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遵义手术疤痕整形遵义/正安县大腿抽脂价格多少Switzerland is not known normally for jolting the global financial system but that is what it has done, and without warning. It has abandoned a self-imposed peg of the Swiss franc against the euro, introduced in 2011, and lowered the aly negative interest rate on deposits from minus 0.25 per cent to minus 0.75 per cent.瑞士一般并不以令全球金融体系震荡而著称,然而它刚刚就这么干了一回,而且毫无预警。瑞士取消了自己强加的瑞士法郎兑欧元汇率上限011年出台),并将已经为负的存款利率0.25%降至-0.75%。In the wake of Thursday’s announcement, the Swiss franc soared against the euro by almost 40 per cent, though this gain was subsequently halved.上周四该政策一经宣布,瑞郎相对欧元一度飙升近40%,不过这一涨幅随后回吐了一半。So let us put the action of the Swiss National Bank into context; what was the aim and what is its significance?那么,让我们梳理下瑞士央SNB)此举的来龙去脉,看看它目的何在,其意义又是什么?The central bank might have seen an opportunity to stop the vigorous expansion of its balance sheet since 2011, which followed currency market interventions to hold down the Swiss franc and support the euro in the midst of the sovereign debt crisis. By the end of 2014, it had risen to about SFr500bn, or 80 per cent of gross domestic product. Relative to the size of its economy, Switzerland’s central bank had a balance sheet about three times larger than those of the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. Flows into Swiss francs have grown as a result of the quest for a haven from Russia’s economic and political problems.瑞士央行或许是认为,这是阻止其资产负债规模急剧扩张的一个机会。自2011年瑞士央行干预汇市、压低瑞郎汇率并撑遭遇主权债务危机的欧元以来,该行的资产负债规模就一直在扩张。到2014年底,其资产负债规模已扩至000亿瑞郎,相当于瑞士国内生产总GDP)0%。就央行资产负债规模与本国经济规模之比而言,瑞士央行是美联Fed)和英国央BoE)倍以上。在俄罗斯遭遇经济和政治问题后,为寻求避险,越来越多的资金涌入瑞郎。The authorities may have grown concerned, moreover, at the prospect of additional flows into francs should there be an announcement by the European Central Bank at its meeting on 22 January as is now widely expected to commence quantitative easing. If there had been any such influx with the peg still in place, the SNB’s balance sheet would have expanded even further.另外,瑞士当局或许是越来越担心,一旦欧洲央ECB)如人们现在普遍预期的那样2日的会议上宣布启动量化宽松,可能会有更多资金流入瑞郎。如果汇率上限依然存在时出现过这种流入,那么瑞士央行的资产负债规模可能已进一步扩大。In theory, the SNB could have continued to build up its balance sheet without limit, comfortable in the knowledge that it could print unlimited Swiss francs to cover any foreign currency losses in the future if the franc rose. However, in so doing, the traditionally cautious central bank might well have landed itself with even bigger financial stability concerns than those it has been grappling with hitherto ultimately, about the consequences of open-ended money creation. The monetary base has quintupled to SFr400bn since the middle of 2011, property prices and rents are increasing rapidly, and bank lending has risen by 25 per cent as a share of GDP to 170 per cent.理论上讲,瑞士央行本可继续放心地无限扩大其资产负债规模,因为它清楚自己可以无限量印制瑞郎、以弥补若未来瑞郎升值所造成的任何外汇损失。但这家一向谨慎的央行如果真的这样做,很可能引起外界对其金融稳定性的更大担心,甚至要比它迄今一直竭力应对的问题引发的担忧更严重——这件事归根结底与无限货币创造的后果有关。自2011年中期以来,瑞士的货币基础已扩大了4倍,000亿瑞郎,房价和租金正在快速上涨,贷款增长5%,贷款总额相当于GDP70%。In any event, the central bank may have seen no mileage in being a backstop for selling “cheapfrancs should the euro fall in the foreign exchange markets once a QE programme starts.不管怎样,瑞士央行可能已经看到了,如果量化宽松启动后欧元汇率在外汇市场上下跌,出售“廉价”瑞郎撑欧元并无益处。Switzerland will now have to address at least three important problems.