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3.Females Carry Live Sperm Up to Two Years3.雌性龙虾可以携带活精子长达两年之久When lobsters mate, the male deposits his sperm into the female bee she leaves, but that doesnt mean that her eggs are fertilized right away.龙虾交配时,雄性会在雌性离开前把它的精子储存给雌性,但这并不意味着雌性的卵子立刻受精In some cases he hasnt provided enough sperm to fertilize all of her eggs -- there could be tens of thousands of them -- so she may seek out one or more additional males to get the job done.在某些情况下,雄性并不能提供足够的精子使雌性的卵都受精—雌性可能有成千上万颗卵,所以雌性龙虾会寻找一个或多个的雄性完成这项受精工作But even then her eggs might not be fertilized, because the female decides when conditions are just right. She may store live sperm in her body two years bee using them to fertilize her eggs.但即使这样,雌性的卵子也不可能全部受精,因为雌性龙虾会自行选择合适的环境受精在使用活精子使卵子受精之前,雌性可以让精子在她的体内存活两年Once the lobster fertilizes the eggs, they may stay inside her another year bee she lays them. And then they can stay attached to her swimmerets -- the small legs under her tail -- another 9 to months.一旦龙虾的卵受精,这些受精卵会在雌性龙虾产卵前,在其体内继续逗留一年它们会吸附在雌性的游泳足上(雌性龙虾尾巴下面的小腿)度过9到个月的时间After they hatch, the larvae float about a month bee settling on the bottom of the ocean to grow.受精卵孵化后,这些龙虾幼体在沉到海洋深处生长发育前会漂浮大约一个月的时间Only 1 percent of larvae make it to the bottom and in general, just two of every 50,000 eggs live long enough to become adult lobsters of catchable size.只有1%的龙虾幼体能够顺利抵达海底,在一般情况下,每5万颗卵中只有两颗能够生存下来,并成长到可以捕捞的成年龙虾的尺寸The lengthy life cycle and small payoff help explain why female lobsters are discriminating about when they decide to fertilize and lay their eggs.漫长的生命周期和极少的回报有助于帮助我们解释为什么这些能够决定受精和产卵的雌性龙虾会被区分对待.Lobsters Can Be Cannibals.龙虾可能同类相食One reason why more baby lobsters dont make it to adulthood? They tend to turn on each other. After hatching, lobsters go through numerous stages of development.为什么很多小龙虾还没长成就死了呢?因为它们总是自相残杀龙虾在孵化之后要经历好几个成长步骤Once they start to actually look like little lobsters, theyre not just floating along and eating zooplankton, fish eggs and other types of larvae anymore.一旦它们看上去像小龙虾了,就不再只是游荡着吃浮游动物,鱼卵和其他种类的幼虫了Theyre competing food and going after prey like crab, gastropods, starfish and marine worms. In close quarters, these juveniles will eat each other without any qualms.它们会互相争夺食物,开始捕食像螃蟹,腹足类动物,海星和海生蠕虫了如果两只小龙虾相互靠近,他们就会毫无疑虑的吃掉对方This behavior is part of why lobsters arent often raised in captivity -- they have to be separated into individual containers.这就是龙虾不会集体饲养而是分开喂食的部分原因This cannibalistic behavior isnt limited to baby lobsters, though. It common adults to eat juveniles or lobsters that have just molted when theyre in traps or tanks.这种同类相食的行为并不仅局限于小龙虾,我们平时更多见的是,成年龙虾在饲养池里吃掉小龙虾或刚蜕皮的龙虾Until recently, though, researchers hadnt witnessed this type of behavior in the wild. Then in , scientists in Maine filmed lobsters practicing infanticide.直到最近,研究员才在野外发现龙虾的这种行为年,缅因州的科学家拍下了龙虾捕食同类幼体的过程They tethered a juvenile lobster, figuring that its natural predators, such as cod and skate, would take advantage. At night, though, adult lobsters fought over it.他们锁定了一只幼年小龙虾,发现它跟鳕鱼和鳐鱼一样,是会利用一切的天生捕食者然而在晚上时,成年龙虾则跟这只小龙虾争斗The cannibalism was blamed on a recent glut of lobsters. Warmer waters and overfishing practices had reduced the populations of their natural predators.这些同类相食的龙虾曾一度因数量太多而被责备然而,水温升高和过度捕捞已经使得它们这些天生捕食者数目大减1.They Dont Show Signs of Aging1.龙虾并不显年纪If you believe everything you , you may recall seeing a lobster meme in the summer of -- a photo of a lobster with the phrase ;biologically immortal, delicious with butter.;如果你记得所有读过的东西,你可能会记起年夏天看到过的一只叫美美的龙虾的照片上面还写着一句话,“长生不老,辅以黄油更美味”I can attest to the latter part, but the mer isnt true. Lobsters dont age in the same way as most other animals – they dont get weaker or lose their ability to reproduce, and will keep on molting and growing.