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  • 阅读提示:中文在上 英文在下智能手表新时代终于到来,Apple Watch宣告正式发售。尽管这并不是说你现在随便走进一家苹果商店就能买到,很可能得等到5月才行。但现在正是我们来探讨一个重要问题的好时机:各位读者,你们应不应该成为Apple Watch的早期用户呢?The Apple Watch was officially released today. That doesn’t mean you can walk up to the counter and buy one yet—watches may not be coming to retail outlets until May—but now is as good a time as any to ask the all-important question: Should you, gentle er, become an Apple Watch early adopter?或许归根结底要看你对这款产品感觉怎样。人士告诉我们,Apple Watch很酷,虽然稍有瑕疵,但绝对是可穿戴科技领域的首款主流产品。如果对你来说,把一款苹果移动产品绑在身上不是非常有吸引力,那就不难下决定:暂时不买。不过对像我这样的科技狂热者来说,买不买第一代Apple Watch根本不用问,非买不可。The answer may simply come down to your feelings about the product, which the reviewers tell us is a cool, somewhat flawed, but legitimately mainstream first foray into wearable technology. If the idea of literally strapping an Apple mobile device to your body doesn’t sound very appealing, then the decision isn’t complicated: Skip it for now. At the other end of the spectrum are tech junkies like me for whom a first-generation Apple Watch isn’t a question at all, but an inevitability.但对众多普通人来说,买不买是基于成本和收益做出的理性购物决定(我有时也想这么理性!),Apple Watch确实让人纠结:是早下手跟上潮流?还是等你不用再纠结了再说?But for many normal people who make rational purchasing decisions based on costs and benefits—let me know what that’s like sometime!—the Apple Watch presents a real dilemma: Do you take the plunge and get in early on the smartwatch trend, or do you wait until the kinks have been worked out?苹果公司降价简史A short history of Apple price cutting左右你决定的应该主要基于两大变量:一是Apple Watch将来会便宜多少,性能会提高多少?二是你愿意为那个“将来”等多久?Your decision should largely depend on two variables: How much cheaper and better will the Apple Watch be in the future, and how long will one have to wait until that future arrives?我们回顾一下2000年以来苹果公司的主要新产品,能对把握这两个问题有所心得。A look at Apple’s major new product categories going back to the beginning of the millennium gives us some insight into both of these unknowns.初代iPod。2001年10月上市,售价399美元,容量5GB。一年半以后进行了首次重大硬件更新,包括添加底座连接器;屏幕改善极大,而且没那么容易碎了;存储容量也增加一倍。售价降至299美元。The original iPod.Released in October of 2001, it cost 9 and shipped with five gigabytes of storage. A year and a half later, the first major hardware revision—which introduced the dock connector and a greatly improved and less break-prone interface—doubled the base model’s storage and dropped the price down to 9.iPhone。如果说哪种苹果产品会让打算尽早入手的人三思的话,iPhone就是一个。容量8GB的iPhone于2007年6月底发售,零售价599美元。不到三个月价格就降至399美元。初代iPhone上市才一年多时间,苹果就推出了199美元的3G版iPhone,降价幅度达到66%。The iPhone.A cautionary tale for early adopters if there ever was one. Launched in late June 2007 with the 8 gigabyte model retailing for 9, the iPhone’s price was cut to 9 less than three months later. And just over a year after the original release, Apple shipped the iPhone 3G at 9, a 66% price reduction.Apple TV机顶盒。并不是所有苹果新产品的价格都会如此迅速下降。Apple TV机顶盒就三年半没有降价。但当它开始降价时,一下从2007年3月的299美元降到了2010年9月的99美元。