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淮安/输卵管腹腔镜淮安/怎样医治尿道炎捷豹让你用眼睛控制雨刮器 -- ::57 来源: 捷豹让你用眼睛控制雨刮器Jaguar patent lets you control windscreen wipers with your EYESJaguar has aly unveiled plans eye-tracking cameras that can prevent you from falling asleep at the wheel. 捷豹推出了眼球追踪摄像头的计划,它能防止你在方向盘上睡着And now its latest patent wants to use this technology to control a car's window wipers.现在其最新的专利想利用这一技术来控制汽车的雨刷It details a system in which every time the driver looks in their rear-view mirror the wipers on the rear window are activated automatically. 专利中详细介绍了一个系统,每次司机看后视镜的时候后窗雨刷自动被激活However, the filing hints that it could potentially work with wipers on the front windscreen too. 然而,文件暗示司机的这一动作也可能使前挡风玻璃的雨刷被激活The patent, called 'Windscreen clearing system a vehicle', was filed by Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) in March and awarded this week. It was originally spotted by Gizmag. 这项被称为“车辆的挡风玻璃清洁系统”的专利,于年3月由捷豹路虎(JLR)提出,并于本周授予而最早发现它的其实是GizmagWhen a driver decides to observe the environment behind the vehicle by looking through the rear windscreen, typically using a rear-view mirror, the rear windscreen may not be wiped and may be obscured. 当司机想通过后挡风玻璃观察车后面的环境时,后风挡玻璃可能很久没擦,也可能模糊不清,司机通常只能使用后视镜来观察It is against this background that the present invention has been conceived. 正是在这种背景下,本发明才被设想出来JLR added that the patent refers to a windscreen wiper system a vehicle 'and particularly, but not exclusively, to a rear windscreen wiper system' that operates automatically in response to detecting eye-movement of a driver of the vehicle toward a rear-view mirror. JLR补充说,这项关于挡风玻璃雨刷系统的专利"主要针对但不仅限于后挡风玻璃雨刷系统",后者在探测到司机眼球朝后视镜方向移动时自动启用It is likely to take advantage of the eye-tracking Driver Monitor System (DMS) JLR announced in January. 它很可能利用了JLR在一月份宣布的眼球追踪司机监控系统(DMS)JLR, with support from Intel and Seeing Machines, has developed sensing technology that monitors the driver's face and eyes to reduce distracted and drowsy driving. JLR在英特尔和视觉机器公司的持下,已经开发了监测司机的脸和眼睛的遥感技术,以减少分心和疲劳驾驶Vocabularywindscreen 汽车挡风玻璃 rear-view mirror 后视镜(译者:LYZBISTU 编辑:彭娜)淮安/无痛人流哪里能做 华为非洲首家创新体验中心开幕 -- 18:: 来源: 当地时间7月19日,华为在南非约翰内斯堡揭牌成立了非洲地区首家ICT创新体验中心中国驻南非大使田学军、驻约翰内斯堡总领事阮平、南非通信与邮电部部长奎莱以及当地企业、高校代表等百余人出席开幕仪式 Johannesburg July - Africa’s first Huawei Innovation Experience Center is launched on Tuesday in Sandton, Johannesburg. 5 million USD has been invested by Huawei into the Innovation Center, which is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like 5G.5G wireless communication, VR and K Video, Mobile Money solution, Smart Home solutions, Safe City solutions, Cloud Service, Data Center and wearable devices amongst others. It will also serve as an open lab to South African institutions of higher learning such as University of Johannesburg and Tshwane University of Technology.