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Staying over at someones house is a big step. When the sun rises, will you have morning breath? Bed head? What will you sleep in? Heres how to look fresh and presentable even at the crack of dawn!在某人家中过夜是很大的进展。当太阳升起的时候,你是否有口臭?是否蓬头垢面?你的睡相怎么样?根据以下建议,你可以在黎明来临时看上去清爽宜人。Step 1: Early Bird1.早起The instant you wake up, roll over and realize youre not in your own bed, get up and get to the bathroom ASAP without waking Prince Charming. The object is to freshen up and get back into bed without him knowing.当你醒来的那一刻,翻转过身,意识到不是在自己床上,不要赖床,赶紧起床,尽快去盥洗室。目标是神不知鬼不觉地整理一下,重新回到床上。Step 2: Bed Head2.整理头发For a quick fix, wet your mop down with some water and tie it up in a bun or messy ponytail. A headband works wonders for out-of-control flyways.应急之道是,用一点水把头发浸湿,梳成圆发髻或蓬松的马尾。发饰带对于失去控制蓬乱无比的头发效果非常显著。Step 3: Breath Control3.控制口气If you dont have your toothbrush on you, steal some mouthwash or toothpaste and use your finger. Its not ideal, but it beats having dragon breath.如果没有随身携带牙刷,借用一点漱口水或牙膏,然后使用手指。这并不理想,但是总比口气糟糕好的多。Step 4: Best Face Forward4.洁面If you didnt wash your face the night before, do it now. Dont worry about getting every goop and glob, you dont want to look too perfect or hell know you were primping. Apply some lotion and concealer or powder if needed. Refresh your underarms and other delicate areas with a refresher cloth.如果你前一天晚上没有洗脸,现在来做。不要太仔细,你不想看上去太完美,否则他会知道你刻意打扮过。如果需要的话,涂一点润肤露或遮瑕霜或抹一点粉。用爽身布整理一下腋下和其他敏感部位。Step 5: Play Dress Up5.穿衣Grab one of his tees or button downs and then sprits it with your perfume so he can smell you all day long, even after you leave. Guys love to see a woman wearing his clothes.拿一件他的T恤或开衫,喷上香水,这样即使你离开后,他也可以整天闻到你的气味。男人们喜欢看到女人穿他们的衣。Step 6: Back To Bed6.回到床上After youre feeling fresh, tiptoe back to his room and slip under the sheets. When he stirs, fake a yawn and stretch. Let him look at you. Theres no need to hide now.感到自己清新整洁之后,悄悄地回到他的房间,溜到床上。当他似乎醒来的时候,假装打哈欠伸懒腰。让他看到你,现在没必要躲藏了。Step 7: Done.7.完成。Thanks for watching How To Look Good In The Morning.感谢收看“早上醒来怎样做到性感清新迷人”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201303/228183点酒也有学问呢! 看看视频里男主角是如何教女主角点酒的方法。Woman: Excuse me! …Excuse me!...No...Man: Always busy here on a Friday night!Woman: (to barman) Sorry! Could I just have a...Man: Patience and persistence!Woman: Ahh, finally. Yes, erm ok, I’d like a beer, please! Sorry? what kind? (Man rolls eyes) A beer? Erm, lager, please. Yeah, that will do. Sorry, what? Half pint or a pint? (To man) How big is a pint?Man: (gestures with hands, size of a pint)Woman: Yes. OK. A pint.Man: Ok, great, I’d like a...Woman: Oh, sorry. Two pints of lager, please.Man: OK great, I’ll have...Woman: Oh…and a packet of crisps. (To man) Sorry. (To barman) What flavour? Erm, let me just check. (Turns round and shouts) What flavour? (Turns back) Cheese and onion.Man: OK give me...Woman: And a glass of wine. Red, please. Yes, I’m sure that’s it. Thank you. How much is that? (starts to look for wallet) Let me just check my wallet. I’ve got five, and that’s another six.Man: (with note aly in hand) OK great, I’d like a pint of bitter and two halves of lager please. Cheers. Keep the change. (To woman) That’s how it is done!201006/107580摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 分集介绍:摄影师布赖恩 凯斯拍摄波浪以下和波浪以上的生命--如他所说,海洋的恐惧和魔力。通过分享令人惊叹的鲜为人知的海底生物的照片,他展示了有冲击力的照片如何能帮助我们作出改变。 201212/212786

One of Tibets most sacred creatures is the black-necked crane.西藏最神圣的一种动物是黑颈鹤In summer they live and breed out on the plateau,夏季它们在高原上繁衍生息,but in winter they congregate on farmland.但是在冬天它们聚集在农田里。70% of the worlds population can be found here.世界上70%的黑颈鹤都在这里The species was only recently identified by scientists,尽管科学家最近才发现这种生物but it has been known to Tibetans for hundreds of years.但是西藏人认识它们已经有几百年了In the 17th century,Tibets supreme lama wrote,在17世纪西藏的达赖喇嘛写到;Crane,lend me your wings,I go no farther than Lithang county.“天空中洁白的仙鹤请将你的双翅借我我不往远处去飞;And thence,return again. ;只到理塘就回”Tibetans believed he was predicting the site of his own reincarnation西藏人相信他在预言他的转世and in due course his successor was found,在适当的时候可以找到他的继承者sure enough,living in Lithang county.当然他的继承者一定是在理塘生活Even today,black-necked cranes are treated with reverence and即使在今天黑颈鹤落在村庄附近的农田时are welcomed by farmers as they land in the fields around the villages.农民都会尊敬地欢迎它们的到来 /201208/195430

罗恩. 古特曼英文罗恩;古特曼回顾了一大批关于微笑的研究,并发现了一些惊人的结果。你知道吗,微笑能够预测你的寿命有多长!微微的一笑能对你的幸福生活产生不小影响?请一边放松面部肌肉,一边深入了解这种传染性极高的行为。201202/170356

An experienced husband offers valuable gift-buying advice for guys hoping for a little ;love; on Valentines Day. 一位有经验的丈夫建议提供了宝贵的买礼物的经验,希望在情人节你能得到自己的;爱;,情人节快到了,赶紧掏银子給你的她买礼物吧。201202/171018

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