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Room service客房务(AHousemaid BFemale Guest CMale Guest)(A客房务员 B女客人 C男客人)A: Good morning, madam and sir. May I do the turn down service you now?晚上好,夫人,先生我现在可以为您收拾房间了吗?B: Oh, thank you. But you see, we are having some friends over. Were going to have a small party here in the room. Could you come back in three hours?噢,谢谢,但是你看我们邀请了一些朋友过来聚一聚一会儿还要在房间里开个小派对,你三个小时以后再过来整理好吗?A: Certainly, madam. Ill let the overnight staff know. They will come then.当然可以,夫人我会转告夜班务员三个小时以后过来B: That fine. Well, our friends seem to be a little late. Would you tidy up a bit in the bathroom? Ive just taken a bath and it is quite a mess now. Besides, please bring us a bottle of just boiled water. Wed treat our guests to typical Chinese tea.很好,我的朋友估计要迟到一会儿,你可以帮我整理一下浴室吗?我刚刚洗完澡,弄的一团糟另外再帮我们拿一壶刚烧开的热水,我们要为客人泡正宗的中国茶A: Yes, madam. Ill bring in some fresh towels together with the drinking water.好的,太太我会把新毛巾和热水一块儿拿来B: OK.好的A: (Having done all on requests) It growing dark. Would you like me to draw the curtains you, sir and madam?(客人要求做完后)天黑下来了,要不要我帮你们把窗帘拉走,先生,太太?C: Why not? That would be so cozy.为什么不呢?这样更惬意A: May I turn on the lights you?要我为您打开灯吗?C: Yes, please. Id like to do some ing.好的,请打开吧我想看会儿书A: Yes, sir. Is there anything I can do you?好的,先生您还有什么吩咐吗?C: No more. Youre a smart girl indeed. Thank you very much.没有了,你真是个聪明的女孩儿,非常感谢A: Iam always at your service. Goodbye, sir and madam, and do have a very pleasant evening.乐意为您效劳再见,先生,太太希望你们度过一个愉快的夜晚 19淮安尿液有泡是怎么回事The Archaeological Site of Al-Hijr石谷考古遗址(玛甸·沙勒)Al-Hijr site is among the most famous archaeological and architectural complexes in Saudi Arabia, dating back to Nabatean civilization. The ancient city is second in importance after the capital city of Petra and is mentioned in the Quran. The complex occupies an area of over ,000 acres and includes more than one hundred rock tombs, numerous rock paintings and sculptures, as well as the ruins of city walls and buildings. In the complex was listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO.玛甸·沙勒遗址是沙特阿拉伯最著名的考古学建筑群,发源于纳巴泰文明时期这座古城重要性仅次于佩特拉古城,并且在《古兰经上也能找到相关记载此建筑群占地超过1.6万英亩,包括超过0座的岩石古墓、大量的岩壁画、雕刻以及城墙和城中建筑的遗址年,这一建筑群被联合国科教文组织列入世界遗产名录 033淮安备孕时医院应查哪些项目73A man has earned the nickname ;Chilli King; chomping down an eye-watering .5 kilos of chillies A DAY.一男子因每天都吞下5斤的辣椒而获得“辣椒王”的外号Li Yongzhi has become a local hero his amazing addiction to the red-hot peppers. He loves them so much he grows eight different varieties in his own back yard in Zhengzhou, China. His strange habit med when he was a youngster when he says he could go without meat or eggs but could not do without spiciness.李永志因其对红辣椒的疯狂嗜好而在当地出了名他狂爱辣椒,甚至在郑州自家后院种了八种不同的辣椒种类他这个奇怪的癖好在小的时候就已经形成了,他称自己吃饭可以没有荤腥,但绝对不能没有辣;In the morning, other people always brush their teeth, but the first thing I do is eat chili and rinse my mouth with that,; reports Shanghaiist.;If the food has no spiciness then it has no taste.;李告诉上海记者:“别人早上都是先刷牙,而我早上做的第一件事就是吃辣椒漱漱口如果吃的东西不辣的话就没有味道了,无辣不欢”He eats his daily a like snacks throughout the day. At one point it was all he ate.他每天吃辣椒跟吃零食一样从某种意义上看,这就是他吃的所有的东西And he says his strange eating habits are not down to having any super human powers.;I just like to eat them, so I eat them.;The hospital checked and they said that I am no different from anyone else.;而且他还称自己这个奇怪的饮食习惯并不是因为任何的特异功能“我只是喜欢吃就吃而已医院检查过说我跟常人没什么两样”淮安大便后用纸擦有血

