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鹰潭希正妇科医院预约贵溪市妇幼保健院看产科需要多少钱江西省鹰潭怀孕检测哪家医院最好的 The Japanese car maker announces a global recall of it Prius and Corolla models from certain years. Alex Zolbert reports.日本汽车制造商在全球范围内宣告召回在某些特定年生产的普锐斯和花冠车型。Alex Zolbert报道。Another recall from Toyota, the second one in as many months. It is about 2.8 million vehicles being recalled this time, about 1.5 million here in Japan, more than 650,000 in the US and the remainder of those in Europe. Were still getting details on this. It involves the second generation Prius as well as several different Corolla models. According to Toyota, the problem is with the extension shafts in the steering. They also want to take a look at water pumps in some of the hybrid vehicles. And again, the second recall in as many months, just in October, we had a recall of more than 7 million vehicles. And then if you go back to and 2010, there was a massive recall, more than 8 million vehicles involved in acceleration problems, a very serious problem for Toyota vehicle. So when you added all up going back to , this puts the number, take a listen, its quite staggering: more than 18 million vehicles recalled by Toyota going back to . And Pauline, this doesnt even take into account things like the rising yen, the strong yen that has been hitting Toyota hard as well as the tsunami that hit Toyota hard in March of 2011 in a month that followed another course in the floods in Thailand last year, around this time last year that also hit Toyota. So the company simply cannot catch a break and keep in mind as a car manufacturer, you only get one reputation and this is not doing good things for Toyotas right now. Pauline.在数月之内,丰田公司第二次发出召回通告,此次召回的汽车数量高达大约280万辆,在日本国内大约为150万辆,在美国超过65万辆,其余大都在欧洲。仍在继续获得车辆分布的具体信息。召回的车型主要是第二代“普锐斯”和几款花冠车型。根据丰田公司所述,问题是在转向系统的延伸轴上,公司还想检查这些混合动力车中的水泵。这是在数月之内的第二次召回了,就在10月,我们已召回了超过700万辆车。如果我们在回头看看年和2010年,也有大规模的召回,那次超过800万辆的召回和加速系统有关、这对丰田来说,是非常严重的问题。因此,当我们把自年召回的车辆数量加在一起,数字非常惊人,从年至今丰田汽车共召回了1800万辆车。这一切还未考虑:日元的升值,强势的日元再加上2011年3月的海啸以及一个月后的洪水都严重影响了丰田。因此,丰田公司没松一口气,并且一直牢记作为一家汽车制造商,你只有一次名声,这是公司目前做的不好的产品。Yeah. They are juggling so many challenges right now. And Alex, on the political front, lets talk about politics in Japan. We are hearing that negotiations are in the final stages for Prime Minister Noda to call an election pretty soon. What do you know about this?他们目前正在竭尽全力应对困难。关于政治方面,让我们来谈论一下日本的政治。据说,要求首相野田尽快召开选举的谈判已到最后阶段。你了解些什么情况?Yeah, Pauline, this is the other big story that weve been watching all week. Things have been really wrapping up between Prime Minister Noda and the opposition party, the opposition party saying that hes promised to call an election soon. Noda said that he would do it on his own timetable. Late tonight, this is where things stand. Prime Minister is saying that if the opposition LDP Party is willing to make a few more concessions, then he says that he will likely dissolve parliament perhaps by the end of this week. That move will clear the way for the election commission and then set a day for a much anticipated elections. There are several days being thrown around for that again if this all goes according to plan. The date that most people are saying is December 16, but it could move a few days on either Saturday. That is the big story that we continue to watch through tonight and through the rest of the week.这是一周以来的另一个特大新闻了。首相野田和反对党之间竞争已经开始白热化。反动党称野田曾承诺要尽快召开选举。但野田称,他将按自己的时间表召开选举。昨晚深夜的事态为:首相称如果反对党自由民主党愿意做出一些让步,那么他可能会在本周周末解散议会。这一举措将为选举委员会扫清道路,然后将确立一个更具预期性选举的选举日期。如果一切按计划进行,那么也只剩几天了。大多数人都说选举将在12月16日进行,但也可能变动几天至任一个周六。这将是今晚,甚至本周接下来的几日内持续需要关注的头号新闻。 201211/211658鹰潭市哪家医院人流做得好

