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盱眙县治疗腹胀多少钱淮安妇幼保健医院治疗月经不调多少钱淮安妇保医院体检多少钱 This reality is much more than what we see around us in our everyday life.这种现实的范围 比如日常生活中周遭所见还要广大A vast array of ground and space telescopes have extended our senses.各式各样的地面与太空望远镜 拓展了我们的感官Allowing us to see deep into space让我们探望遥远的太空And build a much bigger model than ever before.并建造前所未有的更大的模型As we peer further and further into the cosmos当我们更进一步探望宇宙时our reality has grown bigger and bigger stil我们认知中的现实世界拓展得愈来愈大where once we saw a chink in heavens flow人类曾经以为是天堂地面裂缝的东西We now see distant stars like our sun.我们现在知道那是遥远的恒星 就和太阳一样Many with their own planets and moons.很多都有自己的行星与卫星Then we discovered distant galaxies,后来我们发现遥远的星系home to billions more stars.那里又有超过数十亿颗其它恒星We have peered back in time.我们回顾过去All the way to the birth of the universe itself.一直到宇宙自身的起源All this,the entire 13.7 billion year history of the universe这一切 这整段137亿年的宇宙历史exists as a model inside our minds.都存在于我们心中的模型201602/428155I can use my stick to get some purchase on the rope.我可以用这根棍子来做绳索的点And once youve got a turn around the stick,先把它在木棍上缠一圈you can then just twist it,and it will lock on itself.接着一拧 它们就绑好了I can use that, then,to try and pull myself out.现在我就可以用这个 来帮忙拉自己上岸了Get out of here now.Just the last few steps to the safety of dry land.赶紧离开这地方 安全着陆前的最后几步Lets get out of this horrible place,get moving,and get the blood pumping, get warm again.快离开这个恐怖的地方 继续前进 让血液循环起来 让身子暖起来But its a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire.刚刚脱险 但接下来等着我的 是更可怕的火灾Okay, youve got to cover your face.Youve got to cover it now. Thats it.你得把脸捂好 现在就赶紧捂好Im in the Alabama woods,and theres trouble dead ahead.我正身处亚拉巴马丛林 而我们的挑战就在正前方Theres a forest fire.Stick with me.是森林大火 跟好我Theres a huge amount of smoke coming from this.这火能产生大量浓烟Look, you can see the flames -- just the edge of it here.你能瞧见那边那些火焰But this is definitely a controlled fire.You see, its one long line.但是这火绝对是 人工控制的 看 一条长火线We need to be ultra-careful here.Come with me. Come this way.我们在这儿必须 格外小心 跟我来 这边Fires like this are set deliberately to manage forest areas.这种火灾是为了控制森林面积But if the wind picks up,they can be just as dangerous as wild fires.但如果风势猛烈 也可以如同真正的森林大火般危险Its starting to get really, really hot now.现在开始变得非常非常热了201602/427700淮阴区泌尿外科

淮安中山医院生殖医学科Moving on to the last sub-topic in this presentation.下面我们来看本讲的最后一个话题Do organic foods prevent cancer better than conventional foods?有机食品是否比传统食品具有更强的防癌功效?No one credible study has indicated any benefit;没有任何权威研究可以明这一点,though studies do show a certain nutritional advantage of some components of fruits and vegetables.尽管一些研究确实显示一些水果和蔬菜确实有额外的营养功效Lets look at a recent study concerning the antioxidant benefits of tomatoes.我们来看一个最近的实验,是关于番茄的抗氧化效果的In 2003, a study by French researchers sought to determine the antioxidant benefits of organic versus conventional tomatoes.2003年法国研究人员想要研究有机番茄和传统番茄在抗氧化方面的效用有何差异Using a study group of 20 nonsmoking females between the ages of 21 to 39 years,研究人员对20名21-39岁的不吸烟的女性进行试验the researchers compared the antioxidant micro-constituent contents between organically and conventionally grown tomatoes研究人员比较了有机和传统番茄中的抗氧化成分的水平and to evaluate whether the consumption of purees made of these tomatoes然后让实验对象每天分别用由这两种番茄制成的番茄酱,could differently affect the plasma levels of antioxidant micro-constituents in humans.