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新英语900句视频版 第36课:比赛 文本如下:LESSON 1第1课Joana and Mrs. Farias are in the kitchen talking.(乔安娜和菲里亚斯夫人在厨房谈话)MRS. FARIAS: When is Michael coming to pick up?米其尔什么时候来接你?JOANA: He said seven. [The door bell ring.] Would you get the door please, Mama? [Mrs. Fanas goes to the door and opens it.]他说七点钟。[门铃响了]妈妈,您帮我开一下门好吗?[菲里亚斯夫人走去把门打开]MRS.FARIAS: Hello, Micheal. How are you?噢,米其尔,你好?MICHAEL: Fine, thank you, Mrs. Farias. And you?好,谢谢您,菲里亚斯太太。您好吗?MRS.FARIAS: Well, as a matter of fact, I#39;m not feeling very well today.好!不过说实在的,今天我有些不舒。MICHAEL: What#39;s the matter?怎么了?MRS. FARIAS: Oh, I#39;m sure that it#39;s nothing serious. Joana, Michael#39;s here! [Joana enters]噢,没什么大不了的。乔安娜,米其尔来了![乔安娜进屋来]JOANA: Hi, Michael.你好,米其尔!MICHAEL: Hi, you look great!你好!看起来你挺高兴。JOANA: Thank you.谢谢!MRS. FARIAS: Will you two please excuse me? I have some things to do in the kitchen.你们俩聊吧,我要到厨房去干点活。MICHAEL: Certainly. [to Joana ] What#39;s up?您请便![对乔安娜]什么事那么高兴。JOANA: I have some exciting news.我有些激动人心的消息。MICHAEL: What is it? I hope you aren#39;t going back home.什么消息?我可不希望是你准备回老家的消息。JOANA: No.Right now I can#39;t think of any place I#39;d rather be than here. But ...不是。我不能马上想出什么地方比这里更好。不过……MICHAEL: What is it, then?不过什么?说下去。JOANA: How would you like to go to Brazil for two years?去巴西呆两年你觉得怎么样?LESSON 2第2课MICHAEL: What? How? With whom?什么?怎么去?和谁一起去?JOANA: The Brazilian Pavilion is holding an art competition. The person who wins gets a grant to study and paint anywhere in Brazil.世界览会的巴西馆正在举办美术大赛,获胜者将得到奖学金,到巴西的任何地方学习和绘画。MICHAEL: Really? How do you apply?真的?那怎么办呢?JOANA: All you have to do is submit a painting to the Brazilian Pavilion by December 1. You#39;ll love Brazil. I#39;ll show you all the sights. We#39;ll have a wonderful time.你所要干的就是在12月1日以前必须交巴西馆一幅画。你会爱上巴西的。我可以领你看巴西所有的风景名胜。我们将有一段美好的时光。MICHAEL: Hold on. I can enter. That doesn#39;t mean I#39;ll win.说干就干,我可以参加。但这并不等于我能取胜。JOANA: Michael, no one else has a chance!米其尔,没人能有这个机会!MICHAEL: Oh, come on.噢,得啦。JOANA: No, really. Name one modern artist whose pain tings are better than yours? Name one artist whose paintings the judges could possibly like more than yours.不,真的,尽管现代画家的作品比你的要好。但裁判们也许更喜欢你的画。MICHAEL: It#39;s nice to have someone who believes in you. Too bad you#39;re not one of the judges.有人信任你这的确很好。糟糕的是你并不是这次比赛的裁判。JOANA: Which picture are you going to send in?你打算画哪张画?MICHAEL: I don#39;t know. I#39;ll have to do something new-something totally new--something spectacular.我不知道。我得画几张新的——全新的——能够吸引人的作品。 /200809/47750We roamed around the town for hours.我们在镇上到处闲逛了好几个小时。roam,指闲逛,和wander的意思差不多。如果是roam around就表示随便逛逛。 /200802/27209

