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淮安市淮安医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱江苏省淮安市第二人民医院预约挂号有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter20 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47257淮安治疗痛经多少钱 PART ONE - LIFE AT GATESHEADCHAPTER ONEThe Fight"No,I'm sorry, Jane," she said,looking at me as if I was a rat on the floor. "Until I know that you are really trying to be good and quiet, I will not treat you like one of my children.They are good!" "What did Bessie tell you? What have I done? "I asked."Jane Eyre,do not ask me any more questions. You must do what you are told. If you cannot speak nicely and obey me.then be [-----1-----]! "After she left me I went into the little room next door. I got a picture book from the shelf and [-----2-----] on to the windowseat, closing the curtains around me. Now no one could find me. I stared out the window at the cold,gray November day.The rain fell hard on the garden, which had no leaves or flowers.Then I looked at the picture book. I was inside a world of [-----3-----]. For a while,I forgot my sad, lonely life and felt a little happier. I was only afraid that the Reed children might find me. Because they were [-----4-----] to me,I tried to talk to them as little as I could. Vocabulary Focusuntil I know…my children …:until引导时间状语从句,主句用否定式,即为“not…until”结构填空 :1.quiet2.climbed3.imagination4.cruelArticle/200903/64819The essential problem of man in a computerized age remains the same as it has always been. That problem is not solely how to be more productive, more comfortable, more content, but how to be more sensitive, more sensible, more proportionate, more alive. The computer makes possible a marvellous leap in human proficiency; it pulls down the fences around the practical and even the theoretical intelligence. But the question persists and indeed grows whether the computer will make it easier or harder for human beings to know who they really are, to identify their real problems, to respond more fully to beauty, to place adequate value on life, and to make their world safer than it now is.Electronic brains can reduce the profusion of dead ends involved in vital research. But they can't eliminate the foolish ness and decay that come form the unexamined life. Nor do they connect a man to the things he has to be connected to - the reality of pain in others; the possibilities of creative growth in himself; the memory of the race; and the rights of the next generation.The reason these matters are important in a computerized age is that there may be a tendency to mistake data for wisdom, just as there has always been a tendency to confuse logic with values, and intelligence with insight. Easy and convenient access to facts can produce unlimited good only if it is matched by the desire and ability to find out what they mean and where they would lead.Facts are terrible things if left sping and unexamined. They are too easily regarded as evaluated certainties rather than as the rawest of raw materials crying to be processed into the texture of logic. It requires a very unusual mind, Whitehead said, to undertake the analysis of a fact. The computer can provide a correct number, but it may be an irrelevant number until judgment is pronounced.To the extent, then, that man fails to distinguish