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The committees most recent report cites 220 officials for sundry misdeeds ranging from playing mah-jongg or gambling (six officials) to playing computer games at work (nine officials). 中共中央纪律检查委员会(简称:中纪委)监察部网站本月起设置了“违反中央八项规定精神案件每周通报”专栏,对各地区各部门查处的违反中央八项规定精神的案件,点名道姓公开曝光。The most common infraction, accounting for 44 cases, was abuse of business cars. One official in Shandong was warned after using a government car to pick up his daughter, while his boss was also called in for a meeting with the local Discipline Inspection Committee as punishment. 该网站最近通报20起典型案件涉及多个方面,甚至包括了上班时间打麻将起)、打游戏起)。In another case, the head of a local sanitation department in Jiangsu was criticized for drinking during the day. While eating lunch at a hotel in October, according to the report, he drank one glass of fiery baijiu liquor and three bottles of beer. A companion also had a beer, the report noted. 违反八项规定精神的典型案件中,最常见的是公车私用4起)。其中,山东一名公职人员因私驾公车接女儿,被给予党内警告处分,当地纪委对其领导进行约谈。Another nine individuals were also cited for drinking alcohol during the day. (The only surprising thing about those citations might be the fact that there are evidently party rules banning such daytime drinking in the first place.) 江苏通报的违反八项规定精神典型案件中,地方卫生院院长因午间饮酒被点名批评。他0月份一个工作日的午间应邀在某饭店吃饭,席间喝了一杯白酒三瓶啤酒。一位同行人员喝了一瓶啤酒。To date, such reports have covered 30 of Chinas 34 provinces and regions, with northeastern Heilongjiang province holding the record for most violations, with 40 in one week. 另有9起典型案件也是涉及午间饮酒问题。(这些典型案件中唯一令人惊奇的地方可能是原来午间饮酒是违反党内八项规定的。)The national Discipline Inspection Committee is also asking regular citizens to bust officials for rule-breaking behaviors. On a newly launched website, it encourages people to help the government ferret out wrongdoing that wears the cloak of invisibility, particularly those involving the Communist Partys Four Winds: formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and waste. 到目前为止,这类通报已涉及中4个省区中0个,其中黑龙江省的违纪事件最多,一周达0起。On social media, reaction to such releases has been mixed, particularly with regard to certain infractions. 中纪委还号召普通民众举报官员违纪行为。在一个新开通的网站上,中纪委鼓励民众帮助政府发现“披着隐身衣”的违纪问题,特别是那些涉及“四风”的问题。所谓“四风”是指形式主义、官僚主义、享乐主义和奢靡之风。A head teacher at a primary school in Jiangsu was cited last week, for example, for inviting 40 tables worth of people to his sons wedding last September and taking monetary gifts amounting to 11,200 yuan (,800) from his colleagues during the event. Accepting red envelopes of cash at weddings is a traditional Chinese custom. 在社交媒体上,网民对此类违纪通报的反应不一,特别是对于某些违纪事件If youre a head teacher, you cant hold wedding for your son? Are 40 tables considered a lot if both the bride and groom are local? wrote one Sina Weibo user. 比如,上周的违纪通报称,江苏的一位小学校长去月份为儿子举办婚礼时宴请0桌客人,其间接受了同事赠送的总计人民.12万元(约,800美元)的礼金。在婚礼上接受红包礼金是中国的一项传统风俗They let the really big corrupt guys go, wrote another. All those in trouble are nobody. 一位新浪微Sina Weibo)网友写道:如果你是小学校长,你不能为儿子举办婚礼吗?该网友还写道,如果新郎、新娘都是本地人0桌宴席算多吗?来 /201404/288630

