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A Grain of Sand 一粒沙子    William Blake威廉.布莱克To see a world in a grain of sand,And a heaven in a wild fllower,Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,And eternity in an hour.从一粒沙子看到一个世界,从一朵野花看到一个天堂,把握在你手心里的就是无限,永恒也就消融于一个时辰Dining Etiquette When DatingBe sure to make reservations if the restaurant you chose is a fancy or popular one.It’s very embarrassing to show up without reservations and having to wait a table,leaving very bad impression on your date.Also, be sure to check to see if they have a dress codeand tell your date in advance what to wear.When your food arrives, proper dinning etiquette requires you to eat at a moderate paceso that you have time to talk.A good measure of how fast you should eat is to count seconds between each mouthfuland it’s a bad dining etiquette if you gobble down your foodand you spend the rest of the time watching your date eat.Don’t slurp your soup, smack your lips, or chew with your mouth open.Nothing is more unsightly than watching someone talk and chew their food at the same time.Your napkin should be placed on your lap at all times.Don’t tuck it into your belt or use it as a bib.If you have to get up, place it neatly on your seat.When eating, insert your k straight in your mouth.Don’t place your k in the side of your mouthas it increases the chances of food sliding away, which could be very embarrassing.If you get food stuck in your mouthdon’t pick it out with your fingers or k at the table.Excuse yourself and go to the restroom and get it out with a toothpick.When dinning, keep your eyes on your date at all timesand try to smile between mouthfuls.Occasionally,you should make an eft to show some interestand ask questions like,“How do you like the beef?”If she needs anything, you are the one who is supposed to flag down the waiterby a gentle wave of the hand until someone notices you.实用口语:有关“穿衣打扮”的英语表达 -- :9:9 来源:   衣装应该是一个永远都不会过时的话题无论何时何地,跟什么人在一起,衣着的话题总是能够引起共鸣今天我们也来说说有关衣装的一些常用表达吧  1. What will you wear the party?  晚会上你穿什么?  . I'll wear my blue dress  我会穿我的蓝色裙子  3. Don't you think it's too mal?  你不觉得太正式了吗?  . I like your new dress. Where did you get it?  我喜欢你这件新衣在哪儿买的啊?  5. It's not new. I bought it two years ago  不是新买的,我两年前就买了  6. You should have your suit cleaned and ironed  你应该把你的套装拿去洗烫一下  7. You'd better put on your jacket. It's cold outside  你最好穿上夹克,外面冷  8. The blouse no longer fits me  这件衬衣现在不合身了  9. My son has outgrown these trousers  这条裤子我儿子已经穿不进去了  . The shoes are worn-out  这鞋已经不能穿了  . I don't like wearing the unim  我不喜欢穿制  . The color matches you quite well  这颜色跟你很相配  . Your shoe lace is loose  你的鞋带松了  . You got to fasten the collar buttons  你忘了扣领纽了  . Take off your hat. It doesn't fit  别戴帽子不适合这个场合 英语 表达 口语 有关

30The origin of Refrigerators30 The origin of RefrigeratorsBy the mid-nineteenth century, the term ;icebox; had entered the American language, but ice was still only beginning to affect the diet of ordinary citizens in the ed States. The ice trade grew with the growth of cities. Ice was used in hotels, taverns, and hospitals, and by some ward-looking city dealers in fresh meat, fresh fish, and butter. After the Civil War( 1861-1865),as ice was used to refrigerate freight cars, it also came into household use. Even bee 1880,half of the ice sold in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, and one-third of that sold in Boston and Chicago, went to families their own use. This had become possible because a new household convenience, the icebox, a precursor of the modern refrigerator, had been invented.Making an efficient icebox was not as easy as we might now