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US Presidential Candidates Debate Economy, Foreign Policy麦凯恩、奥巴马辩论会上激烈交锋 The two major party candidates for president of the ed States, Republican Senator John McCain and Democrat Senator Barack Obama met in a spirited debate over the financial crisis and foreign policy Friday at the University of Mississippi. The two candidates clashed frequently over such issues as tax cuts, Iran's nuclear ambitions and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.美国两大政党的总统候选人、共和党的麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马星期五在密西西比大学举行激烈的辩论,讨论美国金融危机和外交政策问题。两位候选人在减税、伊朗的核野心以及阿富汗和伊拉克战争等问题上频繁交锋。Although this was to have been a debate focused exclusively on foreign policy issues, the grave financial crisis that almost undermined the debate was the top issue addressed during the first half of the debate. Both Senators came to Mississippi from Washington, where they had been involved in the effort to put together an emergency package to stem the crisis.虽然原计划这次辩论专门讨论外交政策问题,但是美国严峻的金融危机却是第一场总统候选人辩论的头半场的首要议题。金融危机险些让第一场辩论不能如期举行。两位候选人参议员都是从华盛顿来到密西西比的。他们在首都参与了为制定因应金融危机的应急计划所作的努力。On Wednesday, Senator McCain suspended his campaign and called for a postponement of the debate in order to concentrate on the financial crisis. Senator Obama said he would come to the debate alone, if necessary, and for two days the fate of this first presidential debate of the 2008 election was uncertain. On Friday, however, just hours before the event was to take place, Senator McCain said enough progress had been made in Washington for him to come to the debate.星期三,麦凯恩中断了自己的竞选,他呼吁推迟候选人辩论,集中对付金融危机。奥巴马则表示,如果必要,他会一个人参加辩论。有两天时间,大家不知道2008年总统选举的第一场辩论能否举行。但是,星期五,在辩论原计划举行的时间前几个小时,麦凯恩说,在华盛顿已经取得了足够的进展,因此他能够到密西西比参加辩论。In their responses to questions about the crisis, the two senators gave support to the general idea of a government bail out plan, but differed over what needed to be done to restore the nation's economic health. Senator McCain said government needs to restore fiscal responsibility.两位参议员在回答有关金融危机的问题的时候,都表示持政府拯救金融机构的总体设想。但是两人在应该采取哪些具体措施来恢复国家经济健康的问题上意见分歧。麦凯恩说,政府需要重新负担起财政责任。"We have to, obviously, cut spending. I have fought to cut spending. Senator Obama has 800 billion dollars in new spending programs. I would suggest that he start by canceling some of those new spending programs that he has," he said.他说:“很明显,我们必须削减开。我曾为削减开而奋斗。奥巴马参议员曾用8千亿美元来推动新的政府开项目。我建议他先取消一些他的新项目。”Senator Obama fired back, accusing Senator McCain and Republicans of approving tax cuts for the wealthy while neglecting the needs of average working Americans.奥巴马还以颜色,他指责麦凯恩和共和党人一方面批准给富人减税,同时却忽视普通美国工薪阶层的需要。"If we are spending 0 billion on tax cuts for people who do not need them and we're not even asking for them and we are leaving out health care, which is crushing on people all across the country then, I think, we have made a bad decision and I want to make sure we are not short-changing our long-term priorities," he said.他说:“如果我们用3千亿美元来给那些不需要减税的人减税,而且根本不问这些人需不需要减税,我们正在忽视医疗保健,这使全国各地的人们受害。我认为,我们作出了很糟的决定,我要确保不再改变我们的长远的头等大事。”When the debate moved to foreign policy, the exchange became more heated, with Senator McCain frequently suggesting that Senator Obama did not fully understand such issues as the threat of a nuclear Iran or how to deal with Russia. Senator Obama fought back with criticisms of the Bush administration's policies, which he said Senator McCain has largely supported. Senator McCain hailed the success of the military surge in Iraq and Senator Obama attacked the decision to invade Iraq in the first place. 接下来辩论议题转到外交政策。