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鹰潭哪个治疗妇科医院好鹰潭权威妇科哪Ice Cream That Does Not Melt (Immediately)? Sweet!超赞!不融化的冰激凌What#39;s better than a scoop of ice cream on a hot summer day? How about one that doesn#39;t melt into a sticky puddle within minutes? That, believe it or not, could soon become a reality thanks to the ingenious scientists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Dundee.没有比在酷热天气来一勺冰激凌更美的事了。如果冰激凌不再分分钟化掉,岂不更美?信不信由你,爱丁堡和邓迪大学的科学家很快就能将此实现。The secret behind this amazing ice cream that could hit grocery shelves within three years, is a naturally occurring protein called BsIA (Bacterial Surface Layer A). Present in foods like Natto, a Japanese breakfast made from fermented soybeans, it is extracted from the Bacillus subtilis bacteria. The scientists who revealed the exciting news on August 31, say that the microorganisms use the BsIA protein to encase and protect their colonies.这种即将热卖的冰激凌之所以不易融化,其秘密在于加入了一种叫BsIA的天然蛋白质。日本早餐常见的由大豆发酵而来的纳豆里就包含这种蛋白质,主要从枯草芽孢杆菌提取出来。科学家们在8月31人公布了这个令人兴奋的发现,表示微生物可以用BsIA蛋白保护和包围它们的族群。University of Edinburgh#39;s Cait MacPhee, who is leading this sweet effort, says the protein works perfectly for ice cream. That#39;s because it has the physical properties to ;protect; the frozen treat by binding together the air, fat, and water. This makes the ice cream more resistant to melting and allows it to remain firm for longer periods of time, even during hot summer days.爱丁堡大学这项实验的带头人Cait MacPhee说,这种蛋白质用在冰激凌上效果相当不错。它能促使冰淇淋的空气、脂肪和水等各种成分结合在一起,更久地保持冷冻状态。即使在炎热的夏天也能让冰激凌长时间免于融化。The icing on the cake or should we say ice cream ? Bacillus or hay subtilis as it is also called because of its presence in the upper layers of the soil, is a very common bacteria. It can be found everywhere - in water, air, ground and even our gastrointestinal tract. This means that it is a ;friendly; bacteria and, therefore, perfectly safe to consume.蛋糕上的这层冰真的是冰奶油吗?其实,这层物质也被称作杆菌,是一种存在于地表的常见菌种。除此之外,水、空气、地面甚至我们的肠道里都有它的身影。这说明它属于无害菌种,可以放心食用。As to how long the ice cream will stay frozen? The scientists say that depends on the weather and the flavor. Though some may melt faster than others, they will still last a lot longer than current ice creams. This means we will finally be able to relax and savor the treat, one lick at a time - YUM!那么这种冰激凌究竟能维持多久不化呢?科学家表示,这还需要考虑天气和口味。虽然有些口味保持较短,但也比普通冰激凌给力的多。这说明我们终于可以在不久的将来,轻轻松松,一口一口的享受美味的冰激凌了。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201510/404846鹰潭市哪家医院治疗宫颈糜烂好 Singapore is holding its first car-free Sunday on 28 February, with special family-friendly activities to be held in the morning, said Minister of National Development Lawrence Wong in a blog post on Tuesday.新加坡国家发展部部长黄循财上周二在客中称,新加坡将于2月28日推行该国首个无车星期日。在上午还将会举行特殊的家庭友好活动。From 7am to 9am, roads around the Padang together with Fullerton Road will be fully closed to vehicles, said the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). These roads will remain closed until 12pm.市区重建局表示,那天的上午7时至9时,大草场及浮尔顿路周围路段将全面禁止车辆通行。这些封闭路段将持续封闭至当天夜里12点。Shenton Way and Robinson Road will also be partially closed, with spaces for walking, running and cycling.珊顿道和罗伯申路也将部分关闭,供行人、慢跑者和骑行者使用。In his blog post, Minister Lawrence Wong wrote, ;Over the past few weeks, I#39;ve met and spoken to many Singaporeans who support the vision of a car-life and people-friendly city… But if we want a future city that#39;s cleaner and greener, and provides an even better quality of life for all, we must start to make changes now.;在个人客中,黄循财部长这样写道:“在过去的几周里,我遇到了、并和很多持汽车生活、持建设友好城市的人进行了交流。但是,如果我们想要一个未来更加干净、更加绿色,为所有人提供了一个更好的生活质量的城市,那么我们必须从现在开始做出改变。”This six-month pilot will be held on the last Sunday of each month from February to July.据悉,这项试行计划为期6个月,将在2月至7月每个月的最后一个星期日施行。 /201602/427472鹰潭的妇科医院哪个好