suppose. In the early nineteenth century, the knowledge of the physics of heat, which was essential to a science of refrigeration, was rudimentary. The commonsense notion that the best icebox was one that prevented the ice from melting was of course mistaken, it was the melting of the ice that permed the cooling. Nevertheless, early efts to economize ice included wrapping up the ice in blankets, which kept the ice from doing its job. Not until near the end of the nineteenth century did inventors achieve the delicate balance of insulation and circulation needed an efficient icebox.But as early as 18, and ingenious Maryland farmer, Thomas Moore, had been on the right track. He owned a farm about twenty miles outside the city of Washington, which the village of Georgetown was the market center. When he used an icebox of his own design to transport his butter to market, he found that customers would pass up the rapidly melting stuff in the tubs of his competitors to pay a premium price his butter, still fresh and hard in neat, one-pound bricks. One advantage of his icebox, Moore explained, was that farmers would no longer have to travel to market at night in order to keep their produce cool.冰箱的由来直到19世纪中期,;冰箱;这个名词才进入了美国语言,但冰仅仅只是开始影响美国普通市民的饮食冰的买卖随着城市的发展而发展冰被用在旅馆、酒馆、医院以及被一些有眼光的城市商人用于肉、鱼和黄油的保鲜内战(1861-1865)之后,冰被用于冷藏货车,同时也进入了民用甚至在1880年前,半数在纽约、费城和巴尔的销售的冰,三分之一在波士顿和芝加哥销售的冰进入家庭使用,因为一种新的家庭设备,冰箱,即现代冰箱的前身,被发明了制造一台有效率的冰箱不像我们想象的那么简单19世纪早期,关于对冷藏科学至关重要的热物理知识是很浅陋的认为最好的冰箱应该防止冰的融化这样一个普遍的观点显然是错误的,因为正是冰的融化起了制冷作用早期为节省冰的努力,包括用毯子把冰包起来,使得冰不能发挥它的作用直到近19世纪末,发明家们才成功地找到有效率的冰箱所需要的精确的隔热和循环的精确平衡但早在18年,一位有发明天才的马里兰农场主,托马斯?莫尔,找到了正确方法他拥有一个农场,离华盛顿约英里,那里的乔治镇村庄是集市中心当他用自己设计的冰箱运送黄油去市场时,他发现顾客们会走过装在竞争者桶里那些迅速融化的黄油而给他比市价更高的价格买他仍然新鲜坚硬,整齐地切成一磅一块的黄油莫尔说他的冰箱的一个好处是使得农民们不必在夜里上路去市场以保持他们产品的低温 601

听雨说雨,学一些有关"下雨"的英语表达 -- ::8 来源: 全国大部分地区都开始进入雨季了听雨说雨,今天我们就来学一些有关"下雨"的表达 1. It rained cats and dogs last night. 昨晚雨下得很大 Rain cats and dogs 是一句非常受欢迎的俚语,几乎每个学英语的学生都懂得用 rain cats and dogs 来形容雨下得很大当然如果你不想用俚语的讲法,你可以说:"It’s raining really hard. (雨下得很大) "或是"We’re having a heavy rain." 同样也是"雨下得很大" 那"雨下得很大,我被淋成了落汤鸡"这整句话要怎么讲? "落汤鸡"在英文里常用 "I am soaked." (我湿透了) 来形容,所以整句话就成为. "It’s raining cats and dogs out there so I am soaked." . We had a downpour. 我们刚遇到了一场倾盆大雨 中文里常形容下雨像是用"倒"的一样, 这在英文里也有同样对等的字眼喔! 英文里用的是 downpour 这个词所以"下雨像是用倒的"我们可以说:"We had a downpour." 另外有一个十分口语的讲法就是 "It’s really coming down out there.",也是形容雨下得很大, 像是用"倒"的一样 3. It’s just sprinkling. 只是在下毛毛雨而已 在英文里不管下"毛毛雨"或是"毛毛雪"我们都可以用 drizzle 和 sprinkle 这两个动词来表示Drizzle 这个词就是气象术语"下毛毛雨"的意思,而 sprinkle 则是一个动词表示"撒", 但也常被用来形容毛毛雨,常听到的用法就是:"It’s drizzling." 或是 "It’s sprinkling." 另外还有一个词叫 scattered rain,指的则是"零零星星地降雨"例如:"We have to cancel the track and field contest because of the scattered rain. (因为零星的降雨所以我们必须取消田径赛)" 表达 英语 一些 有关My parents owned six books between them. Two of those were Bibles and the third was a concordance to the Old and New Testaments. The fourth was The House At Pooh Corner. The fifth,The Chatterbox Annual 193 and the sixth, Malory’s Morte d’Artliur. I found it necessary to smuggle books in and of the house and I cannot claim too much the provision of an outside toilet when there is no room of one’s own. It was on the toilet that I first Freud and D. H. Lawrence, and perhaps that was the best place, after all. We kept a rubber torch hung on the cistern, and I had to divide my money from a Saturday job, between buying books and buying batteries. My mother knew exactly how long her Ever Readys would last if used only to illuminate the hap that separated the toilet paper from its . Once I had tucked the book back down my knickers to get it indoors again, I find somewhere to hide it, and anyone with a