Apple TV.Not all of Apple’s new product categories have seen their price fall quite so fast. The Apple TV didn’t get cheaper for three and a half years; but between March 2007 and September 2010 it went from basically a 9 media center PC to a streaming box.iPad。也许有人会说,iPad的价格没有太大的变化。问世四年多以来,iPad基本款售价仍是原来的499美元。不过,许多等待了两年半的消费者以329美元买下iPad mini后,都觉得这个选择很明智。销售预期已经显示,iPad mini才是大多数人实际上想要的。The iPad.Some might argue that the price of the iPad hasn’t changed much at all. More than four years after its release, the base model still sells for the original sticker price of 9. That said, the many consumers who waited two and a half years for the 9 iPad Mini feel they made a very wise decision—and it’s hard to argue considering that sales estimates suggests it’s the iPad most people actually wanted.那么结论是什么呢?分析了这些数据后,我发现从2000年开始,苹果主要消费类新产品首次大降价的平均幅度为48%,平均时间是在产品发售两年零三个月以后。So what’s the bottom line? Well, I crunched the numbers together (you can see my admittedly unscientific methodology in the footnote below) and found that since 2000, the average major new consumer-product category from Apple fell 48% in price between the original launch and the first major price cut, which on average took 2 years and 3 months. /201505/375633。
  • 5.Maraschino Cherries5.酒浸樱桃Maraschino cherries may have an Italian-sounding name, but they actually come from Croatia. Originally, Maraschino was the name of a liquor made from the Croatian Marasca cherries. Then fresh cherries were preserved in their own alcohol, and that#39;s what a Maraschino cherry is (or was). In the 1800s, they made their way to the US, where Americans replaced the Marasca cherries with Queen Anne cherries, which grew in Oregon. In 1912, the USDA formalized the term, and any non-Marasca cherry had to be labeled as an imitation product.The Maraschino cherries you buy at the grocery store today are made using a different method, one that#39;s alcohol-free. First they#39;re brined in a liquid calcium solution. Then they#39;re placed in sweetened, artificially colored syrup.乍一看名字,酒浸樱桃似乎源自意大利,事实上它的产地位于克罗地亚。最初,黑樱桃酒是由产自克罗地亚的欧洲酸樱桃制作而成的一种酒。随后,新鲜的樱桃被保存在黑樱桃酒中,这就是酒浸樱桃的来历。在19世纪,人们将酒浸樱桃的销路扩展到美国,然而美国人却用产自俄勒冈州的安妮樱桃冒充欧洲酸樱桃来制作。因此1912年,美国农业部制定了一项规定:任何不是以欧洲酸樱桃为原料制作的酒浸樱桃,都必须贴上;仿制品;的标签。我们今天在杂货店买到的酒浸樱桃,则是用另一种不使用酒精的方法制成的。此法首先将樱桃浸入液钙溶液中,然后将其置于人工着色的糖浆中即可。4.Ketchup4.番茄酱Ketchup may seem like an American invention since it#39;s a featured condiment for almost every American food from meatloaf to eggs. However, ketchup originated from a different type of sauce from China, which was made from fish. Five hundred years ago, Chinese sailors were sailing down the Mekong coast when they found a sauce made from fermented anchovies. The sauce was popular in Vietnam, and the Chinese sailors gave it the name ;ke-tchup.; This name is in the ancient language Hokkien, and the last syllable, ;tchup,; means ;sauce.;In the 17th century, British traders made their way to the region, and they ended up discovering ke-tchup. One hundred years later, they were hooked and ke-tchup became a prized possession.