淮安息肉是如何产生的淮安阴道炎用药期间肚子一直痛淮安治疗男科哪家好One American grandfather had made burgers in anticipation of dinner with his grandchildren. So he would have felt more than a touch of disappointment when all bar one failed to show.一位美国的老爷爷做了个汉堡,期待着能与自己的孙儿们共进晚餐,当最后只来了一位孙儿时,他觉得十分沮丧But tunately the internet has mobilised to ensure Kelsey Harmon Papaw feels loved after she posted an image on Twitter of her grandfather eating one of the burgers. The original post has been retweeted by more than 8,000 users and favourited nearly 0,000 times within hours of being posted.但幸运的是,在凯尔西·哈蒙将外公吃汉堡的一张照片发到推特上之后,网友们都动员起来,让老人感受到了他们的爱这条推特发出之后,小时内被转载8000多次,有近万人点赞The Oklahoma student Kelsey Harmon, wrote underneath: Dinner with papaw tonight… He made burgers all six grandkids and Im the only one who showed. Love him.来自美国俄克拉荷马州的学生凯尔西·哈蒙,在照片底下写道:“今晚和外公一起吃晚餐他为6个孙儿做了个汉堡,但只有我一个人来了爱他”Sure enough the image has provoked a collective outpouring of emotion from fellow Twitter users. Many have asked Kelsey to send their messages of love to her Papaw.这张照片自然引起了推特用户们的集体情感流露许多人请求凯尔西替他们传达对她外公的爱I know I dont know you or papaw but can you tell him that we (the internet) love him? one person wrote.一个人这样写道:“我知道我不认识你和你外公,但是你能告诉他我们(网友)很爱他吗?”Some seem to have taken more extreme measures with Miss Harmon later posting: Papaw is ok guys I promise amp; he loves all grandkids equally, plz stop sending my cousins death threats everything is ok !!!!.但是有些人似乎采取了更为极端的方式,凯尔西·哈蒙在之后的一条推特中写到:“我向大家保,我的外公很好,他对所有孙儿的爱都是平等的,请不要再给我的兄弟们发死亡威胁了一切都很好!”Some hoped to be updated on the saga. Kimberley Hendry wrote: I need to know more! Did the grandkids apologise? What happened to the rest of Paw Paw burgers? Is he okay? I need to know.一些人则希望知道事情的后续发展金柏莉·亨得利写道:“我想知道更多!其他孙儿们道歉了吗?外公剩下的汉堡怎么处理了呢?他还好吧?我想知道!”Another user wrote: Now he has 5.9K new grandchildren who would love to have a burger with him im in tears this made me so sad im crying.另一位用户则写道:“现在他有5900个孙子孙女啦,我们都愿意和他一起共进晚餐,这张照片让我想哭”Her cousin Brock took to Twitter to tell people he had now gone round to Papaw a burger. Guys dont worry! Brock tweeted alongside an image of his grandfather tucking into yet another burger. I came to Papaw house and am having a burger!凯尔西的堂兄弟布洛克则告诉大家,他已经去过外公家吃汉堡了“大家不要担心!”布洛克发了一条推特,配图是外公正在吃另外一个汉堡“我来外公家吃汉堡了!”He later added: “Papaw said he gives me and wants all of you guys to know that yall are awesome making him famous. I asked PaPaw what it felt like being the coolest grandpa in the world and he said its nothing new that he been the coolest one a while.他随后补充说:“外公说他原谅我啦,并且让我告知你们,你们很酷,你们让他变出名了我问外公,成为世界上最酷的外公是什么感觉,他说也没什么新鲜感啦,毕竟他当最酷的外公已经有一段时间了” 33淮安怀孕的初期症状

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