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贵阳妇幼保健医院卵巢囊肿治疗贵阳天伦医院多囊卵巢咨询Dealing with Russia a Key Challenge for Obama奥巴马面临美俄关系重大挑战  According to three former senior U.S. government officials, one of the central foreign policy questions facing the incoming Obama administration will be how to deal with a resurgent Russia. 即将上任的奥巴马政府面临的一个主要外交政策问题是如何应对重新崛起的俄罗斯。三位前美国政府高级官员讨论了美国和俄罗斯之间的关系。Most experts agree that relations between Washington and Moscow are not good. Some analysts use words such as "poor," "strained" and "at a low point" to describe the relationship.  大部分专家都同意,美国和俄罗斯之间的关系并不好。一些分析人士用“糟糕”“紧张”和“处于低谷”来形容两国间的关系。Former National Security Adviser [1974-77; 1989-93; retired Air Force] General Brent Scowcroft says the relationship is tense despite meetings over the years between President George Bush and then Russian President - now prime minister - Vladimir Putin. 曾担任美国国家安全事务顾问的空军退休将军斯考克罗夫特说,虽然布什总统和原来担任俄罗斯总统、现在担任总理的普京在过去几年中举行了多次会晤,但是两国的关系依然紧张。"Nothing really has ever resulted from it. I think we are in part talking past each other," he said. "I think we have never really sat down and developed a strategy for dealing with Russia following the end of the Cold War. The collapse of the Soviet Union has sort of liberated Russia from its history. Now I think it's struggling, in a way, to figure out who it is, what it is, where it's going. I think they feel that we have taken advantage of them in their period of weakness and confusion." 他说:“两人的这些会晤其实没有产生任何实质性的结果。我认为,从某种意义上说,我们在会谈中忽略了彼此。美国从来没有认真坐下来制定一个处理冷战后同俄罗斯关系的战略。苏联的解体把俄罗斯从自己的历史中解放出来。我认为,目前的俄罗斯在挣扎着确定自己是谁,要走向何方。俄罗斯人觉得美国在俄罗斯虚弱和迷惑的时期占了俄罗斯的便宜。”Former Secretary of Defense [1973-75] James Schlesinger agrees. 曾在1973年到1975年担任美国国防部长的施莱辛格同意这种观点。"The ed States has tended to, in the years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, ignore Russian sensitivities," he said. "But the Russians have of late demonstrated a degree of brutality that is not conducive to pleasant conversations. Whether that will change is unclear." 他说:“自从苏联解体以来,美国一直忽略了俄罗斯感到敏感的一些问题。不过,俄罗斯最近也展示了一定程度的野蛮,这不利于展开健康的对话。这种情况是否会改变目前还不清楚。”Schlesinger was referring to the August five-day war between Russia and Georgia - a conflict that cooled relations between the ed States and Russia even further. Washington strongly criticized Moscow's massive military incursion into Georgia in response to Tbilisi's abortive attempt to take over the capital of the breakaway region of South Ossetia. 施莱辛格所说的“野蛮”是去年8月俄罗斯同格鲁吉亚之间进行的5天交战。那次冲突进一步使美俄关系降温。在格鲁吉亚夺取分离省份南奥赛梯首府的企图失败后,俄罗斯大举军事入侵格鲁吉亚,遭到美国的强烈批评。Experts say there are other major disagreements between Washington and Moscow. One of those is the Bush administration's backing of Georgia and Ukraine to become members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Moscow is against that. President-elect Barack Obama has indicated he favors NATO membership - but only when those two countries are y.  有关专家说,美国和俄罗斯之间还存在其它重大分歧。其中之一是布什政府持格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约,而俄罗斯对此表示反对。美国当选总统奥巴马表示,他持格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约,但是只有在这两个国家具备条件后才能加入。Another point of disagreement is the U.S. plan - also strongly opposed by Moscow - to put an anti-missile defense shield in Eastern Europe - 10 missile interceptors in Poland and a radar station in the Czech Republic. Mr. Obama's advisers say he supports the missile defense system, but only when the technology is proven to be workable. 另一个分歧是美国计划在东欧部署导弹防御系统,即在波兰设置10个导弹拦截器,在捷克共和国建立一个雷达站。俄罗斯对此表示强烈反对。奥巴马的顾问们说,奥巴马持建立导弹防御系统,不过前提是要明这些防御技术能发挥作用。"