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淮安17岁男生自慰睾丸有时会疼淮安哪个医院治妇科病好淮安精液里有固体?医院 It was supposed to be a day of drudgery with millions facing lengthy commutes on crowded buses and packed cycle lanes. But the Tube strike hasn#39;t been all bad, with some Londoners even benefiting from the chaos with free gifts.每天,上百万人都要经历漫长的通勤,要么是在拥挤的公交,要么在水泄不通的自行车道,这的确是件苦差事儿!不过,地铁罢工也不全是倒霉事儿,毕竟一些伦敦人还因这场躁动获得了免费礼物。Insurance firm Direct Line has set about #39;fixing#39; commuters#39; travel-related problems by sending them stress-relief packages complete with deodorant, scented sprays and bottled water. Contacting people on Twitter, the company also dished out vouchers for Topshop, The Sunglass Hut and boxed up Pret-A-Manger lunches to brighten people#39;s days. Among other gifts were bottles of aftersun to soothe sunburnt limbs and boxes of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.英国直线保险公司已经着手准备,通过给通勤者递送解压包裹,替他们“解决”交通烦心事儿,包裹里有体香剂、芳香喷雾和瓶装水。通过在推特与人们互动,直线保险公司会分发Topshop(英国快时尚品牌)、The Sunglass Hut(太阳镜品牌)的代金券,以及Pret-A-Manger(英国老牌快餐厅)的午餐盒饭,让人们心情愉悦。其他的礼物还有瓶装的晒后修复用品以呵护晒伤的身体,以及Krispy Kreme(卡卡圈坊)的盒装甜甜圈。The gesture soon caught the attention of Twitter users with the hashtag #everydayfix gaining momentum. None of the gifts bore charges, to the delight of their many recipients.这一举动很快引起了推特用户的关注,#everydayfix的话题标签逐渐成为热门话题。令这些受益者高兴的是,所有的礼物都是免费的。Launched a month ago, the programme will seek out those they believe are in need of a fix online for a few days yet. While it is paying for each of the products a spokesman refused to reveal how much had been spent answering people#39;s woes. #39;We know how stressful everyday emergencies can be - those little things you don#39;t plan. So we#39;re extending our role as fixers to take care of the little things which can sometimes tip you over the edge.#39;这个项目一个月之前启动,还会持续数日,继续努力上网寻找他们认为需要帮助的人。虽然他们需要为每一个礼物买单,但一位发言人拒绝透露其开。“我们很了解每天发生的紧急状况会带来多大的压力,这些小事儿都是突如其来的。所以我们正把自己的角色延伸到问题解决者,我们帮你搞定这些小事儿,免得它们让你心烦意乱。”Other companies to have offered commuters special offers include breakfast company Belvita which offered workers free rides in Tuk Tuks with complimentary snacks.也有其他公司加入到为通勤者提供便利的队伍中来,包括专做早餐的公司Belvita,该公司让上班族免费搭乘嘟嘟车,车上还配备免费点心。Fitness First invited anyone who had run, cycled or walked to work to use their gym showers to freshen up before heading into the office and encouraged others to become fit with free training sessions.菲力斯第一健身俱乐部(Fitness First)邀请所有跑步或骑车或走路上班的人在进办公室之前,先来他们的健身房冲个澡以恢复活力,还提供了免费培训鼓励更多人加入到健身的队伍。 /201507/385500The chubby, inert pet dog has become a familiar household sight in richer countries. And yet there lies a possible boon to the out-of-shape among us. A recent study suggests that being told one’s pet is dangerously overweight might provide the impetus that gets an owner moving.胖乎乎、慢吞吞的宠物已经成为富裕国家常见的家庭景象。但是对我们中间身材走样的人来说,这可能是一种福利。最近的一项研究表明,告诉主人他/她的宠物太胖、存在健康风险,可能会给他/她提供锻炼动力。It might seem that having a pet dog would result in considerable physical activity, and that’s true, broadly speaking. A 2013 review of studies related to dog ownership concluded that as a group, dog owners spend almost an hour more per week walking than people without dogs. Even so, a survey from 2008 conducted in Australia found that nearly a quarter of all dog owners reported never walking their pets. This population of dog owners, studies show, actually engage in less physical activity each week than people without a dog.