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遵义/打瘦脸针痛吗遵义/怎样能让皮肤变好遵义/隆鼻的医院 Yogesh Mahansaria, chief executive of Mumbai-headquartered Alliance Tire, would make a good frontman for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” campaign. And it certainly needs one.如果让总部位于孟买的联盟轮胎(Alliance Tire)的首席执行官约格什#8226;马汗萨里亚(Yogesh Mahansaria),来做印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)推出的“印度制造”(Make in India)运动的代言人,那将是个很好的选择。并且这场运动确实需要一个代言人。When Mr Modi launched the initiative some months ago, he left many people unclear about what it actually meant. To some, it is simply an amorphous rallying cry, rather than an attempt to achieve real change on the ground. To others, it is a variation on the Gandhian theme of Swadeshi — at the time, a sort of shorthand for “do not buy Manchester cloth, buy Indian instead” (never mind that Indian fabric was far more expensive back then).当莫迪在几个月前推出该计划时,很多人不清楚其真正的意图。对一些人而言,这只是一个空洞的口号,而不是要努力实现真正的变化。对另一些人而言,这是甘地发起的抵制英货运动Swadeshi的另一个版本,当年那场Swadeshi运动的内容是“不要买曼彻斯特的布料,买印度的”(尽管当时印度布料的价格要贵得多)。To one Japanese official based in Delhi, the campaign is more specifically about persuading Indians not to buy Chinese imports of everything from smartphones to steel.对于驻德里的一位日本官员而言,这场运动更具体来说是说印度人不要购买从中国进口的任何商品,从智能手机到钢材。But, right now, it is not obvious that India can show a competitive advantage in the manufacturing of anything. Indian infrastructure remains a huge constraint. Power in most states is in short supply, ports are clogged, railways have inadequate freight capacity and the roads are even worse. Many infrastructure companies are on the verge of going bust because government-owned entities, such as the National Highway Authority of India, do not pay their bills and then contest court cases for years. Their creditor companies therefore cannot repay their banks, and the banks themselves become less willing to lend.但就目前而言,还没有明显迹象显示印度能否在制造业的任何领域表现出竞争优势。印度的基础设施仍是一个巨大的制约因素。多数邦的电力供应短缺,港口阻塞,铁路运力不足,公路状况更糟。很多基础设施企业濒临倒闭,因为印度国家公路局(National Highway Authority)等政府所有的实体机构不缴付账单,然后打了多年的官司。因此,它们的债权人企业无法偿还贷款,变得更不愿放贷。In addition, few Indian companies have genuine economies of scale, and poor productivity often offsets the theoretical advantage of cheap labour.另外,印度企业几乎都没有实现真正的规模经济,生产率低下往往让理论上的廉价劳动力优势化为乌有。To make matters worse, China, with its massive and excess capacity, has changed the economics of manufacturing worldwide. Producer prices in China have been in deflationary territory for three years. Few manufacturers anywhere in the world today have real pricing power. Trade has also been virtually flat for three years. It is possible that the east Asian model of growth through the export of “value-added” manufactured goods is dead.让情况变得更糟的是,拥有大规模过剩产能的中国改变了全球的制造业经济学。3年来,中国的生产者价格指数一直处于通缩。如今,全球无论任何地区的制造商几乎都没有真正的定价权。3年来,贸易也一直近乎持平。东亚通过“增值”制成品出口推动增长的模式可能已破产。If so, that would block the path to a middle-class lifestyle for masses of unskilled workers, from Dalian to Detroit to Delhi. Increased use of technology and robots is aly constraining new job creation. But if jobs cannot be created, India’s “demographic dividend” of a young population becomes a curse.如果是这样的话,这将切断大量低技能员工过上中产阶级生活的道路,从大连到底特律到德里。科技和机器人的应用扩大,已经在抑制新就业岗位的增加。但如果无法创造就业,印度年轻的人口结构带来的“人口红利”反而将成为祸害。