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江西铜业公司贵溪冶炼厂职工医院妇科专家大夫贵溪市打胎多少钱鹰潭184医院妇科预约 US Leaders Break Ground for Peace Institute布什等政治领袖为和平研究所奠基 American political leaders gathered in Washington Thursday for the ceremonial groundbreaking of a building for a nonpartisan group helping to resolve international conflict and promote peace. 美国政治领袖星期四聚集在华盛顿,参加美国和平研究所的奠基典礼。和平研究所是一个帮助解决国际冲突和促进和平的跨党派组织。This will be the first permanent headquarters for the U.S. Institute of Peace, founded by Congress in 1984 as an independent, nonpartisan organization to resolve conflict and promote post-conflict stability and development. 这座建筑物将成为美国和平研究所的第一个永久总部。美国国会于1984年成立了这个 独立的、非党派的组织,以解决冲突并促进冲突后的稳定和发展。Former U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz said the group is focused on trying to better understand what factors lead to violence and how are they resolved. 美国前国务卿乔治.舒尔茨说,这个组织的重点是要更深入地了解哪些因素导致暴力以及如何解决暴力。"How did something violent go to something more stable and peaceful? How did that breakdown and all of a sudden there is violence, from the killing fields of Cambodia to something more stable," he said. 舒尔茨说:“怎样才能让暴力转向更加稳定与和平?稳定与和平是如何破裂的,怎么会在突然间出现暴力?怎样才能让柬埔寨的屠杀场转变成一种比较稳定的局面?” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the U.S. Institute of Peace helped resolve some of the worst violence of the last century and continues that work today. 美国国会众议院议长佩洛西说,美国和平研究所帮助解决了上个世纪的一些最严重的暴力事件,今天仍在继续工作。 "The Institute has played a role in helping to find peaceful solutions from South Africa to Rwanda in Kosovo and now in Sudan," she noted. 她说:“从南非到卢旺达、科索沃以及现在的苏丹,这个研究所在帮助找到和平解决方案方面发挥了作用。”U.S. President George Bush said it is in America's vital interest to help resolve conflict because people who live in free societies are less likely to turn to ideologies of hatred and fear. 美国总统布什说,帮助解决冲突符合美国的切身利益,因为在自由世界生活的人不太可能转向仇恨和恐惧的意识形态。 "Freedom is universal," he said. "We believe that freedom is the birthright of every man, woman, and child. Free societies are peaceful societies. Freedom helps supplant the conditions of hopelessness that extremists exploit to recruit terrorists and suicide bombers." 他说:“自由是普世的。我们相信,自由是每个男人、妇女和儿童与生俱来的权利。自由社会是和平的社会。自由能够取代绝望的状态,而正是这种绝望被极端分子利用来招募恐怖分子和自杀炸弹手 。” The president again spoke of the ideological struggle against extremism and three primary ways it challenges free societies. He said countries including Colombia, Lebanon, and Pakistan are facing drug cartels or terrorist networks that are threatening to overwhelm state institutions. 布什总统再次谈到了反对极端主义意识形态的斗争以及自由社会的三个主要挑战。他说,哥伦比亚、黎巴嫩、巴基斯坦等国正在面临毒品跨国集团或恐怖网络要推翻这些国家政权的威胁。 "There are developing nations, many on the continent of Africa, that are facing extreme poverty and health epidemics and humanitarian catastrophes and are therefore vulnerable to extremists who take advantage of chaos and instability," he added. 布什说:“一些发展中国家,特别是非洲大陆很多国家,正面临极端贫困、疾病流行和人道主义灾难。这些国家的混乱和不稳定很容易被极端分子所利用。” And in Afghanistan and Iraq where U.S. forces have removed previous governments, Mr. Bush said the ed States has a special obligation to help build free societies by providing the security necessary for that freedom to grow. 在阿富汗和伊拉克,美军已经推翻了前任政府。布什说,美国有特别的义务来帮助建立一个自由社会,提供必要的安全让自由能够成长。The U.S. Institute of Peace is currently working on conflict and post-conflict analysis in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, and Liberia. 美国和平研究所目前正致力于对阿富汗、尼日利亚、黎巴嫩、伊拉克、伊朗和利比里亚的冲突以及冲突后的局面进行分析。 Its headquarters near Washington's Lincoln Memorial will include a public education center, a research library, archives, classrooms, and a conference center. 美国和平研究所的总部座落在华盛顿的林肯纪念堂附近,大楼里将包括一个公众教育中心,研究图书馆,档案馆, 教室和一个会议中心。200806/41266鹰潭市做人流哪里最好

