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French prosecutors have turned up the heat in the sping European tax war against US technology giants, with an early-morning raid on Google’s Paris office.法国检察官升级了欧洲方面针对美国科技巨头的打击面越来越大的税收战,对谷歌(Google)的巴黎办事处发起清晨突袭。Yesterday’s operation involved 25 data experts and was part of a preliminary investigation opened in June last year, the French authorities said.法国当局称,昨日的行动涉及25名数据专家,并且是去年6月启动的初步调查的一部分。It came as European authorities attempt to crack down on the use of complex tax-avoidance schemes by US and other multinational companies to shift profits to low-tax jurisdictions.目前,欧洲当局正试图打击美国等国家的跨国公司利用复杂的避税计划把利润转移到低税的司法管辖区。France has led the charge — it has previously raided Google and Microsoft — while Italian authorities claimed victory with a 318m tax settlement from Apple late last year and also have Google in their sights.法国冲在最前面,该国当局此前对谷歌和微软(Microsoft)发起过突击搜查,而意大利当局声称,去年末与苹果(Apple)就避税案达成的3.18亿欧元和解是一个胜利,同时该国也盯上了谷歌。Reports have suggested that the French state is seeking as much as 1.6bn in back taxes from Google. The US group’s European headquarters is in Dublin and it channels profits through Ireland, resulting in a payment of only 5m in corporate tax in France in 2014 against revenues that year of 225.4m, according to company filings.媒体报道认为,法国政府正寻求从谷歌追缴高达16亿欧元的税款。这家美国集团的欧洲总部设在都柏林,根据该公司的监管申报文件,它通过爱尔兰转移利润,使其2014年在法国仅缴企业税500万欧元,而当年营收达到2.254亿欧元。France’s aggressive stance stands in stark contrast to the tax accommodation that Google struck with the UK this year. Though Britain is the internet company’s second-biggest market, it reached a settlement that will require it to pay only £130m in back taxes dating back to 2005, an amount that was condemned as a “sweetheart deal” by the UK’s opposition Labour party.法国咄咄逼人的姿态与英国今年早些时候同谷歌达成的税收协议形成鲜明对比。虽然英国是这家互联网公司的第二大市场,但它达成的和解意味着,它仅需补缴可追溯至2005年的1.30亿英镑税款。英国反对党工党谴责这一税款金额为“甜心交易”。In February, Michel Sapin, French finance minister, ruled out any settlement and said the amount Google would have to hand over would be “way -bigger” than the UK deal.今年2月,法国财长米歇尔#8226;萨潘(Michel Sapin)排除了任何和解,称谷歌将不得不补缴比英国协议“多得多”的税款。In a statement, the French financial prosecutor’s office said: “The investigation aims to verify whether Google -Ireland Ltd has a permanent base in France and if, by not declaring parts of its activities carried out in France, it failed its fiscal obligations, including on corporate tax and value added tax.”法国金融检察官办公室在一份声明中表示:“调查的目的是核实谷歌爱尔兰公司是否在法国有一个永久基地,以及它是否通过不申报自己在法国开展的一部分活动,未能履行财政义务,包括企业税和增值税两方面。”The dispute revives a long-running French attempt to force internet companies to pay more tax. Prosecutors raided Google’s Paris office in 2011 as part of a similar investigation. The company is likely to argue that it would not have extra tax to pay even if its Irish business was found to trade in France.这场纠纷复活了法国的一个长期企图,目的是迫使互联网公司缴纳更多的税。检方曾在2011年突击搜查谷歌的巴黎办事处,作为一项类似调查的一部分。该公司很可能会主张,即使其爱尔兰公司被发现在法国开展经营,它也不会有额外的税款需要补缴。Similar arguments have been raging in Australia, where Google recently announced that it had restructured so it would book more revenues in the country, rather than in Singapore.类似的主张已在澳大利亚使用过。谷歌最近宣布,它已完成重组,以便把更多营收在澳大利亚入账,而不是在新加坡。Google said: “We comply with the tax law in France, as in every other country in which we operate. We are co-operating fully with the authorities in Paris to answer their questions, as always.”谷歌表示:“我们遵守法国的税法,就像在我们开展经营的其它每个国家一样。我们正在一如既往地与巴黎当局全面合作,回答他们的问题。”