约翰内斯堡 7月日电——星期二,华为非洲地区首家创新体验中心在约翰内斯堡桑顿开幕该中心总投资约为500万美元,客户可以在此体验到包括5G.5G无线通信技术、虚拟现实K视频、智能手机、智慧家居、平安城市、云务、数据中心、可穿戴设备等前沿研发成果它还将成为南非约翰内斯堡大学和茨瓦内理工大学等高等学府的开放实验室“It is very exciting us as industry leaders to provide a commy environment big players to witness the potential of our offerings, and small, micro and medium enterprises to gain opporties to share their ideas in spaces like gaming, , and APP development etc., where they can test and advance their solutions and gain exposure to various partnership opporties.” says Li Peng, Huawei’s President of the East and Southern Africa Region.华为东南非地区部总裁李鹏说,“作为行业先锋,我们很高兴能为大型参与者提供这样一个平台,以见我们的潜力,并为小型、微型和中小型企业争取机会,在游戏,视频和应用程序开发等方面分享他们的理念,在那里他们可以测试和改善他们的解决方案,并获得各种合作伙伴机会”Showcasing futuristic products and solutions, the Innovation center will also serve as an incubation platm upcoming ICT enterprises. According to the Cooperation Contact signed with South Africa’s Department of Telecommunications and Postal Service (DTPS) on Tuesday, Huawei will work closely with the DTPS to fulfill the target of 00 ICT talents trained by Huawei by 1.创新中心展示了一些未来主义的产品和解决方案,还将为当地的ICT企业提供技术孵化平台根据星期二开幕仪式上华为和南非电信与邮政部签署的ICT战略合作协议,华为将与南非邮电部紧密合作,在未来5年内为南非培训00位ICT人才The Minister of the DTPS, Dr. SiyabongaCwele says “The Cooperation Contract signed between us is a start of bigger things to happen in the industry, and it is through such partnerships between the public and private sectors that we can achieve a better connected South Africa.”南非电信与邮政部长奎莱表示,“双方合作协议的签署,是加快实现南非数字化转型、消除南非数字鸿沟的新起点通过这种政府和私企的合作,我们期待一个连接更畅通的南非”The Chinese Ambassador to South Africa, TianXuejun appreciates Huawei by highlighting “The seed from last year’s FOCAC is being harvested. ICT is truly the driving tool of any economies development. The Chinese government always encourages excellent enterprises from China like Huawei to work closely with South Africa to a achieve a win-win result.”中国驻南非大使田学军高度赞扬华为,他表示,“去年在中非合作论坛上播下的种子如今已结出了丰硕的果实ICT是所有经济体的动力工具,中国政府一向鼓励和持以华为为代表的优秀中国高科技创新企业扩大对南非的投资合作,实现互利共赢”Huawei has planned to launch ten global Innovation Centers around the globe. So far there are six other operational Innovation Centers. Among them are centers in Shenzhen (China), London (UK), Dusseldorf (German), Moscow (Russia), Warsaw (Poland), and Sao. Paulo (Brazil).华为计划在全球建立个创新体验中心迄今为止已建立了7个,除南非外,其他6个分别位于中国深圳,英国伦敦,德国杜赛尔多夫,俄罗斯莫斯科,波兰华沙以及巴西圣保罗第73届电影节开幕 -- :36: 来源: 由Emma Stone和Ryan Gosling主演的La La Land,拉开了第73届电影节的帷幕 La La Land, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, is to open the 73rd Venice International Film Festival.由Emma Stone和Ryan Gosling主演的La La Land,拉开了第73届电影节的帷幕The musical is written and directed by Whiplash’s Damien Chazelle.Whiplash的导演Damien Chazelle撰写并执导了这部音乐剧Chazelle said he was "thrilled and honoured" by the festival’s invitation.Chazelle表示对于受到电影节的邀请感到十分的紧张和荣幸"It is deeply humbling us to join the company of their previous opening night films, and we could not be more excited to share our movie with the audience in Venice," he said.他说,“我们对以前加入它们以前开的夜间电影公司深感羞辱,能够在和观众们分享我们的电影实在是太令人激动了”The film also stars JK Simmons, who won an Oscar best supporting actor his permance in Whiplash, and singer John Legend.这部电影同时也成就了和JK Simmons和歌手John Legend,JK Simmons因在Whiplash中的出色表现一举拿下奥斯卡最佳男配角奖Festival director Alberto Barbera called the film "a surprising tribute to the golden age of American musicals, from An American in Paris by Vincent Minnelli to New York, New York by Martin Scorsese".