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贵溪市治疗阴道炎多少钱鹰潭市治疗妇科的医院In this American English pronunciation , were going to talk about linking and the TH sound.在这个美式英语发音视频中,我们来讨论一下连读和TH音。Ive been getting a lot of questions about this recently.最近我收到了很多关于这个的问题。Understandable, since the TH sound is in some very common words, and linking is such an important concept in American English.这是可以理解的,因为TH音在很多单词里都很常见,而连读在美式英语里也是一个很重要的概念。Of course, I cant go over every combination of linking with the TH.But in this , were going to take 10 examples.当然,我不可能讲解每个带有TH音的连读组合。但是在这个视频里,我们会举10个例子。Well watch them in slow motion, and well discuss what the mouth is doing to link the sounds.我们将会看这些例子的慢动作,并且讨论在连读这些单词时嘴应该怎样做。Lets get started.;This thing.;Here were linking the S with the TH.让我们开始吧。;This thing.;这里是S音和TH音的连读。Here the tongue comes through for the first TH sound, tongue tip stays just behind the bottom teeth as they come together for the S, and the tongue comes through again for the TH.在这里,第一个TH音时舌头穿过上下两排牙齿,S音结束后牙齿合上时舌头停留在下排牙齿后面,然后在第二个TH音时舌头再次穿过牙齿。So the movement from the S to the TH is quite simple.因此,这个从S音到TH音的动作十分简单。Teeth go from being closed, with the tongue just behind the bottom teeth to parting with the tongue coming through.一开始牙齿是合着的,然后舌头停在下排牙齿后面,最后舌头再穿过牙齿。Lets watch again.;This thing.;Here were linking the Z with the voiced TH.;Was that.;让我们再看一遍。;This thing.;这里是Z音和TH音的连读。;Was that.;Even though the sounds are different than the previous example, the mouth position is the same for both sounds.即使这个音和先前的例子不同,嘴型都是相同的。However, in this case theres going to be a difference.然而,在这个情况下会有一点区别。Teeth close for the Z sound, but the tongue tip doesnt really come through the teeth for the TH.发Z音时牙齿合上,但在发TH音时舌尖并没有完全穿过牙齿。Thats because you can get away with making the voiced TH sound, especially at the beginning of an unstressed syllable, by pressing the tongue behind the closed teeth.这是因为在读发音的TH音时,尤其是在非重读音节之前,将舌尖放在合上的牙齿之后也是可以的。So, the tongue tip will press behind where the teeth come together, but not actually come all the way through like it does for the unvoiced TH.因此,舌尖要放在合上的牙齿之后,但并不像发音的TH音一样完全穿过牙齿。Lets watch again.;Was that.;Here Im linking a stop T with the voiced TH.Something interesting happens here.;Sit there.;让我们再看一遍。;Was that.;这里是顿音T和发音的TH音连读。这里发生了一些有趣的事情。;Sit there.;Rather than the tongue going up into the stop T position, it simply comes out of the vowel, straight into the TH position.舌头并没有到达顿音T的位置,而是在元音结束后直接到达了TH音的位置。However, I dont leave the stop T out. I still stop the sound before voicing the TH -- ;sit there, sit there; -- so that we get the feel for the stop T.然而,我没有把顿音T省略。我在发TH音之前会停顿——;sit there, sit there;——这样就有了顿音T的感觉。But rather than taking the tongue tip to the roof of the mouth, I make the stop while bringing the tongue tip through the teeth.但是我没有把舌尖放到上颚,我是在舌尖位于牙齿之间时停顿。Lets watch again.;Sit there.;Here were linking the V sound with the voiced TH.Its quite straightforward.让我们再看一遍。;Sit there.;这里是V音和发音的TH音连读。它十分简单。You will clearly see both mouth positions.;Of these.;Lets watch again.你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;Of these.;让我们再看一遍。The bottom lip comes up making contact with the top teeth for the V sound, then the lip pulls down and the tongue comes through the teeth for the TH sound.发V音时,下唇要与上排牙齿接触,然后下唇放松,舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音。;Of these.;Here were linking the P with the voiced TH.Again, its quite straightforward.Youll clearly see the mouth position of both sounds.;Of these.;这里是P音和发音的TH音连读。同样,它也十分简单。你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;Hope the.;The lips come together to make the P, and as they part, the tongue tip comes through the teeth to make the TH.;Hope the.;双唇接触,发出P音,当它们分开时,舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。Watch again.;Hope the.;Here were linking the unvoiced TH with the ST consonant cluster.;North star.;再看一遍。;Hope the.;这里是不发音的TH音与ST辅音集群的连读。;North star.;The tongue comes through the teeth, to make the TH.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音。