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淮安中山医院身体检查江苏省淮安妇科检查多少钱淮阴区妇保院治疗女性不孕多少钱 In higher education, there is a university in Canada, Atherbasca University, that delivers 100 percent of its courses by what is called distant learning. No students on campus, no campus. All instruction is delivered online. And they have captured nearly 30 percent of all MBA students in Canada. Governments are using networks to transform every thing, from the way they buy goods and services, to the delivery of services to citizens. Singapore is putting 10 thousand suppliers online, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and by the way is compared with the advantage in Asia. When the government of Verlancia in southern France, starts wiring entire villages, allowing citizens to conduct online transactions with local businesses, schedule a doctors appointment, get information from their kids school -- you know something interesting is starting to happen. And believe me in America, when in certain stage you can register your car on the Internet and not have to go a way in line. I can assure you something important is happening. Trust me on this one.在高等教育领域,加拿大有一所......大学完全通过所谓的远程教育传授它的课程。校园中没有学生,也没有校园。所有的指导都是在线传送的。几乎加拿大全部 MBA 学生中的 30%都出自这所大学。政府正在利用网络改变着所有的一切,从购买货物和务的方式到向市民提供务的方式都在改变。新加坡正在将 1 万个供应商放到网上,降低了成本并且提高了效率,另外还因此在亚洲地区赢得了有势。当法国南部的......政府将整个村子连接起来,使得市民可以在线的同本地商业企业进行交易、预约医生、从他们的孩子就读的学校获取信息 -- 你们可以看得出,一些有趣的事情正在发生。请相信我,发展到一定程度后,在美国你们将能够在 Internet 上注册汽车而不必排队等候。我向你们保,一些重要的事情正在发生。在这一点上请相信我。201312/269613Now, as we pull down here, we still have a whole set of creatures living on the surface of the planet.现在当我摧毁这里的时候,在这个星球上其实还居住着一系列的生物,There are all these different dynamics going on here.所以发生着一系列动态的变化。In fact, I can look over here,我可以从这里俯视。and this is kind of a little simplified food web thats going on with the creatures.这里的生物有一个简化了的小食物链。I can open this up and then scan what exists on the surface,我可以打开这个,浏览哪些生物存在于这个表面,and get some sense of the diversity of creatures that were brought in.了解其中生物的多样性。Some of these were created by the player,其中有些时由玩家自己创作的,others by other players and automatically sent over here.有的是由其他玩家创造的,自动分配到这里来的。But theres a very simple little kind of calculation of whats required,但是这里面也要求一些简单的计算,how much plants are required for the herbivores to live,比如为了草食动物的存活,需要多少植物,how many herbivores for the carnivores to eat, etc.,为了我肉食动物的存活,需要多少草食动物,that you actually have to balance actively.你需要实现一个动态的平衡。Now also with this phase, were getting more and more God-like powers for the player,同样,在这个阶段,我们给了玩家更多的造物的权利,and you can kind of experiment with this planet again as a toy.你可以用这个玩具星球来实现。So I can come in and I can do things, and just treat this planet as a lump of clay.我可以进入其中,可以摆弄它,可以把这个星球当做一块橡皮泥。We have very simple little weather systems you see here, very simple geology.这里我们有一个简单的天气系统,很简单的地理状况。For instance, I could open one of my tools here and then carve out rivers.比如,我可以在这里使用一个工具,比如,开凿河流。So this whole thing is kind of like a big lump of clay, a sculpture.这整个星球就像是一块巨大的橡皮泥,一个雕塑。I can also play with the dynamics of this world over time.我还可以不断控制这个世界的动态变化。So one of the things I can do is start pumping more CO2 gases into the atmosphere,因此,我可以往大气中倾倒更多二氧化碳,and so thats what Im doing here.就像这样。Theres actually a little out down there of our planetary atmosphere, pressure and temperature.这下面有一些关于我们这个星球的大气环境的指数,包括气压,温度。So as I start pumping in more atmosphere,所以当我开始增加气体时,were going to start pushing up the greenhouse gases here我们就会提高温室气体的含量,and if youll start noticing, we start seeing the ocean levels rise over time.如果你注意看的话,就会发现海平面上升了。And our cities are going to be at risk too, because a lot of these are coastal cities.