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Id never be a paparazzi. I couldnt be.我绝不会像个仔队那样去跟拍。To torment people and chase them...Oh, that I couldnt do. I wouldnt do.去折磨那些人,追着他们拍我不会,也绝不那样做。I think it has to be done just discreetly and quietly.我认为拍照是一件很谨慎的事应该悄悄地去做。;Invisible,;I think, is the word.或许换句话说,摄影师应该是;隐形人;。This is the greatest subject in all of Europe...Madame Piaggi.这是欧洲最美的人之一,Piaggi夫人。Cest le The New York Times.Yeah, I know.他们是《纽约时报》的,在拍照。哦,我知道。The pumps. I dont like them on me, but its good on her.我不喜欢他们拍我,拍她很好。When did he first photograph you?他第一次给你拍照是什么时候?Uh, in the 70s.大概是…七十年代。I photographed her outside Saint Laurents couture show, mixed in with all the other women that were trying to be so chic with their pantsuits.我第一次给她拍照是在Saint Laurent的女装展外面,她和一些穿着普通裤装却努力想让自己显得很特别的女人在一起。It was a revelation.这简直是场革命。I mean, I never saw anyone like her.我从未见过像她这样的人。I think shes a poet with clothes.她像个衣的诗人。But a very fine poet.一个很好的诗人。Oh, my God, I wouldnt miss her.哦,天呐…我决不能错过拍她。To me, thats the reason to go to Paris.她是我来巴黎的原因之一。I mean, I just like fashion as an art form of dressing the body.她简直像流动的装艺术展。If we all went out looking like a slob like me, it would be a pretty dreary world.如果每个人都像我这个懒虫一样这样穿出门那这个世界将会多么无趣。No, see, I think Bill is very stylish.Bill有他自己的风格。201609/460801

I am an immigrant in this country. I came 25 years ago.我是移民到这个国家的,25年前就来了这里The country has moved from a place where I was somebody that stood out to somebody that in a strange way blends in with what is around.开始我只是这个国家的一个外人,而现在已经以一种奇怪的方式融入到周围的环境中I know that that is not something that I can or should take for granted.我知道 我不能也不应该把它当做理所当然My life has always been filled with a diversity of people and experiences, perspectives.我在一生中总是遇到各种各样的人,有的人阅历丰富 有的人很有想法And its hard to imagine a company like Google很难想象 像谷歌一样的公司or a society like ours being successful without being inclusive of all that perspective.或者像这样成功的社会,没有那些有想法的人会是怎样When were building Google Maps, were really looking at how do we help people in the everyday moments of their life.我们在设计谷歌地图时,确实在想着要怎样,在人们的日常生活中时刻帮助他们And so having people around the table when were designing the product所以我们在一起设计这个项目时whove had different life experiences, who come from different types of neighborhoods,from different places in the world那些有着不同生活经验的人,来自不同社区的人,来自世界各个角落的人really makes a difference in helping us think about how do we help as many people as possible.确实在想法上做了很多贡献,让我们思考怎样尽量帮助更多人One of the first things that Google did to try and decide其中的第一件事谷歌决定尝试做的what it needed to solve in terms of diversity was understanding what did its workforce look like and whether it could actually be more diverse.即它需要什么才能创造多元化,就是要了解谷歌的员工是怎样的人,以及这是否还能更加多元化And we shared that data both with Googlers as well as with the public我们把那些数据与谷歌工作者共享,也与公众共享so that we could be held accountable for the fact that we didnt look like we wanted to为的就是我们能对,我们不愿意看到的事负责So many of our efforts now are built around increasing that representation of diversity at Google.所以我们现在做的大多数努力都致力于增加谷歌的多元化的表现形式This is hard work. If you look at the problems that wed like to solve as an industry, they also reflect the problems of our society.这份工作很艰难,你看看那些我们想要解决的行业问题,它们也反映了一些社会问题And its so important that we do the work, even when its tough,即使这份工作很难 重要的是我们要去做and that were committed to the long-term result.并且长期致力于解决这个问题Having that tone from our senior leaders — which is, we want to be able to pull up the greatest talent we have around the organization and make it really clear,我们高层领导人的语气来说,就是我们希望能够发挥组织的最大才能,让一切变得清晰明了we want to see more women in senior leadership positions,我们希望看到高层领导人里有更多女性we want to see more people from underrepresented groups,有更多来自弱势群体的人because it makes us a better company — really, to me, is the starting point.因为这会让我们的公司变得更好 真的对我来说 这只是一个起点And it becomes infectious.也会很有感染力Once you set that tone, it becomes really clear.一旦你奠定了基调 一切终会清晰起来This is a priority, because it makes sense to be a priority.这才是重点 能分清轻重缓急也是有必要的This isdeeply personal for me as an Latina this is deeply personal for me作为一个拉美裔女人,这是我的切身体会,这是我自己的切身体会as a mother of a seven-year-old daughter whose future is bright and clear ahead and my greatest expectation for her is that作为一名7岁女儿的母亲,她前途无量 一片光明,而我对她最大的期待she gets to find the future that she wants to have for herself就是希望她能找到她自己想要的未来what we are striving for is possibility we want to unlock what is unexpected我们追求的是机遇,我们想要探索未知的世界and youre going to get that when you bring all of these diverse perspectives together当你把那些不同的观点拼凑到一起时,你就做到了201706/513966

But over the ages, Pangea broke up into two giant land masses, one in the north and one in the south.随着时代的变迁,盘古大陆分裂为两块巨大的陆地板块,一块向北漂移,一块向南漂移Probably around 100 million years ago, South America became separated.大约是在1亿年前,南美洲分离为一个独立的大陆And then the faunas, the dinosaurs, the mammals,接着许多动物群落:恐龙、哺乳动物the rest of the fauna and flora started to evolve in separate ways, in different ways, in different forms.大部分动物群落和植物群落都开始沿着不同的方向,按照不同的方式独自进化After the continent split, different dinosaurs evolved on each continent.陆地板块分离之后,各种恐龙都在自己的大陆上进化While, throughout the northern continents, the giant long-necks died out,当北方大陆上所有巨型蜥脚类恐龙正逐渐灭亡时down south, something extraordinary was happening.南方大陆却在发生非同寻常的事件Here, the huge long-necks not only survived, they just kept growing bigger and bigger.在这里,巨型蜥脚类恐龙不仅活得好好的,而且越长越大About 90 million years ago, there were not such animals this big in any other part of the world, but in South America.大约是在9千万年前,世界上其它地方都看不到如此巨大的动物,除了南美洲These four-legged plant-eaters, like Argentinosaurus, are a typical South American kind of dinosaur.这些四足植食动物,例如阿根廷龙,是南美洲最典型的恐龙In this Cretaceous Period, they were highly successful in the southern hemisphere.在白垩纪时代,它们在南半球相当活跃It wasnt just the long-neck plant-eaters that were different on the isolated continent of South America.但在孤立的南美洲大陆上,不仅只是植食蜥脚类恐龙与众不同Sealed off from the rest of the world, the vicious tyrannosaurs never reached here.由于和世界上其它地方隔绝,霸王龙不可能来到这里201611/479540

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