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Pressure of work takes its tollNearly 90 percent of Chinese staff in foreign companies suffer from work-related illnesses, according to a recent survey by the Horizon Research Consultancy Group.Landing a well-paid job in a foreign company is something millions of China's jobseekers dream of, but the findings of a recent survey may change their minds.Nearly 90 percent of Chinese staff in foreign companies suffer fromwork-related illnesses, according to a recent survey by the Horizon Research Consultancy Group.Of the 1,521 respondents working for foreign companies, 91 percent reported symptoms such asburnout, stress, frustration, lack of sleep or numbness in the neck and shoulders after work, said Horizon. Those interviewed cited a total of 27 work-related symptoms.Interviews were carried out over the telephone, via e-mail or fax or face to face in four cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuhan.And 15.4 percent of those surveyed said they suffered from at least seven symptoms, which could lead to abreakdownor serious illness according to Horizon analysts.Another 5 percent said they suffered from at least 10 symptoms, which indicated they were extremely overworked, said Horizon.Half of the respondents said they did little physical exercise, while many complained about working more than 10 hours a day, returning home late at night and having to work over weekends.Of the most common symptoms of interviewees, 30 percent said they suffered from poor memory, as well as stress, mood swings and accelerated aging.Middle-aged, highly paid employees were more vulnerable to work-related illnesses, according to the survey.About 15.8 percent of the middle-aged respondents said they showed at least seven symptoms.Of the group earning more than 8,000 yuan (,025) a month, 19 percent said they suffered at least seven symptoms of being overworked. A lack of regular health checks and an unhealthy lifestyle, including drinking, smoking and skipping breakfast also made matters worse, according to the survey.能在外企谋得一份高收入的工作是数百万中国求职者的梦想,然而,最近的一个调查可能会改变他们的想法。零点研究咨询集团最近开展的一项调查显示,外企中近90%的中国员工患有职业病。据零点研究咨询集团介绍,在1521名外企受访员工中,91%的人说下班后会出现疲劳、压力大、情绪低落、睡眠不足以及颈部和肩膀发麻等症状。这些受访者共列举了27种职业病症状。此次调查主要通过电话、电子邮件、传真以及面对面的形式进行,调查地点包括北京、上海、广州和武汉四个城市。调查显示,15.4%的受访者说他们至少有七种职业病症状,而这些症状则会导致精神衰弱或严重疾病。另有5%的受访者称自己至少有十种症状,这说明他们的工作已极度超负荷。有一半的受访者说他们很少锻炼身体,还有很多人抱怨他们每天要工作十小时以上,晚上很晚才能回家,而且周末还得加班。30%的受访者说他们减退、压力大、情绪不稳定,而且衰老加快,这些是职业病最为普遍的几种症状。调查显示,中年雇员和高薪雇员更容易患上职业病。约15.8%的中年受访者说他们至少有七种症状。月薪在8000元(1025美元)以上的受访群体中,19%的人说由于过度工作,他们至少出现了七种职业病症状。调查表明,缺乏定期体检,以及抽烟、喝酒和不吃早餐等不健康的生活方式也是问题加剧的主要原因。Vocabulary: work-related illness : 职业病 burnout : physical or emotional exhaustion(精疲力尽)breakdown : 衰弱 /200808/46334I was thinking about some of the common errors made on first dates. I came up with 10 common mistakes that could kill the chances for a second date:  我曾想过一些首次约会时会犯的常见错误。这里总结出10个,别让它们毁了你的第二次约会。  Arriving Late 迟到  Even five minutes of lateness is inexcusable on the first date. People are aly anxious on these excursions, so making someone wait and think more about everything is pretty rude。  在第一次约会时,即使是5分钟也不能迟到。别人已经处于一个焦急与紧张的状态,还让对方等待、增加各种担心,这样实在太没礼貌了。  Wardrobe Malfunction 着装不当  Make sure you cater what you wear to what you're doing. I try not to make a girl walk too much if she's in heels. Also, I've seen girls wear pearls and a nice blouse to trashy outdoor drinking events, or heels to sporting events。  确保你的着装与你所参加的场合相符。我尽量不让女孩们穿着高跟鞋走路太多。同样的失败案例:有些女孩戴着珠宝,穿着精致的装在脏乱的大街上喝东西,或者穿着高跟鞋参加体育活动。  Talking Politics or Religion 谈论政治或宗教  Staying away from debatable content is a good idea the first time out. It's fun to argue with your significant other, but I think it's important to reach a comfort level first. If you try to proselytize someone, or battle them over a hot topic like abortion, you may reach a point of no return。  第一次出去时最好远离争议性的内容。虽然与对方争论不会让场面无趣,但我想最重要的一点是,千万不要过火。如果你试图让对方改变信仰,或者在一些堕胎这样的敏感问题上说对方,那你以后想要改变观点也不行了。  Checking Out Other People 打量其他人  You'd think that no one would do this, but guys are always looking at waitresses, or other patrons when out. My one friend got in hot water because his date told me he made cat calls at other girls while on a date。  你是否以为不会有人这么做? 但是男人们总喜欢打量女务员或其他什么人。我的一位朋友有一次约会后之所以以失败收场,就因为他对别的女孩嘲讽了一下。  Bringing Friends (Non Group Date) 带上其他朋友(这可不是聚会哦)  If you bring friends along you look immature and insecure. You also throw the other person for a loop if they were expecting the date to be one-on-one. Make sure you establish that it is a one-on-one date, and follow the rules and show up alone。  