番茄酱通常被认为是美国人的发明,因为几乎所有的美式食品,无论是烘肉卷还是鸡蛋,都放有番茄酱来调味。但事实上,番茄酱源自于中国的一种由鱼肉制作而成的酱。五百多年前,中国的水手沿湄公河航行时,发现了一种以发酵的鳀鱼为原料的酱。这种酱在越南很受欢迎,中国的水手为其取名;ke-tchup;,这个词源自闽南语,;tchup;是酱汁之意。17世纪,英国商人来到此地经商,这才发现了番茄酱。100年以后,英美国家的人纷纷为这种酱汁着迷,番茄酱也因此成了当地人一笔宝贵的财富。3.Sauerkraut3.德国泡菜;Sauerkraut; means ;sour cabbage; in German, so you#39;d think it was a German invention. While it goes well with most German food, the original was Chinese. It came about around 2,000 years ago and was enjoyed by laborers building the Great Wall. The only real difference is that the Chinese fermented their cabbage in rice wine. The Germans draw out the water with salt.It was popular with Chinese workers because it was a good vitamin source, stored easily and did not spoil, and was a cheap and widely available food.;Sauerkraut;一词在德语中是酸白菜的意思,人们一般根据名字会认为它源自德国。尽管它与大多数德国菜都搭配得很好,它的原产地其实是中国。德国泡菜产生于2000多年前,由修筑长城的工人们腌制并享用。中、德两国人制作泡菜的最大差别在于:中国人在米酒中发酵白菜,而德国人用盐将白菜中的水分析出。这种泡菜含有维生素,方便储存,不易变质,是一种既便宜又易于购买的食物,深受中国工人的喜爱。2.Bologna2.洛尼亚熏肠The bologna we eat today is nothing like the food it#39;s originally based on. Bologna is supposedly named after the city in Italy, but the meat it is most similar to is mortadella. Mortadella is actually from Italy but only slightly resembles bologna. It#39;s often eaten by itself or as part of an appetizer platter with cheese, b, or sliced peppers and tomatoes. bologna is a sliced, processed meat and is most often used in sandwiches. Mortadella is of much higher quality and uses only the finest pork meat. It is liberally sprinkled with cubes of pure pork fat and minced, mixing everything together. The original stuff from Bologna will be marked as such and will have added pistachios and black pepper.现如今人们所食用的洛尼亚熏肠,与其最初所用的原材料截然不同。一般认为,洛尼亚熏肠的名字来源于意大利的洛尼亚市,但这种香肠所使用的肉质和意式肉肠(又译泰台拉香肠)最为相似。意式肉肠同样来源于意大利,但它与洛尼亚熏肠几乎没有什么相似之处。意式肉肠可单独食用,也可作为开胃菜的一部分,配以奶酪,面包或者切成片的青椒和番茄等食用;而洛尼亚熏肠是一种加工过的切片香肠,通常夹在三明治中食用。意式肉肠质量上乘,百分百选用上好猪肉。制作时大量加入肥肉丁和肉末,与其他原料混合制成。洛尼亚熏肠同样采用上述原料,并配以开心果和黑椒制成。1.Tempura1.天妇罗While we may attribute tempura cooking to the Japanese, it was actually a Portuguese innovation. Evidence lies in old Moorish cookbooks from the 13th century that feature tempura recipes. The word ;tempura; is actually thought to have derived from the Portuguese word ;temporas; which means ;Lent.; This makes sense, as the Catholic population would eat fish on Fridays and eventually decided to fry it—possibly because everything tastes better when it#39;s fried. Portuguese sailors (including traders and missionaries) sp it throughout the world, and it took hold in Japan in the 16th century. It sp to England as well, and is now part of their world-famous fish and chips.作为传统的日本菜肴,天妇罗通常被认为产自于日本。事实上,它是由葡萄牙人发明创造的。早在13世纪,古老的尔人的烹饪书籍中,就有天妇罗食谱的记载。;天妇罗;(tempura)起源于葡语中;temporas;(意为;大斋节;)一词。这样便很容易理解了,每周五,天主教徒会吃鱼。许是因为食物一经油炸便更加美味,后来天主教徒就将鱼炸制后食用。葡萄牙的水手(也包括商人和传教士)将天妇罗推广至世界各地,于16世纪传至日本。天妇罗同样被传至英格兰,如今已成为该国一道著名的炸鱼加炸土豆条菜肴了。翻译:冯璐 /201507/384663。
