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Office hour, game time?[00:.19]Listen and Share[00:.0]Office hour, game time? 上班就是打游戏?[00:1.73]词汇扫描[00:5.9]Land 获得[00:9.80]Spsheet 电子表格程序[00:.]Catch 逮住[00:38.6]英文原文[00:0.]Finally, after years of testing business software,[00:3.31]I landed my dream job -- trying out computer games.[00:6.6]My first day at work I was listing various ideas[00:9.]in a spsheet program when my manager walked by.[00:51.51]He looked at my screen a moment, and then said sternly,[00:5.85]"I'd better not catch you using spsheets on company time[00:58.31]when you know you should be playing games."[01:.]中文大意[01:1.9]逐句对照[01:5.53]Finally, after years of testing business software,[01:8.]I landed my dream job -- trying out computer games.[01:59.81]My first day at work I was listing various ideas[:.75]in a spsheet program when my manager walked by.[:.38]He looked at my screen a moment, and then said sternly,[:.56]"I'd better not catch you using spsheets on company time[:3.89]when you know you should be playing games."[:38.]多学一点[:.]land 土地 乡下[:7.88]They left the land the city.[:5.33]land[:.8]飞机降落[:.81]land 获得[:.3]landed my dream job[:.7]land 带到…(一个什么)地方[:18.]His behavior will land him in jail.[:9.]spsheet 制作电子表格[:35.76]catch 逮住[:0.93]catch somebody doing something[:8.]Catch him sleeping during office hours.[:58.]重新听一次故事原文[:00.69]Finally, after years of testing business software,[:.6]I landed my dream job -- trying out computer games.[:.35]My first day at work I was listing various ideas[:.6]in a spsheet program when my manager walked by.[:.93]He looked at my screen a moment, and then said sternly,[:.]"I'd better not catch you using spsheets on company time[:18.]when you know you should be playing games."[:33.19]谢谢收听上班就是打游戏?做了几年商业软件测试之后,我终于得到了一份自己梦寐以求的的工作--电脑游戏测试 上班的第一天,我用电子表格程序列出一大堆的想法,这时,经理刚从我身边走过 看了一会我的电脑屏幕,然后严肃地说,“在上班时间最好不要让我逮住你使用电了表格程序你知道,这个时间你应该打游戏” 01971。

Mysterious Green Light Over Japan日本上空出现神秘绿光A mysterious green light that shot over northern Japan on Halloween morning was caught on camera by many different sources. Astronomers say the unidentified flying object may have been a piece from an asteroid or rocket that entered the earth atmosphere. When a large piece of rock or metal explodes in the atmosphere it can appear as a streak of light or a fireball. A fireball is a large, bright meteor. At this time, no debris has been found.万圣节早上,日本北部上空出现了神秘绿光,这一景象被各路相机记录了下来天文学家认为该不明飞行物可能是进入地球大气层的小行星或火箭上掉落的碎片当一大块岩石或金属在大气层中爆炸的时候,会形成光束或火球火球是一种大型、明亮的流星截至目前,还没有发现任何碎片译文属原创,,不得转载 6。

Voice 1: The Marathon Des Sables is a seven day race. The race is separated into six different parts. The first three parts involve running about thirty-two kilometres each day. In the fourth part people run about eighty kilometres. The people get ty hours to run these eighty kilometres. The fifth part is a full marathon. The people must complete just over ty-two kilometres. And finally, in the sixth part, runners must run fourteen to nineteen kilometres to the finish line. In all, runners complete a total of five marathons.声音1:撒哈拉沙漠马拉松是一项为期7天的赛事这项赛事包括6个阶段前3个阶段要求每天奔跑3公里在第阶段,参赛者每天要跑8公里左右参赛者要在0个小时内完成80公里第5阶段是全程马拉松参赛者必须完成公里最后,参赛者必须在第6阶段奔跑至19公里,直至终点线这相当于参赛者一共要完成5个马拉松的距离Voice : People competing in the race must run across all kinds of land. They must run up sand dunes, or hills. They must run over salt flats and dried up river beds. They must run through rocky, flat desert fields and ancient dried up lakes. Sometimes the runners may even pass through a small desert village.声音:参与这项赛事的人必须在各种土地上奔跑他们必须在沙丘和山上奔跑他们必须在盐滩和干涸的河床上奔跑他们必须在布满岩石的平坦沙漠区域和古老的干涸河流中奔跑有时参赛者甚至要穿过小型的沙漠村庄译文属 89598。

Brown Spots棕色小点He cut open the lettuce. The lettuce had brown spots in it. He cut open the avocado. The avocado had brown spots in it. He cut open the apple. The apple had brown spots in it. He cut open the banana. The banana had brown spots in it. Everything had brown spots! Where did these brown spots come from? He hated these brown spots. He cut the brown spots out of the lettuce. He cut the brown spots out of the avocado. He cut the brown spots out of the apple. He cut the brown spots out of the banana. He threw all the brown spots into the trash. He said, “Goodbye, brown spots! I got rid of you. I got rid of all of you. Stay out of my fresh food.” The brown spots said, “You got rid of us this time. But we will be back!”他切开生菜生菜上有棕色斑点他切开鳄梨里面也有棕色小点他又切开了苹果里面也是一样他又剥开了香蕉里面同样如此所有果蔬里面都有棕色小点!它是从哪来的?他讨厌这些小点他将生菜中的小点去除又将鳄梨中的去除之后是苹果还有香蕉并将切除部分扔进垃圾堆他称:“再见了,棕色小点!我终于摆脱你了远离我的新鲜食物”小点说:“你这次摆脱我,可我还会回来的!”译文属原创,,不得转载 06。