The European Commission is pursuing an investigation of its own into whether some EU members used illegal state aid when giving tax breaks to multinational companies, including Apple, Amazon and McDonald’s.欧盟委员会(European Commission)正在推进自己的调查,目的是查明某些欧盟成员国给予苹果、亚马逊(Amazon)和麦当劳(McDonald’s)等跨国公司税收优惠的行为,是否构成非法的政府援助。 /201605/446095All Eyes (and Ears) on Jupiter做好准备,近看木星极光!As NASA’s Juno spacecraft closes in for its Monday arrival at Jupiter, many other eyes are also staring at the solar system’s largest planet.美国宇航局(NASA)的“朱诺号”探测器将于周一抵达木星。随着这一天的临近,其他很多双眼睛也在盯着太阳系最大的行星木星。Data from about 25 observatories — including some of the largest on Earth, like the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii, and in orbit around Earth, like the Hubble Space Telescope — will aid scientists in interpreting the data that Juno is expected to gather as it swoops close to the cloud tops of Jupiter over the next 20 months.接下来的20个月里,“朱诺号”预计会在从空中接近木星的表面云层时收集相关数据。来自大约25个观测点——包括地球上最大的一些天文台,如位于夏威夷的W·M·凯克天文台(W. M. Keck Observatory),以及绕地轨道上的望远镜,如哈勃太空望远镜(Hubble Space Telescope)——的数据,将协助科学家对“朱诺号”收集到的数据进行解读。An ultraviolet image of the auroras at Jupiter’s north pole in May superimposed on top of an 2014 image made by the Hubble Space Telescope.5月拍摄到的一幅木星北极的极光紫外图像,叠映在哈勃太空望远镜2014年拍摄的一幅图上。It has taken Juno nearly five years to reach this point in its journey.“朱诺号”用了近五年时间,才到达这个位置。“In just a few days, we’re about to arrive at Jupiter, and it’s hard to believe,” Scott Bolton, the mission’s principal investigator, said at a NASA news conference on Thursday.“几天后我们就要到达木星了,真是难以置信,”此次任务的首席研究员斯科特·尔顿(Scott Bolton)周四在NASA的新闻发布会上说。Around last Friday, Juno crossed from interplanetary space into the magnetic bubble surrounding Jupiter that deflects the stream of particles from the sun known as the solar wind. “Inside that magnetosphere is Jupiter’s domain that’s filled with its particles,” Dr. Bolton said. “It has blocked out the sun’s particles.”“朱诺号”于上周五前后穿过星际空间,进入包围木星的磁泡。磁泡使来自太阳的粒子流,即太阳风发生偏转。“那个磁力圈里便是木星的领地,充满了粒子,”尔顿说。“它挡住了太阳的粒子。”One of Juno’s instruments measures radio emissions from the charged particles, and those radio waves are easily converted into sound waves, which sharply changed in tone as the spacecraft crossed the “bow shock,” where Jupiter’s magnetic field plows through the solar wind.“朱诺号”携带的其中一台仪器,是用来测量带电粒子的无线电发射的。那些无线电波容易被转化成声波。探测器穿过“弓形激波”,即木星的磁场费力地穿过太阳风时形成的激波时,声波的音调发生巨变。“Just the sound of it can tell you it’s nontrivial to go into Jupiter,” Dr. Bolton said, as NASA released the recording of it.“单是它的声音就表明进入木星不简单,”尔顿在NASA公布录音时说。A couple of days ago, the propulsion system was pressurized in preparation for the firing of the spacecraft’s engine, which will take 35 minutes on Monday. On Thursday, the last set of instructions before the arrival was sent to Juno.几天前,为了准备探测器发动机在周一的点火,推进系统进行了加压。点火过程将需要35分钟。周四当天,抵达木星前的最后一组指令已被发送给“朱诺号”。“Then it’ll be hands-off from the team,” said Edward Hirst, the mission manager. “The spacecraft is on its own, and it’s designed to take care of itself.”“然后就没任务团队的事了,”任务主管爱德华·赫斯特(Edward Hirst)说。“探测器独自行动,设计时就考虑了它自行运转的能力。”When in orbit, Juno’s instruments will be able to peer deep into Jupiter, but only for a narrow swath. The faraway observations by telescopes will “fill in the blanks to get the big-picture story,” Leigh Fletcher, of the University of Leicester in England, said in an interview. “We’ll have the best observational data set of Jupiter that we’ve ever had.”进入轨道后,“朱诺号”上的仪器将能深入探测木星,不过只能看到一小片地区。英格兰莱斯特大学(University of Leicester)的利·弗莱彻(Leigh Fletcher)在接受采访时表示,望远镜的远距离观察“将填补空白,让我们有一个总体的了解。