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2018年03月18日 17:43:08 | 作者:养心活动 | 来源:新华社
A new survey carried out by UndercoverLovers.com, a dating website for married people, found that almost 100 per cent of women who cheat on their partners never get caught, whereas the men are not as good at covering their tracks with 17 per cent admitting to getting busted, the Daily Mail reported.据英国《每日邮报》报道,已婚人士交友网站“地下情人网”最近一次调查发现,几乎所有瞒着伴侣搞外遇的女性从没被抓到过,但男人似乎就不那么会掩饰了,他们中有17%的人坦诚自己出轨被另一半抓到。Dr David Holmes, a psychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, says: ;Women make better liars because they#39;re psychologically more sophisticated. They make plans and have strategies, whereas men are more impulsive. The biggest difference, however, is that women are much better at keeping their affairs a secret.;曼彻斯特城市大学的心理学家大卫·霍姆斯表示:“女性之所以更擅长撒谎是因为她们的心理更复杂。她们会制定计划、部署战略,而男人更容易冲动行事。不过二者最大的区别在于,女性更善于为偷情保密。” /201206/187836人类已经无法阻止海底捞了!火锅也能叫外卖!Now to Beijing, where the traditional Chinese takeaway is getting a five star makeover. In the last few years, food delivery options in China have largely been limited to western fast food joints, such as McDonald#39;s and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Now, not only can customers order hotpot from the comfort of their homes, they can enjoy complete table service.现在在北京,传统的中国外卖食品获得了五星标识。过去几年,中国外卖食品的选择主要限制在西方快餐合资企业,例如麦当劳和肯德基。现在,顾客不仅可以舒地在家订火锅,他们还可以享受到完全的餐桌务。Hot pot is popular for Chinese, especially in the winter, as a pot of bubbling broth can help to ward off the chill. Until recently it was a meal enjoyed solely in restaurants or prepared by families at home.火锅很受中国人的喜爱,尤其是在冬天,因为一锅热腾腾的汤可以帮忙驱走严寒。但是直到不久前,它都只能在餐馆或在家来享受。Beijing producer Yu Peng said: ;In recent years, I think that the taste of hot pot and the service at restaurants is much better than it was before.;北京生产者于鹏表示:;近几年,我觉得餐馆里火锅的口味和务比以前好很多。;But long lines at hotpot restaurants often leave guests waiting for up to two hours before they are seated. Hai-Di-Lao, the most well known chain in Beijing, has come up with a new solution: home delivery, where customer order online or by phone.但是火锅店的长龙经常要让客人等上两个钟头才能就坐。北京最有名的连锁店海底捞想出了一个新的解决办法:客人通过网络或电话订餐,然后送货上门。Pei Qi, delivery man from Haidilao Hotpot said: ;Delivery is better, because it does not take up any space at the restaurant. It is more convenient, as you can chat with your friends. It is also more private and not too noisy. There is no need to worry about driving home while drunk.;海底捞火锅的送餐员裴迪表示:;送餐更好,因为它不会占餐馆的任何空间。在你和朋友聊天的时候,它会更方便。它也更私密,不会太吵。无须担心回家时酒后驾车。;Customers get the same level of quality as they would in a restaurant, but in the comfort of their own home. Best of all, no clean-up is required. One more call to the restaurant and the same delivery man returns to dispose of everything. Sounds like a win-win. But in order to avoid leaving the restaurant short-staffed, Hai-Di-Lao has limited the number of deliveries at one time.客人获得的质量水平和他们在餐馆吃的一样,而且可以在家舒地享受。最好的是无需清洁。再打个电话给餐馆,同一个送货员就会回来处理一切。听起来像是双赢。但是为了避免餐馆人手不足,海底捞限制了每次叫外卖的数量。 /201201/167009

