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Research from the University of Edinburgh and the Bronx Zoo suggests that cats have personalities similar to those of African lions. Some suggest this means your cat wants to be rid of you.爱登堡大学和布朗科斯动物园的研究表明,猫和非洲狮有相似的个性。有人据此推断,你的宠物猫正想要摆脱你呢。I fear that cat research has been heading in a disturbing direction for some time. Last year, a wise anthrozoologist declared that your feline thinks you#39;re just one big, stupid cat. Earlier this year, researchers in the UK said cats really don#39;t need their owners at all. And now this.近些年来,关于猫的研究结果都很令人担忧。去年,一个“机智的”人类学家声称,猫咪认为主人只是一只又大又蠢的猫而已。再早些年,英国的一些研究人员表示,猫咪根本不需要主人。现在,我们又有了以下实验。Some have interpreted a study from the Bronx Zoo and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland as saying that your cat might be trying to bump you off. Yes, kill you, eat you, that sort of thing. The study is entitled ;Personality Structure in the Domestic Cat, Scottish Wildcat, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, and African Lion;. Truly, I love these academic titles.有人将爱登堡大学和布朗科斯动物园的研究翻译过来,称你的宠物猫可能正想要杀了你呢。对,杀了你,吃掉你,或其他类似的想法。这个研究的名子是“家猫、苏格兰野猫、云豹、雪豹、非洲狮的个性结构”。说实话,我喜欢这些学术名称。The researchers set out to discover whether there were any consistent similarities in personality between these disparate types of felines. What they found was that each had three dominant personality types. The Scottish wildcat, for example, had at its core dominance, agreeableness and self-control. Which is not dissimilar to many of my Scottish friends. As for domestic cats: Dominance, impulsiveness and neuroticism. I can see how living with humans makes you neurotic. I have experienced this. However, what the researchers further discovered was that these three were the same personality traits prevalent in African lions. And we all know that these lions, especially when they feel threatened, tend not to disappear into their manes研究人员从这些不同猫科动物的个性相同点着手,发现每种都有三个类型的主要个性。比如苏格兰野猫的配性、亲和性和自我控制性,这和我苏格兰朋友们的个性很相似。而家猫的个性是:控制、冲动和神经质。我知道,和人相处久了,是会变得神经质些,因为我就有这样的经历。但是,研究人员还发现,家猫的这三种个性和非洲狮的很相像。并且,我们都知道,这些狮子不会选择退让,特别是它们受到威胁的时候。The researchers studied the animals#39; behaviors along a popular test of the ;Big Five; human personality aspects: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Introversion, Agreeableness and Neuroticism. When it comes to domestic cats, the research report said of their neuroticism that it had ; the highest loadings on anxious, insecure, and tense, suspicious, and fearful of people.;这些研究人员通过人类的“五大”个性特征来研究动物的行为:经验开放性、自觉性、外向性/内向型、随和性/神经质。他们的报告表明,家猫比较神经质,“对人类感到极为焦虑、不安、紧张、多疑和害怕。”What are we doing to these animals? Or have they always been this way? The mere thought that cats are fearful of us and might, therefore, want to take us out is chilling. But still less chilling, perhaps, than knowing and seeing what humans do to each other.我们对这些动物都做了些什么?或者说,它们一直都是这样的吗?猫咪们对我们感到很恐惧,还可能希望杀了我们这一想法让人心寒。但是,人类对自己同胞所做的事可能更让人心寒。