如果你带上了其他朋友,这就是不成熟和没有安全感的表现。如果他们原以为这个是两人约会,另一个人难免会觉得尴尬。确保你发起的是一个一对一的约会,遵守这项规则,独自出行。  Getting Too Drunk 过量饮酒  Some people turn into a completely different person when they are drunk. Let the other person learn about you while you're sober, before you get wasted with them. Alcohol should be introduced into the relationship slowly, but if a drink or two takes the edge off, and wine adds romance it's fine. Just don't push it too far。  有些人在喝醉了的时候会完全变成了另一个人。趁你没醉没吐的时候,就向对方坦白你是个怎样的人吧,酒精应该在彼此关系发展到一定阶段再发挥作用,但如果只是浅尝辄止,或者增加一点浪漫气氛,这是没问题的,不要过量就好。  Being Too Aggressive 太过主动  No one wants to deal with someone's wandering hands before they are y. It is one of the best ways to creep someone out. Just because someone is getting dinner with someone once doesn't mean it's an invitation into the sack. It's best to be hands off on the first date。  没有人希望在还没做好准备时就牵手。这是代表一个拒绝别人的好方法,因为别人只是想和你吃个饭,而不是邀请你进入情网。所以,第一次约会时最好还是不要牵手。  Being Too Unaggressive 太过被动  My friend Margaret warns me to be more aggressive all the time. She said that if I don't kiss someone at the end of a date, or make a move when they hop in my bed they will begin to think something's wrong with them, or that I'm not into them. Maybe that's true, but sometimes I am just being too safe so that I don't break the rule I just mentioned above。  我的朋友玛格丽特时时告诫我要主动些。她说如果我在约会结束后还不吻对方,或者他们的屁股已经坐到了我的床上时还不做出点表示,对方肯定会以为自己做错了什么,或者我根本不在乎他。也许这是对的,但有时我只是不想为了过分保护自己而违反了上面所提到的规则。  Canceling at the Last Minute 在最后时刻取消约会  Canceling for a legitimate reason is fine, but respect your date's time so that they can plan their night without you. Canceling one hour before a date is not cool--most of the date prep has aly started at this point。  有正当的理由取消约会当然没什么,但请尊重你的约会时间,以致他们可以把你排除在晚上的计划之外。在临约会前一个小时取消并不酷,大部分的约会已经在这个时间准备好了。  Dominant Speaker 话语狂  Try to breathe in between sentences, and don't talk too much. Give your date a chance to talk. Aren't you trying to get to know one another? And don't speak for that other person (i.e order for them at dinner) unless they invite you to help with their order。  尝试下在每个句子之间调整下呼吸,不要说得太多。让你的约会变成对话,难道你不想更了解对方吗?也不要帮对方说话(如当点餐时),除非他们邀请你帮他们点餐。  Do you agree or disagree with any of these? Ever have these happen to you, or have you ever made these mistakes? Would you go on a second date after any of these mistakes? What would you add to this list?   你是否同意以上观点?你是否碰巧遇上了这样的人,或者你曾经犯过这些错误?你认为犯了这些错误后还能有第二次的约会吗?你认为还有什么需要补充的内容吗? /200910/86913

One of the many ways to enjoy a weekend relaxing at an interesting location is to book an accommodation at a unique Bed and Breakfast. Bamp;B's as they are commonly called, have a long and wonderful history. The Bamp;B that we are familiar with today can be traced back over 100 years ago.The usual set-up for a Bamp;B is a pension type of home in which there are rooms that can accommodate between 2 and 12 guests--usually 1 to 6 rooms. Most early Bamp;B's usually targeted travelers that were passing through. Locations that were popular for Bamp;B's were mountain regions of the Northwest such as California and Colorado, as well as other regions, specifically the New England States.The majority of travelers that frequented Bamp;B's in the 1800's were pioneers, miners, or professionals traveling from one area to another. Most Bamp;B's offered an accommodation for the night along with a breakfast in the morning which many bungry travelers took advantage of before setting off on the next leg of their journey. It should be noted that before the 1900's, many of these Bamp;B's were private residences that usually catered for specific types of people. For instance, a doctor or lawyer would offer accommodation for another professional, and a middle class private home owner would offer accommodations for cowboys, miners, pioneers, etc.As more inns, lodges and hotels were built in the 1900's, Bamp;B's were seen as an affordable accommodation for people travelling through small towns or in areas that weren't heavily developed.In the late half of the 20th century, Bamp;B's enjoyed a renaissance in popularity, as many college students and young adults spent time visiting Europe. Most of these travelers spent time in small Bamp;B type of pensions or private residences and came back to the States to either open their own Bamp;B's or seek them out as affordable accommodation options.Today, Bamp;B's offer a warm and cozy alternative to the hotels or motels. Most Bamp;B's pride themselves on being privately owned and operated, as well as offering accommodations in warm and cozy homes in locations that offer historical, leisure or small town attactions. /200812/59011