我们将获得有史以来最好的木星观测数据。”This week, Dr. Fletcher and his colleagues released infrared photographs of Jupiter seemingly on fire. “You can see the internal glow of Jupiter coming out,” Dr. Fletcher said. “Those clouds are colder and are absorbing in the infrared.”本周,弗莱彻士和同事公布了几张红外照片,照片上的木星像是着火了一样。“能看到从木星内部散发出来的光,”弗莱彻说。“那些云的温度要低一些,正在吸收红外线。”Once Juno begins orbiting Jupiter, each time that the spacecraft zips in close, the team will take similar photographs using the European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope in Chile “to place the Juno close-up observations in their broader spatial context.”一旦“朱诺号”开始绕木星运转,探测器每次接近木星时,任务团队都会利用欧洲南方天文台(European Southern Observatory)设在智利的甚大望远镜(Very Large Telescope)拍摄类似的照片,“将‘朱诺号’的近距离观察置于更大范围的空间背景中。”For example, Dr. Fletcher said he wanted to piece together Juno’s measurements of ammonia and water — key constituents of Jupiter’s clouds — with the weather patterns seen in the Very Large Telescope pictures.比如,弗莱彻说他希望把甚大望远镜观测到的天气规律,和“朱诺号”测量到的氨和水——木星云层的关键成分——数据放在一起。With Juno providing the first good look at Jupiter’s poles, Dr. Fletcher is curious as to whether huge hurricane-like storms rage, similar to what has been observed in Saturn’s polar regions. The auroras — glowing patterns powered by charged particles slamming into the atmosphere — might also affect the weather.“朱诺号”将让人们首次有机会好好观察木星的两极。弗莱彻士想知道,是否会出现像飓风一样的暴风雨,就像在土星的两极地区观察到的那样。极光——带电粒子撞向大气层时产生的发光现象——可能也会影响天气。To gain more data on the auroras, the Hubble Space Telescope has been staring at Jupiter for 45 minutes every day for the past month. At Earth, auroras light up when solar wind particles slam into molecules of air near the polar regions. At Jupiter, the charged particles come mostly from a different source: the volcanos of Io. Jupiter’s powerful magnetic fields then accelerate the particles into the planet’s atmosphere.过去一个月里,为了获取更多有关极光的数据,哈勃太空望远镜每天都要盯着木星看45分钟。在地球上,当太阳风粒子与两极地区附近的大气中的分子相撞时,会发生极光现象。在木星上,带电粒子主要来自另一个来源:木卫一上面的火山。然后,木星强大的磁场促使粒子加速进入木星的大气层。At times, the auroras are subdued. At other times, they are “almost like fireworks going off in the ionosphere of Jupiter,” said Jonathan Nichols, a University of Leicester scientist who is leading the Hubble study.有时候,极光颇为柔和。但其他时候,它们“几乎像是木星电离层里燃放的烟花,”领导哈勃研究的莱斯特大学科学家乔纳森·尼克尔斯(Jonathan Nichols)说。One of the things that is unknown is how much the solar wind contributes to Jupiter’s auroras. “We’ll be working on that over the next few weeks and months,” Dr. Nichols said.迄今尚待解答的其中一个问题是,太阳风对木星极光的影响有多大。“我们将在接下来的几周和几个月里研究这个问题,”尼克尔斯说。On Earth, auroras appear over an area about as large as the ed States. Jupiter’s auroras, like everything else on Jupiter, are vastly larger, about as wide as five Earths.在地球上,能看到极光的地区在面积上大约和美国相当。木星的极光区,就像木星上的所有事物一样,都会大得多,大约相当于地球的五倍。“But we’ve never been able to get up close and really observe these processes,” Fran Bagenal, a professor of astrophysical and planetary sciences at the University of Colorado and one of the mission scientists, said at the news conference. “So we can then compare them with what we see at Earth, what we seen at Saturn.”“但我们一直无法接近并真正观察这些过程,”科罗拉多大学(University of Colorado)研究天体物理和行星科学的教授、参与“朱诺号”探测任务的科学家之一弗兰·巴格纳尔(Fran Bagenal)在新闻发布会上说。“因此,我们便能把它们和我们在地球和土星上看到的情况进行比较。”Dr. Bagenal said scientists were curious about whether Jovian auroras were simply larger versions of Earth’s auroras. “Or do we have to really go back to the fundamental physics and work out what’s really going on here?” she asked.巴格纳尔表示,科学家好奇木星上的极光是否只是放大版的地球极光。“还是说我们必须真的回到基础物理学,弄清楚它到底是怎么回事?”她问道。 /201607/453091

