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江苏省淮安/市第二人民医院治疗便秘多少钱淮安/市妇幼保健院官网Fast food to look forward to期待的快餐A new year means some tasty new treats available at our favorite fast food joints. Check out what the 2017 s are promising at McDonald’s, Starbucks.新的一年意味着我们最爱的快餐连锁店会推出一些新的美食。麦当劳和星巴克的菜单又会在新的一年多出哪些美味呢?一起来看看吧。McDonald’s, Mac Junior (US only)麦当劳,小号巨无霸(只在美国出售)For those of us that crave the taste of a Big Mac with a little less filling. The new sandwich was tested earlier in 2016 in Ohio and Dallas as they#39;re thought to be ;beef-centric areas;. The Mac Jr. is a single-layer Big Mac which is a little kinder to the waist line with 480 calories. Is it for you? Or are you a Big Mac fan through and through?这款适合那些想吃巨无霸但又不想吃得太饱的人群。2016年早些时候,由于俄亥俄州和达拉斯市被人们认为是“以牛肉为中心的地区”,因此已在这两个地方测验过新的三明治。小号巨无霸是单层的巨无霸,含480卡路里,因此不会让你的腰围变得太粗。适合你吗?还是你至始至终都只喜欢巨无霸呢?McDonald’s, Grand Mac (US only)麦当劳,超大巨无霸(只在美国出售)And next we introduce the burger of burgers (in McDonald#39;s terms anyway). The Grand Mac is made with two 1/6th-pound patties and two slices of American cheese served on a larger sesame seed bun with the usual lettuce, onions and pickles. Guard your stomachs, as this giant burger is a whopping 890 calories all on its own. Better not eat for the rest of the day...我们要介绍的下一个产品就是汉堡中的汉堡(至少麦当劳是这么称呼的)。超大巨无霸是在一个更大号的芝麻面包中夹入两片1/6磅的肉饼、两片美国干酪、普通的生菜、洋葱和腌菜。只一个汉堡就有890卡,因此不会让你感到饥饿。吃完超大巨无霸后,当天最好不要再吃东西了。Starbucks, Cascara latte星巴克,卡斯卡拉拿铁When you need your morning coffee, is Starbucks your go-to coffee shop? This year, Starbucks will be releasing its new Cascara latte! The latte is made from the fruit of the coffee cherry and features light, subtle notes of maple and dark brown sugar! This sounds like our kind of morning joe!当你早晨需要喝一杯咖啡时,你会不会去星巴克呢?今年,星巴克推出了新的卡斯卡拉拿铁!这款拿铁是由咖啡樱桃水果制成,特点就是放了红糖,散发出淡淡的枫树味!听起来正是我们早晨所需要的!Starbucks, Sous Vide Egg Bites星巴克,“65度C”蛋类小吃Starbucks is expanding its morning from January, and one of the tasty new additions is the Sous Vide Egg Bites. Starbucks felt there was a market for ‘handheld products’ that #39;appeal to wellness and health demands#39;. The tasty-looking bites are made from egg whites, spinach and red peppers or you could pick gruyere and Monterey Jack cheese topped with a layer of Applewood smoked bacon. They#39;re an excellent source of protein, wheat free and wholesome. And you can grab them and go.从一月份开始,星巴克正逐渐增加早餐种类,而“65度C”蛋类小吃就是其中一种,十分美味。星巴克老板觉得‘手握美食’很有市场,‘能够迎合健康的需求’。这一看上去十分诱人的小吃是由蛋清、菠菜和红辣椒制成的,或者你也可以选择在格吕耶尔干酪和杰克起司上放一层烟熏培根。这些早餐是蛋白质的极佳来源,而且不含小麦,十分有利于人体健康。而且你可以点一份带走。Starbucks, organic soups星巴克,有机汤Soon, Starbucks will be debuting soup. In the spring, a new line of organic soups will be released as part of a regional roll-out.很快,星巴克就会推出汤类了。春天,作为地区融入的部分措施,星巴克将会新推出有机汤。译文属 /201701/489194淮安/中山妇科医院看妇科怎么样好不好 The Su Embroidery苏绣The Su Embroidery has a history of over 2 000 years. It was turned into mass production in Song Dynasty. During the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty,the Su Embroidery was much influenced by the Japanese and Western fine arts. With traditional Chinese embroidery skills,it developed into simulated embroidery with ray effects. The Su Embroidery is known for its delicacy and elegance. Its design is usually very simple,highlighting a main theme.