电影节主席Alberto Barbera把这部电影称作“对美国音乐剧黄金时代——从Vincent Minnelli导演的一个美国人在巴黎到Martin Scorsese导演的纽约,纽约——惊喜致敬”"It is a film that does not merely reinvent the musical genre, it gives it a brand new start.“这部电影不仅仅是重塑了音乐体裁,他标志着音乐剧的一个全新的开始”"If Whiplash was the revelation of a new filmmaker, La La Land is his definitive, albeit precocious, consecration among the great directors of Hollywood’s new firmament," he said.他说,“如果说Whiplash是一个新电影制作人的开山之作,那么La La Land就是他的权威,尽管早熟,但仍是新一代好莱坞伟大导演的倾情奉献”In competition角逐The festival screening of the film, on 31 August, will be the film’s world premiere.8月31号电影节上影片的放映将是这部电影的全球首映The musical is described as a modern take on the classic Hollywood romance, with spectacular song-and-dance numbers.这部音乐剧被描述为一个有着好莱坞经典浪漫元素的大型歌舞剧It follows a love affair between, an aspiring actress played bye, and Sebastian, a struggling jazz musician played by Ryan Gosling.影片讲述了由Emma Ston饰演的有抱负的女演员Mia和由Ryan Gosling饰演的苦苦挣扎的爵士音乐家Sebastian的爱情故事The film will be in competition the festival’s Golden Lion award.此部电影将在电影节上参与金狮奖的角逐British director Sam Mendes will head the jury at this year’s festival which runs from 31 August until September.英国导演Sam Mendes将领导今年从8月31号到9月号的电影节评选淮安/孕前检查项

淮安/怀孕三十天可以药流吗阿根廷失美洲杯,梅西宣布退出国家队 --7 :: 来源: 梅西罚失点球,宣布退出阿根廷国家队 "It’s not meant me. me the national team is over. I’ve done all I can, it hurts not to be a champion," the 9-year-old said after defeat by Chile at the Copa America.在美洲杯赛场上阿根廷失利于智力后,9岁的梅西说道:“我也不想这样我的国家队生涯到头了我做了所有我能够做的事,不能拿冠军真的很让人伤心”With Barcelona, Messi has won eight La Liga titles and four Champions Leagues.在巴塞罗那,梅西赢得了8次西甲冠军、次欧冠冠军But his only major international honour is Olympic gold.但是他只有一项大型国际赛事荣誉,那就是年奥运会金牌Argentina were beaten 1-0 in the World Cup final by Germany bee two Copa America final defeats by Chile on penalties. Messi was also on the losing side against Brazil in the Copa America final.年世界杯决赛阿根廷被德国队以1-0击败,在那之后阿根廷国家队又两次在美洲杯赛场上被智利以点球击败在年美洲杯决赛对阵巴西的时候,梅西所在的阿根廷国家队也是输球的一方"It’s been four finals, I tried. It was the thing I wanted the most, but I couldn’t get it, so I think it’s over," he added.梅西说道:“已经有四次决赛都是这样了,我尽力了冠军是我最渴望的东西,但是我却不能得到,所以我认为我应该退队了”"I think this is best everyone. First of all me, and then everyone. I think there’s a lot of people who want this, who obviously are not satisfied, as we are not satisfied reaching a final and not winning it.“我认为这对所有人来说都是最好的首先对我来说是一件好事,然后对其他所有人都是一件好事我认为很多人都希望看到我退队,很明显这些人很不满,就像我们进入决赛却没有赢得冠军那样不满”"It’s very hard, but the decision is taken. Now I will not try more and there will be no going back."“做出这个决定很难,但我还是下定了决心现在我不会再做更多的尝试了,我也不会再归队”Messi had scored five times at the tournament, including a superb free-kick in the semi-final against hosts the USA to become his country’s record scorer with 55 goals.梅西在本场比赛中打进了5粒进球,包括在半决赛中对阵东道主美国队时的那一记高超的任意球,他也以国家队55个进球的成绩成为阿根廷的创纪录进球手Argentina and Manchester ed goalkeeper Sergio Romero said he hoped Messi would "reflect" on his decision and reconsider, adding: "I think he spoke while he was heated, because a beautiful opporty escaped us. I can’t imagine a national team without Messi."