The Soviet Union’s sunset years hardly felt like an innocent age to those who lived through them, but to recall the hopes and aspirations of that era is to rue the naiveties of those days. “A common European housewas how President Mikhail Gorbachev pictured the continent’s future; “a Europe whole and free in the words of George HW Bush, his American counterpart. But, as the tussle over Ukraine has shown, Russia and the west are rivals once again. The ceasefire signed on September 5 gives both sides a chance to overcome their own illusions. They should take it, lest the conflict become a direct military confrontation.对曾经亲身经历过那个年代的人而言,苏Soviet Union)日薄西山那些年很难算“纯真年代”。但回想那个时代的希望和憧憬,我们一定会为那时的天真感到后悔。当时的俄罗斯总统米哈伊尔#8226;戈尔巴乔Mikhail Gorbachev)这样描述欧洲大陆的未来——“一个共同的欧洲大家园”,用当时的美国总统老布什(George HW Bush)的话来说则是——“一个统一而自由的欧洲”。然而,围绕乌克兰的争吵显示出,俄罗斯和西方又一次成为了对手日签订的停火协议给了双方一个克各自幻觉的机会。他们应该抓住这个机会,以免冲突演变成直接的军事对抗。Western leaders seem to believe their own propaganda. A failed Ukraine, they suggest, could be cradled into western Europe and become democratic and prosperous and maybe it could, if they waited 20 years and could count on energetic support from Russia. But Moscow, they are convinced, is hell-bent on grabbing land, a hunger from which it can be distracted only through the infliction of pain. Hence the sanctions, the war of disinformation and the reinvigoration of Nato as a military force.西方领袖似乎相信了他们自己的宣传。他们提出,一个失败的乌克兰可以被西欧抱在怀里,变得民主和富强。或许吧,如果他们能再等20年,并且能够指望俄罗斯的大力持。但他们确信,俄罗斯政府铁了心要抢夺地盘,除非吃到苦头,否则不会收敛。因此,西方对俄罗斯实施了制裁,打起了假消息战,并努力重振北NATO)作为军事组织的雄风。It is a strategy that rests on misunderstanding and miscalculation. The misunderstanding is that this is, at root, a stand-off over Ukraine. To Russians, it is something far more important: a struggle to stop others expanding their sphere of control into territories they believe are vital to Russia’s survival.西方的这种战略是基于误解和误判。误解是这个问题在本质上是围绕乌克兰的对峙。对俄罗斯而言,这是个重要得多的问题:这是一场斗争,目的是阻止其他人将势力范围扩大到在俄罗斯看来对其生存至关重要的地盘。It is a miscalculation because Russia is far stronger, and the west far weaker, than many imagine. The west that Russia now faces is not the self-confident alliance that proclaimed itself victor of the cold war. It is a directionless gaggle, beset with economic insecurities and losing sight of its moral convictions. America and its allies once held the future in their hands, but at the beginning of this Asian century they have let it slip through their fingers. Their crowning accomplishment was globalisation and they are destroying it, with economic sanctions they incoherently describe as instruments of self-defence.之所以说西方误判,是因为与许多人的想象相比,俄罗斯要强大得多,而西方要弱小得多。俄罗斯如今面对的“西方”,已不再是宣告自己打赢了冷战的那个自信的联盟。如今的西方如一群迷途的羔羊,被经济方面的不安全感所困扰,而且忘记了自己的道德准绳。美国及其盟友一度掌握未来,但在这个“亚洲世纪”拉开帷幕之际,他们让未来从指缝间溜走了。他们的最高成就是全球化,而经济制裁正在葬送这项成就——他们无法自圆其说地称制裁是自卫工具。These sanctions will hurt ordinary Russians, but they are helping to rouse our country from its slumber. True, Russia is smaller than the Soviet Union was, and a romantic belief in the free market has led it to take some wrong turns. The country’s elite, enjoying the consumerist pleasures afforded by new wealth, had long been at rest. But President Vladimir Putin harbours no illusions about the west. Russian citizens, unlike the disillusioned Soviets who were never far from hunger, know what they are y to struggle for. Our country is finding its place. Compare the Soviet armed forces, lumbering and expensive, with the nimble military of Russia today.