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遵 义 隆 胸 价 格遵义/注射隆鼻如何取出The oil produced from either method藉由以上两种方式开采的原油produces more greenhouse gas emissions than any other oil.比以其他方式 开采的原油排放更多温室气体This is one of the reasons why its called这正是它被称为the worlds dirtiest oil.世上最脏油类的原因之一Its also one of the reasons why it is这也是使它成为the largest and fastest-growing single source加拿大最大、增长最迅速的of carbon in Canada,碳排放源头的原因之一and it is also a reason why Canada is now number three更是使加拿大个人排碳量in terms of producing carbon per person.名列世界第三的原因之一The tailings ponds are the largest toxic impoundments on the planet.那些残渣池是世上最大的毒性蓄水池Oil sands -- or rather I should say tar sands --油砂-或者我该称它为沥青砂-;oil sands; is a P.R.-created term“油砂”是公关部门创造的词汇so that the oil companies wouldnt be trying to promote使石油公司不至于像是推广something that sounds like a sticky tar-like substance某种彷佛沥青般黏稠的物质thats the worlds dirtiest oil.或世上最脏的油So they decided to call it oil sands.因此他们决定称它为油砂The tar sands consume more water than any other oil process,沥青砂的生产过程比其他油类消耗更多水three to five barrels of water are taken, polluted生产一桶原油需使用三至五桶水,受污染的水and then returned into tailings ponds,进入残渣池the largest toxic impoundments on the planet.成为世上最大的毒性蓄水池SemCrude, just one of the licensees,只是其中一家取得执照的公司in just one of their tailings ponds,在他们拥有的其中一个残渣池中dumps 250,000 tons of this toxic gunk every single day.每日倒入25万吨毒性黏稠物Thats creating the largest toxic impoundments创造出有史以来最大的in the history of the planet.毒性蓄水池So far, this is enough toxin目前为止,其中的毒性物质to cover the face of Lake Eerie a foot deep.足以覆盖伊利湖面一呎深And the tailings ponds range in size up to 9,000 acres.残渣池的面积可达9000英亩Thats two-thirds the size of the entire island of Manhattan.相当于三分之二个曼哈顿岛Thats like from Wall Street at the southern edge of Manhattan大约从曼哈顿南端的华尔街up to maybe 120th Street.到第120街So this is an absolutely --因此这确实是-this is one of the larger tailings ponds.这是其中较大的残渣池之一This might be, what? I dont know, half the size of Manhattan.大约相当于-我不确定-半个曼哈顿岛And you can see in the context,你可由之前的叙述得知its just a relatively small section这只是十个矿场中of one of 10 mining complexes and another 40 to 50某个矿场的一小部分,其他四、五十个矿场on stream to be approved soon.很快就会获得批准And of course, these tailings ponds --当然,这些残渣池-well, you cant see many ponds from outer space确实,你无法从外太空看见许多残渣池and you can see these, so maybe we should stop calling them ponds --但你可以看见这些 因此或许我们不该称它为“池”-these massive toxic wastelands are built这些大型毒性废料池并未装设unlined and on the banks of the Athabasca River.防护措施,散布于阿萨帕斯卡尔河沿岸201410/331446遵义/shr冰点脱毛是永久的吗 Hi, everybody. 大家好!At a moment when our economy is growing, our businesses are creating jobs at the fastest pace since the 1990s, and wages are starting to rise again, we have to make some choices about the kind of country we want to be.当前我们的经济发展走势良好,我们的企业也正创造着超过上世纪90年代最高水平的工作机遇,而且工资也开始上涨,但我们要选择一下我们国家需要什么样的未来。Will we accept an economy where only a few of us do spectacularly well? 我们是接受一个只有利于极少数富人的经济呢?Or will we build an economy where everyone who works hard has a chance to get ahead?还是致力于打造一种每个辛勤付出的人都能获得成功机会的经济呢?That was the focus of my State of the Union Address-middle-class economics. 这是我的国情咨文重点关注的内容:即中产阶级的经济发展方式。The idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules. 这样的想法是所有人都能得到公平的机会,承担共同的责任,遵守同样的规则,我们的国家就会发展的最好。This week, I will send a budget to Congress thats built on those values. 而在本周我将向国会提交一份基于上述观点的预算方案。Well help working families paychecks go farther by treating things like paid leave and child care like the economic priorities that they are. 我们要采取提供带薪休假、儿童保障等措施帮助工薪家庭,这些事会成为我们经济发展的重中之重。Well offer Americans of every age the chance to upgrade their skills so they can earn higher wages, with plans like making two years of community college free for every responsible student. 我们要为美国各年龄段人民提供机会,让大家提升劳动技能,找到高薪的工作。为优秀学生提供两年免费社区大学教育计划就是实现这一目标的方式。