瑞士眼下至少需要解决三大问题。First, if the franc’s immediate appreciation against the euro is not reversed, it will intensify the deflation that is working its way through the economy. As oil prices started falling, inflation was expected to be around zero but we should now expect it to far below that, with prices falling substantially.首先,如果目前瑞郎相对欧元的升值不逆转,将会加剧正在影响整个瑞士经济的通缩。在石油价格开始下跌时,人们曾预期瑞士的通胀率会降至零左右,但考虑到物价正大幅下跌,我们现在应当预期通胀率会降至远低于零的水平。Second, a stronger franc rate against the euro could lower Swiss economic growth by about 0.7 per cent. It will have a negative effect on business and investment decisions, and will harm exporters, which ship about half their products to countries using the euro. It could spur higher direct investment abroad.其次,瑞郎兑欧元汇率走高可能会造成瑞士经济增幅减少.7个百分点。这将对商业和投资决策产生负面影响,并损害出口企业,瑞士出口企业有一半左右的产品都发往使用欧元的国家。这有可能会促使瑞士人对海外进行更多的直接投资。Third, the rise of the franc will expose the central bank to sizeable losses on its assets, about half of which are denominated in euros though these might simply offset comparable gains made from currency interventions in 2014.第三,瑞郎的走强将令瑞士央行面临巨大的资产损失,其资产约有一半以欧元计价——尽管这些损失可能只是刚好抵消了014年从干预汇市中获得的收益。Only last month, when the central bank reaffirmed its peg policy, it warned of the dangers of local and global deflation, and stated that the currency was still overvalued.就在上个月,瑞士央行在重申其汇率上限政策时,还警告瑞士及全球有陷入通缩的危险,同时表示瑞郎仍然受到高估。The abandonment of the peg is, therefore, additionally surprising. Suppressing the value of the Swiss franc did not make local deflation any less likely, and presiding over this latest rise will only make bigger price falls likely. Some European banks have been active in lending the currency for mortgages in eastern Europe. These and other Swiss franc borrowers now face a new deflationary shock as their local debt service and amortisation costs rise.因此,瑞士央行取消汇率上限的做法就更加令人惊讶。压低瑞郎汇率并没有减少瑞士通缩的可能性,而促成这次的上涨只会导致物价的更大幅下降。部分欧洲一直在东欧积极推出瑞郎抵押贷款。随着当地的偿债和摊还成本上升,这些抵押贷款的借款人以及其他借入瑞郎的人现在面临一个新的通缩冲击。As delegates head off to the World Economic Forum in Davos, they might reflect that history is repeating itself in a curious way. In the late 1970s, Switzerland introduced negative deposit rates to stop currency appreciation against the Deutschmark; and, when that did not work, it capped the franc’s value. That policy failed.在各位参会者启程参加达沃斯世界经济论坛(World Economic Forum)之际,他们可能在想历史正在以一种奇特的方式重演0世纪70年代末,瑞士出台负存款利率以阻止瑞郎对德国马克升值;当此举没有奏效时,瑞士为瑞郎汇率设置了上限。这一政策失败了。This time, Switzerland has pursued the same policies in reverse order.这一次,瑞士以相反的顺序执行了同样的政策。Foreign exchange markets are important lightning conductors of global shocks, this time deflation but central banks acting alone have rarely provided stability. With the ECB on the cusp of implementing QE, that goal seems a long way off.外汇市场是防范全球性冲击的重要避雷针(这一次的全球性冲击是通缩),但各国央行的单打独斗很少能带来稳定性。在欧洲央行即将启动量化宽松之际,要实现这一目标似乎还有很长的路要走。来 /201501/355264遵义务川仡佬族苗族自治县脸上祛斑多少钱 Joko Widodo, the reformist governor of Jakarta, has been elected as the next president of Indonesia, capping a meteoric rise for the 53-year-old furniture salesman turned mayor.雅加达首都特区行政长官、改革派佐科#8226;维多Joko Widodo)被选为印尼下任总统,从而令这位曾经的家具推销员火箭般的升迁历程达到顶峰,他今3岁,是雅加达的市长。The election commission in the world’s third-largest democracy announced on Tuesday that Mr Widodo had beaten his only challenger, former general Prabowo Subianto, by 53 per cent to 47 per cent, with more than 130m votes.