苏绣至今已有2000多年的历史。它在宋代批量生产。在明末清初时,苏绣倍受日本和西方美术的影响。随着中国传统的刺绣技艺的发展,它已发展成为模拟刺绣光线效果。苏绣以其精致和优雅著称。它的设计通常是很简单的,突出主题。 /201609/465671Air passengers suffered lengthy delays in Britain after a computer glitch hit British Airways check-ins and Black Lives Matter protesters forced their way on to the runway of London City Airport last Tuesday.上周二,由于英国航空公司登机系统出现电脑故障,Black Lives Matter运动抗议者强行占据伦敦城市机场的起降跑道,导致机场乘客在伦敦经历了长时间滞留。;Really unhappy with @British_Airways ;The system is down. I can#39;t checkin!,; said one passenger, Shail, on Twitter.乘客Shail在推特上说道:;真的很不满意英国航空公司,系统出现故障,不能办理登机。;BA, owned by International Consolidated Airlines Group, apologised to customers and urged passengers to check in online before they reached the airport.英国航空公司隶属于国际统一航空集团,其向乘客表示了歉意,并敦促乘客在到达机场之前在网上办理登机。Analysts at R said the hold-ups ― the second problem with the service this year ― could damage the airline#39;s reputation.加拿大皇家的一名分析师表示,今年第二大务问题--机场滞留,可能会有损公司声誉。At London City Airport, a few miles east of the Canary Wharf financial district, flights to and from its European destinations were delayed after nine protesters locked themselves together on the runway.伦敦城市机场位于凯纳利码头金融中心以东几英里外,其往返于欧洲各地的航班在9名抗议者占据起降跑道后出现了滞留。A photograph circulating on Twitter showed the protesters surrounded by police and lying under a wooden tripod.从推特上一张循环出现的照片中可以看到,抗议者躺在一个木质三脚架下,被警察团团围住。They had erected two large posters with the slogans ;Black Lives Matter; and ;Climate Crisis is a Racist Crisis;.他们竖起了两张巨大的海报,上面分别写着;黑人的命也是命;和;气候危机及种族危机;。The British arm of the group, which started in the ed States as a reaction to fatal shootings of black people by white U.S. police officers, said it wanted to highlight Britain#39;s environmental impact on the lives of black people locally and globally.该组织最初在美国成立,是对美国白人警察击黑人致死的回应,其英国分部表示,希望凸显英国环境对当地及全球黑人生活的影响。;Black people are the first to die, not the first to fly, in this racist climate crisis,; the group said in a statement.该组织在声明中表示:;在这种种族主义危机的大环境下黑人是第一个死的,但却无法优先乘坐飞机,;;When black people in Britain are 28 percent more likely to be exposed to air pollution than their white counterparts, we know that environmental inequality is a racist crisis.;;28%的英国黑人比白人更可能接触到空气污染,我们知道,环境不平等是一种种族主义危机。; /201609/466375淮安/中山医院无痛人流要多少

淮安/开发区流产手术哪家医院最好的淮安/二院孕前检测多少钱 When you#39;re head over heels for someone, or maybe when you#39;re feeling insecure, it#39;s sometimes easy to put someone else#39;s wants and needs before your own. But if you don#39;t catch yourself in time, you may lose a part of who you are. Ladies, don#39;t ever do the following things for a man - or for anyone.当为某人穿上高跟鞋,或是当自己没有安全感时,你会很容易首先考虑别人的需求,而不是自己的想法。但如果不及时抓住自己,你可能会失去一部分自我。女士们,千万不要为男人或任何人做以下这些事。1. Change your appearance.1. 改变自己的容貌。If your SO is a decent human being, they won#39;t ever force you to alter the way you look for their benefit. They should love you for you, and all of you. If your weight, hair, or style really bothers him, he#39;s clearly not with you for the right reasons. Any physical changes you make should be made because you want them, not for attention or for someone else.