新英语900句之基础篇 Lesson9:ADVICE AND SUGGESTIONS建议和提议 121. I suggest#61557; you start thinking about careers#61558; with animals#61559;. 我建议你开始考虑与动物相关的职业。 12 My advice#61560; to you is to enjoy#61561; those things. 我给你的建议就是去享受那些东西。 123. I’ll think about it. 我会考虑的。 124 Can I give you some advice? 我能给你一些建议吗? 125. What do you suggest? 你有什么建议? 126. Can I give you some insights? 我能给你一些建议吗?127. I suggest you do what he says. 我建议你按照他说的去做。128. My advice would be to go home. 我的建议就是回家。129. Is that your advice? 那是你的建议吗?130. What would you do in my shoes? 如果你处在我的位置,你会怎么做?131. I’d recommend#61562; that you try to relax. 我建议你放松一下。132. May I make a suggestion#61563;? 我能提个建议吗?133. What do you think I should do? 你认为我该做什么?134. Let me give you a bit of advice. 让我给你点建议.135. What would be your advice? 你的建议是什么?【生词解读】1. suggest [#61555;#61509;#61493;#61540;#61526;#61541;#61555;#61556;] v. 建议;提议2. career [#61547;#61509;#61493;#61554;#61545;#61509;] n. 经历;生涯;历程3. animal [#61493;#61505;#61550;#61545;#61549;#61509;#61548;] n. 动物 4. advice [#61509;#61540;#61493;#61558;#61537;#61545;#61555;] n. 劝告;忠告5. enjoy [#61545;#61550;#61493;#61540;#61526;#61507;#61545;] v. 欣赏;享受;喜爱6. recommend [#61554;#61541;#61547;#61509;#61493;#61549;#61541;#61550;#61540;] v. 推荐;介绍7. suggestion [#61555;#61509;#61493;#61540;#61526;#61541;#61555;#61556;#61510;#61509;#61550;] n. 建议;提议 /200708/16911

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464429

色拉英语乐园 Lesson 80 (16-5) take me to the hospital带我去医院,当顾客要求出租车司机去医院,出租车司机拒绝了,因为去医院那段路堵车得厉害。请看今天的英语对话。本集情景对话:Oh taxi! Taxi! 噢 出租车! 出租车!Oh T-A-X-I !!! 噢 出租车!!!Where to? 到哪里?Take me to the hospital 带我去医院I’m in a hurry! 我有急事!You know traffic in that part of town is really heavy. 你要知道,那儿的交通很堵.I don’t want to get stuck and waste my time in a traffic jam. 我可不想把时间浪费在交通堵塞上.Come on I really need to go to the hospital! 哦, 我真的需要去医院.Please do me a favor and give me a lift! 请帮帮我,让我搭车吧!Sorry 对不起I’m a businessman and in business time is money. 我是个商人, 生意场上时间表就是金钱/That trip sounds like too much time not enough money. 这个车程听上去要花很多时间却没有多少钱.Look I’m having a bad day, okay pal? 瞧,我今天很倒霉,朋友.I’m not taking you to the hospital! 我不带你去医院!Do me a favor … please take me ..to the hospital! 请…帮帮我 带我…去…医院!重点英语单词:Hospital 医院/ get stuck 被困住/ waste 浪费/ traffic jam 交通堵塞/ businessman 商人/英语知识要点:Where to? 到哪里?Take me to…带我去…Take me to the hospital 带我去医院.You know, traffic in that part of town is really heavy. 你要知道,那儿的交通很堵.I don’t want to get stuck and waste my time in a traffic jam. 我可不想把时间浪费在交通堵塞上.Do somebody a favor 帮(某人的)忙Please, do me a favor and give me a lift! 请帮帮我, 让我搭车吧!Do me a favor and turn down the radio. 劳驾,把收音机开轻些.…. Sounds ….. 听起来….That trip sounds like too much time, not enough money. 这个车程听上去要花很多时间,却没有多少钱.The traffic is heavy. 交通很堵.Give somebody a lift 让(某人)搭便车He gave me a lift to school. 上学的路上, 他让我搭了便车.Time is money. 时间就是金钱.I’m having a bad day. 我今天很倒霉.Hospital 医院/ get stuck 被困住/ waste 浪费/ the traffic is heavy. 交通很堵./ give somebody a lift 让(某人)搭便车/ Time is money. 时间就是金钱. /200711/21359