养个宠物似乎会增加很多运动量。一般来说的确是这样的。2013年与养相关的研究表明,总体来说,养的人每周比不养的人几乎多走一个小时。即便如此,2008年澳大利亚的一项调查发现,将近1/4的主人说他们几乎从不遛。研究表明,这部分养的人每周的运动量实际上比不养的人还少。A majority of dog owners, of course, are deeply attached to their pets, whether they walk them or not. That bond prompted a group of scientists, veterinarians and physicians at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, in Bethesda, Md., and other institutions to consider whether people might be willing to undertake ahealth-and-fitness regimen targeted at their dog, even if they had little enthusiasm for such a program for themselves.当然,不管遛不遛,大部分主人都非常喜爱自己的宠物。这种情感联系促使马里兰州贝塞斯达健康科学统一务大学(Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences)等机构的一群科学家、兽医和医生们开始考虑人们是否愿意采取针对小的健康健身生活方式——尽管他们对针对自己的这种项目没什么兴趣。The researchers recruited 32 dog owners who visited a veterinary clinic in Maryland. Their dogs varied widely in age, breed and size, but all were overweight or obese and, by and large, sedentary. So, too, were most of their owners (although the only criterion for their participation was that their dogs be rotund). Half the volunteers were told by a veterinarian to watch their dog’s nutrition and monitor its health. The rest were told that their dog was overweight and needed more exercise. These owners were given specific exercise prescriptions, which generally advised walking the dog for at least 30 minutes every day.研究者们在马里兰州的一个兽医诊所征募了32名主人。他们的在年龄、品种和体型上各不相同,但都超重或过度肥胖,并且总的来说坐得太多。它们的主人大多也是这样(虽然唯一的参与标准是他们的超重)。兽医让其中一半志愿者关注的营养,留意它们的健康状况;对另一半志愿者说他们的超重,需要更多锻炼——兽医给这些主人提供了具体的锻炼计划,总的来说是建议每天至少遛30分钟。Three months later, the volunteers and their dogs were re-evaluated. Both owners and pets in the dog-walking group had lost weight. But more interesting, those who hadbeen told only that their pets were worryingly heavy also began exercising their pets and themselves. They reported walking far more often than they did before theygot health warnings for their dogs, and both they and their pets were thinner.三个月后,研究者重新评估志愿者和他们的。遛那组的主人和宠物们都瘦了一些。不过更有意思的是,那些仅被告知宠物胖得令人担忧的主人们也开始和宠物们一起运动了。他们说,与被警告存在健康隐患前相比,他们走路要频繁得多,他们和宠物都瘦了一些。The upshot, says Capt. Mark B. Stephens M.D., a professor of family medicine at Uniformed Services University and a co-author of the study — it was published in September in the journal Anthrozoamp;ouml;s — is that “love and concern for a dog can be a powerful motivation for exercise.” Which is not to say, he adds, that people should adopt a dog as a kind of fitness device. Unlike a tmill, Marley cannot be abandoned in the basement when you tire of working out. On the other hand, no device will ever be so happy to see you lace up your walking shoes.这项研究9月份发表在《人与动物》(Anthrozoamp;ouml;s)杂志上。美国军队卫生务大学(Uniformed Services University)的医学士、家庭医学教授马克·B·斯蒂芬斯上尉(Mark B.Stephens)是这项研究的合著者。他说,重点在于,“对的热爱和关心可以成为强大的锻炼动力。”他补充说,这并不是说,人们应该把养作为一种健身手段。你不能在厌倦锻炼时把小马利(Marley)像跑步机一样丢到地下室里。不过,从另一方面讲,没有哪个健身器材会在看见你穿上步行鞋后如此高兴。 /201501/351908淮安肚子疼拉血怎么回事