鹰潭市哪家妇科医院好鹰潭妇幼保健院治疗宫颈糜烂多少钱 US Defense Secretary Says Large-Scale War Less Likely盖茨称要注重打击叛乱分子的战争 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says the ed States must prepare to fight insurgencies and similar types of wars for the foreseeable future, and put less emphasis on preparing for large-scale conventional wars. 美国国防部长罗伯特.盖茨说,美国在可预见的未来,必须准备进行打击叛乱分子的战争及类似战争,与此同时,不要对打大规模常规战争做出过分的重视。It is an ongoing debate among military officers and defense experts, and Secretary Gates spoke up firmly on one side of it during a speech Tuesday in Colorado. 这是一个五角大楼的军官和防务专家们争执不下的问题。美国国防部长盖茨周二在科罗拉多州发表的讲话中,坚定站在其中一边的立场上。"Overall, the kind of capabilities we will most likely need in the years ahead will often resemble the kind of capabilities we need today," he said. "The implication, particularly for America's ground forces, means we must institutionalize the lessons learned and capabilities honed from the ongoing conflicts." 他说:“就整体而言,我们在未来的岁月最可能需要的能力,往往类似于我们今天所需要的这种能力。其中的含义,尤其是对美国的地面部队而言,意味著我们必须把我们所学到的教训以及从持续不断的冲突中所磨炼的作战能力制度化。 ” Secretary Gates said in the past, counter-insurgency capabilities have been gained and lost, but this time they must be maintained. He criticized those in the U.S. military who are, in his view, overly concerned about restoring such conventional capabilities as tank warfare.  美国国防部长盖茨说,过去,美军曾经获得过并且失去过反叛乱的能力,但这个时候,他们必须维持这种能力。他批评美军当中一些人对恢复坦克战的常规战力显得过度忧虑。The secretary acknowledged there are what he called "rising and resurgent powers" - an apparent reference to China and Russia among other countries - and he says they must be "watched closely and hedged against." He listed the Persian Gulf, the Korean Peninsula and the Straits of Taiwan as potential flashpoints. 美国国防部长盖茨承认有他所谓的“正在崛起的和重新恢复的大国” 。显然在诸国中他指的是中国和俄罗斯。盖茨说,这样的大国必须加以“密切注视和折冲” 。他列举了波斯湾、朝鲜半岛和台湾海峡为潜在的热点地区。 But the secretary said it is "hard to conceive" of any country taking on the ed States in a large-scale war, and called the potential risks "manageable." He said the ed States has enough combat power in its air and naval forces to deter, or respond to, any "aggression."  但这位美国国防部长说:“很难设想,任何国家会针对美国发动一场大规模战争。”盖茨把这种潜在风险列为“可控制的”风险。他说,美国海军和空军有足够的作战能力能够遏阻, 或回应任何“侵略” 。 "It is true that we would be hard pressed to launch a major conventional ground operation elsewhere in the world at this time," he added. "But where would we sensibly do that?" 盖茨说:“事实的确是我们在目前这个阶段很难在世界其他地区打一场地面战争。但是,我们会理智地在什么地方那样做呢? ” Secretary Gates said his analysis has implications for U.S. defense planning and purchasing, and he served notice on all the military services, and their contractors, that, at least as long as he is in office, they will have to address what is called "irregular" warfare."Any major weapons program, in order to remain viable, will have to show some utility and relevance to the kind of irregular campaigns that, as I mentioned, are most likely to engage America's military in the coming decades," he explained.That calls into question several ongoing and very expensive programs, including aspects of the Army's high-technology Future Combat System and the Air Force's new fighter jet, the F-22.Secretary Gates said one of the most important things the Defense Department must do to prepare for the future is ensure that the people in the U.S. military are properly cared for, and that their morale is not undermined by defeat, as it was after the Vietnam War. 盖茨说,美国国防部为未来做好准备而必须要做的最重要的一件事情,就是确保美国军事人员得到妥善的照顾,以及他们的士气不会被失利所削弱,像越南战争后那样。"