日本推出能和主人聊天的机器人手机For those who feel a bit lonely just talking on the phone, a Japanese company is offering a cellphone that turns into a robot buddy y to chat.Softbank Mobile Corp.'s new mobile line looks like a small humanoid with attachable arms and legs, with the screen showing various faces.The PhoneBraver will be released in April after a character in an upcoming television drama series entitled "Cellphone Investigator 7."The telephone comes with enough artificial intelligence to learn the user's habits.If the user calls a particular person many times, a text phrase such as "You're calling her often these days, aren't you?" might appear coming out of the face's mouth, according to Softbank Mobile spokesman Katsuhide Furuya.The user could carry on conversations with the phone by responding "yes" or "no" or with other simple replies."We haven't decided on specifics yet on the communication between the user and mobile, but your mobile would grow into a buddy different from others that is unique in the world," he said.The PhoneBraver does not move by itself but can strike a pose with movable joints. The price is not disclosed yet.Japan is known for its fondness for humanoids, which have been put to use as security guards, receptionists and for other functions in a country with a declining birth rate.Japan also has cutthroat competition in mobile telephones, with three main companies constantly trying to find new incentives to snare users.The number of cellphone subscriptions topped 100 million in Japan at the end of December against the nation's total population of 127 million, according to industry data. 觉得一个人打手机有点孤单的人现在不用发愁了,日本一家公司将推出一款能陪主人“聊天”的机器人手机。软银移动公司推出的这款新型手机外形像个小机器人,有胳膊有腿,屏幕上还能显示各种不同的面部表情。这款“PhoneBraver”手机将于四月份面世,它得名于即将播出的电视连续剧《手机调查者7号》中的一个角色。这款手机应用了大量的人工智能,能够了解用户的习惯。据软银移动公司发言人本木诚章介绍,如果用户多次呼叫某一特定对象,“机器人”的嘴里(显示在屏幕上)可能就会冒出“最近你是不是老给她打电话?”此类的话语。用户可以用“是”、“否”或其他一些简单的回答与手机交流。他说:“用户与手机交流的一些细节问题还未确定,但这款手机的与众不同之处在于,它可以成为你的伙伴,这在世界上是独一无二的。”PhoneBraver手机自己不能移动,但由于它的关节可以活动,所以能够摆出各种不同的姿势。目前,这款手机的价格还未公布。日本一直以对机器人情有独钟而闻名。日本的出生率持续下降,机器人已被应用于保安、接待及其他一些岗位。日本手机行业的竞争也很激烈,国内三大运营商为了吸引用户一直在努力寻求新的策略。日本共有1.27亿人口。据业内统计数据显示,截至去年12月底,日本的手机用户数量已超过1亿。 /200803/30366

Four years ago, I took my kids to Amsterdam. After a long day of touring museums and canals, they started to whine. Then I hit upon the perfect bribe: look, there’s the Apple store. After half an hour of playing with iPads, iMacs and iPhones, they were all smiles as we walked back to the hotel.四年前,我带几个孩子去阿姆斯特丹。在参观了一整天物馆、运河之后,他们开始叫苦。在那时,我突然发现了一个可以讨好他们的完美地点:看,那有一家苹果(Apple)商店。孩子们在那里玩了半小时ipad、iMac和iPhone,当我们步行回酒店时,他们满脸笑容。Their enthusiasm helps illustrate why Apple stores are generally considered the world’s most successful. Their glass walls and wooden tables full of gadgets generate far more sales per square foot than any big retail competitor.他们的热情有助于解释,为什么苹果商店通常被认为是全球最成功的商店。玻璃幕墙和木质桌子上满是各种电子小玩意儿,这里每平方英尺产生的销售额远超任何大型零售业竞争对手。This brings us to Thursday’s launch of Angela Ahrendts’ new vision for the company’s retail outlets. The former Burberry chief executive, who was given a stock grant worth up to m on her arrival at the tech group, has spent the past two years rethinking its offering as its product range changes. The result, unveiled in San Francisco on the 15th anniversary of the first Apple store opening, will be rolled out across many of the group’s 400 stores in 18 countries.上周四,安杰拉#8226;阿伦茨(Angela Ahrendts)推出了自己为苹果零售店所做的新设计。