  • This air base is thelargest in Siberia, Russia. Here they have interceptors MiG-31BM and theypreviously had Su-15TM, MiG-15, MiG-17.这是俄罗斯西伯利亚最大的空军基地。这里有MiG-31BM,过去还有Su-15TM, MiG-15, MiG-17。Air base 6979 is aso-called air group, now. It used to be named after a guards air regiment, 712,that fought at the time of Great Patriotic War – initially in I-16 fighters,later – in La-5. From the mid 1980s to 1994 the airfield was used by a separateaviation rescue detachment that had An-12BP, Mi-8T, and a Tupolev amphibianaerosleigh in service.第6979空军基地如今是个所谓的空军大队,它一度以空军军团712命名——该军团曾参加卫国战争,一开始装配的是I-16战机,后来是La-5。从20世纪80年代中期到1994年,该机场一直由一个独立的航空救援队使用,役的有An-12BP, Mi-8T和一架图波列夫水陆两用飞机。Flight suits for airgroup members.空军大队成员的飞行套装。Aviation equipment.航空装备。Pilots are forbiddento dress themselves.飞行员不允许穿自己的衣。Flight suit storagerequires special conditions.套装需要在特定环境下储存。Missions areperformed strictly according to the schedule.根据日程严格执行任务。Military humor.军队里的幽默。Like a corridor in achildren#39;s camp!这就像少年营的走廊似的!;No entry;. Thereis a mission control center there behind the door.“不可进入”——门后是指挥中心。Loud speakercommunication microphone.扩音器通讯麦克风。Special telephone.特质电话。Firing buttons!开火按钮。It#39;s probably moreinteresting to provide control from here than to fly a plane.从这里提供控制指令或许比开飞机还有趣吧。Military binoculars.军用双筒望远镜。Real military MiG-31– two seat supersonic all-weather long-range interceptor.军用MiG-31实物——双座超音速全天候远程拦截机。MiG-31 is intended tointercept and destroy air targets at low, medium and high altitude, day andnight, in any weather conditions, when an enemy applies active or passive radarinterference.MiG-31被用于在低中高空拦截和摧毁空中目标,无论白天黑夜,天气如何,敌人应用的是主动还是被动的雷达干扰。A group of fourMiG-31 is able to control an air space of 800-900 km.一队4架MiG-31就可以控制800-900千米的空中空间。At high altitude thespeed of a MiG may reach 3000 km/h.在高空,它的速度可达到3000公里每小时。In December 2013 theair base started to use the modified version of MiG-31BM fighters.2013年12月,该空军基地开始使用改进版的MiG-31BM战机。The new modifiedaircraft have a new system of armament control and new side-looking airborne radar.Now it can detect targets at a distance of up to 320 km and simultaneouslytrack up to ten targets.修改版的战机有了新的武器控制系统,还有新的侧视机载雷达。如今它可以探测到320公里外的目标,同时追踪十个目标。Military air basenear Kansk.坎斯克附近的空军基地。 /201501/353108。
  • The answer to how to be happy alone might be quite simple, actually, and it might depend on why you are searching for answers。 其实,孤单时如何快乐起来的很简单,可能就取决于你为什么要寻找这个。Did your spouse or a very close person to you just pass away? If so, my condolences, I do have some comforting and helpful words for you in this article. Did a relationship terminate because of your actions or the actions of your former partner? What I’m going to write will help with that too. Is it because you just can’t seem to find someone to suit your expectations and you fear that you may have to resign to being single for the rest of your life? I’ll cover that as well。伴侣或者一个非常亲近的人去世了?如果是这样的话,我对你表示哀悼,这篇文章里确实有要送给你的一些安慰的而且有帮助的言辞。还是由于你的所作所为或你前任的原因你们分手了?我要写的东西对你也会有所帮助。又或是因为你似乎找不到符合你期望的人,怕一辈子要这样孤单下去了?我也会谈到这点的。 /201506/382564。
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