So far, countries such as Vietnam have able to take advantage of rising wages in China more effectively than they have in India — even though the Indian market, with a middle class that is larger than the entire population of Vietnam, should be a magnet for foreign investors. It is only very recently, however, that US and Japanese carmakers — including Ford, Nissan and Toyota — have begun to heed Mr Modi’s Make in India call.尽管中产阶级人口比越南总人口还要多的印度市场理应成为吸引外国投资者的磁石,但迄今为止,越南等国一直比印度更能有效地利用中国薪资上涨带来的契机。直到最近,福特(Ford)、日产(Nissan)和丰田(Toyota)等美国和日本汽车制造商,才开始响应莫迪“印度制造”的呼声。To succeed against the odds in India requires a nuanced strategy and a big dose of hope. Mr Mahansaria of Alliance Tire has both. He knows he is in a business that should become yet another victim of the huge economies of scale in China, where almost 20m cars are sold annually. So he knows he cannot compete against the Chinese. Instead, he focuses on niches that are too small to be of interest to them: he makes customised tyres (2,000 models in all) for agricultural and construction vehicles, supplying multinationals such as Caterpillar. These tyres require a high level of engineering, which plays to India’s strength: its elite universities produce some of the most skilled engineers on the planet.印度要排除万难取得成功需要一种细致的战略和宏大的愿望。联盟轮胎的马汗萨里亚这两个都有。他知道,中国每年的汽车销量高达近2000万辆,拥有巨大的规模经济效应,应该会让他所处的行业成为另一个牺牲品。因此,他知道他不可能与中国人竞争。他转而关注于规模太小、中国人不感兴趣的“利基”领域:他为农业和建筑车辆生产定制轮胎(共2000个型号),供应给卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)等跨国企业。这些轮胎对工艺水平要求很高,而这恰好可利用到印度的优势:该国的一流大学培养出了全球一些技能最为高超的工程师。Mr Mahansaria opened his first plant in Tamil Nadu and, two years ago, he was bemoaning the fact that he had to be in the power business as well — because of the perennial deficit of power in that southern state. Today, the generators he had installed are only infrequently switched on. Instead, he can take advantage of energy exchanges and small private plants that have recently opened.马汗萨里亚在位于印度南部的泰米尔纳德邦(Tamil Nadu)开办了第一家工厂,两年前,他还在抱怨,因为这个邦常年电力供应不足,自己不得不进入电力行业。如今,他当年安装的发电机已很少开动了。他可以利用最近开办的能源交易所和小型私营工厂。“The government is bankrupt,” he says. “They are finally allowing the private sector to fill the gap.” Similarly, his second and newest plant, in Mr Modi’s home state of Gujarat, has access to newly constructed private sector ports that make the process of exporting far easier.“政府面临破产,”他表示,“他们终于允许私营部门来填补空白了。”类似的,在莫迪的家乡古吉拉特邦,马汗萨里亚的第二家、也是最新建成的工厂,可以利用新建的私营港口,大大方便出口流程。Indeed, Mr Mahansaria is considering switching his focus to opportunities in the domestic market, for the very first time. “The health of global markets is a big concern,” he says. “Only three countries — India, the UK and the US — are doing well. The other 117 have their own challenges. Today, we are asking if India can be 5 per cent to 10 per cent of our revenues in the next five years instead of 1 per cent to 2 per cent.”实际上,马汗萨里亚正头一次考虑将他的关注点转向国内市场上的各种机遇。“海外市场的健康状况非常令人担忧,”他表示,“眼下只有3个国家表现不错,印度、英国和美国。其他117个国家都面临各自的挑战。如今,我们在考虑,未来5年,印度能否占到我们营收的5%至10%,而不是1%至2%。”Now it is up to Mr Modi to not disappoint businessmen like Mr Mahansaria.如今,要让马汗萨里亚这样的商人不失望,就看莫迪的了。 /201503/363086French liqueurs and spirits group Rémy Cointreau has warned that full-year operating profits will fall at least 20 per cent from the twin effects of economic uncertainty in Europe and a “sharp” slowdown in sales in China. 法国利口酒和烈酒集团人头马君度(Rémy Cointreau)发出预警,由于欧洲经济的不确定性和中国销量的“急剧”减少,集团全年营业利润将至少下降20%。 The warning pushed the company’s shares down 8.3 per cent to 65.99 in Paris trading. 这一预警导致其股价在巴黎股市大跌8.3%至65.99欧元。 