这些制裁会对普通俄罗斯人造成伤害,但制裁正在将我们的国家从沉睡中唤醒。诚然,俄罗斯比苏联要小,对自由市场的浪漫信念曾导致俄罗斯走弯路。这个国家的精英,享受着新的财富买来的消费主义愉悦,早已变得安于现状。但弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)总统对西方不抱幻想。跟当年从未远离饥饿、幻想破灭的苏联民众不同,如今的俄罗斯民众知道自己愿意为什么而奋斗。我们的国家正在找到自己的位置。当年苏联军队笨重、耗资巨大,相比之下,如今俄罗斯军队灵活精悍。A small minority of my compatriots oppose Moscow’s hard line. Twenty years ago it was the reverse: a minority opposed rapprochement with the west. But that was before the west rediscovered the politics of Versailles and decided Russia had to be stopped at all costs. With encouragement, these foreign powers imagined, the new bourgeoisie would revolt against Mr Putin. Instead, they are rallying around him.在俄罗斯,反对政府强硬路线的民众如今只占少数0年前,情况是反过来的:反对与西方重新修好的人是少数派。但后来,西方重拾凡尔赛条约式政治,下定决心要不惜一切代价遏制俄罗斯。西方大国以为,只要加以鼓励,俄罗斯的新中产阶级会奋起反抗普京。事实恰恰相反,他们高度拥护普京。State propaganda plays a role, but Russians have access to western media via the internet and the more of it they see the more they unite around the Kremlin. This is no time for denial: westerners need to understand how their governments made a potential foe out of what was once an aspiring ally. Russia will not yield. This has become a matter of our nation’s life and death.官方宣传发挥了一定作用,但俄罗斯人能够通过互联网接触到西方媒体——他们看得越多,就越紧密地团结在俄罗斯政府周围。不能再拒绝面对现实:西方人必须理解,他们的政府将一个曾经渴望成为盟友的国家,变成了自己潜在的敌人。俄罗斯不会屈。这已变成关乎我们国家存亡的事情。A lasting peace in Europe is a noble aim. It can be achieved only through mutual respect and an accommodation of legitimate interests. Even for a europhile such as me, it will be hard to argue for political union with a Europe that is abandoning, one hopes temporarily, Christianity and traditional norms. But our goal must be to create a common space in which people, capital and energy can move freely between Europe, with its old ties to the US, and a Russia that is embracing Asia.在欧洲实现持久和平是个崇高的目标。只有通过相互尊重、容纳对方的合理利益诉求,才能实现这个目标。即便是我这样一个亲欧者,也很难主张,我们应与这个正在抛弃基督教信仰和传统准则(希望这只是暂时的)的欧洲结成政治同盟。但我们的目标必须是创造一个共同的空间,让资本和能源能够在与美国保留传统纽带的欧洲和正在拥抱亚洲的俄罗斯之间自由流动。Meanwhile, we must avoid visiting the horrors of war on the people of Ukraine. If we fail to do that, we will have abandoned another European value: reason.与此同时,我们必须避免让战争的恐惧笼罩乌克兰人民。不这样做,那就是抛弃了另一项欧洲价值观:理性。来 /201409/331615BEIJING (Reuters) - China on Monday exonerated a teenager executed more than 18 years ago for the rape and murder of a woman, drawing approval from judicial reform advocates who saw his death as a symbol of the miscarriage of justice in capital punishment cases.路透社北京125日电 本周一,中国对18年前被控强奸杀人并被判处死刑的少年重新宣判无罪。司法改革提倡者们本将这名少年的死视作死刑案件审判不公的标志,而重新宣判无罪的消息让他们称赞。A retrial by an Inner Mongolian court found that Huugjilt, then 18 years old, was wrongly convicted in 1996 of raping and killing a woman in a public restroom.内蒙古法院的重审发现,当8岁的呼格吉勒图在1996年是被误判以公厕内的奸杀罪名的。Another man confessed to the murder in 2005, but a retrial was not conducted until this year, the official Xinhua news agency reported.据新华社官方报道005年,另一个人承认自己犯下了那起杀人案,但直到今年重审才进行。