Then the tongue tip pulls back and touches just behind the bottom of the front teeth while the teeth close to make the S sound.然后舌尖收回,在牙齿合上时碰到前排牙齿的下端,发出S音。Then the tongue tip will go up to the roof of the mouth to make the T.Lets watch again.;North star.;然后舌尖向上颚移动,发出T音。让我们再看一遍。;North star.;Here were connecting the unvoiced TH with the F consonant.Youll be able to clearly see both mouth positions.;With funny.;这里是不发音的TH音和辅音F连读。你会清晰地看到发两个音时的嘴型。;With funny.;Tongue comes through the teeth for the TH, and the bottom lip raises to touch the bottom of the front top teeth for the F sound.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音,然后下唇接触上排牙齿的下端,发出F音。Watch again.;With funny.;Here were connecting the unvoiced TH with the W consonant sound.;Both will.;再看一遍。;With funny.;这里是不发音的TH音与辅音W连读。;Both will.;Tongue comes through the teeth for the TH, then pulls back and the lips form the tight circle for the W while the tongue tip is just behind the bottom front teeth.舌头穿过牙齿,发出TH音,然后收回舌头,发W音时,双唇形成一个圆形,舌尖刚好在上排牙齿的下端。Watch again.;Both will.;Here well see the unvoiced TH linking to the K consonant sound.;Health code.;再看一遍。;Both will.;这里是不发音的TH音与辅音K连读。;Health code.;Tongue tip comes through the teeth for the TH.舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。For the K, the tongue tip comes back in the mouth and goes down, touching behind the bottom front teeth.发K音时,舌尖移动到嘴的后面,并且向下接触上排牙齿的下端。The back part of the tongue raises and touches the soft palate, which is why you see a dark space in the mouth.舌根部分抬起,接触软腭,这就是你在嘴里看到一部分黑色的原因。Watch again.;Health code.;Here well see the unvoiced TH linking with the S sound.;South side.;再看一遍。;Health code.;这里是不发音的TH音与S音连读。;South side.;Tongue tip comes through the teeth for the TH.Watch again.;South side.;舌尖穿过牙齿,发出TH音。再看一遍。;South side.;Then the tongue tip comes back into the mouth and lightly touches behind the bottom front teeth while the teeth close to make the S sound.然后舌尖收回,稍抵上排牙齿的下端,牙齿合上,发出S音。I hope this study in linking words with the TH will make it easy for you to link any word with the TH that you may come across.我希望这次关于TH连读的学习会使你在遇到任何与TH连读的单词时更轻松一些。Practice word pairs like the 10 here, or other word pairs, and do them slowly. And practice them over and over.练习这10个词组,或是其他词组,慢慢来练习。一遍又一遍地练习。Repetition really will help you become more comfortable linking with the TH sound.反复练习真的会帮助你更习惯带有TH音的连读。Thats it, and thanks so much for using Rachels English.这次的学习就到这里,非常感谢使用Rachels English。201707/516336江西鹰潭市解放军184医院检查白带多少钱 Its hard to imagine that this data can exert such很难想象 这些数据竟有可能a level of potential control over us如此掌控我们but looking for the patterns in the data这些数据中潜藏的模式can give anyone analysing it huge power.将会给任何分析它的人带来巨大力量Whats become increasingly understood人们开始逐渐意识到is how much is revealed by meta-data,有多少信息的泄露是通过元数据by the information about who is sending messages通过发送信息的人and how often theyre sending them to each other.以及发送频率This reveals information about our social networks,这会泄露我们社交网络的信息it can reveal information about the places还会泄露that we go on a day-to-day basis.我们每天的出行信息All this meta-data stacks up所有这些元数据叠加起来to allow a very detailed view into our lives可以窥探到我们生活中的细节and increasingly what we find is that并且我们渐渐发现these patterns of communication can even be used这些通讯模式可以被用来in a predictive sense to determine factors about our lives.预测决定我们生活的因素And what some people fear有人担忧is what the sp of this analysis could lead to.如果这些分析数据被传播会发生什么Ultimately the concern of this is that, in a dystopian scenario,终极问题是 在这样反乌托邦的情形下you have a situation where every facet of your life is something你生活的方方面面都被公开that is open to analysis by whoever has access to the data.任何能接触到你数据的人都能对你进行分析重点解释:1.control over 控制例句:The horse was frightened but the rider soon got control over it.那匹马受了惊,但骑师很快就把它控制住。2.stack up 堆积例句:How much do all these figures stack up to?这些数字的总和是多少?3.lead to 导致例句:Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness.过量的工作和过少的休息会引起疾病。201701/486507TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470018鹰潭市红十字中西医结合医院产科