The risk of overextending the army is real, but I believe the risk is far greater, to that institution as well as to our country, if we were to fail in Iraq," he said. "That is the war we are in. That is the war we must win." 盖茨说:“把军队铺得太开的风险是存在的。但我相信对我们的(军事)机制和我们的国家来说风险更大的是我们在伊拉克的失败。伊拉克战争是我们正在打的一场战争,同时也是我们必须赢的一场战争 。”That comment was reminiscent of one by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who famously said in 2004, with regard to the U.S. army's iness to fight an insurgency in Iraq, "You go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you might want or wish to have at a later time." Secretary Gates was saying the ed States must fight, and win, today's war with today's army, and also be better prepared to fight similar wars in the future.盖茨说,美国必须以今天的军队作战赢得今天的战争,但是也要为在将来打类似的战争做好充分的准备。 200805/38957鹰潭去哪家医院做无痛人流好

江西省鹰潭希正医院开展无痛人流吗Clinton, Obama Campaign in Indiana, North Carolina Before Tuesday Primaries美民主党候选人加紧关键两州竞选 Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are seeking crucial votes in Indiana and North Carolina, where primary elections will be held Tuesday. Meanwhile, Democrats in the in the small Pacific island territory of Guam made their choice between the two candidates in Saturday's party caucuses.  争夺民主党总统候选人提名的克林顿和奥巴马正在寻求印地安纳州与北卡罗来纳州的关键选票,这两州将在下星期二举行初选。与此同时,在关岛这个太平洋上的美国领土,民主党人星期六已经在两个候选人之间做出了选择。Public opinion polls show that Barack Obama's once-significant lead over Hillary Clinton in the Southern state of North Carolina has dwindled in the past few days. Obama spent part of the past week criticizing his former church pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who had made a series of controversial comments that considered harmful to Obama's campaign. 民调显示,奥巴马在北卡罗来纳州这个南方州曾经大幅领先克林顿,但过去几天来差距已经缩小。奥巴马在上星期花了几天的时间,批评他的前任教会牧师赖特。这位牧师发表了一系列具有争议性的,被认为对奥巴马的竞选活动造成伤害。Obama and Clinton criticized each other Saturday over their proposals for fighting rising gasoline prices. Clinton and the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain, want to suspend federal taxes on gasoline this summer.  奥巴马和克林顿星期六互相抨击对方提出的对抗高涨油价的政策。克林顿以及预期成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩,都表示在今年夏天暂停收取联邦汽油税。In Gastonia, North Carolina, Clinton attacked Obama for opposing her plan. "I understand my opponent disagrees with me. He does not want to give you a gas holiday. He does not want to go after the oil companies. He would not vote against them with the 2005 Dick Cheney energy bill, and I did," she said.  在北卡罗来纳州的加斯通里亚,克林顿攻击奥巴马反对她的计划。她说:“我知道我的对手不同意我的计划。他不想要给你们一个汽油免税期。他不想向石油公司讨回公道。他没有像我一样,在2005年时对迪克.切尼能源法案投下反对票,藉此对抗石油公司。”Before becoming U.S. Vice President, Dick Cheney had been an officer for the Halliburton oilfield technology company. 在成为美国副总统之前,切尼曾经担任过哈里波顿油田科技公司的主管。Obama campaigned in the Central state of Indiana, where polls show a very close race. In the state capital, Indianapolis, he charged that Clinton's proposal to lift the gas tax is an election-year gimmick, and that she is allied with the oil companies. "Senator Clinton had to send out a surrogate to speak on behalf of this plan, and all she could find was, get this, a lobbyist for Shell Oil, to explain how this was going to be good for consumers. It is a Shell game," he said. 奥巴马在印第安那州这个中部州进行竞选活动,该地的民调显示两位候选人票数很接近。在该州首府印第安那波利斯,他指控克林顿取消汽油税的提议仅是竞选手段,而其实她才是跟石油公司的。他说:“克林顿参议员必须派出一名代表来解说她的计划,但是她却派出一名为壳牌石油公司工作的游说客,来解释她的计划将怎样对消费者有好处。这是壳牌石油的诡计。”