鹰潭哪家医院人流好鹰潭做人流最好的医院是哪家 Jin Dynasty金朝Decline衰亡Starting from the early 13th century the Jin Dynasty began to feel the pressure of Mongols from the north.从13世纪初期开始,金朝逐步感受到了来自北方蒙古族的压力。Genghis Khan first led the Mongols into Western Xia territory in 1205 and ravaged them four years later.成吉思汗先带领蒙古在1205年时攻入西夏的疆土并在4年后推翻了西夏。In 1211 about 50 000 Mongols on horses invaded the Jin Empire and began absorbing Khitan and Jurchen rebels.1211年,大约50000蒙古骑兵侵略金朝,开始吸收来自契丹和女真的叛徒。The Jin army had a half million men with 150 000 cavalry but abandoned the “western capital”.金朝军队拥有500000兵力,其中包含150000骑兵,却丢掉了“西都城”。The next year the Mongols went north and looted the Jin “eastern capital”, and in 1213 they besieged the “central capital”.一年后,蒙古军队向北进攻,洗劫了金朝的“东都城”,1213年他们又围攻了首都。In 1214 the Jin made a humiliating treaty but retained the capital.1214年,金朝签订了一个丧权辱国的条约来保住都城。That summer, Jin Emperor Xuanzong (宣宗)abandoned the central capital and moved the government to the “southern capital” of Kaifeng,making it the official seat of Jin Dynasty power.那个夏天,金宣宗遗弃了首都,将政府迁到了“南都”开封,使其成为了金政权的所在地。In 1216 a war faction persuaded Xuanzong to attack the Song, but in 1219 they were defeated at the same place by the Yangtze River, where Prince Hailing had been defeated in 1161.1216年,一场内战迫使宣宗攻打宋朝,但是1219年他们却在长江边海陵王1161年战败的同一个地方被击败了。Jin Emperor Aizong won a succession struggle against his brother and then quickly ended the war and went back to the capital.金哀宗在于他的兄弟们连续的斗争中胜利了,他很快结束了战争,重回都城。He made peace with the Tanguts, who had been allied with the Mongols.他与和蒙古人结成联军的唐谷特人讲和。Genghis Khan died in 1227 while his armies were conquering the Tangut Empire.成吉思汗于1227年驾崩,那时候他的军队已经征了唐谷特王朝。His son Gedei Khan invaded the Jin Empire in 1232.他的儿子窝阔台可汗在1232年侵略金朝。The Jurchens tried to resist; but when Kaifeng was attacked, Aizong fled south.女真人试图抵抗,但是当开封沦陷后,哀宗逃亡了南方。The Mongols looted the capital in 1233, and the next year Aizong committed suicide to avoid being captured, ending the Jin dynasty in 1234.蒙古人与1233年洗掠了都城,一年后哀宗为了不被蒙古人捕获自杀身亡,金朝于1234年亡国。 /201512/406500鹰潭希正妇科医院体检多少钱

鹰潭最好的不孕不育医院 Cue the sweaty palms.这可能会让你吓得手心出汗。Travelers will soon be able to walk across the world#39;s longest and highest glass-bottom bridge, which spans two cliffs in China#39;s Hunan province.游客们很快就可以体验这座世界最长最高的玻璃桥了。这座桥建在中国湖南省,横跨两座悬崖。This week, workers were photographed installing the bridge#39;s first piece of glass.本周,工人被拍到正在桥上安放第一块玻璃。Set against dramatic landscapes in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, the bridge is 430 meters long, six meters wide and hovers over a 300-meter vertical drop.这座桥悬于半空,全长430米,宽6米,垂直高度达300米。站在桥上面可以一览张家界国家森林公园的壮丽景观。Construction on the bridge was originally expected to be finished at the end of 2015. It#39;s now set to open in May this year.玻璃桥原本预计将在2015年底完工,最新消息称将于今年5月份开放。World#39;s highest catwalk?世界最高的T台?Designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, the glass-bottom bridge will also feature the world#39;s highest bungee jump and serve as a runway for fashion shows.这座玻璃桥由以色列建筑师渡堂海设计。桥上还设有世界最高的蹦极跳台,同时还可作为时装表演的T台。Hanging above Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, it will be able to hold up to 800 people at once.这座桥悬挂在张家界大峡谷的上空,一次可以容纳800名游客。Digital renderings of the bridge highlight the architectural firm#39;s vision -- to build a glass structure that fades into the clouds.玻璃栈道的数字效果图展现了建筑公司的愿景——建一座高耸入云的玻璃建筑。Stunning as the view is, tourists will likely t carefully.尽管桥上美景震撼人心,游客们在行走的时候还是会小心翼翼。In October last year, cracks appeared in a mountainside glass walkway in Yuntaishan Scenic Park, in China#39;s central Henan province, just two weeks after opening.去年10月,河南省云台山世界地质公园新建的玻璃栈道开通后仅仅两周就出现了裂纹。The incident sent visitors running and screaming in panic, according to witnesses.目击者称,事故发生时游客们奔跑、尖叫,全都吓坏了。Park officials said the damage was superficial and posed no threat to safety.公园方面解释说,玻璃栈道的裂纹只是表面破损,不会对安全构成威胁。 /201601/424724鹰潭做无痛人流去哪里鹰潭妇幼保健医院生殖科



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