A court official apologized to Huugjilts sobbing parents, who had been petitioning judicial authorities since 2006 to re-try the case, state media reported.国家媒体报道,法院一名官员向呼格吉勒图啜泣的父母道歉,他们从2006年起就一直向司法机关请愿要求重审案件。China has embarked on legal reforms, including reducing the use of death penalty, as public discontent mounts over wrongful punishment.中国已经开始了法律改革,其中包括减少死刑的使用,因为公众对于错误处罚愈发不满;This shows the spirit behind judicial reform in our country and that the will to pursue justice exists - thats a good thing,; said Chen Guangzhong, a top scholar of criminal law at the China University of Political Science and Law.Chen added, however, that there remain significant obstacles to reform of the death penalty and that abolishing capital punishment completely is unlikely at present.中国政法大学的顶级刑法学者陈光中说:“这表现了我们国家司法改革背后的精神,以及追求公正的意愿——这是件好事。”陈还补充道,尽管如此,死刑的改革还存在明显的障碍,彻底废除死刑现在还不太可胀?The decision to exonerate Huugjilt was the most talked-about topic on Sina Weibo, Chinas version of Twitter, with 84,000 comments.Huugjilts family could not be reached for comment. Many ethnic Mongols in China use only one name.对呼格吉勒图宣判无罪一度是中国版推特——新浪微上最热门的话题,4000条。我们无法得到呼格吉勒图的父母的。中国的许多蒙古族人只用一个名字。While wrongful executions have often stirred public outrage, capital punishment itself has wide support from the Chinese public.China guards the number of people executed annually as a state secret but anti-death penalty campaigners say it uses the death penalty in far greater numbers than other countries.虽然错误的审判常常激起众怒,死刑本身在中国民众之中具有广泛的持。中国对每年被处决的人数作为国家机密来保密,但反对死刑运动的参与者说,中国使用死刑的数量比其他国家多得多;Death penalty cases have been subjected to closer scrutiny in recent years, in large part in a response to domestic outcry in cases of individuals who are convicted of serious crimes like murder and rape who are found later to be innocent,; said Maya Wang of Human Rights Watch.人权观察组织的Maya Wang说:“一些人被判定犯下了诸如谋杀和强奸这样的严重罪行,后来又被发现是无辜的,国内对此有强烈抗议。最近几年,死刑案件受到了更仔细的审查,这很大程度上是对抗议的回应。”(译注:人权观察是一个非政府国际组织,总部设在纽约,以调查、促进解决人权问题为主旨。)The government has tightened rules on evidence to exclude confessions obtained through torture, although torture is still widely used, Wang said. China denies that the practice is widesp and says a torture ban is effectively enforced.Maya Wang说,虽然严刑拷打仍然被广泛应用,政府已经采用了更严格的取规则,禁止了在拷问下得到的供词。中国否认了酷刑的广泛存在,并表示酷刑的禁令是被有效执行的。China said in October it is considering trimming nine crimes from the list of offences punishable by death in a draft amendment to the criminal law.The death penalty applies to 55 offences in China, including fraud and illegal money-lending.中国在十月份的一份刑法修正草案中表示,国家正在考虑项罪行从死刑罪名中撤下。在中国5项罪名可被判处死刑,包括欺诈和非法借贷。IANS/IANS - BEIJING , Dec. 15, 2014 (Xinhua) -- Shang Aiyun, mother of Huugjilt who was executed in a controversial 1996 rape and murder case, cries in Hohhot, capital of north Chinas Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Dec. 15, 2014. An impeccance verdict was given on Monday at the retrial 18 years after Huugjilt was sentenced to death and executed in 1996. Huugjilt, who was 18 at the time, was found guilty of raping and murdering a woman in a public toilet in Hohhot on April 9, 1996. After Huugjilt was sentenced to death and executed in June 1996, another alleged serial rapist and killer, Zhao Zhihong, confessed to the murder after he was arrested in 2005. (Xinhua/Ren Junchuan/IANS)呼格吉勒图因1996年发生的有争议的强奸杀人案被判处死刑01425日,他的母亲尚爱云在中国北部内蒙古自治区首府呼和浩特哭泣。呼格吉勒图996年被判决并处以死刑,18年后的这个周一,案件进行再审并宣判无罪。呼格吉勒图当年18岁,被认为在1996日犯下了在一座公厕强奸并杀害一名女性的罪行。在呼格吉勒996月被判处死刑之后005年另一名犯下多起奸杀案的嫌疑人赵志红被逮捕,承认他才是当年的凶手。来 /201412/348868

