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Gone are the days when sun-worshippers lathered up with baby oil. Although shunning the sun is your best protection, knowing how to apply sunscreen is the next best way to prevent that leathery look of yore.喜欢晒太阳的人用婴儿油涂抹皮肤的时代已经成为过去了。尽管躲避太阳是保护皮肤最好的方法,然而了解怎样涂抹防晒霜是保护皮肤昔日光滑细嫩的另外一个最佳方法。You Will Need你需要Sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher防晒系数15或以上的防晒霜A friend朋友Steps步骤STEP 1 Choose a sunscreen1.选择一款防晒霜Choose a sunscreen. It should have an SPF of at least 15 and block UVA rays, which cause wrinkles and brown spots, and UVB rays, which cause sunburn.选择一款防晒霜,防晒系数至少为15,可以阻挡造成皱纹和黑斑的紫外线A和造成晒伤的紫外线B。Choose a sunscreen that’s formulated for your skin type—like fragrance-free or PABA-free for sensitive skin—and suited to the activity you’re planning, like waterproof or sweatproof formulas for swimming or exercising.选择适合自己皮肤类型的防晒霜,例如敏感皮肤选择无香型或无PABA型,并且要适合计划的活动,比如游泳或其它活动可以选择防水型或防汗型。STEP 2 Check expiration date2.查看有效期Check the product’s expiration date to make sure it will still be effective. If the date has passed, or if you know you bought the sunscreen over three years ago, you’re due for new bottle.查看产品过期日期,确保仍然有效。如果已经过了有效期,或者是三年前购买的,你应该重新购买了。STEP 3 Check the clock3.查看时间Check the clock: You should apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before you enter the sun to give it time to fully absorb.查看你应该在进入阳光大约30分钟前涂抹防晒霜,让皮肤有足够的时间充分吸收。STEP 4 Shake amp; squeeze into hand4.摇一摇,挤入手掌Shake the sunscreen to mix it and squeeze some into your hand. You should use about an ounce—or two tablespoons—to cover your whole body.把防晒霜摇一摇,混合均匀,挤一些到手掌中。全身大约要用一盎司或两汤匙。STEP 5 Rub on sunscreen5.涂抹防晒霜Generously rub sunscreen on all the areas of your body that may be exposed to the sun, like your feet, legs, torso, back,shoulders, arms, hands, neck, and face.把全身可能暴露在阳光中的任何部位都涂抹防晒霜,例如双脚,双腿,躯干,后背,肩膀,手臂,双手,脖子和面部。If you’re going to wear a bathing suit, apply sunscreen while you’re naked to make sure you don’t miss a spot.如果要穿泳衣,最好在裸体的时候全身涂抹防晒霜,以防有遗漏的部位。STEP 6 Pay attention to all areas6.注意所有部位Pay special attention to areas you might forget or miss, like near the edge of a bathing suit, your lips, your ears, nearyour eyes, and your scalp or the part in your hair.特别注意可能忘记或遗漏的所有部位,例如泳衣边缘附近,嘴唇,耳朵,眼睛附近,头皮或头发部位。STEP 7 Ask a friend to help7.请朋友帮忙For harder-to-reach areas, especially your back, ask a friend to apply the sunscreen for you.比较难够到的部位,尤其是背部,请朋友帮你涂抹防晒霜。STEP 8 Reapply8.重新涂抹Reapply sunscreen all over after you’ve been in the sun for two hours—or sooner if you’ve been swimming, sweating, or rubbing against a towel.如果你游泳,流汗或用毛巾擦了之后,在阳光下曝露两个小时后或更早,全身重新涂抹防晒霜。In the three decades from 1973 to 2003, the incidence of melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, rose by 81 percent.在1973年至2003年的三十年间,黑色素瘤——最致命的皮肤癌的患病率上升了81%。视频听力译文由。 Article/201408/319345

在这次引发启迪的演说中,理查德·派尔向我们展示了珊瑚礁系统中繁盛的生命,以及他参与研究开发的新型潜水技术。他和同事们愿意冒着一切危险,只为揭示出那些尚未发现的物种的秘密。 Article/201304/236221

in apple#39;s earliest days, the two steves,在苹果早期的历史中,这两个史蒂夫Jobs and woz, took on an older and more experienced partner.乔布斯和沃兹,寻找到了一个比他们更有经验的合作伙伴Ronald wayne now lives and works near las vegas,罗纳德韦恩现在生活和居住在A fitting location for a man一个对于失去37亿美元筹码who walked away with nothing from a billion no-lose bet.却仍然毫无遗憾的男人来说 再好不过的城市.Wayne was invited to discuss a business proposal with jobs and woz韦恩当时受到乔布斯和沃兹的邀请 共同讨论一个商业提案.That was the first time I had met steve wozniak,那是我第一次见到史蒂夫沃兹亚克A fascinating guy a fun guy to be with,一个迷人有趣的家伙,Very not only a fun guy to be with,当然不仅仅是有趣The most gracious man i#39;ve ever met in my life.他也是我此生遇到过的最具有亲和力的人As far as wozniak was concerned,与沃兹亚克一同受到关注的The world was a great big sand box还有一个能玩很多玩具的With a lot of toys to play with.看起来像一个大箱子的玩意 but ron#39;s opinion of steve jobs was not so hot.但是罗纳德对于史蒂夫乔布斯的印象却没有那么深刻Wayne: I wouldn#39;t put gracious in his description.我不会把亲切用来形容他He had the kind of manner, the kind of approach to people他有着他自己对人对事的方式And environments that were business directed, ok?那种氛围让人感觉,更商业化,OK?He was extremely serious.他很严肃wayne acted as referee in a minor difference of opinion韦恩以这两个合作伙伴之间的一件小事情Between the two equal partners.作为参考,展现了他们之间的区别.Well, steve jobs was so impressed嗯,史蒂夫乔布斯令我印象非常深刻,With my diplomacy in that particular situation在当时那种特定的情况之下That he immediately came back and said,他迅速的做出了决定然后说道;ok. What we#39;re going to do is form a company,;;OK,我们要正式成立一家公司,;With woz and jobs getting 45% each,沃兹和乔布斯每人得到45%的股份And I would get 10% as a tiebreaker而我得到10%的绝对股份In the event of any philosophical disputes That might occur in the future.无论将来发生任何可能的法律纠纷 /201309/255096


