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淮安/睾丸突然一下有点刺痛一碰就疼淮安/尿道炎吃什么消炎药A well-known reporter for Chinese state television has been detained, state media reported, in an abrupt turn of events for a journalist who had made himself into a proud icon for Chinas aspiring middle class.据官方媒体报道,央视知名主持人芮成钢被检方带走。芮成钢曾让自己成为中国有抱负的中产阶级引以为傲的代言人,但如今情况却急转直下。Rui Chenggang, an outspoken and popular anchor for a financial news show on China Central Television, was detained by prosecutors Friday, according to a post on the Twitter account of Peoples Daily. Also detained, Peoples Daily said, was a vice director for financial news at CCTV, Li Yong.《人民日报》推Twitter)帐号发布推文称,央视主持人芮成钢上周五被有关部门带走,央视财经频道副总监李勇也被检方带走。芮成钢是央视财经频道的一名主持人,他直言不讳,在国内颇具知名度。It is unclear why they have been detained. Neither could be reached for comment, and it wasnt known if they had appointed lawyers. Attempts to reach CCTV for comment werent immediately successful.尚不清楚芮成钢和李勇被检方带走的原因。记者未能联络到他们置评。目前也不清楚他们是否聘请了律师。记者立即尝试联系央视就此置评,但未能成功。Their arrests come amid a wide-ranging anti-corruption campaign launched by Chinese President Xi Jinping that has aly touched CCTV-2, the broadcasters financial news channel. The Supreme Peoples Procuratorate announced last month that authorities were investigating accusations of corruption against two other CCTV employees. One of them was Mr. Ruis boss, the director-general for the financial news channel, Guo Zhenxi, according to the state-run China Daily.此前中国国家主席习近平掀起了全面的反腐风暴,这轮风暴已触及央视财经频道。中国最高人民检察院上个月宣布,检察机关以涉嫌受贿犯罪,依法对中央电视台两名职员立案侦查并采取强制措施。据《中国日报China Daily)报道,其中一名是芮成钢的领导――央视财经频道总监郭振玺。Caixin, a leading financial and business news publication, reported that Mr. Rui had been scheduled to anchor Economic News Friday night, and that the celebrity journalist was taken away without any notification.据财新传媒报道,按照工作安排,芮成钢本该在周五晚间主持央视二套的《经济信息联播》,他周五晚间直接从央视被有关部门带走,节目组事先没有接到任何通知。Aly well-known for his interviews of business leaders at global conferences in fluent English, Mr. Rui helped mobilize public opinion in 2007 to oust a Starbucks outpost from Beijings Forbidden City, saying that the Western coffee chains presence there represented the erosion of Chinese culture.芮成钢能讲一口流利的英语,曾多次采访全球政商界领导人007年,他调动民意要求星巴克(Starbucks)从故宫里搬出去。他认为,故宫里的星巴克是对中国传统文化的糟蹋。He also stirred controversy during a 2010 press conference during a Group of meeting in Seoul when U.S. President Barack Obama asked if any reporters from the host country of South Korea would like to pose any questions. In response, Mr. Rui indicated that he had a question, saying that while he was actually Chinese, I think I get to represent all of Asia.芮成钢另一次引发争议是010年首尔G20峰会的记者会上,当时美国总统奥巴Barack Obama)表示希望给东道主韩国的记者一次提问的机会,当他看到亚洲面孔的芮成钢举手时就选中了他,芮成钢说:“其实我是中国人,我想我可以代表亚洲。”More recently in 2011, he also needled U.S. ambassador to China Gary Locke at a World Economic Forum gathering in the Chinese city of Dalian, saying, I hear you flew here coach. Is that a reminder that the U.S. owes China money?他最近一次引发热议是011年,当时夏季达沃斯论坛在大连开幕,主持达沃斯分论坛时,芮成钢调侃时任美国驻华大使骆家辉(Gary Locke),问他坐经济舱来参会是否有意提醒“美国欠中国钱”。In addition to his regular news program, Mr. Rui boasts more than 10.3 million followers on Sinas Weibo, Chinas most popular microblog platform. Past media appearances by Mr. Rui include a 2008 cameo on the U.S. parody news program The Daily Show, hosted by Jon Stewart.芮成钢主持的例行财经节目颇受欢迎,除此之外,他在新浪微上也很有人气,粉丝数量超,030万。芮成钢还曾出现008年乔#8226;斯图尔特(Jon Stewart)主持的The Daily Show一期节目中。Though his words have previously earned him the reputation for being something of a nationalist, Mr. Rui in past interviews has identified himself as a globalist, citing the fact that he drives a Jaguar and that former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has been an influence on him.芮成钢过去的一些言论为他赢得了民族主义者的声誉。不过在过去的访谈中,他表示自己是一名“全球主义者”,他说自己开捷豹(Jaguar),还说前美国国务卿基辛格(Henry Kissinger)对自己有一定的影响。来 /201407/311473淮安/打胎需要多少钱一次 淮安/女人几个输卵管