鹰潭市卵巢囊肿的治疗It was as a politician that John was most obviously a wretched failure.作为政治家来说 再也没有 比约翰更加一败涂地的了Under his father, the empire had been sustained by a shrewd combination of charisma and feudal loyalty.其父在位时 这个国家维系于 君主的号召力和对封建制度的忠诚 两者间的巧妙结合Johns problem was his difficulty in believing that anyone would ever be more than a fair-weather friend.约翰的问题在于不信任别人 总是认为别人不过是酒肉之交So he relied on blackmail and extortion,threats to the barons rather than promises.对待贵族 他只崇尚敲诈勒索和胁迫 宁我负天下人 莫让天下人负我Assuming disloyalty, he ended up guaranteeing it.结果却事与愿违So when John needed the barons most,when Normandy was threatened by the French king,they werent there for him.当诺曼底受到法王威胁 约翰最需要他们的紧要关头 贵族们却没有伸出援手The result was a catastrophic defeat.最终导致了灾难性的失败The loss of Normandy ripped the heart out of Angevin power.痛失诺曼底令安茹王朝元气大伤Whether or not there was a secret meeting at Bury st Edmunds,无论英格兰的所有大贵族是否在with all the major nobles in England sworn to force John to accept reform,its certainly true that from defeat sprang rebellion.柏立艾蒙秘密会谈 立誓要逼迫约翰接受改革 可以肯定的是 失败催生了叛变At some point, the barons drafted a document that went well beyond forcing John to stop being vindictive,在这个时候 贵族们起草了一份文件 不仅禁止国王实施报复proposing, instead, a catalogue of things the king would not be allowed to do.It was called Magna Carta.同时还列出了一连串 国王不得越过的雷池 这就是《大宪章》 /201609/469205鹰潭市丰满区妇幼保健院 栏目简介:Some office workers had a chance to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee over the weekend as they competed in their first boxing match after picking up the sport just three months ago. The annual charity event attracted about 500 people. Our reporter Wu Ying was there... 201707/515530鹰潭市长城医院网上预约

鹰潭哪家医院做人流A new report released Monday by the International Energy Agency says about 6.5 million deaths each year can be attributed to both indoor and outdoor air pollution.国际能源署发布的一项新报告称,每年约有650万人死于室内外空气污染。According to the World Health Organization, thats more than the number of people who die from HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and road injuries combined.根据世界卫生组织,这一数据超过死于艾滋病、肺结核和道路伤害人数的总和。This is the first air pollution study from the agency a Paris-based energy security group which is probably best known for its monthly oil market reports.这是总部设在巴黎的能源安全集团的首次空气污染研究,其最为人所知的可能是每月石油市场报告。The report also warns that premature deaths from outdoor air pollution are probably going to rise from 3 million to 4.5 million by 2040, mainly in developing Asia.该报告还警告说,到2040年室外空气污染引起的过早死亡将从300万人攀升到450万人,主要在发展中亚洲国家。In a statement, the IEA executive director said, No country rich or poor can claim that the task of tackling air pollution is complete.We need to revise our approach to energy development so that communities are not forced to sacrifice clean air in return for economic growth.在一份声明中国际能源署执行主任表示,无论富裕或贫穷,没有国家可以声称解决空气污染。我们需要修正我们的能源发展道路,不以牺牲洁净空气换取经济增长。The IEA suggests three steps for improving air quality like setting long-term air quality goals, having a clean air strategy for the energy sector and making sure countries actually monitor and enforce those goals and strategies.国际能源署提出三个步骤改善空气质量,像制定长期的空气质量目标,能源部门有清洁空气战略以及确保国家实际上监控和执行这些目标和策略。But to help slow air pollution, the developed world is going to need to do some investing in developing countries. That will allow countries like China where air pollution contributed to 1.2 million premature deaths in 2010 to finance industrial change and develop low-carbon technologies.但为了帮助减缓空气污染,发达国家需要对发展中国家进行一些投资。那将允许像中国这样的国家提供资金进行工业变革,并发展低碳技术。在中国,2010年空气污染致120万人过早死亡。If the IEA goals can be reached, developing countries could see the number of people exposed to certain types of air pollution drop. In India, it could fall below 20 percent by 2040 from the 60 percent its at today.如果国际能源署的目标可以达成,发展中国家暴露在某些类型空气污染下的人数下降。在印度,到2040年可以从如今的百分之60下降到百分之20以下。译文属。201606/451674 栏目简介:An eight-month-old boy suffering from a rare birth defect affecting his skull went home today, after undergoing surgery earlier this month at Shanghai Childrens Medical Center. For the first time in China, doctors used 3D printing technology to help plan the surgery. Reporter Song Wenjing has the story.201706/510988贵溪市人民中医院官网江西省鹰潭四维彩超多少钱



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