between the intermediate operations of electronic intelligence and the ultimate responsibilities of human decision, the computer could prove a digression. It could obscure man's awareness of the need to come to terms with himself. It may foster the illusion that he is asking fundamental questions when actually he is asking only functional ones. It may be regarded as a substitute for intelligence instead of an extension of it. It may promote undue confidence in concrete answers. "If we begin with certainties," Bacon said, "we shall end in doubts but if we begin with doubts, and we are patient with them, we shall end in certainties."The computer knows how to conquer error, but before we lose ourselves in celebrating the victory, we might reflect on the great advances in the human situation that have come about because men were challenged by error and would not stop thinking and exploring until they found better approaches for dealing with it. "Give me a good fruitful error, full of seeds, bursting with its own corrections," Ferris Greenslet wrote, "You can keep your sterile truth for yourself."The biggest single need in computer technology is not for increased speed, or enlarged capacity, or prolonged memory, or reduced size, but for better questions and better use of the answers. Without taking anything away from the technicians, we think it might be fruitful to effect some sort of junction between the computer technologist wonders of the creative imagination on the kinds of problems being put to electronic technology. The company of poets may enable the men who tend the machines to see a wider range of possibilities than technology alone may inspire.A poet, said Aristotle, has the advantage of expressing the universal; the specialist expresses only the particular. The poet, moreover, can remind us that man's greatest energy comes not from his dynamos but from his dreams. But the quality of man's dreams can only be a reflection of his subconscious. What he puts into his subconscious, therefore, is quite literally the most important nourishment in the world.Nothing really happens to a man except as it is registered in the subconscious. This is where event and feeling become memory and where the proof of life is stored. The poet - and we use the term to include all those who have respect for and speak to the human spirit - can help to supply the subconscious with material to enhance its sensitivity, thus safeguarding it. The poet, too, can help to keep man from making himself over in the image of his electronic wonders. For the danger is not so much that man will be controlled by the computer as that he may imitate it.The poet reminds men of their uniqueness. It is not necessary to possess the ultimate definition of this uniqueness. Even to speculate on it is gain.在计算机时代,人类的基本问题依然是过去一直存在的问题。这个问题不仅仅是如何更多产、更舒适、更惬意,而是如何更敏感、更明智、更均衡、更有生机。计算机使人类能力上的巨大飞跃成为可能;它打破了束缚实践智能和理论智能的藩篱。但是计算机是使人类更容易还是更难以理解自己究竟是什么,是否有助于识别真正的问题,有助于对美作出更全面的反应,对生活作出更充分的评价?是否能使世界变得比现在更安全?这个问题一直存在而且越来越突出。电脑能够减少许多生命研究中的死胡同。但它们不能消除因为生活未经反省产生的愚蠢和腐朽;它们也不能把一个人同之相关的事物--别人的痛苦现实、自我创造性发展的可能性、种族的印记以及下一代的权利联系起来。这些事情在计算机时代之所以重要是因为可能有一种错把数据当智慧的趋势,就像一直存在的把逻辑与价值、智力,以及见解混为一谈的趋势一样。获取事实的便捷手段只有与弄清这些事实的意义与导向的愿望和能力一致时才能使人们受益无穷。如果任其事实流传而不加检验,这样的事实是可怕的,因为它们极容易被认为是已获定评的事实,而不是迫切需要处理使之具有逻辑条理的原始材料中最原始的部分。怀特里德说,对事实进行分析需要非凡的头脑。计算机能够提供正确的数字,但如果不作判断,这个数字可能毫无意义。