The US economy is growing at its fastest rate in a decade ahead of today’s congressional elections, the kind of uptick that would lift any leader facing voters in struggling Europe or Japan.今日国会选举前夕,数据显示美国经济正经历10年以来最快的增长率,在苦苦挣扎的欧洲或日本,这种增长足以提高领导人在选民中的人气。But Barack Obama and the Democrats are encountering only headwinds as polls point to a sullen US electorate handing the Republicans control of the Senate for the first time in eight years and lifting their majority in the House to the biggest margin in half a century.但巴拉克#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)和民主党(Democrat)所面临的只有逆风,民调显示,愤懑的美国选民8年来将首次让共和党控制参议院,并帮助众议院中的共和党人取得半个世纪以来最大席位优势。That would sharply boost the morale of a Republican party that has been portrayed as stuck in an ideological cul-de-sac in recent years, reliant on a declining voter base of ageing white men.这将大幅提振共和党的士气。该党近年被描绘成陷入意识形态死胡同,依靠人数不断下降的老年白人选民持。The broader mood of the electorate favours neither side, however. At the moment when the US is taking back its traditional position as the locomotive of the global economy, Americans themselves remain gloomy about their country’s, and their own, prospects.然而选民对两党的整体情绪都不怎么样。就在美国恢复其作为全球经济的火车头的传统地位之际,美国人却仍对自己的国家和他们自己的前景感到悲观。“I think voters are anti the Democrats; I don’t think they are for the Republicans,said Michael Barone, of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative Washington think-tank.华盛顿保守派智库——美国企业研究所(American Enterprise Institute)的迈克尔#8226;巴罗(Michael Barone)说:“我认为选民抱有反民主党的情绪,我不认为他们持共和党人。”The benchmark polls that track voter sentiment with a simple question about whether the country is on the right or wrong track have now been in deep negative territory since the administration of George W. Bush.用一个简单的问题(美国正处在正确还是错误的轨道上?)来追踪选民情绪的基准调查,目前深陷自乔治·W·布什(George W Bush)政府以来的负值区间。For a nation that has prided itself on its inveterate optimism and the belief that each generation would be better off than the last, negative sentiment about the future is the new normal.美国人曾自豪于其根深蒂固的乐观精神,坚信每一代人都会过得比上一代人更好,但如今美国人对未来的负面情绪成了新常态。The partiescampaigns, as well as a flood of often anonymous donations from wealthy business leaders on both sides, have reinforced the cynicism with a tidal wave of negative advertising.两党的竞选活动,以及富裕商界领袖对两党作出的往往匿名的大量捐款,都以铺天盖地的负面广告,强化了人们的怀疑心态。This midterm election will cost bn, according to the Centre for Responsive Politics, a record amount for a non-presidential year. In the small, highly contested state of Iowa, one local television ran about 20 political ads in a row.根据响应性政治中Center for Responsive Politics)的数据,本次中期选举将耗资40亿美元,创下非总统选举年的纪录。在地域不大,却是两党争夺重点的爱荷华州,当地一家电视台连续播出了约20个政治广告。