single bed, standard size, and paperbacks, standard size, will discover that seventy seven can be accommodated per layer under the mattress. But as my collection grew, I began to worry that my mother might notice that her daughter’s bed was rising visibly. One day she did. She burned everything. I had been brought up to memorize very long Bible passages, and when I left home and was supporting myself so that I could continue my education, I fought off loneliness and fear by reciting. In the funeral parlor I whispered Donne to the embalming fluids and Marvell to the corpses. Later, I found that Tennyson’ s ‘Lady of Shalott’ had a soothing, because rhythmic, effect on the mentally disturbed. Among the disturbed I numbered myself at that time. The healing power of art is not a rhetorical fantasy. Fighting to keep language, language became my sanity and my strength. It still is, and I know of no pain that art cannot assuage. some, music, some, pictures, me, primarily, poetry, whether found in poems or in prose, cuts through noise and hurt, opens the wound to clean it, and then gradually teaches it to heal itself. Wounds need to be taught to heal themselves. The psyche and the spirit do not share the instinct of damaged body. Healing is automatically triggered nor is danger usually avoided. Since we put ourselves in the way of hurt it seems logical to put ourselves in the way of healing. Art has more work to do than ever bee but it can do that work. In a self-destructive society like our own, it is unsurprising that art as a healing ce is despised. myself, when I returned to my to my borrowed room night after night, and there were my books, I felt relief and exuberance, not hardship and exhaustion. I intended to avoid the fate of Jude the Obscure, although a ing of that book was a useful warning. What I wanted did not belong to me by right and whilst it could not be refused tome in quite same way, we still have subtle punishments anyone who insists on what they are and what they want. Walled inside the little space marked out by family and class, it was the limitless world of imagination that it possible me to scale the sheer face of other people’s assumptions. Inside books there is perfect space and it is that space which allows the er to escape from the problems of gravity. By Jeanette Winterson 89388英语中离婚“divorces”的日常对话 -- :50:50 来源: 我们经常吵架 We fight a lot. Do you two fight? (你们吵架吗?) Yes, we fight a lot. (嗯,我们常吵架) 我不再爱我的妻子了 I dont love my wife any more. 我老婆有外遇 My wife cheating on me. *cheat on...“在男女关系上表现的不忠” My wife a two-timer. My wife secretly dating someone else. My wife having an affair. 我们感情不和 We had a falling-out. *falling-out“感情不和”、“失和” We had a big disagreement. (我们之间意见分歧很大) We dont get along anymore. (我们再也不能在一起了) 我已经改变心意了 Ive changed my mind. Ive reconsidered. (我想重新考虑) 你变了 You have changed. Youre not the same as bee. (你和以前不一样了) 你现在是不是和谁交往呢? Are you seeing someone now? Are you seeing someone now? (你现在是不是和谁交往呢?) Actually, no. (没有,谁也没有) 我和妻子没什么共同语言 I dont see eye to eye with my wife. *see eye to eye with...“和……意见一致” How married life? (婚后生活怎么样?) I dont see eye to eye with my wife. (我和妻子没什么共同语言) 我们俩合不来了 We just dont get along. 我想我很了解你 I thought I knew you. 我和我的秘书有了婚外情 I had an affair with my secretary. 和你在一起没意思 I dont enjoy being with you. We dont have any fun anymore. 我们离婚吧 Let get divorced. *divorce“离婚” I dont love you anymore. (我不再爱你了) Let get divorced. (我们离婚吧) 现在我和我妻子分居了 Im separated from my wife. *separate“夫妻分居” We are living separately now. 我不能失去你 I cant get over losing you. *get over“(从疾病、痛苦中)恢复,重新站起” I cant recover from breaking up with you. (我无法接受和你的分手) I cant get you. (我无法忘记你) 和你分手是我最大的痛苦 Breaking up is hard to do. *break up“朋友、夫妻间的分手” make up (和好,言归于好) 请不要伤我的心 Dont break my heart. *break one heart“使……万分痛苦,让对方因失恋而痛苦” I want to break up. (我想和你分手) Dont break my heart. (请不要伤我的心) Dont make me sad. 我们争论了好几个小时 We argued hours. *argue“是用理论来说对方”或“各自坚持自己的主张而争论不休” 日常英语 英语口语