我没法实这句话的后半部分,但我可以确定它的前半部分是不对的龙虾和其他动物的变老方式不一样,他们不会因为上了年纪而变得衰弱或失去繁殖能力,而是一直进化成长However, that doesnt mean that they live ever. At some point, even if they arent caught, they die due to natural causes. Often this is because they run out of energy to molt at all and not molting leads to fatal diseases.但是,这并不意味着他们能永生从某种方面讲,即使没有被人抓去,它们也会因为自然因素死掉通常是由脱皮时能量消耗过度,或者没有脱皮而导致致命的病变So, we know that lobsters eventually die, but we arent quite sure when.所以,我们知道了龙虾最终会死,但是不确定是什么时候Lobsters reach their adult size when they weigh between 1.5 and pounds (680 and 9 grams), but the heaviest one ever caught clocked in at pounds ( kilograms).龙虾在体重达到1.5至磅(680至9克)的时候就成年了,但是跟据纪录,人类捕捉到的最重的龙虾是磅(千克)Some estimate that lobsters in the wild can live up to 50 years.野外生长的龙虾估计可以长到50岁Scientists estimate a lobster age by measuring levels of materials known to accumulate in its body over time, such as deposits of fat in its eyestalks or a pigment called eurolipofuscin in its brain.科学家可以通过测量龙虾体内随着时间积聚的已知材料等级来估计它们的年龄,比如它们眼柄的脂肪含量或大脑里一种叫eurolipofuscin的色素The latest research indicates that the best way to estimate lobster age may be by counting age bands well hidden inside the gastric mill in one of its stomachs.最近的研究表明,最好的方法是计算藏在它们其中一个胃里的胃齿白,从而估计年龄范围以最终得出龙虾的年龄 9770A teacher in southwestern China Guizhou has been suspended after he reportedly rated students drinking capacity.据报道,近日,中国西南部贵州省的一名老师因学生酒量给成绩打分而被停职Gu Ming, who teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) manufacturing at Guizhou Anshun Vocational Institute, has been removed from his teaching position after he asked students to down liquor shots at his office.在贵州安顺职业学院教授中医药制造的顾明,在他让学生到他办公室饮酒并拍摄视频之后,被该学校停职;Those who ganbeied finish a full glass of liquor get a full 0 mark their exam, half glass gets 90 marks, and a sip gets 60. Those who do not drink at all will fail,; one student posted on Weibo.据一名学生在微上透露:“一口干掉一杯酒的人考试成绩可以得0分,干掉半杯的能得90分,只能抿一口的就只能得60分,而不喝酒的人就要挂科了”Fu Guisheng, deputy director of the institute, told Xinhua that Gu may had meant it as a joke, but clearly his remarks did not go down well with netizens.该校副校长付桂生接受新华社表示,顾明本意可能只是开一个玩笑但很显然,网民对他的话并不买账The incident has drawn intense debate online, with many lambasting the teacher, while others sympathized, saying the teacher was only helping students get used to a usual social practice.这起事件在网上引起了激烈的争论尽管有许多网友对顾明的行为给与谴责,但也有人同情他、为他辩护,表示他只不过是在帮助学生习惯社会上常见的应酬Many of students may go to sales meetings, and how much one can drink may decide how many deals he can seal, said Lapingjun, another Weibo user. ;There is a culture of gaining other people trust and recognition through drinking, which is sad but true,; he said.一名微名为“拉平均”的用户表示,许多学生以后都有可能参加销售会议,而一个人的酒量往往能够决定他的销售业绩他说道:“在中国,人们习惯于通过喝酒来取得别人的信任和认同尽管很可悲,但这就是现实” 3883本文选自Ugly Betty《丑女贝蒂,欢迎大家来此做客Bianchi: Bianchi Gallery.Betty: I'm not sure if you can help me, but I'm trying to reach Vincent Bianchi.Bianchi: You got him.Betty: Oh, OK. Wow. I wasn't expecting this ... Um ... I thought I was gonna have to leave a message. Bianchi: You wanna call back? I could let the machine pick up.Betty: No! No, no. No. OK, Mr. Bianchi, I am a really big fan of yours. That cover shoot you did Rolling Stone... Wow, that was amazing.Bianchi: Thanks. You have excellent taste. How can I help you?Betty: Well, I'm calling about your availability a magazine shoot...Bianchi: You gotta go through my rep that, Sheila Cordova. Betty: You know, you and I, we went to the same high school.Bianchi: Huh?Betty: Queensborough High, right? Class of 9?Bianchi: Do I know you?Betty: No, no, no. We didn't go at the same time. Actually, my name is Betty Suarez. Class of . But, it turns out that