  Children pushed in buggies which face away from their parents may suffer long-term emotional and language problems, according to a study published on Friday.The research, believed to be the first of its kind, found that children who were not facing the person that pushed them were less likely to talk, laugh and interact with their parents compared with those babies that did.The findings were based on a study of 2,722 parents and babies and an experiment where 20 babies were wheeled in buggies for a mile, facing their parents for half the journey and facing away for the other half.Parents using face-to-face buggies were twice as likely to talk to their children while the heart rates of the babies fell and they were twice as likely to fall asleep, an indicator that they were feeling relaxed and safe.Additionally only one baby out of the 20 studied laughed while sitting in an away-facing buggy."Our data suggests that for many babies today, life in a buggy is emotionally impoverished and possibly stressful," said Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, Developmental Psychologist at Scotland's Dundee University who carried out the research."Stressed babies grow into anxious adults."The study, which was published by National Literacy Trust as part of its Talk To Your Baby campaign, found that 62 percent of all children observed travelled in away-facing buggies, rising to 86 percent between the ages of 1 and 2.Zeedyk said it would impact negatively on babies' development if they spent a long time in a buggy which undermined their ability to communicate with their parent at a time when their brain was developing rapidly.Laura Barbour of the Sutton Trust, a social mobility charity which funded the research, said buggy manufacturers should look closely at the findings. 上周五公布的一项研究表明,坐童车背对父母的宝宝今后可能会出现情感和语言方面的长期障碍。研究发现,与在童车里面对父母而坐的宝宝相比,背对父母的宝宝更不爱说笑,也不爱与父母交流。这项研究尚属该领域首次。研究人员对2722对父母和宝宝进行了一项研究,并对20个坐童车的宝宝开展了一项实验。研究人员让父母推着宝宝走一英里的路程,其中半英里让宝宝面向他们,另一半路程让宝宝背对他们。结果显示,使用面对式童车的父母与宝宝交流的几率为背对时的两倍,同时,宝宝的心律有所下降,睡着的几率为背对时的两倍,这表明此时宝宝很放松并有安全感。在参与实验的20个宝宝中,仅有一个宝宝在背对父母而坐时笑了。研究负责人、苏格兰邓迪大学的发展心理学家苏珊妮#8226;兹迪克士称:“我们的研究数据表明,如今很多宝宝的童车生活缺乏情感交流,还可能会感到紧张。”她说:“心理紧张的婴儿成年后更容易焦虑。”研究发现,有62%的宝宝坐背对式婴儿车,而在1岁至2岁的宝宝中,这一比例增至86%。这项研究由英国“全国读写信托”组织发布,是其开展的“与宝宝说话”活动的一部分。兹迪克称,宝宝的大脑发育很快,如果这段时期让他们长时间地坐在阻碍他们与父母交流的童车里,那么会对他们的发育造成负面影响。为该研究提供资金持的“萨顿信托”教育慈善基金会的劳拉#8226;巴伯尔称,童车生产商应密切关注这一研究结果。 /200812/57597

  A friend asks me “Why Chinese don't go Dutch?” So I want to regard this question as the topic and write an article. As everyone knows, Occidental will go Dutch while having a meal in the restaurant. But Chinese don't go Dutch. Chinese will pay the bill and check out generously. Occidental don't often entertain guests; but Chinese often invite friend to dinner. A lot of Occidentals feel puzzled to this question。   一个朋友问我:“为什么中国人不是各付各的钱?”所以我要写一篇文章把这个问题作为关注的焦点。  正像每个人都知道的那样,西方人在饭店吃饭往往都是AA制,而中国人却慷慨地把别人的也一起给付了。西方人不常款待客人,而中国人却经常邀请朋友吃饭。许多西方人对此感到困惑不解。 /200912/90823。

  加班加点更易损害女性健康Working long hours has a greater negative impact on women than men because it makes them more likely to smoke, drink coffee and eat unhealthy food.Both sexes consume less alcohol if they spend more time working, researchers said, buttoilingextra hours makes women crave unhealthy snacks."Women who work long hours eat more high-fat and high-sugar snacks, exercise less, drink more caffeine and, if smokers, smoke more than their male colleagues," said Dr. Daryl O'Connor, a researcher at Britain's Leeds University."For men, working longer hours has no negative impact on exercise, caffeine intake or smoking," O'Connor said in a statement released by the Economic and Social Research Council, which funded his study.O'Connor's team of scientists were studying the impact of stress on eating habits. They looked at what causes stress at home and at work and how people react to it.The results show that stressful events such as making a presentation, a meeting with the boss or missing a deadline were linked to eating more between-meal snacks and fewer or smaller portions of fruits and vegetables."Stress disrupts people's normal eating habits," he said.The people who were most vulnerable were so-called emotional eaters."These individuals have higher levels of vulnerability and tend to turn to food as an escape from self-awareness," O'Connor said."When they feel anxious or emotionally aroused or negative about themselves, they try to avoid these negative feelings by turning their attention to food." 工作时间过长对于女性的消极影响要比男性大,因为这会导致女性吸烟、喝咖啡以及吃不健康的食品。据研究人员介绍,男性和女性工作的时间越长,饮酒就会越少,而长时间的工作则会让女性很想吃那些不健康的零食。英国利兹大学的研究人员达里尔·欧·科诺士说:“长时间工作的女性会吃更多高脂肪、高糖量的零食,同时,她们锻炼身体的机会减少,会喝更多含咖啡因的饮料,而且,如果她们抽烟,长时间工作会使她们的吸烟量比男同事还要多。”欧·科诺士在经济和社会研究理事会发表的一份声明中说:“对于男性来说,工作时间长则不会在锻炼身体、咖啡因摄入及吸烟方面产生不良影响。”欧·科诺士及研究小组的科学家们研究了压力对饮食习惯造成的影响。他们对家庭和工作中造成压力的因素及人们有何反应做了调查研究。结果表明,一些能给人造成压力的事件,如,做演讲、见老板或错过了某事的最后期限,会导致人们在非正餐时间吃更多的零食,而水果和蔬菜却吃得较少。他说:“压力会打乱人们正常的饮食习惯。”最易受此影响的人被称为“情绪化食者”。欧科诺士说:“这些人的心理比较脆弱,往往会用吃东西的方法来分散自己的注意力。”“当他们感到焦急、情绪激动或对自己没有信心时,他们就会把注意力转移到食物上去,以此来克消极情绪。” /200803/32258