From my perspective, and I know everyone will be horrified now, particularly my conservative friends - but I do think we bear some responsibility for the less friendly relationship we now have with them," said Former Secretary of State [1992] Lawrence Eagleburger. "If you are going to bring about alliances along Russia's border and you end up putting anti-ballistic missile launchers and so forth, it seems to me what the Russians have to take away from that is that we intend to isolate them. And our eastern European friends and allies, which used to be puppets to the Soviet Union - they are happy to go along with this as well because they see this as protection from the monster that governed them for so long. But the Russians have to, I think, look at that as an attempt at isolation." 曾在1992年担任美国国务卿的伊格尔伯格说:“我知道我的想法会让很多人吃惊,特别是一些保守主义者,不过,我的确认为美国要为不太友好的美俄关系负一定责任。如果你要沿俄罗斯边界建立联盟,最后还在那里放一批反弹道导弹发射器,我认为,俄罗斯一定会把这理解为美国要孤立它。而我们在东欧的朋友和盟国曾经是苏联的傀儡,他们愿意持美国的做法,因为他们觉得这样可以保护他们,使他们逃离统治他们多年的俄罗斯的魔爪。不过俄罗斯一定会觉得这是美国孤立俄罗斯的企图。”Analysts say despite the bad relations, Washington and Moscow are cooperating in such areas as fighting terrorism, energy security and nuclear arms control and nonproliferation.  分析人士说,虽然美俄关系不佳,但是在反恐、能源安全、核武器控制和核不扩散等领域双方正在进行合作。Former National Security Adviser General Brent Scowcroft says he is encouraged by President-elect Barack Obama's willingness to discuss issues with friends and foes alike. 前美国国家安全事务顾问斯考克罗夫特说,美国当选总统奥巴马愿意同朋友和敌人都进行谈判的态度让他受到鼓舞。"That's one of the reassuring aspects of his approach to foreign policy, for me, that you maximize your chances of making progress if you're talking to people," he said. "In the deepest, darkest days of our conflict with the Soviet Union - or our confrontation with the Soviet Union - we talked to them. We had talks on the most sensitive issue of all and that is nuclear arms - and I think it helped a lot." 他说:“我认为,这是奥巴马处理外交政策方法中的一个积极方面,那就是,如果你和别人谈判,你就能有最大的机会取得进展。在我们同苏联的冲突最深、最黑暗的日子里,也就是我们同苏联对峙的时期,我们还是和他们进行了谈判。我们谈判的内容是所有问题中最敏感的,那就是核武器问题。我认为,那些谈判发挥了很大作用。”Many experts are calling for a summit meeting between President Obama and Russian leader Dmitri Medvedev in the early months of the new U.S. administration. They say such a meeting would provide a solid basis for improving a relationship that needs a positive jolt. 许多专家呼吁奥巴马和俄罗斯总统梅德韦杰夫在美国新政府上任后不久就举行首脑会议。他们说,美俄关系需要积极的推动,而这样的首脑会议能为改善两国关系提供坚实的基础。01/61047贵阳哪家治前列腺炎 Bamp;B Bank 'To Be Nationalised' Bradford and Bingley is to be nationalised and an announcement will be made before the markets open, Sky News has learned. Savers have been told their money is safe - but what about staff, shareholders and taxpayers? Joel Hills reports. It’s a High Street name in need of rescuing, but talks to find a private buyer have run out of time. Santander was interested in some of Bradford amp; Bingley’s assets, but wouldn’t be rushed into a weekend deal. The government has decided, the taxpayer has to step in.Bradfordamp;Bingley has been in trouble for some time, just look at how its share price collapsed in the last 12 months. On Friday, shares were being bought and sold for just 20 pence.A crisis of confidence was brewing but the opposition insists nationalization is not the answer.We should have a situation in Britain, where we have the ability for the Bank of England to take over failing bank and to reconstruct it, safeguarding the depositors and then making sure that those bits of the businesses can be sold are sold. And in the end, the bill affectively is picked up…Not by the tax payers who I want to protect. Thank you for the..., So a bank is sold for…The government maintains it will act in the best interests of savers and taxpayers.This is not simply a problem for the ed Kingdom, this is a global crisis. We have taken tough decisive action to sort out the situation and I am confident that in due course, there will be a statement from the Treasury about Bradfordamp;Bingley, I am not going to add to the speculation.The message for Bradfordamp;Bingley’s 2.5 million savers is your money (is) safe, although you may find yourselve suddenly banking with someone else, retail deposits are likely to be sold on to the likes of Santander, HS and Barclays.What happens next to Bradfordamp;Bingley’s 3000 staff isn’t clear. 