而我们的城市就会有危险,因为许多城市就在海岸边。You can see the ocean levels are rising now and as they encroach upon the cities,你可以看见海平面正在上升,海水在侵蚀城市,Ill start losing cities here.这里我失掉了不少城市。So basically, I want the players to be able to experiment and explore a huge amount of failure space.所以我希望玩家能够试验和探索,了解各种太空中的失败So there goes one city.你看,一个城市毁灭了。Now over time, this is actually going to heat up the planet.渐渐地,星球的温度提高了。So at first what were going to see is a global ocean rise here on this little toy planet,在这个小小玩具星球上,我们首先会遇到的就是全球海平面上升。but then over time -- I can speed it up just a little bit --逐渐地——我可以加快点速度——well actually see the heat impact of that as well.我们也可以看见升温带来的影响。So not only will it get hotter,它不仅仅会变得更热,but at some point its going to get so hot the oceans will entirely evaporate.甚至在某种情况下,热到连海洋都蒸发了。So at first theyll go up, and then theyll evaporate, and thatll be my planet.所以海洋先上升,然后蒸发,这就是我的星球。So basically, what were getting here is我们正在经历的可能是the sequel to ;An Inconvenient Truth,; in about two minutes,《难以忽视的真相》的两分钟的续集,and that actually brings up an interesting point about games.这让游戏变得很有趣。Now here, our entire oceans are evaporating off the surface,现在我们所有的海洋正在从表面开始蒸发。and as it keeps getting hotter at some point the entire planets going to melt down.随着温度越来越高,整个星球可能会在某一刻融化掉。Here it goes.你看。So were not only simulating biological dynamics -- food webs and all that --所以我们不仅仅是在模拟生物的变化——像食物链等——but also geologic, you know, on a very simple core scale.还有简单的核心层面的地理变化。And whats interesting to me about games,对我来说,游戏的有趣之处有时in some sense, is that I think we can take a lot of long-term dynamics在于我们可以将一些长期的变化and compress them into very short-term kind of experiences.压缩成短期的经历。Because its so hard for people to think 50 or 100 years out,把五十甚至一百年内发生的事情想清楚实在太难了,but when you can give them a toy,但是如果你能给他们一个玩具,and they can experience these long-term dynamics in just a few minutes,让他们在几分钟之内去经历这些长期的变化,I think its an entirely different kind of point of view,我认为就是一种全然不同的观点了,where were actually mapping, using the game to re-map our intuition.我们可以呈现,用游戏去再现我们的直觉。Its almost in the same way that a telescope or microscope recalibrates your eyesight;就像是望远镜或者显微镜重新校准了你的视力I think computer simulations can recalibrate your instinct across vast scales of both space and time.我觉得电脑模拟可以大规模地跨越空间和时间校准你的直觉。201601/419769淮安开发区人流手术多少钱

淮安中山医院流产淮安一院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱 People in other parts of the world in the factories of India and China在世界其它地方 例如印度和中国的工厂are facing the same problems and clamoring for the same kinds of improvement in their air当地也面临着相同问题 也希望空气质量得到改善It is another opportunity for leadership这是另一个争取领导权的机会Toxic fogs were a thing of the past毒雾已经成为过去时Coal emissions still cause about 200,000 premature deaths in the ed States alone但现在 煤炭排放仅仅在美国 就在导致大约20万人早逝Its hard to estimate how much bigger that number is elsewhere很难预计这个数字在其它地方会有多大Our fossil fuels are altering the climate of world化石燃料正在改变地球气候Rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns bring their own dangers and enormous economic costs温度升高 天气反常 这些都会存在危险而且经济代价也会异常巨大Think how much work didnt get done because of the polar vortex the grounded flights, the trains that didnt leave the stations and the cars that wouldnt start想想有多少工作由于极地涡旋而被耽误飞机无法起飞 火车无法离站汽车无法开动I mean, yes, you got to skip a few classes but it was not cheap当然 这让你们能够少上几堂课但这个代价太大了What we need are new ways to provide electricity new types of transportation and new approaches to doing business我们需要有新的发电方式新的运输方式 以及新的经营方式These will be the technologies and the ideas you are going to create and we can export你们需要想出这方面的新技术和新点子 然后再出口国外Right now the most difficult problems we face with regard to global warming are not the technical ones现在全球变暖上 我们所面临的最大难题并不是技术上的那些Those are huge and challenging to be sure and I hope you get to work on them right away, this afternoon当然 技术上的问题也很难处理我希望你们今天下午立马就投入到这些工作之中201510/404224盱眙县妇幼保健院检查妇科病多少钱