Marieke Gartner, one of the researchers involved in the study, told me that it was ;a pretty far stretch; to suggest that your cat actually wants to kill you. She said: ;Cats have different personalities, and they ended up living with us because it was a mutually beneficial situation. Some cats are more independent, some are quite loving. It just depends on the individual. It#39;s not that cats are self centered. It#39;s that they are a more solitary or semisolitary species.; Yes, but are they secretly harboring ill-feeling toward us? Gartner explained: ;Cats don#39;t want to bump you off, but people often don#39;t know how to treat them and then are surprised by their behavior.;这项研究中的一个研究员高德纳告诉我说,研究结果几乎足够表明,你的猫其实很想杀了你。她说到:“不同的猫也有不同的个性,有些之所以和我们人类住在一起是因为这是一个双赢的选择。有些猫比较独立,有些猫很亲和,这取决于猫自身。并不是说猫都以自我为中心,只是它们是更喜欢独居的物种。”但是它们对我们心怀不满吗?高德纳解释到:“猫并不是想杀了你,只是人们不知道应该怎么对待猫,所以很容易对它们的行为感到惊讶。”A hundred cats from Scottish shelters were examined. The researchers observed the wilder animals in various zoos and wildlife parks across the UK and the US. Even though the scientists concede that their work is by its very nature imperfect and more research is required, they concluded: ;Across the five felid species we assessed, personality structure was strikingly similar.;研究人员对苏格兰庇护所的一百只猫都进行了实验,还观察了英国和美国的不同动物园和野生动物园里的比较野生的动物,他们承认自身的研究本身并不完美,并且须要进行更多的实验。但他们还是总结到:“我们所研究的这五种动物的个性是非常相似的。”Yes, you#39;ve got a little lioness in your house. She#39;s not your friend.是的,这就是说你家里养了一只小狮子,她不是你的朋友!Please remember, therefore, the three main personality traits of your cat: Dominance, Impulsiveness and Neuroticism. And t very carefully.所以,记好你家猫咪的个性:控制、冲动和神经质!小心地对待她! /201511/407506渭南哪里割包皮渭南市哪家医院割包皮In 420, Liu Yu dethroned the Emperor of Jin and declared himself as the Emperor of Song, which was known as Liu Song to distinguish from the Song set up by Zhao Kuangying after the Tang Dynasty.公元420年刘裕废晋帝自立,国号宋。为区别于后世赵匡胤建立的宋朝,史学家常称之为“刘宋”。Born in a humble family, Liu Yu realized that it was the uprisings of the great noble clans that caused the downfall of the Eastern Jin therefore he would by no means put the members of the prestigious on the important positions.Instead, the military power was in the hands of his sons and other important posts were filled with persons from the poor origin.刘裕出身贫寒,又看到了东晋因大族屡屡兴兵反抗而使其灭亡的教训,故而在他登基后,不再重用名门大族,其用人也多为贫寒出身,兵权则主要交予自己的皇子,所以没有重蹈东晋发生大族割据的覆辙。By these measures he did successfully avoid the separate regimens set up by the noble clans, however, he failed to foresee the conflicts between his princes after his death.然而,由于皇子相互间的争权夺利,最后以至于相互残杀,这是刘裕始料未及的。In 422, Uu Yu died, his two sons Shao and Wen took the throne in succession.公元422年,刘裕卒,宋少帝、文帝相继即位。Worthy to mention is during Wen’s reign, there appeared a prosperous comfortable society characterized by social stability, economic growth and cultural flourishing.其中,文帝刘义隆在位的30年间,是宋朝最繁荣的一段时期,这时南方的经济、文化真正有所发展,出现了一个所谓“小康”的局面。There were wars broken out between the Liu Song and Wei in the north; however, both suffered great loss and dared not to launch a large-scale campaign towards each other.此间,宋与北朝的魏国交战虽各有胜负,但却都损失惨重,使南北方均无能力再发生大战。Since then, there was a relative tranquil period till in the year of 454, Emperor Wen died and was succeeded by two tyrannies of Xiao Wu and Ming of Liu Song.从此,南北方相对稳定下来。公元454年,文帝薨。These two cruel emperors even plotted to kill their family members besides suspecting their own followers, which caused a constant chaos situation in their kingdom.文帝死后,宋孝武帝、宋明帝先后为帝,但他们俩都是有名的暴君,不仅对诸将疑忌,而且兄弟间相互残杀,政治一度混乱。Xiao Daocheng, Commander of Liu, aslo the Imperial Guards, gained his own weight in this confusion, usurped the power of Liu Song and changed its name to Qi in 479, which brought an end to the end of the Liu Song.在此期间,刺史萧道成趁政治混乱之机而形成了较强的势力。公元479年,萧道成灭宋,建立齐。至此,刘宋宣告灭亡。 /201601/421829渭南泌尿生殖医院不孕不育科