You've probably heard of hot yoga and power yoga, but now there's another form of the physical and mental activity that's gaining in popularity in India -- water yoga. 你可能听说过高温瑜伽和力量瑜伽,但现在有一种新的瑜伽在印度日渐流行,这就是水中瑜伽。 In the city of Agra, famed for the Taj Mahal, legions of locals perform their "asanas," or postures, in a pool, which makes them more challenging than on land, and also boosts buoyancy and flexibility. 在以泰姬陵而闻名的亚格拉城,很多当地人热衷在水池中做瑜伽,在水中做瑜伽比在陆地上做难度更大,但同时可以提高身体的浮力和灵活性。 Harish Chaturvedi, a trained lawyer, teaches the unusual form of yoga free of charge. He says water yoga can be performed for much longer than other forms, as the body does not get tired as quickly. 职业律师出身的哈里希?查图尔维迪免费教授这种特别瑜伽。他说,相比于其它形式的瑜伽,在水中做瑜伽不会让身体很快感到疲劳,所以能坚持得更久。 "Everybody can learn swimming, but if they also learn yoga alongside it, they will never feel tired," he said."The level of oxygen is very high in water, and you will not have any breathing problems." 他说:“每个人都能学习游泳,但如果他们在学游泳的同时学习瑜伽,那么永远也不会觉得累。” Chaturvedi believes water yoga really boosts energy and helps ward off disease. He focuses on children, and runs regular classes at the swimming pool of a local sports stadium. 查图尔维迪认为水中瑜伽的确能提高体能,祛除疾病。他以孩子为主要教学对象,并在当地一家体育馆的游泳池定期授课。 The response to this unusual form of yoga has been positive. 大家对这种特殊瑜伽反应不错。 "Pandit Harish Chaturvediji is a lawyer by profession but he is very good at performing yoga in water," said Sudhir Narayan, a water yoga student. "He is teaching children free of cost and that is a very good thing." 一个名叫苏迪尔#8226;纳拉延的水中瑜伽学员说:“哈里希#8226;查图尔维迪老师的职业是律师,但他的水中瑜伽做得很棒。他免费教孩子们练水中瑜伽,这真是一件好事。” Yoga, which involves meditation as well as physical activities, has become a mainstream form of exercise around the world, with millions of followers. 融身体活动和冥想为一体的瑜伽已成为风靡全世界的一种主流健身形式,拥有数百万的爱好者。 /201109/153094

The world because of had the woman, but appears particularly beautiful! Have you ever wondered what it takes to be cool?  世界因为有了女人,而显得分外美丽!你想过什么可以让你变身时尚酷人吗?  No. 1 The over knee boots 过膝靴  They've got to be one of the sexiest bits of footware ever created. Do I have to say more?  它们是市面上最性感的鞋子。其它不用我多说了吧? /201008/110515

Chicken SoupWhy it’s a cold/flu fighter: When you have a cold or the flu, a major symptom includes congestion in the nose, chest, and throat. Chicken soup has specifically been shown in studies to thin mucus secretions. Broth and noodles provide carbohydrates for maintaining your energy levels, potentially helping you feel less lethargic. If you add vegetables, you’ll boost the level of nutrients in the soup, which will help support immune function. Slurp away on low- sodium soups that contain 30% less salt. You want the soup to contain some salt, though, because sodium helps regulate the amount of fluid in the body. Basically, the saltiness in soup may help encourage hydration, says Lawrence D. Rosen, MD, chair of the Integrative Pediatrics Council, and author of The Whole Child blog. This is important because fevers can contribute to dehydration.鸡汤普通感冒和流感都有鼻塞、咽部不适的感觉,其实这是病毒引起上呼吸道炎症的表现。很多研究已经验了鸡汤的抗感冒作用:鸡汤能够减少呼吸道分泌炎性液体;肉汤和面条内含有碳水化合物,为患者提供能量,患者才不会总是昏昏欲睡;如果在鸡汤里加点蔬菜,营养会更丰富,对提高自身免疫力很有帮助;鸡汤里含有少量的盐,这对感冒病人也是有益的。因为盐里的钠离子可以促进水合作用,而感冒病人发烧时身体往往会脱水。 /201104/131421

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