It comes as luxury groups – from watchmakers to producers of the world’s most expensive handbags – begin to contemplate life without vigorous sales growth in China, following a government crackdown on personal spending and gift-giving by officials. 中国政府开始打击官员个人消费和送礼之后,从手表制造商到昂贵手提包生产商,各家奢侈品集团都开始思考,如何在中国销量不再快速增长的情况下生存下去。 “The last six months in China were tough and things are not going to get much better in the near future,” said Frédéric Pflanz, Remy’s chief executive. 人头马君度的首席执行官弗雷德里克#8226;弗朗茨(Frédéric Pflanz)说:“过去6个月,中国形势严峻,近期内也不会有太大好转。” Sales of the group’s signature Rémy Martin cognac during the first six months of its business year fell 10.4 per cent compared with the same period in 2012, to 327.2m. The group said the fall “reflected the unfavourable situation in the Chinese market”. 该集团标志性产品人头马(Rémy Martin) 白兰地本财年前6个月的销售额,比2012年同期下降了10.4%,至3.272亿欧元。该集团表示,销售额下降“反映了中国市场的不利形势”。 Rémy Martin accounts for more than half of the group’s net sales, which were 558m during the six months to the end of September, a decline in organic terms of 3.6 per cent compared with the same period a year ago. 人头马白兰地占该集团净销售额的一半以上,在截至今年9月底的6个月中,其净销售额为5.58亿欧元,与去年同期相比,有机增长率为负3.6%。 The Paris-based group said that the impact of the Chinese market, where wholesalers are running down inventories, and the continuing uncertainty hanging over Europe, meant that it would probably “record a substantial double-digit decline at the end of the financial year” in operating profit. 这家巴黎集团表示,中国市场的影响(批发商纷纷减少库存),加上欧洲持续的不确定性,意味着集团营业利润“在本财年末可能出现两位数的大幅下降”。 Mr Pflanz told the Financial Times that the drop would be at least 20 per cent “or may be more”. 弗朗茨告诉英国《金融时报》,降幅至少会是20%,“甚至更大”。 The warning came as Rémy Cointreau said that operating profit for the six months to the end of September was 132.7m, a decline of 7.3 per cent in organic terms compared with the same period last year, but ahead of analysts’ forecasts of about 124m. 人头马君度称,在截至今年9月底的6个月中,营业利润为1.327亿欧元,与去年同期相比,有机增长率为负7.3%,但高于分析师预计的约1.24亿欧元。 The company reported results a month after French spirits producer Pernod Ricard said that reduced demand in China would have a negative impact on profit growth this year. 在人头马君度发布业绩之前一个月,法国烈酒生产商保乐力加(Pernod Ricard)曾指出,中国需求下降对今年的利润增长会产生负面影响。 Mr Pflanz said that Rémy Cointreau did not expect the situation in China to be a long-term concern adding that it would maintain its prices. “We are making the choice to do less volume rather than relinquish the price, which is the first indicator of the quality of our product,” he said. 弗朗茨表示,人头马君度预期中国的状况不会构成长期的问题,并补充说公司将维持其产品价格。他说:“我们的选择是,宁愿减少销量,也不能牺牲价格,因为这是我们产品质量的首要体现。” /201311/266488遵义/怎么去痣最好

遵 义 割 双 眼 皮 价 格 多 少遵义/胸部整形手术价格 In response to the new restrictions, Mr. Mandela helped lead a series of strikes and demonstrations in which members used facilities reserved for whites. For his role in the campaign, Mr. Mandela was banned from appearing in public for three years, until 1955.The following year, Mr. Mandela and several other executive members of the ANC were charged with high treason and conspiracy to overthrow the state-charges that carried the death penalty.对于这些新规定,曼德拉参与领导了一系列罢工和示威游行,在这一过程中示威者使用了专为白人准备的设施。由于参与领导了这些运动,曼德拉有三年的时间都被禁止在公开场合露面,直到1955年。之后的一年,曼德拉和其他几位非国大成员都受到了叛国罪以及阴谋推翻政府的指控,这种指控最高可被判处死刑。