On his rare appearances on the campaign trail, Mr Obama has tried to counter the negative mood. “Despite all the cynicism, America is making progress,he said at a rally in Connecticut for the governor’s race.奥巴马在此次竞选期间罕有的几次露面中试图对抗负面情绪。他在康涅狄格州一次州长竞选的集会上说:“尽管有这么多怀疑情绪,但美国正取得进展。”来 /201411/340801Chinese investors have ignored efforts by the securities regulator to curb downward pressure on the country’s tumbling stock market, with bourses in Shanghai and Shenzhen registering hefty declines on Thursday.中国券监管机构已采取多项举措,试图减轻不断下跌的中国股市的下行压力,但中国投资者对此却并不买账。周四,上海和深圳股市出现大幅下跌。Moves by the China Securities Regulatory Commission late on Wednesday to relax collateral rules on margin loans failed to staunch market losses on Thursday, with the Shanghai Composite Index falling as much as 5.5 per cent deepening Wednesday’s 5.3 per cent decline while Shenzhen was down 5.8 per cent.周三晚,中国监会采取行动,放宽了融资融券担保物规定,但这并没能阻止股市在周四继续下跌:上综指下跌.48%,收912.77点,深综指则收.55%。Margin finance has been a major driver of the rally that propelled Chinas main stock index to a seven-year high on June 12, but the market has since tumbled more than 20 per cent due in part to worries about a clampdown on leveraged bets.融资交易是这轮上涨行情的主要推动力之一。在这轮行情中,中国主要股指曾在62日触年高点,但在那之后累计下跌了0%,部分原因是人们担心监管机构打压杠杆交易。The China Securities Regulatory Commission said late on Wednesday that brokerages are free to set their own rules for demanding more collateral from clients when stocks bought with borrowed money fall in value. Previous rules required clients to add assets to their accounts when their collateral ratio dropped below 130 per cent, or else liquidate their positions.周三晚,中国监会表示,券商可以自行制定要求客户追加担保物的相关规定,这种要求追加担保物的情况发生在客户用所借资金买入的股票发生贬值时。此前的规定要求,当客户担保比例低于130%时,就必须向其账户补充资产,否则就会遭遇强行平仓。“The new CSRC rules to stop forced liquidation have hit the nail on the head and will calm the market for now,Hao Hong, research director at Bocom International, wrote in a note.交银国际(Bocom International)研究总监洪灏在一份报告中写道:“监会的新规定停止强平盘击中了问题要害,将暂时使市场平静。”Stock exchange data show that after surging to a high of Rmb2.27tn (6bn) on June 18 from Rmb401bn a year earlier outstanding margin loans have fallen Rmb236bn. But Mr Hao also warned that the relaxation may sow the seeds for a future crisis.券交易所数据显示,中国股市融资余额在68日激增至2.27万亿元人民币(一年前010亿元人民币)之后,已减少2360亿元人民币。但洪灏表示,放宽担保物规定可能为未来的危机埋下种子。“Beyond the short term, we believe margin call is a necessary risk management mechanism for brokers. The premise of margin trades is that asset prices will rise perpetually. It simply cannot be true,he said.他说:“展望未来,我们认为追加保金是券商的一个必要的风险管理机制。融资交易的前提是资产价格将永远上涨。然而,这是不可能的。”In addition to loosening collateral requirements, the new rules allow margin loans to be extended for longer than the previous six-month limit, and eliminate the requirement that margin clients must have assets in their securities account worth at least Rmb500,000.除了放宽担保物要求,新规还允许融资融券合约展期至此前的限制(个月)以上,并取消了融资融券客户券账户资产的价值不得低0万元人民币的规定。The CSRC first proposed the changes on June 12 in the form of draft rules open for a month-long public comment period. But in its statement on Wednesday the regulator said that “because the situation is specialthe rules would now take effect immediately.