  Do you know mouse potatoes?The Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.Mouse potatoes joined couch potatoes, google officially became a verb and drama queens finally found the limelight when they crossed over from popular culture to mainstream English language.The mouse potato (who spends as much time on the computer as his/her 1990s counterpart did on the couch), the himbo (attractive, vacuous -- and male) and the excessively emotional drama queen were among 100 new words added to the 2006 update of America's best-selling dictionary, the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.The Internet search engine Google also found its way into the dictionary for the first time as a verb, meaning to find information quickly on the world wide web.New words and phrases from the fields of science, technology, pop culture and industry are chosen each year by Merriam-Webster's team of editors after months of poring over books, magazines and even food labels."They are not tracking verbal language. They are looking for evidence that words have become assimilated into the written English language," said Arthur Bicknell, senior publicist with Merriam-Webster."Unfortunately with slang words by the time it has become assimilated it probably isn't cool anymore." Bicknell said.Other words making their debut this year were soul patch (a small growth of beard under a man's lower lip), unibrow (two eyebrows joining together) and supersize -- the fast food industry phrase for extra large meals.The technology world contributed ringtones (changeable incoming cellphone call signals) and spyware (software installed in a computer to surreptiously track a user's activities) while biodiesel and avian influenza came from the world of science.America's first dictionary -- Noah Webster's A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language -- was published 200 years ago and also introduced a crop of fresh words that have now become familiar.Those "new" words in 1806 included slang, surf, psychology and, naturally, Americanize.Mouse potato(网虫)跟couch potato(电视虫)走到一起;google正式成为一个动词;drama queen(小题大做、大惊小怪的人)终于得到关注。这些词语终于登堂入室,从通俗文化行列转入英语主流语言。Mouse potato(“网虫”,像20世纪90年代的电视迷一样迷恋电脑的人)、himbo(徒有外表却无内涵的男人)、过分情绪化的drama queen等100个新词被收入2006年新版的美国畅销词典《韦氏大词典》中。互联网搜索引擎Google也首次作为动词入选词典,意思是"在互联网上快速查找信息"。每年,《韦氏大词典》的编委都要花上几个月的时间在书、杂志、甚至食品标签中搜罗,选出科学、技术、通俗文化及工业领域的一些新词和短语收入词典。《韦氏大词典》高级推介人亚瑟·比克内尔说:“编辑们搜罗的目标不是口头语言,他们找的是那些已被用于书面语的词汇,而且要有实例为。”比克内尔说:“不幸的是,那些已被书面语吸收的俚语可能就不再那么'酷'了。”今年入选词典的新词还有soul patch(男人下唇上长的一小撮胡子)、unibrow(左右眉毛长在一起)和supersize(超大型快餐)。技术领域的新词有ringtone(手机铃音)和spyware(安装在电脑上用于监视用户活动的间谍软件);科学领域的新词则包括biodiesel(生物柴油)和avian influenza(禽流感)。美国第一部词典--诺亚·韦伯斯特先生的《简明英语词典》于200年前出版,当时收入其中的一批新词如今已为大家十分熟悉了。那些于1806年入选的“新词”包括slang(俚语)、surf(冲浪)以及naturally(自然地)、Americanize(美国化)。Vocabulary:make one's debut:首次亮相;首次出现 /200808/46488【中英对照】Men are expected to be the main bwinner whilst women are being relied upon for domestic chores, according to research conducted by Yorkshire Building Society. 由约克郡建房合作社进行的调查显示,在男人被看做家庭主要的经济柱的同时,女人则被期待成为持家好手。shy;Yorkshire Building Society questioned 1,527 people to find out what they most valued in their partners.约克郡建房合作社就“你最看重配偶哪个方面”的问题调查研究了1527个人。At the top of the men's list was "taking care of the home", followed by cooking, cleaning and great parenting.在“男人最看重女人哪个方面”的榜单上,照顾好家庭荣登榜首,紧随其后的是做饭、打扫房间和做个好母亲。shy;Only 16 per cent said they value "financial stability" in a woman--which means most men put domestic bliss above a wife who calls the shots in the boardroom.只有16%的男人表示会看重女人收入稳定这一点,这也意味着大多数的男人认为妻子主内,则家庭幸福。shy;The research from the Yorkshire Building Society found many women are making equally conventional choices.这项来自约克郡建房合作社的研究同时显示,许多女人和男人一样,都做出了传统的选择。shy;Nearly 40 per cent said "financial stability" is one of the most important qualities in their husband and they rank gardening as more important than an ability to cook or clean.将近40%的女人将男人收入稳定列为最重要的特征之一,而且她们认为男人的园艺技术要比他们做饭和打扫房间的水平更重要。shy;Tanya Jackson, corporate affairs manager at the building society, said: "A lot of women used to think they wanted a metrosexual man. But then they realised they were fed up with a man who spent longer in the bathroom than they did."该合作社的企业事务经理坦尼娅·杰克逊说道:“很多女人过去常常认为自己需要一个都市美男当老公,但之后她们会意识到自己十分厌倦一个流连于浴室中的男人。”shy;"Many women now feel they actually want a hunter-gatherer and they will look after their man in return."“如今,很多女人意识到她们实际上需要一个传统的外出打猎型的主外老公,而她们自己则留在家里照看一切。”shy;More than 2.1million women say they do not work because they are "looking after their family or home".多于210万的女人表示,她们不工作是因为要照顾家庭。shy;Only 193,000 men gave the same answer--a figure which has fallen by 6 per cent over the past year.而只有19万3千个男人表示愿意做家庭妇男,这一数字比去年的统计降低了6个百分点。 /200905/68623