印尼选举委员会周二宣布,维多多以53%的得票率、总计.3亿的选票击败了唯一对手、曾任将军的普拉沃#8226;苏比安托(Prabowo Subianto),后者获得了47%的选票。“This is a victory for all the Indonesian people,Mr Widodo said after the results were announced. “I hope this people’s victory will pave the way to an Indonesia that is politically independent, stands on its own feet economically and preserves its culture.”选举结果公布之后,维多多表示:“这是印尼全体人民的胜利。我希望这次人民的胜利能够为政治上独立、经济上自主并保留原有文化的印尼铺平道路。”The news came after an emotional Mr Subianto said he would reject the results on the grounds that the election was “not fair, not just, not clean就在这一消息传出之前,十分情绪化的苏比安托曾表示会拒绝接受选举结果,因为选举“不公平、不公正、不干净”。The self-styled strongman has three days in which to lodge a formal protest with the Constitutional Court but analysts dismissed his attack on the electoral process as unfounded.这位自称强硬的人还有三天时间可以向宪法法Constitutional Court)提出正式抗议,不过分析人士认为他对选举过程的攻击是毫无根据的。“Mr Subianto is clearly struggling to accept defeat after a decade-long struggle to win the presidency,said Paul Rowland, an election expert in Jakarta. “This is the best-run presidential election that Indonesia has ever seen.”维多多是首位来自印尼严密的上流社会圈子之外的总统,他此次胜选点燃了人们心中的希望,希望他能为这个东南亚最大经济体引入急需的改革。The first president to come from outside Indonesia’s tightly knit elite, Mr Widodo’s election victory has sparked hopes that he will be able to introduce much-needed reform of southeast Asia’s biggest economy.尽管苏比安托团队对维多多的抹黑令他经历了一场艰难的选战,但他谦卑的形象、在地方政府改革的成绩以及毫不贪腐的名声都令他成为印尼最受欢迎的政治家。Wijayanto Samirin, an economic adviser to Mr Widodo, said: “Mr Widodo will have the guts to make dramatic changes in policy because he is not weighed down by vested interests.对苏比安托强硬外交措辞颇为担忧的外国投资者表示,维多多行胜于言的风格有助于印尼政府应对十分棘手的结构性问题,比如地域性贪腐、糟糕的基础设施、以及今年规模估计达210亿美元的燃料补贴法案——该法案是印尼财政赤字预计会达到2.4%的关键原因。“But he must move quickly to announce and implement reforms in his first year, while he still has momentum.”由于期待维多多会改变印尼前景,今年印尼金融市场已经回暖,雅加达券交易所指数上涨0%,卢比兑美元汇率上涨%。Mr Widodo’s humble image, record of local government reform and corruption-free reputation has made him Indonesia’s most popular politician, despite a bitter campaign by Mr Subianto’s team to discredit him.不过,分析人士警告说,由于在高层的政治经验太少,今年10月份维多多上任后将很难满足人们的过高期望。来 /201407/314824There are three crises afflicting Europe. Two are on the borders of the EU: a warlike Russia and an imploding Middle East. The third emergency is taking place inside the EU itself where political, economic and diplomatic tensions are mounting.目前有三场危机困扰着欧洲。其中两场危机发生在欧盟(EU)边上:好战的俄罗斯和内乱的中东。第三个危机情况正在欧盟内部上演——政治、经济和外交紧张与日俱增。The past month has seen all three crises facing Europe intensify. The terrorist attacks in Paris heightened fears about the potential spillover of violence and religious tensions from the Middle East. Russian-backed separatists have renewed their offensive in Ukraine. And Syriza’s victory in Greece means that for the first time since the euro crisis broke out a radical left party has won an election in an EU country.在过去一个月里,欧洲面临的这三场危机均有所加剧。袭击巴黎的恐怖分子,加深了人们对中东暴力和宗教紧张产生溢出效应的担忧。俄罗斯持的分裂势力在乌克兰再度发起进攻。激进左翼联Syriza)在希腊大选中获胜意味着,极左政党在一个欧盟国家赢得选举——自欧元区危机爆发以来,这还是头一回。The problems in Russia, the Middle East and theeurozone have very different roots. But, as they worsen, they are beginning to feed on each other.俄罗斯、中东以及欧元区危机的根源差异很大。但是,随着形势恶化,它们开始相互助燃。