两人的交锋变得更加激烈。麦凯恩频繁暗示奥巴马不完全理解伊朗核武化的威胁等问题,也不理解应该怎样对付俄罗斯。奥巴马则反唇相讥,批评布什政府的政策,并且说,麦凯恩基本上持布什的政策。麦凯恩则称赞美国军队在伊拉克的军事成功。One of the fiercest exchanges between the two candidates came over the issue of Iran and what to do about its plan to develop nuclear weapons. Senator McCain emphasized the threat this would pose to Israel and attacked Senator Obama for saying he would hold direct meetings with Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.奥巴马还抨击布什从一开始根本就不应该打伊拉克战争。两位候选人辩论中一次最激烈的交锋有关伊朗问题。谈到伊朗发展核武器的计划时,麦凯恩强调,这将对以色列构成威胁,他抨击奥巴马,说奥巴马曾表示愿意跟伊朗领导人艾哈麦迪内贾德举行直接会晤。"What Senator Obama does not seem to understand is that if, without precondition, you sit down across the table from someone who has called Israel a stinking corpse and wants to destroy that country and wipe it off the map, you legitimize those comments. This is dangerous. It is not just naive, it is dangerous," he said.他说:“奥巴马似乎不理解,如果不预设条件,就跟伊朗人谈判,那你就把伊朗人的声明合法化了。伊朗人说,以色列是一具发臭的僵尸,他们要摧毁以色列,把以色列从地图上消灭掉。奥巴马这样作很危险,这样作不仅天真,而且危险。”Senator Obama responded by defending his willingness to meet with any foreign leader at any time if he believed it would make the ed States more secure.奥巴马的反应是,为他愿意在任何时候跟所有外国领导人会晤进行辩解,只要这些会晤能让美国更安全。"Now, understand what this means, meeting without preconditions. It does not mean that you invite them over for tea one day. What it means is that we do not do what we have been doing, which is to say that 'until you agree to do exactly what we say, we will not have direct contacts with you," he said.他说:“请理解我的意思。我说的无条件会晤,意思是请他们来喝茶。我的意思是,我们不再沿用过去的作法,不再说,‘除非你完全同意我们的立场,否则我们就不会同你进行直接接触。”Senator Obama said one of McCain's own advisors, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, had endorsed the idea of meeting with Iran's leaders without preconditions. Senator McCain said that was not true. In a recent meeting with other former secretaries of state, Kissinger did say U.S. officials should meet with the Iranians without preconditions, but he did not say the two presidents should meet.奥巴马说,麦凯恩自己的一个顾问,前国务卿基辛格就持无条件会晤伊朗领导人。麦凯恩说,这不是事实。他说,基辛格最近会晤其他前任美国国务卿的时候确实表示,美国官员应该无条件会晤伊朗人。但是基辛格没有说两国总统应该会晤。The next scheduled debate will be between the two vice presidential candidates, Republican Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska and Democratic Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. That event is scheduled for October 2 at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.按计划,下次辩论将在两位副总统候选人之间举行。他们是共和党的佩林州长和民主党的拜登参议员。下次辩论将在10月2号在密苏里州圣路易市的华盛顿大学举行。200809/50861国家地理:Real-Life CSI: Hunter amp; Hunted: Gator Attack 鳄鱼攻击Almost ninety percent of all alligators die in their first two years of life, falling prey to other predators including their own. But normally they don't prey on humans, so why would an alligator attack a woman. Yovy Jimenez's fatal encounter is the first ever by an alligator in the Fort Lauderdale area. The attacks shock the community. Only seventeen people have been killed by alligators in the last half century. But before authorities could make sense of the attack, another incident. This time, just north of Tampa Bay. Fred Filderbs lives on the bank of a small suburban canal."My wife saw what appeared to be a pair of pants floating in the water right out of our kitchen window about one o'clock on Saturday. I didn't think anything of it." But the next morning, on Mother's Day, an unsettling discovery was moments away. "My wife was still asleep, and so were the kids. I went to the street to get the paper, and Bailey, the dog that I'm watching bolted to the backyard. I said 'Oh, I'd better (to) make sure he is OK', so I ran to the