  摘要:美国人上下班往返时间更长、距离更远Americans commute longer, farther than everDave Givens drives 370 miles to work and back every day and considers his seven-hour commute the best answer to balancing his work with his personal life.The winner of a nationwide contest to find the commuter, with the longest trek, Givens is one of millions of people who are commuting longer and farther than ever before.Studies show Americans spend more time than ever commuting, and for a growing number, getting to work takes more than an hour. In the most recent U.S. Census Bureau study, 2.8 million people have so-called extreme commutes, topping 90 minutes.Givens, a 46-year-old electrical engineer, has an extreme commute between home in Mariposa, California, and his job in San Jose. He leaves home before dawn and returns after dark.His trip landed him first place among almost 3,000 entries in the search for America’s longest commute, sponsored by automotive services provider Midas Inc. and announced last week. But as harrowing or tedious as Givens’ trip may sound, he says it's the way to keep the home and job he loves."I have the balance right now," Givens said. "I could do similar jobs closer, but not with the work reward and job satisfaction I have. And I could live closer, but I wouldn't have the lifestyle that I desire.""To me, this is not that long a commute," he added. "It's just something I do to go to work."Suburb-to-suburb commutingLonger commutes frequently involve people who live in one suburb and work in another, said Alan Pisarski, author of "Commuting in America."Such a pattern tends to begin with companies moving out of a city to a suburb, enticing workers to move to less-expensive outer suburbs, he said. "People see this as an opportunity to go farther away,"he said.Such a move may provide more affordable housing or better schools. Even high fuel costs — Givens spends about 5 a week on gasoline — can pay off in a better quality of life, Pisarski said.Doreen DeJesus rides a bus from her home in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, across New Jersey to her job in Manhattan.The payoff is a house in the country, she said."It's a matter of getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city," said DeJesus, 37. "It's not an easy thing, but most days it's really worth it."My boss thinks I'm nuts6," she added.Studies show 7.6 percent of U.S. commuters traveled more than an hour to work in 2004, the most recent data available, up from 6 percent in 1990. The average one-way commute grew by 13 percent to 25.5 minutes between 1990 and 2000.In 1990, only in New York state did more than 10 percent of workers spend more than an hour to get to work, Pisarski said. Now that situation can be found in New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois and California as well, he said.Congestion worsens Added to long commutes is increased congestion, according to the Texas Transportation Institute's 2005 Urban Mobility Report. Commuters typically spent 47 hours a year in traffic jams, up from 40 hours a decade earlier, the study showed. "That's the time wasted above and beyond just being able to make the trip," said David Schrank, co-author of the report. But the trips can be worthwhile, said Kay Phillips who works in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 164 miles from her home in Granite Falls. "I really love what I do, so I don't mind," she said. While Givens spends much of his commute listening to the radio, especially traffic reports, Philips, 52, uses her five-hour commute in her own way — she prays. "I say a long prayer starting out every morning for everybody, and it gives you quite a bit of time to do that," she said. /200905/69415I recently came up with a to do list before going to heaven (or elsewhere if I am not so lucky) and that involves saying goodbye to certain people and getting rid of loose