淮安人流哪做好A painting by Pablo Picasso and a sculpture by Alberto Giacometti have set new records as the most expensive works ever sold at auction, underscoring rising demand for Impressionist and modern art.帕布罗#8226;毕加索(Pablo Picasso)的一幅画作和阿尔伯特#8226;贾柯梅蒂(Alberto Giacometti)的一个雕塑作品创下了拍卖史上最昂贵艺术品的新纪录,凸显出人们对印象派作品及现代艺术作品的需求日益增长。Picasso’s “Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” sold for 9.4m on Monday night at Christie’s in New York, while Giacometti’s life-size “L’homme au doigt” sold for 1.3m. The buyers elected to remain anonymous.周一晚上,毕加索的作品《阿尔及尔的女人(0)版》(Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O))在纽约佳士得(Christie#39;s)拍卖行拍出了1.794亿美元的天价。与此同时,贾科梅蒂真人大小的作品《指示者》(L#39;homme au doigt)则拍出了1.413亿美元的天价。两宗交易的买方选择不公开自己的姓名。Prices and demand for art works have been soaring to new heights, driven in large part by the growing ranks of wealthy collectors across the world, especially in Asia, mainly led by a new breed of ultra-wealthy Chinese.如今,艺术品的价格和需求已经一路飙升至新的高度。在很大程度上,推动这一行情的原因,是全球富有的收藏家日益增加——尤其是主要以超级富有的新一代中国富豪为首的亚洲收藏家。“We have entered a new era of the art market where collectors from all parts of the world compete for the very best across categories, generating record prices at levels we have never seen before,” said Jussi Pylkk#228;nen, the sale’s auctioneer.这次交易的拍卖商尤西#8226;皮尔卡宁(Jussi Pylkk#228;nen)表示:“我们已进入艺术品市场的新时代。全球的收藏家在竞拍各个门类的最佳艺术品,而且这类竞拍催生了过去从未见过的创纪录价格。”Last week an unidentified Asian collector paid .3m for Van Gogh’s “L’Allée des Alyscamps”, painted in 1888 shortly before the Dutch artist sliced off his ear, at rival Sotheby’s spring auction of Impressionist and modern art.上周,一位未公开身份的亚洲收藏家,在佳士得的对手苏富比(Sotheby#39;s)印象派及现代艺术春季拍卖会上,斥资6630万美元拍得梵高(Van Gogh)的《阿里斯康道路》(L’Allée des Alyscamps)。该画作绘于1888年,就在这位荷兰艺术家割去自己耳朵不久之前。That auction raised 8.3m, achieving the second-highest result in Sotheby’s history for any sale of similar works.那次拍卖会斩获3.683亿美元,在苏富比类似艺术品的拍卖会历史上名列第二。In total Christie’s sale on Monday evening, entitled “Looking Forward to the Past”, reaped 5.9m.在周一晚上这场名为《展望过去》(Looking Forward to the Past)的拍卖会上,佳士得总计收获了7.059亿美元。Previously the most expensive work sold at auction was Francis Bacon’s 1969 triptych “Three Studies of Lucian Freud”, which sold for 2.4m at Christie’s in November 2013.在此之前,拍卖会上出售的史上最昂贵艺术品,是弗朗西斯#8226;培根(Francis Bacon)在1969年创作的三联画《弗洛伊德肖像画习作》(Three Studies of Lucian Freud)。该作品于2013年11月在佳士得拍出1.424亿美元的价格。“Les Femmes d’Alger (Version O)” was painted in 1955 and was once owned by the celebrated American collectors Victor and Sally Ganz. The vibrantly hued painting depicts several nude or scantily clad women and was the final work a 15-part series in which Picasso drew inspiration from French master Eugène Delacroix.《阿尔及尔的女人(0)版》创作于1955年,曾一度由著名美国收藏家甘孜夫妇(Victor amp; Sally Ganz)持有。这一画作色泽明快,主题是几名一丝不挂或不着片缕的女性,它是一个15幅画作组成的系列作品中的最后一幅。毕加索创作这个系列的灵感,来自法国绘画大师欧仁#8226;德拉克罗瓦(Eugène Delacroix)。Giacometti’s “L’homme au doigt” depicts a 5ft 9in skinny figure in bronze, and has been in the same private collection for 45 years.贾柯梅蒂的《指示者》则是一座高5英尺9英寸的消瘦铜制人像,此前该作品已在同一位收藏家名下收藏了45年。Among other highlights at Christie’s were works by Andy Warhol, René Magritte and Marcel Duchamp. Another Picasso work, “Buste de femme (Femme à la résille)” dating from 1938, fetched .4m.