曾担任柏利(Burberry)首席执行官的阿伦茨被挖到苹果时,获得了这家科技集团提供的价值最高达6800万美元的赠股。过去两年,随着苹果产品线的变化,她一直在思考如何改造苹果商店的呈现方式。在首家苹果商店开业15周年之际,全新设计的苹果商店在旧金山揭幕,该集团位于全球18个国家的400家商店中,许多都将应用这一全新设计。Mostly, her vision seems to involve even bigger glass doors and lots of plants. Every flagship store will have outdoor space — in San Francisco, the greenery-lined square will feature free WiFi and acoustic musicians on weekends. The Genius Bar, where customers go for help with technical issues, has been replaced by a Genius Grove stocked with trees and more space for people to sit while they wait. Tart commentators suggested the tree money might have been better spent on more staff to keep delays down.总体看来,她的设计似乎包括了比以前还要大的玻璃门以及大量的植物。每家旗舰店都将拥有室外空间——在旧金山店,绿树成荫的广场将覆盖免费WiFi,每逢周末还有音乐家现场演奏。帮助顾客解决技术问题的“天才吧”(Genius Bar)被树木成排的“天才林”(Genius Grove)取代,为等待的顾客提供更多坐下休息的空间。但刻薄的人士称,植树花费的钱或许还不如用于增加人手,以减少各种延误。On the more practical side, Apple staff will include “creative pros” who can advise customers on how to use its technology for photography and making music. And it plans to woo small businesses with a dedicated area called the boardroom. The jargon is a bit sickening, but this probably reflects a sensible effort by the company to broaden its offerings with revenue from iPhones falling.更实用的举措是,苹果商店将纳入“创意专业人士”为自己的员工,他们能为顾客提供如何利用苹果技术拍照和制作音乐的建议。苹果还计划利用所谓“董事会议室”的专门区域吸引小型企业。这样做有点招人反感,但在iPhone销售收入下滑之际,该公司此举或许不失为扩大业务的明智之举。Apple says that it is responding to the fact that customers now go online for simple transactions and expect something more unique from actual stores. “It is kind of our fault that retail is changing,” said Ms Ahrendts. “Therefore, we realised that we needed to do something different with our physical space.”苹果表示,它是在回应这一现实,即:简单的交易,顾客如今都在线上进行;在实体店里,他们期待能有更独特的体验。“零售业正在转变,我们负有几分责任。”阿伦茨说,“因此,我们意识到,需要让我们的实体空间变得稍微与众不同一些。”This is not the first time Ms Ahrendts has sought to transform the shopping experience. Back in 2012 she reopened Burberry’s flagship London store, telling reporters it was designed to be the physical manifestation of the company’s “Burberry World Live” website. The media swooned, saying that the shop, which swapped out tills for roving sales staff with swipe machines, was a manifestation of the luxury group’s revolutionary digital-first approach.这并非阿伦茨首次试图改变购物体验。她在2012年就重新打造了柏利的伦敦旗舰店,并对记者表示,设计理念是,让该店以实体形式呈现公司的“柏利世界直播”(Burberry World Live)网站。媒体对此大加赞赏,称该店(店里手持刷卡机走来走去的销售人员取代了收银台)是这家奢侈品集团数字化革命的标志。Burberry, which was coming off a profit warning, then saw its sales soar, and its share price nearly doubled. Apple came calling and wooed Ms Ahrendts away.随后,原本遭遇盈利预警的柏利出现了销售额飙升,股价几乎翻了一番。后来苹果主动找上门,将阿伦茨挖走。Since then, the news has not been so good. Burberry has been hit hard by a fall in Chinese sales. Shares have dropped 35 per cent in the past 12 months, despite a £25m cost-cutting drive. The company is now considering bringing in a senior manager to shore up Christopher Bailey, who has held both the top design position and the chief executive role since Ms Ahrendts’ departure.自那时起,形势发展一直不顺。中国区销售额下滑重创了柏利。过去12个月,该公司股价下跌了35%,尽管推出了削减成本2500万英镑的计划。如今,柏利正在考虑聘请一名高级经理来辅佐克里斯托弗#8226;贝利(Christopher Bailey),自阿伦茨离开后,贝利一直既担任创意总监、又担任首席执行官。Burberry’s current woes may have nothing to do with Ms Ahrendts. But perhaps her highly vaunted effort to reimagine luxury shopping was more about hype than real transformation. Apple is about to find out.柏利当前的困境可能与阿伦茨并无关联。但或许,她在重新定义奢侈品购物体验方面被过度吹嘘的努力更多的只是炒作,而非真正的变革。苹果即将发现。 /201605/446109

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