backyard." The dog had led Fred back to the canal. "And I looked at that, that's um...that looks like a pair of pants floating on the water. And then just something clicked. That's not what it appears to be. So I ran up to the house and I'm screaming at my wife 'get up, get up, get up, there are something in the pond, I think it's a body.' She, she quickly got up and ran down to the scene, and she said 'Oh, no, those were the pants I saw by those tree though, and then there, her sneaker comes just raised above the water. I said 'oh, man, that's not, that's somebody's body." How did this person end up in Fred Filderbs' backyard canal? Authorities determine the body belongs to 43-year-old Judy Cooper. Like Yovy Jimenez, severe bite marks to Judy's remains also show that an alligator was involved. Incredibly, two women seemed to have fallen victim to alligators just within days of each other. The odds are astonishing. Lethal attacks are extremely rare, but then, on the same day, a third victim...200709/17386探索世界奥秘之The Ghost In Your Genes(基因外遗传现象) 01We are on the brink of uncovering a hidden world, a world that connects past and future generations in ways we never imagined possible. What this means is an environmental exposure that your grandmother had could cause a disease in you even though you've never been exposed to the toxin. And you are gonna pass it onto your great-grand kids. These extraordinary discoveries have the potential to affect every aspect of our lives. It's not just the genes, but also the environment in the early life of your ancestors. It's not so much you're what you eat as something you are what your mother ate, and maybe you are what your grandmother ate. And if you take our data, you're what's stress your grandmother or grandfather had. It would change the way we think about our relationship with every generation. (it) Makes me feel closer to my children. What I experienced, in terms of environment will have some type of legacy in my children and my grandchildren. The science of inheritance is being turned on its head. We're changing the view of what inheritance is. This small Swedish town may hold the evidence to launch a medical revolution. Ouml;verkalix lies huddled on the edge of the Arctic Circle. Inaccessible and remote, it was cut off from the rest of the world for most of its history. Marcus Pembrey has traveled here to meet his colleague, Olov Bygren. They believe that the story lying buried in these graveyards may hold the proof to their radical ideas. Here we have at least 2 generations.In the same grave.In the same ...This group of people could contribute to really a sea change in the way we think about inheritance. They have come to this churchyard to find grandmothers and granddaughters, grandfathers and grandsons, connecting people who lived almost a hundred years apart in entirely new ways, uncovering links that confound scientific thinking. Up to now, inheritance is just the genes, the DNA sequence. I suspect that we're gonna be able to demonstrate that the inheritance is more than that. This is a grandson, as it were, in our study. It is the culmination of more than twenty years' work and for the first time, Pembrey is confronting the magnitude of their discovery. It really has come alive for me, coming here more than I had expected. It's really quite so, I'm, sure about it, wonderful.words and expressionson the brink of:濒于toxin:毒素sea change :A marked transformation:巨变, 突变,突发性彻底转变culmination:巅峰;最高点magnitude:重要,重要性200807/44828