佳士得拍卖会的其他亮点还包括安迪#8226;沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)、勒内#8226;马格利特(René Magritte)及马塞尔#8226;杜尚(Marcel Duchamp)的作品。毕加索作于1938年的另一作品《女人半身像(戴发网的女人)》Buste de femme(Femme à la Résille)则拍出了6740万美元的价格。 /201505/374896淮安微管可视无痛人流多少钱 Shanghai bank employee Frances Chen spends about a fifth of her monthly salary on her poodle Cookie, one of the millions of pet owners turning China’s pet care industry into one of the fastest growing industries in the world。上海职员弗朗西斯·陈把工资的五分之一都花费在了她的狮子Cookie身上。与她类似的千千万万的宠物爱好者推动了宠物护理行业的蓬勃发展,使之成为世界上发展最迅速的产业之一。Chen takes Cookie to a groomer for a weekly shower and feeds it imported food, costing her some 2,000 yuan (0) a month. ;I want to give him the best,; said the single, 26-year-old who lives with her parents. ;He’s our kid. The only difference is that he can’t speak human languages.;陈每周带Cookie去宠物美容师那里沐浴,喂食的都是进口粮,每个月要花费2000元(约合320美元)。26岁的陈是单身,与父母一起居住,她说:“我想给他(Cookie)最好的。他就像我们的孩子。唯一的区别就是他不会说话。”Having a pet has now become a symbol of financial success in China, where consultants Euromonitor forecast the pet care sector to grow by more than half to 15.8 billion yuan (.6 billion) by 2019, outpacing the world’s biggest market the ed States, which is expected to grow just over 4 percent this year to .6 billion。如今在中国,拥有一只宠物成为经济上小有成就的标志。根据咨询公司欧睿国际的预测,截止到2019年,中国的宠物护理行业会增长一半以上,达到158亿元(约26亿美元),增速超过美国。作为全球最大的宠物护理市场,美国今年预期增长4%达到606亿美元。Dogs are by far the most popular pets and dog food sales alone are expected to almost treble to over 0 million by 2019, Euromonitor data shows, as higher disposable incomes make keeping a pet an affordable luxury for more Chinese, particularly in more developed cities。目前是最受欢迎的宠物,截止到2019年粮销售量有望提高三倍,达到7.6亿美元,欧睿国际数据显示,随着可配收入的提高,对与大多数中国人来说,养宠物成为一种平价奢侈品,这种现象在发达国家也很常见。The loneliness and stress endemic to city life are also driving the pet ownership boom: last year, some 30 million households, or nearly 7 percent of the nationwide total, owned a dog, Euromonitor said。城市生活的孤独和压力,使得饲养宠物的人大[微]大增加。去年,养的家庭达到了三千万,占全国总人口的百分之七。Matthias Berninger, Mars global head of public affairs, said there was plenty of room for growth in China’s pet food market, which was aly expanding beyond most industry expectations。玛氏全球公共事务负责人Matthias Berninger表示,中国宠物食品市场仍有很大发展空间,大大超出大多数行业的预期。The U.S. firm renowned for its confectionery owns pet food brands including Pedigree and Whiskas。美国玛氏全球因其甜点而闻名于世,拥有自己的宠物食品品牌,如宝路和伟嘉。Mars was the market leader in China two years ago with a two-thirds share, according to the latest Euromonitor data. Nestle-owned brands were second with just over 16 percent followed by local firm Nory Pet (Shanghai) Co Ltd with an almost 7 percent share。据欧睿国际最新数据显示,两年前,玛氏占领了中国市场的半壁江山,占三分之二的市场份额。雀巢名列第二,占16%的市场份额,紧随其后的上海诺瑞,占7%的份额。;There is huge demand for pet food as owners give up feeding their dog rice and meat and switch to proper pet food,; Chen Xiuqiang, sales manager at pet food importer and distributor Guangzhou Mudi Trading Co Ltd told Reuters。“随着人们不再以简单的米肉喂食宠物,转而寻求更适合的宠物食品,未来宠物食品的需求量将大大增加。”宠物食品进口商和分销商广州牧迪贸易有限公司销售经理陈修强(音译),在接受路透社采访时这么说。 /201506/379825淮安为什么屁股上长疙瘩