And well keep building the worlds most attractive economy for high-wage jobs, with new investments in research,infrastructure,manufacturing, and expanded access to faster internet and new markets. 我们要继续打造全球最具吸引力的经济发展环境,提供高薪职位。为此,我们要在科研、基础设施建设、制造业、宽带建设和开拓新市场上加大投资。We can afford to make these investments. 这些都是我们能够承担的投资。Since I took office, weve cut our deficits by about two-thirds-the fastest sustained deficit reduction since just after the end of World War II. 自从我主政以来,我们将财政赤字削减了2/3,这是自二次世界大战以来最快的赤字持续削减。We just have to be smarter about how we pay for our priorities, and thats what my budget does. 我们对如何在优先事项上投资应该更明智,这就是我的预算方案要做的事情。It proposes getting rid of special interest loopholes in our tax code, and using those savings to cut taxes for middle-class families and reward businesses that invest in America. 该方案建议消除税法中有利于特殊利益集团的漏洞,利用节省下来的钱为中产家庭减税,鼓励在美国投资的企业。It refuses to play politics with our homeland security, and funds our national security priorities at home and abroad. 该预算方案在国家安全问题上坚决不玩政治把戏,将为国家安全在境内外的优先事项提供资金。And it undoes the arbitrary, across-the-board budget cuts known as “the sequester” for our domestic priorities, and matches those investments dollar-for-dollar in resources our troops need to get the job done. 并消除对国内优先事项的绝对的、全面的预算削减,也就是常说的“隔离政策”,将每一分钱投到需要的地方,让我们的军队拥有必要的资源完成他们的工作。Now, I know that there are Republicans in Congress who disagree with my approach. 当下,我知道国会的一些共和党人并不同意我的方案。And like I said in my State of the Union Address, if they have ideas that will help middle-class families feel some economic security, Im all in to work with them. 正如我在国情咨文中所说的,如果他们有合适的建议,可以帮助中产家庭获得经济上的安全感,我会全力配合他们。But I will keep doing everything I can to help more working families make ends meet and get ahead. 但我将继续尽我一切努力,帮助更多的中产家庭实现收平衡,取得成功。Not just because we want everyone to share in Americas success-but because we want everyone to contribute to Americas success.这不仅仅是因为我们想让每个人都分享美国成功的成果,更是因为我们希望每个人都能为美国的成功贡献自己的力量。Thats the way the middle class thrived in the last century-and thats how it will thrive again.这正是上个世纪中产阶级发展壮大的方式,也是将来其发展壮大的方式。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。201502/358801遵义/吸脂减肥好的医院

遵 义 激 光 祛 斑 哪 里 好Hi, everybody. Im at Millennium Steel in Princeton, Indiana, to have a town hall with workers on National Manufacturing Day. Because in many ways, manufacturing is the quintessential middle-class job. And after a decade of losing jobs, American manufacturing is once again adding them-more than 700,000 over the past four and a half years.大家好。我现在在印第安纳州普林斯顿的Millennium炼钢厂,与工人们欢聚一堂庆祝全国制造业节。因为制造业在很多方面是最精华的中产阶级工作。经过十年之久的工作岗位流失,美国的制造业再一次增加工作岗位了—在过去的四年半时间里增加了超过700,000个工作岗位。In fact, its been a bright spot as we keep fighting to recover from the great recession. Last month, our businesses added 236,000 new jobs. The unemployment rate fell to under six percent for the first time in more than six years. Over the past 55 months, our businesses have added 10.3 million new jobs. Thats the longest uninterrupted stretch of private sector job creation in our history. And were on pace to make 2014 the strongest year of job growth since the 1990s.事实上,这一直是我们在艰苦卓绝地走出严重经济危机过程中的一个亮点。上个月,我们的企业增加了236,000个新工作岗位。失业率在六年多的时间里首次降到六个百分点以下。在过去的55个月里,我们的企业增加了10,300,000个新工作岗位。这是我国历史上最长的一次私企不间断地创造工作岗位。我们正走在使2014年成为自1990年代以来最强劲的就业增长的年度的道路上。This progress has been hard, but it has been steady, and it is real. It is a direct result of the American peoples drive and determination, and decisions made by my administration.这个过程一直很艰苦,但是一直很稳健,并且很实际。它是美国人民的努力和决心以及本届政府的决策的直接结果。During the last decade, people thought the decline in American manufacturing was inevitable. But we chose to invest in American auto industry and American workers. And today, an auto industry that was flatlining six years ago is building and selling new cars at the fastest pace in eight years. American manufacturing is growing almost twice as fast as the rest of the economy, with new factories opening their doors at the fastest pace in decades. Thats progress we can be proud of.