最后研究它们会对人体内血浆中的抗氧化成分造成哪些影响It was discovered that the variety of fresh organic tomatoes used had higher vitamin C,实验结果表明,与传统番茄相比,除了绿原酸之外,carotenoids, and polyphenol contents except for chlorogenic acid than conventional tomatoes.有机番茄中的维生素C类胡萝卜素和多酚含量都更高,In tomato purees, concentrations of Vitamin C and polyphenols制成番茄酱后,有机番茄中的维生素C和多酚含量remained higher than purees made out of conventional tomatoes.依旧高于传统番茄制作的番茄酱However, for the nutritional intervention,在三周内,两组实验对象每天都分别no significant difference after three weeks of consumption of 96 grams per day approximately one half cup of tomato puree食用96克番茄酱,也就是半杯,但三周后,结果显示,was found between the two purees with regard to their ability to affect the plasma levels of the two major antioxidants, Vitamin C and lycopene.两组实验对象血浆中的两种主要的抗氧化剂,也就是维生素C和番茄红素都没有很大变化,因此有机和传统食品在营养作用上并没有显著差别What do you think? Answer true or false to the following.大家对此有何看法? 请大家对下列问题回答是或否,Organic food is more nutritious than conventional food.有机食品是否比传统食品更加有营养?And, organic food is safer than conventional food.有机食品是否比传统食品更加安全?Now that youve seen some of the big issues relating to organic and conventional foods,我们已经看了几个与有机食品和传统食品相关的重要问题,you probably have some questions on whether or not organic produce is worth the extra cost.大家或许会问花更高的价格购买有机食品是否值得According to the Whole Foods Market Survey we discussed earlier,根据我们之前讨论过的天然食品市场调查67% of people who buy organic foods do so because they feel organic foods are healthier.购买有机食品的人中67%的人是因为他们认为有机食品更加健康There is a wide sp belief that organic food is healthier,人们普遍相信,有机食品更加健康most likely due to the principles associated with organic farming.这或许和有机农业的几个原则有感Organic farming practices largely avoid synthetic fertilizers,有机农业在生产过程中要避免使用合成化学肥料pesticides, growth regulators, and livestock feed additives.杀虫剂,以及饲料添加剂Organic farming systems rely on crop rotations, manures, organic waste,有机农业系统通过谷物发酵粪便,有机排泄物and biological pest controls to maintain soil productivity,和利用生物方法防治病虫害来保土壤肥力supply nutrients to growing plants, and control pests.给作物提供营养和进行病虫害防治However, organic farming regulations differ across countries and between certifiers.但是有机农业的具体规定和监管在各国都是不同的,The non-use of synthetic chemicals remain part of the allure of the organic movement不用化学合成的化肥农药依旧是有机食品广受欢迎的原因,and underlie consumer belief that organic food is virtually free of the hazards found in chemical produce.也就是说,消费者相信有机食品中不含化学品种的危险物质201512/413220江苏省洪泽县中医院预约 江苏省淮安市第二人民医院男科挂号

洪泽县医院电话Time for the SHOUTOUT. Two people who signed the U.S. Constitution later became presidents. Who were they? If you think you know it - shout it out. “大喊”时间到了。以下哪两位签署美国宪法后成为了总统。他们是谁?如果你知道,大声喊出来。Was it :A) John Adams and James Madison B) George Washington and Thomas Jefferson C) George Washington and James Madison D) Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson是:A)约翰·亚当斯和杰姆斯·麦迪逊 B)乔治·华盛顿和托马斯·杰佛逊斯 C)乔治·华盛顿和詹姆斯·麦迪逊D)托马斯·杰佛逊和安德鲁·杰克逊。You go three seconds - GO!你有三秒种-开始吧!The two signers of the Constitution who`d later become presidents were George Washington and James Madison. That`s your answer and that`s your SHOUTOUT.两位签署宪法随后成为总统的是乔治·华盛顿和詹姆斯·麦迪逊。这就是你的,这就是你的大喊。