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This film shows you how you can make a good first impression. The body language expert and author of #39;Body talk At Work#39; Judi James, shows you how to make a great first impression in work or social situations. This film gives you a head start to making a good first impression.如何给人一个良好的第一印象?本视频将告诉你。身体语言专家和《身体会说话》的作者,朱迪·詹姆斯将会告诉你如何通过社交或者工作场合中给人极好的第一印象,从而获得工作中的领先优势。Step 1: Make an entrance第一步:入场Take a few moments before you walk in to a room and realign your posture. Bring your shoulders back and down and put a smile on your face. Scan the room and look around as this will make you look a lot more positive and thus creates a good first impression.在进入房间之前花些时间调整一下自己姿态:双肩后摆并下沉,同时记得微笑。浏览房间内的人和物时要迅速,这样很能显示出积极的态势,也就更容易获得良好的第一印象。Step 2: Your handshake第二步:握手Make sure you give a good, cool and firm handshake. Look the person in the eye and remember to smile at them.确保握手时候手势、身体姿态和力度都合适,并且要记得握手的同时看向对方的眼睛,并微笑。Step 3: Posture第三步:姿势Practice sitting down in front of a mirror, in the outfit you will be wearing, to see what is going to work and what isn#39;t. Sit well in the chair as this will make you look more confident. Rest your elbows on the arm of the chair and maybe cross your legs.穿戴整齐之后,在镜子前练习坐下的姿势,看一下哪种坐姿更适合自己。带着自信的神态在椅子上坐好,把胳膊肘放在椅子的扶手上,并在需要的时候交叉双腿。Step 4: Hand gestures第四步:手势Make sure you don#39;t use barriers such as folding your arms as this will make you look too closed. Use nice open gestures and good emphatic gestures when you speak, and make sure you keep your hands below shoulder height.不要采用双手交叉抱在胸前或类似的姿势,这样会使你整个人看起来过于封闭。相反,在谈话时采取一个开放、专注的姿态会更有效果,同时在这个过程中手的高度最好不要超过肩的高度。Step 5: Mirroring第五步:模仿Use mirroring to create fast-track rapport. This is achieved by slightly copying the interviewer#39;s body language which will help you come across as more approachable.通过模仿可以快速建立一种融洽的气氛。这主要是通过稍微模仿面试官的身体语言给人一种更易相处的印象。Thanks for watching How Can I Make A Good First Impression?感谢收看本期“如何建立良好的第一印象”。 Article/201207/189827讲师: David Byrne字幕:中英双文授课语言:英文David Byrne高歌《(只有)花儿犹在》David Byrne重温Talking Heads的1988年畅销曲目;;《(只有)鲜花犹在》。为其伴奏的是由Thomas Dolby和弦乐四人组Ethel组成的TED2010的驻场乐队。 Article/201201/169501The battle cry went up.狩猎口号由此兴起Hokahey! Which means ;to charge.; and the hunters went in for the kill.当喊道;Hokahey;意为攻击,猎手们便一齐蜂拥而上射杀猎物On horse back, the bow is the weapon of choice.在马背上弓箭是最佳武器And the time it takes to reload a gun,a warrior can ride 300 yards,and fire 20 arrows.重新装弹所用的的时间,足够一名战士策马狂奔300码,张弓发箭20Buffalo can run at 35 miles an hour.野牛奔跑时速高达35英里Hunts cover hundreds of miles over many days.狩猎范围方圆几百英里,时间长达数日It can take 15 arrows to kill a buffalo.射死一头野牛需要15箭White hunters like Frank Mayer use a single cartridge.而像法兰克·梅尔这样的白人猎手只需子弹一发He aims for the lungs,a clean kill drops a buffalo without disturbing the herd.对准肺部,干净利落地放倒一头牛丝毫不曾惊动牛群30 Million are killed in a little over a decade.短短十几年,3000万头野牛死在口下After hunters take the hides,train loads of men arrive to pick their carcasses.在猎手剥下牛皮之后火车载着工人接踵而至拉走剩下的残骸They make buttons from bones and grind down skeletons for fertilizer and porcelain.他们利用牛骨做扣子,把骨架打磨成粉用作肥料或是制作瓷器The primary resource keeping Native Americans alive is gone.原住民靠天吃饭赖地穿衣的日子一去不复返了Facing starvation, they#39;re forced on to reservations.面对着灭顶的饥荒,他们被迫迁往保留地My great-great-grandmother, Grandma Big Eagle was alive when buffalo hunting ended.我的曾曾祖母,巨鹰太祖在捕猎野牛时代终结时还活着They weren#39;t just saying good-bye to kind of food stuff.他们挥别的不仅是赖以生存的食物They were saying good-bye to a way of being in the world.同时也是在挥别整个种族的生存方式I think for them to look back on that was just unspeakably sad.我想当他们回顾那段历史时只会是难以言表的悲愤In 1889, just 85 wild buffalo exist in the whole ed States.1889年,全美仅存85头野牛The men who ride the great iron horse are taming the wilderness.人类驾着铁骑践踏着自然,征着每一寸荒野The railroad will bring another modern American icon to the Great Plains.铁路,把新时代美国的另一标志烙在了大平原上The last of the great frontier#39;s man.他们是最后的开拓者The cowboy.牛仔 /201211/210628

Their target lay beyond the mountains,他们的目的地位于山脉另一侧over 3,000 metres above sea level, on the Antarctic Plateau.坐落在海拔3000多米的南极冰原上An unbroken sheet of ice, larger than Western Europe,这是一片面积超过西欧的完整冰盖this is the coldest, the windiest,是地球上最寒冷 风力最大the most lifeless place on Earth.生命最难以存活的地域Roald Amundsen#39;s team narrowly defeated Scott#39;s to become罗尔德·阿蒙森的探险队小胜斯科特the first people to reach the South Pole1911年12月14日 他们代表人类on the 14th of December 1911.首次抵达南极点Nobody else successfully completed the journey此后近50年间 终未有人for nearly 50 years after that.再次成功完成这一壮举But, since 1957,不过 自1957年起there has been a permanent base at the South Pole.南极点便设立了一个永久性基地You can even land a plane on the ice runway.甚至可以在这里冰质跑道起降飞机The early explorers would be早期的探险家定会为astounded by the facilities at the South Pole today.南极如今的设施大为惊叹Construction work isn#39;t easy when the average summer temperature在夏季平均气温仅为零下25度的环境中is minus 25 degrees Centigrade.施工并非易事But, despite the difficulties,然而 尽管存在诸多困难the most high-tech scientific research station史上最为先进的科学研究站ever built was unveiled here in 2006.还是于2006年在此顺利竣工The brand new Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station is designed to全新的阿蒙森·斯科特南极站旨在cope with the world#39;s most extreme conditions.应对全球最为严苛的气候条件The building#39;s sloping edge deflects the prevailing wind.建筑外的斜边可以引导盛行风转向Beneath, there are stilts下方设有桩柱that can raise the whole building a further eight metres建筑整体被抬高八米to keep it above the accumulating snow.使得底部可以远离积雪 /201212/214924

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