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count vt.计算 vi.数,计数  in no case 决不 rent 租金

动人心弦的《印度小夜曲(双语) --30 :57:56 来源:sohu The Indian Serenade 印度小夜曲 --by Percy Bysshe Shelley I arise from dreams of thee In the first sweet sleep of night, When the winds are breathing low, And the stars are shining bright I arise from dreams of thee, And a spirit in my feet Has led me -- who knows how? -- To thy chamber-window, sweet! 在夜晚第一度香甜的睡眠里, 我从梦见你的梦中起身下了地, 习习的夜风正轻轻地吹, 灿烂的星星闪耀着光辉; 从梦见你的梦中起身下了地, 有个精灵附在我的脚底, 引导着我,哦,不可思议, 来到你的纱窗下,亲爱的! The wandering airsthey faint On the dark, the silent stream, -- The champak odors fall Like sweet thoughts in a dream, The nightingale's complaint, It dies upon her heart, As I must die on thine, O, beloved as thou art! 四处游荡的乐声已疲惫, 湮没在幽暗静寂的清溪—— 金香木的芳馨已经消逝, 就象梦中那甜美的情思; 夜莺一声声泣血的怨啼 已在她的心底盍然死去—— 我的生命也必将在你的心上停熄, 因为,哦,我所热爱的只是你! O, lift me from the grass! I die, I faint, I fall! Let thy love in kisses rain On my lips and eyelids pale, My cheek is cold and white, alas! My Heart beats loud and fast Oh! press it close to thine again, Where it will break at last! 哦,请快把我从茵草地上扶起, 我气息奄奄,神智昏迷,衰竭无力! 让你的爱在亲吻的密雨里降落, 降落在我苍白的嘴唇和眼皮; 我的面颊已经冰凉,惨淡! 我的心脏音响沉重,跳动迅疾—— 哦,再一次把它拥紧在你的胸前, 它终将碎裂在你的心窝里 这首诗的结尾尤其动人心弦不知道是哪几句话触动了你心中的那根弦?

  A. a patch of B. a bunch of C. a pinch of  C) intelligentattorney n.代理人;辩护律师

  l n. 处理,处置权,配权;布置,配置,安排;性情,禀性,意向,倾向美美哒!学欧美女明星玩转各种发色 -- :57:35 来源:sohu 发色真是个有趣的话题有时,你会难以置信一个人怎么会染出那样的发色同时,一些人会尝试各种发色并且都很符合他们的风格一些自然发色如金色、棕色、黑色、红色,抑或是引人注目的橘色和诱人的水鸭色一些女明星很幸运成功地驾驭了这些发色!你最爱的发色是什么呢? Hair color is a really interesting thing. Sometimes, like in my case, you can't imagine a person with any other color gracing the top of their head. Meanwhile, others have a revolving door of color and can make nearly anything work their style. Be it the natural shades of blonde, brown, black, or red, or anything beyond – like outrageous oranges and tantalizing teals. Yup, some of our favorite stars are lucky enough to pull those off too! What's your favorite hair color here? 1. 艾玛;沃特森 Emma Watson 艾玛;沃特森的深棕发色总是那么经典那么动人她的自然发色总不会有错 There's always the classic and unquestionably gorgeous brunette look Emma Watson. She really can't go wrong with her natural color. 当然,艾玛不会不去尝试美丽的金色金色的头发提亮了她的整个妆容,搭配白色的抹胸使她看起来像天使一样 Of course, that doesn't stop her from rocking a beautiful blonde. It lightens her whole look, and she's simply angelic in white. 还有黑色,当然不是完全黑更深更饱满的颜色让她看起来很摇滚,不是吗? And almost, but not quite, black hair. The much darker, rich color really makes all her features pop, doesn't it? 当然还有红色艾玛完全能驾驭这种俏皮的发型和发色 And of course there's her red hair. Between the pixie cut and the color, Emma really makes this look work. 3. 索菲;特纳 Sophie Turner 说到红发,那就不得不提美剧《权力游戏里完美的珊莎,也就是索菲;特纳 Speaking of red heads, there's the ever wonderful Sansa... I mean Sophie Turner. 当然,索菲也可以驾驭金发没有火红头发的索菲很难被认出,但依旧引人瞩目 But she can also rock the blonde look. Without her usualy fiery tresses, she's hardly recognizable – and yet still an absolute vision. 索菲可以驾驭任何风格她出色地驾驭了侧分 And she can rock it in all sorts of styles. This side swept look is just out of this world on Sophie. 有时,她也会尝试如同黑夜一般的黑发,结果依旧容光焕发 Or there are times where her hair is as dark as night. And still she manages to be radiant all the same. 3. 斯嘉丽;约翰逊 Scarlett Johansson 斯嘉丽美丽的金发很引人注目,尤其是在一身华丽红裙的陪衬下 Johansson's beautiful golden locks are quite eye catching, especially when paired with a gorgeous red dress. 斯嘉丽也能驾驭深棕色深色的发色和白皙的肤色完美地融合在一起 But she also works being a brunette incredibly well. The dark locks and her light complexion work together in perfect harmony. 红色头发的斯嘉丽看上去充满豪情在她扮演黑寡妇的时期,深红发色(scarlet)和名字(Scarlett)的相配令她一炮而红 She's also red hot with red hair. Her scarlet hair to match her name is definitely a hit, as we all know from her time spent as the Black Widow. 说实话,斯嘉丽可以驾驭任何发色即使是这种独特的风格,她也能让自己充满自信和魅力 But let's be honest, Scarlett can rock any style. This entirely unique look is one she can make all her own with confidence and beauty. . 碧昂丝;诺斯 Beyonceacute; Knowles 如果不提女王碧昂斯,那就太疏忽了它可以驾驭任何妆容、任何发色、任何风格 I would be remiss if I didn't mention Queen Bey herself. She can work any look, any color, any style. 碧昂斯可以玩转金发,让金发看起来恰到好处 She can do the blonde game. And make it absolutely work just right. 碧昂斯也可以玩转黑发,黑发令她的女王范别具风格 She can do black hair. She looks like a totally different queen. 碧昂斯可以搭配任何头饰她看起来依然很非凡! And she can do almost anything with it. She'll still look positively divine! 只要充满自信和创意,你也可以驾驭任何发色、任何风格和任何头饰这些美丽的女人就是明! With confidence and creativity, you can rock any color and style with the perfect canvas that is your hair. Just look at these lovely ladies the proof!It's far from certain that Alibaba will succeed in these endeavors. Chinese companies have faced significant challenges in the U.S. market; example Weibo, China's answer to Twitter, raisedless money than it expected in its U.S. IPO. Other Chinese tech companies have delisted from the New York Stock Exchange because of lower-than-expected valuations.

  long johns: warm underpants with long legs down to the ankles(至踝部的)长内裤,衬裤  . We will be losing money this year unless that new economic plan of yours ____miracle.?gloomy a. 忧郁的;阴暗的 a ~ dayfuture

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