因而,在人类不能区分电子智力的中间运算与人的决定的最终责任的情况下,计算机可能被明是一种节外生枝。它可能模糊人类满足自身条件的意识。它可能使人产生错觉,当他实际上只是在问功能的问题时,却认为他在问基本的问题。它可能被认为是智力的替代物,而不是智力的延伸。它可能使人过分相信具体。培根说:"如果我们肯定开始,就会以疑惑结束;如果我们以疑惑开始,并且耐心处之,我们就会以肯定结束。"计算机懂得如何克错误,但在我们得意忘形地为此欢呼之前,我们不妨思考一下人类的处境之所以出现巨大的进步是因为人类受到错误的挑战而且总是不停的思考、探索,直到找到的更好的处理方法。"给我一个内容丰富的错误,充满希望的种子,包含自我更正,"费里斯·格林里特道,"你可以把贫瘠的真理留给自己。"对计算机技术最大的、唯一的要求不是提高速度、扩大容量、延长记忆或减小体积,而是要提出更好的问题,更好地利用其。我们认为,在计算机技术专家和诗人之间衽某种结合可能会卓有成效,而且对技术人员不损秋毫。通过充分发挥由电子技术处理的问题的创造性想象的神奇力量,计算机起到真正的作用。与诗人为伍可能使使用计算机的人能看到比技术自身激发出的更大范围的可能性。亚里士多德说,诗人的优势是表达共性,而专家表现的仅仅是某个特性。而且诗人能够提醒我们,人最大的能量并不来自精力,而是来自他的梦想。但是人的梦想的特征仅仅是他的下意识的反映。因而,他存在下意识的东西实质上是世界上最好的营养。并没有什么事会真的发生在一个人的身上,除非这件事已在他的潜意识里烙下了印记。正是在潜意识里,事件和感情变成记忆,生活的据储存于此。诗人--我们用这个词指所有新生人类精神,诉说人类精神的人--能够帮助为潜意识提供材料,增强其敏感度,从而保护它。诗人也能使人们不至于按照电子奇迹的形象改变自己,因为危险不在于人被计算机控制而在于人可能会模仿计算机的思维。诗人提醒人们记住自己的独特性。没有必要弄清这种独特性的终极定义,但即是这种独特性进行思考也是一种收获。 Article/200803/28208淮安市治疗早泄多少钱

淮安宫颈糜烂多少钱We had no time for conversation.lsquo;Come!rsquo; Alan said,and started running along the side of the hill, keeping low to the ground. I followed him like a sheep. We ran and ran, faster than I had ever run before, and my heart was beat ing wildly. Sometimes, to my surprise, Alan straightened his back and showed himself to the soldiers who were chasing us.我们连谈话的时间都没有。;来!;艾伦说道,接着沿着山边、伏着身子跑起来。我像一只绵羊一样地跟着他。我们跑啊跑,我从来没有跑这么快过,我的心狂乱地跳着。有时,令我惊讶的是,艾伦站直了腰,故意向追我们的士兵暴露他自己。After fifteen minutes, Alan stopped, lay flat in the heather,and turned to me.lsquo;Now,rsquo; he said,lsquo;this is serious. Do what I do,if ye don#39;t want to diersquo;.And just as fast,but much more carefully and secretly, we went back almost the same way that we had come. At last we arrived back in the wood where I had found Alan.15分钟后,艾伦停下来,平躺在草丛里,对我转过身来。;且听我讲,;他说,;这很严重。如果你不想死的话,照我做的做。;我们又和刚才一样快地、但更当心并更隐密地几乎是原路折回。最后我们又抵达了我以前发现艾伦的那片树林。We fell down in the heather, and lay without moving for a long time.My legs hurt,my head was aching,and I thought I was dead.我们倒在石南丛里,一动不动地躺了很长一段时间。我的腿疼,头也疼,我想我要死了。Alan was the first to speak.lsquo;Well,rsquo; he said,lsquo;that was hot work, David.rsquo;艾伦首先开了口。;晤,;他说道,;那可是一件棘手的事,戴维。;I said nothing. I had seen murder done. I knew that Colin Campbell had been Alan#39;s greatest enemy, and I had found Alan hiding in the wood. Although I didn#39;t think that he had actually shot Campbell,I felt sure that he had planned the killing.I coult not look at him.我没说话。我目击了刺杀。我知道科林;坎贝尔一直是艾伦最恨的敌人而且当时我也发现艾伦躲在树丛里。虽然我认为他没有亲手杀死坎贝尔,但我敢肯定他预谋了刺杀。我当时无法正视他。lsquo;Are ye still tired?rsquo; he asked.;你是不是还累?;他问道。lsquo;No,rsquo; I replied, my face turned away from him,lsquo;no, I#39;m not tired now.Alan,I can#39;t stay with you,I must leave you.I liked you very much, but we#39;re two different people,that#39;s all.rsquo;;不,;我答道,把脸从他那边转开。;不,我现在不累。艾伦,我不能和你待在一起,我得离开你。我曾非常喜欢你,但我们是两个不同的人,就这些。;lsquo;Ye must explain what ye mean by that, David,rsquo; said Alan, looking very serious.;你得解释你那话是什么意思,戴维。;艾伦说道,表情非常严肃。lsquo; Alan, why do you ask? You know very well that Colin Campbell is lying dead in the road in his own blood.rsquo;;艾伦,你为什么要问?你很清楚科林;坎贝尔正躺在路上血泊里,死了。;Alan was silent for a moment,lsquo;Well, Mr Balfour of Shaws,rsquo;he said at last,lsquo;I promise ye that I did not plan the murder, or know anything about it.rsquo;艾伦沉默了一下。;好吧,鲍尔弗;肖先生,;他最后说道,;我向你保我没有预谋杀人,也不知道什么。;lsquo;Thank God for that!rsquo; I cried, and offered him my hand.;谢天谢地!;我喊道,并向他伸出了我的手。