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淮安/市涟水县做包茎手术要多少钱General Prayuth Chan-ocha tightened his junta’s grip on Thailand on Thursday, as the country’s puppet parliament named him prime minister, three months after the May 22 coup.周四,巴#8226;占奥差将General Prayuth Chan-ocha)强化了其军政府对泰国的控制。在52日政个月之后,泰国的傀儡议会提名他为泰国总理。In a surreal session in Bangkok’s once disputatious legislature, MPs handpicked by the military, including many serving officers, stood up one by one to confirm the putsch leader as their choice without debate or dissent.泰国一度吵吵嚷嚷的立法机构召开了一次离奇的会议。在会议上,包括许多现任官员在内,受到军方压制的国会议员一个个站起来,确认这位暴动领袖成为他们的选择,在此过程中没有辩论,也无人表示异议。While Gen Prayuth has not been formally appointed and was not even present at the vote, it is widely expected he will take on the post as part of the junta’s widening efforts to reshape Thailand’s turbulent politics and stuttering economy.尽管巴育将军尚未获得正式任命,他甚至没有出现在投票现场,但外界普遍预计,他将担任总理职位——这是军政府以更大力度重塑泰国的动荡政治和乏力经济的努力的一部分。The unanimous parliamentary approval for the general was widely flagged and comes after the legislature this week rubber-stamped a draft budget proposed by the military that promises big spending increases for defence, education and transport.巴育将军在国会获得的无异议持,引起了广泛关注。此前,泰国国会例行公事地批准了一份由军方提议的预算草案——该预算案承诺加大对国防、教育和交通领域的投入。来 /201408/323025 The ed Nations human rights agency says the death toll from the conflict in eastern Ukraine has passed 5,000.联合国人权事务高级专员办事处说,乌克兰东部冲突的死亡人数已超过五千。Spokesman Rupert Colville told reporters Friday that the death toll could be far higher than the official estimate of 5,086 deaths, based on data collected by U.N. human rights monitors since the beginning of hostilities in April.办事处发言人鲁帕特#8226;科尔维尔星期五对记者说,死亡人数可能大大超出官方估计的5086人。这个数字是根据联合国人权监察员去年4月冲突爆发以来统计的数据。Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the Ukrainian government of starting a surge in violence in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists are battling Ukrainian troops to gain territory. Mr. Putin made the claim Friday in a meeting with senior officials.与此同时,俄罗斯总统普京星期五与高层官员会晤时指责乌克兰政府在乌克兰东部造成暴力升级当地的亲俄分离分子正与乌克兰政府军争夺地盘。The ed Nations says it has counted 262 deaths in the fighting in the past nine days.联合国说,据他们统计,过去九天的战斗造成262人死亡。Earlier Friday, a pro-Russian separatist leader said he will not push for new peace talks with the Ukrainian government, vowing instead to gain control of more territory in the east.另外,乌克兰东部顿涅斯克的反政府武装领导人扎哈琴科表示,他不会推动与乌克兰政府进行新的和谈,而是决心在乌克兰东部攻占更多的领土。Russian news agencies ed rebel chief Alexander Zakharchenko, based in the eastern city of Donetsk, as saying that his forces are launching a new offensive to expand their territory.俄罗斯媒体星期五引述扎哈琴科的话说,他的部队正在发动新的攻势,扩大地盘。On Thursday in Donetsk, at least 13 people were killed when a trolley bus was hit in an apparent mortar attack, sparking accusations of blame from both sides.星期四,顿涅斯克一辆公交车被炮弹击中,导致至少13人丧生。政府和反叛武装都宣称对方应对此负责。来 /201501/355996淮安/孕前检查需多长时间淮安/怎样治尿道炎



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