The trial was delayed, and in 1961 all the defendants were acquitted. Years of confrontations with authorities, including the Sharpeville massacre of 1960 in which 69 protesters were killed by police, persuaded Mr. Mandela to abandon his commitment to Gandhian nonviolence. He organized a sabotage unit and went underground, disguised as a chef, a chauffeur or a #39;garden boy#39; with blue overalls and round glasses.但审判被推迟,到1961年所有被告人都被无罪释放。多年来与政府当局的对抗,包括1960年的沙佩维尔大屠杀(69名抗议者被警察杀害),促使曼德拉放弃了非暴力不合作运动的承诺。他组建了一破坏者小分队,并开始地下活动。为了伪装身份,曼德拉假扮成厨师、司机以及身穿蓝布工装裤、佩戴圆眼镜的园林工人。Mr. Mandela was arrested in 1962 and put on trial for inciting strikes. Rather than defend himself against the charges, he indicted the apartheid state in a four-hour speech that became one of the founding texts of a postapartheid state. He was sentenced to five years in prison.曼德拉于1962年被捕,并因煽动罢工而受到了审判。在长达四个小时的陈述中,曼德拉并没有为自己辩护,而是对种族隔离制度进行了控诉。这篇讲话后来成为后种族隔离时代的纲领性文件之一。曼德拉最终被判处五年监禁。Months later, he was charged with sabotage and conspiracy to overthrow the government, a capital crime, after a police raid on a Johannesburg farmhouse turned up plans for guerrilla warfare in South Africa. This time he was sentenced to life in prison, along with seven other ANC members.几个月后,由于警方在对约翰内斯堡一个农场的突袭中找到了有关南非游击战的计划,曼德拉受到了蓄意破坏以及阴谋推翻政府的指控,而这是一项死罪。这一次,曼德拉与其他七名非国大成员被判处终身监禁。At the opening of what became known as the Rivonia trial, Mr. Mandela delivered another long speech that ended with his vision for a new South Africa, and what he was willing to sacrifice for it.在著名的利沃尼亚大审判开始时,曼德拉发表了另一个长篇演讲,并以他对一个新南非的愿景作为结尾。他表示愿意为建立一个新南非而牺牲自己的生命。#39;During my lifetime, I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people. I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die,#39; he said.他说,我一生专注于非洲人民的斗争。我反抗白人统治,也反抗黑人统治。我怀着能让所有人和谐平等的民主自由社会的理想。这是我希望能为之而活、看到它实现的理想。但如果需要的话,这也是我愿意为之献出生命的理想。Mr. Mandela, then 46 years old, spent the next 18 years on Robben Island, a former leper colony turned maximum-security prison.当时46岁的曼德拉在罗本岛度过了随后的18年,该岛曾经是隔离麻风病人的地方,后来被改为安保极为严密的监狱。He entered Robben Island a militant who had failed to topple a government, but came out as a leader who succeeded in building a new nation on a platform of peace and reconciliation among races. Mr. Mandela would later credit prison for uniting the country#39;s future leaders, giving them time to talk through differences and forging a collective will to persevere. In an early sign of how he would reach across the political and racial divide, Mr. Mandela taught himself Afrikaans and used the language to charm his guards-and elicit more sympathetic treatment.他进入罗本岛时还是一个未能推翻政府的激进分子,然而出狱后却成为了一名领袖人物,成功地在种族和平与和谐平台上构建了一个新国家。曼德拉后来认为,是监狱让南非未来的领导人们联合起来,让他们有时间讨论分歧、打造一个集体意志以坚持下来。曼德拉自学了南非白人使用的荷兰语,用这种语言感化他的看守,并获得了更好的待遇,这是显示他将如何跨越政治和种族分歧的早期信号。In general, though, conditions were harsh and just as segregated as the nation. Blacks were low men on the totem pole, forced to wear shorts-the uniform of young boys-while quarrying limestone and collecting seaweed. In a battle with wardens over the right to wear long pants, Mr. Mandela spent weeks in solitary confinement.But the biggest battle he waged in prison was for the survival of the antiapartheid movement, and that was one he fought with other political prisoners. What he learned, Mr. Mandela said, was the value of banding together to share information, to endure hardships and to defy efforts to break the human spirit. Outside, the struggle in South Africa had grown increasingly violent. ANC and other antiapartheid fighters were arrested, detained, and tortured. Mr. Mandela became the face who transcended fragmented freedom movements.