  片名:乔布斯 jOBS 又名 贾伯斯 | 史蒂夫·乔布斯:灵光乍现类别:传记 | 剧情 地区:美国主演:艾什顿·库彻 | 德蒙特·莫罗尼 | 马修·莫迪恩 | 乔什·盖德导演:约书亚·迈克尔·斯坦恩洛编剧:马修·怀特利上映日期:2013年8月16日 剧情: 该传记片将记录苹果公司前总裁史蒂夫·乔布斯1971-2000,即16-45岁之间的工作和生活。一起回顾史蒂夫·乔布斯,这位亿万美元嬉皮士,充满无畏、自信、自恋、以及疯狂远大报负的传奇人生。The story of Steve Jobs#39; ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.--Steve, it takes guts to drive that like what you did.--I want to experience that. Come to basement to experience it.--What are you working at?--It#39;s a computer terminal that holds up to a TV screen.--Er, Steve.--Wow.--He certainly states the art. Nobody#39;s making anything like this.--Oh, how can you help Apple computer?--So is there everything?--Start at.--I think we should start with about 90 grand.--Could you repeat that?--If you haven#39;t been bored.--Trust me!--Apple Incorporated went public this morning.--We got to make the small things unforgettable.--Typeface isn#39;t an impressing issue.--Get out.--He#39;s trying to start a war with IBM!--Steve#39;s been doing the impossible ever since he was in the garage.--I#39;m trying to build Apple and now they#39;re taking it away from me?--If you keep any known as path, I will not protect you.--So blame for .--I#39;m gonna sue you for every state. --You are your own worst enemy.--The board is unanimous. Steve will no longer be involved in this company.Ten years after Steve Jobs#39; departure, the future of Apple computer is in jeopardy.--In life, you only get to do so many things. We will make Apple cool again. You created the craziest ones. And this fits the rebels, because people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.--If we are gonna do this thing, we need to come up with a name.--Apple.--That is so much better than face-being computers. /201308/252707。

  Alipay, the leading Chinese third-party payment platform, announced Saturday it is now the world’s biggest mobile payment service. 中国最大的第三方付平台—付宝于周六宣布其现在是世界上最大的移动付务平台。 According to data released by the company it had nearly 300 million registered real-name users, including 100 million who accessed services via mobile phones in 2013. 根据付宝公司发布的相关数据数据,其已拥有近3亿的实名注册用户,包括2013年通过移动手机进入务端口的1亿用户。 The companies mobile users made 2.78 billion transactions, valued at 900 billion yuan, or 148 billion US dollars. Alipay, a subsidiary of the Internet firm Alibaba Group, says its active mobile usership trumped its U.S. counterpart ’Paypal’ in the second quarter of last year. 付宝公司的手机用户完成了27.8亿次交易量,价值9000亿元人民币,合1480亿美元。付宝是互联网公司—阿里巴巴集团的子公司,付宝公司表示其去年二季度的有效移动用户数已经超过美国贝宝。 Article/201402/275145

  滴水不漏的逻辑,智慧,与“公共卫生怪胎”眼镜,Elizabeth Pisani揭开了当今政治体系中,种种妨碍资金有效防止HIV蔓延的不连续性问题。她的对高危人群的研究——从监狱中的瘾君子到柬埔寨街上的性工作者——像我们展示了有时违背意愿的措施却能有效地阻止艾滋的传播。 Article/201311/265198

  In the dense bamboo of the forest one panda rarely sees another, instead they communicate by subtle scent signals.在茂密的竹林里,熊猫很少见到同类。所以,它们通过特殊的气味联系。At a metre-and-a-half long and 135 kilos, the giant panda is a member of the bear family.熊猫身长1.5米,体重135千克。熊猫属于熊科。But its bear-like digestive system is built for eating meat, not this tough, fibrous stuff.但是那是这种分类方法,是按照食肉方法分的,不是按吃韧性纤维分的。 注:如视频无法播放,请刷新 重点讲解:a member of(团体的)成员,一分子;eg. He is a member of the medical fraternity.他在医务界工作。eg. The cello is a member of the violin family. 大提琴是提琴家族的一员。 /201408/322653



  罗布福布斯(Rob Forbes)--触手可及设计公司(Design Within Reach)的创始人,通过展示一系列自己拍摄的照片来给大家讲解他的观看之道。令人着迷的并列艺术、现成艺术、城市形态--这些都会开阔您的眼界。 Article/201304/232903


  为了克人不能同时发出两个音符的局限,音乐发明家达伦·福尔曼造出了一台机器。籍此,他能仅用自己的声音进行声音循环和声音层叠。因为他能轻轻松松模仿许多声音,从啼哭的婴儿到嗡嗡叫的苍蝇,更别提模仿那些你能想象到的乐器,所以请坐好,让这次炫目的表演对你进行一次声音的洗涤。 Article/201405/294904

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