It was on this date - back in 1787 that 39 people plus a secretary signed the U.S. Constitution. What Constitution Day does is commemorate the event and the document that defined fundamental law in America. Ok, you knew that. But let`s see what else you know about the document in our official Student News Constitution Day quiz.就在1787年的今天,由39人和一位秘书组成的团队共同签署了美国宪法。宪法纪念日就是纪念这一事件以及定义美国基本法的文件。好的,你知道了。加入我们官方学生新闻宪法纪念日测试,看看你是否还知道有关宪法的其它事情。It`s Constitution Day. On this date in in 1787, 39 delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document that today is the oldest written Constitution still used by any government. We are finding out how much you know about the U.S. constitution starting with some fun TRUE or FALSE questions.今天是宪法日。在1787年的今天,39名参加宪法会议的代表签署了这一是最古老的书面文件,目前任何政府都在使用。就下列问题回答对还是错,看看你有多了解美国宪法。All right. Number one - the word democracy appears in article 1 of the U.S Constitution. Answer - FALSE. The word democracy actually doesn`t appear anywhere in the document.好的,第一个问题,美国宪法第一条出现了“民主”这个词。是错误的。实际上民主这个词没在宪法中出现过。Next, Benjamin Franklin was the oldest person to sign the constitution. This is TRUE. He was 81 and in declining health. So he needed someone to sign it. It said, as he was signing it, tears were streaming down his face. Three - some delegates of the constitutional convention refused to sign the constitution. Answer - TRUE! Of the six delegates who did not sign, three of them Edmund Randolph and George Mason of Virginia and Elbridge Gerry of Massachusetts refused to do so. Partly because the constitution did not have a bill of rights. Those amendments guaranteeing individual liberties were proposed two years later.接下来,本杰明·富兰克林是签署宪法中年龄最大的。是正确的。富兰克林时年81岁,身体状况每况愈下。所以他需要别人来签署。据说,当他签署宪法时老泪纵横。第三个问题,一些会议代表拒绝签署宪法。是正确的。拒绝签署宪法的六人中,三人是埃德蒙·伦道夫、弗吉尼亚州的乔治梅森即马萨诸塞州的埃尔布里奇·格里。拒签的部分原因是宪法没有包含一项权利。这些保个人自由的修正案于两年后提出。Since the ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791, how many additional amendments have been added to the constitution? Is the answer, 7, 10, 12, or 17? If you said D- 17, you got it. That last amendment, the 27th says that a pay raise for members of Congress cannot take effect until after an election.自1791年人权法案正式批准后,宪法还加入了多少次额外的修正案。是7、10、12还是17次。如果你说17次,那你正确了。最近的一次即第27次修正案中规定,国会人员直到大选后才能加薪。Now, which branch of the U.S. Government is mentioned first in the Constitution? Is it the legislative, judicial or executive?. Answer: A. The Legislatives branch`s powers are laid out in article one of the constitution. This is the branch that includes the House of Representatives and the Senate and it`s charged with making the laws that govern the country.现在,美国政府的哪个部门首次在宪法中被提及?是立法部、司法部还是行政部?是立法部门。立法部门的权利位于宪法的第一篇,包括众议院和参议院,负责制定管理国家的法律。Finally, where can you find the original copy of the Constitution? Is it in Fort Knox Kentucky, The Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution or The National Archives? Answer D. The National Archives building in Washington D.C. To preserve the quality of the document it is kept at 67 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 percent humidity and you can say that fascinating fact constitutes our Constitution Day quiz.最后,你可以在哪里找到宪法的原始副本?是肯塔基州诺克斯堡、国会图书馆、史密森学会还是国家档案馆?是D。国家档案馆建于华盛顿特区,其中的文件保存在67华氏度及百分之40的湿度下。宪法纪念日的测试包含了令人着迷的事实。译文属。 /201509/399563 涟水县人民医院肛肠科盱眙县人民医院男科挂号



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