然而整体上,监狱里的条件非常严酷,而且种族隔离的程度也与整个国家一样。黑人低人一等,在采石和收集海藻时被迫穿着短裤──这是小男孩的装束。在向监狱长争取穿长裤权利的斗争中,曼德拉被关了几个星期的单独禁闭。然而他在狱中进行的最大斗争是为了反种族隔离运动的存续,而且他是与其他政治犯一同抗争。曼德拉说,他学到的是团结起来分享信息、忍受困苦、反抗破坏人文精神之举的价值。在监狱之外,南非的斗争已经越来越暴力。非国大成员和其他反种族隔离的斗士遭到逮捕、扣留和折磨。曼德拉超越了无组织的自由运动,将运动推升至又一个高度。Mr. Mandela organized hunger strikes for improved conditions, and kept in touch with other ANC members by hiding messages in food bowls, matchboxes or under toilet seats.曼德拉组织了绝食抗议,要求改善监狱环境,并通过将信息藏在饭碗、火柴盒或马桶座圈底下与其他非国大成员保持联系。#39;It would be very hard, if not impossible, for one man alone to resist,#39; he later wrote in #39;Long Walk to Freedom,#39; his autobiography. #39;But the authorities#39; greatest mistake was to keep us together, for together our determination was reinforced.#39;他后来在自传《漫漫自由路》(Long Walk to Freedom)中写道,独自一人抵抗会非常艰难,乃至不可能。但当局最大的错误是将我们关在一起,因为在一起之后,我们的意志更坚定了。Mr. Mandela#39;s greatest contribution was his decision to begin negotiations with the apartheid state while he was still in detention. The apartheid government, increasingly isolated internationally, was looking for a way out. South Africa kept negotiations secret, and Mr. Mandela didn#39;t inform his ANC comrades.曼德拉最伟大的贡献是在他入狱期间决定开始与种族隔离政府谈判。当时南非的种族隔离政府在国际上越来越孤立,正在寻求出路。南非的谈判秘密进行,曼德拉并未告知他在非国大的同志。#39;There are times when a leader must move out ahead of the flock, go off in a new direction, confident he is leading his people the right way,#39; he wrote in his memoir.他在回忆录中写道,有时领导人必须先于集体做出行动,前往新的方向,坚信自己引领的是正确的道路。Five years of private meetings followed, with Mr. Mandela sitting down with various officials, and ultimately the president, Mr. de Klerk. In his opening speech to Parliament in 1990, Mr. de Klerk scrapped a ban on opposition parties and announced the release of political prisoners, including Mr. Mandela.Talks later began between Mr. de Klerk#39;s Afrikaner-led government and opposition parties, including Mr. Mandela#39;s African National Congress.随后是历时五年的秘密谈判,曼德拉面对众多官员,最终与南非总统德克勒克进行了谈判。1990年,德克勒克在向议会发表的开幕讲话中取消了对反对党的禁令,并宣布释放包括曼德拉在内的政治犯。南非白人领导的德克勒克政府和曼德拉领导的非国大等反对党随后展开谈判。#39;The season of violence is over,#39; Mr. de Klerk said at the time. #39;The time for reconstruction and reconciliation has arrived.#39;德克勒克当时称,靠暴力解决问题的时代已经一去不复返,重建国家以及和解的大幕正在拉开。Mr. Mandela was released on Feb. 11, 1990, under a blue sky. He emerged from the prison gates and raised his fist to a roar from the crowds who had gathered to greet him.1990年2月11日是一个晴朗的日子,曼德拉在这天重获自由。他走出监狱大门,向聚集在门外欢呼迎接他的民众举起拳头。Many whites supported Mr. Mandela, and had joined protests for his release. But there remained unresolved anger from blacks over the apartheid state.许多白人也持曼德拉,加入了要求当局释放曼德拉的抗议活动。即便如此,种族隔离的阴霾仍然笼罩在南非黑人的心头。Blacks continued to stage protests, while ethnic tensions also flared. Armed with guns and knives, mostly Zulu supporters of the Inkatha Freedom Party fought ANC loyalists in bloody street battles. At a time when Mr. Mandela had hoped officials could put aside distrust and differences, South Africa was swept up in violence.The violence derailed talks even before they began. Mr. Mandela balked at engaging the apartheid government after police in March 1990 fired on unarmed protesters outside Johannesburg, killing 12. Mr. Mandela said he told Mr. de Klerk he couldn#39;t #39;talk about negotiations on the one hand and murder our people on the other.