阿根廷和曼联门将塞尔吉奥·罗梅罗表示说,他希望梅西能够在他的决定上“慎重”、并重新考虑一下,他说道:“我认为他是在失去理智的情况下说出这番话的,因为如果他退队的话,我们就失去了一个极大的机会我难以想象没有梅西的国家队会是什么样子”Manchester City ward Sergio Aguero described the mood in the Argentina dressing room as "the worst I’ve ever been in", and was ed by South American media as saying: "There are several players who are evaluating not continuing with the national team."曼彻斯特前锋阿奎罗将阿根廷队更衣室的气氛描述为“我待过的最糟糕的”,拉美媒体引述他的话报道说:“有几个球员根本没资格继续留在国家队里”After Sunday’s match finished 0-0 in 0 minutes, Chile won - on penalties.在周日的比赛中,双方踢满了0分钟,但是比分却定格在了0-0,后来智利在点球大战中以-击败阿根廷Messi’s miss was Argentina’s first attempt in the shootout and it ballooned over the bar after Romero had denied Chile’s Arturo Vidal.点球大战中,阿根廷守门员罗梅罗扑出了智利球员阿图罗的射门,而随后梅西的点球击却中了横梁,这是阿根廷队第一次失球Lucas Biglia also missed from yards, with Chilean substitute Francisco Silva scoring the decisive spot-kick in the final in East Rutherd, New Jersey.阿根廷球员比格利亚也罚丢了球,智利替补球员佛朗西斯科·席尔瓦打进了决定性的一球,智利队在美国新泽西东卢瑟福球场卫冕了美洲杯冠军Messi made his debut Argentina in , going on to make 1 appearances.梅西年在阿根廷队首次亮相,自那以后共出场1从 Barca he has scored 53 times in 531 games, including a La Liga record 3 goals. He has won the Ballon d’Or award the world’s best player five times.在巴塞罗那,梅西参加了531场比赛,进球53次,他还在西甲联赛中保持着3粒进球的记录梅西还曾五次获得世界足球先生金球奖的殊荣In he was named as the best player at the World Cup, with then-Fifa president Sepp Blatter saying he was "a little bit surprised" and Argentina legend Diego Maradona calling the decision "unfair".年梅西被评为世界杯最佳球员,时任国际足联主席的布拉特说他“有点吃惊”,而阿根廷传奇人物马拉多纳则说这“不公平”Argentina are aly six games into their qualification campaign the 18 World Cup. They are third in the table, two points behind leaders Uruguay.阿根廷队已经18世界杯资格踢了6场比赛目前他们排在积分榜中第三名,落后第一名乌拉圭分The top four teams progress automatically to the finals in Russia, while the team finishing fifth qualifies a two-legged play-off against the best team from Oceania.积分榜中前四名自动获得资格,可以前往俄罗斯参加18年世界杯,而排名第五的球队则要和大洋洲最佳球队再进行一场比赛、并取得胜利后才能获得资格淮安/霉菌性阴炎图片 奥巴马:美国必须修复警察和公众之间的鸿沟 -- ::01 来源: 近期美国发生了多起警察杀死平民、平民杀死警察的事件,美国民众弥漫着浓烈的仇恨情绪,为此奥巴马呼吁应当尽快修复警察和公众之间的鸿沟 President Barack Obama has said the US is "not even close" to where it needs to be in bridging the divide between police and the commies they serve.奥巴马之前曾表示说,美国目前正“迫切需要”修复横亘在警察和警察们所务的社区之间的鸿沟He said more must be done to build trust among black and Hispanic people that police violence would be investigated properly.奥巴马表示说,为使黑人和西班牙裔相信将会正确地调查警察暴力,必须付出更多的行动Mr Obama was speaking in Washington after meeting activists, politicians and law encement officers.在和活动家、政治家和执法部门官员见过面之后,奥巴马在华盛顿发表了讲话It follows recent killings of black men by officers in Louisiana and Minnesota.在此之前,路易斯安那和明尼苏达两州发生了数起警察杀害黑人的案件The killings triggered a revenge attack by a black army veteran who shot dead five police officers in the city of Dallas last week.这些杀人案件引发了一名黑人退伍老兵的报复性袭击,上周他在达拉斯市射杀了5名警察"We’re going to have to do more work together in thinking about how we can build confidence that after police officers have used ce, particularly deadly ce, that there is confidence in how the investigation takes place and that justice is done," Mr Obama said.