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常州市复合彩光祛斑多少钱江苏南京脱腿毛多少钱常州疤痕修复多少钱 A Cambodian couple who separated after 40 years of marriage may have taken things too literally when it came to splitting their assets:A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.The husband cut the house in two."It is the strangest thing I've ever seen," said May Titthara, who wrote about the case for The Phnom Penh Post, an English-language newspaper in the Cambodian capital. "People there never saw this happen in a divorce. It is very interesting for them."The husband and wife had been living together in the house in a village in the Prey Veng province of southern Cambodia, roughly 50 miles (80 km) from the capital.The couple would not talk to the newspaper, but the village chief told May Titthara that the husband was angry because his wife wouldn't tend to him when he was ill.Last week, the husband and his friends moved his belongings to one side of the house -- and sawed and chiseled it off, said the reporter, who interviewed the village chief and neighbors.The couple also divided their property into four sections: for themselves and their two children.Because the couple side-stepped the provincial courts when they parted ways, their unusual resolution could pose a problem later, said Prak Phin, a lawyer for Legal Support for Child and Women in the province."This was a not a legal divorce. It never went to the court," he said. "If they have disagreements in the future, they will not have a legal (recourse)."The man moved his part of the house to his parents' property, May Titthara said. He lives with his parents, while the wife continues to reside in her precariously perched, upright half. 一对柬埔寨夫妇在结束40年婚姻时可能太过教条,居然把他们的家产真的一分为二了。A couple who separated after 40 years of marriage split their house in two -- literally.一对夫妇结束其40年婚姻时把他们的家一劈为二---名副其实的“分家”丈夫把房子一劈为二。“这是我看到的最为奇特的事情,”为位于柬埔寨首都的英文报纸《金边邮报》撰写此报道的MAY TITTHARA说道,"那里的人从来没看到过离婚会发生这样的事情。对他们来说,这太有趣了。”这对夫妇一起居住一个村庄的一所房子里,那里位于距首部大约50英里(80公里)的柬埔寨南部的波萝勉省。这对夫妇对记者保持沉默,不过,据那里的村长告诉MAY TITTHARA说,丈夫因为生病而他妻子不愿意照顾他,所以他很气愤。记者在采访村长和邻居们后获知,上周,这位丈夫和他的朋友们把他的财产搬到了房子的一边,然后用锯子锯,用凿子凿,把房子一分为二。这对夫妇也把他们的财产分了四份: 他们两人,还有他们的两个孩子。这个省为孩子和妇女提供法律帮助的律师PRAK PHIN说,因为这对夫妇分开的时候绕过了省法院,所以他们非同寻常的决定会留下后遗症。他说:“这不是一个合法的离婚。他们没去法院。如果他们以后出现争议,将无法获得法律持。”May Titthara说,这位丈夫把他的那一半房子搬到了他父母那里。他和他父母居住,而他的妻子则不安全地继续栖息在房子的右半部分。 /200810/54042南京人民医院治疗疤痕价格

江苏人民医院做去疤手术价格1. SUCCESS 从对成功的定义看……A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend.成功的男人就是挣得比老婆花得多。A successful woman is one who can find such a man.成功的女人就是能找到上述那样的老公。 /201005/104313南京江北人民医院修眉手术价格 One of the abiding images of the swine flu outbreak is the pictures from Mexico of people wandering the streets wearing masks.自从猪流感爆发以来,墨西哥街头来往人群戴口罩的场景已经成为电视上常见的镜头之一。And as the disease has sp from country to country, reports have emerged of people purchasing all sorts of products on the internet.随着猪流感在世界范围内的扩散,人们上网购买各类口罩的消息便不断传出。But while the scramble is understandable, experts are sceptical about just how useful they are.人们这样做尽管可以理解,但不少专家依旧质疑这样做的效果。Professor John Oxford, a virologist at leading London hospital, said: "Really, there is very little evidence that masks actually offer much protection against flu.伦敦医院的病毒学家约翰·奥克斯福德教授表示,戴上口罩就能预防流感的据十分微薄。"I think handing them out to the public as has happened in Mexico just destroys confidence."他说,“我觉得像墨西哥现在这种给公众发口罩的行为只会摧毁人们的信心。”It is these sorts of issues that has prompted officials from groups such as the World Health Organization and England's Health Protection Agency to steer clear of calling for them for general public use.