The western Pacific island of Guam held Democratic Party caucuses on Saturday. Its residents cannot vote in the presidential election in November, but the tiny U.S. territory will send four delegates to the party convention. Neither candidate campaigned there. 西太平洋上的关岛在星期六举行了民主党党团大会。该岛上的居民在11月的总统大选中将没有投票权,但这个隶属美国的最尔小岛将派出4名代表参加民主党全国大会。两位候选人都没有在关岛进行竞选活动。As the primary election season nears its end, Obama leads in overall pledged delegates, the popular vote and the number of states won. But both he and Clinton need the support of superdelegates to clinch their party's nomination. 在初选接近尾声之际,奥巴马在整体党代表、公众投票,以及赢得的州数量上领先。但是他与克林顿都需要超级党代表的持,才能确保党内提名。Superdelegates are Democratic Party officials and elected office holders who will be allowed to vote at the party convention. 超级党代表是可以在党全国大会上投票的民主党官员以及民选官员。 200805/37563 Telling the viewers they are seeing something when they are actually seeing something different is, in the opinion of all reputable TV makers, beyond the pale. But what of the ordinary techniques that TV producers use everyday in pursuit of their craft? In the current atmosphere, some TV producers worry that a lot of what we in the industry take for granted might now need to be reconsidered. Girish Juneja brings you the most honest report you've ever seen.Here I am reporting from outside the High Court. Now you might think that means I have been inside the High Court listening to a case, but I haven't. And more often than not, reporters would have stayed in the office. They would have kept up with developments by ing the oral important in newswires. They might have made a phone call or two and even filmed an interview. This is just one of the tricks of our trade, but is it dishonest!You are happy? Yeah, I hate wearing ties. And start walking.Take this for example, it's called an establisher. It enabled me to say something impressive about this person that I am about to interview. Faking certainly is common in Television. Across the… Oh, yeah, sure, OK. Faking is endemic in all television. Across the…I have just helped create a brief striking remark. You may know it is a sound bite, but without I hope any misrepresentation. Now for the cutaway. A shot of me helps us edit the interview. But a cutaway also makes you think we are listening to each other. In reality though, as we usually only have one camera, these are shot afterwards. Is that a lie? This is where it's all done, the edit. The camera man forgot to record the sound on the street shot. But that's ok, we can add some. I think something VROOM, VROOMing would sound right, Mike. You know, VROOM, VROOM.Is this cheating? Generally it's thought not. But putting gunfire over a battle scene, for example, would be a different story.And by the way, this is a pieced camera, and this one was written hours ago before I even went out filming. But that's because I largely knew what my conclusions were going to be. Dose that make it untrue?Well, no. Because for most pieces by the time I start filming, I have done enough research to know what I need to say. So a TV producer that values perfectionism wouldn't bend editorial meaning, but all of us use techniques to make watchable television. It's for the public to decide whether they are justified. Oh, it's all so boring. I will say something with you. What's, what's next?Faking is, that's the bite, use that bite, Mike. Perfect.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.beyond the pale:outside the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.2.more often than not:多半, 通常 200805/39709信江新区人流手术哪家医院最好的江西省鹰潭希正医院打胎流产好吗



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