He must have a computerA mother was teaching her 5-year-old son about God. “Do you know, ”she said to him one day, “that God knows where everybody is all the time, and exactly what they are doing. ”The little boy looked at his mother wide-eyed and said, “Wow. He must have a computer.” 951在家中的生活习惯用语 -- :57: 来源: 我经常下班以后运动I usually work out after work. *work out“训练,运动”I usually go to the gym after work.I usually exercise after work.我开始慢跑锻炼Ive started jogging.Ive started jogging. (我开始慢跑锻炼)Since when? (什么时候开始的?)我戒烟了I quit smoking. *quit“辞职,改变习惯”No, thanks. I quit smoking. (不,谢谢,我已经戒了)Good you. (你真伟大)I stopped smoking.I dont smoke anymore.Ive become a non-smoker.I no longer smoke.你常做梦吗?Do you dream often?Do you often have dreams?Do you dream a lot?最近我总是丢三落四的Ive been getful lately.Ive been getful these days. 日常英语 英语口语

Skyscrapers and Environment In the late 1960's, many people in North America turned their attention to environmental problems, and new steel-and-glass skyscrapers were widely criticized. Ecologists pointed out that a cluster of tall buildings in a city often overburdens public transportation and parking lot capacities. Skyscrapers are also lavish consumers, and wasters, of electric power. In one recent year, the addition of million square feet of skyscraper office space in New York City raised the peak daily demand electricity by 0, 000 kilowatts-enough to supply the entire city of Albany, New York, a day. Glass-walled skyscrapers can be especially wasteful. The heat loss (or gain)through a wall of half-inch plate glass is more than ten times that through a typical masonry wall filled with insulation board. To lessen the strain on heating and air-conditioning equipment, builders of skyscrapers have begun to use double-glazed panels of glass, and reflective glasses coated with silver or gold mirror films that reduce glare as well as heat gain. However, mirror-walled skyscrapers raise the temperature of the surrounding air and affect neighboring buildings. Skyscrapers put a severe strain on a city's sanitation facilities, too. If fully occupied, the two World Trade Center towers in New York City would alone generate .5 million gallons of raw sewage each year-as much as a city the size of Stand, Connecticut , which has a population of more than 1, 000. 1运用想象力,在你的心灵呈现一张自己的照片,照片中的你再次变得健康,令你满意而那有病痛的部位也在你的想象中变得完好和健康你的身体将恢复到它本来应有的健康状态大自然的设计使我们的身体能保持在健康的状态Welcome to the hypnotic garden. The latest scientific investigations of the mind have been able to prove the ancient wisdom. The fact of the intimate connection between the mind and body. The body produces what the mind dictates. Whatever is held in the mind, the physical body will produce. The diseases of the body can and mostly are caused by ill feelings, or bitterness towards another person. All of the emotions intense passion, hatred and longstanding jealousy, affect the body negatively. And corroding anxiety and bad temper actual induce physical diseases. The heart, liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, and body cells are destroyed. Worry causes untold life-threatening diseases such as heart troubles, nerves breakdowns, and blood-pressure problems.If the bad thoughts are destroyed, bodily diseases and problems will vanish. This is the hypnosis technique which can help self-healing. It is a relaxation technique that