正是由于上述的这些因素,诸如世界卫生组织以及英国保健局之类的官方机构一直拒绝倡导公众都要戴口罩。While Mexico has handed them out to members of the public, most other countries, including the UK, are just reserving them for health staff.墨西哥给公众发口罩,而包括英国在内的大多数国家,目前还只是主张医护人员需要佩戴口罩。Others, such as Belgium, have bought some for flu patients, while several, including Spain, have handed them out to passengers on planes returning from affected areas.其他国家的反应不一。比利时给流感病人购置了一批口罩,而西班牙则在从感染区返航的飞机上给乘客发送口罩。Health workers have been told to wear them, along with special gloves, if they are in contact with potential victims.医护人员在接触疑似病例的时候,需要佩戴口罩和特制的手套。Professor Oxford believes this approach is right.奥克斯福德教授肯定了这种做法。"They are the people who will be most likely to be coming into contact with the virus and the ones who could be passing it on."“他们是最可能接触到病毒,并且最可能传播病毒的一类群体。”Dr Ronald Cutler, deputy director of biomedical science at the University of London, said: "If you sneeze with a mask the virus will be contained so from that point of view if everyone wore them it might stop the sp.伦敦大学生理医学副总监罗纳德·卡特勒医生表示,如果感染病毒的人打喷嚏的时候带着口罩,那么可以防止把病毒传染给别人。从这个角度来讲,只要大家都带口罩,就能限制病毒传播。"Or you could get the people with flu wearing them, but by the time they are diagnosed it could be too late.“不过给确诊的病人戴口罩恐怕为时已晚,因为从病毒潜伏到确诊已经有一段时间了。”"And the problem is that when someone sneezes they tend to take a mask off. I think masks give people a false sense of security.“另一个存在的问题是,很多戴口罩的人真打喷嚏的时候还是会先把口罩摘掉,所以我认为口罩给人们的是一种错误的安全感。”"They are not bio-chemical suits. Masks are obviously just covering one part of the body so your hands and clothes could all have the virus on and when you take them off you will infect yourself. "“口罩并不是生化产品,它们显然只能保护身体的一部分。手上、衣上同样会携带病毒,当你脱衣的时候,你就可能被感染。”"However, because people are wearing a mask they will think they are protected and may go into crowded areas.所以,人们不能因为戴了口罩就掉以轻心,想当然地进出拥挤场所。"The best advice is to wash your hands and cover your mouth when sneezing."“最好的办法就是洗手,并在打喷嚏的时候用手遮住口部。” /200905/69241南京省中医院做韩式隆鼻手术价格

南京去皱纹的医院The idea of sex and love addiction conjures up all sorts of images, however, this addiction is as painful as any other. You may be asking, "What is sex addiction or what is love addiction? Can we be addicted to love? How would we know if we are addicted to sex or addicted to love?" To begin to answer these questions and to start to understand sex and love addiction, it is important to understand why the idea of addiction becomes associated with sex and with love.AddictionAddiction is a process which occurs over time in a persons life. Addiction is usually associated with repetitive behaviors, obsessive thinking about a person or behavior or, in the case of substance addiction, a particular drug. Initially the behavior and the thoughts feel good and are even euphoric causing the person to want to repeat the behavior and thinking pattern. The key ingredient for addiction to occur is the feeling of euphoria the person gets from the behavior. Feeling good is very reinforcing, and humans will seek out what feels good, even if the good feeling is brief and short lived. With addiction comes obsessive thoughts, compulsive behaviors, lost time and productivity, lost relationships and marriages, lost physical and mental health. The addiction becomes the underlying drive for the person’s life.Sex AddictionSex addiction can range from solitary compulsive masturbation to predatory sex crimes. This article will focus on what Patrick Carnes in his bookOut of the Shadowsrefers to as the Level One sex addict. The behaviors associated with