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Paul和Sara夫妇俩人跟老朋友Jesse和Miika 一起吃饭,Jesse刚失业,打算回去完成硕士学位。P: But thats gonna take you at least two years to finish!J: Actually, I can do it in 10 months by online correspondence course.M: You know...distance learning. It used to be sort of dodgy, but in the last couple of years even the big-name schools are getting in on the act.Jesse说,通过网上教学,online correspondence course十个月就能拿到硕士文凭。Miika说,远程教学原来好象不可靠dodgy,但是最近几年,Even the big-name schools are getting in on the act. 就连很多名牌大学都加入了进来。 Big-name schools名牌学校。get in on the act. 加入进来。S: Yeah. Ive done some research into online distance learning myself. Im thinking I should get a nursing degree. All the career-guidance web sites say nursing is a field thats definitely growing. They say millions more qualified nurses are going to be needed over the next 20 years.Sara说,她正在考虑去学护理,因为nursing is a field thats definitely growing. 护理绝对是一个正在成长的领域。今后二十年需要数百万合格的护理人员。P: But just getting by on Miikas income isnt going to be enough, no?J: No, youre right. Im going to bite the bullet and take a part-time job with Miikas dad. In tough times, pride is not a virtue.S: Especially when you have a family to feed. Paul and I worry everyday that his firm might get into trouble.光靠Miika一个人的收入肯定不够。To get by是勉强过日子的意思。Jesse准备bite the bullet忍辱负重,去给老丈人打工,因为in tough times, pride is not a virtue. 困难时期,骄傲可不是什么优点。S: Well, Im not worried about you. I think you both have exactly the right attitude and have made exactly the right plans to make it through these troubles.J: Yeah! Im pretty optimistic about things.P: Whats that saying? Whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger?M: Thats the one!S: Lets do this again next monthJ: Its a date!分手前,Sara说Jesse和Miika一定能渡过难关,make it through these troubles. Paul补充说,Whats that saying? 那句话是怎么说的来着?Whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger杀你不死者会让你变得更强壮,类似中文里说的,大难不死必有后福。Sara建议下个月再聚。Jesse说Its a date. 一言为定。 /201211/210346

Catherine和一位美国同事代表公司去参加商务谈判,谈判内容主要由Catherine负责。谈判之前,她做了很多准备工作,但没有足够的经验,她感觉很吃力,便把材料重新审核了一遍,并与同事进行商量。美国同事看过材料后发现论不够严谨,便说:You can't build the argument on very shaky premises。 You can't build the argument on very shaky premises. 你不能把论点建立在不可靠的前提下。shaky本义为“不稳固的,摇晃的”,引申义即“不可靠的,可疑的”;premise是可数名词,意为“假设,前提”,所以shaky premises意思就是“不可靠的前提”。argument是“论点”的意思。build sth. on...意为“把某物建立在……基础上”,相当于on the basis of,based on。 Benjamin: Todd, I found your prepareration for the negotiation has some problems. You can't build the arguments on very shaky premises.本杰明:托德,我发现你为谈判做的准备工作有点问题,你不能把论点建立在不可靠的前提下。Todd: I know, but I have no choice.托德:我知道,但我没的选择。背景音乐:Tomorrow◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎ /201009/114486



  to peter out 逐渐消失 英文释义 Phrasal verb meaning to decline gradually; to fade slowly but completely; to lose size or energy. 例句 The huge, previously lucrative silver mine began to peter out after a while, and it produced less and less each year until it finally closed.这座从前利润很高的大型银矿在一段时间以后开始萎缩,产量一年比一年少,直到最后关闭。 /201308/253350

  不用课本学商务英语口语第108期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。公司开会讨论出账目,经理Tim和会计部主任John告诉大家,要紧缩开,首先从员工可报销的账目下手。Tim说,Tim: Im not going to sugarcoat it: well have to cut back on our expenses or well have to cut back on staff, something Id rather not do.M: But we still have discretionary spending money, right?T: Sure. You can spend half of the 0 on whatever you want without providing a receipt.经理Tim说,我不想粉饰太平,sugarcoat it. 实际情况是,不减少开,就得裁员。 Mike问,是不是还有discretionary spending money, 可以随便配的钱。是,三百块里一半的开销都可以不交收据。S: What other ways can we help cut costs?T: Well, if its a flight of less than four hours, were going to ask you to fly economy class. For long distance flights you can still use business class.J: And we need to talk about client dinners. I know you have to take the client to a nice place. I know you cant take them to McDonalds.T: But...the five Michelin star A+1 Golden Steakhouse? Thats pushing it. I see a 5 claim here for a business dinner for two. Thats got to come down.Tim说,今后凡是不到四个小时的短途飞行,一律改为经济舱。John补充说,请客户吃饭,虽然不能去麦当劳,但两个人吃牛排花265块,则未免有些过份。Thats pushing it.S: Actually, Ive been doing more Internet research before I take clients to business meals. Ive found you can save a lot of money by choosing an interesting, special place that isnt necessarily expensive.T: Right! Say, ;I know this little place...; and take them somewhere cool, but not at 5 a pop!Shannon建议,不用带客户去太贵的地方吃饭,可以带他们去一些更有意思,但并不贵的餐馆。Tim赞成,说最好是take them somewhere cool, but not at 5 a pop. A pop是每次花多少钱的意思。M: Another thing: stay out of the hotel bar! Its outrageous what they charge for a couple of cocktails! Go find a bar down the street to meet at. Its got more character and its substantially cheaper.J: Yes, good thinking.M: And it goes without saying, the hotel rooms ;adult; movies are not business expenses.(Laughter)T: No, they most certainly arent! Thanks guys! I appreciate your understanding.Mike补充说,旅馆酒吧太贵。最好能出去找个酒吧见面。不仅便宜,而且Its got more character. 还更有个性。Mike 搞笑道,It goes without saying不用说,旅馆的是不能报销的。 /201211/207870

