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湖南十大著名风景名胜之南岳衡山 --3 :38: 来源: 湖南十大著名风景名胜之南岳衡山Hunan is a fantastic part of China that counts many famous scenic spots.湖南是中国一片有着很多名胜古迹的奇妙土地Among these, the best-known include: Dongting Lake, the Yueyang Padoga, Fenhuang Ancient Town and the Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area where the gorgeous Zhangjiajie National est Park is located.在这些名胜古迹中,最有名的有:岳阳洞庭湖,凤凰古镇,和武陵源名胜风景区(华丽的张家界国家公园就坐落于此)The following are the top attractions that Hunan Province has on offer. Let's take a closer look.Top : Mount Heng(衡山)Located some 5 kilometers (7.96 miles) north from Hengyang city, Mount Heng is one of the five famous Chinese mountains in China. Thanks to its favorable climate, it enjoys a reputation of being "the most outstanding amongst all five". The mountain stretches out over 0 kilometers (93.1 miles), with a total of 7 peaks.衡山位于衡阳以北5公里处,是中国有名的五岳之一由于气候适宜,衡山素有“五岳独秀”之美誉衡山绵延0公里,共有7座山峰Mount Heng features dense ests, flowers, bamboo and serene gullies, all surrounded by the clouds and fog. The place looks like it comes straight out of a fairytale. It has good scenery throughout all four seasons, with a flower market in spring, a summery sea of clouds, a sensational autumn sunrise l and a white winter wonderland.浓雾是衡山独特的风景,花、竹、如镜的山水都被浓雾笼罩,宛如仙境衡山一年四季风景秀丽:春天的花市、夏天的云海、秋天的落日、冬天的冰雪仙境Admission:0 yuan (US$.8)person入场费:0元人 湖南十大著名风景名胜之南岳衡山The Water Cycle 水的循环 --7 :9:59 来源: The Water Cycle 水的循环  In the heat of the sun, water evaporates from seas, rivers and lakes. As water vapour rises, clouds m in the air. When the clouds rise high, they get cool. Finally they become drops of water. When they are heavy enough, they fall to the earth as rain.  Some rainwater sinks into the ground. It's good the thirsty plants. Most of the water goes back to the seas, rivers and lakes, And the water cycle will start all over again.  在太阳的照射下,水从大海、河流和湖泊上蒸发当水蒸气上升时,云就在空中形成了当云升高后,就变凉了,最后变成了一滴滴的水当水变得足够重时,就作为雨水落到地面上  有些雨水深入到地面,这对干渴的植物有益大部分水又返回大海、河流和湖泊然后水的循环过程将再进行一次我的老师 -- :01:59 来源: 我的老师我的语文老师姓连,她中等个子,身材十分苗条,皮肤不是很白,瘦瘦的脸,长头发,鼻子又高又直,她一笑就露出洁白的牙齿  连老师有一双大大的眼睛,可厉害了,有一次我和后面的李翔说小话,突然听到老师叫我的名字,我回过头来,看见老师用严厉的目光看着我,我急忙装作认真的样子,我心想我以后再也不敢讲小话了  连老师对工作非常认真负责,每天她都早早地来学校耐心地教我们读书认字,辅导我们的功课她的身体不是很好,但是她还是坚持为我们上课  连老师对我们的学习要求非常严格,每当我们没完成作业时,不管是谁她都毫不留情地批评他记得有一次语文家庭作业是听写词,我少听了3个词语,原以为没什么大不了的,可第二天早晨,她发现我的作业没有做完,把我叫到讲台上来,一边轻轻地用拍子打我的手掌心,一边严肃地对我说:“以后可一定要时完成家庭作业呀!”  连老师像妈妈一样关心我们,我们都非常尊敬和爱戴她My teacher is a language teacher, I even named her medium height, slender build very, very white skin, thin face, long hair. At high straight nose, her smile on his white teeth. Teachers have a pair of big eyes, worse, and I have a small back Xiang Li said, Suddenly I heard the name of teacher, I look back and see the teacher uses the eyes looked at me sternly. I anxiously pretend seriously today, I think I will never have dared to make a small case. Teachers work very hard every day she patiently taught us very early to go to school to learn to . counseling our homework. Her health is not very good, but she still adhere to our school. Teachers of our study was very strict, whenever we did not complete homework, No matter who she has relentlessly criticized him. As I recall, in a language at home is dictated word, I listened to three little words, thinking no big deal. be next morning, she discovered that I did not finish the work, I go to the podium. She hit me with the paddle while CFS, a serious side to me : "We must be completed on time after homework!" Teachers like my mother showed us We have much respect and love her.Little Turtle 小乌龟 -- :5:19 来源: Little Turtle 小乌龟  Turtle is an animal which lives in water and sometimes it creeps on dry land. It has rough skin and has a round shell. The shell on its back is hard and large.  The animal can pull its head and legs into its shell. When you touch it, it will stretch out its neck from the hard shell, then hold up its head and look at you kindly. Its eyes are round, a little like beans. It creeps very slowly. It is very funny.    鬼是一种生活在水中的动物,有时也在陆地上爬行它有粗糙的皮肤,有一个圆圆的壳这壳又硬又大,长在背上  乌龟能把它的头和腿缩到硬壳里当你碰它的时候,它就会从坚硬的鬼盖里伸出脖子,然后抬起头,友好地看着你它的眼睛很圆,有点像豆子那样它爬的很慢,非常有趣

你想要什么(What Do You Want) -- :5: 来源: 你想要什么(What Do You Want)  i'm of the opinion that taiwan's students are pathetic because they have too much pressure in their lives. because they have to pass the joint college entrance exam, they must study hard, to meet their teachers' and parents' expectations, they have to study day and night.  but it's such a shame because most students don't know what they really want and what their goals in their future should be. so what should they strive towards? should they only want to get the best grades and pass the jcee? the answer is no. in my view, all students should calm down a few minutes and think earnestly about what they want.

旅游英语口语情景对话:旅馆预订(part 1) -- :: 来源: A: Hello, I'd like to reserve a hotel room.B: That should be no problem. May I have your full name, please?A: My name is John Sandals.B: Hello, Mr. Sandals. My name is Michelle. What days do you need that reservation, sir?A: I'm planning to visit New York from Friday, April until Monday, April . B: Our room rates recently went up. Is that okay with you, Mr. Sandals?A: How much per night are we talking about?B: Each night will be .A: That price is perfectly acceptable.B: Wonderful! Do you prefer a smoking or nonsmoking room?A: Nonsmoking, please.B: Next question: Is a queen-size bed okay?A: That sounds fine.B: Okay, Mr. Sandals. Your reservation is in our computer. All we need now is a phone number.A: Certainly. My phone number is 66-555-39.B: Thank you, Mr. Sandals. We look ward to seeing you in New York! 旅游 英语口语 情景

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