The economic slump in much of the EU has encouraged the rise of populist parties of the right and left. The sense of insecurity on which the populists feed has been further encouraged by the spillover from the conflict in the Middle East whether in the form of terrorism or mass illegal migration. In countries such as Greece and Italy, the inflow of migrants from (or through) the Middle East has heightened the atmosphere of social crisis, making immigration almost as controversial as austerity.欧盟大部分国家出现经济低迷,促进了右翼和左翼民粹主义政党的崛起。民粹主义者赖以壮大的不安全感,受到中东冲突溢出效应(无论是恐怖主义还是大规模非法移民)的进一步推动。在希腊和意大利等国,来自(或经由)中东地区的移民大量涌入,强化了社会危机氛围,使得移民问题几乎与紧缩政策一样备受争议。Meanwhile, Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine presents the EU with its biggest foreign policy challenge since the cold war. Mishandled, it could lead to military conflict. The EU, marshalled by Germany, has managed to unite around a reasonably toughpackage of sanctions. But the rise of the political extremes within Europe threatens EU unity on Russia making it more likely that the Kremlin will be emboldened and that the crisis will escalate.与此同时,俄罗斯对乌克兰的军事干预,给欧盟带来冷战结束后最严峻的外交政策挑战。若处置不当,可能会导致军事冲突。在德国的推动下,欧盟迄今成功地团结起来,对俄罗斯实施了一套合理严厉的制裁方案。但是,欧洲内部政治极端主义的崛起,对欧盟在俄罗斯问题上的团结构成威胁——使克林姆林宫更有可能壮胆,也使危机更有可能升级。One emotion that seems to unite the far-left and the far-right in countries such as Greece, Germany and France is a soft spot for Vladimir Putin’s Russia. The far-right likes Mr Putin’s social conservatism, his emphasis on the nation state, his authoritarianism and his hostility to America and the EU. The extreme left seems to have retained its traditional affinity for Moscow.对弗拉基米尔#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)领导的俄罗斯抱有好感,似乎是希腊、德国和法国等国极右翼和极左翼的共同情结。极右翼欣赏普京的社会保守主义、他对民族国家的注重、他的威权主义以及他对美国和欧盟的敌意。极左翼似乎保留着对莫斯科的传统亲切感。It makes perfect sense for Russia to cultivate the political extremes inside the EU. If the unity of the EU breaks down, the sanctions regime that has helped to isolate Russia will also begin to dissolve. Mr Putin has fostered ties with the far-right National Front in France, as well as Syriza in Greece. The first foreign dignitary received by Alexis Tsipras, the new Greek prime minister, was the Russian ambassador. Athens immediately voiced its opposition to further EU sanctions on Russia.俄罗斯完全有理由煽动欧盟内部的政治极端主义。如果欧盟的团结瓦解,有助于孤立俄罗斯的制裁机制也将开始解体。普京已经与法国的极右翼政党国民阵线(National Front)和希腊的激进左翼联盟加强了联系。希腊新总理亚历克西#8226;齐普拉斯(Alexis Tsipras)会见的首位外宾便是俄罗斯大使。希腊随即表明反对欧盟对俄罗斯出台进一步制裁措斀?For Angela Merkel, the German chancellor and Europe’s dominant political figure, the problems are crowding in. She is under domestic pressure to be tough with Greece but under international pressure to cut a deal. Greece’s flirtation with Russia has added a geopolitical angle to the euro crisis, making it likely that the Americans will press Germany to keep the Greeks within the EU family. (Historians might recall that the Truman doctrine of containment of the Soviet Union was rolled out in 1947, as Washington moved to keep Greece from falling into Moscow’s orbit.)对于欧洲领头的政治人物、德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)而言,麻烦正接踵而至。她面临的国内压力要求她对希腊采取强硬态度,但国际间的压力要求她达成某种交易。希腊与俄罗斯之间的暧昧关系,给欧元区危机添加了一个地缘政治维度,可能会促使美国施压德国,要求让希腊留在欧盟大家庭内。(历史学家也许会回想起1947年为遏制苏联而推出的“杜鲁门主义Truman doctrine),当时华盛顿努力确保希腊不落入莫斯科方面的轨道。)