370 redundancies were announced earlier in the week with the branch network also said to be flogged off. More job losses look likely.For the rest of us, the news is not that encouraging. Bradfordamp;Bingley has written 41 billon pounds of mortgages; those loans are now turning bad at twice the average industry rate. In a falling housing market, no bank is likely to be interested, the really toxic stuff is likely to left with the taxpayer.The result of this breakup is that yet another mortgage provider has disappeared from the market, and less competition could well make mortgages scarcer and more expensive.Until now, banks and building societies have either been nationalized or taken over when they run into trouble. But some feel the government shouldn’t be bailing out individual banks, it’s the banking system that needs saving.We have a business models and our banking system that don’t work anymore. You know, unless we do something comprehensive, unless we really look this in the eye that the Americans have done, I really fear for what’s gonna happen in the next kind of two, three, four, five months.There're reports that the British banks have asked government to arrange a rescue package similar to the one that’s being flushed out in the ed States. The suggestion is that Bradfordamp;Bingley isn’t the only British bank in trouble.参考中文翻译:据Sky News了解,英国房贷巨头Bradford and Bingley将要实行国有化,开市之前将会进行宣布。储户被告知他们的钱是安全的——但是员工,股东和纳税人呢?Joel Hills 报道。该房贷巨头亟需救助,但是寻找私人买主时间不足。Santander有意于Bradfordamp;Bingley 的部分资产,但是不可能周末马上进行交易。政府决定:纳税人必须采取行动。Bradfordamp;Bingley陷入困境已有一段时间,从过去12个月股价狂跌可以看出。周五,股票成交价格只有20便士。政府正在酿造挽回人民对危机的信心,但是在野党坚持,国有化并不能解决问题。我们需要了解一下英国的形势。英国有能力接管破产进行重建,保卫储蓄者,确保能够售出的企业成功出售。最后,由谁买单呢?不是由我们想保护的纳税人。感谢……,出售是为了……政府坚持他们会为了储户和纳税人的最大利益而采取行动。这不仅仅是英国的问题,这是全球经济危机。我们已经采取了果断措施对形势进行控制,我相信通过这些措施,财务部关于Bradfordamp;Bingley会发表声明,我不想再进行更多的推测。传达给Bradfordamp;Bingley250万储户的信息是,你们的钱是安全的,虽然你会发现你的钱到了其他,存款可能会被转到Santander, HS和Barclays。Bradfordamp;Bingley3000名员工前途未卜。Bradfordamp;Bingley贷出410亿抵押贷款,而坏账率是市场平均值的两倍。由于房地产市场的崩溃,没有会有兴趣接受新的员工,所以这些深受其害的员工可能和纳税人处于相同境地。该破产的结果是另一个贷款巨头从市场上消失,贷款行业竞争减少,贷款资源稀缺,价格更高。目前为止,和建筑公司一旦遭遇问题,都被收归国有或者被接管。但是有人说,政府不应该对单独的某个进行救市,需要拯救的是系统。我们的商业模式和体系都不再运转。你知道,除非我们采取一些综合的措施,除非我们我们像美国人所做的那样,我真的担心接下去的几个月内形势会怎样。有报告说,英国的向政府提出申请类似美国所采取的一揽子救市方案,暗示Bradfordamp;Bingley并非唯一陷入困境的英国。200811/57470Obama Names Key Members of Foreign Policy, National Security Team奥巴马宣布外交国家安全团队人选  President-elect Barack Obama announced the key members of his foreign policy and national security team Monday, including his choice of former political rival Hillary Clinton to be his secretary of state. In addition, Mr. Obama has decided to keep on the current defense secretary, Robert Gates. 美国当选总统奥巴马星期一宣布其外交政策和国家安全团队主要官员人选,包括提名他的前政治对手希拉里.克林顿为国务卿。此外,奥巴马还决定让罗伯特.盖茨继续留任国防部长。Mr. Obama announced his foreign policy and national security team at a news conference in Chicago. 奥巴马在芝加哥的一个新闻发布会上公布了他的外交政策和国家安全小组成员人选。The president-elect said it was time for a new beginning in what he called an uncertain world, and he described his team as y to lead what he called a new dawn of American leadership around the world. 他说,在一个“不确定的世界”中谋求新开端的时刻已经来临,而他的班子已经准备好在全世界掀开美国领导的新篇章。"We will strengthen our capacity to defeat our enemies and support our friends," Obama said. "We will renew old alliances and forge new and enduring partnerships. We will show the world once more that America is relentless in defense of our people, steady in advancing our interests, and committed to the ideals that shine as a beacon to the world-democracy and justice, opportunity and unyielding hope-because American values are America's great export to the world." 