this level of sexual behavior are usually within the range of what society views as victimless. Sexual behaviors which occur between what appears to be consenting adults, even if the behavior is illegal, is tolerated and even encouraged, and is often considered victimless. An example would be prostitution. Prostitution is a crime, and participating in sex with a prostitute is a crime in most parts of our society. However, it is tolerated by our society and often viewed as behavior between adults to which both consent--it becomes viewed as anecessary evil.In this view no one is victimized by the other.Besides prostitution, other behaviors which are in level one include: pornography, strip shows, peep shows, compulsive masturbation, massage parlors, repetitive one-night stands, multiple sex partners, cruising in bars and restrooms, and so forth. More recently we have cybersex, phone sex, or e-sex. The sex addict may participate in one or many of these behaviors, but the behavior is repetitive, compulsive, and driven. What may have begun as a curiosity regarding pornography, soon evolves into obsession. What was meant to be one trip to a prostitute becomes repetitive, expensive, and time consuming--not to mention demoralizing, shame producing, physically dangerous, and emotionally draining. Often the thrill of risky, clandestine behavior is enough to continue the pursuit. The obsessive thinking takes up ever growing amounts of time, even as the compulsive addictive behavior may be becoming less and less rewarding.Most often these behaviors are done in secret. The addict may reveal the tip of the iceberg to a friend, but rarely the extent of the obsession. If the addict is married or in a relationship, the secret must be covered up with lies and deception. Money spent must be allowed for in the budget. Time lost must be accounted for. Even while the behavior continues to reinforce the obsession, the act becomes hollow and shameful for the sex addict. The problems associated with the addiction begin to outweigh the pleasure derived from the behavior.Love AddictionIt may seem incongruous to placeloveandaddictionwithin the same context, but if you understand how the addictive process occurs in people’s lives, then it becomes easy to associate the two ideas. Addiction occurs when a person gets hooked on the feeling associated with a behavior. In this case love. Our culture tends to place a high premium on the love between intimates. We view love or romantic love as the basis of a relationship. If there isn’t romantic love, if we don’t feel "in love" with the person we are less likely to think about a long term commitment or marriage. The "in love" feeling is euphoric, and it is quite reinforcing. The longing associated with that early bloom of romantic love is well known and is the subject of love songs, romantic movies, and love stories. Romantic comedies act out the interplay between two people as they move from strangers to being in love. The film expresses the longing, the delight, the humor, and sometimes the pain of romantic love.Love becomes addictive when that feeling of euphoria which occurs during romantic love becomes the goal. The early stage of a relationship when the other is still unknown, when we can look endlessly into their eyes, when the sound of their voice causes our heart to race, is the bonding stage. This early stage (the beginning, the first meeting, the first kiss) is followed quickly by the first weeks and months of the relationship, and the physical arousal level is