ends. No, I am not contemplating death or planning to die. You see it doesn't take planning in order to think ahead; I am just concerned about what if it were to happen and I had left things up in the air.1. If I were to go earlier than later, I would just as well make sure that any material belongings would be divided among family and friends. It sounds vain but I could not bear thinking of leaving an apartment full of odd pieces of furniture, computers, books and artwork without them being destined for someone else. I could wonder how those items would be appreciated but should that be my concern when we all have different tastes? The best thing is to donate these material goods to the best possible recipient.2. I could wonder too how long my spirit would linger around watching my material world dissipate after I had been stripped of any earthly attachment. I would also wonder if I would one of those confused souls unsure of where to go without a body to inhabit. How strange.3. I would probably open up to all my friends and family, not that it ever mattered while I was alive but at least let them admire me for being honest about myself even though it was at the last moment. Then again I don't think there are any secrets to mention from someone who has been a loner for a good part of his life and liked his own company.4. I would want to pay back any debts if there were some and apologize to anyone that I had forgotten along the way.5. An autobiography has not occurred to me yet but it might turn out as an interesting book. Even though others might also debunk it.6. How about a going away party. There are going away parties for people going into the service and never coming home. Wouldn't being at the end of my life be like going into some ethereal service? After all I must have been around for some reason7. I would visit places that I hadn't seen so far. Obviously I would have to be in good enough health to at least get to the foothills of the Himalayas!8. I would open up a death parlor, something that the dying would love to pamper themselves before taking off like a special comforter they might like to be draped in. Naturally my kin will have to be in on this since I would not be around to snicker at some purchase choices!9. I would do some outlandish things, nothing to risk my life of course but just something that may get some people to think.10. I would empty my bank account and spend whatever I could. There is no point in donating further funds to companies that have been deviously charging me my whole life. 最近,我想列出一个在去天堂(要是我没那么幸福的话或许是别的地方)之前的待办事项,包括跟某些人道别,还有要处理好那些没办好的事情。不,我不是想要去死,也不是在为死亡做计划。要知道想提前去死也用不着做计划。我只是考虑如果死亡真的发生而我还有事情悬而未决该怎么办。如果我要提前而不是延后去天堂,那么幸亏我确定好我所有的财产分配给我的家人和朋友了。听起来像是徒劳无功,但我实在不忍去想像一座公寓,里面摆放着各种新奇的家具、电脑、书籍还有艺术品,而所有这些东西都无人认领。我会想这些东西是多么有帮助啊,但如果我们的喜好不同时,还与我有关吗?最好的办法就是把这些东西都捐给最适合的人。我会想在我被脱去了对尘世的依附之后,注视着我的财产被分散出去,我的灵魂会徘徊多久。我也会想如果我就是那些迷失的灵魂中的一员,不知道该去哪,也找不到可以居住的躯体,多么不可思议啊!我可能会向我的朋友和家人们敞开心扉,并非是因为我还活着,而是至少让他们羡慕我对自己的诚实,尽管这是在生命的最后一刻。我不会一再地认为,一个曾经生命的大部分时间都感到孤独并喜欢独处的人会说出他的任何秘密。如果我有债务的话,我会想把它们还完,要是我无意间忘记了所欠的债,我还会道歉。我还没有写我的自传,这肯定会是一本很令人关注的书,尽管其他人或许会揭露真相。举办一个送别会怎么样?人们经常会为那些去役后就再没有回家的人举办送别会。在我生命的最后一刻不就像是去天堂役吗?毕竟我曾经在某些方面还是做出了很多成绩的。我会去参观目前为止我还没去过的地方。显然我必须得保持足够的健康,至少也要能登到喜马拉雅山的山峰上。我会开一家死之商店,那些垂死的人们在离开之前会希望尽力满足自己,他们也许非常想披上一件特别的羊毛围巾,或类似的东西。当然,我的同命人们会光顾这里,因为我决不会在他们选购时,偷偷地讥笑他们的选择。我会做一些古怪的事情,当然不是去拿我的性命来冒险,而仅仅是去做一些能引发人们思考的事情。我会把我帐户里的钱都取出来然后尽力把它们都花光。把未来的资金捐给那些在我整个人生中一直在间接地向我索取的公司,这么做是毫无意义的。 /200808/46212

  法国西南部一个只有189人的小村庄近几个月却频频有游客造访,因为他们认为这个村庄是2012年世界末日到来时唯一可以躲过劫难的地方。据悉,这座村庄位于比加哈什峰的山脚下,而大批外星人信奉者认为这个山峰其实是外星人的停机库,一旦世界末日来临,躲在山顶岩石下面的外星人就会乘坐他们的飞船离开地球,届时在周边存活的人类自然也会有幸被带走。 人们在Bugarach举行仪式  这一切皆因为十年前该村庄有人声称见到外星人还听到飞船起降,之后便一直有外星人信奉者前来造访。网上甚至还流传法国前总统密特朗曾经搭乘直升机秘密在山顶降落,前纳粹组织以及以色列情报组织萨德也曾经在山顶做过秘密勘探。随着 2012世界末日预言的日期邻近,到该村庄寻求庇护的人也逐渐增多,有人在附近进行各种神秘宗教仪式,甚至有富豪出巨资买下比加哈什峰周边的地产。  The mayor of a picturesque French village has threatened to call in the army to seal it off from a tide of New Age fanatics and UFO watchers, who are convinced it is the only place on Earth to be spared Armageddon in 2012. Bugarach, population 189, is a peaceful farming village in the Aude region, southwestern France and sits at the foot of the Pic de Bugarach, the highest mountain in the Corbières wine-growing area.  法国画卷一般的美丽村庄被人们奉为躲避2012地球毁灭的惟一“乐土”,人们蜂拥而至来参观新时代奇迹和UFO,市长不得不调入一军队来封闭整个村子。  一个189人的小村子,原本是奥德省地区一个安静祥和的农村,位于法国西南最高山峰比加哈什峰的山脚下。  But in the past few months, the quiet village has been inundated by groups of esoteric outsiders who believe the peak is an "alien garage".  但在过去的几个月里,安静的村庄充斥着一批批的神秘的访客,他们都相信这座山峰的顶部就是外星人的停机库。  