鹰潭中心做人流需要多少钱余江县中医院生孩子好吗 The Importance of Hand Washing洗手很重要In a recent study of people passing through major U.S. airports, it turned out that about thirty percent werent washing their hands after using the bathroom.近日,一项调查发现,30%美国主要机场出入的乘客们表示便后不洗手。These people who dont wash their hands dont just keep them in their pockets. They walk around shaking other peoples hands, holding babies, and handling food and doorknobs.而这些乘客不会老实地双手插袋,和其他人握手,抱抱小孩,处理食物,开关门……So basically, these folks are running around exposing the fastidious hand washers among us to infections that can range from the pesky common cold to SARS, which can be fatal. After all, many infections are transmitted through hand-to-hand contact.基本上,就是因为这些人不洗手,成为了疾病的媒介,从麻烦的感冒到可以致命的传染性非典型肺炎SARS。毕竟不少疾病都是握手接触传播的。Whats interesting is that people tend to exaggerate when theyre asked about hand-washing. In surveys, ninety-five percent of people claim to wash their hands every time, when the actual observed percentage is much lower.有趣的是受访者还会“夸大其词”。研究表示,95%的人声称每次都会洗手;而观察到的数据却小得多。So think about the fact that only around seventy-five percent of people claim to wash their hands after sneezing or coughing!想想事实上,有大概75%的人声称会在打喷嚏后洗手。The actual number is there much lower, too. Um?那么,事实上的洗手的人微乎其微了。Probably. On the bright side, since the SARS outbreak in Toronto, hand-washing rates at the airport have been near to one hundred percent. So all it takes to get people scrubbingdiligently is a major epidemic.极有可能,但是值得庆幸的是,在SARS在多伦多爆发后,机场洗手率高达百分之百。所以全民“勤奋”地洗手全靠“传染病”了。 /201211/209803贵溪市人民医院在那儿

鹰潭市宫颈息肉手术哪做的好 Books and Arts; Book Review;文艺;书评;A history of mapmaking;Views of the world;地图史;世界景象;There is no such thing as an objective map;准确地图谁见了;A History of the World in Twelve Maps. By Jerry Brotton.《12幅地图中的世界历史》,作者杰里·布洛顿。 Around 150AD an astronomer named Claudius Ptolemy wrote a book about how to make a proper map of the world. Penned in Greek on a papyrus scroll, the work, known as the “Geography”, is one of the most famous ancient texts on the science of mapmaking. It placed the job firmly in the domain of the geographer, who could use astronomy and mathematics to calculate from the stars what the world looked like below.公元150年前后,一位名叫克劳狄斯·托勒密的天文学家写了一本关于如何恰当绘制世界地图的书。该书用希腊文书写在一卷莎草上,这部被称为《地理学》的著作是地图制图学方面最著名的古文献之一。该书毫不含糊地将这项工作归于地理学家范畴,因为地理学家可以使用天文学和数学知识推测从星球上观测下面的地球是什么样子。Ptolemys “Geography” was an attempt to take myths out of maps. It recommended using geometric lines of latitude and longitude to convey a three-dimensional Earth on a two-dimensional surface, and it included the co-ordinates of over 8,000 locations in the ancient world. Whether Ptolemy drew his own maps is unclear. The “Geography” disappeared for a thousand years, only for an unoriginal copy to appear in the 13th century, replete with coloured maps drawn by Byzantine scribes. Regardless, these geographic drawings and all other maps based on scientific calculation are his legacy.托勒密的这部《地理学》试图揭开地图的神秘面纱。它告诉人们如何用经纬线这样的几何线条在二维的平面上表现出三维的地球来,书中还有古代世界8000多个地点的坐标。托勒密是否亲手绘制地图,目前尚不可知。《地理学》曾消失了一千年,直到13世纪才有一个副本出现,这个副本里倒是有很多拜占庭抄书官绘制的色地图。不管怎样,这些经过科学计算的地理绘图和其它地图都是他留给后人的宝贵财富。But as Jerry Brotton explains in “A History of the World in Twelve Maps”, Ptolemys scientific influence tells only part of the story. Mapmakers operate in environments of subjective knowledge. Their work is influenced by politics and patrons, regional assumptions and religious beliefs, all of which jostles with the science in determining what a map looks like and what it is used for. Mapmakers may be geographers and cartographers, but they can also be artists and imperialists, storytellers and propagandists.但正如杰里·布洛顿在《12幅地图中的世界史》中解释的那样,托勒密的科学影响力只是这个故事的部分。地图绘制者生存的环境主观色浓厚,他们的工作受到政治、赞助人、区域假设以及宗教信仰等因素的影响,在确定地图的面貌及用途时,这些因素与科学相互碰撞。地图绘制者可能是地理学家和制图专家,但他们同时也可能既是艺术家又是帝国主义者,既是故事讲述人又是宣传分子。