渭南中心医院治疗睾丸炎多少钱渭南割包茎多少钱Have you planned for the special food traditionally served during the upcoming Chinese New Year? If not, we have nine recommended delicacies to add to your New Year#39;s .农历新年眼看马上就要到了,要准备什么传统食物您想好课吗?如果还没有,我们这里为您的新年菜单呈上9款佳肴!Dumplings饺子Dumplings are always a popular food in Northern China and often find their way on the table during Spring Festival. Different cooking methods of cooking, such as boiling, frying and steaming can create dumplings with different tastes. Chinese dumplings date back to the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-581).饺子是中国北方人们热衷的食物,在春节期间更是餐桌必备。饺子有不同做法,煮、煎、蒸,各俱风味。中国饺子的历史可追溯到南北朝(420-581)时期。Spring pancake春饼It is traditional to eat thin pancakes on the day of the solar term Beginning of Spring. Having a bite of the pancake with fresh vegetables rolled in it means to take in the vigor and energy of spring.立春吃春饼是传统习俗,一张薄饼卷进新鲜蔬菜,咬一口,意味着汲取了春的生机和活力。Sweet dumplings汤圆Sweet dumplings are often made of white sugar, rose, sesame, sweetened bean paste, nuts and date paste. Because of their round shape, sweet dumplings are always considered a symbol of a good reunion in Chinese culture汤圆通常由白糖、玫瑰花、芝麻、豆沙、果仁和枣泥制作,因其形状圆满,在中国文化中,汤圆常寓意团圆。Rice cake年糕A rice cake is mainly made of sticky rice. In the past, yellow and white rice cakes symbolized gold and silver. Its pronunciation is similar to ;live long; in Chinese, which gives ;rice cake; another auspicious meaning.年糕主要由糯米制成,在过去黄、白年糕象征黄金和白银,年糕与“年高”谐音,寓意吉祥。Wonton馄饨The shape of a wonton bears a resemblance to a shoe-shaped gold ingot that Chinese people used in ancient times, so wonton soup is also called ingot soup. The second day of the first lunar month is the time to worship the God of Wealth, and people have wonton soup to wish for wealth in the New Year.馄饨与中国古人用的鞋形元宝相似,因此,馄饨汤也叫元宝汤。正月第二天是祭财神的日子,在那天,人们会喝元宝汤以祈愿新一年财运亨通。Melon-shaped sweets糖瓜Made of millet and malt, melon-shaped sweets are very sticky. They are often stored outside of the house to stay crisp in winter.糖瓜是由小米和麦芽熬制成的粘性很大的糖,为保持松脆,冬天糖瓜常置于室外。Rice and millet大小米粥In North China, people often eat rice and millet that are cooked together during Spring Festival. Yellow millet and white rice also symbolize gold and silver, wealth and fortune in life.在中国北方春节,人们常喝大小米混合熬制的米粥。黄色的小米和白色的大米象征着金银,寓意着生活中的财富。Wu Guo soup五果汤Wu Guo soup is one of the traditional Cantonese delicacies for the lunar New Year. It is made of coxi seed, gordon euryale seed, dried longan pulp, lotus seed and red bean.五果汤是广东地区的新年传统美味,主料有薏米、芡实、桂圆、莲子和红豆五种珍果。Tu Su wine屠苏酒Tu Su wine is a kind of medicinal liquor that ancient Chinese consumed on Chinese New Year#39;s Eve. It contains more than seven kinds of traditional Chinese medicine herbs. Sun Simiao, a celebrated doctor in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), promoted Tu Su wine in China. ;Tu Su; means to defend from evil and harm and to stay alive.屠苏酒是古人在除夕喝的一种药酒,含7种多的传统草药,由唐朝(618-907)名医孙思邈推广开来。“屠苏”二字意味着驱邪避害、益寿延年。 /201601/422709渭南中医男科医院看泌尿科怎么样渭南医院包皮手术怎么样

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