在过去的十年里,人们认为美国制造业的下滑是不可避免的。但是我们选择了投资于美国的汽车工业和美国的工人。今天,六年前病入膏肓的汽车工业正在以八年来最快的步伐生产新汽车并且销售到世界各地。美国的制造业正在以其它行业两倍的速度增长。这是我们引以为豪的过程。Whats also true is that too many families still work too many hours with too little to show for it. And the much longer and profound erosion of middle-class jobs and incomes isnt something were going to reverse overnight. But there are ideas we should be putting into place that would grow jobs and wages faster right now. And one of the best would be to raise the minimum wage.还有一件无法否认的事是,我们的很多家庭非常辛苦地工作,但是收入却不能与之相符。更加持久和更加深远的侵蚀中产阶级工作岗位和收入的一些东西我们还不能在一夜间逆转。但是现在我们有很多可能增加就业岗位和工资的设想应该付诸实施。其中最好的一个应该是提高最低工资。Weve actually begun to see some modest wage growth in recent months. But most folks still havent seen a raise in over a decade. Its time to stop punishing some of the hardest-working Americans. Its time to raise the minimum wage. It would put more money in workers pockets. It would help 28 million Americans. Recent surveys show that a majority of small business owners support a gradual increase to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. The folks who keep blocking a minimum wage increase are running out of excuses. Lets give America a raise.事实上我们已经看到了近几个月工作有适度的增长的曙光。但是大多数人还是在十年里没有看到工资增长。现在是提高最低工资的时候了。这将使工人们的口袋里更有钱。这将帮助2千8百万美国人。最近的一项调查表明,大多数小企业主持逐步把最低工资提高到每小时十美元十美分。那些还在阻挠提高最低工资的人们渐渐黔驴技穷了。让我们给美国一个提升。Lets do this-because it would make our economy stronger, and make sure that growth is shared. Rather than just ing about our recovery in a headline, more people will feel it in their own lives. And thats when America does best. We do better when the middle class does better, and when more Americans have their way to climb into the middle class.让我们实现这些—因为这会使我们的经济更加强劲、确保经济增长惠及每个人。人们不只在头条新闻里了解我们的复苏,而是在他们的生活中更多地感到了复苏。这正是美国最具活力的时候。当中产阶级越来越好的时候,当越来越多的人们跻身中产阶级的时候,美国就更加有活力。And thats what drives me every single day. Thanks, and have a great weekend.这就是每天激励我的。谢谢,周末快乐。201410/335460遵 义 韩 美 整 形 医 院 做 黑 脸 娃 娃 好 不 好 And the same with, for instance, Tetris, original version, the Soviet one.同样地,例如,俄罗斯方块,苏联的原始版本And you know, the amount of work...你们知道,这个工作量…yeah, Alexey Pajitnov was working for the Soviet government好吧,Alexey Pajitnov那时正为苏联政府工作,and thats how he developed Tetris,这也是他如何开发了俄罗斯方块。and Alexey himself reconstructed the whole gameAlexey自己又重建了整个游戏,and even gave us a simulation of the cathode ray tube that makes it look slightly bombed.甚至给了我们一个模拟的阴极射线管,使它看上去有点像遭轰炸的。And its fantastic.这是多么令人惊叹啊。So behind these acquisitions is an enormous amount of work,在这些收购品的背后是无比巨大的工作量,because were still the Museum of Modern Art,因为我们仍然是现代艺术物馆,so even when we tackle popular culture,所以纵使我们正视通俗文化,we tackle it as a form of interaction design我们视它为交互设计的一种形式,and as something that has to go into the collection at MoMA,现代艺术物馆必须收藏的藏品。therefore, has to be researched.因此,它必须被研究。So to get to choosing Eric Chahis wonderful Another World, amongst others,让我们从众多中,选择Eric Chahi的美好的《另一个世界》来看,we put together a panel of experts, and we worked on this acquisition,我们组织了一个专家小组,为这个收购而努力,and its mostly myself and Kate Carmody and Paul Galloway.主要是我自己、Kate Carmody和Paul GallowayWe worked on it for a year and a half.为此我们工作了一年半,So many people helped us a designers of games, you might know Jamin Warren有很多人帮助了我们,游戏的设计师们,你们可能知道Jamin Warren,and his collaborators at Kill Screen magazine, and you know, Kevin Slavin. You name it.和他的《Kill Screen》杂志的合作者们。你知道,还有Kevin Slavin,只要你能想到的,We bugged everybody, because we knew that we were ignorant.我们烦扰了每一个人,因为我们了解自己是多么无知。We were not real gamers enough, so we had to really talk to them.我们还不足以是真正的游戏玩家,所以我们必须真正与他们交谈。And so we decided, of course, to have Sim City 2000,所以我们决定拥有《模拟城市2000》,not the other Sim City, that one in particular,当然不是其它版本的《模拟城市》,尤其是那一版,so the criteria that we developed along the way were really strong, and were not only criteria of selection.