他说:“我们将加强力量,战胜我们的敌人,持我们的朋友。我们将继续保持同老朋友的关系,并且建立新的、长久的伙伴关系。我们将再次向世界展示:美国将坚定地保护我们的人民、稳定地拓展我们的利益,并致力于实现那些像灯塔一样照耀世界的理想,那就是民主、公正、机会和坚毅的希望,因为美国的这些价值观正是美国对世界最伟大的贡献。”Mr. Obama's choice of Hillary Clinton to be his secretary of state has easily been the most surprising development so far in the presidential transition period. 奥巴马挑选希拉里.克林顿为国务卿的决定一下子成了迄今为止在权力交接时期最令人吃惊的事情。Mr. Obama described his former political rival as someone who commands respect in world capitols and who can carry out his commitment to renew American diplomacy and restore alliances. 奥巴马说,希拉里.克林顿是一位在世界各国都受到尊重的人,他说,希拉里能够实现他关于重振美国外交事业、重建盟友关系的承诺。Mrs. Clinton said it would be difficult to leave the Senate, but added she was excited by the challenge of representing the U.S. abroad. 希拉里.克林顿说,离开参议院是一个艰难的决定,不过她说,能在国外代表美国令她感到兴奋。"We know our security, our values and our interests cannot be protected and advanced by force alone, nor indeed, by Americans alone," Clinton said. "We must pursue vigorous diplomacy using all the tools we can muster to build a future with more partners and fewer adversaries, more opportunities and fewer dangers for all who seek freedom, peace and prosperity." 她说:“我们知道,单靠武力或单靠美国自己的力量是不能保护和推进我们的安全、价值观和利益的。我们必须积极展开外交活动,利用我们所能找到的各种手段为所有追求自由、和平和繁荣的人建立一个伙伴多一些、敌人少一些、机会多一些、危险少一些的未来。”In order to clear the way for Hillary Clinton's nomination as secretary of state, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, agreed to disclose the names of donors to his charitable foundation. Mr. Clinton will also clear his schedule and speeches with the State Department to avoid any potential conflicts of interest. Mr. Obama's choice for defense secretary is Robert Gates, the man who currently holds the job under President Bush. 奥巴马还挑选目前的国防部长罗伯特.盖茨继续担任这一职务。The president-elect said Gates has the respect of members of Congress from both political parties for his pragmatism and competence. 他说,盖茨以自己的务实态度和工作能力在国会中赢得了两党议员的尊重。Gates also appeared at the news conference and said he was pleased to continue in his current job. 盖茨也出席了这次新闻发布会。他说,他为能继续担任国防部长而感到高兴。"I am deeply honored that the president-elect has asked me to continue as secretary of defense," Gates said. "Mindful that we are engaged in two wars and face other serious challenges at home and around the world, and with a profound sense of personal responsibility to and for our men and women in uniform and their families, I must do my duty as they do theirs. How could I do otherwise?" 他说:“当选总统奥巴马邀请我继续担任国防部长令我深感荣耀。我知道,美国正在打两场战争,并在国内和全世界面临其它严峻挑战,我个人对美国军人和他们的家庭有很深的责任感,所以我必须和他们一样完成自己的职责。我怎么能不这样做呢?”Mr. Obama announced other appointments as well, including Eric Holder as his choice for attorney general and Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as the next secretary of Homeland Security. 奥巴马还宣布了其他官员人选,包括提名埃瑞克.霍德尔为司法部长,提名亚利桑那州州长珍妮特.纳波利塔诺为新的国土安全部部长。In addition, Mr. Obama has tapped retired Marine Corps General James Jones to be his national security advisor, and Susan Rice as the U.S. ambassador to the ed Nations. 此外,奥巴马还挑选退役海军陆战队将军詹姆斯.琼斯担任他的国家安全事务顾问,挑选苏姗.赖斯为美国常驻联合国大使。At his news conference, Mr. Obama was also asked about the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, India. 在新闻发布会上,奥巴马被问到最近在印度孟买发生的恐怖袭击。Mr. Obama reiterated that the ed States has only one president at a time. But he spoke out forcefully against the terror attacks and said his administration would support India's efforts to catch those responsible. 奥巴马对此重申,美国在一段时间里只有一位总统。不过他强烈谴责恐怖袭击,并说,他的政府将持印度当局抓捕肇事者。"Both myself and the team that stands beside me are absolutely committed to eliminating the threat of terrorism and that is true wherever it is found," the president-elect said. "We cannot have, we cannot tolerate, a world in which innocents are being killed by extremists based on twisted ideologies, and we are going to have to bring the full force of our power, not only military but also diplomatic, economic and political to deal with those threats." 