He did not appear to see it.I don#39;t know why ye#39;re so worried about a dead Campbell,rsquo; he said.他似乎没有看到。;我不明白你为什么这么关心一个死了的坎贝尔人,;他说道。lsquo;I know that you hate their clan, Alan, but taking a life in cold blood is a terrible thing to do.Do you know who did it?rsquo;;我知道你恨他们氏族,艾伦,但是蓄意谋杀一个人是一件很可怕的事。你知道是谁干的吗?;lsquo;I wouldn#39;t recognize him again,rsquo; said Alan, shaking his head sadly,lsquo;I#39;m good at forgetting,David.;;我再也认不出他了。;艾伦说道,悲伤地摇摇头,;我很健忘,戴维。;I had to laugh at that.Then I remembered something.lsquo;But when we were running away, you showed yourself to the sol diers, to give the murderer a chance to escape!rsquo;对此我只能笑笑而已。接着我又想起来什么了。;但是当我们逃路时,你把你自己暴露给士兵,就是为了给刺杀者一个逃跑的机会!;lsquo;Any Highlander would do that. The best place for the lad who shot Colin Campbell is the heather,and we must all do what we can to help him keep away from the soldiers.rsquo;;任何高地人都会那样做的。杀了科林;坎贝尔的小伙子的最佳栖身之处就是石南丛林,而且我们应该竭尽全力帮助他从士兵那儿脱身。;I shook my head at this. These Highlanders were strange,wild people, to be sure. But Alan was y to die for what he thought was right, and I liked him for that. I offered him my hand again, and this time he took it.我对此摇了摇头。这些高地人确实很怪,很野蛮。但是艾伦愿意为他认为对的东西而献身,我喜欢他那一点。我又向他伸出手去,这一次他握住了我的手。lsquo;Now, David,rsquo; he said,lsquo;we must escape too. The Campbells will accuse us both of the murder.rsquo;;听我说,戴维,;他说道,;我们也必须逃跑。坎贝尔人将指责我们俩杀了人。;lsquo;But we didn#39;t do it!rsquo; I cried.lsquo;We can prove that in court!rsquo;;但是我们没有做!;我叫道,;我们能在法庭上实那一点!;lsquo;Man, I#39;m surprised at ye,rsquo; said Alan.lsquo;Do ye not know that if a Campbell is killed, the accused has to go to court in Inveraray, in the heart of Campbell country? When the Campbell lawyers have finished with ye,ye#39;ll be dead!rsquo;;伙计,我对你感到惊讶。;艾伦回答道,;难道你不知道如果一个坎贝尔人被杀了,被指控的人得去坎贝尔人地域的中心因弗雷里当堂对簿吗?当坎贝尔的律师们和你一起结束工作时,你也就要死了!;This frightened me a little.lsquo; All right, Alan,rsquo; I said,lsquo; I#39;ll go with you.rsquo;这使我有点害怕了。;好吧,艾伦,;我说道,;我和你一起走。;lsquo;But remember,rsquo; said Alan,lsquo;it#39;ll be a hard life. Ye#39;ll have to sleep in the open air, and ye#39;ll often have an empty stomach. Ye can choose-either live in the heather with me,or die at the hands of the Campbells.rsquo;;但是记住,;艾伦说道,;生活将是艰苦的。你得睡在露天处,还得时常忍饥挨饿。你可以选择;;要么和我一起在石南丛林中生活,要么死在坎贝尔人手里。;lsquo;That#39;s easy to decide,rsquo; I said, and we shook hands on it.;那很容易决定。;我说道,而且我们俩人握手言定。 Article/201203/175739淮安市第二人民医院做产检多少钱 Angrily,I turned and felt my way down.There was a crash of thunder,and suddenly the rain came down.At the bottom of the stairs I looked towards the kitchen,and could see,in the next flash of lightning,a figure standing still in the doorway,listening. When the thunder sounded again,louder than before,he ran back inside,and I followed as softly as I could.I found him sitting in the kitchen,drinking whisky straight from the bottle,and shaking with fear.Quietly I came up behind him,and,putting my hands sud denly on his shoulders,cried,lsquo;Ah!rsquo; 我气呼呼地掉转过头,摸索着往下爬。雷电轰鸣,忽然间下起雨来。我站在楼梯的底端往厨房看,借助下一道闪电的光亮看见一个人静静地站在门口倾听着。当雷声又响起而且雷声大过以前时,他跑回里面,我尽可能悄悄地跟着他。我发现他坐在厨房里,直接用酒瓶喝着威士忌,身体因害怕而在发抖。我轻轻地从他身后走上前去,忽然间把手放到他的肩上,大声叫道:;啊!; My uncle gave a kind of broken cry,and fell to the floor like a dead man.His face was a strange blue colour,and I began to think that he really was dead. 我叔叔急促地尖叫起来并摔倒在地上,像一个死人一样。他的脸色显现出一种奇怪的蓝色,我开始琢磨他是不是真的死了。