high. Researches who have studied human behavior are quite aware of the hormones and endorphins which are secreted in greater amounts during this stage, and which further act to reinforce the bonding. This chemical process can be addictive. That euphoric feeling becomes what is sought after and what triggers the addictive cycle.Love addicts can be recognized by their movement from relationship to relationship, multiple marriages, affairs while in a committed relationship, and their general focus on the next man or woman who might come into their lives. The flight in and out of relationships soon looses its thrill, and the love addict is left with pain and loss. Some love addicts may be hooked on fantasy lovers. Fantasy lovers are people the addict loves and longs for from a distance. These people may not actually go in and out of relationships, but instead spend large amounts of time in chat rooms, ing romance novels, or going to movie after movie. This frantic behavior is an attempt to feel good. To replicate the feeling of being in love. Unfortunately, what usually occurs is deadening depression. Chat rooms, romance novels, and movies are not negative in themselves, they are meant to be entertaining, stimulating, and fun. For the love addict, these pursuits become the tools of their addictive process. While some love addicts go from person to person, others addict to one person. This love addict creates a fantasy relationship and tries repeatedly to fit the person into the fantasy. Even in the face of evidence to the contrary, the love addict will continue the fantasy of being in love with the perfect mate.Sex and Love AddictionSex and love go hand in hand. When we are in love it often follows that we have sex with that person. We even call itmaking love.However, for the sex and love addict, love and sex within the same relationship becomes stale and boring after awhile. The first blush is off, the bloom has paled. In short, the hormones aren’t pumping quite so fast. That euphoric feeling has died down, and the real work of the relationship begins. At this point the sex addict will increase their addictive behavior and the love addict may begin to look elsewhere. The addictive cycle begins (if it ever ended) anew. The cherished hope within the sex and love addict that the new relationship will be enough to break the cycle is met with failure, loss, and shame.RecoveryRecovery from sex and love addiction can occur. The process of recovery is much like recovery from substance addictions. First, the addict begins the process of healing by identifying the painful damaging behavior. By acknowledging their behavior is addictive and destructive, their lives become open to growth and change. The addict learns to recognize how their thinking, their feelings, and their behaviors lead them into the addictive cycle. Frequently, sex and love addicts are depressed and anxious, and begin to feel worse before they feel better making the recovery process painful.There is help. The sex and love addict is not alone. Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, a 12-Step program modeled after Alcoholics Anonymous, offers the addict a place to learn about themselves and the addictive process. The tools of recovery are available if the person is willing to take the step into a new life. Another important tool for recovery is counseling. Counseling can help the person understand how their unfinished business from the past is affecting them today. They can begin to unravel how the addictive cycle works in their lives. 