The intensification of the fighting in Ukraine presents the German chancellor with another set of stark choices. The clamour to arm the Ukrainians is growing in the US and parts of the EU. But the Russians are issuing dire warnings about the consequences of such a decision that are likely to alarm the pacifistic German public. The rightwing German parties that are calling for toughness towards Greece and softness towards Russia, are also linked to the “anti-Islamisationdemonstrations that have broken out in German cities.乌克兰冲突加剧给德国总理带来又一波严峻的选择。在美国,在欧盟一些地方,向乌克兰方面提供军火的呼声日益高涨。但是俄罗斯对此类决定的后果发出严重警告,很可能让和平主义的德国民众震惊。呼吁强硬对待希腊、温和对待俄罗斯的德国右翼政党,还与德国多座城市爆发的“反伊斯兰化”游行有牵连。Ms Merkel’s government at least has the advantage of reasonably favourable economic conditions at home. Unemployment is low and Germany can borrow at rock-bottom rates. By contrast, there is a strong sense of social and economic crisis in other key EU countries. Unemployment is in double-digits in Spain, Italy and France and Greek-style revolts against economic austerity and the EU are distinctly possible.默克尔领导的政府在国内至少具备经济状况相当有利的优势。失业率维持低位,德国能以极低利率借款。相比之下,欧盟其它大国充满强烈的社会和经济危机感。西班牙、意大利和法国的失业率盘踞在两位数高位,完全可能出现针对经济紧缩政策和欧盟的希腊式反抗。Worryingly, none of Europe’s three crises look like improving. In the Middle East, Syria and Libya are in a state of near-collapse and the situation is also bleak in Yemen and Iraq. Russia’s behaviour is becoming more, not less, threatening. And although optimists continue to argue that it is inevitable that Greece and the EU will strike a debt deal, the early signs are unpromising and confrontation is looming.令人担忧的是,欧洲的三场危机似乎没有好转迹象。在中东,叙利亚和利比亚正处于濒临崩溃的状态,也门和伊拉克的形势也十分黑暗。俄罗斯的行为正变得更具威胁性,而没有放缓的意思。尽管乐观主义者仍然认为,希腊和欧盟难免会达成债务协议,但早期迹象不容乐观——对抗的乌云正在聚集。All of this looks like a formula for a further fracturing of the political centre in Europe. Loose parallels are being made with the politics of the 1930s when economic depression, combined with an unstable international political environment, led to the rise of political extremism and, ultimately, war.这一切看上去都可能导致欧洲的政治版图进一步破裂。有人将现在的格局0世纪30年代进行粗略类比:当时经济萧条,加上不稳定的国际政治环境,导致政治极端主义兴起,最终引发战争。Fortunately, comparisons with the interwar years still seem far-fetched. Europe back then was a continent still traumatised by the mass killing of the first world war. European states lacked welfare systems which meant that a prolonged slump quickly translated into mass destitution.幸运的是,与两次世界大战之间那个时期的类比似乎仍然牵强。那时的欧洲尚未从一战的大规模杀戮恢复元气,而且欧洲各国缺少福利体系——这意味着持续低迷很快转化为大规模贫困。Modern Europe has an economic and political resilience, as well as a bedrock of wealth, that was simply not there in the 1930s. All the same, the current atmosphere in the continent is as unstable and unpredictable as anything that I can remember in my adult lifetime.现代欧洲拥有经济和政治上的韧性,也拥有财富基础,这些都0世纪30年代根本不存在的。不过在我的记忆中,目前的欧洲大陆,正处在自我成年以来最不稳定,且最难以预料的氛围之中。来 /201502/358686遵义桐梓县激光祛痣多少钱