这些改革举措是中国监会2日以草案形式首次提出的,并启动了为时一个月的征求公众意见期。不过,在周三发布的这份声明中,该会表示“因情况特殊”,规定会尽快实斀?Also late on Wednesday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges as well as the state-backed clearing house lowered transaction fees on stock trades by 30 per cent, from 0.0696 per cent to 0.0487 per cent. China Securities Depository and Clearing, the state-backed clearing house, also cut its transfer fee by about a third.同样在周三晚,沪、深券交易所和中国券登记结算公China Securities Depository and Clearing)将A股交易经手费下调30%,从0.0696%降至0.0487%。此外,中国券登记结算公司还把A股交易过户费下调了大约三分之一。The finance ministry and stock exchanges have traditionally used taxes and fees to influence the market, either to boost flagging sentiment or to cool an overheated rally. Many analysts also expect the finance ministry to follow with a reduction in the stamp tax, which is also levied on stock transactions.传统上,中国财政部和券交易所会以税费为手段影响市场,或为提振低迷的市场情绪,或为过热的上涨势头降温。许多分析师还预计,中国财政部随后会降低印花税。In another effort to buoy the market the securities regulator issued rules expanding finance options for securities brokerages. A pilot project that allowed 20 large brokerages to sell bonds on the stock exchange will be expanded to the entire industry.另一项托市的举措是,中国监会发布规定,扩大了券商的融资渠道。此前推出的一个允0家大型券商在股市出售债券的试点项目,将推广至整个行业。Brokerages will also be permitted to securitise their margin loans, boosting their ability to expand margin lending without burdening their own balance sheets.此外,券商还被允许将其融资融券收益权资产券化,从而在不为其资产负债表增加负担的同时,提升其发放保金贷款的能力。来 /201507/383920

Frances ruling Socialist party and its leader Francois Hollande took a drubbing in local elections Sunday from the conservative UMP party led by former President Nicolas Sarkozy and the far-right National Front - or FN - party with its anti-immigration and anti-Islam platform.在法国星期日举行的地方选举中,执政党社会党及其领袖奥朗德受挫于前总统萨科齐领导的保守派人民运动联盟以及极右翼党派民族阵线。民族阵线以反移民和反伊斯兰作为竞选纲领。Voters went to the run-off polls to choose 4,108 people who will sit on 98 local councils.选民们在决选中投票选举98个地方议会的4108名议员。The Socialists lost about half of their councils to the conservative UMP party, opening the way for Mr. Sarkozy to mount a campaign for another bid at the presidency in 2017.社会党控制的大约一半地方议会被人民运动联盟拿走,萨科齐可以据此争取2017年再度当选总统。The FN did not win an entire council, but scores of its candidates across the country won seats on local councils. The FN wins are seen as the beginning of grassroots support for the presidential campaign for the groups leader, Marine Le Pen, who has been outspoken in her views against immigration and the integration of Islam into French society.民族阵线没有赢得所有议会的控制权,但该党候选人在全国各地的地方议会中都赢得了议席。民族阵线在选举中的斩获被视为该党领袖勒庞的总统竞选活动开始获得底层民众的持。勒庞公开反对移民,并反对伊斯兰教融入法国社会。Prime Minister Manuel Valls acknowledged the ;setback; for the Socialists and said the far-right FNs gains were ;too high.;法国总理瓦尔斯承认社会党“受挫”,并表示极右翼政党民族阵线赢得“太多”。Mr. Valls also said France had declared its ;anger at a daily life that is too difficult; and promised to ;redouble; the governments efforts to revive the French economy, the second largest in the eurozone.瓦尔斯还说,法国民众对日常生活过于艰苦感到烦恼。他保政府将加倍努力,振兴法国经济。法国是欧元区的第二大经济体。来 /201503/367255

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