在我们发展的道路上建立起来的标准十分强大。而且不单是选拔标准,They were also criteria of exhibition and of preservation.还包括展示和保存的标准。Thats what makes this acquisition more than a little game or a little joke.这也使得这个收购超越了一个小小的游戏,或开个小玩笑,Its truly a way to think of how to preserve这真的是一种思路考虑如何保存and show artifacts that will more and more become part of our lives in the future.和展示文物,这些东西将越来越成为我们未来生活的一部分。We live today, as you know very well, not in the digital,我们生活在当下,正如你很清楚的那样,不是在数字中,not in the physical, but in the kind of minestrone that our mind makes of the two.也不是在物质中,而是在那种通心粉里。我们的思想中融合了这两种。And thats really where interaction lies, and thats the importance of interaction.这确实是交互作用之所在,是交互作用的重要性。And in order to explain interaction, we need to really为了解释交互作用,bring people in and make them realize how interaction is part of their lives.我们确实需要把人们带进,并且让他们意识到交互作用如何组成了他们生活中的一部分。So when I talk about it, I dont talk only about games,当我谈论它的时候,我不会只说,which are in a way the purest form of interaction, unadulterated by any kind of function or finality.某种程度上它们是交互作用最纯粹的形式,不掺杂某种功能或结果。I also talk about the MetroCard vending machine,我还会讲捷运卡自动售货机,which I consider a masterpiece of interaction.我认为它是交互作用的杰作。I mean, that interface is beautiful.我的意思是,它的界面是很漂亮的。It looks like a burly MTA guy coming out of the tunnel.它看上去像一个魁梧的地铁男走出隧道。You know, with your mitt you can actually paw the MetroCard,你们知道,带着手套你依然可以笨拙去拿捷运卡。and I talk about how bad ATM machines usually are.我想说自动柜员机通常是多么的差劲。So I let people understand that its up to them to know how to judge interaction所以我想让人们明白,由他们自己决定该如何评判交互作用,so as to know when its good or when its bad.以便知道何时好何时坏。So when I show The Sims,当我展出《模拟人生》时,I try to make people really feel what it meant to have an interaction with The Sims,我努力想让人们真正地感受到,与《模拟人生》交互到底意味着什么,not only the fun but also the responsibility that came with the Tamagotchi.除了乐趣还有责任,这也是《电子鸡》所带给我们的。You know, games can be truly deep even when theyre completely mindless.你们知道,可以非常地深入,甚至当它们完全盲目时。201512/414337遵 义 b o t o x 多 少 钱 一 支

遵义/减腰 We are living on a planet with a lot of activities, with reference to our living environment,done by faith and guess alone. 我们对于这个地球上所发生的许多现象,都只是通过信念或猜测来认知。Our lives depend upon these creatures.我们的生命依赖于这些生物。To take an example close to home: there are over 500 species of bacteria now known friendly bacteria-living symbiotically in your mouth and throat probably necessary to your health for holding off pathogenic bacteria.举一个身边的例子:已知有500多种的细菌,友好的细菌—正生活在你的口腔里也许它们正在为你抵抗来自致病细菌的进攻。At this point I think we have a little impressionistic film that was made especially for this occasion.说到这里,我想给大家放一个片子就是为了这次演讲而准备的。And Id like to show it.现在请看屏幕。Assisted in this by Billie Holiday.我们得到了Billie Holiday的帮助。And that may be just the beginning!这也许还只是开始!The viruses, those quasi-organisms among which are the prophages,the gene weavers that promote the continued evolution in the lives of the bacteria,are a virtually unknown frontier of modern biology, a world unto themselves. 病毒,也就是那些带有有机体特性的“准”生物,prophasias 就是其中一种,它是基因编织师,正是它使得细菌的持续进化成为可能,这一世界是现代生物学的一个待开垦的处女地,也是一个自我—的世界。What constitutes a viral species is still unresolved,although theyre obviously of enormous importance to us. 是什么构成了病毒还尚无定论,虽然这对人类而言意义重大。But this much we can say: the variety of genes on the planet in viruses exceeds, or is likely to exceed, that in all of the rest of life combined.但是有一点可以肯定,病毒世界的基因多样性远远大于所有其他生物的基因多样性之总和—至少科学家是这么认为的。Nowadays, in addressing microbial biodiversity,scientists are like explorers in a rowboat launched onto the Pacific Ocean. 今天,那些研究微生物多样性的科学家,就如乘着木船驶进太平洋的探索者。But that is changing rapidly with the aid of new genomic technology.但是,随着新的基因组技术的发展,这一境况正得到改善。Aly it is possible to sequence the entire genetic code of a bacterium in under four hours.现在,我们已经可以用四个小时的时间完成对一个细菌进行基因测序。201504/367396遵义/软骨隆鼻要花多少钱遵义哪家医院脱毛好



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