他说:“我本人和站在我身边的团队绝对致力于根除恐怖主义威胁,无论它出现在哪里。我们不能生活在、也不能宽容那种任由意识形态扭曲的极端分子滥杀无辜的世界,我们将动用我们所有的军事、外交、经济和政治力量来对付恐怖威胁。”Mr. Obama will be sworn in as the country's 44th president on January 20, and his cabinet members will have to be confirmed by the Senate before they can take up their new posts. 奥巴马将在明年1月20号宣誓成为美国第44任总统,而他的内阁成员们还必须得到参议院的批准,然后才能走上各自的新岗位。200812/57757贵州省医院治疗输卵管堵塞

贵州市贵阳乌当区人民医院接输卵管In recent months, crude oil prices have experienced their sharpest drop since the 2008 financial crisis, and now stand at around a barrel.近几个月,原油价格经历了2008年金融危机以来最深的跌幅,现在保持在每桶80美元左右。Alongside one of the main highways leading into the U.S. capital, a European tourist is filling up his rental car at a gas station.Fluctuating pricesFelix Braz believes that lower gasoline prices will be shortlived. 不过,即便价格回落,这位欧洲游客菲力克斯·布拉兹仍然认为好景不长。"Of course, it will go back up because the needs all over the world are growing," he said. "And the reserves they are not growing and it's not very difficult to understand that one day or another we'll get short of gasoline." 他说:“当然,价格还会回升,因为全世界的需求在增加,而石油蕴藏量并没有增加。不难想象,总有一天汽油会短缺。”Braz is from Luxembourg, where the price is almost double that in the ed States because of fuel taxes. 布拉兹是卢森堡人,那里的油价因为燃油税的关系几乎是美国的两倍。Another customer at the gas station is Jordanian-born Ahmed Al Hellu. He thinks gas in America is aly too expensive. 然而艾哈迈得·赫鲁认为美国的油价早就太高了。"The other day I was talking to a friend in Qatar and he said the gallon is 75 cents, comparing to what we have here -- .99, almost .00 a gallon that's a difference you know. That's a pain in the pocket," he said. 他说:“前两天我和一个卡塔尔的朋友聊天,他说在卡塔尔汽油一加仑75美分,相比我们这里每加仑3.99美元,几乎是4美元,差距太大了。这可真要命。”Al Hellu runs an import business and says cheaper fuel would provide a much-needed break for him. 赫鲁经营一家进口公司,油价便宜可以让他松口气。"Not only me. It will have a big impact on the whole country, because when the prices come down you have people transporting goods or things for their stores, the prices will come down, the wholesale will come down, the hotels, everything will come down, because everything is linked together," Hellu explained. “不光是我,整个国家都会受到很大影响,因为价格下来的话,店主的运费下降,东西也会便宜。批发价下来,不管是酒店还是其他所有东西,都会降价,因为这些都是互相联系的。”201108/148633贵州天伦不育医院 U.S. President Barack Obama said this week that his administration has to do a better job of dealing with terrorism threats in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bomb plot aboard a commercial flight en route to Detroit. Opposition Republicans have been critical of the administration's handling of the incident, and political experts have been assessing the fallout.在圣诞节发生的阴谋炸毁一架飞往底特律的民航班机未遂事件之后,美国总统奥巴马表示,美国政府必须在处理恐怖威胁方面改进工作。反对党共和党人一直在批评行政当局对这个事件的处理,政治专家们正在评估其结果和影响。The failed terror bomb plot constitutes Mr. Obama's most serious national security test to date, and the president has been quick to acknowledge that there is plenty of room for improvement.炸飞机未遂事件,是迄今在国家安全方面对奥巴马最严峻的考验。奥巴马总统迅速承认,有很大的改进余地。"So we have to do better, and we will do better," he said. "And we have to do it quickly. American lives are on the line."奥巴马说:“我们必须改进,我们将会改进。我们必须迅速着手。这关系到美国人的生命。”Opposition Republicans see an opening in the administration's flawed handling of the failed attack, and appear eager to highlight the incident as a potential campaign issue for the November midterm congressional elections.反对党共和党人从行政当局处理这次事件的不当之处看到了机会,他们似乎乐于强调这个事件,作为11月美国国会中期选举的潜在竞选议题。Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke on N's Today program.共和党全国委员会主席迈克尔.斯蒂尔(Michael Steele)在N的"今日"节目中说:"At some point this administration has to take responsibility for what it is doing and take responsibility for its decisions," he said. "They are having an impact, whether domestically or internationally, and you have got to account for it, and this is one of those break points where you stop and assess how is the administration doing? How are they performing? 斯蒂尔说:“在某一阶段,本届行政当局不得不为自己的作为和决定负责。这些是有影响的,对国内外都是有影响的,你必须承担责任。这是事情的‘断点’之一,在这一点上,你停下来,评估行政当局做的如何,表现如何。”201001/94084贵州省贵阳市天伦医院检查阴道炎多少钱