如果你的另一半正直体面,那么他们是不会为了自己爽而强迫你改变自己的容貌的。他们应该爱本真的你、爱全部的你。如果你的体重、发型或风格真的让他困扰,那他跟你在一起肯定别有目的。你所做的任何有关身体的改变都应该发自内心,而不是为了得他人的注意或其它原因。2. Compromise your passions.2. 妥协自己的。Absolutely no one should get in the way of your goals. It is your life, after all, and nobody else will regret leaving any dreams behind more than you. The decision to pass on a job opportunity or put an idea on hold might seem best at the moment, but the future is never guaranteed. Your partner should support your endeavours, and if he#39;s willing to come along for the ride, that#39;s just a bonus.任何人都不该阻碍你实现自己的目标。毕竟,这可是你的生活啊,没有人会比你更后悔放弃了自己的梦想。放弃工作机会或搁置自己的想法,这些决定在目前看来可能是最好的选择,但未来谁都无法保。你的另一半应该持你的努力,如果他愿意和你携手共进,那可真是福利了。3. Wait for his approval.3. 等待他的批准。A strong woman plays by her rules and doesn#39;t sit around for instructions. You should be assertive and go forward with your own decisions rather than seek validation from someone else. You#39;re grown enough to know what#39;s best for you.坚强的女性按照自己的原则办事,不会等着别人的指示。你应该自信、独自做决定,而不是寻求他人的认可。你已经长大了,应该知道什么最适合自己。4. Cancel aly-set plans.4. 取消已经制定好的计划。It#39;s different to reschedule when something important comes up, but it#39;s problematic when you drop what you#39;re doing just to be with him. Your friends and family should not be on the sideline and only brought in when he#39;s unavailable. You should never be on standby, and if he#39;s respectful, he won#39;t mind catching you another time.这一点与重大事情发生时重新计划是不一样的,但如果你为了和他在一起而放弃手头上的事情,那问题就来了。你的朋友和家人不应该是次要的,你不该在男朋友没空时才想起他们。你永远都不该处于待命状态,如果他彬彬有礼,那他肯定不会介意和你改天再约。5. Let him change who you are.5. 让他改变原本的你。Don#39;t change who you are for anyone but yourself. And if you do decide to make any self-adjustments, they should be improvements that will better you. It#39;s possible that he#39;d be more interested if you do x, y, and z, but he wouldn#39;t genuinely like you for you. Never lose sight of who you are.不要为除自己以外的任何人改变你自己。如果你真的决定做一些自我调整,那也应该是那种能让你变得更优秀的改变。如果你做这件或那件事,很有可能他会对你更感兴趣,但他却不是真正的因为你而喜欢你。永远不要忘记自己是谁。译文属 /201705/507637洪泽县妇幼保健院处女膜修复多少钱

淮安/市人民医院人工流产多少钱Why night owls shun exercise: Waking up late #39;makes it harder to keep a fitness regime#39;夜猫子不运动是有原因的:晚睡晚起很难做到坚持“健身”Late sleepers more sedentary and find it harder to exercise, study found.研究表明,晚睡的人都有久坐不动的习惯,很难坚持运动。Night owls also make up more reasons not to be active.夜猫子们也为自己不运动找了很多理由。Adults should take 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise a week.成人每周应做150分钟中等强度的运动。Night owls who wake up late are less likely to take exercise.夜猫子们起床晚,坚持运动锻炼的可能性也就很小了。Current research suggests night owls are more sedentary and feel that they have a harder time maintaining an exercise schedule.现在的研究结果表明,夜猫子久坐不动的生活方式,使他们在坚持锻炼健身计划上就变得比较困难。Results show that later sleep times were associated with more self-reported minutes sitting, and sleep timing remained a significant predictor of sedentary minutes after controlling for age and sleep duration.