奥巴马说道:“在警察使用暴力,尤其是致命暴力的情况下,在有信心如何进行调查并且贯彻争议的情况下,我们必须一起努力,付出更多的行动,来建立信心”He suggested a set of practices may have to be established to ensure investigations are effective and fair.奥巴马建议说必须要确立一整套实践内容,以此来保障调查的有效性和公平性"What’s been apparent is that it’s not enough just us to have a task ce, a report and then follow up through our departments.“很显然,仅仅成立一个工作组、写一份报告、然后再在部门里通过是不够的”"We have to push this out to commies so that they feel ownership some of the good ideas that have been floating around this table," the president said.奥巴马说道:“我们必须让社区们也了解到这一问题,那么他们就会对这一问题上的一些好的解决方案感到赞同,并且付诸实践”On Tuesday, Mr Obama attended a memorial service in Dallas the five killed officers and spoke to the families of the men killed by police in Louisiana and Minnesota, Alton Sterling, 37, and Philando Castile, 3, to offer condolences.本周二,奥巴马出席了一场位于达拉斯市的追悼会,纪念了5名被杀的警察他还与路易斯安那州和明尼苏达州被警察杀死的黑人(37岁的奥尔顿·斯特林和3岁的卡斯蒂利亚)的家庭进行了谈话,以示哀悼A day later, funerals were held in the Dallas area two of the five officers, Lorne Ahrens, 8, and Brent Thompson, 3.一天过后,达拉斯地区为无名被杀警察中的两名(8岁的洛恩·阿伦斯和3岁的布伦特·汤普森)举行了一场葬礼Later on Thursday, the funerals will take place of a third officer, Michael Smith, and, in the cathedral of St Paul in Minnesota, of Mr Castile.周四晚些时候,将会为第三位警察迈克尔·史密斯举行葬礼,同时在明尼苏达州,圣保罗大教堂也将为卡斯蒂利亚举行葬礼淮安/怎样判断精液质量

淮安/做人流的正规医院有哪些美国第一夫人分享给女儿们的大学择校观 -- :31:33 来源: 近日,美国第一夫人米歇尔;奥巴马参加了最新一期的《岁杂志的封面拍摄她的身旁是两名最幸运的女孩,目前,她们已经成功拿到大学offer我们来看看这位第一夫人的大学择校观When it comes to picking the right college, Michelle Obamarsquo;s No. 1 guideline is: you do you.谈到如何选择正确的大学时,米歇尔;奥巴马的第一宗旨是:做你自己In a new interview in the latest issue of Seventeen magazine, on newsstands April 19, the first lady shares the college advice shersquo;s given her daughters, Sasha, ,and Malia, , with young women and men across the country.在最新的一期《十七岁杂志(月19日即将发行)的访谈中,这位美国第一夫人与美国的年青人分享了她给女儿的择校意见奥巴马夫妇目前育有两女,小女儿萨莎(Sasha),今年岁,大女儿玛丽亚(Malia),今年岁;The one thing Irsquo;ve been telling my daughters is that I donrsquo;t want them to choose a name,; she says. ;I donrsquo;t want them to think, rsquo;Oh I should go to these top schools.rsquo; We live in a country where there are thousands of amazing universities. So, the question is: Whatrsquo;s going to work you?;;一直以来,我告诉她们的一件事就是:不要根据学校的名气做决定,;她说;我不希望她们这么想,lsquo;噢,我应该去那些顶级学府rsquo;我们国家好学校到处都是所以,唯一的问题就是:你将来要做什么?;She would know. Despite doubts from her high school counselors, the first lady attended Princeton University, graduating cum laude in 1985, and went on to earn a degree from Harvard Law School in 1988.她自己就很清楚即便当时高中学校顾问对她的选择有所怀疑,第一夫人还是去了普林斯顿大学,并于1985年以一级荣誉毕业,1988年在哈佛大学法学院取得法律士学位;When it was time me to apply to colleges there were some counselors who said, rsquo;Maybe, with Princeton, yoursquo;re reaching a little high,rsquo; ; she recalls. ;And I thought, rsquo;You really donrsquo;t think I can do it?rsquo; ;;当我申请学校的时候,有一些顾问就说,lsquo;普林斯顿对你来说可能目标过高了,rsquo;;她回忆道;我心里想着,lsquo;你们真的认为我做不到吗?rsquo;;;But herersquo;s what I did: I decided to ignore the doubters. I plunged ahead and I got in. I went on to Harvard Law School and every step of the way I used those doubting voices as motivation.;;但是我是这样做的:我决定忽视这些顾问们的怀疑我勇往直前,成功地进入了普林斯顿大学,后来又去了哈佛大学法学院一路走来的每一步,这些怀疑之声都是我前进的动力;President Obama has given similar advice to his eldest daughter, Malia, who will begin college in the fall. (The -year-oldrsquo;s choice of school is still unknown.)