According to them, extraterrestrials are quietly waiting in a massive cavity beneath the rock for the world to end, at which point they will leave, taking, it is hoped, a lucky few humans with them.  根据他们的说法,外星人正在岩石下方的巨大洞穴里静静等待世界末日的到来,那时候他们就会带着一部分地球幸运儿离我们而去。  Most believe Armageddon will take place on December 21, 2012, the end date of the ancient Maya calendar, at which point they predict human civilisation will come to an end. Another favourite date mentioned is 12, December, 2012. They see Bugarach as one of perhaps several "sacred mountains" sheltered from the cataclysm.  大部分人相信世界末日圣战将在2012年12月21日爆发,也就是古玛雅人日历的最后一天,他们推测人类文明将在那一刻毁灭。另一个热点时间是2012年12月12日。他们把这个法国小村子当作是可能的最后几个“圣山”之一,可以庇护他们免遭世界末日大地震。  "This is no laughing matter," Jean-Pierre Delord, the mayor, told The Daily Telegraph.  “这不是一个搞笑的话题,”Jean-Pierre Dlord市长对《每日电讯报》说。  "If tomorrow 10,000 people turn up, as a village of 200 people we will not be able to cope. I have informed the regional authorities of our concerns and want the army to be at hand if necessary come December 2012."  “如果明天突然出现一万来访者,我们这样一个200来人的小村子是无法接待的。我已经向当局反映了我们的担心,并且希望军队可以在2012年12月来临的时候给我们提供随时救援务。”  Mr Delord said people had been coming to the village for the past 10 years or so in search of alien life following a post in an UFO review by a local man, who has since died. "He claimed he had seen aliens and heard the humming of their spacecraft under the mountain," he said.  Delord先生说,一个当地人当年因调查UFO蹊跷死亡,人们已经在过去的十年中陆续来到村里调查和寻找外星生物。那个当地人声称自己看到了外星人,听到了他们航天器在山下面轰轰作响。  The Internet abounds with tales of the late President Franois Mitterrand being curiously heliported on to the peak, of mysterious digs conducted by the Nazis and later Mossad, the Israeli secret services.  网上有许多有关已故总统弗朗索瓦密特朗被直升机掠到山峰的神奇传说,还有纳粹、萨德甚至以色列特工组挖掘过的痕迹。  A visit to Bugarach is said to have inspired Steven Spielberg in his film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind – although the actual mountain he used is Devil's Tower in Wyoming. It is also where Jules Verne found the entrance and the inspiration for A Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  据说史蒂芬斯皮尔伯格到此小村的一游,给予他大量的灵感来拍摄电影《第三类亲密接触》,虽然他在电影中所用的地点是怀俄明州的魔塔。  Recently, however, interest in the site had skyrocketed, said the mayor, with online UFO websites, many in the US, advising people to seek shelter in Bugarach as the countdown to Armageddon commences.  “最近,这座法国小村庄又引起了大家的浓厚兴趣”,市长说,“是因为许多美国的UFO网站建议人们来这里寻找躲避圣战的避所。”  "Many come and pray on the mountainside. I've even seen one man doing some ritual totally nude up there," said Mr Delord.  “许多人在山腰上祈祷。我甚至看到有个全裸的男子在那里举行仪式。”市长说。  Sigrid Benard, who runs the Maison de la Nature guesthouse, said UFO tourists were taking over. "At first, my clientele was 72 per cent ramblers. Today, I have 68 per cent 'esoteric visitors'," he said.  众议院自然宾馆的经营者Sigrid BenardUFO拜访者行为过分。“起初,我有72%的客户是漫步者,而现在有68%是‘神秘者’。”  Several "Ufologists" have bought up properties in the small hamlet of Le Linas, in the mountain's shadow for "extortionate" prices, and locals have complained they are being priced out of the market. Strange sect-like courses are held for up to ?800 a week. "For this price, you are introduced to a guru, made to go on a procession, offered a christening and other rubbish, all payable in cash," said Mr Delord.  数个所谓“UFO专家”拿出利纳小村子的地产来,以此山为幌子进行勒索,当地人抱怨他们承受不合理高价。奇异课程也涨到800欧元一个月。“这个价钱,你可以有一个精神导师,他给你洗礼,并灌输一些无用的理念,这些全部要付现金,”市长先生说。 /201108/151903

  Dogs can be jealous, say scientistsDogs are prone to complex emotions such as jealousy and pride, according to scientific research that sheds new light on their relationship with humans.Canines do not like seeing their owners offering affection to other creatures, especially other dogs, and react negatively when their owners bring home new partners, the research found.Psychologists previously believed most animals lack the "sense of self" needed to experience so-called secondary emotions such as jealousy, embarrassment, empathy or guilt. These emotions are more complex than feelings associated with instant reaction – such as anger, lust or joy.Dr Friederike Range, of the University of Vienna's neurobiology department, has shown that dogs feel intense jealously when they spot that they are unfairly treated compared with other dogs. "Dogs show a strong aversion to inequity," she said.The dog study is the latest into several species, including cows, horses, cats and sheep, which have shown that animals are far more self-aware than was thought.Dr Paul Morris, a psychologist at the University of Portsmouth who studies animal emotions, told The Sunday Times: "We are learning that dogs, horses, and perhaps many other species are far more emotionally complex than we ever realised. They can suffer simple forms of many emotions we once thought only primates could experience."In research among dog owners, Dr Morris found almost all of them reported jealous behaviour by their pets. The dog often tried to prise their owner away from a new lover in the early days of a relationship.Behavioural experts recommend owners keeping their dog's routine as much as possible when a new partner or child comes along in order to prevent jealous activity from the dog such as interruptions with barking or whining. /200812/58441。