#39; After a four-year transitional government, elections were held on April 27, 1994, open for the first time in South Africa#39;s history to all men and women of voting age. Mr. Mandela was elected president.南非的黑人继续组织抗议活动,种族间的紧张关系一触即发。英卡塔自由党(Inkatha Freedom Party)主要为祖鲁族的持者们手持械、刀具,与非国大成员展开血腥巷战。当曼德拉希望政府摒弃互相猜忌和差异化的时候,南非正陷入暴力冲突的混战。对话的希望就这样被扼杀在了襁褓之中。1990年3月警察在约翰内斯堡郊外朝手无寸铁的抗议者射击,造成12人丧生,这件事让曼德拉拒绝与种族隔离政府接触。曼德拉说,当时他告诉德克勒克,一边说要谈判、一边却对人民举起屠刀,这样的事他做不到。南非过渡政府运转四年之后,于1994年4月27日举行大选,这是南非历史上首次达到选举年龄的男女都可参加的大选。曼德拉在此次大选中当选为南非总统。In 1996, he and his wife divorced. Winnie Mandela was a popular antiapartheid figure in her own right but one whose alleged involvement in human-rights abuses and corruption had left her tainted. Mr. Mandela, though, chastised himself for not being around during his two decades in prison, leaving Winnie to raise their children largely alone.1996年,曼德拉与其妻子温妮?曼德拉(Winnie Mandela)离婚。温妮也是一位反种族隔离的知名斗士,但她被指牵涉侵犯人权及腐败,导致声名受损。曼德拉自责在被囚禁的20年中未能陪伴家人,令温妮独自一人抚养子女。#39;I personally never regret the life [Winnie] and I tried to share together,#39; Mr. Mandela told reporters at a news conference announcing his separation in 1992. #39;Circumstances beyond our control however dictated it should be otherwise.#39;After nearly three decades in prison, Mr. Mandela was viewed by many as a political saint, although he was the first to dismiss such sterile descriptions.#39;Never forget that a saint is a sinner who keeps on trying,#39; he wrote in a 1975 letter to Winnie from prison that he ed in his book #39;Conversations With Myself.#39; But by ending white minority rule peacefully, through compromises with Mr. de Klerk, Mr. Mandela set a new standard for resolving conflicts far beyond South Africa. He showed how nations divided by ethnic, racial and religious violence and hate may begin to come together, even if that process at home has been more painful and taken longer than most people had hoped.1992年宣布离婚的新闻发布会上,曼德拉对媒体表示,他自己从不后悔和温妮相持相伴走过的光阴,但事态已不受掌控。在被囚将近三十年后,曼德拉在许多人的心中已俨然一位政坛圣人,他本人则对这种顶礼膜拜不以为然。他在自传《与自己对话》(Conversations With Myself)里提到了1975年他从监狱写给温妮的信,其中写道,不要忘了,一个圣人也只是一个不断赎罪的有罪之人。但通过与德克勒克达成妥协,从而和平终结了白人统治,曼德拉为解决南非之外其他地区的冲突树立了新的标杆。他向世人展示出,一个因种族、人种、宗教暴力和仇恨而分裂的国家也可以团结起来,即使斗争进程比大多数人期望的更为痛苦、也耗费了更长时间。Unlike many African leaders hailed as heroes and freedom fighters, Mr. Mandela stepped down from office after only one term. He established three foundations in his name, dedicated to tolerance and preserving the history of the antiapartheid fight. He married his third wife, Gra?a Machel, on his 80th birthday, and settled into a spacious home in a leafy suburb of Johannesburg.与许多被誉为英雄和自由斗士的非洲领导人不同,曼德拉只担任了一届总统便急流勇退。他以自己的名义成立了三个基金会,致力于保留南非反种族隔离斗争的历史。他在80岁生日时迎娶了第三任太太格拉萨?马歇尔(Graca Machel),在约翰内斯堡树木茂盛的郊外一所大房子中颐养天年。In the last years of his life, Mr. Mandela largely retreated from public view, spending time with his children and grandchildren in the rural village of Qunu in the Eastern Cape, not far from where he was born.人生中的最后几年曼德拉基本退出了公众视野,在东开普省库努的一个小山村里含饴弄孙。此处离他出生之地不远。Mr. Mandela#39;s hospital visits sparked bouts of panic in government and the media. The anxiety underscored how hungry the public remained for information about the former political prisoner who became the country#39;s first black president, a transition that changed how the world viewed South Africa and how South Africans viewed themselves.曼德拉到医院就诊的消息引发政府和媒体的担心。这种焦虑反映出南非群众仍然急切想知道曼德拉现况的心情。这位成为南非首位黑人总统的前政治犯改变了世界看南非的方式,也扭转了南非人对其自身的看法。 /201312/267763遵义口腔医院哪家好

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