美国总统奥巴马也曾给今年秋季即将进入大学的大女儿Malia同样的建议(但是这个岁的女孩究竟选择了哪个学校尚不清楚);One piece of advice that Irsquo;ve given her is not to stress too much about having to get into one particular college,; Obama previously said. ;There are a lot of good colleges and universities out there, and itrsquo;s important, I think, everybody here to understand you can find a college or university that gives you a great education.;我给她的一条建议就是不要太过于执着名校,;奥巴马之前说;美国好大学有很多我认为,对于每个人来说,重要的是要选择一所能给你提供优质教育的学校;;Just because itrsquo;s not some name-brand, famous, fancy school doesnrsquo;t mean that yoursquo;re not going to get a great education there. So one is, lower the stress levels in terms of just having to get into one particular school.;;不要看重一个学校的牌子去了名校并不意味着你就能受到良好的教育,我的建议就是:不要过分执着于名校; 最强“泰山” 7月19号震撼归来(双语) --18 :: 来源:sohu 真人3D动作冒险巨制《泰山归来:险战丛林将于本月19号全国上映,从日前已经曝光的预告片已经可以感受到这部真人泰山电影浓重的荷尔蒙气息男主健硕的身姿,腹肌,人鱼线,以及灵活帅气,飞来飞去的动作,都让我们提前感受到了“泰山”的野性魅力! 一反当下小鲜肉气息的泰山,可谓是男神行列中的一股新鲜血液,这样让万千少女脸红害羞,心跳加速的“泰山”,是否又会引领新的男神风尚呢? The Legend of Tarzan, a movie which combines action, romance and CGI animals, will land in Chinese theatres on July 19th. From the trailer alone, we can feel the masculinity and special charm of Tarzan. Such kind of characteristic is totally different from most of the Asian actors nowadays. 究竟这部真人版泰山吸睛之处在哪里,值得广大父老乡亲掏出钱包走进电影院呢? 首先,电影的灵魂无疑是情节 作为一部家喻户晓的迪斯尼童话故事,大家对泰山的情节并不感到陌生帅哥泰山身世悲惨,从小和大猩猩们一起愉快的成长然后,情窦初开的泰山,碰到了美丽善良聪慧过人才貌双全的探险队长女儿珍妮 而《泰山归来:险战丛林并没有旧话重提,而是讲述了泰山在俘获美人心,离开非洲数年之后的故事成为正常人的泰山被议会派回刚果做商业间谍,而再次回到儿时成长环境的泰山将经历一系列新的考验 The Legend of Tarzan is set after Tarzan had left the jungles of Africa years and live with his beloved wife. But he has been invited back to the Congo to serve as a trade emissary of the parliament. 当然,电影的生命不光是在情节,更是在秀色可餐的演员上 泰山的扮演者亚历山大;斯卡斯加德无疑是电影的一大看点,他凭借美剧《真爱如血中的吸血鬼一角为全球迷所垂涎,此次在新片《泰山归来中身兼高富帅和丛林之王两职,花痴们有得爱了 The actor of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgard, was fristly be known by the public through American TV series. He acted as an vampire, and this character brought him so many female fans all over the world. 作为一部野性爱情电影,帅哥自然要配美女90年的“小丑女”玛格丽特;罗比,虽然顶着“丑”字外号,却也是实实在在的女神一枚曾出演过《X特遣队、《华尔街之狼等电影此次,她将饰演泰山的妻子珍妮 Margot Robbie, an Australian actress, born in 1990, acts as Tarzan's wife. 吸血鬼与小丑女的搭配究竟能擦出什么样的火花呢? 据外媒报道,自上周上映以来,《泰山归来已取得近一亿三千五百万美元的票房那么在中国地区的上映是否会给这部电影带来更加意想不到的优异成绩呢?下周二电影院见分晓吧~、 eign media reports Tarzan has made an approximate total of 5 million US dollars worldwide in box office earnings last weekend. Will its landing into China further boost its box office? Let us wait and see on next Tuesday on July 19th. 版权所有: CRI NEWSPlus 英语环球广播淮安/多囊卵巢能不能治好淮安/人流以后要休息多久



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