清镇市人民医院处女膜修复Experts Debate Merits of Spending to Boost US Economy奥巴马提八千亿紧急刺激经济计划  President-elect Barack Obama is proposing an emergency 0 billion economic stimulus plan that would use government spending and taxing power to help pull the faltering U.S. economy out of recession. 美国总统当选人奥巴马提出一个8000亿美元紧急刺激经济计划,这个计划将用政府出和减税来帮助低迷不振的美国经济摆脱衰退。The president-elect said only government can provide the short-term boost necessary to lift the economy out of deep recession. In a January 10 radio address, Mr. Obama said his plan to inject billions of dollars into the economy will create three to four million new jobs over two years. 总统当选人奥巴马说,只有政府能够提供从深度衰退中提升经济所必须的短期推动举措。奥巴马在1月10号的广播讲话中说,他计划向经济注入巨额资金,在两年内将创造300万到400万个新工作。"90 percent of these jobs will be created in the private sector. The remaining 10 percent will be in the public sector, mainly jobs that we save like teachers, police officers, firefighters and others who provide vital services to our communities," he said. 他说:“这些工作中有90%将在私营部门创造出来。余下的10%将在公共部门,我们保住的工作主要是教师、警察、消防队员和为我们的社区提供重要务的其他职位。”The Obama stimulus plan will be a combination of government spending and tax cuts, proposals that will soon be debated in congress. A year ago the Bush administration and Congress implemented a much smaller 8 billion stimulus that did boost economic growth for a short time, before the economy resumed the slide that began in December 2007. That first stimulus plan, combined with big spending on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has pushed the government budget into deep deficit. Even before the planned Obama stimulus, the U.S. government was projected to be incurring a .2 trillion deficit in the current fiscal year. That is an amount equal to eight percent of economic output. Kevin Hasset, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, believes government spending is out of control. 奥巴马刺激经济计划是政府出和减税齐头并进,是即将在国会辩论的提议。一年前,布什政府和国会实施了一个规模小得多的1680亿美元刺激措施,确实在短期推动了经济增长,之后经济再度进入2007年12月开始的下滑状态。第一个刺激计划结合了伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争方面的大量出,使政府预算深深地陷入赤字当中。甚至在实施计划中的奥巴马刺激方案之前,美国政府就打算在目前的这个财政年度承受1万2千亿美元的赤字。这个赤字的数额相当于经济总产值的8%。美国企业研究所学者凯文.哈塞特认为,政府出失控了。"The deficit next year, if we pass the Obama stimulus plan...will be larger than the size of government when Bush was elected, in nominal dollar terms," he said. 他说:“如果我们通过奥巴马的刺激计划,明年的赤字会比布什当选总统时的政府财政开还要多。这是去除通货膨胀后的算法。”Martin Baily, chief economist to former President Bill Clinton, worries whether foreigners will continue to buy the Treasury debt needed to fund the rapidly growing government deficit. 美国前总统克林顿的首席经济学家马丁.拜里担心外国人是否将继续购买美国国债券。美国出售国债所得将用于抵偿迅速增加的政府赤字。"I think that is a danger. I said at the beginning of my comments that it is quite uncertain where the economy is going. It is possible that it will turn around more quickly and strongly than the current [Bush] administration's economic advisors think it will. In which case, the Fed [central bank] will be scrambling like crazy to rein in some of this money it has put out there," said Baily. 他说:“我认为,那是个危险的事情。我在我开始的时候就说过,经济向何处去还很不确定。经济复苏可能比现任的布什政府的经济顾问们所认为的更快更强劲。在这种情况下,联邦储备委员会发疯似的急着去管控它已经投放的这笔钱。”At a [Monday] conference on the stimulus plan, speakers including Hassett and Baily, expressed concern about the eventual inflationary impact of both greatly increased government spending and rapid increases in the money supply. Most economists, however, agree that the unprecedented severity of the credit squeeze and global slowdown requires extraordinary measures to maintain consumer purchasing power. 