成瘾可能发生在人一生中任何阶段,常常与重复行为、强迫性观念,或者在物质成瘾中,一种特殊的药物联系在一起的。最初行为和想法尚且感觉良好,使人感到欣快地想要重复这些行为和思维方式。成瘾的关键组成部分是人们从特定行为中获得的欣快感受。感觉良好就具有强化作用,人们会寻找出是什么让他感觉良好,即使这种感觉短暂一时。伴随着成瘾,他们会出现强迫观念以及强迫行为,时间和工效观念丧失,人际关系和婚姻丧失,身体和心理健康丧失等后果。上瘾渐渐会变成一个人生活的内在驱力。性成瘾性成瘾从独自强迫性的自慰,到掠夺式的性犯罪,都可能存在着。本文将着重介绍Patrick Carnes在其书《走出阴影》中所描述的第一水平的性成瘾。伴随这种水平的性行为的一些行为被社会视为其中无人受害,性行为发生在自愿的成人之间,即使是非法的,仍然是可以容许甚至是可以鼓励的,毕竟没有其中没有人受害。卖淫就是这样,卖淫在大部分地方都是犯罪行为。但是它能够被我们的社会所容许,常常被当作是成人的自愿行为,这是不可避免的事情,从这种角度看,没有人会收到别人的问责。除了卖淫外,其他第一水平的行为还有:色情作品,脱衣舞,偷窥秀,强迫性的自慰,院,一夜情,多名性伴侣,酒吧或者澡堂揽客。现在更是有网络性爱,电话性爱,乃至虚拟性爱。性成瘾可能参与一种或者多种这样的性行为,然而不管如何这种行为都是重复性地,强迫性的,冲动性的,受到内在驱使的。可能发生的是刚刚最初对色情作品好奇,发展成为强迫性冲动。一次嫖娼的经历可能会再三重复,耗费大量金钱和时间,更不用说意志消沉、羞耻感的产生,身体上的危险,情感上的衰竭。常常秘密而冒险的行为所带来的兴奋足以维持对这种行为的追求。渐渐地,即使强迫性成瘾行为所带来的欣快感变得越来越淡,强迫性观念占据的时间却越来越多。大多数情况下这样的行为是秘密进行的。成瘾者可能只向朋友暴露其状况的冰山一角,但不会透露自己的强迫程度。如果成瘾者结婚或者恋爱了,秘密还会被谎言和欺骗所掩盖。其中金钱花费要列入预算,时间花费也要进行解释。即使当这种行为继续为了增强强迫性而进行的,这种举动对于性成瘾者仍然被视为虚伪和羞耻的。这个伴随成瘾的问题带来的烦恼或许从程度上超过了行为本身带来的愉悦。爱情成瘾将爱情和成瘾放在一起或许有些不和谐,但如果你理解了成瘾过程怎么在人们的生活中发生之后,将二者联系起来就容易多了。当一个人着迷与行为伴随的感受,成瘾便发生了,爱情也是如此。我们的文化倾向于鼓励恋人间的爱情。我们把爱或者浪漫的爱视为关系的基础。如果没有浪漫的爱,我们就不会感觉到在恋爱,亦不会去想要维持长期的关系,更不会考虑婚姻。恋爱的感觉就是一种欣快感,对人的强化作用非常大。渴望绽放烂漫的爱情之花是爱情歌曲、浪漫电影、爱情故事的永恒主题。浪漫喜剧更是上演着一对恋人从陌生到相爱的经历。电影表达着浪漫爱情的渴望,带来的快乐,幽默以及伤痛。当以追求浪漫爱情带来的欣快感为目的时,爱情就成瘾了。爱情关系最初的契合阶段中,彼此仍旧不了解对方,我们彼此深深地看着对方的眼睛,对方的声音都可以使我们心跳加速。这个阶段(从开始,到初次约会,到初吻)会持续一周或者一月,此时生理唤醒水平还是比较高的。研究人类行为的学者发现在这个阶段,荷尔蒙和内啡肽(一种体内镇痛物质)的含量在秘密地增加,这就会强化爱情行为。这个化学过程可能导致成瘾。这种欣快感就是之后成瘾者追求的目标,也是引发成瘾周期的元凶。爱情成瘾者可能有以下形式的举动:关系的深入发展,多重婚姻,忠诚关系中的婚外逸事,并且他们一般着聚焦于下一个出现在他们生活中的异性。在这种关系中的反复无常使兴奋性降低,爱情成瘾者只剩下伤痛和损失。一些爱情成瘾者还可能着迷于幻想爱人。幻想爱人是成瘾者只渴望在异地喜爱的人。这些人可能不会在感情关系中反复无常,但是会花费大量的时间在聊天室中,读浪漫小说,或者去狂看爱情电影。这种疯狂的行为是在试图追求和重复恋爱美妙的感受。有的爱情成瘾者会不断调换不同的异性,而有些的对象却只有一个异性。康复性与爱情成瘾的康复是有可能的,就像物质成瘾的康复一样。首先,成瘾者应该认识到这种给自己带来伤痛损害得行为。通过认识到他们的行为是成瘾并具有破坏性的,他们的生命将开放、成长和改善。成瘾者通过学习了解他们的想法、感受和行为是如何诱导他们进入了成瘾周期的。性与爱情成瘾者常常会抑郁和焦虑,他们在感觉改善之前会感觉糟糕,这会使得康复的进程变得困难。还是有解决方法的。性与爱情成瘾者并不孤独。性与爱情成瘾者互助协会,仿照戒酒互助协会,提供给成瘾者一个场所了解自己以及成瘾过程。如果他们愿意踏入新的生活,可以参与到其中。另外一个重要的康复就是咨询。咨询可能帮助了解他们过去心理和人格% /200810/54469 After Euro 2008, now Austria is preparing to host RoboCup, where 500 robots take to the football field hoping to prove their mettle.Held annually since 1997, the RoboCup, one of the world's largest demonstrations of robotics, will take place in the southern city of Graz in July 2009, organiser Gerald Steinbauer said."Robot-football is more than just entertainment. It is the ideal scenario for developing moving robots in a mobile environment," said Steinbauer, a robotics specialist at Graz Technical University.The 500 robots will be joined by 2,500 human players, with teams competing in four championships, depending on the size of robot.A fifth, completely virtual, competition runs alongside the four championships, with two teams of 11 players pitted against each other in a simulator.A more serious addition to the programme will test the efficiency of robots as potential life-savers in an earthquake scenario, Steinbauer added.On the sidelines of the tournament, international experts will give public lectures on the latest developments in robotics and artificial intelligence. 继2008年“欧洲杯”之后,目前奥地利又在筹办明年的“机器人世界杯”(RoboCup),届时将有500个机器人齐聚绿茵场一展球技。据组织者格劳德#8226;斯坦鲍尔介绍,明年的机器人世界杯赛将于7月份在奥地利南部城市格拉茨举行。一年一度的“机器人世界杯”从1997年起开始举办,是世界上规模最大的机器人技术展示活动之一。格拉茨科技大学的机器人技术专家斯坦鲍尔说:“机器人足球不仅是一种,它是在动态环境中研发可移动机器人的最理想场景。”届时,500个机器人将配备2500名真人球员分组竞技,依机器人体积的大小,将分为四组角逐冠军。而同时进行的第五组比赛则是完全虚拟的,两各有11名球员的球队将在一个模拟器中竞技。斯坦鲍尔说,此外,比赛中还将增加一个更为重要的环节,用以检测机器人在地震环境中的救援效率。除正式比赛外,国际专家还将就机器人及人工智能技术的最新发展做系列讲座。 /200809/49809江苏南京丰胸医院哪里最最好丹阳治疗痘痘多少钱




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