris Anderson, the editor of Wired magazine, at a brain-storming session organised by Audi, a carmaker.在一个由汽车制造商Audi组织的研讨会上,;哪里是人工的终结,智能的开始?;Wired杂志的主编Chris Anderson问道。A future car will be more like a computer on wheels, networked with the surrounding infrastructure and other vehicles.未来的汽车更像是一台带轮子的电脑,与周围的建筑物和车辆联网。Even if it comes with a steering wheel, the ;driver; will have the Knight-Rider-esque option of being piloted while he -conferences, answers e-mails or looks on a screen at an annotated view of the world whizzing by.就算有方向盘,汽车在呼啸而过的同时,;驾驶者;可以启动守护骑士这一选项来导航,从而方便驾驶者视频会议,回复邮件或者以透视的视角来看地图。The threat to the taxi drivers parked outside the show is obvious.但是对停在Frankfurt展览会外面等活的出租车司机们来说,这是不靠谱的。But Frankfurts cabbies are a sceptical bunch.未来汽车对他们的威胁是显而易见的。Driverless taxis? Not in my lifetime, says one.无人驾驶的出租?我这辈子是看不到了,一个司机师傅说到。;Its science fiction,; scoffs another.;科幻小说吧,;另一个讽刺道。In tough times, many carmakers are innovating like fury.在汽车行业不景气的时候,不少汽车制造商都在疯狂地创新。Some are recasting themselves as ;mobility service providers;.一些厂商把自己打造为;移动务供应商;。This means hawking car-related software and other add-ons.这意味着以汽车相关软件和附加装置为卖点。For example, for those who prefer to hire or share cars—as young city-slickers increasingly do—there is software to make them feel at home in any vehicle, by instantly switching the radio and other settings to their tastes.举个例子,随着爱赶时髦的年轻人越来越愿意以租车或者合用方式驾车——因为可以通过迅速地调换电台和其他的设置满足自己的口味,应用软件能让他们在任何车辆里随心所欲。Some carmakers are also tempting buyers with more mundane services, such as priority parking or cheap deals on fuel (whether petrol, hydrogen or electricity).一些汽车制造商也用更多的普通务来吸引买家,比如提供优先停车位和便宜的燃料方案(不管是汽油,氢还是电力)。Or, to help them let off steam, they might offer an annual spin with that gas-guzzling sports-utility vehicle of their dreams.要么,为了给顾客缓解压力,厂商每年举办短途游,车型都是买家梦寐以求的大排量SUV。Even in changing times, there is still plenty of passion for a flash motor.即使在人们观念在发生变化的今天,人们依旧对名车抱有极大热情。Hence the covetous sighs that greeted the new Ferrari 458 Spider (pictured), which was unveiled on September 13th.于是在9月13日,伴随着人们的渴望和欢呼声,人们迎来了新款法拉利458Spider(如图所示)。Alongside it was Ferraris first four-wheel drive four-seater.同时这也是法拉利首款四轮驱动的四座跑车。;Different Ferraris for different Ferraristi!; exclaimed Luca di Montezemolo, Ferraris boss.;与众不同的法拉利给与与众不同的法拉利人;法拉利的总裁Luca di Montezemolo宣称。Even Volkswagens new single-seater electric commuter, with its narrow body and wide wheelbase, looks rather like a 1950s racing-car.就连大众的新款单座通勤概念车,窄窄的车身和宽宽的轴距,怎么看怎么像19世纪50年代的赛车。 /201211/211486淮安痣疮的原因

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