  Easter Day(复活节) A Sunday between March 22 and April 25The meaning of many different customs observed during Easter Sunday have been buried with time. Their origins lie in pre-Christian religions and Christianity. All in some way or another are a "salute to spring," marking re-birth. The white Easter lily has come to capture the glory of the holiday. The word "Easter" is named after Eastre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring. A festival was held in her honor every year at the vernal equinox (春分).People celebrate the holiday according to their beliefs and their religious denominations (命名). Christians commemorate Good Friday as the day that Jesus Christ died and Easter Sunday as the day that He was resurrected (复活). Protestant settlers brought the custom of a sunrise service, a religious gathering at dawn, to the ed States.This year Easter will be celebrated on Sunday April 11, 2004. On Easter Sunday children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them baskets of candy. He has also hidden the eggs that they decorated earlier that week. Children hunt for the eggs all around the house. Neighborhoods and organizations hold Easter egg hunts, and the child who finds the most eggs wins a prize.The Easter Bunny is a rabbit-spirit. Long ago, he was called the" Easter Hare." Hares and rabbits have frequent multiple births so they became a symbol of fertility. The custom of an Easter egg hunt began because children believed that hares laid eggs in the grass. The Romans believed that "All life comes from an egg." Christians consider eggs to be "the seed of life" and so they are symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.Why we dye, or color, and decorate eggs is not certain. In ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome and Persia eggs were dyed for spring festivals. In medieval Europe, beautifully decorated eggs were given as gifts. /200904/67040


  A surge in the number of people getting fish pedicures on the high street has prompted a health warning. Experts are worried that the latest beauty craze – offered in scores of salons – could sp infection and disease. The Health Protection Agency says the practice is the subject of a major investigation.Experts are worried that fish pedicures could sp infection and disease. 越来越多的人在这个严冬选择去泡温泉来疏解疲乏,在大大小小的汤池中,“小鱼--鱼疗”汤池恐怕是最受大人和小孩都喜欢的汤池了,也是各大美体沙龙在推出“温泉务”中号称能“处理脚上的死皮、坏皮肤”的温泉疗法也是沙龙老板们吸金的一个法宝。但是,最新的研究发现,鱼疗汤池是传播疾病和病菌的“主要传播途径”,当然这是在大大小小汤池中相比较而得出的结论。英国卫生保护局(The Health Protection Agency)警告,在鱼疗中存在巨大感染传染病的危险,希望此举能获得爱好“泡汤”人士的注意和关注。 The treatment, which costs between ?10 and ?50, involves customers dunking their feet in tanks to have their dead skin nibbled away by scores of Turkish miniature toothless carp.The treatment involves customers dunking their feet in tanks to have their dead skin nibbled away by scores of Turkish miniature toothless carp But it has been revealed the pedicures using the garra rufa fish – which have been banned in 14 states in the U.S. – could sp infection from person to person through open wounds. Salons say they use UV-lit tanks which are constantly filtered to keep them clear of disease. 在英国,这种“土耳其微型牙齿鲤鱼---鱼疗温泉泡汤”一般的价格是每次10到50英镑左右,顾客们把脚放在汤池中,给一种叫做土耳其微型牙齿鲤鱼的小鱼儿“亲吻”脚上的死皮,表面上,脚面上死皮被清除了,脚面也光滑许多,但是鱼足疗所用到的鱼主要是淡红墨头鱼(the garra rufa fish),又叫做作“医生鱼”,如果顾客的脚上有伤口,使用这种鱼进行足疗就可能在人与人之间传播感染。令人吃惊的是,美国已经有14个州禁止饲养淡红墨头鱼作为鱼疗务的“务人士”。 Customer Max Langton, from North London, said: ‘I had a pedicure from one of the new high street chains. I was put off when a man sitting opposite me said he had something wrong with his foot and hoped the fish were enjoying it.’ He added: ‘We were asked if we had any fungal infections, but no one checked. 有一个泡鱼疗汤池的来自伦敦的顾客Max Langton说:“有一次,当我准备享用鱼疗中小鱼儿的务时,我听到对方坐着的一个男人的一席话给雷到了,雷得我泡汤的时候浑身不舒。因为坐在对面也泡汤的男士一边说自己有一定程度的脚病,希望小鱼儿能帮他解除脚病的困扰。我心里就在想,老天,别让我也染病啊!” /201103/127043

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