Mr Brotton, a professor of Renaissance Studies at Queen Mary University of London, examines the complexity of mapmaking through the stories of 12 maps, which stretch across space and over time. The examples are impressively varied, from Ptolemys toils to Google Earth, and include some lesser-known Islamic and East Asian works. Despite their differences, these maps enjoy some intriguing similarities, largely for the way they illustrate the priorities of their authors.作为伦敦玛丽女王大学文艺复兴研究的教授,布洛顿先生通过12幅地图的讲述对绘图的复杂性进行了考察。这些地图跨度巨大,分属于不同时期、不同地区,既有托勒密艰苦劳作的产物,也有谷歌地球,还有一些更鲜为人知的伊斯兰作品和东亚作品。尽管它们之间各不相同,但也有一些有趣的相似之处,主要是由于这些地图反映了制图者在制图时所考虑的优先次序的方式。The medieval Mappa Mundi in Englands Hereford cathedral, for example, is little more than drawings on vellum, or stretched calfskin, and it lacks Ptolemys geometric method. Yet it is a beautifully detailed map of the Christian world, based on the topography of the Bible—bewildering to the geographer, but sensible to people of faith. Oriented east, Jerusalem sits at the centre. Britain clings insignificantly to the edge.比如,中世纪制作的英格兰赫里福德教堂世界地图不过是些绘在羔皮、或者说拉伸了的犊皮上的图案,没有使用托勒密的几何方法。但这幅基督教界的地图,取材于圣经上的记录,细节做得非常漂亮。这张地图让地理学家困惑不解,但对于基督徒来说则是顺理成章。它以东方为重心,把耶路撒冷放在地图的正中,英国则偏居一隅。Time would change this view of the world in the eyes of British mapmakers. By the 19th century maps often placed the British Isles at the core. One such map in the book features a view of the globe with Britain and the North Atlantic in the centre to better portray the empires sea power; Australia and half of South America are left off. Many of these maps, like those of the Spanish and Portuguese imperialists of the 16th century, did more to illustrate dominance and ambition than to improve cartographical practice.在英国制图者看来,人们对于世界的看法会随着时间的改变而改变。到了19世纪,不列颠群岛常被放在地图的中心。这本书中就有一幅这样的全球地图,将英国和北大西洋放在中心位置,以更好地彰显大英帝国的海洋实力。澳大利亚以及半个南美竟被忽落。这其中的很多地图,比如16世纪西班牙和葡萄牙的地图,更多地是为了显示帝国的统治和野心,而不是为了提高制图技术。Even now, when mapmakers have access to tools such as satellite images, there is still no objective and universally accepted map, argues Mr Brotton. “The idea of the world may be common to all societies; but different societies have very distinct ideas of the world and how it should be represented.” The author reckons that Google Earth and other digital mapping applications are just as vulnerable as their predecessors to national priorities and cultural norms. These maps can be cluttered with links to commercial enterprises and are subject to censorship. At their most penetrating, they raise questions of privacy.布洛顿先生认为,即便是现在,虽然绘图者有卫星影像这样的工具可用,准确的、可被普遍接受的地图依然难觅。“世界的概念对所有的社会来说是可能是共同的,但不同的社会中的世界概念及其表现形式千差万别”。作者认为,谷歌地球以及其他的数字制图程序与其前身一样,在国家利益和文化传统面前都显得脆弱不堪。这些地图与商业有着千丝万缕的联系,并且要遵守各种各样的审查制度。最严重的还会牵扯到隐私问题。Though he sets out to examine a mere 12 maps, Mr Brotton cannot help but give dozens more at least a passing mention. Ironically, this can be disorienting. Still, there is much to gain from this rich if overly detailed book. As the products of both art and science, maps are often fascinating interpretations of the perceived world. They are about data and spatial awareness, but also about money, empire and discovery. They tend to reveal more about the mapmakers than the lands they chronicle. Mr Brotton may fall short of providing the promised “history of the world”, but he offers plenty of good reasons to see old maps as windows to lost times.尽管最初着手研究的地图只有区区12幅,但布洛顿先生在书中提及的地图却有很多,令人啼笑皆非地是,这可能让读者有些找不到方向。但不管怎样,只要你仔细阅读定会受益良多。地图既是艺术品,又是科学产品,常常是对这个被感知世界的美妙诠释。这些地图呈现给读者的是数据和空间感,但它也涉及到金钱、帝国和发现,向人们提供更多的是地图背后那些地图制作者的故事。布洛顿先生可能没有提供给读者所谓的“世界历史”,但是,他提供了大量理由来解释,为什么可将看老地图作为了解已逝时代的窗口。 /201209/198385鹰潭人流手术医院鹰潭希正妇科医院联系电话



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