研究结果表明,晚睡次数和他们自己记录的久坐时间有关系,同时在控制年龄和睡眠持续时间等因素后,发现睡眠时间可以极大程度地推算久坐不动时间。However, people who characterized themselves as night owls reported more sitting time and more perceived barriers to exercise, including not having enough time for exercise and being unable to stick to an exercise schedule regardless of what time they actually went to bed or woke up.不过,那些自称夜猫子的人,说自己坐着的时间比较长,认为自己在运动上有各种障碍,包括没有时间运动,而且无法坚持按照健身时间表进行运动锻炼,实际上他们并没有考虑自己的上床睡觉时间或起床时间。#39;We found that even among healthy, active individuals, sleep timing and circadian preference are related to activity patterns and attitudes toward physical activity,#39; said principal investigator Kelly Glazer Baron, associate professor of neurology and director of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois.“我们发现即使是健康又爱运动的人,睡眠时间和个人运动偏好也与活动模式和运动态度相关,”这项研究的首席研究员凯利·格雷泽·巴伦说,他也是芝加哥伊利诺斯州西北大学范伯格医学院的神经学副教授和行为睡眠医学项目主任。#39;Waking up late and being an evening person were related to more time spent sitting, particularly on weekends and with difficulty making time to exercise.#39;;晚上熬夜久坐的人,早上起床晚,尤其是在周末很难抽出时间进行运动锻炼。”The research abstract was published recently in an online supplement of the journal Sleep, and was being presented Wednesday, June 4, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, at SLEEP 2014, the 28th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC.这项研究报告摘要最近被发表在在线杂志《睡眠》上,同时在6月4日明尼苏达州明尼阿波利斯举行的第28届睡眠协会年会上得以呈现。The study group comprised 123 healthy adults with a self-reported sleep duration of at least 6.5 hours.研究小组参考123名健康成人自己记录的至少6.5小时的睡眠时间。Sleep variables were measured by seven days of wrist actigraphy along with sleep diaries. Self-reported physical activity and attitudes toward exercise were evaluated by questionnaires including the International Physical Activity Questionnaire.用腕式睡眠活动记录仪记录了七天的睡眠情况,并做睡眠日记。通过调查问卷方式,包括通过国际体力活动的调查问卷,调查锻炼身体和运动态度的自我评定情况。#39;This was a highly active sample averaging 83 minutes of vigorous activity per week,#39; said Glazer Baron.“每周平均83分钟的剧烈活动已经属于运动量很大的范例了,”格雷泽·巴伦说。#39;Even among those who were able to exercise, waking up late made it and being an evening person made it perceived as more difficult.#39;“即使是能够运动锻炼的人,晚睡晚起或久坐不动也会使得坚持运动成为一件很困难的事情。”According to Baron, the study suggests that circadian factors should be taken into consideration as part of exercise recommendations and interventions, especially for less active adults.根据巴伦做的这项研究,建议应考虑把生理因素视为运动锻炼的一部分干预因素,尤其是不运动的成人更要把这个因素考虑在内。#39;Sleep timing should be taken into account when discussing exercise participation,#39; she added.“与参与运动锻炼的人讨论这个问题时,应该考虑到睡眠时间这个因素,”她补充道。#39;We could expect that sleep timing would play even a larger role in a population that had more difficulty exercising.#39;“我们会认为在夜猫子这类人群中,睡眠时间在其中起了比较大的作用,坚持按时运动锻炼就比较困难。 ”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that adults get at last 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity every week and participate in muscle-strengthening activities on two or more days a week.美国疾病控制和预防中心建议:成人每周坚持做150分钟中等强度的有氧运动,每周进行两天或两天以上增强肌肉力量的运动。 /201705/506722 淮安/市淮安/医院治疗便秘多少钱淮安/中山医院割包皮图片



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