At last his eyes opened,and he looked up and saw me.lsquo;Oh man,are ye alive or a ghost?rsquo;he cried lsquo;Get me my medicine,Davie;it#39;s for my heart.rsquo;I found the medicine bottle and gave him some.He soon began to look a little better. lsquo;Why did you lie to me?rsquo;I asked angrily. 最后他的双眼睁开了,他抬起头看着我。;噢,伙计,你到底是活着还是个幽灵?;他叫道。;把我的药给我,戴维;;治疗我的心脏用的那种。;我找到药瓶,给了他一些药。他很快就开始看着好一点了。;你为什么对我扯谎?;我生气地问道。 lsquo;Why did you give me money? And why did you try to kill me? Answer me!rsquo; ;你为什么给我钱?你为什么还想杀死我?回答我!;lsquo;I#39;ll tell ye tomorrow,Davie,I promise.Help me to bed now,will ye?rsquo;He still looked very ill,so I could not refuse.But this time I locked his bedroom door,and went to sleep in front of the kitchen fire. ;明天我会告诉你的,戴维,我发誓。现在帮忙把我扶到床上,行吗?;他看起来仍病得很厉害,所以我不能拒绝。但这一次我锁上了他的卧室的门,然后在厨房的炉火前睡了。When I woke up in the morning,I felt very pleased with myself.lsquo;He thinks he#39;s cleverer than me,but he isn#39;t!rsquo;I thought.When I let my uncle out of his room,I asked him again for an explanation After a while,he said,lsquo;Davie,I have some business with a ship#39;s captain at Queensferry.Now,we could walk over there,and when I#39;ve done my business,we could visit the lawyer,Mr Rankeillor.He#39;ll answer all your questions.He#39;s an honest man,and he knew your father.What do ye say to that?rsquo; 第二天早晨当我醒来时,我对自己感到很高兴。;他以为他比我聪明,但他不是!;我想。当我把我叔叔放出房间时,我又要他解释一下。过了一会儿,他说道:;戴维,我和昆斯费里的一个船长有笔生意。现在我们走到那儿去,我做完生意时我们可以拜访一下律师兰基勒先生。他将解答你所有的问题。他是一个诚实的人,他认识你父亲。那么做你意下如何?;I thought for a moment.I had never seen the sea,but had always wanted to!lsquo;It#39;s a grand idea,rsquo;I said. 我想了一下。我从未见过大海,但一直想见!;是个好主意,;我说道。It was a morning#39;s walk to Queensferry,Which was west of Edinburgh,but we did not say a word to each other on the way.Suddenly,at the top of a hill,we could see the Firth of Forth below us,blue and calm,with white sails on it. 昆斯费里位于爱丁堡西侧,我们走了一上午才到,但一路上我们没有互相说话。猛然,在山顶上,我们看见了下面的福斯湾,湛蓝湛蓝的,又风平浪静,白帆点点。lsquo;Ye see that public house?rsquo;asked my uncle.lsquo;Captain Hoseason#39;s there,to do business with me.There#39;s the ship#39;s boat on the beach,waiting to take him to the ship.And there#39;s the ship itself!A grand ship!rsquo; ;你看见了那个小酒店吗?;我叔叔问道,;霍齐亚森船长在那儿,要和我做生意。海滩上有船上的小艇,等着把他带到船上去。那就是那船本身!一条大船!;I had to agree with him.The sailors were getting the ship y for sailing,and I thought what an exciting adventure that would be;to sail away to a foreign country. 我得同意他的。水手们正在把船收拾停当以备远航。我想着远航去一个遥远的国度将是一次多么激动人心的历险啊。We walked down the hill to the public house and met the captain there.He was a tall,dark,serious-looking man,who shook hands politely with me.Stupidly,I left these two men to their business,and ran down to the beach,to talk to the sailors and look at the boats.It was all new and very interesting to me. 我们走下山到了小酒店,在那儿见到了船长。他是个大高个儿,皮肤黝黑,表情严肃。他有礼貌地和我握握手。傻呵呵地,我让这两个人去干他们自己的事,自己跑到海滩上去和水手们聊天并去看那些小艇。这对我来说都是新鲜事,都很令人感兴趣。 Article/201203/174462淮安市第二人民医院挂号