When rivers finally reach the sea,当江河最终汇入大海时they slow down, release their sediment and build deltas.水流减缓,留下大量泥沙,堆成了三角洲In Bangladesh, the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers join to form the world#39;s biggest.在孟加拉国,恒河与雅鲁藏布江的交汇处形成了世界上最大的三角洲Every year, almost 2,000 million tonnes of sediment eroded from the Himalayas is delivered to the ocean.每年大约有20亿吨泥沙在此沉淀,从喜马拉雅山脉上崩塌下来的土石最终归于大海At the delta#39;s mouth, the largest mangrove forest in the world, the Sunderbans.三角洲河口地带有一片世界上最大的红树林,孙德尔本斯红树林。These extraordinary forests spring up throughout the tropics in these tidal zones where rivers meet the sea.这些特殊的树林遍及整个热带地区的潮间带,那里正是河流的入海口Crab-eating macaques are mangrove specialists.食蟹猴是红树林的特有物种In Indonesia, these monkeys have adopted a unique amphibious lifestyle.在印度尼西亚,这些猴子过着一种独特的双栖式生活They fish out fallen food.它们拣食落在水中的食物。The troop also uses the waters to cool off during the heat of the day.在白天酷热难耐之时,猴群会利用水来给身体降温。 Article/201706/514176

In society, we have to follow laws that maintain order.在社会中,我们必须守法、守秩序Did you know all chemical matter follows certain laws as well?你知道化学物质也都遵守法则吗?In fact, we can describe those laws by looking at relationships.我们可以用交互关系来说明这些法则Some easy laws to begin with are the ones that govern the gases.关于气体的法则在最一开始是比较简单的。Back in 1662, Robert Boyle realized that gases had an interesting response when he put them into containers and changed their volume.1662年,波义耳发现了气体有一个有趣的性质,他把气体放进容器并改变体积。Take an empty bottle and put the cap on it, closing that container.拿个空瓶、盖上瓶盖、封住容器、Now squeeze your bottle, and what happens?挤压瓶子,结果发生了什么事?The pressure inside the bottle increases when the size of the container decreases.容器变小时,瓶内压力变大。You can only crush that container so much until the gases inside push back on your hand.当容器内气体对你的手施压时,就是瓶子能被挤压的最大限度。This is called an inverse proportion, and it changes at the same rate for every gas.这被称为反比例,对于任何气体,它都以一个相同的比率变化。Boyle#39;s law allows chemists to predict the volume of any gas at any given pressure because the relationship is always the same.波义耳定律让化学家可预测指定压力下任何气体的体积,因为关系都是相同的。In 1780, Jacques Charles noticed a different relationship between gases and their temperature.1780年,贾克·查理注意到不同气体和温度间的关系If you#39;ve ever seen a hot-air balloon, you#39;ve seen this law in action.如果你看过热气球,你就知道这个法则的效果。When the ballons are laid out, they#39;re totally flat.当气球平放的时候,它是完全平扁的Instead of blowing the balloon up like a party balloon, they use a giant flame to heat the air inside that envelope.他们用巨大的火焰来加热气球内部,而不是像吹普通气球一样。As the air is heated up, the balloon begins to inflate as the gas volume increases.当空气被加热,气体体积增大,气球开始变鼓The hotter the gas becomes, the larger the volume, and that#39;s Charles#39; law.气体温度越高,体积就越大,这就是查理定律。Notice this law is different from Boyle#39;s. Charles#39; law is a direct relationship.注意,这条定律和波义耳定律有所不同。查理定律中的变量有着直接关系。As the temperature increases, the volume increases as well.随着温度的升高,体积也会增大。The third law is also easily demonstrated. When you#39;re blowing up party balloons, the volume increases.第三条法则也可以被简单的说明。当你吹派对上的气球的时候,其体积会增大As you are blowing, you#39;re forcing more and more gas particles into the balloon from your lungs.在你吹的时候,你把越来越多的气体从你的肺里面转移进气球。This causes the balloon volume to increase. This is Avogadro#39;s law in action.这导致了气球的体积增加。这就是阿伏伽德罗定律的实际应用。As the number of particles of gas added to a container are increased, the volume will increase as well.当气体粒子的数量在容器中增加时,体积也会随之增加。If you add too many particles, well, you know what happens next.如果你加入了太多的粒子,你知道接下来会发生什么。Laws are everywhere, even in the tiniest particles of gas.自然法则无处不在,即便是在最微小的气体粒子中。If you squeeze them, the pressure will increase as the particles are pushed together.如果你挤压它们,当粒子们被挤到一起时,气压就会增加。Low volume means a high pressure because those particles push back.小体积意味着需要大的气压,因为这些粒子会压回来。As the temperature increases, gases move away from one another, and the volume increases as well.当温度上升时,气体会互相远离,体积也会随之增加。Finally, if you add gas to a closed container, that container#39;s volume will expand.最后,如果你把气体放在密封的容器里,容器的体积会被撑大。But be careful not to add too much, because otherwise you could end up with a burst balloon.但要小心不要加太多,否则气球会爆炸。 Article/201707/516332

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