淮安十多天没来月经These spiders can purr这种蜘蛛能发出低沉的声音Wolves howl to let others know that they#39;re around - and maybe even that they are looking for a mate. But not the wolf spider known as Gladicosa gulosa. It makes a kind of a purr. It#39;s quite a trick for guys of this species. And that#39;s because it#39;s not clear that the target of their attentions can actually hear a purr. A female may just feel the effects of that sound as vibrations in her feet. But even that may not happen unless both he and she are standing on the right surface.狼通过嚎叫的方式告知周围它们的存在,甚至还会用这种方式求偶。但一种被称为Gladicosa gulosa的狼蛛则不然,它们会发出一种低沉的咕噜声,对于这种生物来说这样做也的确算得上是一项独门秘技。因为他们所关注的目标实际上能否听见其低鸣尚不清楚,或许雌蜘蛛只能感觉到雄蜘蛛发出声音时在它们脚底下产生的振动,可是当他们没有站在合适的平面上时雌蛛可能连振动都感觉不到。How the spider purrs蜘蛛如何发出低鸣声?At mating time, male wolf spiders try to catch a female#39;s attention by creating ;persuasive; vibrations, Sweger says. They strum one structure on their body against another - somewhat as a cricket does - to impress the gals. Getting the message right can be a matter of life and death to the guy who#39;s doing the wooing. If the female isn#39;t totally convinced that he#39;s the ;one,; it could be worse than just being rejected, Sweger explains. ;She could eat him.; About one out of every five male wolf spiders will be eaten by the female he had been wooing. But the guys who prove suitably persuasive will get to mate - and live to tell the tale.求偶时雄性狼蛛会使出浑身解数用;劝诱;的振动方式吸引雌性狼蛛的注意,他们用身体的一部分拍打另一部分发出震动声(就像蟋蟀一样),而后给雌蜘蛛留下印象。Sweger表示能否正确收到求爱信息关系着求爱者的性命,如果雌蜘蛛没能被完全说他就其 ;真命天子;,那么雄蜘蛛的情况有可能比被拒绝还要糟糕,他可能会被她吃掉。这并不稀奇,因为每五个雌性狼蛛中就有一个被他们的所追求的另一半吃掉。但如果事实明雄蜘蛛的确有劝诱能力,那么他们最终将会得到交配的机会,并向配偶讲述他们悲惨的;浪漫际遇;。Purring spiders ;are using the same vibratory tactics as every other wolf spider in North America. More or less,; Sweger says. ;They#39;re using the same structures. And they#39;re making vibrations.;But the scientists showed that compared to the wooing vibrations made by other wolf spiders, those by Gladicosa gulosa are far stronger.Swege称在北美这种能发出低吟声的蜘蛛或多或少使用的都是和所有其他狼蛛一样的振动技巧。它们使用的是同样的身体结构来产生振动。但科学家表示,与其他发出求爱振动信号的狼蛛相比,这种名为Gladicosa gulosa的狼蛛的振动更加强烈。Sweger discovered something else as well. When a purring spider was on a surface that is good at conducting vibrations, such as leaves, an audible sound was produced.Sweger还发现了其他一些东西。当一只低吟的狼蛛处在更有利于传导振动的位置,比如说树叶上时它们会发声音。If a person is within a meter of the courting spiders, they can actually hear the sound. ;It#39;s very soft, but when we#39;re out in the field, you can hear them,; Sweger says. The sound, he explains, is a bit like a ;little strumming chirp; or a ;soft rattle or purr.; (You can judge for yourself.)Sweger表示当一个人距离一只正求偶的狼蛛仅一米时,他会听到这种声音,和柔和。但当我们在野外时,你也会听到它的声音. 这种声音类似于有节奏的唧唧声,或者是那种柔和的咯咯声、咕噜咕噜的声音等等(这就得靠你自己判断了)。译文属 /201506/382573 Lucy: Don’t just sit there… help me with my homework… go get me volume five of the encyclopedia…露西:别光傻坐在那儿……帮我做作业……给我把百科全书……..Snoopy: Volume five?史努比:第五卷?Lucy: This isn’t volume five, this is volume seven! Can’t you tell volume five from volume seven? How can you be so dumb?露西:这不是第五卷,是第七卷!居然连第五卷跟第七卷都分不清!您怎么这么笨?Snoopy: Rats!史努比:真差劲!Snoopy: (Slurp!)史努比:(吧嗒声)(舔书)Snoopy: They all taste alike to me!史努比:这不尝起来都一个味儿嘛! /201506/375892淮安开痔疮要多少钱啊淮安前列腺肥大医院哪家好



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