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Section :And so this is how we work. I let the imaginations of my students run wild. And my job is to try to collect the best of each kid idea and try to combine it into something that hopefully would work.What was really cool about this project is that the students saw a local problem, and boom -- they are trying to immediately address it. But my students in Hong Kong are hyper-connected kids. And they watch the news, they watch the Internet, and they came across this image. This was a child, probably under , cleaning up an oil spill bare-handed, in the Sundarbans, which is the world largest mangrove est in Bangladesh. So I was very compelled by doing the second experiments, and I wanted to take it even further -- maybe addressing an even harder problem and it also closer to my heart.You can see a progression here -- weve gone from a local problem to a remote problem to a global problem. So plastic, oil and radioactivity are horrible, horrible legacies, but the very worst legacy that we can leave our children are lies. We can no longer afd to shield the kids from the ugly truth because we need their imagination to invent the solutions. So citizen scientists, makers, dreamers -- we must prepare the next generation that cares about the environment and people, and that can actually do something about it. Thank you.Vocabulary:Oil spill, compel, legacy, shield 18。

一般将来时一般将来时表示将来某一时刻的动作或状态,或将来某一段时间内经常的动作或状态常常和表示将来的时间状语连用如:tomorrow(明天); next week(下周 );in the future(将来)等一般将来时由助动词shall(第一人称),will(第二、三人称) 动词原形构成美式英语则不管什么人称,一律用will或用主语+be动词 + going to 动词一般将来时结构1. 主语+ will (shall) + 动词原形动词一般将来时,表示将要发生事( 所有人称都可以用will,shall只用于I, We 后)肯定式:They will finish the work next week.下周他们就会完成工作否定式:They wont finish the work next week.下周他们不会完成工作疑问式:Will they finish the work next week?下周他们会完成工作吗?. 主语+ be (am, is, are) going to + 动词原形be going to, 表打算,准备计划将来干;表可能,有必然,通过现象来判断Im going to see a film this evening.今晚上我打算去看电影It going to rain.天要下雨了We arent going to have any lessons next week.我们下周不上课难点:will shall 和 be going to 结构区别1. 对于事先经过考虑的打算、计划,应使用be going to 结构Why are you taking down all the pictures?你为什么把这些话都摘下来?I am going to repaint the wall.我要把墙重新粉刷一下. 对于事先未经过考虑的打算、计划,而是临时起意,则用will 结构常见于会话时,乙听了甲的话做出的反应Where is the telephone book? 电话簿在哪儿呢?Ill go and get it you.我给你去找找3. 表示即将发生某事时,两者区别不大,多可互换What is going to happen? —What will happen?be going to 一般指较近的将来,will则表示较远的将来. be about to + 动词原形, 表示即将发生的动作The concert is about to begin.音乐会即将开始5. be +动词不定式,表示安排或计划好的动作There is to be a sports meeting next week.下周即将举办一场运动会将来时的被动语态动作发生在将来,强调动作的承受者,不能或无须提及动作的执行者结构如下:1. shall will be +过去分词The 30th Olympic Games will be hosted by London in the year .第三十届奥运会将于年在伦敦举行否定句:shall will not be +过去分词He will not be sent there tomorrow.他明天不会被派去那里一般疑问式:Will +主语+be done...?Will the 30th Olympic Games be hosted by London in the year ?第三十届奥运会将于年在伦敦举行吗?特殊疑问式:特殊疑问词+will+主语+be done...?When will the 30th Olympic Games be hosted in the year ?第三十届奥运会将于年什么时候在伦敦举行?. be going to be+过去分词The old library is going to be pulled down soon.旧的图书馆很快会被拆除His new book is going to be published next month.下个月他的图书将出版发行3. be to be +过去分词The task is to be finished in ten minutes.该项工作分钟即将完成Your homework is to be handed in tomorrow.你的家庭作业明天需要交上来. be about to be+过去分词The wall is about to be painted by the worker.这堵墙将由工人进行粉刷难点:使用一般将来时的被动语态时,应注意以下两点:在时间、条件状语从句中,应使用现在时表示将来同样,应使用现在时的被动语态表示将来时的被动语态例如:He says he will leave the company if he is punished this.如果他而受罚,他将离开离开这家公司When the dam is completed, the Changjiang River will be controlled.当大坝修建好后,长江的水流将被控制住 55。

True or False对还是错A high school teacher was giving a truefalse test. He was strolling up and down the aisles surveying the students at work.一个高中老师正在给学生们做一次是非题测验老师自己则在教室里来回踱步检视着He came upon one student who was flipping a coin, then writing.他发现一个学生先扔硬币然后做答Teacher: What are you doing?老师:你在做什么?Student: Getting the answers to the test.学生:找出试题的The teacher shook his head and walked on. A little while later, when everyone was finished with the test, the teacher noticed the student was again flipping the coin.老师摇摇头继续走过了一会儿,学生们都答完题了,老师注意到那个学生又在扔硬币Teacher: Now what are you doing?老师:你又在做什么?Student: Im checking the answers!学生:检查! 7855。

“爱的天空下,与你在一起,星光照耀魅如魔咒,今夜你逃不掉了!你试图抵抗,想要逃开我的吻,可你如何与这月光抗争? 只要等待,夜色深深时,你必会交出你的心,在我的怀中”——小天后黎安-莱姆丝00年为电影《女狼俱乐部主唱的单曲轰动一时,在英、澳双双夺冠,成为英国当年最畅销单曲之一——直白简单的爱的宣言,自信而坚定:你逃不掉了!…… Under the lover sky. Gonna be with youAnd no one's gonna be around if you think that you won't fallWell just wait until, 'til the sun goes downUnderneath the starlight starlight there's a magical feeling so rightIt will steal your heart tonight(Chorus)You can try to resist, try to hide from my kissBut you know, but you know, that you can't fight the moonlightDeep in the dark, you'll surrender your heartDon't you know, don't you know that you can't fight the moonlight?No. You can't fight itIt's gonna get to your heart. There's no escaping loveOnce a gentle breeze weaves a spell upon your heartNo matter what you think it won't be too long 'til you're in my armsUnderneath the starlight, starlight we'll be lost in the rhythm so rightFeel it steal your heart tonight(Chorus)It's gonna get to your heart. No matter what you doThe night is gonna get to you (You're gonna know that I know)Don't try, you're never gonna win, ohUnderneath the starlight starlight there's a magical feeling so rightIt'll steal your heart tonight(Chorus) (Repeat)It's gonna get to your heart 1861。

英语学习笔记:coffee fanatic [f#601;naelig;t#618;k] 咖啡狂热者barista [b#601;ri#7;st#601;] n. 咖啡师cynical [#618;n#618;kl] adj.愤世嫉俗的Short 最小/tall 小杯/grande 中杯/venti 大杯decaf [di#7;kaelig;f] n. 脱咖啡因咖啡single espresso [epreso#650;] 单份意式浓缩double espresso 双份triple [tr#618;pl] espresso 三份hazelnut [he#618;zln#65;t] latte [lɑ#7;te#618;] 榛果拿铁I am a coffee fanatic .我是一个离不开咖啡的人Don’t be so cynical.请停止吐槽Welcome Starbucks, What do you want today?欢迎来到星巴克,你要喝点啥?更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 3696。