you and me, we grew up from blocks from each other. I live of Roosevelt.Bianchi: You're a Jackson Heights girl, huh?Betty: Uh-huh.Bianchi: You don't say.Betty: I practically live at Astoria Lemon Ice. You know that doughnut place two blocks down? That's where I grew up. I worked there every summer in high school and it burnt down. Now it's a deli. It's pretty good, but...Bianchi: Not as good as SaI's though, huh?Betty: On 87th? Oh, my gosh, like the best sausage and pepper hero on the eastern seaboard. Bianchi: Just the smell of those could get me high. I haven't thought about those in a long time. So, Betty Suarez, OK, you've got me hungry and curious. What is this job you wanted to talk to me about?Betty: Well, I work at Mode magazine and my boss, Daniel Meade, was wondering ...Hello?A: I need to purchase some business cards.我需要买一些名片B: No problem. How many are you thinking about?没问题,你想卖多少?A: I think ,000 would be fine.我想00张就可以了B: If youll just fill out this m, please.请先填一下这张表格A: I want the new cards to be exactly like this card.我希望新的名片的样子和这张一样B: We can do that very easily.这个对我们来说很容易A: ...Okay, Im done. Here the m and my old card. ;;好的,我填完了给你表格和我之前的名片B: Great. Your order will take only one week.很好你的名片一周就可以完成A: You know, I think it would be better if I could pick it up in three days.嗯,我想如果能在三天后能拿到,那样最好了B: We can do that. Itll just cost you extra.这个我们可以做到,但是这样做名片会贵些 8191

Inquiry of entry 入境咨询A:Hello, Immigration Department. What can I do you?您好,这里是入境处请问有什么可以帮您的吗?B:Hello. I am calling today to inquire the malities of entry.好的请问您的国籍是什么?A:OK. What nationalities are you, please?好的,请问您的国籍是什么?B:I am a Chinese. 我是中国人A:If this is the case. I am very glad to tell you that you do not need a passport nor a visa, since we have an agreement with your country, and in accordance with the treaty, people from both your and my countries are allowed to enter the other country without passports of visas.如果是这样的话,我很高兴地告诉你您入境不需要护照和签,因为贵国我国签订了一项协议,协议中规定贵国和我国公民进入对方国家无需护照及签B:Fantastic. That will save me a lot of time. Do you mean we can go to your country at any time without any malities?这太好了这能节省很多时间你的意思是说我们可以随时进入贵国而不需要办理任何手续吗?A:Not exactly. Generally speaking, such kind of people are not allowed entry into my country as psychopaths, infectious people, criminals and people who are in illegitimate occupation. As a result, we need you to provide us with your ID card, health certificate and employee card two weeks bee your entry.不完全是这样的通常来说我国一般不允许以下人员入境:精神病患者、传染病患者、刑事罪犯、从事不正当职业者,您必须在入境前两个星期内向我国出具身份件、健康明及工作明等材料B:Sure, I will. Anything else?没问题,我会照办还有其他的要求吗?A:Of course you will have to go through the entry mality, too.当然你还需要办理入境手续B:How exactly should I go through the entry mality?究竟该如何办理入境手续呢?A:You will have to provide the detail inmation about yourself, such as name, age, marital status, how long you are going to stay in my country and so on and so th.办理入境手续你必须向我国提供您的详细个人信息,比如姓名、年龄、婚姻状况以及将在我国停留多久等等B:Thank you so much. This is really helpful.非常感谢这对我确实帮助不小A:You are welcome. Is there anything else you would like to know?不必客气,还有其他的事情吗?B:I guess not. Thank you. Bye.没有了,谢谢再见 7569

第一句:Excuse me. Could you tell me where I can get a ticket?劳驾,请问在哪儿可以买到票?A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where I can get a ticket?劳驾,请问在哪儿可以买到票?B: It on the second floor in this building.在这座大厦的二楼第二句:Excuse me. Where is the booking office?打扰一下,请问售票处在哪儿?A: Excuse me. Where is the booking office?打扰一下,请问售票处在哪儿?B: Will you come with me? Im going to the booking office, too.你愿意和我一起去吗?我正好也要去那儿售票窗口可以说:booking office,也可以说:ticket officeThe booking office usually sells tickets three days in advance.售票处通常都提前三天售票 198

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