  to sweeten the deal 提供优惠英文释义 To add inducements to a proposed business transaction in order to make it more appealing. (NOTE: also ;to sweeten up the deal;)例句 Although the initial price I offered to my potential buyer was aly low, I dropped it by ten percent to sweeten the deal.虽说向有意的买方提供的报价已经很低,我还是提供了10%的优惠。 /201209/201188职场社交英语 Lesson 26:她还真像个女超人SCENE⑤ B 会议结束后 【她还真像个女超人】Dave: Either we'll be millionaires, or we won't... won't have a dime.戴夫: 当不成百万富翁,就当……身无分文。Elvin: And it's all coming down to the next three weeks.艾文: 接下来的三个星期就会见真相。 Dave: The only person who seems confident the software will be done on time is Zina.戴夫: 只有吉娜有信心,软件会准时完成。 Elvin: Yeah, she is some kind of Superwoman, isn't she?艾文: 对啊,她还真像个女超人,你说是不是?Dave: 1) Failure just isn't an 2) option for her. I'm glad she's on our team.戴夫: 失败这两个字不在她的字典里。我很高兴她跟我们是同一伙的。语言详解A: Do I have any other options? 我有其他选择吗? B: You have to pick them up at six A.M. 你得在早上六点的时候来拿。 【It's all coming down to...成败攸关于……】 come down to是指情况到了最后成败的关头,短期内就要见真相: A: It's all coming down to these last two days. 成败就看这最后两天了。B: We can do it! 我们做得到的!也可以指彼此的关系每况愈下,到达谷底:A: I need more money. Give me some. 我还要钱。给我一点。B: Has our relationship just come down to this-money? 我们的关系已走到了这样,钱钱钱?你也可以说It came down to the point where...以表示情势的发展已至最后的临界点:A: It came down to the point where I had to make a decision. 事已至此,我得做出决定。B: So you decided to quit your job and come here? 所以你决定辞职到这里来?1) failure (n.) 失败2) option (n.) 选择 /200602/4242


  正文: Hang on a minute, its you, not him.等一等,是你,不是他。No, its right here.不,就是在这。经典句扩展: Well, actually, he was not the person you are looking for.嗯,实际上,他不是你要找的人。Allow me to correct one thing you said: he is not our enemy.请允许我纠正您,他不是我们的敌人。If I may correct you, their first attempt was a complete failure, actually.请允许我纠正您,事实上他们的第一次尝试就是一个彻底的失败。I think it might be more correct to say they do not appreciate his paintings.我想这么说可能更确切:他们不欣赏他的油画。 /201407/310835。

  Tell me about yourself请做自我介绍I currently work as a secretary to the General Manager in the sales office of a Japanese telecommunications company.目前我在一家日本电信公司的营业厅担任总经理秘书一职。Since he doesnt speak Japanese, my main function is to act as liaison between him and eight Japanese staff members.因为总经理不会说日语, 所以我 的主要任务就是协助总经理与八位日本同事进行沟通。In addition to general office duties, I also perform accounting, including payrolls.除了办公室的日常事务之外, 我也做 一些与会计相关的业务,包括做工资表。My boss frequently travels and I effectively manage the office during his absence.我的上司经常出差,在他出差期间,我就负责打理 办公室的事物。Im a self-starter and he fully trusts my ability to work without his supervision and he values my judgment in a variety of contexts.我工作很主动,所以没有上司的监督,我也能做好一切,由此深得上司的信赖。此外,遇到各种情况,上司也很尊重我的判断。 /201306/245512

  5 洗衣务3句英文任你选Where can I have my laundry done?我的衣送哪儿去洗?I have some laundry to do in my room 201. Would you please send a maid to get it?我是201房间,我有几件衣要洗。能否派个人来取一下?How soon will they be done?什么时候能洗好?半个句型要记牢How soon will ~(……要多久?)Tip: How soon意为;还要多久是对从某个基本时间到将来某动作结束或某动作发生这段时间提问,常用在一般将来时态的句子中,其答语通常是;in+一段时间;。如:—How soon will you be there?—你多快能到那儿?—In 3 hours.—3小时以后到。 /201505/373127

  Lets get the ball rolling.让我们开始吧。get the ball rolling字面意思是“让球滚动”,这个词组源自足球惯例:由一位球员开球,把球传给队友,借此展开一场比赛。所以这个词组后来就引申为:“开始某谈话或活动”。因此,当美国人说;Lets get the ball rolling.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Lets begin.;、;Lets get started.;。情景对白:Boss: Everyone knows the subject of this meeting, so lets get the ball rolling.老板:既然每个人都知道今天会议的主题,那我们开始吧。Terry: Sir, may I have the floor first?泰瑞:头儿,我可以先发言吗?搭配句积累:①Everybody appears to be well prepared.看来大家都准备好了。②The conference material has been given out to everyone.会议资料已经分发给大家了。③OK, not much to say.好啦,不多说了。④We are going to talk about the sales plan of next season.我们要讨论下个季度的销售计划。单词:have the floor 有发言权Everybody should be able to have the floor during the meeting.开会时,每个人都应该有发言权。Let Mr. Chen have the floor for ten minutes.让陈先生发言十分钟。You have the floor, lady in hot pink.准许你发言,穿粉红衣裳的女士。 /201303/232748

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