遵义市赤水市中医院口腔科EU leaders took the first step towards extending their sweeping economic sanctions against Russia on Thursday night, agreeing that the measures would be maintained unless last month’s ceasefire agreement reached in Minsk was implemented in full by Moscow.周四晚,欧盟(EU)领导人迈出了延长对俄全面经济制裁的第一步。他们达成共识,除非俄罗斯完全履行上月在明斯克达成的停火协议,将把对俄制裁延续下去。The communiqué, agreed on the first day of a two-day summit in Brussels, fell short of hopes from some hardline countries and the summit’s host, European Council president Donald Tusk for an immediate renewal of the sanctions, which are due to expire in July.此次欧盟峰会在布鲁塞尔举行,为期两天。第一天达成的会议公报,没有满足一些立场强硬国家和欧洲理事European Council)主席唐纳#8226;图斯Donald Tusk)的希望,立即延长原定今年7月到期的制裁。But by tying the measures to the Minsk agreement, which among other things requires Russia to secure its border with Ukraine and hand over its control to Ukrainian authorities, officials believe extension is now assured since the Kremlin is not expected to live up to the agreement’s terms.但是,把制裁跟明斯克协议捆绑在一起后,欧盟官员们可以认为延长制裁可以确定的了,因为预计俄罗斯不会履行该协议的条款。明斯克协议内容包括,要求俄罗斯确保俄乌边境的安全,并将控制权移交给乌克兰当局。“Our common intention is also very, very clear,said Mr Tusk at a post-summit press conference. “We have to maintain our sanctions until the Minsk agreement is fully implemented.”“我们的共同意图是非常明确的,”图斯克在峰会后的一场记者招待会上说,“我们必须维持制裁,直到俄罗斯完全履行明斯克协议为止。”The communiqué notes the Minsk agreement is not expected to be completed until December, sending a signal that the extension, once it is agreed, would be for six months rather than the full year of the original sanctions regime.会议公报指出,明斯克协议将于今年12月到期,这对外发出一个信号:一旦各方同意延长制裁,延长期限将为6个月,而不是最初制裁安排的一整年。The EU sanctions agreed in July include an arms embargo against Russia as well as a ban on selling the Kremlin sophisticated oil-drilling equipment, a measure aimed at degrading the ability of Russia’s energy sector to expand. Most importantly, it bars Russia’s largest banks from raising money on European financial markets.去年7月达成的欧盟制裁包括,对俄武器禁运,以及禁止对俄出售先进的石油钻探设备,以期削弱俄能源业的扩张能力。最重要的是,它将禁止俄罗斯的大在欧洲金融市场上融资。来 /201503/365916遵义/市余庆县比基尼脱毛价格 Yuan may be part of SDR人民币有望入IMF货币篮The Group of Seven countries are in fundamental agreement that the Chinese yuan should be part of the IMFs international basket of reference currencies, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said.德国财长朔伊布勒近日表示,七国集团已达成初步协议,同意人民币加入国际货币基金组织(IMF)的一篮子参考货币。The IMF began holding meetings this month to review the status of the Chinese currency and discuss whether it could be added to the special drawing rights basket. Results will be available by December.IMF本月开启的一系列会议旨在评估人民币的地位,同时讨论人民币加入;特别提款;篮子的可能性,讨论结果将于12月出炉。The basket currently includes the US dollar, euro, British pound and Japanese yen.目前的一篮子货币包括美元、欧元、英镑和日元。The yuan became the worlds fifth-largest payment currency in December, passing the Canadian and Australian dollars.去年12月,人民币超过加元和澳元,成为全球第五大付货币。来 /201506/378129遵义播州区大腿激光脱毛多少钱

遵义手臂脱毛7 new MERS cases in S.Korea韩国再增七名MERS病例Seven new cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, have been confirmed in South Korea, taking the total to 145, the countrys Ministry of Health and Welfare said Sunday.韩国保健福祉4日表示,韩国新增7例中东呼吸综合征(MERS)病例,确诊患者增45人。Fifteen people died from the virus so far, 10 have recovered after being infected and 120 are under treatment, the ministry said.截至目前,有15人死亡,10人痊愈,120人正在接受治疗。The Samsung Medical Center, a prominent hospital in Seoul, suspended most services on Sunday to focus on stopping MERS after being identified as the epicenter of the sp of MERS.首尔一家著名医院——三星首尔医院被发现已成为MERS疫情扩散的集中源头4日,该医院叫停了大部分务,希望能阻止疫情发展。The outbreak has sparked international concern, shuttered more than 3,000 schools and stalled the countrys economy.这场全球关注的疫情使得韩国超千所学校关闭,经济陷于停滞状态。来 /201506/380687 遵义/务川县中医院口腔科遵义/去除川字纹



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