在星期一举行的讨论刺激经济计划的会议上,对于大大增加的政府出和迅速加大的货币投放量最终产生的通货膨胀冲击效应,包括哈塞特和拜里在内的发言者们表示了关切。不过,多数经济学家同意,要因应信贷紧缩和全球经济放慢,就必须采取非常措施来维持消费者的购买力。01/61049 我们上一次的收获是16亿年前的叶子化石,那么发现了它意味着什么呢?低温度下的叶子与温暖环境中的叶子相比,它们的叶缘上面会有什么样的变化呢?这是值得探讨的。接着听哦! Leaves with teeth do better in colder climates because teeth are actually really advantageous in jump-starting growth at the beginning of the growing seasons. In this case, you can see this beautiful fossil leaf here with teeth, and each of the teeth are a little hotbeds of photosynthesis(光合作用), so when that leaf first comes out of the bud, it gets a jump-start on leaves that don't have teeth. Miller uses this information to find out about the height of the young Rocky Mountains. In a simple but powerful technique, he compares the number of leaves with teeth to those without. You go to a particular area, and you pick up all the species of leaves that are there from the trees that are growing in that area, and you compare the number of species that have teeth to the number of species that have smooth margins. That gives us some idea of what the temperature is. So the higher the proportion of plants with jagged edges compared to plants with smooth edges, the colder the temperature of the site. And the colder the temperature, the higher the mountain. So if you've got into a hot air balloon here today, and you float it straight up into the atmosphere, the temperature will decrease in a very predictable way, and it turns out that for about every mile you go up in the atmosphere, you lose about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So if we know how temperature changes with elevation, we can back out elevation from those estimates of temperature. To work out the height of the early mountain, Miller needs to compare samples from two areas, one at the base of the mountain and one at the top. Fossils found at the base of the Rockies near the present-day Denver have an amazing story to tell. These ancient leaves are incredibly similar to plants growing in the tropics today. So after the Rockies rose, down in the area of Denver, it was sub-tropical and tropical forests, we have palms, and cycads, and canopies like we see in the tropics today. Up here we had a forest that looked probably more like a forest that grows in North or South Carolina on the east coast of the U.S. By comparing the ancient fossil leaves from the top of the mountain with fossil leaves from the foot of the mountain, Miller has come up with a surprising conclusion. It turns out that the fossil leaves here are predominantly toothed as compared to those that are in Denver which are predominantly smooth margin. And it turns out the ones in Denver grew in a climate that was about, on average about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the ones up here grew in a climate that was probably about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So if we know how temperature changes with elevation, that means that this site, when these fossil leaves were deposited, was about a mile higher than Denver. Today it's only a half mile higher. So 60 million years ago, the mountains would be twice as high as they are today.小编有约:本期的文章中有许多对比的句子,非常的地道。可以摘抄下来,试着自己写作文的时候用。不仅仅是优美的文章,同时Daisy也认为它告诉了我们探索真理的一种方法。这种方法叫“比较研究法”,通过对近缘物种的行为进行对比分析,以了解行为适应和进化的重要方法。这是一种科学的研究方法。在学习物理和化生时,会用到这个方法。课后题目:Daisy提供这三个线索,你来找找看这个。A. You've got into a hot air balloon. B.You float it straight up into the atmosphere. C. The temperature will decrease in a very predictable way. 201110/159217贵阳中医学院第二附属医院输卵管吻合术贵阳哪个医院治疗生殖器疱疹最权威



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