you can utilize just to simply relax. I just want to give you some idea of how it feels, to experience the wonderful euphoric feeling of hypnosis relaxation. If you have any discomt in any area of your body, or diseased, I want you to send a loving thought to that area.Visualize, put pictures in your mind of your body becoming healthy and well again. That area of your body you can see in your mind's eye becoming healthy and well again. Healthy as it should be. Nature made our bodies to stay healthy,To heal itself. Nature only needs the cooperation and assistance of the mind to operate naturally and heal.I want you to get you a comtable position, preferably to stretch out on the floor or on a bed, with a small pillow to support your neck or possibly roll up some clothing and place under your neck.Get comtable. Place a light cover or towel on you. We'll just have a small break while you get prepared. 18英语中怎么问问题 -- :9: 来源: 这是什么味儿? What that smell? *完全不清楚时 What that smell? (这是什么味儿?) Oh, no! Something burning. (噢,不好!是什么糊了吧) I wonder what that smell is? I wonder where that smell is coming from? 什么声音? What that noise? What that noise? (什么声音?) It my alarm clock. (是我的闹钟的声音) 这是排什么的队? What is this line ? What is this line ? (这是排什么的队?) I have no idea. (我也不知道) Why are people lined up? (人们为什么排队?) 打什么鬼主意呢?(你忙什么呢?) What are you up to? *up to “就某事有……企图”、“打……的坏主意”、“从事……” What are you up to tonight? (你今天晚上忙什么?) Why should I tell you? (我干吗非得告诉你不可?) What going on? (是什么呀?) 我可以问一个问题吗? May I ask you a question? May I ask you a question? (我可以问一个问题吗?) Sure, what is it? (当然,什么问题?) “drowsy”是什么意思? What does “drowsy” mean? What does “drowsy” mean? (“drowsy”是什么意思?) It means “sleepy.” (“drowsy”表示“犯困”) 这是什么? What this? What this? (这是什么?) It a foldable bed. (这是折叠床) 那是什么? What that? 这是谁的? Who does this belong to? Whose is this? To whom does this belong? 哪一个? Which one? That my car. (那是我的车) Which one? (哪辆?) 这叫什么? What it called? What it called? (这叫什么?) It called tempura. (这叫“天麸罗”) What do you call it? 这是什么礼物? What did you get me? *这种说法不只限于送礼物时还有“你给我买什么了?”、“你给我带什么来了?”等的语感 What did you get me? (是什么礼物?) I got you a doll. (我给你买了一个娃娃) 去哪儿呀? Where are you headed? *比较随便的口语说法 Where are you headed? (去哪儿?) Home. (回家) Where are you going? Where are you off to? 比如说? example? instance? 隔多长时间? How often? *“隔几分钟来一趟车”或者“隔多长时间打一次网球”等用于询问时间的间隔时 How often should I take this medicine? (这药一天吃几次?) Five times a day. (一天5次) How frequently? U.S.A.是什么的缩写? What does USA stand ? What does USA stand ? (U.S.A.是什么的缩写?) It stands the ed States of America. (它是ed States of America的缩写) 多长? How long? *询问距离、尺寸时间的长短,听到这样的提问,对方以具体数字回答 How long have you dated her? (你和她交往了多长时间?) About four years. (大概年吧) How long is her hair? (她的头发有多长?) Very long. (很长)*不能用具体数字回答时,也可以用类似very long这样的话来回答 多早? How early? How early should we leave? (咱们多早出发合适?) Let leave at 7∶30 am. (早晨7∶30吧)*用How表示问“多……”的说法还有以下几种 How short? (多短?) How fast? (多快?) How far? (多远?) How quickly? (多快的速度?) How slowly? ([速度、动作]多慢?) How soon? ([时间期间]多快?) How late? ([时间时刻]多晚?) How much? ([不可数]多少?) How many? ([可数]多少?) How biglarge? (多大?) How smalllittle? (多小?) 暑假什么时候开始? When does summer break start? When does summer break start? (暑假什么时候开始?) On July 5th. (7月5号) 开学典礼是哪天? When was the opening ceremony? When was the opening ceremony? (开学典礼是哪天?) January 8th. (1月8日) 你知道这个生词的意思吗? Do you know the meaning of this word? 这个词怎么发音? How do you pronounce this word? How do you pronounce this word? (这个词怎么发音?) Climb. The “b” is silent. A和B之间有什么区别? What the difference between A and B? What the difference between A and B? (A和B之间有什么区别?) Theyre about the same. (它们几乎相同 日常英语 英语口语

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