The second-hand car market is heating up. From luxury brand to online traders, everyone is vying a share of this emerging market. Our reporter Huang Rui takes a closer look.听力文本:The new car sales volume of Mercedes-Benzes from January to October rose 5 percent year-on-year. Despite its stellar permance in new car sells, the company has entered China's premium used-car market with full ce. With its StarElite Pre-Owned Program, Mercedes-Benz aims to become a champion in the second-hand car market. Christian Schr?ter is a senior manager of Mercedes-Benz China Ltd."In the U.S., there are 77 percent of old cars sold, pre-owned cars. And also in Europe, this rate is significantly higher than two-thirds of the market. In China, currently it's just percent, so that we see the same development as in other markets also coming to China."The company says second-hand cars sold under its StarElite program will be less than four years old and have fewer than 0 thousand kilometers on their odometers.It also will provide buyers free routine maintenance cars that have been driven thousand kilometers or less. "We are offering certified cars, and we are offering customers—new customers—entry into the world of Mercedes-Benzes."The company plans to open 30 StarElite pre-owned car sales centers in China next year. Japanese carmaker Nissan is also entering the lucrative market. It has invested 5 million yuan to build the biggest secondhand car trading center in China. The trade volume of second hand car increased by 3 percent in the first three quarters of the year compared to the same period last year. As the market second-hand cars grows in China, many wonder what can be done to improve it.A professional second-hand car website called 51 Autos recently started an online bidding service. It allows car owners to price their used vehicles and lets potential buyers bid against each other.Li Haichao, President and CEO of 51 Auto, says:"With the launch of our platm, we can have more transparency and fairness in the trade. We can reduce irregularities in the market, and hence dispel the doubts of many customers. It will certainly boost the market."Industry analysts say although the second-hand auto market is still in its infancy in China, many car companies will compete ferociously to get a piece of the pie. China Drive, this is Huang Rui. 93。

Part 3. City Recycling.Keywords. landfill, recycle, recyclables, top five.Vocabulary. curbside, bustle, mound, commingle, assorted trash, klift, fuzz, North Carolina, Charlotte Mecklenburg ;Recycle Now; truck, FCR.A. Youre going to hear a report about city recycling. Listen carefully, number the following major points according to the order you hear them.The ed States is running out of landfill space, places to put its trash.Because of that, more commies are encouraging their residents to recycle, to set aside certain materials that wont go to the landfill.One area that met the recycling challenge head-on is the Southeast city of Charlotte, North Carolina.In just a few years, its recycling programs has became one of the country most successful.Catherine Smith lives in one of the 0,000 eligible recycling households in Charlotte, North Carolina.Nearly 80 percent of the households participate in the program.Each week, Smith goes to her front porch and fills her red plastic bin with recyclables.Youve got any plastic containers marked one or two, youve got any glass, they also recycle tin cans and newspapers.So all of that can go in the curbside pick-up bin.Well, Youve got everything out here on the curb, what happens next?Well, this is the easy part. Then someone, ah, driving a Charlotte Mecklenburg ;Recycling Now; Truck comes and usually, at some point, tomorrow or Friday, and they pick it up at curbside, and that it. 3。

He Will Go to Heaven前往天堂Adam was doing his homework. He stopped doing his homework. He was bored. He didnt like homework. “Dad, what happens when we die?” Adam asked. “You will go to heaven,” Dad said. “Does everyone go to heaven?” Adam asked. “No, only good people go to heaven,” Dad said. “What is heaven like?” Adam asked. “It is a happy place,” Dad said. “Everyone is happy. Everyone is your friend. Everyone likes you. You like everyone.” He told Adam to be polite. He told Adam to be honest. “If you are polite and honest, you will go to heaven,” Dad said. Adam said, “I want to go to heaven. I will be polite and honest.” Dad said there was one more thing. Adam had to do one more thing to go to heaven. “What’s that?” Adam asked. “If you want to go to heaven, you have to do your homework,” Dad said.亚当正在写作业他停止写作业他百无聊赖他不喜欢写作业亚当问道:“爸爸,人死了会怎样?”爸爸说:“人会升入天堂”亚当问道:“所有人都会升入天堂吗?”爸爸说:“不,只有好人才会去天堂”亚当问道:“天堂什么样?”爸爸说:“那是个幸福的地方每个人都幸福快乐所有人都是你的朋友所有人都喜欢你你也喜欢所有人”他让亚当要懂礼貌他告诉亚当要诚实爸爸说::如果你做到礼貌和诚实,那你就会升入天堂”亚当说:“我想去天堂我会做到诚实和礼貌”爸爸说还有一点要想去天堂,还要做到一点”亚当问道:“那是什么?”爸爸说:“如果你想去,就先完成作业”译文属原创,,不得转载 8581。

Japan’s Imperial Family Continues to Shrink日本皇室家族持续缩小Princess Mako, the eldest granddaughter of Japanese Emperor Akihito, will soon be marrying a commoner and giving up her royal status. According to imperial law in Japan, a princess must leave the imperial family when she weds. The heir to the throne in Japan is always male, and there are only a few males left in the imperial family. Many people in Japan think women in the imperial family should have the right to ascend and bear heirs to the throne. If the laws don’t change, the family will shrink further. Under the current law, the 83-year-old Emperor is also not allowed to give up the throne until he dies.日本明仁天皇的长孙女真子即将脱离皇籍,嫁给一位平民根据日本皇室法律,公主结婚时必须放弃皇家身份日本的王位继承人通常都是男性,而皇室家族中只剩下了几位男性日本很多人认为皇家的女性也应拥有上升权和王位继承权如果不改变法律,皇室家族将继续缩小根据现有法律,时年83岁的天皇直到去世才能放弃王位译文属原创,,不得转载 5851。