Jimmy Carter Holds Peace Talks With Hamas Leaders in Egypt卡特会哈玛斯领袖招以美官员抗议  Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has sparked an outcry of protest from Israeli and American officials for his decision to meet with Hamas leaders during a week-long visit to the Middle East. Although he received a cold welcoming in Israel in recent days, he was warmly received by Egyptian officials and a large supportive audience during a speech at the American University in Cairo late Thursday.  美国前总统卡特决定在为期一个星期的中东之行中会晤哈玛斯领导人招致以色列和美国官员的一片抗议。尽管本星期早些时候,卡特在以色列受到冷冰冰的接待,但他在埃及受到热烈的欢迎。星期四晚上卡特在开罗的美利坚大学发表演说的时候,听众大都表示持他。 Mr. Carter spoke to an audience of at least 1,000 people at the American University in Cairo. 卡特在开罗的美利坚大学发表演说,听众至少有一千人。Most members of the audience made it clear that they saw him as breaking barriers by holding talks with Hamas.  大部分听众表示,卡特跟哈玛斯领导人举行会谈是一种破除障碍的行动。Hamas, which won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in 2006 and has ruled the Gaza Strip since it seized power there in June, is labeled a terrorist organization by the ed States. 哈玛斯在2006年赢得巴勒斯坦议会选举,并从去年6月夺取加沙地带权力之后一直统治著加沙。美国认定哈玛斯是一个恐怖主义组织。But after a three-hour long talk with Hamas officials earlier in the day and photos circulating of the ex-US president being embraced by a Hamas official, Mr. Carter seemed to have whole-hearted support by the mostly Arab audience he spoke to. 但是,在跟哈玛斯官员举行了三个小时的会谈,以及卡特前总统受到一个哈玛斯官员拥抱的照片流传开来之后,卡特似乎受到了大部分是阿拉伯人的听众的全心持。Mr. Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who brokered the historic peace agreement between Egypt and Israel three decades ago, strongly defended his reasons for meeting with Hamas. 卡特是诺贝尔和平奖得主。三十年前经过他的斡旋,埃及和以色列达成了历史性的和平协议。卡特为跟哈玛斯领导人会晤的理由做出了强烈的辩护。"I don't think anyone would doubt that in order to have peace in the Holy Land you have to have involved Hamas, which won the election as you know in January 2006," said Jimmy Carter. "Got 44 per cent of the votes, majority of parliament members. They have to be involved in some way in the final peace agreement."  卡特说:“我不认为有谁怀疑,为了在圣地达成和平,就必须让哈玛斯参与。大家知道,哈玛斯在2006年1月赢得了选举,得到44%的选票,以及大部分的议会席位。他们必须以某种方式参与最终的和平协议。”During his visit to Israel early this week all of the country's senior political leaders except for ceremonial President Shimon Peres declined to meet with Mr. Carter. 在他本星期早些时候访问以色列期间,除了没有实权的总统佩雷斯之外,以色列政界大部分高级领导人都拒绝跟卡特会晤。Israeli officials also rejected Mr. Carter's request to visit the Gaza Strip, which is governed by Hamas but whose border is controlled by Israel.  以色列官员也拒绝准许卡特前往加沙地带访问的要求。加沙地带的政府在哈玛斯控制之下,但是,加沙的边境是以色列控制的。Mr. Carter's speech late Thursday in Cairo comes just one day after an Israeli air strike killed 21 people in the Gaza Strip.  在卡特星期四晚上在开罗发表演说之前的一天,以色列在加沙进行空袭,导致21人死亡。"My hope is that there will be no more rockets coming out of Gaza and that was my primary request to Hamas leaders and I hope they will comply," said Carter. "And if they do comply my hope is that Israel will not launch any more attacks as they did yesterday within which I think 21 people died. If that conflict can stop then I will be quite pleased. I am not blaming one side or another. But any act, any act by Israelis or Palestinians that causes deaths of innocent civilians in my opinion, in my definition is an act of terrorism." 卡特说:“我希望,加沙地带不会再有火箭发射出来。这是我对哈玛斯的领导人的主要要求。我希望他们会遵守我的要求。假如他们遵守我的要求,我希望以色列不会再像昨天一样进行空袭。据我所知,昨天的空袭造成21人死亡。假如这种冲突可以停止的话,我会非常高兴。我没有责备任何一方。但是,任何一种行动,无论是以色列的还是巴勒斯坦人的,假如导致无辜平民死亡,按照我的定义来说就是恐怖主义。”The former U.S. president explained that he is not a mediator between any two parties nor is he representing the U.S.government during this trip. Despite his unofficial tour of the region, Mr.Carter met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and Egypt's intelligence chief Omar Suleiman. He has planned meetings in Damascus Friday with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad as well as Hamas' top leader Khaled Meshaal. 这位前美国总统解释说,他现在不是任何两方的调停人,他在中东之行期间也不代表美国政府。尽管他对中东地区的这次访问是非官方的,卡特还是会晤了埃及总统穆巴拉克,以及埃及情报部门总监苏莱曼。他计划星期五在大马士革会晤叙利亚总统阿萨德,以及哈玛斯领袖哈利德.迈沙阿勒。200804/35760