金湖县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好的Ladies and gentlemen, Never before have we had so many different ways to talk to one another.女士们,先生们。我们同彼此交流的途径从未像今天这样多元化。In the distant past, written documents would be carried by hand across thousands of miles from China to Western Europe.在遥远的古代,人么需要亲手将书面文件从中国运送到数千里外的西欧。Today, we access knowledge from all over the world, through our mobile phones, at the tap of a key.如今我们可以通过手机上的一个按键,获取来自全世界的知识。Wherever you are watching this programme—whether in this hall, at work, with your friends, or at home with your families; Xiexie (thank you)无论你们在哪里收看这期节目,是今天在这座大厅里,还是正在工作,是跟朋友在一起,还是在家中陪伴着家人。Hen gaoxing he ni jianmian (Im pleased to meet you)谢谢,很高兴和你们见面。Thank you for welcoming me into your homes.感谢你们欢迎我来到你们的家。Many of the most important conversations we have in our lives, take place in the family home.我们人生中很多最重要的谈话都是在家中发生的。The home is where we learn from our parents and grandparents,家是我们向父母与祖父母学习的地方。teach our own children, and share our stories and hopes for the future.是我们教育子女的地方,是我们分享人生故事、共同憧憬未来的地方。It is where many of our ideas and values are first kindles.它是我们许多理念与价值,初次被点燃的地方。In that spirit, there is one subject I believe we have to discuss, around our family tables and across the generations.本着这一精神,我相信有一个主题是我们必须要在家中餐桌旁,几代人共同讨论的。It concerns the future, and I know the Chinese are a far-sighted people.它关乎未来,而我知道中国人民是充满远见的。It concerns particularly the environment, and I know that protecting Chinas rich and beautiful natural heritage is important to all Chinese families.它尤为关乎我们的环境,而我知道保护中国富饶又美丽的环境遗产对所有中国家庭来说都是重要的议题。It is the mass destruction and trafficking of iconic endangered species.现在我们需要探讨一下大规模杀伤和贩运标志性濒危物种的话题了。And it is time to talk about the growing human demand for illegal wildlife products that drives the trade and makes it profitable.我们需要探讨一下,正是因为人们对这些濒危物种制品的需求不断增加才驱动了贩卖野生动植物的交易,提高了它的经济价值。201601/419587 And in my own life--in my own life, in my own small way, I have tried to give back to this country that has given me so much. See, thats why I left a job at a big law firm for a career in public service, working to empower young people to volunteer in their communities, because I believe that each of us--no matter what our age or background or our walk in life--each of us has something to contribute to the life of this nation.在我自己的生活中,我以自己渺小的方式回馈这个曾给予了我太多太多的国家。这就是我为什么辞掉在一家大法律公司从事公职的工作,转而从事授权年轻人成为社区志愿者的公益事业,因为我相信我们每个人——无论我们的年龄、背景或行业如何——我们每个人都对这个国家有所贡献。And its a belief Barack shares, a belief at the heart of his lifes work. See, its what he did all those years ago in Chicago, setting up job training to get people back to work and after-school programs to keep kids safe; working block by block to help people lift up their families. Its what he did in the Illinois Senate, moving people from welfare to jobs, passing tax cuts for hardworking families, and making sure women get equal pay for equal work. Its what hes done in the ed States Senate, fighting to ensure that the men and women who serve this country are welcomed home not just with medals and parades, but with good jobs and benefits and health care, including mental health care.巴拉克也坚守这个信念,这是他终生工作的核心理念。数年前他在芝加哥建立工作培训点,帮助人们重新回到工作岗位,他建立课后计划以保孩子们的人身安全,他一个街区接一个街区地帮助人们鼓舞家庭士气。在伊利诺伊州的参议院工作的时候,他帮助那些吃救济粮的人们找到工作,他通过了为辛勤的劳工家庭设立的减税法案,保障了妇女同工同酬的权利。在担任美国参议员的时候,他争取保海外役人员回国后享受到的不仅仅是奖章和游行欢呼,还有好的工作、福利待遇以及健康保健,包括精神方面的健康保健。 /201308/254718淮阴区治疗便秘多少钱涟水县人民医院男性专科



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