淮安妇幼保健医院龟头炎症17Jehoshaphat his son succeeded him as king and strengthened himself against Israel. 2He stationed troops in all the fortified cities of Judah and put garrisons in Judah and in the towns of Ephraim that his father Asa had captured. 3The Lord was with Jehoshaphat because in his early years he walked in the ways his father David had followed. He did not consult the Baals 4but sought the God of his father and followed his commands rather than the practices of Israel. 5The Lord established the kingdom under his control; and all Judah brought gifts to Jehoshaphat, so that he had great wealth and honor. 6His heart was devoted to the ways of the Lord ; furthermore, he removed the high places and the Asherah poles from Judah. 7In the third year of his reign he sent his officials Ben-Hail, Obadiah, Zechariah, Nethanel and Micaiah to teach in the towns of Judah. 8With them were certain Levites-Shemaiah, Nethaniah, Zebadiah, Asahel, Shemiramoth, Jehonathan, Adonijah, Tobijah and Tob-Adonijah-and the priests Elishama and Jehoram. 9They taught throughout Judah, taking with them the Book of the Law of the Lord ; they went around to all the towns of Judah and taught the people. 10The fear of the Lord fell on all the kingdoms of the lands surrounding Judah, so that they did not make war with Jehoshaphat. 11Some Philistines brought Jehoshaphat gifts and silver as tribute, and the Arabs brought him flocks: seven thousand seven hundred rams and seven thousand seven hundred goats. 12Jehoshaphat became more and more powerful; he built forts and store cities in Judah 13and had large supplies in the towns of Judah. He also kept experienced fighting men in Jerusalem. 14Their enrollment by families was as follows: From Judah, commanders of units of 1,000: Adnah the commander, with 300,000 fighting men; 15next, Jehohanan the commander, with 280,000; 16next, Amasiah son of Zicri, who volunteered himself for the service of the Lord , with 200,000. 17From Benjamin: Eliada, a valiant soldier, with 200,000 men armed with bows and shields; 18next, Jehozabad, with 180,000 men armed for battle. 19These were the men who served the king, besides those he stationed in the fortified cities throughout Judah. Article/200901/60537 "What in the world?" Howard thought. He on: "That's right! A gecko! Follow the directions below to get your very own live cockroach eliminator! Then ask our friendly staff how to care for and what to do to get rid of your cockroaches." "Ya right. That gecko will probably eat me while I sleep." he said as yet another roach scuttled across the floor. He felt sick. He thought it was worth a try, so the very next day he followed the directions on the ad to the pet store.  He asked about the geckos and the staff told him what to do with a gecko and how much they were and, soon enough, he was driving home with his very own gecko. "Great," he thought "yet another little critter that is going to be loitering around in my house."   He got home and did just as the woman at the store told him to do, and let the gecko go. He saw the gecko run under the refrigerator after the nearest cockroach it saw. "Well, at least he is doing his job." he said after he heard the loud "GECKO, GECKO," sound that geckos make when they swallow.   “这到底是什么呀?”霍华德一边想着一边继续往下看,“没错,就是壁虎!跟着下面这个地址,你就能拥有活生生的灭蟑器!我们热情的员工会告诉你该怎样饲养这种壁虎,到时你将再也不会受到的困扰了。”“天哪,这么一只壁虎都能在我睡觉的时候把我给吃了!”他自言自语道,这时又有一只从地板上快速的爬过去,他感到一阵恶心,随即认为值得去尝试一下买只壁虎来,因此第二天马上就按照地址来到了那家宠物商店。  他询问了关于壁虎的事情,店员告诉他关于饲养的注意事项以及价格方面的事情,过了没一会儿他就和自己的壁虎开车回家了。“太棒了,”他心里想,“马上就会有另外一种小生物天天在家里溜达了。”  他到了家,按照商店女营业员所说的那样把壁虎放了出来。壁虎看见了身旁最近的一只后马上就跟着钻到冰箱底下去了,随即他听见一阵很大的声音“咕咚! 咕咚!”,像是壁虎吞下的时候发出来的。“好,至少它已经开始工作了。 Article/200809/49112淮安市妇幼保健院不孕不育多少钱淮安做人流哪家



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