White House Backs Bailout of Mortgage Giants布什政府称接管两房乃不得已之举  American and international financial markets are welcoming word that the U.S. government is taking over two troubled institutions that back roughly half the country's home mortgages. The Bush administration says it took the action reluctantly to head off a fiscal crisis. 美国和国际金融市场都对布什政府接管房利美和房地美做出了积极的反应。这两家陷入困境的美国房贷融资机构担负着美国大约一半的房屋抵押贷款。布什政府星期一表示,为了避免一场财政危机,政府接管两房其实是不得已而为之。Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are entities created by Congress to finance and guarantee home loans in the ed States. While they are government-licensed, they operate like private companies with shareholders and corporate boards.  房利美和房地美是美国国会授权成立的两个机构,专门为美国的房屋抵押贷款提供融资和担保。尽管这两家公司得到政府授权,但是在运作上却跟私人公司一样,既有一般持股人,也有公司董事会。The two mortgage giants have been severely weakened by the current turmoil in the U.S. housing market, which has seen a dramatic rise in foreclosures, and falling home values across the country. 在目前的美国房地产市场大滑坡中,由于房贷违约率急剧上升,丧失住房赎回权的人数大增,全国各地的房地产价值大幅缩水,这两家房贷巨头损失惨重。Should they fail, the impact on the U.S. and world economy could be severe. And so the government stepped in - bailing them out and taking over their operations. 如果听任房利美和房地美破产倒闭,那对美国和世界经济造成的影响将是严重的。所以美国政府出手挽救,接管了这两家公司。White House spokeswoman Dana Perino says the Bush administration had no choice. "This is not action that we wanted to take. It is action that we needed to take," she said. 白宫发言人达纳·佩里诺说,布什政府别无选择。她说:“这并不是我们愿意采取的行动。而是我们必需采取的行动。”Perino says the White House has been warning for years that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in need of reform. She says the federal takeover could have been prevented if Congress had acted on the administration's request for a strong independent regulator to oversee the mortgage giants. "Remember that we have highlighted the systemic risk posed by posed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because of the very large role they play on housing markets and because of their business practices," she said. 佩里诺指出,多年来,白宫一直警告说,房利美和房地美需要改革。她表示,布什政府曾要求国会设立一个强有力的独立监管机构来监督两房的运作。假如国会按照布什政府的要求采取了行动,联邦政府完全可以避免接管这两家房贷巨头。她说:“可记得,我们一直强调房利美和房地美造成的体制性风险,因为他们在房地产市场发挥的作用太大,他们的商业行为风险太高。”Perino says it will be up to the next U.S. president and Congress to decide the ultimate fate of the two institutions. She says for now, the goal must be to help the housing market, and the economy, recover. 至于这两家公司的最终命运,佩里诺说,那就要等美国的下届总统和下届国会去决定了。而现在,主要的目标必需是帮助房地产市场和整个美国经济复苏。Perino says that President Bush, who does not favor corporate bail-outs as a rule, approved this takeover reluctantly as a last resort. 佩里诺还说,布什总统通常并不赞成政府对公司实行拯救。这一次他也是在最后一刻才不情愿地批准接管两房。U.S., Asian and European stock markets soared in response to the takeover. China and Japan, the biggest buyers of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae debt, praised the move.  美国、亚洲和欧洲的股票市场都对美国政府接管两房反应积极,股价大幅上扬。中国和日本这两个购买两房债券最多的国家都对美国政府的接管行动表示赞赏。But European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet offered a word of caution. He said while the move is welcome, risks remain in the global credit market. 不过,欧洲央行行长特里谢告诫人们还是要谨慎小心。他说,虽然华盛顿的接管措施很受欢迎,但是全球信贷市场上的风险依然存在。200809/47873

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